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  1. After stage turquoise stage coral ! Who is more enlightened. For all we know Hitler could have been enlightened and abused stage red/blue thinking to work his way out. For me a good way to know is. Self value - focus Level of Mastery in his own domain People who never liked art ( to the point of tears ) or created art : totaly non enlightened. Creator' mindset There is only art in the end. So no art no enlightened.
  2. I don't run and I hate moving. Funny thing my body is perfectly balanced. I m just without heavy muscle. Running is useless I would better learn how to create an électric impulse to makes my muscles growth without physical effort. But I push up tho for not looking like an ant
  3. They try to cure me with free ritalin instead of free weed. My technique is basic I m very joyful and all that But that's just spider work - I do love - push and crunch. If you just crush people hang you. Push and pull is the best. You bow you slap. Do it again Double phase Then people project You crunch. If life is not meant to be good enough for me. Then why. Put them all in a synthetic brain. Doesn't change the state of all the slaves outside. Break them free even if they die outside. No monkeys should be rised in a prison
  4. Show her Leo gura first vidéo
  5. Your idea. I m so borred with life at 25. It would not surprise me. If imagination is not Real. The only way is make it happen. Ordinary people and mass suck. Everything that makes me borred suck. Simply : Everything that threaten my way of how I want life to be should be erased not accepted. As a product of the Matrix god. His will is my will. There is nothing to hold on. Ordinary people are equal to your own delusion. There is only you. Shaping. Or you bow head ' or you shape Fuck people that threaten my way of thinking. Or they go to my level or they suffer trying to reach it. The one who can't they are born to serv me. Just like a dream serv you. That's why waking up is relative. For all you know ( your mind ) Hitler and Trump could be aware of everything. Imagine you surrend all meaning you can still cling to old bs. Like being ordinary. When someone wake up. Doesn't make him a saint. A player walking
  6. so it isn't real it's just my junky addiction to chaos ? good way to see things, but what is there remaining when you're out of all addictions ?
  7. There is no more paranormal ? Like hard synchronicities. Massive surge of energy. Was I just more psycho than others ? How do you explain the energetic shift similar to psychédélic that I experienced for week ? there is more ? Or that was just the 'rewirering process' ?
  8. How can you recognise something that is imagined by your own self value. Everyone is enlightened when they cross your lamp
  9. got you, didnt know about the 10 times : I buy it 2 months ago, just a little thanks for having been a part of my journey anyway, I didn't even really care for it, but you tackled my curiosity, books sounds great but very limited with my own actuality. I liked books & video games, and now I m reduced to "practice & practice", langage itself become most of the time a problem more than a powerful communicative tool. aside Ralston that I m on slowly but surely, I m not reading that much neither. With awareness of "duality" it's hard to translate the wisdom properly for one self, cause there will be practice/context needed to actualize it anyway.
  10. I use this topic to add a little question do you still add books to your booklist ? still reading books recently ?
  11. Not true @Scholar And true. Though. I already was thinking about that. I was in love with life and predermination of évent I didn't focus on 'the girl' I was in focus on my life has a movie I m playing in. I can go even deeper on your logic Thinking is not of your source then. You'll see that everything is shallow and artificial including this thought aswell as yours. + We ( humans ) will be booted in a synthetic body between 2050 et 2060. We will all be with the same possibility. Our brain is artificial and shallow our love is. All is shallow and full
  12. That means that all my valuing and scaling is only relative to my 'direct exclusive experience'. Means mostly based on an even relative exclusive experience of life so far. That means that only experience carve what we point to as an 'understanding'. The World is organic but thought makes it 'hard surfaces' / guiding at best. But those maps are not solid truth. Only facets that I can hold with my soul/brain. All things are in a context. My life is in a context. Hence if I try to explain anything. It will be only an interpretation catched by the viewer. This the explaining in itself is the translation from my 'absolute exclusive self pov experience' I'll keep this topic at this point cause I know how Infinite the process of explaining is tricky. More ? Little thoughts game : What we call 'duality' is the interpretation out of the self experience context. If I tell apple are curing cancer. This create paradox and duality. The viewer will accept the knowledge as a truth. But there is distorsion. An apple who cured cancer is maybe not the only factor to make this sentence absolute. In fact no sentences can point to absolute truth. At best the experience of taking practice show us 'absolute understanding'. And even this absolute is still fluid liquid and organic. We would want water to act like rock. But the rock is aswell made of 'water' All sentences point to every possibility crossing each others in a fractal. You should trust everything and not trust at all. In the same time. Separate thoughts from life experience. Imagine a vidéo game your whole Time you were focused on the map. But you forget the actuality of playing. Cause you're too focused on a feature of the game. all my blabla is so groundless and relative to me. it look probably like pure self talk
  13. Not even that. Just trust you're god playing a mmo call'd life. Your brain is your passive asset for your skill tree. There is like 10 billions ways to get a girl. There is no solid Logic. It's so organic. I could attract a girl while speaking of Hitler or even debating agressively. This dynamic is A possibility. There is no plan. The entire work is on yourself in yourself for yourself. Like the Wolf of wall street told us. ( I learn a thing from everyone and everything ) The only thing that block us from our need/want is ALL the BS we put between the goal and us
  14. No. The World is so perfect because it is imperfect and so it need rework. It's people relevant what you 'understand' and 'believe' The eagle understand he can only fly and eat mices The turtle can only crawl and eat salad. At best you awaken to understand your Real self that is not the one you cling in mind. We could even say that all is predetermined. God is more close of a vidéo game simulating a movie inside your mind. The thought are part of the movie. And even the thought of you. Who want escape your character to become another character. Funny enough you can't ! Big mindfuck That's the ultimate. Enlightenment is human dépendant. Not a set of value to reach. Or maybe there was value to go for it. Who knows