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  1. One of the main ingredients of any healthy relationship (friendship, romantic, family, work, etc) is feeling emotionally safe with the other person/people. Please share your thoughts on why it's important and how to hold that safe space with those close in your life.
  2. @Preety_India Dr Ramani is one of my faves on the subject. This was released today, something to look out for.
  3. By realizing 'you' are complete as Being. Nothing else is ever needed, not even 'you'
  4. SURRENDER Existing and seemingly here The illusion of a someone Life-dream ever so brief Walked soon to be let go of Events remembered vaguely By those left affected The self, the role, the person In memories only reflected Who's behind the unseen veil Of this mysterious reality We but a shadow surviving Craving to end this battle Knowing nothing, yet wishing To appear oh so significant Ambitions getting nowhere Distracting from peace, being Cease the moment and awake Life is not void of essence Seasons change, learned are An abundance of lessons The wise will understand Love is only really what matters Put down all fear and strife Do kind and good onto others At the end of the day is Truth Blatant, pure, no pretender Can run or hide from What Is But to face, accept, and surrender By Natasha <3
  5. @TRUTHWITHCAPITALT Yes, they will try to pull in and share their delusion with anyone who will allow either by ignorance, weakness of mind, or coercion. Only for this shared fantasy to turn into a shared nightmare a little down the road.
  6. Yes it is. We take life seriously only because of the need to survive
  7. @PurpleTree The short answer is no. The 'seeker' collapses, and what is left is just what is.
  8. You realize your potential flames could be reading this thinking 'I'd be investing my time and energy only to be traded for a cave down the road'. That could be a disqualifier for a girl too knowing your future plans might include choosing this kind of lifestyle. I know you're probably kidding (thus a silly emoji), but still 
  9. @Preety_India Have you had a trauma bond with a caretaker in your childhood and possibly developed tolerance for mistreatment/abuse as a result of a lack of boundaries? Was one or both of your parents/siblings narcissistic? It all starts in our childhood and carries into our relationships as adults. I think demonizing narcissists is overrated. These are people who run by unconscious survival patterns and lack emotional intelligence. They are victims of their own selves. They deserve our compassion... from a distance lol The rise of narcissism is evident in today's world along with the rise of social media and technology. And I'm glad to see more and more conscious narcissists coming forward as educators like Sam Vaknin and HG Tudor. Knowledge is power.
  10. @mandyjw That's why he put a requirement for emotional stability and being into self-development. Someone who has those won't engage into emotional eating, gain a hundred of pounds and then try to justify their lack of self-discipline by saying 'Arent you supposed to love me unconditionally just the way I am?" Yes, accident and disfigurement would be a different story. I had a friend who got paralized after a motorcycle accident and her husband left her for the nurse who attended to her at the hospital. She didn't get bitter, however, she understood that his love for her was still real, but attraction no more. And she didn't hold it against him. They continued remaining friends and great parents for their daughter until she passed 3 yrs ago.
  11. Same essence, no difference.
  12. A rock is Consciousness