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  1. Yes, and answering the OP's question then would depend on if his ex GF has transcended her ego. He didn't mention whether she's awakened or not.
  2. Yes, a man would have to continually (and I mean the rest of their life together) romance a woman to have her want to reciprocate sexually. For women sex is emotional thing first, physical second. Male and female are two very different kinds of wiring. John Gray's 'Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus' talks about all these differences in detail. Highly recommend for those who want to understand how the opposite sex works.
  3. We just don't have the testosterone levels you guys have. And once the man and nest are in place, most women lose interest in sex altogether, because their focus and energy now goes to her wiring as a nurturer of her baby chicks. That's why a lot of married men either live in perpetual sexual desperation and remain loyal to their woman, or turn to affairs. Ask some married men around, they'll tell you.
  4. Then they fall into one of the categories I mentioned in one of my previous posts on this thread - detached from their feminine wiring, use sex to get something from a guy, or being in their super masculine energy. That's not moralizing, that's how female biology works.
  5. You're identifying with what Eckhart Tolle calls "the pain body" (whether it's emotional, psychological, or physical). You can learn to detach from it if you can't transcend it yet. He has an extensive library of videos on YouTube devoted to pain body. I'd highly recommend you to look them up.
  6. @non_nothing Get enlightened, the end of suffering. There is no 'you' to be unhappy.
  7. Just look up his name in YT search bar. He has given numerous interviews on various topics on different channels as well, but his books from Mars and Venus series are much better sources to get the juice from.
  8. Well, if a woman is a serial dater, then she has become desensitized to her natural wiring as a woman, which is to couple with one partner and create a nest (millions of sperm compete for one egg, not the other way around). Women who veered off this instinct have in some way warped their wiring - either by childhood trauma (intimacy issues), to benefit themselves in some way (like use men for something - sex, money, favors, etc and once she got what she wanted, she moves on to the next 'target'), or she took on masculine energy of wanting sexual variety. A good book on the subject of differences between male and female psychology would be John Gray's 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus'. He also has a YT channel that is very good.
  9. @Shadowraix If the game you're developing is something you'd let your own kids play, then I'd say go for it. You can also subtly mix in Green elements, like meditation background music or wisdom quotes, or make some character look/speak like a guru. Like Yoda in Star Wars, for example. Or there is a settlement of people/creatures that have characteristics of a happy hippy commune, etc.
  10. That's not how women work. We release powerful bonding chemicals during sex, so she'll start getting attached all over again. So like I said, let her be. You'd be only creating more pain for her.
  11. He killed himself to one-up his victims, one last time. They were probably suing him for millions $$ and now since he's dead they won't get anything. For narcissists like JE it's all about control, even if it means to end their own life.