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  1. @flume Sending my love to you <3 "Sometimes the space within is greater than the space without" - Mooji
  2. Something I have been contemplating on lately and you put it in such a simple yet profound way. Thank you, Diane!
  3. Fall inspired floral extravaganza
  4. @Scholar Thank you for sharing and for reminding this beautiful truth, means a lot <3
  5. @Serotoninluv Thank you so much for sharing your story, I can relate. These realizations help bring about acceptance and ultimately healing, and make us see/experience reality in a more holistic deeper way <3
  6. @TheAvatarState So, for example, when a decision is being made to take a dying person off life support, does it come from masculine or feminine energy?
  7. You're too kind <3 I started Zumba class yesterday and taking Swing dancing lessons now too. Abandon in the movement feels so good.
  8. I do have good intuition, inspiration, and passion. I can also get very practical when need to be. It's a balancing act and at times the line is very thin and blurry. And when it gets blurry, I tend to be in my feminine energy more.
  9. I scored in the middle on one of the tests. And lately have been doing more right-brained activities, like art and dancing.
  10. Yes, it's a beautiful city with lots of history and culture. I hope to go visit it again sometime.
  11. Beautiful contemplation and I totally resonate. Thank you <3
  12. This is something I need to contemplate more over. Thanks for the pointer.
  13. @Skanzi Great observations, thanks for sharing!
  14. Great insight. I noticed I do it all the time to keep balance in my life.