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  1. I done hardcore self inqury for about 6 7 months and i am pure witness of body mind, pure sky of awarness hapiness and love. I became aware of awarness tnx to 24 h self inquiry and rupert spira's guided meditations. Its not little personal body - mind that knows this its impersonal consciousness unchanging without location, attributes Also tnx to Leo for his awesome clear and beutifully explanatuon of self inquiry 🙏🙏
  2. Here you go full guide
  3. Please read this after calm mind you can do self inquiry
  4. @Leo Gura Thanks I think i will try heavy dose of mdma + matt khans affirmations all day to see what will happen
  5. Is Love that Matt Khan talks about truth? He uses affirmations in his books and yt videos like I love you, its ok etc. Can telling yourself things like that lead to real awakening to Love?
  6. Why after Shamanic breathibg, wim hoff method etc i shake or feel some strange fear in my throat or stomach i feel very emotional Should i continue or give myself a break
  7. @Leo Gura Do you think Vipassana is better tool then self inquiry?
  9. Nicee same happens when i use your self inquiry in that pure space its always now peace life flowing
  10. @Freakyboo Yeah you are right easiest way to get tot that pure consciousness state is mantra meditation after you can do self inqury or whatever calm mind will stay even when meditation ends
  11. @Harikrishnan Yep lighter version
  12. @FoxFoxFox This is from AYP book its nothing hardcore and its gradual, safe practice before meditation i am not trying to force my kundalini
  13. I would like to share this awesome breathing method with you It will make your meditation 10 times deeper "Spinal Breathing Pranayama" is one of the most important practices in all of yoga, producing positive effects in our health, wellbeing, and every aspect of our daily living"
  14. yepp i watched many Exorcisms live