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  1. And it's a skill that has to be worked on and developed.
  2. @JayG84 It's a stage in the journey, my friend. Mr. Ego is sad 'cos it's being exposed. There's much realization and relief for you down the road. Most of us here have been through this stage and came out safe, sound, liberated, with infinitely more peace. Yes, it can seem scary for a time, but the rewards of going full circle are unmatched. You'll be better than ever, trust the process.
  3. I understand what you are saying and yes it might sound like that, but I am not a part of any group. I don't follow any teacher, including Leo. I run things I hear by direct experience and do integrate. And Leo is not the only one I listen to. So what 'cultness' and 'culty tactic' are we talking about?
  4. @Tiny Nietzsche The critics are stage orange and below. Those with higher levels of consciousness will resonate with Leo and his teachings.
  5. That's beautiful. Thanks for sharing
  6. There is no 'me' to be taken away from anything. You are non-duality embodied, just like sand-castle is sand embodied. Though sand-castle looks like something separate from rest of the sand, it's essence is still just sand. Yes, form and formless is same, just like wave and ocean is same and one. No contradiction here. But they're not just the body (the wave), they're also the ocean as well in essence. Contemplate.
  7. @Mikael89 The stories your mind will tell you...and you seem to 'buy' it. Focus on direct experience instead, always a good start.
  8. Try to contemplate on your sense of self being just a thought with illusory content. Also watch this, both insightful and funny:
  9. Nothing different is going to happen at physical death, other than the illusion that there was someone will come to an end. You can see through that illusion right this moment by simply realizing your sense of self is just a thought, and we know the content of a thought is illusory. Do a little exercise and try to find 'yourself' outside of what you think 'you' to be. If you need help, Leo has a guided self inquiry vid 'Creating an Experience Of No-Self'.
  10. Is like a wave saying, 'I'm giving up on realizing I'm ocean'. Or a sand-castle, 'I'm giving up on figuring out I'm sand'. Yep, it's that simple.
  11. Another good one from Mooji Baba
  12. @Shin Love your sense of humor
  13. Hahaha Nice come-back at my non-dual humor
  14. Time to close down 2018. This illusory action figure, energetic expression of awareness known as Natasha wants to thank all of you body-mind organisms for keeping this time space manifestation of consciousness alive with hilarious jokes and memes, and wishing all my fellow story based characters a happy and healthy upcoming eternal continuum of now that we label as 2019!!