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  1. Dead and alive are just ideas. Consider the possibility that you are neither and both at once, or better yet beyond both concepts
  2. Agreed! But a few exceptions to that rule: "The Godfather part II" "Star Wars: The Empire strikes back" "Terminator 2" and the awesome "Bourne" movies, I forget the names of the sequels
  3. @Damien Thanks a lot @SunnyNewDay Thanks for sharing. Too bad, I was getting excited about it @Farnaby Yeah, I guess there seems to be something fishy going on there...
  4. Notice how you're putting the girl up on a pedestal. "What should I do?..." You should enjoy your life so much that texting this girl doesn't even cross your mind. Notice that that's exactly what she's doing. As she should.
  5. I have the opportunity to go on one of these retreats next month, and am feeling the calling. But I'd like to know if there's anyone who has tried it or knows someone who has. The retreat includes taking Ayahuasca, doing psychotherapy and integration, and also taking Kambo and Bufo Alvarius (aka 5meo dmt). They seem to know what they're doing, like it's all happening responsibly. It's not just a bunch of guys taking psychedelics, there's a strong emphasis on therapy and integrating each experience. What do you think?
  6. LOL Don't take this the wrong way, but you're a funny guy
  7. "Get rid of all questions, all doubts, all fears, all apprehensions about spiritual life and live in the moment unafraid, full of total joy and happiness and peace. And you will see you have always been enlightened you already are enlightened everything is okay. But if you keep worrying about when it's going to happen aren't you really saying: "I don't have it yet, there is something really wrong? I am not that and I have to become that?" For in truth you are already that. For in reality you're already enlightened there is nothing you have to do and nowhere you have to go. Be yourself. Be the way you are, totally, completely. The way you are is not the body nor the mind nor the experience. The way you are is not the doer." Robert Adams
  8. Honest question, why do you frequently mention God's will then?
  9. Oh boy, this is what's happening to me...
  10. Let go of every outcome. From the very core of your being, let go!
  11. My awakening on LSD definitely had this joke-like realization, I laughed myself silly for quite a while
  12. Haha, this one made me laugh for some reason.
  13. Yes, that happens to me a lot. It's weird but you get used to it