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  1. Tell me the deepest secrets That usually is not talked about?
  2. What is the best way of protection from stuff like this without studying this stuff?
  3. 2069: Hey this is Leo from and today we are discussing the most important topic. Really.
  4. Hey Nahm ! You make a lot of sense(especially with "we are sort of forced to use i" and you reply kindly to everyone here ! Thank you!
  5. I do not ask this. I see that alot of teachers say something like : " if you really get enlighten the body can not hold it . And you will die physically" Why do they say that?
  6. What is full awakening? Is there such a thing . Or are just people with different levels of embodyment. From what i see on this forum a lot here know about love and nothingesss. I heard this here and there Do you need to die completely? The body i mean.
  7. If you watch a movie or a short film that included the concept of awakening I would love to here about it. Example: Matrix
  8. I do not really care. But if you say Insight's. Yoooomii. That's the ideea. Some know the therritory Better. So speak.
  9. Com’n Com’n speak. You need to have some map. Do not let this here without any word. You like to do this, i see that. You trow a word or something here and there.To get people interested in different subjects. But speak.
  10. depends how you approach it.. but it shoud help