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  1. @onecirrus With complete acceptance, trust and surrender, my ideal life is whatever the source moves "me" to do. I have given up my idea of what I want out of life and it is like a huge weight was lifted from me.
  2. @MM1988 Thats very true. Far more people have died from heart failure due to exercise than psychedelics. Not sure why you are arguing against psychedelics though
  3. I think you thought I posted words that were put up by the original poster. I am a proponent of psychedelics.
  4. I exercise 4x a week. With cardio, I get my heart rate up to 150-160. Do you feel exercise is dangerous too?
  5. Just for enjoyment, huh I smell self deception...
  6. In your direct experience, is consuming food, water and air the same as not consuming food, water and air? If so, what is the longest you have chosen to go without food, water and air?
  7. You could always try an experiment. Plant some seeds, water half of them and see what happens. You might discover the "why"
  8. Neo Advaita also says that no evolution or growth is necessary since there is nothing separate that would grow or evolve. This is a misunderstanding of the paradoxical nature non-duality. Its like saying that watering the acorn isnt necessary because it is already a tree.
  9. @Michael569 Nisgardatta was asked once why he was attached to smoking. His response was to ask why the person was attached to non-smoking.
  10. For me, when I take psychedelics, my blind spots are illuminated. When they are illuminated, I go to work on them. I think you might have some points that psychedelics are a distraction from what needs to get done. My makeup is very different from the typical spiritual seeker however. Regardless, I agree that if people cant be honest with themselves as to what is a true asset and detriment, then they might not have the attributes it takes to reach the higher levels of awakening. Some people need a guru. To some people, a guru is just a distraction. I see psychedelics the same way.
  11. I think we might be using different methods and reasons for psychedelics. I look for attachments and aversions like Im on a mission and when I find them, I am merciless with them. Psychedelics to me are like a scope for a sniper so it makes it easier for me to identify, hunt down and annihilate those "emotional worlds" once and for all. I guess that just illustrates my point that everyone's path is different. What you found is true for you regarding psychedelics is the opposite of my direct experience. I dont take psychedelics for mystical experiences. When I take them, I roll up my sleeves and get to work. Some people take the Buddhist path. Some take the yogic path. Some take the shamanic path. Some take a little of everything.
  12. Each path is unique. I would caution anyone that assumes that their path must be identical to others' paths. The Gita points out that it is not what we do that is most important, it is our motivation. Just because someone uses psychedelics does not mean they are attached. Psychedelics are tools that can be used in many ways - it is not just for mystical experiences. I get the impression you assume others that do psychedelics are not stabilized in non-duality (there are many levels of non-duality stabilization). That is just an assumption. Its not possible for you to know my degree of stabilization in non-duality nor how and why I use psychedelics. Someone once asked Nisagadatta why he was attached to smoking cigarettes. Nisagadatta's response was to ask him why he was attached to non-smoking of cigarettes. Although I dont think one can compare the massive benefits of psychedelics to smoking cigarettes, I think the point is relevant here.
  13. @corndjorn Psychedelics are responsible for my awakening. I smoked some DMT three years ago. I had never heard of non-duality and didnt understand contemplative traditions in the least. When I smoked dmt, I saw clear as day that I wasnt my body, suffering is an illusion created by thoughts, beauty is all around but we just sometimes dont see it, love is the most important thing, the only place to find happiness and beauty is in the present moment and I needed to start meditating daily. The next day I started meditating and have meditated every day since. I also discovered that Buddhism, Vedanta, etc taught all the things that DMT taught me but in more detail. You can judge the tree by the fruit on it and psychedelics have been the most influential thing that has ever happened to me.
  14. There is always going to be someone to disagree. The important thing is what do you think and why.
  15. Start meditating DAILY and investigate your thoughts. Investigate the 3 characteristics of suffering (Buddhism). Start reading. What you had is an important break-through but your ego is fighting for survival and will pull you back if you let it.