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  1. @Leo Gura Nice i get that from self inquiry but i notice self inquiry and do nothing lead to same place. You are right about Yoga even if i do Kriya for month and basic practices i feel Energy boost more clarity, Concetration etc
  2. @Leo Gura Do you still do self inquiry?
  3. @Monkey-man only thing that is always with you uncreated sense i exist I am Body, mind, feelings, life situation changes but only sense I Am (consciousness) is pure and always is
  5. @moon777light Its fastest way most direct but still you need to do it all day if you can. I did 1 hour in morning and 1 hour before sleep and basicly all day when i am in bed, walking driving you dont need specific time and place. Mawakening happend around 20 days it was more beutifull then Mdma or weed!!!
  6. @moon777light this what @Preetom said! I got some nondual blissfull awakening from self inqury i was in that state for weeks. Well i did it hardcore 3 4 hours every day... It will seem too simple and your Ego will want some spiritual circus Try to do it even when you are in bed, walking, eating... Do it dont thin about it Good luck 🙏🙏
  7. A lot of them are free, so try with his meditations for a while just dont go into thinking just do it
  8. If you are in this place congtats
  9. Is that I aware of body - mind is body in this I or I in the body?
  10. To all of you that do self inquiry wrong and just asking Who am I like mantra
  11. @lmfao "What makes the thoughts that pop into you head different the sounds you hear outside?" Nice you got that from Alan Watts
  12. After this you will do it right trust me if you wannt just watch second video