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  1. @David Turcot So now this is a good place for you to start moving past the human/ant perception to God/the Absolute perception That's what this work is all about
  2. @MrDmitriiV Everyone's path is different. Lots of people get awakened even without meditating much, practicing yoga, knowing about chakras, taking psychedelics, etc. Use other's teachings as suggestions, not requirements. I personally had the shift while self-inquiring guided by Leo in his Creating an Experience of No-self video and never had to do/try anything else after that.
  3. Interesting video. Thanks for sharing.
  4. @KMB4222 Why does the mind exist? - The Absolute to become self-aware and experience itself through form. Why is it limited? - Why not? Because it can.
  5. Nice. Glad you're here
  6. You live close to the beach? I live in Melbourne Beach, Florida area...lots of surfing here. Heard of world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop? It's right here too.
  7. Leo has a good vid on the The Illusory Nature of Thoughts. Also, Eckhart Tolle speaks of collective ego-mind, that's part of our conditioning, etc.
  8. Was tired of being efd by the ego
  9. @kieranperez In a nutshell - to undo the conditioning and to root myself in the now.
  10. @AMS Ego death is a realization there is no entity/ 'you'. The thing you call 'you' is just sensations of senses and thought forms that rise and disappear within the void.
  11. @Jack River Energy forms with illusory content that appear and disappear within the collective ego-mind.
  12. @metwinn A poetic way to describe the ego. It will do whatever it takes to survive and preserve itself, often at the expense of 'seeing' reality as is, the truth . Transcend and integrate the ego in a healthy way, don't fight it or try to get rid of it. 'God' (the true Self, the Absolute) is just a shift in perspective away from the 'devil' (the ego, false sense of self).
  13. "Your own issues" would be - pay attention to your filters. Judging another's behavior/being jealous and moralistic. He has the right to lie and cheat, whether you like it or not. Your right as a partner, though, is to draw the line or to decide to dump his tail altogether. Leo's advice to "learn about men" would be - men are ego driven beings, just like women are - insecurities, fears, different value systems, biology, survival mechanisms, etc. Look at things from a detached point of view and learn to fully accept your own shortcomings before you can accept shortcoming of others. Hugs