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  1. Wow thank you. I am doing Isha kriya for now really didnt belive in chakras and all that shit
  2. i found this on Sadhgurus page lately as i pogress on my path fckd up things happen to me realy life fucks me with bad situations like never before... Do you have Experiences like that??
  3. I heavily used MDMA it was my hoily grail but its only chassing high
  4. Stay away from new age and law of attraction...
  5. d6d7_oJGzKQ I am doing this for about 1 month. Its great for wellbeing, stress relief erc.
  6. Can i start some basic kriya yoga by watching yt videos for ex. ManojTheYogi
  8. Little by little i come to same realisation about nature of Awareness when doing self inquiry ... Thank you for sharing this
  9. @AlphaAbundance Better do self inquiry for 5 hours straight once a week for spiritual insights than that torture that will give you nothing
  10. Why after lets say some progress in self inquiry or when i do it for couple hours my third eye is pulsating even my head . Do you know something about that do i need to stop , take break or is it normal spiritual thing ? It doesn’t heart but still its unusual for me
  11. @thesmileyone You are right . I had awakening experience with Self inquiry now i am testing whatever there is
  12. This guy claims this is the fast way
  13. Is it true that you need initiation for Kriya yoga to be effective and what practice do i need before doing it ?
  14. @ivankiss Awesome post ! Seems like you meditated inquired like this: