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  1. humm no just an egoic thought, I see. In fact I desire nothing but still everything, quite fucked ? just thinking and see what happen, sometimes it unfold to just reflect things in weird ways, I like to put some ideas out and talk about it
  2. All the facet of adhd are my worst habits. People with inattentive ADHD make careless mistakes because they have difficulty sustaining focus, following detailed instructions, and organizing tasks and activities. They are easily distracted by external stimuli, and often lose things. They may leave projects unfinished and appear not to listen when you speak. so I use weed, it makes me focus some would say that is a bad habit cause I smoke it in the EU way, with 60% tobacco. ( btw, stop smoking pure, that's a total waste, but yeh thc oil is my futur goal ) I don't see anything wrong with me really, it will depends what I go for in life. I never feel that the 10000 hours of video games I did was a waste ( some of it, but very little ), I m proud and happy of each hours "wasted".
  3. Everything is made to be exciting, they inspire me the infinite possibilities, they looks like how a mind could have imagined again reality, it's like living in a picture of art sometimes. and there is no dirt on my hands and I m not tired after a long ride. ( that is for the weak part haha ) we can control the law of physics. I m sure the worst drug for me would be a sort of reality world of warcraft 3.0 where you put mind and body into, why would I keep living in this physical reality ? mental is the best !
  4. my whole life ( 25 years ) I have been on a computer 90% of my life ( video games, video, all that, I ve watched 1000 movies + , 60 series, played 400 games ) did music electronic, photoshop, indesig, video making, forum leading, creating my own online game server, fixing mentally the computer in billion ways etc .. . ( I m not technical really, I hate using my hands or my body ). I'll not rant more about how I flow into the machinery, but computer has been an extension of my mind in all things so far. Not being on a mental stimulated pattern makes me borred quickly. ( severe adhd without meds, a lot of weed though ) ( I did festival, and a lot of hippie things aswell, I m extraverted when I m outside, ( rare thing ). I m a very nerdy autistic kind of guy living in home almost all the time ( I don't work, and I hate going outside and fixed hours for many reasons ) I m kind of on a default position : ( living permanent thought story/ loop story about things, and go into details without noticing, I do not believe in them, I like to have them. ) I m cloudy to others people. I m not very cool about reality, it sounds and look borring and lame easily, when I see all you guys being in awe for imagery and all about reality. I find this cool, but not incredible, nothing rise inside me, not a feeling. Nature doesn't excite me that much, I like watching animals and all that. But after a while you almost have seen all the pattern of reality and it sounds quickly dull and non fascinating. I have always been fascinated in false universe ( "false" ), like fantasy and all that, kind of the idea in bioshock aswell. it's the same those universe have the same problem as long as "I" M the interpret, it is always me the problem, why I m fascinated for things that are not "pragmatic" leo said we choose politics because ideology. I didn't vote, because I don't believe in the entire rootcore of the polical system. what kind of exercice I can reflect on ? I'll soon go in the other side of France for meeting my gf, see new places, but I do not feel excited or something, and I ve never been in such good places. I like sea though, but I always need to be kind of mental stimulated, mental is above physical for me. sadly I feel very outside of the box. Why I doesn't appreciate nature, is it my nature to be in love with city and humans ? the worst things is I always talks about how humans should massively die for save the earth, but in the meantime I always draw humans ( but not in a realistic fashon ). fascinating paradox. what does that tell about me, what facet of me should I inquiry ? is it problematic or natural to be anti nature ?
  5. You need : mushroom 2g or more. findind a bunch of hippies Friends A lot of music Move this body Contemplate !
  6. Yes and even people who find that life matter more than death. No one never die. Dreaming and being is absolute non sense. Créatures eating shitting taking shapes atom talking fucking ass. It's incredible. It is non sense that there is nothing After death. Because maybe you can't kill yourself. Having an opinion is always painted with the human ego mind who think through the lense of his survival and basic script. Maybe you'll have to live forever as a soul and there is real others dimensions. No one can claim It's true or not. But if It's Infinite in the absolute and there is no time. It means that the Logic of such universe. No death possible & eternal repop like in a video game. Humans are nature and so their thoughts are nature itself.
  7. what is the goal of achieving such a result ? just curious, I m looking for a yoga that would help with the fact that I live mostly sitted on a chair.
  8. Maybe it could with a really really sharp mind. Don't forget mind is aswell god and nature itself. Deny the mind is dangerous aswell as taking mind for real Mind has not to be demonized but tammed and improved. Starting to not trust mind is a step toward improvement
  9. This aswell is a side of reality. You cannot project into thought what is not at first ' inside the mind ' Personal context relative note : If you see shit everywhere it is maybe that you're full of shit ( haaaaaaaaa )
  10. Don't be mean. But never remains weak. See I m not strong of body. But I could laugh on dead babies raped. When someone Fuck with me. I'll look for the trigger point to push them in a existential dread. Disrupt their reality. Take their beliefs and make them eat their own tails. It's love in the end. Free individuation and a ladder to join my level. You don't need to be violent in the common sense. We get what we seed. Best way is avoid taking your Time and focus on low consciousness talks. Or take an accurate lenses. A better question tho. Why your réputation at work means. Is that important ? I fight once at school because a kid was lying about me and fucking my way to survive stable in the establishment. He talked talked and I crush his head in the physical sense. Don't do that. I just mean. I know what was this feeling. But I couldn't avoid school
  11. Language is meaningless in the absolute. But in the relative it helps works and project complex abstract process. If doing that is useful or useless is a matter of perspective to 'me'. But I think of langage now like magic energic spell. It means prob nothing just point an internal pre process. Your sub beliefs no matter what they are. Dual non dual. Words are meaningless. All this whatever x & y or scripture or culture or everything in the manifestation before writting a thought. All this in the end is aswell pure complete air. From a god perspective Einstein is equal to the one who likes to smell his own farts. To me the absolute is that there is none. I m walking and thinking on pure Sand. If my thinking delude me to believe in a 'logical process' deeply now. I know it's my 'truth'. We are like Galaxy we expand toward Infinite nothing ! All my sentences there are aswell groundless relative shit. Just like yours. When you are 'more aware' It's only you who scales yourself based on the Rootcore. On nothing ! But aswell on everything. If we can think. So the universe does it. If that's holy natural or what. Depend. That is all beliefs in the end. you put on a relative beliefs and make it absolute. Who is the one who pretend he can understand life only through a séparation of the self/body. Maybe the 'materialist' have a side of truth. We are clearly operating from the dna scripture of the universe. Even thinking all this is 'god will' Destiny / biology. Prior to thought there is maybe 'body' who allows thinking. Believing one or the others ( spirit vs body:brain ) is only a relative belief. Both are true and wrong. Nothing and everything. Or maybe I m just on a belief system
  12. I don't know about that, the 2 times it was serious I ended in their bed aswell in less than 24 hours. ( but the girls was already finding me very attractive so.. ) I started kissing in the same time I put their clothes off it gives you a better flow hahaha