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  1. Guys, also consider we are free to listen to other teachers. There are many other good teachers out there. Cults isolate and discourage their members from getting knowledge from other sources. I don't see it happen with Actualized.
  2. @Thewritersunion Have you verified any of this in direct experience? If not, your argument is as mute
  3. At 11:57 mins the guy in the video says himself in the conclusion that he doesn't believe Actualized is a cult and that the things he listed in the video could randomly apply to any group. Here's Leo vids on cults...would be good to for a seeker to watch for a more balanced POV on the subject
  4. @King Merk Thoughts are energy forms with illusory content, which arise and disappear within the collective ego-mind.
  5. @Flowerfaeiry I was conceived out of wedlock and back in the day women were encouraged by the family to quietly go through with the abortion to save their reputation or be shamed. My Mom chose to have me. Yes, my ego would say I'm glad I was introduced into the world, yet the truth of the matter is, it wouldn't have really mattered either way. The Universe will do what it does and we are it, so it is what it is without getting too conceptual on the subject
  6. Well, I'm not a Sadhguru devotee, so I don't have that dilemma to resolve
  7. Yeah, the spiritual ego is hugely intense
  8. @SoonHei Haha You also might like this one
  9. @Shin "50/50 chicken-horse meat cutlets... one horse, one chicken"
  10. The new out Spies In Disguise is definitely Stage Green movie.
  11. I agree. Thank you for this comment.
  12. We don't want to kill anything. The mind can be a great tool. When untamed, it's like a wild horse that will kick you over and over again. So the key is to get a hold of it and train it to work for you in a conscious manner. That means shadow work, meditation, contemplation, mindfulness practices, etc. Then when awaken, transcending and integrating it as part of a collective ego-mind phenomena