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  1. The whole process of having to ferment a type of food in order to digest/absorb it properly should tell us we are not really designed for it in the first place. There are much better options out there. 2c
  2. You must know Darkness to Know Light. A seed must be sown in darkness, in dirt, mud, clay and struggle to reach the Light. Once it has sprouted, a whole new world is seen
  3. I agree movement is very important, however it also depends on diet/lifestyle. I have an athletes heart-rate whether i exercise or not and it is most probably because how healthy i eat, obviously i walk around and get stuff done most of the time but i can go a long time without any form of more intense exercise than just living gently and get by feeling great. Exercise stimulates the lymphatic system but so does fruits. If you are healthy you don't really need to go to the gym or exercise daily, you can just do simple walking or simple working/gentle exercise that comes with living and you should be fine. Exercise in general should be more stretch-oriented like Yoga or Tai chi which actually energizes the body than exhausts like the gym or other unnecessary forms of exercise. You are looking for a pump or a push not a burn/tear or drain. If you want to gain muscle/weight than that's a different story. If you want or need a more active fully body method of exercise than Yoga/Tai Chi ect... Swimming and Rebounding are probably the best forms of exercise that work the whole body, inside/out. Check out this video
  4. I'm surprised how much people limit themselves from being the creators they are, only illusion/separation and conditioning keeps them in this (unsure)/Self-doubt.disbelief-state. If only they knew.. As a part of creation, you and creation are one and the same, why allow systems to condition and limit your life and potential? Freedom is everywhere, you just have to tune-in and choose in or you are merely existing in this life and not actually living. Nothing grows or thrives behind walls of comfort, you must be your own master.
  5. Not really, i was usually very playful, kind and compassionate with the my dog so he was the same all its life, always playful and never aggressive unless it was cats it would chase or once there was a little fight with another male dog but besides that he was pretty much a reflection of myself and how i raised him. One downside was cause i was too playful it was very hard to train him so, most of the time i just let him be a dog instead of trying to make him obey and be more human. You could always teach him with treats tho, when its food-related and they know they'll get a reward they tend to learn and listen much better. We yelled at him few times when he would do silly things like rip the clothes of the line or make a mess and he would curl up and sit down knowing he did wrong, eventually they learn not too when they sense your anger or unhappiness and notice the reoccurring loops as they become older and wiser they get the bigger picture. Sorry if i don't have all the answers you seek but hope i helped
  6. Most welcome, you'd be surprised how much something very small could shape and direct your trip in a whole new way, psychedelics in general is like amplifying all your senses multiple times or more, i remember once on LSD i decided to drink one beer and it felt like i stepped into a new more denser/darker world just from a single beer, my friends did not notice this, i guess i am much more sensitive but i did or another example would be when i was feeling really good and eating/living very clean and had LSD that lead to the one of the most amazing experiences of my life and i felt like every cell in my body was vibrating infinite orgasms of eternal bliss. After that i was in an afterglow-like state for 2-3months as it almost felt like it kicked my initial awakening back up in gear All the best, Safe Journeys!
  7. From my experience with animals, especially when raised since young is that they usually become exactly how they're owners are or treat them. I do not have experience with adopted pets but from what i have seen from my friends that have is they just need love and a proper home, they need attention, they need someone to be there for them all the time especially with dogs, i always thought its a good idea to have 2 dogs or another animal one another can play with when the humans aren't home. I lost my dog to a brain tumor, i was young silly teenager and i was never there, it killed me inside when he passed because i only realized when he was gone that only he loved me truly and how everyone should love each other, like dogs love their owners is how we all should be so share that love back, and from giving love you are doing the universe a favor by living its nature and growth and expansion comes naturally with.
  8. Hey Leo, I don't have a question but I'd like to say Thank you for all that you have done and helped create these forums and videos and community bringing all these people together and now helping each other rise to new heights. All it takes is one spark, one seed, one source of light to illuminate the entire universe. Not immediately but definitely. We are that in the making, we are the rising phoenix. Proud of you all One Love
  9. The question i always ask to my friends when this sorta situation or question arises is: Do you feel good? Do you feel great? If so then why does it matter? If not then start experimenting and exploring where and how you feel best. One step at a time, eventually you will shine.
  10. Oh i meant girl friends my bad. Only one of them was my actual partner at the time. She experienced either very late or short lived 1-2 days. They were definitely experiencing the process of waking up/becoming new again if that makes it easier. Many people wake up but they don't always follow through to reach a full awakening(so to speak) and rather stay in the comfort zones, see with me i suffer if i don't follow Light/Truth because i know within its the right thing to do and if i rather choose what's easier and what society has already set out for me than my divine truth i tend to suffer and get stuck in loops yet with my remaining awareness becomes self punishment since i should already know better by default. There's levels too it, like Leo say's once it cracks open, there's no going back, you simply can't live the way you live before and thrive blindly and some people only get to the first waves and never reach the crack! so they can fall back down easily and will not notice.
  11. Some fav snaks Ive had in the past Dark(cacao) Choc Goji Berries! Mango & Coconut Yoghurt Sweet potato chips(raw or cooked) with cashew cream cheese Nut-butter, royal jelly/honey on buckwheat toast Black rice crackers with homemade hummus dip or and avocado (sometimes capsicum relish is great too) Chopped pineapple (Loaded with Enzymes) Kale Chips!
  12. Nice, thanks for sharing. You could always fast or detox or maybe eat mostly or only fruits a day or two before the experience, this should amplify your sensitivity and effects. Many people suggest on an empty stomach but i also believe there is more layers to it to raise your sensitivity/vibration. Just a suggestion that may help as i have noticed with myself when i started to take care of my mind/body/health i was able to go much deeper with smaller doses because with LSD, 50ug more can sometimes feel like 100-200ug more and this sensitivity is for everything in general not just LSD and psychedelics. 2c
  13. Everything is consciousness and just as existing and as alive as everything else and You have the power to Enliven it ALL to new heights! You are creators! Enjoy Yourselves as a life that is enjoyed is lived to its fullest <3
  14. Oh trust me, when you vibe/connect with someone or a group of people closer to your level(so to speak), the "outsiders" disappear. It would be great!