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  1. And they called me Crazy. This Monk realized the same thing. All natural disasters or global events are due to collective Karma. The Law of Cause & Effect. No different than our bodies, we put toxic food/stuffs in no wonder we get diseases, upset stomachs, acne or other skin conditions ect.. and the planet at large also gets these same reactions when we become toxic (its cells). If you look at natural disasters very closely, you will see how similar they are to bodily reactions.
  2. Even stepping on an ant deliberately comes back to haunt you. You cannot escape the law of cause and effect. You throw a pebble in the water which creates a ripple effect, one way or another that ripple goes out and comes back. You are only killing yourself, Ultimately. Welcome to the Universe.
  3. Go out to different places? Travel is one of the best healers i have found for breakups and depression. By going new places and meeting new people and doing new things you replace your old patterning/programming thus you eventually become a whole new person. In reality you are a whole new person every second but so similar you do not notice. When you start to change what you do, think, feel, act, say ect.. on a day to day basis completely differently than you used to you will notice a more rapid change in your reality and life outcome. When you do just a little at a time, its hardly noticeable. This is why people struggle with Truly finding themselves because they are still doing most of what they have been doing their whole lives and doing bits and pieces or little enlightenment/self-actualization/spiritual practice on their free time. The only time it actually works and is noticeable that your reality is literally changing is when you spend most of your time doing the spiritual work and less time doing what you used to do. Once it sparks, the passion and interest in this whole new reality will carry you with the wave automatically until you blend with the whole ocean. Hope this helps
  4. @Max_V It has in the thousands by now I'm sure of it I been spreading this stuff with my groups for almost a decade since i healed and cured myself and many other peers from learning and understanding how nature works and from the feedback we've got in all types of illness and conditions 90%+ success rates.
  5. The biggest prison people live in is the fear and care of what other people think and will think of you. Once you let go of that nonsense life becomes galaxies more freeing and liberating. I would really consider looking into meditation, spiritual work, healing, psychedelics, nature therapy or something along those lines and spend time with yourself and or read books until you learn re-write all your programming because your programming is holding you back from being who you truly are and speaking your truth when its needed. If you can, go traveling. The longer the better, its extremely healing and overwrites old patterns, thoughts, belief systems, relationship attachments ect... You can also try MDMA therapy with your partner but if it keeps happening and same patterns occur i think its a clear indication that you both have different paths now and if you don't let go and move on soon you will only end up destroying yourselves. I was in the same situation for 5 years and it almost completely threw my life away and i almost completely lost my Enlightened State i had recently awoken to just before it started. I had to start from scrap all over again because i allowed what i held on for too long to destroy me. There's much more to my story than just that toxic relationship but that was one of the major impacts which significantly shifted me from my natural state. Nowadays i talk to her time to time and we have our own lives so much happier and spending all this time with myself i see all that happened was more as a blessing than a curse but it should of ended years earlier i was just blinded from the chaos but when you are in it all you see and experience is the curse/chaos because deep down you know better but cannot "see" better because you are mentally/emotionally exhausted and focused. When you step back, cut everything and everyone out for a while, awareness can rise again and things calm down and you can become more you again. Happiness is never found from another, that is the illusion and lesson you must learn and grow from that it was all you all along. Hope this helps
  6. You don't have to seek anything. Enlightenment is Inevitable.
  7. Maybe Aliens that came down to earth those times especially who had humanoid bodies and performed healing miracles were called Angels and those or other Aliens who visited who also did similar acts just in a different ways that the masses couldn't accept or understand or had physical structures different from the regular humans on earth were called and labelled as Demons and Evil. That's religion for ya
  8. Oh boy...
  9. @non_nothing Its funny though as - Sugar feeds cancer (proven) which is true but then you have countless people who cured their cancers with specific fruits like pineapple and its raw fresh juice and other fruits/vegetables. This is why i always argue that people do not understand how nature works. The sweetness from fruit is nothing like sugar, sure the science can say what they want but they still have little clue how it works on a grander scale because it has a completely different communication exchange within the body when you eat a piece of living fruit(full of enzymes and bio-photons) compared to consuming processed sugars. The bodies intelligence is just too vast and understands nature when consumed in its natural raw state far beyond our current scientific understanding because when you combine nature with nature you can only become more you, more of that, more nature, more natural and more alive Simplicity is the Ultimate sophistication.
  10. Life itself is a form of alchemy. We are all alchemist by default. We are creating each and everymonent but we do not reside in the awareness to notice. Once you step back, you see all the magic
  11. Dr Leonard Coldwell is your man but if you want some good tips from the top of my head. Firstly cancer cannot survive in an Oxygen rich Alkaline Environment. Get the lympathic system moving, exercise, eat raw fruits mostly and vegetables, higher water content the fruit/food the better and antioxidant rich fruits/berries ect... Fasting is also important so the body has time to heal and repair itself. Getting Sunlight and maximum body exposure to the suns rays to produce Vitamin D is very important for healing and cancer. Vitamin C rich foods are also highly requested. Lots of Greens(Alkaline Forming) foods. Spriulina/Chlorella, Chaga Mushroom and other Medicinal mushrooms and Adaptogens Vitamin B-17 kills cancer cells and Cannabis oil/CBD oil may also assists so B-17 is found in some fruit seeds but highest in Apricot seeds/kernals. Up the intake of Herbs and Spices They are very strong and natures medicine. Grape seeds are also quite good cancer killers. Get on a raw whole food(plant-based) diet of mostly 90-100% or more fruits/vegetables (RAW) only. Yoga and Saunas can help release stagnant cells/energy and release toxins Lots of fresh water, distilled or mountain springs Another thing that plays a big role is belief system. If you buy into that your going to die at such and such then it gives the body/cells more power to shut down closer to that set time/date. Don't buy into that your going to die just because some doctor told you so. There are many cases where people did not buy into that they had cancer or even aids in some cases and simply went on with their life only coming for a checkup several months later disease free. Mindset/Belief systems play a Gigantic role in our lives because Ultimately the Universe is a Mental. Study Placebo/Nocebo Black Seed Oil is another great natural medicine that comes to mind. Astaxanthin Hope this helps
  12. @Hellspeed One way or another you are my brother <3
  13. @Solace I completely understand where you are coming from but remember we have to start somewhere. You wouldn't be where you are now if you didn't start somewhere, remember all the things we talked about. They all seeded in to sprout into who you have come to realize you are today. To you right now its oh so simple but to others is will not make sense, they also need to go through the seeding/sprouting-darkness>Light process to experience and realize where you are. Its ever so simple to some but to others it needs to develop and grow and sprout to become ever so simple and that's where similar techniques as above come into play. It used to confuse the hell out of me too how others do not see the simplicity in all that exists when i came to greater realizations of self/being ect.. but eventually you realize that you cannot help others or show others anything but simply Just be the example and realize that you are where you are because of everything you did and experienced since you started the process of finding the true self/state ect... Because if you know and understand what do you now you can become Enlightened just like that but that's not the point of life and why we are here. The point is to continuously keep finding ourselves through infinite viewpoints of consciousness. We are here to experience what it is like to Not know and not be Enlightened so we can see the step by step process because ultimately we are already all knowing and all understanding but chose to experience the infinite perspectives of consciousness. Hope this helps clear things up.
  14. All questions are answered within themselves. Enlighten up