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  1. I've stopped worrying about this long ago. If you have a varied diet you're all set, even if some of the stuff you eat isn't that good, it balances out with the rest. Just my two cents
  2. Thanks, will definitely check this out later!
  3. I don't agree that there is no clear sense of progression in life. In this forum it is referred to as levels of consciousness. I look at myself five years ago and ten years ago and it is absolutely incredible how much happier and well balanced I am today. Ultimately this sense of progress is self-created and is not to be found in reality, that is correct. But then again we create our own reality, don't we?
  4. Nice, thanks for posting. I meant to ask about core beliefs on the forum before, but never got around to it. I will try this out!
  5. I gotta be honest with you, this was too long and I didn't read all of it. But around your age I had a lot of physical symptoms that had been created by the mind, I had real diseases that doctors couldn't make sense of and they gradually went away as I worked on my psychology. As far as your family issues go, I think you need to grieve. That means going into the memories and actually feeling what your child-self felt. When I was able to do this through a technique called EFT (and others) I sobbed like a little kid and understood what that child had gone through. After that, there was only relief, no more blaming of my family. The emotions get trapped in the body and need to come out somehow. Finally, don't demonize the ego, it's there for a reason and it is what allows you to experience this life, both the good and the bad.
  6. What you say here says it all. Your suffering is completely self-created. 100%.
  7. @Shaun Do yourself a favor and take a break from this forum and from non-dual teachings altogether. You are creating stories around other people's pointers. Every teacher tells you to verify things for yourself and not to believe anything you haven't directly experienced. Have you directly experienced creating all of reality? If not, then stop making it a story in your head, because that's all it is.
  8. Why do you have to present yourself as something you are not?
  9. Sounds like experience has taught you a lesson. Mixing substances is a very bad idea, it's a good heads-up for others.
  10. @studentofthegame @studentofthegame You make a lot of good points You're right, I'm assuming that I'm not ready for a relationship without actually knowing. But you're also right about trust, I know that part of the jealousy I felt in the past came from my own promiscuity and projecting that onto my partners. I was very unconscious back then, but I also can't say that I've completely resolved this, it's an ongoing project. So I guess what's going on, as you say, is that deep down I don't trust myself well enough yet and need to continue to work on myself before a healthy relationship can be formed. Is the Bradshaw you mention John Bradshaw? It's interesting if it is, because my go-to book on all of this is Healing the Toxic Shame that Binds Us by John Bradshaw. I don't have the option of going for therapy (though I would like to), so I just did a ton of research and learned some techniques that were helpful, from that book and other sources. It's great that attachment talk therapy is helpful for you, if it's working then keep going, for sure I don't really know what type of therapy it is, to be honest, I can only imagine. If you want, send me a PM anytime and we can stay in touch. Take care!
  11. @studentofthegame Yes, same here. The breakup showed me that I needed to look within and I also discovered (previously) hidden issues from childhood. I did what I could to deal with them, they are now consciously understood and I grieved the losses from childhood, even integrated some memories. But something is still missing, because I know that I'm not ready to have a relationship with a woman without having at least part of those issues come up again, mostly in the form of jealousy. What kind of therapy did you undergo? With a professional therapist?
  12. This is EXACTLY what the Buddha taught, word for word. Read about the Four Noble Truths, it's all there. Why there is suffering and the way to end it once and for all.
  13. @Natasha Good one! That one works for me
  14. @RendHeaven Thanks for sharing. I've had a similar experience, a very traumatic breakup that also ended up catapulting me to new and unexpected levels of growth. I actually don't have a girlfriend at the moment, but I notice in myself that despite having had all of my worst fears realized (relationship-wise), jealousy is very much still inside of me. What I mean is that, when I get involved with a woman, if I feel a stronger connection jealousy arises. And I am perfectly aware that this is my problem. I think the biggest difference between our experiences is that yours has led to a dissolving of jealousy and mine has not. At least not yet. So I'm afraid that simply losing a relationship that meant a lot to us does not necessarily mean that jealousy will disappear. Something else was going on with you, you were able to grow past it through some other psychological mechanism that you might not even be able to explain. I'm happy for you, it is a tremendous step forward. I'm behind in that regard