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  1. True, we don't have free will Relatively speaking, but we do can manifest whatever that we want as the Absolute embodied. What is this talk about a partner, anyway? Take it to the joke thread, silly
  2. @jjer94 Well said <3
  3. @Galyna Everything is going full circle. There are some folks from when the forum first opened 2 yrs ago, though, they still post and moderate, and a bunch even got self-realized
  4. @Galyna Privet and I agree. Glad to see you back too
  5. @Galyna Leo mentioned in one of his recent vids he was going to Hawaii for a retreat. The other day I saw he was lurking on the forum for a short while. So he is fine.
  6. @Monkey-man Here are the things we have subconscious longing for...great video on point
  7. There was a Philosophy sub-forum here, Leo removed it last year. Yes. The 'dreamer' is what is to be questioned here. At the absence of the 'dreamer', the issue with the dream would just naturally fall away.
  8. @Joseph Maynor "How Do You Know the Ontological Status of Reality is a Dream?" By direct experience of no-self. Without a dreamer there can't be a dream. It's a dream only to a dreamer.
  9. 'I' am 'choosing' to do just that...starting with a meditation this morning and remaining mindful through the day. Read 'choosing' as in the neurons in my pinky fleshy blob of fat in the skull have been conditioned/programmed from the time I was born to lead to this 'decision' moment
  10. Yeah, I love to watch his retreat updates vids. Last April he was on a 10 day meditation retreat somewhere in the Minnesota woods, and we created a Birthday thread for him. He got a kick of it when he got back