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  1. @Leo Gura Aren't you meant to be dead? hahaha
  2. We attract what we are and what we give out we receive equally in return like a ripple created from a pebble thrown in the water. You don't feel great cause you fall in love, you feel great cause you were so loving and giving towards that person the universe has no other option but to return the love/energy back to create balance in the universe not the other person its all you, everything is a reflection of self.
  3. One of the best things i have learned is the power of the mind. Even when i was unhealthy i would say to myself i never get sick and only when i had the slightest doubt i would when i was in pure belief nothing could enter my field. Pair that with those tips above and you will live forever!
  4. The Tao of Sexology - The Book of Infinite Wisdom More directed towards self actualization and mastery but ultimately similar truths will be found as in spirituality/consciousness/enlightenment.
  5. Well said, many longevity herbalists recommend eating till about 70-80% full and another thing is learning to eat with chopsticks helps with this in my opinion.
  6. We attract what we are. We need to learn from it and change to grow past that level in order to attract better or the attraction we desire.
  7. I have dreams pretty much every night and i think it has something to do with an open and active pineal gland as in my teen years i stopped dreaming for a long time until i got off all the junk food and junk life and started restoring my body to its natural ways. I also think too much artificial lighting/devices/blue-light and lack of darkness/sunlight(melatonin production) daily effects our ability to dream clearly and remember them properly. Edgar Cayse had a quote: Dreams are today's answers to tomorrows questions.
  8. What you focus on grows, Literally.
  9. I sure hope you all wouldn't act this way if he actually was dead. Haven't you learned anything from his videos? Attachments and Expectations keep you in never ending loops.
  10. @Heart of Space Your behavior is disturbing and insulting all over the forums.