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  1. Because for most there's identification with the body-mind. And indeed, as long as there is self-image and identification with one part of reality (the body-mind) to the exclusion of the rest, then the claim 'I am God' doesn't sit well with us. For good reason. In that case, saying that you are a part of God feels more truthful. 'I am God' is a misleading claim, because it comes out of a mouth which is attached to a body, and makes it seem like 'I' am excluding parts of reality (I am God, not you, not the sky, etc.). But there are no parts. So 'All is God' is less misleading. It's still just a concept and doesn't mean anything until there's an awakening.
  2. Well, imagine that you lost your memory. Right now, you lose your memory and there is absolutely no idea of anything ever having happened. In that moment, is there such a thing as endless life? Was there ever someone who endured years/decades/millennia in that moment? Really imagine this, you lose your memory permanently. Then every moment is fresh, new, a rebirth. When that happens, you probably fall in love "all over again" (in fact, literally for the very first time) with reality. And that's This. This is always fresh, always new, there is no self that goes through infinite lives. Memory is an object appearing now, making it seem like there is a self and that there is a past. There isn't, really. So no one endures infinite time or endless existence.
  3. I don't think you do... Otherwise you wouldn't ask this
  4. Yeah, don't take it too seriously. One of the problems I have with the phrase "life purpose" is how serious it sounds. And it's easy to buy into it as something really important and the thing that will make us worthy. It's not. So, by all means, ride the wave of inspiration when it comes, but let it all go when it's gone - it will come back. In other words, don't attach to it, the purpose of life is life itself, this includes the ups and the downs, it includes the times when you're working on your "life purpose" and the times when you're doing something else. Accept it all, enjoy it all.
  5. Completely agree with @Leo Gura I don't remember the last time I read a post here that screamed the desire for enlightenment as much as yours does. I tend to focus on the "everything is perfect as it is" perspective, but that's probably not going to help you right now. I was where you are now, and I just didn't stop seeking until I got a full God awakening. The thing is, you probably have to go all in. Some people stumble upon this stuff and get an awakening out of the blue, but most of the time it takes 100% desire and passion for truth. Nothing else would have been enough, nothing else would have satisfied. It most certainly isn't enough to just hear about infinite love and perfection, you need to know it and become it directly.
  6. This is heaven. It's not somewhere else, it's not some other infinite state, because this IS the infinite. This, the absolute, is that which allows all possible states and experiences and it is heaven. The only difference between heaven and hell is that hell has an added experience of a mind resisting and fearing. So one could say that heaven requires a recognition of this as it is in order for heaven to be actualized. But even that would be going too far, because ignorance is ultimately an illusion. So yeah, this is heaven cool, huh?
  7. There are no 'shoulds'. Why don't you just do whatever you're drawn to? Follow your passion, it's a lot more fun and, dare I say, more spiritual.
  8. What is a point of attraction?
  9. I am your same height and I've slept with more women than Casanova. Plenty were my height or taller than me. In Europe too, that's where I'm from. Height is really not your problem, trust me. I used to think it was, just like you, but I was simply dead wrong. You need to work on your game, make it a long term project. I guarantee you will get results if you put in the time and effort.
  10. Actually quite profound, but hey, go ahead and get wrapped up in more mind chatter if that's what you're looking for, that's also God's will
  11. It's simple, if there is resistance to what's happening that is a sign of ego. Aligning with God's Will is allowing and flowing with what is. There is congruence between thoughts, actions and that which is taking place. And if something happens which appears to be an obstacle against what you're doing, you adjust your thoughts/actions and align once again with what is. God's Will is simply what's happening.
  12. Yeah, it happens fairly often. And I'm guessing it will happen again in future, learning happens slower than we tend to think. It's nothing to worry about, you're already Home.
  13. There's definitely a deep connection to Source going on there, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.