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  1. @somegirl We attract people of the same level we're currently ourself at. So perhaps raising the bar and working on yourself would be the next step for you. Like working on your shadow, childhood traumas, cultivating healthy self-love, etc.
  2. Love it! What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing
  3. I'm so slim and trim, calling me fat might come across as a complement actually
  4. The Purple Frog is a species of frogs that was discovered in 2003 in the Western Ghats of India
  5. Yes, same. This work chips away from anger and fear, for sure. Reality is not as threatening as it once used to be.
  6. @Endangered-EGO I hear you! I can go meta on it and let go of all personal attachment, etc. Though it's easier to do when in the comfort of your safe environment, but if my loved ones' life was endangered, I'd have to work through some hard emotions, for sure. Only shows how deeply we're wired for survival on a very instinctive subconscious level.