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  1. Addicted to helping others see the true nature within themselves. A fire burns within and i can't stand any living thing suffering. I guess the downside to it, is that, It can get excessive and thus becomes a habit as you end up focusing too much on others thus you end up burning or even potentially blinding yourself by your own light. Balance & Simplicity ~ Self-Reminders
  2. Awakening feels like the word itself, Awakening, Waking up from a dream. Like when you wake up in the morning and realize oh.. it was all a dream.
  3. There is so much more to food/energy than nutrition. That which is created in a lab will have ZERO life-force, zero biophotons, dead-energy. Living off supplements will kill you faster than eating meat, even if the supplements are anti-aging because the bodies intelligence is in-tune with natural intelligence. You are isolating something without its whole, bio-molecular structure and introducing an alien substance to the body. For example: If you take Vitamin C and eat an Orange with the same amount of Vitamin C, from a bio-energetic standpoint, you get so much more blood-plasma levels of C from consuming the whole food itself than just taking an Isolated substance and there is worlds more cell-to-cell communication, energy transference, cell-regeneration and many things science is still very far from understanding that goes on beyond that of just getting vitamins/minerals ect.. The body has to do so much work and the substance no longer has "life/chi". Whether you believe in this stuff or not does not change how the universe works, on a fundamental level, its all energy. You want to consume energy that pure and alive and dynamic not stagnant, dead, stale energy. Food is not just calories, its consciousness, its information, it talks to DNA and tells it what to do.
  4. @Keyhole Trance music has always been the default for these events because trance goes hand in hand with spirituality and consciousness expansion for thousands and thousands of years as its basically our original form of music as a human species and has been found to have the most powerful effect on our consciousness because trance-music allows you to purge and let loose so its usually the main choice for these videos/after-movies but many of them have different stages and areas that play different music, downtempo, reggae and others ect.. There is also meditation and temples offer different free-classes, yoga, kriya, whatever people wanna bring to the table and techniques, sound healing and so on, its all about freedom, art, creative expression and such. You always learn something new and always meet the most amazing people and you will witness a level of non-judgement not found anywhere else which is truly memorizing as everyone is free to be themselves, even the police don't care that many are on psychedelics and such so people have that freedom to be themselves and tap into their full expressions without ever having to worry about being judged because there's always going to be someone there is weirder than you haha Yeah its not really about knowing how to dance, if you notice at these events everyone is a free child in their own world and everyone dances completely differently in their own way however they "feel" the music compared to more mainstream festivals where everyone is trying to copy each other and its one big ego-boost. Even if you are a great dancer, you won't attract any attention. Its all about how much you enjoy yourself and fully let go and surrender to the music that makes a difference for everyone As for burning man, I would definitely want to go once in my life but i prefer rural areas where the air is clean and there is access to lots of greenery, mountains, waterfalls, lakes ect.. which i find perfect for a healing experience which many of these (smaller ones) have been perfectly placed. We have (Burning Seed) in Australia, we do similar where we create art, structures, set our intentions for a week then on the last day we burn everything we create down to practice non-attachment and such and celebrate the new age and its such a great experience. @Aaron pThese areas are usually very large and rural you can go venture out in the woods for days or setup your tent far away from the music if you want peace and quiet as the amount of freedom you experience in one of these events is profound, especially if not too mainstream like "burning man" which i believe has become more of a "spiritual ego" than anything else. @Moreira You are probably right, there will always be to some degree a "spiritual ego" vibe at these events but simultaneously, you can find the most amazing and enlightened beings fully embodied into their inner-child but deep down everyone is there for the same thing. If you let go and completely be yourself, you will naturally attract people that are on a similar wavelength as you. Although most people there will get you anyway. The best conversations i have had at these events are with some of the elders and people who were sober in general and naturally vibing high. You don't even need to take anything, you will get high from the collective vibe, it forces you to be yourself. For example: if 1000 people/cells are being themselves, their inner-child, true-nature and you go in there with a a big EGO, you will be destroyed without the need of any substance. The collective energy overpowers you and reminds you of who you truly are. I love seeing people turn completely primal at these events and come out completely new beings at the end. As for advice if you are interested, seek the ones that have families and kids and are not very large, few hundred to few thousand people is the sweet spot. The larger and more "adult only" ones can get messy and tend to drift more towards mainstream spiritual ego vibe rather than love, acceptance, connection ect.. As much as i can explain, its similarly to explaining a DMT trip, you can't really do it any justice for others to comprehend, its one of those experience only going there and experiencing it directly will give you an understanding of how empowering and healing these events can be. Its the collective power of these gatherings than makes a vast difference on a both a personal and global level. Hope this helps
  5. @Harikrishnan When you change the present, you are not longer the same person (vibrationally speaking) as you were in the past. So if you shift your vibration now, you can only align with a version of self that matches more of your "current" frequency. Remember all that exists is now. So in a sense yes, you will see the past quite if not completely differently depending on how much you have actually changed in the now. Find some old photos or videos of yourself when you younger, you may see what i mean.
  6. The meaning of life ^ in a nutshell. The ego cannot hide or pretend under these circumstances. You can only be you! We dance in the deep to put darkness to sleep.
  7. The present changes the past and the past changes the future
  8. You may be right about this one, it does kinda look fake when you observe further but it wouldn't surprise me if it was genuine either, nature's way can really leave you baffled sometimes. Here are more genuine-looking ones The Fungi blow me away!