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  1. I think most of my work here on actualized is done. Enough seeds were planted for now as it is time to grow and expand further beyond the barriers of this forums mindsets and limitations. I am really proud of many of you, i was surprised when i first came here how many had a general idea of who and what they are and what life is really about which made me feel like home for a while as there wasn't many other places out there people agreed with me for several years besides E.T knowledge-based forums and individuals that understood higher consciousness and how Energy, Frequency and Vibration works or how things work on a Quantum level. For me this was all understood in my Re-Activation to source-self. The more in embodiment self-expression of source energy the more whole i became. I was initially lead here because i started messing around with DMT and psychedelics and at that time Leo had made a few videos on DMT, 5-meo and general psychedelic use and Enlightenment and in all honesty i didn't ever feel the need to watch or subscribe to his videos(Although i have a few times) because after watching a few over the years and skimming through several both old and new i saw my younger self that had already awakened (as i agreed with 99% what he said) but still far from Enlightenment but i knew due to my Enlightenment he was definitely on the path but it is going to be far more difficult with constant use of social media, making videos and forum use as from experience i know to truly experience a most pure Enlightenment you must LET GO OF EVERYTHING and dissolve yourself in nature and the natural harmonic flow of creation. You only really find all by losing all and letting go of all including any subscription or nourishment whatsoever which is where most people get to then due to hard-wired conditions they cannot go further and they come back with an aligned consciousness mistaken for True/Absolute Enlightenment. So i came to the forums to plant seeds of truth/light help bring a more authentic universal understanding of what Leo was growing into because i believed there needed to be a balance or this will backfire for Leo and all his followers (especially the Leo-Everything ones) because it was too mentally driven and not enough emotionally understood. (As it already semi-backfired for me in the past so i was already one step ahead and came to save the world v2) If you know the Buddha and Jesus and many other as i would call Truly Enlightened Beings pretty much went completely naked of all desires, needs, wants, thoughts, conditions, ect.. Its a simple secret of the universe one must be ready to trust and completely surrender and even to die "physically" in order to reach. The secret is you don't really die(in the way that you think) Its sort of like you have to accept actual physical death and surrender to complete universal trust in order to achieve Immortality but are you willing to throw your whole physical life away from Absolute Enlightenment is the question? I am one of the very few that i know that have chosen and managed to actually come back to this reality. Now due to the Psychedelic use, interacting with others, relationships, toxins, and re-integrating myself into 3rd Dimensional Reality again i was driven to sacrifice absolute for semi-enlightenment(So to speak)-(As energy exchange and communication would be incomprehensible)-Thus why there are Universal-laws/dimensions/densities ect.. and experience both sides of the spectrum out of creative curiosity so see if i can lead both to the same light. I knew i had to forget in order to learn again because i knew i was putting myself in a place that i had already mastered through energy work and within but i wanted an external mastery, i wanted to master through limitation and see if one can be source-expression through 3rd dimensional experiencing.(This started 1-2 years before What i came to realize is that it is possible but non-sustainable, out of vibrational laws you cannot maintain a 5th or higher dimensional consciousness residing in 3D existence for long(as you cant 9th-11th > 5th-6th ect..) you can only access parts at a time. You'd literally go mad if you tried to which is almost what happened to me because i was beyond this world(Not to say i was better) I just knew who i really was with more authenticity than others all the time even since a child(which naturally shifts you're vibration to a reality with more harmonic resonance) but i had somehow created a glitch and blinded myself to continue to stay here and try help everyone else rise up which only backfired and lead to a big crash and ups and downs finally coming back to how it all started with complete focus and knowing on source-self no ego-self but absolute true source self how we come into this world but forget soon after. The glitch from my understanding was a combination of things but psychedelics did play a role which force unnatural energetic vibrations/shifts and when abused or used too often as ended up doing it ends up depleting spiritual awareness/purity of self. As Alan Watts would say: If you get the message, Hang up the phone. The more you are really you, the more it will appear to others that you are ego. Now there is ego and there is pure ego. The secret is pure ego and pure source are one and the same thus leading to the realization there is no ego and never was but another distraction to keep you away from self. We create the illusion to begin with. - A good example was Osho he knew self with such direct authenticity that to others that do not "Know" on the same frequency as he did one would appear to them as pure ego. Now through "The other side of the spectrum"(as i stated above) I was only confirmed what i already always knew and understood it was just more of a physical experience in a short burst which was all fun and games at the start but i realized and remembered you can expand to far greater levels without physical ways or substances because they are only limited by "physical dimensions". Yes mentally you can go far even so far that you believe or know sometimes that you are absolute but you only get so far to how far your "knowing" goes. By Universal Law you cannot experience something you are not ready for but then one may think then how does one experience the absolute by taking 5-Meo or other ways sometimes regardless of universal knowing/understanding ect.. Yes but that is source-self that experiences absolute, now how much can you actually understand and remember now that you are back in the limitation? You see, you can only get what you believe and know you are worthy of or you simply will not/cannot comprehend when you shift back into a more limited dimension of consciousness. Although for now it seems even being here is limiting my full potential and starting to become a loop which does no longer serve me and as i could only share so much until it becomes too deep and turns into a form of attack or backfire due to misunderstanding from hard-wiring since birth. I have learned over the years to observe and maintain how far i can express what i know and understand based on the collective consciousness/awareness and universal knowledge of the group/individuals present. So i think its now time to allow others to rise from the ashes and continue my path elsewhere where i can have more of a global or universal impact because i feel it is my path to do so and there is a higher calling or divine order re-arising from within. I may still pop around once in a while if there is a vibrational match to do so and drop some seeds of light but if i do not know its for the greater good and i am proud of what most of you are doing just remember to not take it all too seriously as we make it here on, we know better to let loose a bit and have a bit of fun, keep a balance, don't subscribe to anything, be formless, be free and loopless and be wise I hope the absolute best for you and will leave you with a little video sharing the a secret of how the universe works. Most Importantly, Be Love <3 Remember Do not judge, instead> Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not. Create what is uniquely your own As you are creators, so do not subscribe to the limitation that you are not or you will be limiting your whole potential. Infinite Love & Light & Wholeness <3 Gratitude & Bless Ho'oponopono Namaste 🙏
  2. The situation in this forum is far too many are mentally influenced and stimulated and too much "thinking" Not enough "Feeling". Without feeling you understanding nothing.
  3. Its more about the nutrient density and amino acids then it is about calories this is what he explains in the articles. He does supplement with creatine and other amino acids but no steroids just a solid mind with a solid program. He is ultimately about Longevity as with intelligence comes more sensible goals in life. I have done it myself for few months twice and i felt great! Did not lose any muscle or gain but my sleep was very good, my strength was optimal, my state of mind was very calm and balanced and this lifestyle taught me Mindfulness on a level i never experienced before. He does state if you have the physique goals you may need to add additional amino acid supplements to your Aliksir/Recovery Smoothie. I. Add ~300 mL soymilk to mechanical blending apparatus. II. Prepare powdered ingredients and place in separate vessel. These include the following: i. Multimineral/Multivitamin supplement ground in mortar and pestle or otherwise. ii. All 12 amino acids enumerated above in amounts approximating ~1-3 grams [Note: This amount depends upon the differing aims of the Adherent (i.e. weight loss, power promotion, muscle maintenance, etc.] iii. Isolated soy protein; ~5-10 g (grams) iv. Brewer’s yeast; 5-15 g v. Spirulina; ~1-5 g vi. Pure cocoa; ~5-10 g vii. Pure stevia powder; ~100 milligrams (according to desired sweetness) viii. Bromelain powder (or any vegetal enzyme inclusive thereof; Apply amount indicated on label of particular commercial product) ix. Psyllium; ~5 g x. Creatine; ~5 g III. Add powdered ingredients to soymilk and blend. [Ice may added.] After that you consume main meals and minor meals to generally make you feel full and satiated as the Shake really contains everything you need. Hope this helps better understand
  4. Read the articles, most people fail at his lifestyle because they do not read the articles. I had to read twice to finally understand properly.
  5. @Slade Your getting there but sharing it here is pointless. Don't waste your energy with the hard-wired.
  6. Which is correct however animal products are not "designed" for the human body. What happens inside isn't optimal and efficient in the long run. Plant foods on the other hand work in perfect synergy with the human body especially fruits.
  7. @Shin @Nahm Because from my experience true or absolute enlightenment is when you embody creator consciousness or at least a more global/universal consciousness and hits you so hard that you are on a whole new mission. When you embody this wholeness again there is greater understanding and mission at hand at the time being so you understand its far more effective for the collective for you to be in solitude and away from everyone and everything that is disharmonious to the natural/universal flow so maximum energy can be expanded and exchanged because through energy/internal work we can awaken the others and evolve collectively in a much more profound way. Everything else is pointless unless you choose to tune down in vibration to assist others on a physical level. There is a reason why we hear about some monks/yogis who meditate in caves for years in solitude some for their whole physical lives and some can go years without any physical nourishment and many shift in and out of physical dimensions and limitations as they understand the laws of who we are on a "fundamental level" so its effortless for them. The impact is universal and collectively more efficient for the evolution of consciousness. You can only see how with perfect clarity when you are directly experiencing it yourself. So unless you choose to sacrifice absolute enlightenment/direct connection and embodiment of creator/universal consciousness at all times for Semi-Enlightenment (so to speak) you must tune down a bit in vibration and allow some limitations to re-integrate or communication and energy exchange would be incomprehensible and ineffective. Sorry i went a bit deep, this is not your regular self-realized, enlightened beings path. This is the reason why the most enlightened of enlightened beings with direct connection to source energy/understanding you never see or hear from on a social level but merely stories you hear about them or they pop around once or twice in your lifetime and then they are gone. The energetic understanding makes it pointless to be here with the rest of us if one has found something greater. I was made aware of all of this when it happened to me several years ago and due to where i was at at that time i chose what i had gained was enough to help everyone else because there wasn't really anyone out there on a physical level that i was aware of at the time sharing what i had accessed and i always believed i would eventually become absolute again so i felt it was worth the sacrifice and i also knew there were more than enough beings(especially in the east) assisting on an energetic level because when you really connect you connect to absolute infinity. Although Its pointless to try to explain how. This is what i meant by when i said when it happens to me i go mute for eons. This is why my signature is "All is well". You do you and if you never hear from me again you know i love you all and I'm on a greater path just for you and yes there is only you.
  8. If you were experiencing true enlightenment you wouldn't be here period.
  9. Think of yourself as a cell within a body(In this case the earth or universe as the greater body) it dies and regenerates updated somewhere else as do you. Only ego holds onto things, once you become the embodiment of true self, ego-loops disappear and you become free of ego-driven thoughts, attachments and limitations.
  10. A funny story about my Uncle... He naturally squatted since he was young so when he goes his feet are on the toilet seat. One day at work and his boss was wondering why he is taking so long so he made his way into the bathroom. He started calling his name saying hey Joe are you in here? You gonna get back to work? Joe: Yeah boss almost done. Boss being the joker he is looking under the doors to see if its #1 #2 or something else going.. A moment of silence... Boss: JOE WHERE THE HELL ARE YOUR FEET?
  11. I don't agree with it 100% but The Tao of Sexology was a solid read in this category