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  1. @roki00 Hi there! There are definitely people in this forum, who a interested in Magick etc. See this thread for example:
  2. Probably N,N-DMT and high doses of LSD (500 mcg. and more) and Psilocybin (5 gr. dried and more).
  3. @acidgoofy lol that sounds pretty insane. I once panicked quite hard smoking weed while being on 125 mcg LSD... I guess weed is just not my Thing.
  4. Got it. So plugging would be an interesting try. I like the idea of having a more intense trip, that lasts less long.
  5. @Bogdan Amazing report. Thx for sharing! Did you read Christopher Bache's Book "LSD and the Mind of the Universe" by the way? I can see some interesting similarities between his psychedelics eplorations and your experience.
  6. @James123 To whom was it challenging then?
  7. You mean plugging lsd is 4 to 6 times more potent than taking it orally? Am I getting you right there?
  8. What where your most challenging psychedelic experiences and what did you learn from them?
  9. Here we go again…: I kind of like the guy. He really seems at peace while explaining his 'mission' and non-duality to this lady from the mental healt services.
  10. This one is quite amusing: Imagine you are the women on the phone and you have never heard of enlightenment or nonduality before… what would you think?
  11. @Consilience Awsome! I always enjoy reading your trip reports. For me they are the most interesting ones here in the forum. I really feel inspired to take my psychedelic work to the level you are at.
  12. @reves Yeah, People react really different to psychedelics. I need 200 mcg of 1P to reach a (small) breakthrough.