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  1. Exactly one month = 30 days That’s a valid point. Marketing and improving outreach is definitely on my mind. It's my first month on the platform, so I’m still figuring out what works and what doesn't. Already found some high ROI moves though. I also created a discord group yesterday for people who write about personal development. The purpose is to interact with each others posts, share strategies and develop systems for quick and effortless content creation. The snowball just starts rolling. I'm also not super focused on the numbers. For sure I’d get discouraged. My intention is to help, learn and build relationships. I still pay attention to numbers and strategy but it's secondary, it doesn't fulfill me as much. Thanks for your input!
  2. Thank you @Yarco! That's a solid advice. Recently, I've been listening to my body much more. It helps me pick up early signs that I need to slow down. I'm also in preparation mode already. I have a goal to write at least 10 tweets a day (most days I write more without even realizing), post the best 3 and the rest is sitting in drafts for future use and polishing. Good point about switching between projects. I'll do that. Interesting perspective overall. Somehow a vision of constant everyday grind seemed more appealing to me, but maybe my energy will be better used to squeeze all the juice out of the mania phase and switch onto something else for some time. I didn't consider it a valid strategy. I appreciate your help!
  3. I've noticed a pattern that's reoccurring my whole life: 1. Mania Whenever I get very interested in something, I go all out: laser-focus mode, upward of 10 hours researching, contemplating, creating. My mind is completely absorbed, it takes delight in figuring out all the complexities and applying them. I go to sleep in the morning, because the whole night I'm too excited and curious. I make unreasonably fast progress, build detailed conceptual maps of the field and create systems for efficiency. In one way it’s a blessing, but here's the catch: 2. Burnout After a few months/years I encounter a severe burnout. I can't look at it, the thought of the activity/field sickens me. Overall, I have a HUGE negative emotional reaction to doing the work necessary for improvement. • My current obsession: Exactly one month ago I created a Twitter account about Personal Development/ Psychology/ Spirituality. Those were my main interests for the last 5 years and I want to build a career around them. I've never been this consistent with content creation on any platform and I really don't want to fuck it up. It aligns with my top values and my life purpose, I'm able to provide value and I learn a ton. I even got my first ever deal to co-create a podcast and a course, while having 65 followers! It was done purely through helping people without any expectations and building relationships. The million dollar question is: How do I avoid burnout? It's hard to balance it out. There are insanely powerful forces pulling me towards learning/creation. Disclaimers: • I don't have bipolar. Most of the time I'm a very joyful, positive person - even during a burnout. • My interpersonal relationship are mostly handled, I have a lot of loving people around me. I'm extremely extroverted, but I also love to spend time alone. / Thank you for taking your precious time to read it! Any suggestions are more than welcome.
  4. Good question. From my experience it’s good to test a lot of different things and see which one of them makes you feel something deep inside. That feeling of fulfillment and alignment with what you want to be doing. Granted it may not strike right from the start, sometimes it takes developing some level of skill in a given field. But following your obsession almost grants fast progress solely because of the amount of time you spend doing it. Ideas also come to you during the day, in between practicing/learning. I personally switched from many different passions: animals, juggling, poker, trading, psychology, spirituality, occult to name a few… I always went full force, tunnel vision into a single one, and with most of them I realized they cannot bring me fulfillment in the long run. So far my core is with psychology/spirituality/self development. I’m looking for things inside of those fields to further specify and find my niche. I’m 24 now and still a long way to go but I just keep looking for a deeper understanding of myself and build my passions around what matches my strengths and natural interests. If you keep the intention of finding your passion, you will. Good luck
  5. I guess it could be considered visual telepathy. It could also start with one person who saw it and just by sharing the idea verbally, other imaginations started creating this glasses as well. I wonder how similar the glasses where if you compared each other’s descriptions.
  6. From what I gather you yourself try to disprove an aspect of reality you think is impossible. I haven’t experienced seeing telepathic emails but I don’t create a limit of what is possible. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Closing yourself off to the possibility of it seems like the best way to never experience it. After what I’ve experienced I know there exist some forms of telepathy: emotional, sound/verbal and visual are some of the possible categories. Sending, receiving or both minds experiencing together is another distinction. “email prediction” doesn’t sound that unreal to be honest. Some version of it is knowing who is going to call right before it happens. Or focusing your attention on the doorbell knowing who is outside and about to ring it. Knowing “who” send the message is the first step. When it comes to predicting the content of the message I don’t have any experience with it. I bet it’s a lot harder but doesn’t seem too unrealistic.
  7. A few months ago I visited my friend. Overall there were 5 of us in his apartment and we all had a telepathic experience. I’m gonna share my perspective on how it all unfolded. My friends Rogal and Tomek were there. I’ve already known them for some years. There were also 2 other guys Radek and Janersik who I was seeing for the first time. Radek happened to have some LSD on him and we all started with 100 micrograms each. The mood improved, we were laughing at the silliest things and creating abstract situations and conversations which weren’t very deep at first. I felt a lot of energy in my body and laughter expressed through me got even exhausting at some point. All emotions were turned up, the vast majority of them being positive and shared amongst the group. All of us took a second dose of 100 µg except for Janersik since it was his first time. Not much changed until we smoked a joint. I haven’t been smoking for the past 6 months so my tolerance was none and it added a whole another dimension to this experience. I passed the joint on and the bodies and voices of others began to melt. I looked at my friend’s pouring painting and saw ineffable beauty; angelic, constantly changing shapes, glowing with light and voices coming from it which sang heavenly melodies (that’s the best I can describe it). There started a second phase where imagination and reality merged together and were indistinguishable from one another. It all melted together, the boundaries were nonexistent. I started exploring the creative potential hidden inside of me. Standing in front of the mirror, while others watched from the couch, I observed the way my body moves perfectly to the rhythm and the facial expressions I’m able to make felt godlike, truly unique and expressive. I wasn’t looking at my old self. But I had a sense of authenticity I’ve never felt before. I wasn’t afraid to show my true face. I was highly aware every time any part of me expressed itself inauthentically and corrected automatically. Interactions with others were incredibly deep and direct. After a longer moment of silence the atmosphere in a room changed. Looking around at other people had completely different quality to it. We could sense each other. Radek asked: “Do you hear that as well?” as I started hearing our voices. It’s as though there was a connected space for our voices. They were “flowing” in the room. Rogal started talking and making fun of it in an attempt to dismiss it but I put the finger on my mouth and communicated telepathically that we’re doing this! We’re exploring whatever this is. We became silent but highly aware of each other. We’ve experienced whole conversations. Keep in mind - all described below happened without any words spoken out loud. As I looked at Rogal’s face for example I saw every detail of his emotional state, as though I’m feeling through him. Completely in the now, experiencing both of our thoughts and emotions. It’s an intuitive understanding of the connection/lack of boundary. I communicated to him the brotherly love I feel and the gratitude for his existence. We both bursted into tears. I started looking at Tomek. My vision was locked on his face. He was a bit shy at first. He was looking around, slightly afraid of my gaze. I communicated to him that it’s ok, I’m his friend and we’ve known each other for years. There is nothing to be scared about. He also fixed his vision on me and it was as though our “individual”universes connected. At first Tomek had a layer of masks. I shared with him some deep intuitions about authenticity and I saw his face change. He relaxed more and more into his true self and as he did, I experienced every emotion associated with our relationship all at once. Intense cry/laugh mixed with all emotions in between. Radek and Janersik were a different story. I spooked them with directness and authenticity. To be honest it felt a lot like being insane at some point but deep down I knew this is the kind of energy I need to express. When I looked at Radek I saw a boundary that he has created. He didn’t know me so that’s expected but it was clear that his expression was inauthentic. He started avoiding eye contact and making robotic faces that didn’t match his internal state. I peacefully observed as I felt his discomfort. I didn’t connect with Janersik on an eye to eye basis as he was tucked in a blanket in a fetal position and overwhelmed but I do recall him saying: “get out of my head” out loud. During this trip my own internal state was that of full authenticity, I didn’t have anything to hide. I’ve made all of my emotions, thoughts, facial expressions visible. With no need to control or manipulate any of them. I fully accepted myself. Even all the parts others could consider mad. Next time I met Janersik, he told me that for him I was a “shaman” or a leader of this trip. That the message of my energy was tough at first but he much needed it. He told me about the hallucinations and visions he had of me and the impact it had on him. He is a very introverted person and my behavior was the complete opposite which showed him the power of having no filter. Radek said that he still saw my face before falling asleep and also thanked me for the experience and said he needed it. What I’ve gathered from all of it: Lesson 1 is that being authentic even though sometimes hard is the most needed and brings the most value to those around you. Lesson 2 - telepathy is a real phenomenon. We were later talking about it and analyzing out loud what happened, cross referenced our experiences and it matches. Also once it happens there is a deeper “knowing” that this is actually real. Plus all of us noticed it at once. I feel a deep passion as I research this topic in more depth and experience some forms of telepathy more and more frequently as I get older (24 now). I’m recently starting to dive into telepathy more consciously and think about this as a skill or a talent which can be developed to better understand and help those around me. If anyone knows some good resources to learn I’ll be happy to check them out. I’m interested in hearing your perspective on all of this. Any of you have similar experiences? I’ll answer any questions you have!
  8. Did you have any experiences with telepathy you wish to share?