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  1. So i must only concentrate on the feeling I am~like I exist knowledge without any attachment body , mind etc Is it thst simple ? Thank you I really wannt to do this 24 h a day when i can.
  2. Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharshi talked about holding on to the I thought or I am how is that effective isnt the I thought Ego ?
  3. @winterknight Thank you your help is so important to me . I will try to ask Who am I but when does answer comes i will ask myself who is aware of it if nothing comes i will try it again and again
  4. Why is it so confusing to ask Who am I , its a lot easier for me to ask Who am i not etc and your focusing on the I discarding the rest. Is Who am i ? more important than other ways and why most people dont get it ?
  5. @Matt23 if its pure enough you can have mystical experience pure love , non duality , present fully.
  6. @winterknight Is it wrong to do self inquiry while i socialise or working something ? There was few realisations that what i am is not concept or object but i feel that is not it ... Thank you for your help !
  7. @Leo Gura thank you
  8. @winterknight every day i try to follow your advice on self inquiry whatever i am doing there is question where is “I Am” feeling and wondering what i am discarding all that i am aware of , after that i feel very aware but also frustrated without questions left wondering wtf should happen next is that wrong ?
  9. @Viking Yeah i am doing it for a month but sds with do nothing gives me more like mystical experiences like Leo said its mainstream version. Is it truth that vipassana gives you more “wisdom” did you notice anything like that ?
  10. @Girzo what would you recommend from your experience? @Leo Gura I will try to buy your booklist soon as i can . I am 19 but very serious about this doing your neti neti and self inquiry for 2 - 3 hours every day but its frustrating i am rly in state of not knowing only awareness is present so i am not sure am i doing it right. Thank you for your free videos
  11. @Vipassana I am going to do vipassana retreat im future but yoga seems more advanced that’s my opinion @Leo Gura Is it possible to learn that online ?
  12. Thank you
  13. Hello is Sadhguru’s Isha Kriya same as Kriya Leo talks about , and what yoga do u guys find best ?
  14. Can Vipassana , Kriya etc lead to the same place as Self inquiry does ?
  15. What about Law of Attraction is it really Law or new age scam ?