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  1. Very good, Vovochka. You are a soulful singer.
  2. Very cool. I have to try this
  3. @AleksM I agree. Both can result in strengthening a sense of lack which hinders being.
  4. @Max_V When I was diagnosed in 2012 with stage 3, it had just started to spread into my lymph system. The first thing I did was researching on all kinds of alternative methods and ways to 'work' with the cancer cells vs 'fighting' it. Cancer is a symptom of a larger metabolic problem and is a part of you, so fighting it, as I saw it, would have been like fighting against my own body. That was my starting point mentality. Next step (according to my research) was to balance my body's PH. When I was doing my research, I came across multiple success stories of people who were able to stop and reverse cancer growth by just alkalizing their bodies. Even after having been cancer free for 6 years now, I still drink only alkaline ionized water, as well as consuming plenty of fresh organic veggies and other foods from the earth, green smoothies, fresh juicing, etc. But at the beginning, as I was transitioning to this new wholesome diet, I was taking PH capsules for faster results. They are available at any local health-food store. Boosting up immune system and ramping up on antioxidants through, again, wholesome foods, quality supplements, etc. Lots of info available online. Full body detox - is a must to help clean out and flush out body's impurities (lingering in the system heavy metals, old vaccines, various chemicals from air, food, water, cigarette smoke, pharmaceutical drugs, household cleaners, environmental pollution, etc). I did a full body detox with a help of a local naturopath for a few months. And am still using Chlorella as part of my daily detox, along with ACV, herb teas (D'arco tea was my regular at that time), fresh organic juicing, monthly saline water flushes, etc. Another healing routine I had was light workouts (cardio, muscle toning, stretches) followed by dry brushing and dry sauna. This was another way to help my body cleanse and heal, get blood and lymph moving and waste purging through exercise and sweating. Stress busting techniques, lots of restful sleep, doing the stuff you love, being in nature often and learning to breathe right, etc. I was out on the beach a lot during that time for vit D and high concentration of magnesium in ocean water, and also had an hour and a half therapeutic massage every week. All this might sound irrelevant to treating cancer, but like I said earlier, I looked at it as a whole body problem and did every little thing I thought would help my body heal. Also, around that time I discovered Curcumin and I took it daily for sometime - a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement. As we know, the majority of ailments (including cancer) is caused by inflammation. I took Terry Naturally brand 750 mg 3-4 capsules daily. Healing from cancer won't happen overnight. It takes time to rebuild your body's natural defences. Everyone has cancer cells and we have to make sure our system stays clean, our cells well nourished and well hydrated, and our body strong. Only then permanent remission is possible for those whose health has been compromised. I hope your friend finds ways that will work favorably in healing his condition and his type of cancer <3
  5. I will try to make it to the Miami meeting since I'm right here on East coast of FL. Looking forward to the dates and more info!
  6. My latest creation 'The Butterfly Garden'
  7. @Enachescu Dragos Check this out
  8. We're 'born' and 'die' the same way a wave rises from and disappears back into the ocean. The only difference is that a wave doesn't have an illusory/false sense of 'self' and we do.
  9. Infinitely. Birth and death are an illusion.
  10. @Umar_uk That's what awakening is - awareness being aware of itself,
  11. @Shanmugam Beautiful quotes. Thanks for sharing
  12. @Shin Great quotes. Thanks for sharing
  13. Lol Either way, glad he's back. Missed his sense of humor and funny ass memes
  14. He's probably been lurking on the forum as a guest this whole time