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  1. -- Hydrogen Peroxide for mouth wash and teeth brushing -- Castile soap for shampoo and body wash -- No make-up (for girls) -- Bentonite clay for deodorant -- Dry heat sauna for best skin care -- Free samples at health food stores -- Learn not to need stuff - less is more
  2. @The Buddha Leo doesn't need to be a certain way. Everything is perfect as is.
  3. @levani Your (ego) survival will be threatened. Until you realize ego (false sense of self/perceived entity) is an illusion.
  4. @SamueLSD Cultivate healthy self-love. You can still care about someone and still choose to walk away, because you have respect for yourself. I've done it before, and like Leo and others have said, identify early on and cut off before getting attached. Observe, don't absorb.
  5. The Home is HERE NOW and you are IT. Don't think, just BE
  6. @Beeflamb Hope this helps
  7. How he is doing healthwise? How is he feeling? I know he was struggling with health issues in the recent past.
  8. @Husseinisdoingfine Got to respect them at least for having evolved on the Spiral past the Blue and the Orange This is the stage/mentality where you let go of a lot of societal BS and conditioning.
  9. @Husseinisdoingfine Do you equate 'normal' with 'conventional? No, you don't have to do life the conventional way and a lot of people these days choose not to. You can create a life that makes YOU fulfilled and happy. You do have to consider, though, your survival needs, like food, shelter, and supportive community. That's why people work jobs and have families. If you can figure out how to survive without those things, share your findings with us
  10. @Preety_India Have you heard of the pain body? Eckhart Tolle has good talks on it. You are not your pain. Dis-identifying from the pain body proved to be very beneficial for my healing and it happened right before my awakening. Another thing that helped me was focusing on doing things that I loved like self-care and listening/reading/watching something that made me laugh. I remember while going through a process of dis-identifying from the pain body, I was naturally drawn to watching stand-up comedy and having regular massages.