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  1. I see the thin line between being in the thought, and having the thoughts as in the model of being. it looks the same for the observator, but different for the actor when he transcended his own matrix. sleeper though cannot understand what they didn't experienced. but I agree on the football part, good and simple, understand-able
  2. cause even if you act on right, or act on left. Result : A right = doing everything B left = doing nothing maybe you'll get a result C, that even looks like it's because you did A, but in reality, it was because of B. whatever you do, there is no right or wrong choice, not even choice, because whatever the choice, the result is always the same believing you have something to be doing, or not doing, maybe staying on your home a whole week allow you to not take a bullet per a terrorist, hence this choice has been the right one. ( if your goal was not taking a bullet, but you didn't know, that is the thing, cause you never know and cannot know anything at all. ) means, whatever you choose to be doing, anyway, you don't control your life, you don't control anything, you don't control the behavior of people, their mind, nothing, you cannot predict a result C, because no matter what C become, it's because you believed A was the thing, but in reality, maybe it worked because of B. so staying on your ass, or writting a topic, it doesn't matter at all, they are of equal value, you never walk toward something, you just walk.
  3. true the ego to kill ego of others for fun kill them all
  4. This is what I explained with the concept of a cartography in the game : guild wars. ( or maybe not, but I get some sense out of it ) doing the first 90% was easy, but the more you're close to the 100% you need a serious effort to come back on your pace and line again on all borders of the map to really get it. ( and the last % can take more & more time ) that's there is a lot of spinning the more close of perfection you become. more easy in my mind, but same idea
  5. it sounds like you didn't humpa lumpa
  6. I did on my left eye ( cause the right is just not connected well from born, he is "fucked" in a way, no laser can help, it's between the brain and the sight ) so I can see with it anyway, can still live on my right, but I would turn a bit insane. ( it's like having 15% power for watch instead of 100% in the other, it see, but it's seams wrong to me ) I see your point, but I have not this, only when I m in a room with too many smoke, but the upper side is above the cons for me right now. but it could turn bad I suppose if you ain't young it can just become dry sometimes, and they don't tell you enough about this, not really bad, but it could, and that's a downside that depend people. no red eyes though, I did in France.
  7. I m thinking of getting a pipe. any review on doing crack for an ego death ?
  8. Are you an alien girl ? your eyes tell me the contrary, wish to love.
  9. music, paper + pen free draw. free music. free drawing is crazy of sense, you'll draw your mind meditation + dancing
  10. I just see experience, I started to believe suffering is no different from the rest, it just a word, why do you put such a word by the way. it's your own feeling of the experience, for me it's love. I don't see this. I see love, when she is with me and put her hands in my back, ripping off my skins, ho damn, I hate it and like it at the same time hahaha I see your point though, I just tell, for some the poison is the cure, the cure is the poison, and sometimes both in the same time are the solution. it's always relative, the truth / fakery is always context dependant. I would tell, if you live with a big fear of death, it makes effectively your mind wander about everything, what about don't giving a fuck to be alive or dead ? but in the meantime it's a game, and player have to play. Play fairly and the game become an happy adventure, with high & low, or maybe just the story
  11. What is a flaw ? Isn't the idea of flaw vs perfection ideas ? Doesn't this cancel itself ? Why you/we keep using duality like fake vs truth. Sometimes I produce aa music with many flaws. And everyone like it this way. It still makes sense. And as long as the music goes. The sense of truth is hold somewhere
  12. Tinder. God bless Or your favorites places to hang. Or just work on your confidence. Work out. Read. Improve etc etc Self trust. Respect. Nonjudgement and you should fine. It is above