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  1. What I hope for you is a direct experience so total and unmediated by thought/analysis that materialism crumbles forever... drugs are not needed for this. I wish it not so that you can be right, or on "the right side of the argument", but so that you can be happy and at peace. Good luck.
  2. Very cool video, that conclusion was unexpected and awesome. A lesson I still sometimes forget
  3. Great post. Aside from the value of the content, I admit that it's a breath of fresh air to read a post so carefully written, from grammar and spelling to paragraphing and highlighting. It might sound trivial, but for me it makes a difference.
  4. @Anders Saether Online dating seems like a good option for you. There are lots of women online who are "desperate" to find a guy who isn't just looking for quick sex. Online, people are very upfront about what they want and you can screen girls early by telling them the truth, you want to wait until marriage. I don't think you have it too difficult, on the contrary. Just choose wisely who you end up with.
  5. @Tristan12 Yes, that's correct. But like @Consilience said, it's just one way of framing it, after all these are just definitions and concepts. From my experience, an awakening has a very specific flavor, it's a "holy shit, This is what I am!", without any doubt; and it's a mystical experience as well, of course. But a mystical experience without an awakening is more like "holy shit, what's going on?", there might be confusion there, or complete absence of mind, or deep peace, or any other freaky stuff.
  6. An awakening is becoming directly conscious of What you are. You awaken from the dream of being human. A mystical experience is any experience that shatters materialism, you become aware that physical reality is not physical, but you don't necessarily become conscious of What you are.
  7. I was going to comment before but didn't, I had the impression he was missing spirituality from his life. He did seem like he went all in on the pickup thing, turned it into a career, and now that he had reached his forties he must have seen the limits of that lifestyle. And without any conscious connection to Source to see him through, he must have reached some pretty deep pits of despair... He was a great daygame teacher, but it was clear that something was missing from his life.
  8. This is impossible... The truth is that there are no people and all is God's will. This is in the absolute domain. And even if you want to talk about the relative domain and admit the existence of people and things, then every single one of us is entirely innocent and lovable. There is no evil, and therefore no reason to hate anyone. I would continue the search for Truth if I were you, and don't stop until you see the perfection that reality is. Good luck.
  9. It's magic. What you see around you at all times is pure magic.
  10. My country has one of the highest percentages of vaccination - around 90% - and all hell is breaking loose with the new wave. Pushing for the vaccine, if you can remember, had the goal of ending the pandemic. It hasn't worked. We now know that fully vaccinated people carry and spread the virus just as easily. And they also get sick and die, if certain conditions are met. Just like unvaccinated people. Time for a new strategy, booster shots forever seems absurd to me with what we know today.
  11. Definitely not. Meditate long enough and you'll see for yourself. People telling you won't change anything.
  12. I like it! Solid post.
  13. @Rilles it's good that you're thinking for yourself - and I agree with your main points - but there's no need to leave or to get so upset. We just have to know when to drop everyone and anyone off the pedestal and be okay with whatever others are going through. When I see this charade of "I'm more awake than anyone else" on the forum - and it's not just Leo who does it - what I see is dukkha, to use a Buddhist term. It's suffering, it's clinging to a position. It's ego. And that's ok, I have those moments too, clinging just happens. If we're lucky, it is recognized and peace arises. If not, we keep debating on the forum and telling everyone how 'I know God and you don't' It's a wonderful play, just enjoy it
  14. Yes. But really, no.
  15. That's what the search for enlightenment is about. Just keep your mind open to the possibility, no need to believe anyone, just remain open-minded.