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  1. Green women tend to have not want to date orange. This is like saying since many people are addicted to opioids, everybody is.
  2. Rather than trying to quit porn, try masturbating prior to watching porn for awhile. It'll relieve the sexual tension and erode that attachment to porn over time. I personally think it is unreasonable for most people to totally quit masturbation. Demonizing it just perpetuates the negative feedback loop, which further complicates things.
  3. In case you havent noticed, nobody is trying to talk you out of leaving the forum and not watching another video
  4. 1. Leo has never stated he has mastered everything he talks about. Sometimes the inspiration to teach others to transcend the struggle comes from your own struggle. 2. Leo has stated not to put him on a pedestal. If you do, thats on you. 3. Leo just provides things to think about but you are responsible for thinking for yourself. Nobody can think for you. 4. When you say "are we living above and beyond others...", who is "we" and what does "above" mean? Many people around the world are awake but do not follow I woke up before I encountered and is one of many tools I use for me to drive my own evolution. As far as "living above..", I much prefer my awakened life over my previous unawakened life.
  5. Go see a bankruptcy attorney and start over.
  6. Sounds like you are going through what some people refer to as the "dark night of the soul". It is not specific to This is a known phenomenon in all the contemplative traditions. Daniel Ingram's Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha does a great job of explaining this and what to do to get to the other side. Remember, worth and goodness are subjective concepts. Put some serious thought into what these mean to you and live your life accordingly. Suffering is the fuel for evolution. Evolution leads to transcending suffering. Keep going. Its worth it. My life is radically better.
  7. I agree that the world is more indebted to India than it could ever possibly imagine. I would be interested in learning more about ancient India. With that said, I dont know if Actualized is the right platform solely to show appreciation to a culture or give a history lesson.
  8. Leave Islam completely to get rid of those attachments to a dogma. There are other mystics to study. When Islam is out of your system, go back and study Rumi if you want.
  9. If that is true, Papaji could have just chanted "truth" for 20 years
  10. I cant find the exact source of that but its easy to find information to show that early Buddhism was misogynistic and this idea was supported by early Buddhists. Anyway, my point is that just because someone is enlightened doesnt mean that everything they believe is true.
  11. Ive read the Gita but didnt see anything about chanting to Krishna
  12. Actually, even Leo has said on his videos that someone that is enlightened can be in the early stages of Spiral Dynamics and vulnerable to dogma and superstition of the culture they have been exposed to. I agree. The Buddha originally said that women should not be taught how to meditate. He only changed his mind after one of his followers convinced him otherwise. There are many other examples of enlightened people with erroneous beliefs.
  13. I stand by my statements until someone can explain how practicing Mormonism, Christianity, Islam, etc can lead to realization of the True Self. I was heavily indoctrinated by Christianity the first half of my life. Ive read the Bible, front to back, at least 7 times. Ive read almost every book by CS Lewis looking for a reason to think that Christianity was a valid belief. Not once, in 20 years, did I ever read about or hear anyone mention anything about the concept of the true self, awareness or non-duality. How is following a belief system that does not teach the true self, awareness, mindfulness, meditation or non-duality helpful? Can explain how a Mormon's beliefs lead to the true nature of reality and the Self?
  14. That is not what Papaji was taught regarding Krishna, which is why he said it was a waste of time chanting to Krishna. Im just repeating what Papaji's autobiographer, David Goodman, has said. Papaji did not think that chanting to Krishna was helpful, which is why he didnt teach it.
  15. @Anirban657I disagree with many of the people on this site that seem to have the idea that all religions are "good". Usually, that idea comes from people that have been mostly non-religious their whole life and dont know first hand what indoctrination is and what the consequences are. They cherry-pick words in the respective "holy" books and interpret the way they want to try to show some truth when nobody actually in the religion would see it that way. This delusion is fueled by the mistaken good intention of being inclusive and tolerant. Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Scientology, etc, etc are all brainwashing and delusion. Stating that religion has some truth is like saying a schizophrenic that thinks hes an alien with super powers has truth because he knows what day of the week it is.