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  1. @jim123 right 😂 he seems like possessed by some dark shit
  2. @KMB4222 yep misunderstood you @Bill W Its a huge trap when people do self inquiry google neo advaita they call pff the search too early they have belief system that yoz are already Enlightend just stop doing practices you dont exist. Thats correct but at last stage of path
  3. @KMB4222 That seems like Gangaji just stop Neo Advaita advice to me., dobt give up search to early do self Inquiry hardcore
  4. @ElenaO Cool, i do it at home every 2 3 days for 30 min is that safe?
  5. Your mind cant solve it please listen to this and do it every moment you can i hope you will see the truth soon God bless you
  6. Who can help me with Classical Surya Namaskar any tips good books about it, benefits etc
  7. If you just watch thoughts - feelings passing like clouds you can then gently ask question Is "I" like permanrnt space or thing Who is Aware thats effective as fck
  8. @luismatos Yoga is more advanced in purging whole body mybe because of that
  9. @Leo Gura Are you doing other Yoga stuff like Kundalini Yoga or judg Kriya
  10. You can do it for free download 1Giant Mind app
  11. @kieranperez @Leo Gura Tnx for the wisdom@kieranperez consistency is the key
  12. @kieranperez Nope no food just water Yeah i would say purging becuae its lilke pain in throat like someone is choking me. Same with Wim Hoff method but i get better after much better relaxed
  13. Why do i throw up during this breathing