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  1. Wow that's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  2. My newest creation Flowers For Evelyn
  3. My most recent composition 'Spring in the Bloom'
  4. @abrakamowse Very cute cartoon, I love Peanuts
  5. Happy April Fool's, everyone Thanks all for the great jokes and for keeping this thread alive!
  6. @Principium Nexus I read somewhere that sleeping on your left side is quite beneficial due to how the lymph system flows in the body. I can find that article and post it here for you.
  7. Enlightenment games - exclude all of the mind games
  8. @JustinS The end of the world - the 'end' of the movie on the screen. But there was no beginning nor there was an end - they only existed to the character - the projection, the illusion. The characters disappear as quickly as they appeared. The show no more, and no one turned the switch off. The screen is, untouchable.
  9. @JustinS Good talk, thanks for sharing.
  10. Yeah he's smooth like that...another Osho in the making
  11. @JustinS Good one Thanks for sharing!