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  1. Yes, you are doing something wrong. You don't just give them a compliment, that's too much pressure on them and seems try-hard. Of course they want to bolt. You follow up the compliments with a tease: "I saw you from over there and thought you looked really nice... you had a mischievous look, like you've just stolen something" - this is delivered with a flirty smile, and it's only one example - a real one that I once used successfully - of many possibilities for teasing, obviously you should make it fit the situation. This is just the opener, daygame is its own art form. It's good that you're approaching, but you should learn how to go about it as well.
  2. Have you tried intermittent fasting? It's like a miracle, I went from 21% body fat to 14% in two months. Lost a ton of fat around the stomach, I have never looked like this before. Didn't lose muscle at all, just fat. Besides regular physical exercise, all I did was skip dinner 3/4 times a week and drastically reduce the amount of carbs consumed. It didn't feel restrictive at all, there was just a bit of hunger the first few times I fasted. Do 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating and you'll start to lose weight very quickly. Plus, it's healthy, unlike what common sense tells us. Last meal at 5pm, then first meal at 9am the next day, that's 16 hours. The results are incredible, really.
  3. @pattimone I did make it and it was a transformative experience. The account is here:
  4. How old are you? And how long have you been "doing pickup"?
  5. God's will. That's the most truthful answer, if we accept the question as it was posed. However, if we want to concede the existence of separate selves, then we can begin to speculate. I think one of the reasons is that the materialist paradigm is so entrenched that people don't think it possible to find out anything substantial about these matters. "It's impossible to know", "How does any of that help me with my life?" would probably be some of the objections. And these are fair objections, on the face of it. Considering what we are taught about the world, it doesn't seem like a proper use of our time. Anyway, that's just speculation. The answer is God's will.
  6. A cop stopped me once after seeing me approach a woman on the street... to congratulate me
  7. @Kksd74628 Logic implies causation. In fact, it implies time. As in, if this happens then that happens. Truth has no such thing, therefore it isn't logical.
  8. "You are imagining X" implies duality. There is a you and an object X that is being imagined. That's not truth. That's also why imagination is not a good pointer, it immediately creates duality by implying the existence of an imaginer apart from what's being imagined. Anyway, this is just being pedantic, because I agree with @Space , this is not something to understand logically - in fact, it defies logic altogether, it isn't logical. Truth has to be directly realized.
  9. The ego is a spoiled little brat haha. When it believes to be a separate self in a physical body it complains about death and old age. When it starts to believe it is not separate it complains that there is no point to life. Despite now believing in immortality! Gotta love the tantrums of the ego Luckily that's not what you really are. Just let go.
  10. Male-biased opinion here. From my perspective, when I'm with a woman I want her to be with me for me. Not for what I can give her or what I can do for her. Women can sometimes start to take for granted that we pay for stuff - I've seen it happen - so I pay for stuff when I actually feel like it and not just because it's expected of me. Indeed, if she just expects it to happen, I will lose the will to do it. In your particular case, he seems to be taking it a tad too far, but I think this - my previous paragraph - is where it's coming from. However, this is happening. It's turning you off. And this is where you would lose me. This is a huge turn off for me. Mind you, it's not like that for all guys, not at all. But like I said, I still have this notion that a woman will like me despite what I can or can't give her or do for her. Naive, perhaps, but that's where I'm coming from and maybe that's where your boyfriend is coming from too. Or not, obviously I don't know. Where does that leave you? You will have to bring it up with him, because it's bothering you and it won't just go away. Maybe he'll see it your way and change. Maybe not...
  11. You are ripe for true spirituality. Not what you see on this forum, with all the conceptualizing, but an honest investigation of who or what you truly are. All I can say is that if you do this with all your heart, it will be worth it and suffering will be seen for what it is, an illusion. You will be able to transcend it for good. Don't believe me, just be open to the possibility. Good luck.
  12. There isn't a POV. There is no position, no one is behind the eyes, perception is an illusion. That's the dream of being a self, not ultimate reality.
  13. If this is true, then ban me as well. I've created an account there, though I haven't posted yet. I will not have my freedom of expression limited by these absurd conflicts. There is zero attachment to this or any other forum.
  14. When the interpreter falls away, everything is (seen) exactly as it is. With no need for interpretation.
  15. It is on this forum's guidelines as well, and yet so-called self-promotion (sharing your own content) is allowed to take place when it's clear that the member is not spamming and offers value on a regular basis. Which I think makes a lot of sense. I assume it's the same on the other forum. I'm done talking about this, it's not something I want to occupy my mind with.