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  1. @VincentArogya Here's another good one from Eckhart on how to deal with unconscious people
  2. You'll love this one
  3. Yea that would work It's like American cobbler, but without all that bready stuff, and it's not super sweet
  4. It's hard to make a bad borsch and every time I make it, it turns out slightly different. But yea it's a signature dish for our culture
  5. You don't have to eat it but it tastes really yummy, just may not look that way. Ask @Galyna, she'll tell ya
  6. @Nak Khid The formless 'gives birth to'/'creates' form, though they're same/of same essence, as in wave in the ocean or sand castle and sand.
  7. Why bad reputation? As long as it's wholesome and fresh, shouldn't be a problem
  8. It's a old traditional dessert, sort of like American cobbler, but without all that dough stuff. My Mom and grandma made it when I was growing up, and sometimes I would crave it and make some as a sentiment And I do eat a lot of fresh berries and fruit daily too
  9. There are exercises you can do to train contracting you vaginal muscles to get orgasm EVERY TIME, even within first few minutes and without a whole lot of foreplay. Speaking from personal experience. Also, check out yoni eggs, they are like weights for a vagina to help build strong muscles. And yes you experience was beautiful
  10. Yea these things are super easy to make, might try this weekend Made кисель from strawberries and blueberries yesterday yumm C(:
  11. My Godmother grew squash in her garden and often made these from scratch. I'm sure my Mom would have the recipe. They are very delicious C(:
  12. Agree. I would get my $$ back. Thankfully in the States you can return just about anything
  13. @zeroISinfinity GMO is not iligal in the States, but the law requires that companies put that info on the packages. It's good you guys have cleaner food and are protected by law. Here business is all about money (Stage Orange), so a smart consumer has to be picky as far as food shopping goes. I personally don't mind spending a little extra $$ to get organic, it's like investing into your long term health. But a lot of Americans just don't care what they put into their bodies, and this ofc in turn feeds (pun not intended) the Big medical industry and Big pharma
  14. Oh I know! So much 'plastic' food on the market these days. Almost doesn't leave one a choice, but buy organic. Which I do. Organic melons and pineapples are so overpriced, though. At least where I live. But well remember our bazar, they were awesome! Everything so fresh, local farm grown, and affordable. And you could bargain with a farmer for a better price. Good memories. The tomato field we as kids once went out to pick some fresh tomatoes after dark and were chased out by a rifle Got my tomatoes, though, and they were delicious C(: