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  1. Its my favorite Stone @Joseph Maynor
  2. Here is a Turquoise Being
  3. You can also do something you love that puts you in the complete present moment, by doing that activity, in the moment and enjoying it, there are minimal thoughts occurring, this is also meditation as just as effective. You must find your personal meditation and do what works best for you.
  4. Nothing really begins or ends, these are illusions of limitation.
  5. If you want a simple example to see how all is perception, all you have to do is get a fidget spinner and spin it in one direction slow enough so you can see if its clockwise or anti-clockwise. Now once you see which direction it is going, flip it over and it now is spinning in the opposite direction Simple Physics
  6. The Truth is not always beautiful, Nor Beautiful words the Truth.
  7. I'd like to share a simple recipe and awesome soup i been making lately as well if you don't mind its really good for winter. 1. Chop up Pumpkin or Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Beets, Regular Potatoes or Mix them all up if you will. (Or any desired veggies that you can mash up) 2. Steam them until soft, Allow to cool a bit. 3. Throw them in a Food Processor or Mash with hand, adding water for desired soup consistency. 4. Pour all in large pot and add 1/2 to a full can of Coconut Milk - (If you don't like coconut milk you can try Ghee or other healthy fat sources) 5. Add Favorite, Herbs/Spices and Salt to taste 6. Simmer on low until desired(I usually use a pressure cooker on 5 -10 minutes but this may take longer with regular cooking. (Optional) Soak lentils for a few hours to overnight beforehand and cook together if you wish for a thicker, protein rich meal.
  8. When one Awakens to his true self his Animalistic Nature subsides and his Human Nature Arises
  9. We all have the most magical power within that is on a completely different category of its own. Once you find this power, all other powers become pointless, meaningless and ultimately, Powerless. L - IVING O - NE V - IBRATIONAL E - NERGY 🙏
  10. @cle103 Cooking seems to reduce these effects but daily use still builds up over time. You would have to experiment and see what works best for you. On the contrary, Vegans and Vegetarians based on most recent studies are actually less deficient in B12 than humans who choose a more carnivorous/omnivorous diet as they require much more "heavy" herbs/spices to mask the flavor of meat and animal products and are usually less health conscious then those on a more frugivorous/herbivorous diet. This link explains in detail quite well
  11. @Prabhaker Well said, sounds like Osho? although one must remember, sometimes we require to go through weakness/suffering in order to see the strength/freedom. Most fasts start off as quite challenging, but once you get past a certain point, you will feel amazing. @phoenix666 Yes and i felt great but i due to my lifestyle situations and attachments i still had, i could not embody this path fully so i decided to master other forms of life as well as my service to self was complete, i had a greater calling to help others first. I realized the level of consciousness present in this state was too early for the masses to connect with so i had to be more closer to their level of lifestyle in order for communication and information to be effective to plant the seeds of truth. I could of chose to be a hermit completely but i had other plans, so i chose to forget in order to remember again through again another perspective. I must be the most bizarre of souls but that's what i love about myself. Bless
  12. @DonMario I just follow my bodies needs, when i feel thirsty i drink or have herbal teas that assist with fasting and are good for general health and well being. The body will however adapt to whatever you condition it to.