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  1. Yes, I would be open about it. Nothing wrong with going 2 steps forward, 1 step back. That's how real growth actually happens
  2. @Shin Wish I was there to twist your arm
  3. That's what I also told my Mom yesterday. I stopped by her place after a walk in the park with Max and she'd made this yummy dish I liked to eat in Ukraine. I couldn't resist It's all good. Ready to have my midday snack of fruit and nuts and dinner later C(:
  4. Interesting interview with Dr. Gundry discussing new scientific findings on how gut health contributes to one's overall well-being and longevity, and debunking myths like what causes heart decease, dementia, etc. Also mentions the benefits of intermittent fasting towards the end of the vid
  5. @sausagehead Staying present to the moment (connecting as Being) is a form of meditation and can be a powerful mindfulness practice, esp if you don't try to conceptualize reality while you're doing it..
  6. "There is a lot going on in here with no results, you're gonna call it Congress"
  7. Good thing. The fluids are being absorbed and replenish 'thirsty' cells.
  8. Might be a sign you were dehydrated.
  9. Not a biggie. If I decide to go to the ocean, there is a huge bowl there too
  10. That's the problem right there. Question everything.
  11. @Soul-lover 2020 Even conventional psychology will tell you closer one moves towards reality, saner one becomes. You can't 'see/know' Truth from another's point of view. These are all just perspectives, not reality. Investigate reality for yourself without any preconceived notions/conditioning in your mind. Ask yourself right now "What is REAL in my direct experience right here right now?' Then match what you observe in your direct experience to the thought story in your head. You'll be that much closer to the Truth than you've been before.
  12. Haha Sooo I decided to fast for 3 days now too...I want to test my will power these days. Challenge accepted
  13. Lol I still think humor is some of the best part of this forum
  14. Keep your eyes on the prize (the benefits of why you're doing the fast) The cupcakes are not the prize
  15. Casual walk is fine. Vigorous exercise is not recommended. You'd need to preserve energy to help the body cleanse.