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  1. The best one so far i found is from this company but then you can find really cheap ones on ebay directly from Russia which i have found almost same effect/quality so i am more for the Russian shilajit lately over the Himalayan overpriced shit they sell. The natural one above is from Russia as well but if you want to save money search Altai shilajit resin (Mumiyo) on Ebay and you can find for $30 what other shilajit companies sell for $100+ YOU DON'T WANT THE POWDERED STUFF. You want the resin. I only use powder 1/4 of a capsule when i want to sprout or soak nuts/seeds/beans/legumes/gains ect.. or sometimes for gardening or pets. The resin is far more pure and effective and less likely to be poorer quality and contaminated.
  2. If you seek peace, Be Still. If you seek wisdom, Be Silent. If you seek love, Be yourself.
  3. Now 10.24kb cap? is this a glitch?
  4. Looking forward to going all fruit this spring here in Australia Personally i feel sharp and alive as ever on mostly fruit. I also notice significant increase in happiness and well being and general high vibrancy on fruit. Yes, what Solace says is correct to some extent but you have to remember the cleaner the fuel the better for the engine/body the better connection mind/body/spirit. Fruit is the cleanest fuel for the human body. Period. Some can live this way long term, some cannot it all depends on lifestyle and mindset/belief systems. If you know truth you can do anything and get by but by knowing truth you know its common sense to feel better so you create better and live better. You do what you know and feels best is for you, no one else can tell you otherwise. Here is an example of someone who thrives on fruit, he looks amazing and his energy is very pure. Anette Larkins is also another great example although she is mostly raw food in general, not just fruit. What i notice with people who are educated enough and live this lifestyle as a lifestyle not just a diet is that all of them show excellent, youthful mental/emotional health. The physical appearance and health does not surprise me as much as how they all are alive and vibrant like children. I think if you consume enough you will get all the vitamins/minerals you need and if you cannot consume that much its not really rocket science, supplement with nutrient-rich superfoods like hemp seeds, spirulina, soy-milk ect... I know fruit isn't as nutrition as it used to be but you can most definitely make it work out for you. If you feel amazing, nothing else matters.
  5. It says i am only allowed to upload 20.48kb. Why so low? Most images are larger than that.
  6. The illusion of needing modification comes from those who are disconnected from nature themselves and not in alignment with their true nature. If you understand nature like i do you would see its perfection and simplicity. The key is to work one with nature not change or modify. There are far more intelligent ways to recirculate and regenerate vibrancy.
  7. If it hurts then you are not living in truth but denying it. Understand, if something bothers you to begin with there is something within you that is disharmonious and not in alignment with your true nature/self. It never comes from outside of self. All is within.
  8. Truth hurts huh Yet your still here Go bother someone else if you don't have anything nice to say. Ill be here to help those who seek.
  9. Its like a 2D trying to grasp 3D. It ain't happening until evolution of consciousness occurs. The the fact that it disturbs the ego so deeply shows denial of truth. If it didn't you wouldn't be here Conditioning is strong with this one.
  10. There are 2 types people in this world. Those who directly experience life and those who live off others experiences of life. They will never see eye to eye.
  11. @Mirror of Confusion Anywhere I am just going to go to a different place everyday and follow the synchronicity see where it takes me
  12. So you just follow the topic to argue with people? The fact that you are still interacting and following this topic says quite a lot. Denial of Truth much?
  13. I won't be posting anymore on other topics directly, at least for a while because i feel my energy isn't as pure as it could be and more than enough seeds have been planted to sprout in their own unique ways so either way ALL IS ALWAYS WELL I may still help you if you message me directly from time to time if i feel pure enough but other than that i am taking a break from being online in general and spending more time in nature with self so i can feel more connected and see more clearly that i can express the greatest version i can possibly be so the energy i emit and express will always be the purest and most loving, divine form of energy for others to bloom and reflect light far more efficiently on a collective level. I will try at least once a day post a powerful message or picture here, mostly ones i have saved over the years that have helped me and quite a few i made myself which will only take me a minute so it will be minimal amount of time being online yet still planting seeds of truth that will not immediately but most definitely shift your consciousness one way or another. I am also traveling soon because at this moment it is my highest passion so if i go missing its always for a greater cause Awareness, Wholeness 💜🙏
  14. Its the awareness of the illusion of death.