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  1. Just found this trailer on youtube. It seems the movie can be watched on prime video.
  2. Great footage of the experience and a really good interpretation of it at the end of the video.
  3. Not sure about that (haven't seen a lot of his content), but I don't think so.
  4. Well the guy has indeed a lot of experience with psycedelics... and that's the reason why I don't understand, why claiming to be god (in an abolute sense) is such a big problem. Martin Ball also says, that in the end everything is god.
  5. "Connor Murphy is a YouTuber famous for making videos where he takes his shirt off, but recently he has dipped into the world of psychedelics, and has now reinvented himself as a spiritual guru. Connor now claims to be God (as in the Christian god, as well as ALL other gods) and has a definitive understanding of how the universe works, along with a plan for evolving humanity into a race of enlightened super-beings. Most of this he has picked up from his idol, Leo Gura at, who strangely doesn't seem too happy about Connor parroting his own ideology back at him. Needless to say I think Connor Murphy has taken a little bit too much, and should probably chill a bit with psychedelics." Why do even expierenced Psychonauts have a 'problem' with being God?
  6. @roki00 Hi there! There are definitely people in this forum, who a interested in Magick etc. See this thread for example: