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  1. Does it? Try to find 'an ego' in your experience. What is it?
  2. Extremely sensitive lately... don't know how to explain it, it's like there's fear in the body. I would say it's a sort of subconscious thought "it can't be this good", or "sooner or later the other shoe will drop", and the body just doesn't seem to be able to relax. Watched the movie "The Green Mile" today, and cried my eyes out. There was a recognition of Love, and a release of emotion. If I knew anything about chakras, I would say that my heart chakra is more open now, as opposed to before the awakening to Love, when it was closed. Not sure how to cope with all of this, just letting it happen at the moment. Not sure there's anything else that can be done.
  3. I haven't seen anyone mention Scott Kiloby, he has a YouTube channel as well and I really resonate with his style. He teaches inquiry to deconstruct ego stories in a very practical way.
  4. @Nahm Wonderfully articulated. @flume I would say read what @Nahm wrote calmly and carefully, it's right on the money hey, I struggle with these things too sometimes, until I realize what's going on. You're fine, really.
  5. Yesterday and today I worked on the final arrangement. It turns out I still have plenty of fire in me to do this, it doesn't even feel like work, I'm just enjoying the whole process. This is what I imagined it to be many years ago, when I heard people say "follow your passion" and "work doesn't feel like work if you enjoy it". It's true, it's amazing. Of course, more amazing would be to actually earn some income from it, but I'm not complaining. It's a dream, I remember wishing I could make music on my own, without having to resort to musicians who could help out on their spare time. It always felt like a waste, if only I could just manifest the sound I wanted... and a few years later, here we are. I dreamed it, I got it.
  6. Day 4. I've been feeling a lot of heat in my upper back throughout most of the day. Is it related in any way?
  7. I've just heard all songs again, in the planned order for the EP. Indeed, that song I was concerned about needs work on the arrangement, the others I consider to be finished, barring a few tweaks that will become obvious once the mixing stage has started. There isn't an obvious style to the EP, but that's what I was going for anyway. I wanted to experiment with different sounds and styles. It should still make sense in the end, if it's mixed and mastered properly. Got an email from the language centre saying that we might have to start teaching from home. Vietnam now has 153 cases of coronavirus, but the government seems to be treating the threat with extreme precaution. More and more public spaces are being ordered to close down.
  8. I consider the songwriting phase to be over. Initially I was thinking of six songs, but finally settled on five. The EP should have 15 minutes of music. I've listened to all of them as they are, and there is one song which concerns me, because it doesn't sound good yet. I'm wondering if I'll be able to save it in the mix, so far it sounds dry and boring. I was thinking of going back to work on it and mess around with the arrangement, but something is telling me to stop for now. I feel like I need a new challenge, I need to do something different. The mind is tired of arranging, intuition is telling me to move on. Phase two will be recording. By recording I mean not only recording acoustic guitars and vocals, but also finding the perfect sounds for MIDI instruments that may not be ideal as they are. I'm mostly thinking of bass sounds, and a couple more instruments that I didn't bother to find the right sound for, I just found a sound that was good enough for songwriting purposes. In many cases though, I already have the perfect sound, so I don't think it will be too much work. Still, for actual recording I need to learn about mic placement, and experiment with it. Also, there is so much noise here... as I write this, the neighbor is putting on one of his habitual performances, when he blasts the entire street with his loud speakers and sings Vietnamese music to his heart's content. So I'll have certain time windows that allow for recording... I give myself the month of April to do this, because there will be other things on my plate. There's regular teaching, there is solving the visa/work permit situation, and there is additional online work for a little extra money at this time. Anyway, very happy that I met the songwriting deadline. As the songs were being written, I was getting excited about them. Now that I've heard them dozens of times, I don't know what to think, sometimes I think they're good, sometimes not so much... we'll see.
  9. How can you figure anything out through a post online? Don't you have to feel the energy or vibration or something before you can read anything?
  10. Yes, don't do it. You sound selfish in this post. Have you thought about how he would feel about this? Has he ever demonstrated any desire to make it non-monogamous? Either have a relationship or don't, but you can't have it both ways. Think about other people's feelings.
  11. I seem to be getting into a very productive routine. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I mostly work on the music, and it has been great lately. I have only two classes during the week, on Tuesday and Thursday, so there's plenty of time to work on music without any pressure. So far, Thursdays seem to be less productive, for some reason, and then Friday I plan lessons for the weekend and the weekend is for teaching. But I'm very happy with this routine because it's generating results. The songwriting phase for the EP is nearly finished. I have five songs pretty much finished. The last one I was working on this week, and am still working on it. I found myself reverting back to my old perfectionist ways today, thinking I needed to have a perfect orchestral ending to the song, and then noticed what I was doing and that it goes against what I currently want. First of all, it's a feel-good pop song, so it doesn't need to hit musical complexity and perfection. Second of all, I wasn't even noticing that it already sounds good as it is... it needs tweaking, but not nearly as much as I thought when I was in that perfectionist mind state. I don't want these songs to sound perfect, I want them to sound good. I want them to celebrate life. So far, the songwriting phase has been extremely enjoyable. It's a lot of fun, building the puzzle of the songs and watching them grow into full musical pieces. I hope I'll have just as much fun with recording and mixing, but there's a lot to learn about both of those. With songwriting I had experience and I have a natural act for it, can't really say the same about recording or mixing. But also, I don't want to have any limiting beliefs about it, if I set my mind to it I can learn and enjoy myself in the process.
  12. @SilentTears Thanks man, appreciate it. Good luck to you too!
  13. Yeah, your signature there is crucial! You gotta love the devil as well, it makes this so much more fun, doesn't it?
  14. If you are being aware of something, no matter how subtle, that's not it. Bring yourself back, there is yet another layer. Until there isn't...
  15. @modmyth Haha I honestly don't know, it's the only celebrity who's notoriously a 'man whore' that came to mind I don't know the names of any of the young ones. Channing Tatum maybe.. he's the last one I'm aware of. The point was made regardless