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  1. It worked just as i predicted Now you know your power, spread it every chance you get and watch the whole world bloom with you. Namaste <3
  2. Spend more time in nature and observe and learn to live one with its flow. It will never lead you astray.
  3. You are resisting the truth on some level because the truth requires change of who you used to be to be able to embody your new state, your new truth. Your life new is going to cost you your old one and you need to be 100% in agreement with that, you need to let it go completely to be able to transcend into your new life. You made a choice, choose love, not fear. That's how it works
  4. @Serotoninluv Indeed. 🙏 ❤️
  5. Enlightenment gives you the clarity and freedom to do otherwise. Some focus on this, others focus on that, wherever the focus, its sees with eye of god, its done with gods hand, so its perfected, its mastered, its you at your purest form and highest creative potential. If you knew you were god and seeing yourself as god, what makes you think you can't shift perspectives and live out lifetimes in a single blink of an eye? Its infinite. Nikola Tesla said it best, If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration and or numbers 3 6 and 9. If the mind is Enlightened whatever the subject, you master it, you see its perfection, because you are it, you see you as it. You know it. And no there is no way to be more/less spiritual but by to simply be yourself. We are all masters, we just have to find our focus.
  6. Its less to do with adequate food and more to do with your vibrational frequency. The higher your vibration, the less physical nourishment you will need to sustain yourself. There are days where sunlight and some barefoot walking on earth provides me with all i need. As one raises his/her vibration higher and higher he/she will naturally know what to do and how to do it, if unsure and have doubts then it would not be wise until its a clear sight/set of instructions. Once you get to a certain level of understanding over reality, you won't need to ask others. Remember, physical reality is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, its not really solid, in fact its almost entirely empty space. Its all energy and energy can be transmuted if you know how. Once one taps into the levels of mastery over reality, he can do as he wishes/pleases but in most cases when one reaches higher levels of developlment and starts to naturally fall into the true self, the universal self, so to speak. This is when the Ego starts to die because siddihs and egoic desires are not as profound as who you truly are. Once you reunite with your absolute truth, you remember why you chose to be here to begin with. From there everything you do is mastered as long as you remain pure. Hope this helps
  7. @Aeris Look into (Adaptogenic) Herbs and (Medicinal) Mushrooms. Do a little research, grab the ones that most resonate with you. These days i am much more simplistic in my approach to everything i do so i always advise: Less is more. Don't do what i did
  8. If you guys like Abraham you might also like Listening to Bashar. Similar high frequency information slapping you back to common sense
  9. I used to similar smoothies every day as well from experience a better way to transform your health would be to make one like the one below. You can mess around and throw in omega 3 seeds, coconut yogurt and other goodies and play around with the ingredients. Digestive enzymes, Grapeseed extract, indian spices, Aloe vera or Shilajit(to help bio-assimilation), ginger works too. Maca goes very good with Cacao powder, Adaptogens and Medicinal mushrooms work great too. Chlorella, Spirulina and other greens go well with cacao based smoothies too. Fruit will detox and heal you better than anything else, i would do the smoothie in the pic above more often and spoil yourself with your cacao smoothies 1 - 3x a week at most. Yes adding the protein powder and cacao to the fruit smoothies can work too, you just have to find what works for you although because i would advice to use cacao and powders less in the long run and more whole foods. Hope this helps
  10. Think of this way. Taking synthetic multivitamins is like drinking store bought juice for vitamins/minerals where consuming whole foods is actually getting the vitamins/minerals more directly themselves in the most efficient form and easiest for the body to understand and assimilate. If i were you i would look into (freeze-dried/whole-food) multi vitamins or superfoods which are very "nutrient dense" and replace multiple vitamins/minerals in which is a wiser choice in the long run. Spirulina, Chlorella, Cacao Powder, Bee Pollen, Wheatgrass, Hemp seeds ect... I do supplement from time to time but because i have already been supplementing, detoxing and cleaning my body for years i no longer need to do it as much or as intense as most people so in the begining its good for at least 3 - 6 months to go heavy and really deep clean your body with fresh whole foods and herbal and natural supplements then gradually ease down to a more simple and minimalist approach once you start to feel like your alive, happy, joyful, vibrant and loving self again 🙏 ❤️