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  1. It's an investigation into Truth. I have a video about that in my YouTube channel if you want to have a look.
  2. (actually, the "you' is also part of the mystical experience) As I take a shower and notice how I'm fully believing to be human and the beliefs are noticed, it suddenly hits. This is the most amazing mystical experience... making this look mundane. Making it look like there's a world in which "I" could have a mystical experience in the future, if I'm lucky, or in which I've had a mystical experience in the past, and it was amazing - I became God, see?! This is the most ridiculous cosmic joke, utter genius. The every day state is an absolute miracle, instantly appearing together with a bundle of beliefs, sensations and thoughts that timelessly create a "world", a "life". It's the pinnacle of God's creativity, no wonder it keeps on doing this forever... There's no point whatsoever to this post, by the way. Just take a look around, that's a mystical experience.
  3. I'm in a similar situation to yours - different style of music though -, and after contemplating it for a while, the answer that came to me and gave me the most satisfaction turned out to be very simple: keep developing your skills and focus on making great music. It appears that you have two songs released... they're nice songs. However, in the grand scheme of things that is very little, so you can't expect to have an audience at this point. Putting out music consistently and becoming a better producer/songwriter/performer is what will open doors for you in the future. When I released my first EP a few months back I also got impatient about trying to market it, only to then realize that I didn't have much to market. 5 songs only, and they were my first effort at producing/mixing. So, obviously, it's not world-class music, it's merely a decent first effort. So I totally gave up on the marketing side of things in order to start focusing on being a better songwriter/producer/mixer. And I've made my peace with the fact that it might take 5-10 years of learning (maybe more, maybe less) to be able to put out a song that's really great. This is not likely the answer you'd like to hear, but it's my honest feedback. If it doesn't resonate, just disregard. And good luck!
  4. @Shin They might get drugged.. a guy slipping a roofie in their drink.
  5. @intotheblack Eye-opening, thanks for sharing.
  6. Good for you, that's a good place to be
  7. Everythingness is more likely to strengthen ego. You identify with something (that seems) real. Nothingness points to the fact that there are no selves and nothing solid in reality. It's no-thing, it's not physical at all. The best understanding is that both nothingness and everythingness are one and the same.
  8. I gave up coffee for a period of six months and started having clearer dreams, and higher quality of sleep. And I've read accounts of others having the same experience. Now that I've gone back to coffee (one a day, like you) I no longer remember any of my dreams. It's astounding, but in my experience the causality is undeniable.
  9. Suffering only happens to 'I'. So, in this context, judgment is the suffering.
  10. The rest of your post sounds quite judgmental. Guess where that's coming from... yeah, the ego. And that's not bad either. Once you really awaken to "everything is perfect", you realize that ego is a part of that perfection as well. Childish? Being child-like is one of the most wonderful states there is; this whole no-thing is play. A play needs players, characters, actors. Even if they are ultimately illusory.
  11. The Absolute is 'prior to' time. In fact, it's prior to anything, everything that arises is one with the Absolute - but not required at all. So time is not necessary, and neither is change by the way. The Absolute is the very ground of Being, which includes time, space and anything else it 'wants'. Ultimately there is only the Absolute.
  12. Do you drink coffee?