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  1. listen style without drums
  2. look the entire course on the human brain on youtube from the same dude
  3. depend, if you do it mindfully. I read many tantra exercice about self pleasure. someone awakened could still put his life to the service of giving sex or be a master at sex. but surely this is a drug. but guess what, everything we put our hands on, is a potential chemical release ( energy depletion ). so surely if you cease an activity that depletes you ( like if you fap 5 times a day ) of course you'll feel like shit when you do, and feel good when you don't. if you see yourself as a phone, with battery everyday. it depend aswell how many time you abused porn:fapping. you can seriously live a healthy life while fapping on porn; But it depend the porn, depend the practice you do, depend how you do it, why you do it, and HOW many times you do it, and how your body react to overdoing it/ not doing it. I would try period without fapping for days ( just to effectively, cease the ritual pattern and become aware of it, if there is ) I think the shame from fapping, coming from religious belief
  4. I m almost sure that coffee is worst than weed on the overall health, but no one will back up this. Smoking / & smoking with tobacco, probably lower this rate. I m only talking like if we were injecting thc/cbd. the effect on health is probably "better" especially for creative purpose. maybe a reason why Charles Baudelaire writted book about cannabis.
  5. how would look conscious porn ? no porn ??
  6. somehow, my fapping knowledge is huge, and I got many insights while doing it. most of my biggest insight about life was while masturbating in fact. fapping is backed up by me, I tryed aswell no fap. ( aswell have a girlfriend, but someday, I just want to fap anyway ) I would call about "balance" but it should not be used for "bad/fear/avoidance". that's a BAD way to fap. Avoiding the work by fapping. nofap, or being abused by a cycle of fap abuse, both a toxic. fapping should be part of the work, it should be done mindfully. if you abuse something, of course it will lead you in a hole. ( I mean, metaphoricaly speaking ) same for absoluly everything, find the "abuse line" of everything.
  7. they call me 10/10 everyday
  8. there was an illusion, all there is "is illusion" in fact, all there is before : - Illusion of ego - awareness of concept : "illusion and perspective" - you become aware of the idea of illusion and perspective. - you're now aware of the process of illusion & perspective. - you're not the same : now you have illusion of your own deluded illusion. even if words are flat, pointer to true metaphysical points are "accurate" for a moment, context . . All things change, unless time reverse itself
  9. if transcending and having insight is just a troll to find how lel I feel my pov, and I feel the world, I m alive. I had to find that life was just beautiful and I m complete. this isn't enlightment, this isn't even being woke, that's being utterly deluded. if for PEOPLE here, finding your tails and accept the tail is part of growth, it's lol knowing the illusion was not an illusion, you didn't fully woke. fully woke means you cut off your tails, it means you killed all illusions, even the illusion of being an human in a pov, cause it is another illusion; the illusion of being the illusion of oneness the illusion of illusion the illusion of "full circle", there has never been a circle to start with NO. ultime is knowing entirely you're god, god god point. not like an idea, but like you still believe that rock are rocks, you know that yourself is god, just like the rock appear as a rock to you. god appear as god, that's all. a character in the system could reach god through himself; when you wake, you come from a place of being a content to being a structure. things change forever, and you'll never be the same, and nothing you want to call oneness exist neither. I can realise myself fully and still act as Hitler, no one fucking knows who will become the joker, who is good, who is bad, blablablabla. it's all masturbation to grow up. you sounds like a flower with rage and unconsciousness doesn't exist neither, everything is conscious, and you become like the flower, more & more close to the sun.
  10. So is ego the Root of conscious awareness ? Do you think this is just a part of the brain of a holon of the whole complex human-body system ? Could we remove chirugicaly an ego ? Your sentence would imply that without ego there is only a biologic computer - body.
  11. Let go of wanting to improve. Let go of life purpose Imagine you're going on a rollercoaster. In fact you are in one right now. Psychedelics and you become aware that It's spinning by itself
  12. For me that's the contrary. I struggled with learning content. Especially cause when system are deconstructed. You Can predict everything and loose the 'fun' Or having the New fun of a creator'. Trying to make aswell my own vidéo game at 13 ( with frog creator' / rpg maker though haha ). It open up the mind to Matrix thinking
  13. It was very serious. Your mind create the idea that I play with you. And that's probably a projection created by imprint of reading others around. I wasn't and my message is very serious. I m god. Everything. Universe. Absolute Not this not that. But everything and nothing