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  1. @sgn For me, happiness was not possible until I mastered my mind. I personally do not believe one can master their mind without meditation. If one doesnt master their mind, they are a slave to their ego.
  2. @Recursoinominado I can get myself in a pretty deep state with marijuana but not nearly as much as with psychedelics
  3. @Recursoinominado For this exercise, you would want to do just enough so that you get as high as you can without losing too much control over your body. You can also wait for it to peak and then do the exercise on the come-down.
  4. Definately. The only reason I steer away from LSD for these types of sessions is because I like to push myself on the dosage a bit and LSD takes so long to wear off.
  5. Sounds like you have some natural psychic abilities and your perception is opening up on the astral plane. They are always there but you are just seeing them now...I would guess because your meditation is deepening. There are energy cleansing rituals you can do if any voices start feeling negative.
  6. Mushrooms is a good one but my favorite is DMT. Some people have mixed feelings about ketamine due to its potential to be abused but my favorite session is a tiny bit of ketamine (around 15mg) and then launch with the DMT about 10-20 minutes later. The small amount of ketamine "colors" it in very interesting ways.
  7. Ive been working with combining psychedelics and meditation for my spiritual evolution pretty intensely for the last several years. Here is a technique that can catapult you to the spirit realm. I have had experiences with the Divine that I could never begin to communicate. Although the experiences vary widely, I have experimented with some techniques that will reliably take you into the spiritual deep end. Here is one of my favorites: 1. Create a comfortable "sacred" space with a TV/large monitor in your view. Put a picture of sacred geometry on the screen. I have experimented with a few but this is my favorite: I also like a dimly lit room with some candles. If you like incense, that might be a nice add. 2. Get hyper-present. Become aware that you are experiencing the present moment. Get even more hyper-present. Meditate for 20+ minutes to clear your mind and focus your energy. Search yourself for attachments and aversions that might still be clinging to your energy. Let go of your attachments and accept your aversions on the exhale while breathing. Visualize yourself breathing in cleansing light to fill the vacuum on the inhale. Do this until you feel your energy is purified. 3. If your so inclined, ask that the Divine blesses your holy sacrament (psychedelic). In your minds eye, visualize a light coming down from the top of the universe. The light represents love and beauty. Breath in the light on the inhale and breath out the light into your aura on the exhale. Visualize intensely your aura getting brighter every time you exhale. 4. Some people dont like music but personally, I prefer music. The reason why is that you can go a higher dose with less chance of a challenging trip. I have done it with music and without and I usually go with music. I dont feel that it detracts from the experience in any way and makes it more enjoyable. The trick is to not focus on the music. Its just something that plays in the background. 5. Take your psychedelic and meditate, while listening to music (if you choose). 6. Once you are starting to trip, focus very intensely on the center of the sacred geometry picture. Hold your concentration. The more intensely you can concentrate on the very center point of the picture, the deeper you will go. After a 5-10 minutes, you should start entering into samadhi. Reality will start to look holographic and you will get the distinct impression you are in another realm. If you feel some fear from the shock, KEEP GOING! Keep concentrating for another 5-10 minutes harder than you ever have before. Go as deep as you can. Your ego will completely dissolve and you will experience a very intense bliss and calmness. Some very interesting things happen with the patterns in the picture. You will have a new understanding of sacred geometry. 7. After you are in a high state of samadhi, turn all that focus inward onto the experience of experiencing the present moment as it flows. Try it with your eyes open and with your eyes closed to experiment. Become hyper-aware that you are aware. There are many levels you can go with this and it depends on how intensely you focus on your own awareness in the present moment. 8. Keep alternating between 6 and 7 as many times as you like. There is something synergistic about alternating these. 9. Since I cannot explain the experience in words, the experience will speak for itself If you try this, I would love to hear how it went for you
  8. @WelcometoReality overcoming a fear of death opens up ones life to much more. If one doesnt fear death, then what is there to fear? A life without fear is true freedom.
  9. @ahmet Visualizing and meditation are two different things. Meditation is for developing concentration and insight to deconstruct the ego. Visualizing is used for energy work.
  10. Sometimes direct experience invalidates the unsubstantiated opinions of an inexperienced person Unsubstantiated opinions not based in experience is evidence of a bias. Did your parents teach you psychedelics are "bad"?
  11. @Luna If you dont like it and want to change it, change it. If someone had a huge mole on their cheek, keeping it isnt going to make them any more spiritual. Removing it doesnt mean they have "issues" because they cant accept their mole. Appearance isnt everything but if someone would say that appearance has no effect on ones life, that is not accepting reality. The Bhagavad Gita says its not what we do but why we do it. There is nothing wrong with changing physical appearance but would be careful about attachments or aversions.
  12. @sausagehead To let go of trauma, there are a few steps one must take in a particular order: 1. Fully acknowledge the nature of the trauma. Some people deny and repress, which just brings out a "shadow". 2. Learn to forgive and accept. A good way to work on this is through psychedelics, meditation and breathwork. 3. After acceptance, you can finally work on letting go. Inhale healing light and let go/accept by exhaling the hurts. If you try to let go before acceptance, it wont work.
  13. Actually, I listened to a podcast where he interviewed philosopher David Chalmers. Harris is open to the idea that consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe but says he remains agnostic about it.
  14. @Swagala As a person that used to be fat many years ago, I just wanted to throw out caution against thinking that exercise alone will affect BMI. What finally did it for me is counting calories and staying away from sugar and carbs. Its harder to burn calories than it is to reduce caloric intake for creating a caloric deficit. With that said, doing both is ideal but it starts with caloric restriction. I wish you well with your efforts. Be kind to yourself.