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  1. @Raptorsin7 I agree with you, absolutely. My OP was written assuming that will be the case. Assuming I make good music (which is a big assumption, I know), how do I get it out there? That was the gist of the post.
  2. @Average Investor Thanks a lot, that's great advice. Will definitely take note of what you said.
  3. @Chumbimba Thanks, you've made me think about what the genre actually is, it's still a work in progress I would say one of the following, in the order I would pick them: - Alternative Pop/Rock (I hesitate to name it rock because I don't use electric guitars at all); - Chamber Pop (highlighting the orchestral element, though it isn't always there); - Indie Pop (I guess this one is broader, though a part of me doesn't resonate with it) In case this doesn't help much, I'll just name a couple of my influences. Though, of course, I have my own style: - David Bowie - Radiohead - Rufus Wainwright - Scott Walker - The Divine Comedy - The Beatles What would you say is the target audience for this? I should follow my prospective audience? Not sure I understood... Also, is it a good idea to create art work, and a band name, and a web domain as soon as possible? Or should I wait until I have music ready to release? And thank you!! @Danioover9000 Thanks for the tip I gotta be honest with you, learning about marketing creates some resistance within me. I don't really think of the music as a product, though it most certainly is from a certain perspective. The ideal audience is people who love "good music", whatever that is. You know, good tunes, good songs. I know, it's all relative... in which case, I would refer to the musicians I mentioned above, my prospective audience is a part of their audience, I guess. Assuming I can make good music on my own, with professional quality sound, which is yet to be confirmed.
  4. I’ve recently rediscovered my life purpose (or passion, or vision, if you will). It’s music. It was a part of my life before, but there was too much ego in it then, which created more anxiety than fulfillment. Now, years later, I feel like I can dedicate myself to it with freedom from outcome and just the enjoyment of creating. But of course, even though there is no attachment to results, I do want to eventually share with others, and connect with people through my music. I’ve ‘built’ a small and basic home recording studio where I can pretty much make a whole record by myself. I’ve begun writing and arranging the first few songs and in six months I should have an EP ready to release. As far as the music goes, I’m confident that I’ll find my own way, though there is much to learn in the process. But I’m confused about how to actually build an audience and would love to get your advice, as many of you are YouTubers, artists, etc. and have experience with attracting people to your channels/websites. I understand that building a website, establishing a presence in social media and YouTube, and putting out a lot of content is the way to do it (please correct me if I’m wrong). But I have no idea about the order in which to do these things. Should I only build a website once the EP is ready to release? Or the earlier the better? My day job does give me a lot of free time, so while working on the album I could also put out some videos playing random songs, talking about music, etc., there’s loads of ideas in my mind… but a part of me thinks it might be counterproductive, because I don’t have any original music to put out yet. It just isn’t clear to me how the process is usually supposed to go… I would love to hear what you think
  5. That's a classic, wonderful.
  6. Getting a lot of tension in the body, not just today, but yesterday as well, don't know what this is. Is it existential fear? I've been crying easily, and searching for grounding. There's this sense that ANYTHING could happen, I could disappear in a second. I can't seem to find the thoughts that might be provoking this. Is it the lack of identity?
  7. @Consilience Great share! I've never watched Dragon Ball though, so don't understand the comparison The importance of patience cannot be overstated. And yet I forget about it all the time, so thanks for the reminder.
  8. @Byun Sean Very nice post
  9. Watch the documentary "Super Size Me", I think it's on YouTube. You might never want to go to McDonald's again.
  10. This is just an ego story. The way to be more social is not to add anything to yourself, it is just to remove the bs beliefs like the ones I quoted. And I understand, they arise for me as well, I also spend more of my time in solitude. But when I'm able to let go of mind chatter and bs beliefs, and simply be in the moment, then conversation with others simply happens, and it's smooth and effortless. And fun, words come out of my mouth without anyone saying them, and it's all one happening without judgment.
  11. Feeling very happy today, but also uninspired. I try going to the keyboard and make something happen, but my heart is not in it. Procrastination is what usually keeps me from getting more things done. However, I'm not beating myself up about it, still feeling really good just hanging around and being, nothing else. Will probably watch the movie that won the Oscar last night and be okay with not being productive today. The (unexpected) holiday continues, why not just enjoy it guilt-free? Incidentally, yesterday I hooked up with another girl, this time from a dating app. She was very attractive, much more than I had expected from her pictures. She gave me a lot of shit tests before we had sex, one crazy question after another, and I was completely honest with her. I told her I'm not looking for a relationship, I told her that I often hook up with other women, all the while unsure of how she would react to it, she could have walked away. But that's not how it works, women respond to honesty. I could see her getting more and more attracted to and comfortable with me, until she just let go and made her decision. We had a great time and when she left this morning she thanked me "for everything". I wouldn't mind seeing her again. We'll see. Movie time.
  12. This is the "sexual marketplace", explained in a nutshell. Of course, when men are bitching and moaning about it they are thinking about hot girls, conveniently forgetting and ignoring all the others. And women do the same with men, like what the other video by this same guy was talking about, women ignore the vast majority of men who they simply don't find attractive. You could say that men's attractiveness threshold is lower, but who cares? It just is what it is, you can't rationalize attraction. So bitching and moaning is just a waste of time, as usual.
  13. Very nice, thanks for the share. I can definitely relate to what you wrote.
  14. I think it depends on the person, this is the caveat. But for me (tested very recently), more energy, more testosterone, more confidence and better social skills. An overall higher vibration. Deeper voice (that girls definitely respond to). These are just off the top of my head. Plus, for me, porn is poison that leads to the opposite of everything I wrote above.