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  1. @Danioover9000 I've actually been contemplating on the role of cognitive dissonance in human behavior in general (esp in the light of Leo's recent video on social matrix), and yes, it can be a major factor of toxicity forcing the mind to conform and/or take sides out of the need to survive. If used consciously, though, cognitive dissonance can also be used to push the mind through doubts and fears and in the right direction when resolving an issue or making a decision, for example.
  2. The ego takes everything personally cos it thinks it's a person
  3. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj @Milos Uzelac Thank you, both, for your feedback. I just turned in my essay
  4. I am participating in a poll conducted by a European university on what behaviors would be considered toxic in politics and which political figures are good examples of those behaviors and why. Any feedback/opinion is apreciated. And please be as objective in your comments as possible. Thanks!
  5. Blue and yellow themed paper flower bouquet - featuring dahlias, ranunculus, and folded dollar bill flowerets
  6. Just like the movie. Cuteness overload
  7. Actually, the way it really works is that we subconsciously choose a partner who reminds us of our parent of the opposite sex, for girls it's their dad, for boys their mom. And not just looks-wise but certain personality traits-wise as well. We look for familiarity in who we find attractive, someone we feel 'at home' with.
  8. @Nobody_Here Interestingly, a smart integrated guy like Eben picked a partner who is almost the opposite looks-wise from a conventional 'model of the year's type. Annie Lalla is quirky, short haired, small breasted, hippy-like little woman, not a super young, blond, big busted type. She's not super popular and has very modest YT subscription, which tells me she's not into competition and numbers. Though her content is quite good with a lot of wisdom and substance, mostly teaching about psychology and relationships. Same can be also said about Eckhart Tolle's, Adya's, Rupert's marriages. There is more depth and maturity present than in an average conventional romantic relationship.
  9. Guess it's better to masturbate consciously than not
  10. @nistake I already knew from reading your posts The awoke in 'me' recognizes the awoke in 'you'