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  1. My latest creation 'The Butterfly Garden'
  2. @Enachescu Dragos Check this out
  3. We're 'born' and 'die' the same way a wave rises from and disappears back into the ocean. The only difference is that a wave doesn't have an illusory/false sense of 'self' and we do.
  4. Infinitely. Birth and death are an illusion.
  5. @Umar_uk That's what awakening is - awareness being aware of itself,
  6. @Shanmugam Beautiful quotes. Thanks for sharing
  7. @Shin Great quotes. Thanks for sharing
  8. Lol Either way, glad he's back. Missed his sense of humor and funny ass memes
  9. He's probably been lurking on the forum as a guest this whole time
  10. @Shin Welcome back, stranger. Love your new signature quote
  11. @Your place at Heart Awesome, thanks for the laughs!
  12. @David Turcot So now this is a good place for you to start moving past the human/ant perception to God/the Absolute perception That's what this work is all about