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  1. David Hawkins is spiritual teacher that leo is promoting in his BOOKLIST so you can trust this information.
  2. Is it true ? The things that that guy is doing ?
  3. Religious, Spirit's , supernatural etc 99 % of Spirituality is just for control Control over your mind, that's it. Awakening is getting rid of this bullshit and realizing what is. Lol Correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. i posted a link with some books some time ago and i got a worning that is copyright. this are banned books and i hope i have no problem. Have fun. //deleted the link
  5. Hei ! If you are on this forum i think that you read some books on Personal Development. I want to ask you what made change 's in your identity and what concepts/books/content was really eye opening and made you grow like a person. I do not want books just on spirituality. Hard,direct stuff on changing your Persona. About Relationships, Money, Life Purpurse. Thank You!🙏