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  1. He who knows the Tao does not care to speak about it; he who is ever ready to speak about it does not know it.
  2. It could be stored toxins in your body, have you ever done a proper juice cleanse or better water fast? It could also be the processed sugar in your chocolate almond milk, oat clusters ect... The meat and burgers don't help either because meat and bread/wheat are acid-forming to the body. Cut out processed sugars or all processed foods(if possible) and gluten and see how you go and yes deep fried foods definitely can lead to breakouts. All 3 the oil and deep frying and the fries themselves all are a health risk. If nothing works after a while, i suggest a raw food diet only fruits/veg/sprouts ect.. to detox or juice fasting/water fasting.
  3. Try Matcha instead because nature always works better. Supplements are missing the rest of their body so its a hit or miss.
  4. Be careful what beliefs you buy into, they shape your reality. If you do not serve you, discard them. They are illusory thus finite.
  5. Because you are hit with such a powerful force you need to be alone to learn to stabilize the energy and balance everything and be the master observer you are out or you will be too Alien for the rest of the world. If you come out prematurely, everyone will think you are insane and crazy and it could backfire if you are not wise enough, no one will understand you nor will you be able to relate much to what's now so small and insignificant to you.
  6. Grounding you need my friend. Balance Thy Chakras from Root Up.
  7. The Enlightened do not require an (Idea or Concept) to be its true self. People like Abraham and Bashar when channelling are Enlightened as (the higher self) but the hosts are not aware that they are the higher/enlightened self as of yet. Enlightened beings know and see ALL IS ONE so they are naturally channelling source all the time by simply being themselves because they know and see who and what they truly are. Some beings like above require an idea or concept of "other consciousnesses" in order to truly believe in themselves worthy to express absolute truth. I guess you could say, in a sense.. they are but they require a specific, specialized system to make it work for them, so they can express that of themselves, so they can believe more in themselves. They are both channelling yet purely imagining/creating simultaneously. Everyone is unique at slightly different levels and that's the beauty of it
  8. Yes because its not in tune with nature and circadian rhythms, sun/moon cycles ect.. I am so glad i got my mother to switch her shifts after 15 years nightshirt it was greatly effecting her health and she was changing as a person. One of the most important things one can do to be in good health is learn to be more in tune with nature and natural cycles. Everything is interconnected and has meaning. @Rigel Some require more, some less. The more in tune with spirit you are, the less the need for sleep. We need sleep more as we become more physical, more dense, so to speak.
  9. When all of you wakes up. The reality you experience is self-reflective.
  10. Well it depends where your soy is sourced and how its grown. If its traditionally and organically grown heirloom strains for many years in a clean, pristine location then i don't see it being an issue but it may be hard to come by these days especially in the west as most Soy like Conventional(yellow) Corn are GMO. You should always go by how you feel, no need to focus much on protein and specific nutrient intake. Nature is infinitely intelligent You'd be surprised how little we need to thrive. A friend of mine only eats 2 - 3 large servings of fruits a day and she is healthy as a walnut and happy as a dolphin. Your body knows best. Hope this helps
  11. The Core Frequency of Creation is Unconditional Love.
  12. Planting seeds is simple, speak the truth.
  13. Cause they unconsciously hate themselves which blinds them from truth of oneness.