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  1. PLEASE at this lvl you should not consider opening your Siddhi to Satan
  2. hun not really, depend where you come from.
  3. Only reality, it is a dream. how the mind work : projects what we want/wish for. what we see : what we expect in things what we feel : how we feel right now you cannot understand ego, without ego, you cannot understand hate without hate. If people bother you, you're bothered with yourself. take a vacation out if you feel for, no one told you how to live or perceive things. Are they ? the more hard for me was from ego to > peace & love / acceptance / honesty > cleaning this new ego non sense > way of samuraï.
  4. why womans always need to put fancy words for fuck me hard. I have been corrupted by people sayin, "sex is not like porn". what girls really want is almost too much for me. I was more for a relax side of things, like slow, and nice with so call'd "making love". That's not what she wants tho. by arousal, do you mean, being possesed by the male "need" ? the more crazy and beast I m, the more she likes me.
  5. Yes.. 'What is dead may never die' I had psychosis for months because of realizing and accepting death to the point of tears. I came back from the dead litteraly with joy but in the meantime a full acceptation of death at the soul lvl. Maybe still my new reborn ego could cling to life. Anyway it takes work to desintegrate the ego to the point of not caring to be dead or alive. I just hold and cling to reality like we cling to keeping a lucid dream going. Do things' love things' hate things. What makes me love is curiosity. It's how I 'love'. Could be fun My philosophy part of it is having experienced a close relation with death. And so knowing that all humans life is as good as the one of an ant. Good system could work on wishful philosophy. Just not today My way to be honest is. When your computer crash. Love is knowing what is the thing to put in the trash for keeping the system work. Keeping the system working is maybe true love. ( Imagine mother earth as the computer ) would you crash because you like to keep everything for a so call'd ( authentic love ) ? I appreciate your vision tho. War is love litteraly. But we should or could do war virtually indeed from my 'rational side of things'. War is just part of our ego core. Maybe in the system you're a good loving and bounding cells. But some are with less mercy. They all provide to the system their ways
  6. This post give me confidence in leo's work A Key truth written by a master for the viewers. It's well written for 'certain people' You were just not the one for this kind of teaching. I find it so valuable I shared this very post in fact. Why are you bothered is a better question. Who is negative. Maybe today your lense see 'ego tripping' I just see clarity' honesty' and the slap protection and love of a father. Wake up there is no one who Can understand négativity. And all your concepts are delusion even if you hold them as better to know reality. All concepts stand on a swamp indeed. You have to know that you 'is' what 'is' but brother. Your high spirituality / aiming to be 'this' or 'that' that is a delusion. If it is real. So it is absolute. You cannot be a 'perfect human' Reality is our internal system is working as a loop with many behaviors. Sometimes hate/love. It's all self conceptual. You could kill billions and call this love. Be aware of knowing what a concept truly is. Are Words only self projection ?
  7. a quick death can be compassion. in nature the more powerful ego eat the little. if you start accepting all the misery in your ego bubble, then your ego bubble start to mix with the low consciousness ego, and everything start to be fucked up. do you really believe we created internet and all powerful nations that allow you to think like this today through "love and no cruelty" a quick death can be more loving than a life of slavery. I would just told, if all the misery enter in a bubble that work ( maybe on stealing others but anyway ) a little bubble with highest ego could maybe one day create a better society. but in the context, maybe being a selfish cu** and kill others ego is the best move. people who are "social" and sharing for free, when it's their time to share their bed/home there is no one anymore to be grateful and compassionate when the fridge start to lack, that's how far it goes, as long as it doesn't fuck up your reality you'll for hipiness, but in reality we still need angry mad king to create a super states that would allow great thinker and then increase the world as a better place. if americans and europeans start to be weak and sharing lover ( that I doubt tho ), what happen in the real is russian and china fuck us with their higher ego. we are still not in a context where higher ego can sleep on what he get so far through war and contest when there will be maybe no more country. whatever, Hitler from another perspective could have cured the world and bring peace over for 300 years by fighting the biggest ego that is american capitalism. nothing is easy in the context / pragmatical. if you had two kill two childs with your bare hands to save 100 would you do it ?. no I m sure, your reality doesn't allow it, mine probably neither. but we there is people that are doing those hard choices, hard choices that sometimes benefit ( or not ) for the "highest good" I m just talking here, all of you can states all the opinion you want
  8. Knowing you're in charge of the "I"/ ego shadow clear, and knowing you're the only universe that there is " so far ", experiencing reality as it "is". I don't call that being god, I call this having a high lvl of delusion. but I m maybe wrong, maybe god is everything, maybe god is nothing, maybe people who clearly state that there is no god, no absolute, nothing is true but it could be. cannot tell in my direct experience aside having "thoughts". if you call the experience of "me" aware of "me" being aware of being god. maybe, but point me the concept of god, being a part of "this"
  9. real good post for the blablating mind
  10. you can be small and not leading, as long as you can hold your truth and score at your own situation shape reality to your will, that is the god side, is above all those monkeys theory all theory fall into a context, maybe 2000 years ago stoling the gf of others mates and showing your dick was the alpha thing now maybe the alpha thing is being a lazy girly manipulator, who the fuck knows no one is evolved, a delusion, who is getting all the chill live his own truth
  11. Hitler was green art + lazyness + living life then met yellow people, then wanted to make the world a better place. all the cons of coral in a single man, so "god powered" than he forgoted about the higher stage. read his biography/real one I don't know anything, I m just assuming from the ego talk perspective
  12. don't know, maybe an infinite loop, this is a concept tho. maybe it never started and will never end, cause this are concepts in the duality world
  13. I skip the stage of hippism almost instantly for chaotism and I truly don't give a fuck. But in society I still play my role and identity, even if in the end this doesn't hold, everything is a scam, identity, belief, saving the earth, all metaphysics, even not caring cannot truly hold. For me Donald Trump is and could be totaly enlightened ( who is egoic enough to scan properly the mind of someone who had his own experience ? ) maybe you can look like the most orange of the earth and still be "coral/teal" whatever. he probably got now to the ultimate stage that is the trolling stage and not giving a fuck stage. You still hold to the role, but your only goal is getting the more fun wherever you can, and in all ways you can. When you could litteraly let one billion die for a good laugh. but yes you could be serious for years only to maximize the laugh Why so serious