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  1. @acidgoofy Lol. Have you watched it?
  2. Here is the rest of the documentary - 8 parts in total:
  3. This is part 5 of a documentary about tibetan yoga practices. The practice presented here looks insanely fascinating. Have a look.
  4. @acidgoofy Yes, it does that indeed. The 'trip reports' do a great deal to help with contextualization.
  5. @dimitri mine is one and a half year ago. It still feels very fresh.
  6. @dimitri 3,5g. The experience was life changing. I started to meditate every single day after the trip. I just had no other option. And it radically opened my mind.
  7. @Consilience You're welcome. @dimitri Cool, I had a breakthrough on mushrooms. @outlandish I will let you know. By the way: In the last video I shared Bache gives a pretty good overview of the different chapters of his book.
  8. @dimitri Haha, I can definitely relate to that. I feel like purging myself from myself by reading it.
  9. There are also a lot of interesting videos with him on YouTube: etc
  10. @Waken Cool, yeah his trip reports are amazing! But the dosage is extremely high - at least from my perpective - if you follow the modalities of Stan Grof's therapeutic protocol like he did. Low-dose psycholytic therapy goes from 75 to 300 mcg (typically around 200) and high-dose from 300 to 500 mcg. The most I did until now is 150 mcg lol.
  11. @Leo Gura That one should make it to your booklist.