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  1. Here is another example of similar tech we are creating and have been using. If it doesn't resonate with you, you won't really understand how this technology works even if i explained to you in depth. You can find most of these new-age techs from in written or spoken detail from inventors like Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Dan Winter, Patrick Flanagan, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Raymond Rife and a few others. Most of these technologies were already mapped out by Tesla and a few others but there was so much information flowing through these individuals it would of taken 1000s of years to complete thus why now the younger generation are waking up and tuning into the higher frequencies to understand these things and re-mastering them themselves.
  2. Never needed drugs to use natural abilities, you just have to re-activate dormant DNA strands and cellular memory. There are 12 strands in total which need activating to embody the Avatar/Christ consciousness state. This is why i am wary of anyone of these Guru's today on youtube claiming to be enlightened yet they are still aging and dying prematurely and lack a lot of depth when it comes to mastery of reality. In my direct experience, True Enlightenment is Absolute mastery over U-niverse. Period. AKA Ascension. AKA Ascended/Descended Masters. Now you also have to take into consideration some beings(especially newer generations) are here voluntarily from higher dimensional realities to assist the evolution of consciousness on a collective scale and have already mastered and evolved from this 3D earth long ago thus why it can take them a very short amount of time to reach the same levels as people still evolving in this realm/matrix would need decades and usually lifetimes to master. They don't have the direct cellular "knowing" so it becomes extremely challenging to master the belief into a knowing/reality. The problem with the world today is that most people are controlled by the limits of physical reality, they are far too imbued in this illusory projection and are conditioned and cannot comprehend past their hard-wired belief systems thus becomes almost impossible to do things that(which they have been programmed to "know") only fantasy/cartoons can do. Once you master this and reverse all the conditioning and belief systems and make yourself completely pure again and reconnect to your multidimensional nature(without drugs) you can start creating new realities that are more in harmony what who you are and what you prefer. For a personal example: I could control and manipulate weather ever since i was a kid because i had activated DNA/cellular memory of being able to do so in previous lives that were from realities completely different in dimensional wavelength then that of earth. Once what you believe becomes a knowing, it always works. There is no question about this. For me this is all common sense, simple physics. Always has, always will be. Pm me if you wanna discuss this further in private, i must refrain from sharing too much. Nevertheless, all of this should be common knowledge within the next several decades, especially after we make first contact on a global scale. Bless
  3. @Leo Gura Took me about 10 lifetimes few thousand lifetimes ago, this time around it took me about 3 months Be careful with your methods, they delude you.
  4. You just resonate with him because he is closer to your wavelength thus the "appearance" extreme rare wisdom. For me, Sadhguru is like the class clown among the Enlightened. He is the trickster, the joker, he does not have all the answers but he knows how to ramble out a question to make it seem as if he knows the answer to it. I've caught him out a handful of times, learn to ready energy beyond the body, learn to see between the lines, be your own master observer.
  5. @ivankiss In what you are experiencing, does it feel like you are on some kind of autopilot? Like a greater energy is flowing through you all by itself while you sit back and observe it all play out?
  6. Dear.. You are missing the point, completely. Depth is a good start.
  7. Well how would you feel like if you just woke up from a bad dream? When you finally realize you were in a dream, its quite liberating isn't it?
  8. @Leo Gura Awwww <3 That's what i like to see! Bless!
  9. Imagination = reality, if you didn't know Remember we are energy. This is all a projection.
  10. First you must understand the true nature of reality, then when you know what you are and made up from, then you can use that to manipulate energy/matter. We are electromagnetic. < master this, master reality. At one point i was deep into this stuff, telekinesis, telepathy, astral travel, remote viewing, levitation, controlling weather ect... but i found a superpower that made all others obsolete and i ditched them and went straight into the heart of source itself. You think flying and teleporting is fun, wait till the "unmentionable/unimaginable" happens. You see the meaninglessness, the pointlessness in it all. There's always a time/place but there's a greater focus at hand and that is very simple. Know thyself, Be thyself. All else falls into place naturally.
  11. @purerogue Indeed Silence/Stillness/Being is the only true language of god, all else is poor translation. I believe Rumi and Lao Tzu explain it best.
  12. @ivankiss You take me back when all this started happening to me as well. And yes you cannot be fully enlightened and be here interacting with others at the same time. There is always a sacrifice needed because as soon as you decide to interactive with physical reality, you must adopt ego. Only in pure awareness you can be egoless and in awareness you cannot really interact, you just are, but sooner or later you realize why you are here and that Enlightenment is already inevitable/ever-present. You chose to be here to experience something other than absoluteness/all knowingness ect.. This way you can have a completely different perspective on who and what you are and how it all comes to be and the ultimate paradox of being/becoming is eventually seen as one. It is indeed a joy to be alive and to be limited for once, this is an experience of a lifetime, enjoy it while it lasts cause what we all seek is already found. Keep doing your thing brother! Bless!
  13. @Serotoninluv Indeed! In a few groups i am connected with for years now have already mapped and made many drafts of how to create Activation/Ascension chambers which are primarily of crystal technology paired with sacred geometry bodies and a few other things. Similar to what ancient pyramids were used in one of the multitude of ways they were used. These technologies when done correctly, amplify/activate us on a cellular level and re-awaken disabled/dormant DNA thus enhance our natural/psychic abilities and allow us to become fully efficient energy beings and what modern science calls (junk DNA) in which we currently only have 2/12 strands active. Some newer generations have already been found with more strands active and some newborns are naturally born with more as we evolve in consciousness collectively. Thus why many of us do not require to meditate in caves for decades anymore to reach the higher states, we can do it much quicker as we are naturally far more efficient and superconductive. These are also excellent for amplifying meditation and practices which induce altered states. It is said that when all strands are active we embody the Avatar state/Christ consciousness/12D. We will be able to live as long as we desire and no longer require physical nourishment as for energy as we activate our light body in which auto transmute light > energy and free from the death/birth reincarnation cycle although i know for a fact that once you awaken, you have already broke this cycle and are already activated to some degree but there is always more fine tuning to do. We are living in amazing times, people are tapping into some awesomeness!
  14. Some examples of grids/chambers people make. This kids knows whats up