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  1. This is something that is not talked alot here. I have a tendency to study for thing's like what i put in the title. If everything in my perception is just that,perception. Why do we need to ignore stuff like gods,deity ..etc For example i noticed that i need to develop my life style, the identity or i will go and live in a cave(nothing wrong with that) But are this things more "esoteric" something that you can work with or at least see if they are real? ( Real in a sense, like other people real) πŸ™ Bless you
  2. Thank you ! For the answer's ! πŸ™πŸ™
  3. This explained alot to me
  4. Is so interesting, And how alll this Astral projects, out of the body explain ? Just councesness changing the point of experience ? Is the brain just imaginary? How is the brain included in all of this ? If i ask questions about the brain this means that i'm still in the materialistic paradigm, but is not the brain that creates our sens of self ? What is energy and how people use reiki ?
  5. what does Enlightement has to to with the brain. and if we say they are no brains why there is a change in the brain with the mystical expiriance ?
  6. Check this out, your opinion if you have time to listen.
  9. So my paranoia is just not necessarily here. πŸ™
  10. @ajasatya that's seems fair. @cetus56 I mean people that know this and they are in Christianity ot Islam or, some religion. And preach normal dogma. @mandyjw yes, that's what i mean. @Nahm You make me look inside Everytime i ask a stupid question. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ @Serotoninluv πŸ€”snap @Eu Sint I just thought that people in major religious should know this... @zeroISinfinity :)) @Meta-Man i mean about just the fact, πŸ€”
  11. Are some people trying to hide the knowledge that we are god?
  12. Are some people trying to hide the knowledge that we are god?
  13. I had a dream Leo is Neo Neo is Leo You are Neo Neo is you You are Leo The "Leo Paradox" coming now on ABC. 32' of November.