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  1. I had some kind of this experience. Is not real . It will pass . Look at your hands. And ask yourself what is real ? For sure ? 100%? That's what i did and it started to pass. Do not beat yourself up thinking that you are going insane...
  2. I undertand . Thanks alot for the help !
  3. Look what i found. I'm new in this things . I had some geniune experience s that change my whloe mind. In the better. Better with people , better with myself , money, life in general. But i think im not developet enough . Is too much for me. And i need to let this non dual stuff away for a moment...
  4. I will go . Thx you !
  5. Ohh. Thanks. I'm happy that i started this topic. You guys like to brake people's bubbles.thx you ! I'm need to spend more time alone and create a life that i love. With activities and people that insipre me.
  6. @pluto No. I do not hear voice's. Here is the ideea. I go to a therapist ( a christian therapist ) And in the last year i had some enlightened experience's and 3 of them where in the therapist office and he asked me if i wanna join some Christianity cult or something . And I refused. I just want the therapy. After that the therapist told me that a person sees god as they are raised. I do no understand what that means. And then the therapist gived me a book about a person who is paranoid and is hearing voices. I'm paranoid , sometimes i think people talk about me behind my back , sometimes i tink someone is fallowing me.sometimes i blame myself for stupid things. (The ideea is that i know that i'm creating this ) How to you know if you hear voice's? I talk with myself alot. And i like to finish conversation that i had in the day that i do not finished. And i spend a lot of time alone. Is this counting as talking with the voices ? I'm schizophrenic ?
  7. Can you guys show me some good sources . Paranoic i'm for sure. In general, but usually i realize it. but i wanna learn more about this illness . And if i have other simtoms. Some good sources ..
  8. How can i self diagnosed to know if i'm schizophrenic ?
  9. @Jkris can you elaborate more please ...
  10. @LastThursday @tecladocasio I don't know , i know that if i try to control the future. I'm trying the impossible Not that i should not want some things or some circumstances . But trying to live There. @noselfnofun Yeah . If you reziste it . More suffering cames. Just be the observer and do things from there. At least that is what i experience. @Salvijus 😊
  11. I just want to do what i enjoy . Without thinking that is my purpose. What i enjoy can change. I want to flow with life. What do you think about this ?
  12. Thx you !!
  13. Hello. Can i get some books that explains the paranormal ?
  14. What do you think is the meening of this song?
  15. Interesting video //wanted to know what you have to say