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  1. @Scholar That is a what-if statement that I consider irrelevant since I subjectively consider it a false equivalency. Are you stating your opinions simply as detached discussion or are you internally attached to other people seeing this issue the same way as you do?
  2. @Esoteric Some traditions call them guardian angels. Ive heard another occultist refer to other spirit relationship categories as allies and guardians. We can have different allies and guardians. Hecate is an ally and guardian but different than the ally and guardian that has been with me the whole time. Hecate respects others' sovereignty. She would not mind if I worked with other beings for my own evolution. I would not follow a being that put rules on me like that. I am a devoted student; not a restricted slave. Hecate is about discarding limitations. With that said, I invest a lot more into my relationship with her because of the realness and intensity of the relationship. I dont have much of a desire to work with other gods and goddesses because she gives me so much but Im not opposed to it. I do regular offerings to local spirits though. Other witches and sorcerers swear this makes the biggest difference in getting magical results more than anything else. When I started do offerings, I could totally feel how the universe seemed to be more in harmony with me and seemed to be rooting more for my success. My offerings are for spirits that want my success and extending goodwill towards wrathful spirits that humans (or myself) have offended. Some spirits are wrathful simply because they are disturbed, which causes them suffering. I offer them my blessings of peace and calm and they seem to appreciate it. I am compassionate towards them just like I would be compassionate to a disturbed person that is suffering. Even formerly wrathful spirits that are against you can become your allies with time if treated with kindness and respect, but without showing any fear. I will call in my allies and guardians if they give me any shit though
  3. @Mikael89 Ive studies near death experiences quite extensively. It is common for people to have NDEs and come back to say things like love is the most important thing, death doesnt matter, treat others well, etc, etc. One thing they never do say is that their guides told them humans should not eat meat. In regards to what people learn from the spirits that guide them on the NDEs, its a non-issue. I am receptive to my spirit guides and they have told me a lot of things I didnt want to hear at the time. If they want me to stop eating meat, they will tell me. Avoid meat if you want but the beings on the other side dont seem to really care.
  4. @Moreira I believe that killing and eating a chicken is different than killing and eating a baby. This is where you would probably ask questions as to why they are different and maybe present an argument on how they are similar. Subjectively, I see that as a false equivalency. If you think they are the same thing, then we will just have to agree to disagree.
  5. @Scholar Values are always completely subjective. Explaining my why is not going to make more sense to someone who has different subjective values. I simply dont see it the same way.
  6. @Scholar I love animals so I can see your perspective more than it may appear. I even try to avoid killing insects. I also try to stick with chicken and fish to avoid more complex animals. With that said, I have accepted that a chicken might see a few less sunsets so its body can provide nourishment. I like the Native American attitude where they show gratitude for what the animal is providing for them. If it is a matter of just consciousness, I am an animist so I believe everything is conscious, including plants. Consciousness is on a spectrum of complexity. The very act of living and surviving takes from the environment. It displaces animals from their homes, destroys insects, diverts water, etc, etc, etc. There is always a give and take and cannot be avoided, though we differ in opinions as to go about that giving and taking. I dont agree that people are just as healthy without meat. There might be some people whose bodies adjust just fine but many people dont do as well. I have known people that went vegan but switched back for health reasons. If veganism was more healthy, athletes would be vegans simply so they could win more often. In Yoga, the ascetics, who didnt eat meat, drink alcohol or have sex sat on the right of the guru. The tantrikas sat on the left of the guru. In Tantra, they might eat meat, drink alcohol, take mind altering drugs and have sex. This is how we got the terms, "right hand path" and "left hand path". I am on the Tantric left hand path. Disagree with the behavior and actions of others if you like but aversion to the "other" is just more duality. There are different paths.
  7. @GreenWoods I believe we are incarnated in complex physical beings for our eternal, spiritual evolution. Complex spirits are incarnated in more complex organisms. I see humans as more complex. I subjectively feel that it is the complexity that matters in this case because of the potential evolution of the spirit that inhabits the body.
  8. @CreamCat Yes, while the pain wouldnt last long, Im sure it is painful. That is not how I am suggesting people kill their animals for food however.
  9. @Scholar I think comparing raping children to killing animals painlessly for food is a false equivalency. But since morals are subjective, you are free to believe they are equal I have no moral issue with eating meat. I am opposed to suffering but I am not opposed to death. If the animals are put to death with minimal pain and suffering for nourishment of other animals that eat meat, I am fine with that. People think death is "bad" because they identify with their own bodies and fear the death of their physical body. If you think killing animals in a way that minimizes the pain and suffering in the process is "bad", then we will just have to agree to disagree. I have zero fear of death so that might make the context different for me than people that are fearful of death.
  10. @Scholar I think those are premonitions. I think everyone has psychic abilities deep down but some are more in touch with them.
  11. @Scholar I do suspect that animals have some kind of psychic abilities. Animals and insects seem to know things like coming storms, earthquakes, etc with no scientific explanation. When a spider weaves a web, how does all that intelligence originate from such a tiny brain? If my dog is in the room and I start talking, he doesnt react much. If I start talking to spirits, he gets the hell out of the room immediately. I believe intuition, and possibly creativity, is a kind of psychic ability. When things happen often, they seem to be dismissed as mundane.
  12. @mandyjw I look at consciousness similar to the way the universe formed. There was a big bang that resulted in massive clouds of hydrogen/helium. Via gravity, they coalesced into matter "packets". They continue to collapse under their own weight until the ignite into a star. Since I believe that consciousness is a fundamental building block, I believe that as matter comes together to form "objects", it is also coalesced consciousness, which then "ignites" into differing levels of awareness. This is how I see that everything has some varying degree of consciousness (animism). There is nonduality in that there is one consciousness but there are various levels of consciousness having individuated awareness (duality). Animism would say every cell in your body has some degree of subjective consciousness but you also have subjective awareness but on a different level. Also, your city, which you are a part of, has its own subjective awareness along with the planet, etc, etc.
  13. @GreenWoods There are a few breathing exercises that raise significant amounts of energy, which is then infused into the magickal working. The most commonly used method is the Taosit microcosmic orbital meditation. The guy in this video is correct that his works but his loyalty to his tradition keeps him limited. There are other superior methods imo. Another powerful meditation is the Inner Fire meditation used in Tummo meditation.
  14. @CreamCat Both Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta ate meat and are generally considered the most enlightened beings in India over the last 100 years. That would have some implications to reconsider your assumption that veganism is "godly" or "good". Veganism is just veganism. There is no reason to think it has any impact whatsoever on enlightenment in general. Some enlightened people are vegans and some arent.
  15. @Scholar While I used to be a materialist/atheist, now I would consider my worldview as an animist. Animism means that everything has some kind of consciousness. It seems like just about everything has some kind of spirit or spiritual energy that can affect and be affected. In that worldview, I would think the answer to your question would be yes.