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  1. @kieranperez I also had "legitimate" ADHD and many other so called "disorders" until Enlightenment smacked me in the face. Its more to do with a state of vibration than anything else. Yes, those do not guarantee a cure as with all things but from my experience, have helped many and or at-least treat but i ultimately found a cure all when i was shown the true nature of reality and who and what i am to my core, in this understanding you are no longer the same person vibrationally/literally thus you never had the issues to begin with. Remember physicality is made up of energy, frequency and vibration. If you learn to master these 3, you master the universe and can enable/disable whatever you choose to partake in as you wish as simply as changing the radio frequency on your car. Sure, this is quite a high level of mastery but it most definitely can be done as i have direct experience with it and no one is special or gifted, we are all god manifest. Ultimately, i am trying to help people learn to manipulate themselves out of things that are not fundamentally solid by nature but become solid with belief and repetition. As things can be done, they can also be undone it just takes a lot of self work. I know this is a bit "out-there" for this time/space but its ultimately the same thing that heals/changes us that we mistake for something else. We literally do everything to us and put ourselves here/there based on what we "buy into" for fact/truth. We are conditioned that way but we can always deprogram ourselves and free ourselves from man-made limitations and constructs.
  2. If you want some wise advice i would discard this spiral dynamics ideology altogether. Sure it can help to some degree when used correctly(when its needed) but it has become second nature in these forums to link almost everything that people are doing and asking about to spiral dynamics. This becomes delusion within itself and distorts truth. We seem to get attached to concepts far too much here on Actualized Forums, Ultimately its holding us back more. Psychedelics, Enlightenment, Spiral Dynamics, Ego, ect... ect... Don't lose yourselves in concepts, don't attach yourselves to concepts more than required, this only deludes you further. Be more Involved yes but less attached. That's where true mastery resides.
  3. I would suggest looking into Adaptogenic, Ayurvedic Herbs, Medicinal mushrooms, CBD/Black seed oils and similar frequency food/stuffs. More whole foods, less chemical/technological stimulation, daily spiritual practice and eventually all becomes well. Again the more you buy into these (disorders/concepts) the more manifest and solid they become. You are the master of your reality, don't live someone else's.
  4. Step 1: Fast from all aspects of life. (Deprograms you and your belief systems) Step 2: Surrender to Nature. (Teaches you how the universe works) Step 3: Focus, Apply, Act/Behave 24/7(not just 1 hour a day) like it you already have what you desire, you must literally feel there before it can manifest. If you focus 1% on something then 99% on something else 99% of the time you are attracting the 99% not the 1%. You have to trick yourself into knowing something by believing in it so much you forget it was only a belief system. Once it becomes a knowing, it works every single time. Some words of advice. I've been in and out of this loop many times, you can play and manipulate reality as much as you like but at the end of the day you will always get you the experiences you need not the ones you want. When you surrender to this natural flow, you will be truly rich as you are creating minimal resistance to the natural self. and when you are truly rich you won't need or chase money, life falls into place naturally because you are already at peace and complete with what you have and where you are. Remember, True Abundance is moving through life freely without resistance, has very little to do with what most people think it is.
  5. @mandyjw Indeed A wise monk once said: You are not experiencing suffering, you are suffering your experiencing.
  6. Ego is simply how you tune into this reality, without ego you will be everywhere all at once. You already know/are everything, the ego/separation/illusion is the way of not knowing/being everything all at once, this allows a new perspective of infinite intelligence to experience itself and yes this is common sense.
  7. In order to find yourself you must lose yourself first.
  8. @Nervtine I simply just googled/youtube whatever unhealthy/processed food i was craving and added to the search any one or two of these (healthy, natural, raw, whole, vegan or plant-based ect..) versions and eventually with practice you perfect the recipe and many times i have made it better than the original and would never go back to something toxic when i can make something that taste better and actually nourishes you rather than slowly poisons and kills you. Hope this helps
  9. @Hellspeedonly to my enemies. comon bro you know better.
  10. I've found/created healthy versions of so many processed foods i used to love and always tastes/rewards/nourishes far better. Nothing tastes better than healthy feels and at the end of the day, nothing tastes better than nature in the natural god given state. We are numb, once we become un-numb our true senses are present.
  11. Once you awaken you do whatever you want, loops only exist within unconsciousness.
  12. Love is Truth
  13. Barefoot shoes, grounding/earthing, sandles ect... Some good examples ^