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  1. @DandI had a really good 2h meditation session after the peak (30-40 mg), but no breakthrough.
  2. @Dand Thx. Did you had a breakthrough experience using just 2F-Ketamine? @Aaron p got it.
  3. @Javfly33 ok, I also dosed 30 to 40 mg today and snorted it as a first try. I feld some milde effects such as a rather calm mind and a smooth warmth in the body.
  4. @Javfly33 Thx for sharing! What was your dosage like?
  5. Is it worth to experiment with Ketamine for consciounsess work? Did anyone of you try ketamine? What was your trip like? What ROA and dosage did you use? In Germany you can order 2F-Ketamine legally.
  6. @Emerald Hi there, what is the best thing I can do right now to overcome my genetic muscle disorder? Thank you in advance!
  7. @arlin Is there a specific book you can recommend?
  8. I think you've gone pretty far with your doses. To me it seems that you are on a really good way. Do you know how many trips you did so far?
  9. 11th day without a pause. 3x30 + 1x40 breaths. breath hold 1min, 1min30, 2min, 2min30. Cold shower 1min20. Directly after the breath work I take a short warm shower and then I finish with the cold one. I seem to have a bit more energy during the day so far.
  10. @Consilience Thx for the great read. You trips remind me more and more of Chris M. Bache's descriptions in his Book 'LSD and the Mind of the Universe'. You have read the book, no? Have you already entered, what he calls the diamand luminosity?
  11. Thx for sharing. If you want to pursue the psychedelic path seriously read Chris. M Bache's "LSD and the mind of the Universe". You will find a lot of answers there.
  12. Thx, that's what I will try today.