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  1. @Nivsch Yeah, but why love is one of the most fundamental needs of human beings and animals? Why don't living creatures thrive, for example, on hate? Or on shame, or on anger? What I'm talking about is the metaphysics of emotions. Why love is so powerful? Where does it come from? Why hate feels so bad and love feels so good? Why evolution made it so? Why there is even love or hate?
  2. @PlayOnWords
  3. @robinmk4l Look for suppressed/repressed emotions. Emotions are mainly in the body. You'll be surprised by the effects of neglecting your emotional life. Did you know allergies as well as other physical and mental issues can derive from emotional traumas? Emotions and suppressed emotions run your life. Most of the illnesses can be cured by realigning with your mind, your body and your emotions. These are the 3 main pillars of every person (+ environment). I suggest you to read The Ultramind Solution by Mark Hyman (body/health), Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton and The Completion Process by Teal Swan (emotions) If you're interested in healing your inner wounds, check out these
  4. @benny The first video explains one of the most powerful techniques I've encountered. It can change your life just doing it once if you do it fully. At least, it worked so well for me. In the second video the technique is explained, but regarding positive emotions. To learn the real process, just follow the first four steps described in the second video, but focusing on negative emotions. Then follow these points: After experiencing the memory fully, let an entity enter the memory. This entity has the role of taking care of the inner child without judgement (this is critical) and providing him/her the love, attention, care, validation and protection he/she didn't had. The entity can be you, or an unconditionally loving figure like Jesus, an angel or someone else (use a third person entity if you feel you don't know how to manage your inner child). If the inner child needs to do externalize his/her anger or hate towards someone or something, let that entity do it for him/her. These means, in extreme cases, visualizing the entity burning a place that's associated with pain to the ground, or punching someone who hurt you in the face, stuff like that WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. After the inner child has processed the emotion fully, ask him if he/she needs something else. Then provide it to him/her After the inner child has recovered from the memory and feels loved and protected, ask him if he/she wants to follow you to a place made of pure unconditional love. This place is a place you create with visualization, and it becomes your safe haven. It's the safest and most loving place you can create. If the inner child is not ready, repeat the first two points of this list After taking the inner child in your safe haven, provide him/her all that he/she needs. After that, make the inner child drink a magical water, a water specifically made to purify the inner child. After that, ask the inner child to merge physically with you. This is the summary of the book, but the book is more complete and nuanced. I suggest you to buy it. It's one of the most powerful books I've ever read. And it can show results overnight. Also check out these: Yoga, meditation, psychedelics, and breathwork are also useful in dealing with traumas
  5. @halo I'd say that shadow work as described in books such as The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford is more superficial, while trauma work/PTSD work/inner child work/bottom up approach goes more in-depth, working on the root causes. Trauma work also has the "side effect" of making you more attuned to and capable of feeling your body and emotions. And IMO it's priceless. Still, trauma work is more physically draining, and this depends on how intensely you do it. I've been doing trauma work for quite a time and it's the best thing I've ever done in my life, but I've not done any shadow work yet so I cannot say which is the better, although trauma work does wonders. I think it is. I don't understand very well the question, but the unconscious is responsible for the majority of our behaviours and responses to stimuli, so in this sense there is more. It's possibile. Let's say there is a collegue that has a behaviour that I find a little annoying. If you're forced to work with him, you'll end up seeing him as annoying and maybe you'll even feel angered by him. Now you have an aversion for that behaviour, and you could say you have developed a shadow. Check this out:
  6. @TheExplorer check out this
  7. @zeroISinfinity Thank you! One more question: in a focused way, like in a meditation session, or in your daily life?
  8. @zeroISinfinity @okulele What did you do to achieve that? Meditation? Psychedelics?
  9. I've watched your post called A Taste Of Infinity on your blog, and there are some things that I don't get. If this universe is in the world of the form, hence finite, how could a fractal be zoomed to infinity? In theory you can, but in practice the video will end. The process in your computer that does the zooming will end at some point. Even if there was a way to zoom the fractal until the end of the universe (I'm assuming there will be an end, because if something begins my intuition tells me it will end), there will be a time when the zooming will end. And you wrote: It's like saying that the number pi is infinite in theory, and can be proved mathematically that it's infinite, but you can't calculate or write all numbers to infinity. This is a critique from Stage Yellow. Now you'll say that theory and practice is a duality, so it's illusory. And I get it, but sometimes my mind drags me down to question things that my intuition already proved right.
  10. Sometimes toxic relationships happen because there is a trauma deep down that makes you fall in toxic patterns without you even being conscious of it. IMO most of people toxic pattern are related to some traumas. I've spent quite a time dealing with traumas, letting them emerge and accepting them. I too lost some years ago my will to do anything, I had very dark thoughts, I was depressed. So maybe I can give you some tools. It's really a nightmare, I honor your situation. I don't know you, but I'm sure you're determined to exit this situation. And what I'm going to suggest you is counter-intuitive. It's an inner child work + bottom up approach. You have to run into your tornado of emotions. You have to face head on your feelings of fear, shame, hate, loneliness. Why? Because every negative feeling is a cry for help from a part of you. Every time you suffer, it's because your inner child, your younger version of yourself, that wants to be loved, to be heard, to be accepted. Your feelings are not "bad". They contain a message, a request to be processed, a need to be felt. How to do this? Set some time aside to do this. Sit in a quiet room. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, and relax. Then think to a negative emotion that you remember having felt in the near past. Maybe yesterday you went to the mall and you was anxious, or maybe one week ago someone told you something that hurt you. I don't know. Choose a negative emotion that you remember. If you have a negative emotion right now, use that, it's better. Now intentionally let it come up to the surface. Say to that emotion: "I'm here to listen to you, to feel you fully". What will happen is that physical sensations will arise, maybe in your gut, maybe in your heart, maybe in your pelvic area, maybe in your arms, etc. Your standard way of dealing with these "negative" sensations could be to negate them, to resist them physically, to denying them, or other methods. But you have to be brave enough to feel fully that emotion. This can result in strange sensations, but it's okay. It's your body that is healing itself, purifying itself. You could even start crying for no apparent reason, or feel fear. When you have fully felt the emotion, ask your emotion: "When was the first time I felt you?". Your intuition should let you know the answer. Maybe you'll suddenly remember an episode from your childhood, maybe it will happen after a minute, maybe you'll receive only a sound, a smell, or a partial memory. Whatever arises, it's good, it is healing your body. After you get the memory, or a part of it, re-experience the memory. This is critical. If the memory is too intense, watch the memory in third person, meaning you watch it as if you were a passenger, a stranger that witnessed what happened. Then, when the intensity drops, switch to first person perspective. In first person perspective, re-experience again the original emotion, the root trauma. The message that you should give to that deep emotion is "I'm here to listen to you, I'm here to love and accept you". After you processed the emotion, when you feel ready, let an entity enter the memory. This entity is someone who's going to take care of you (your younger version, or inner child) inside the memory. This entity can be you (your adult version), but you'll need to have certain emotional intelligence skills to do comfort your inner child, so if you think you can't do it, let appear an angel, or Jesus Christ, or a unconditionally loving figure, real or imaginary. This figure will assist your younger version and will love him/her in a infinitely loving way. After your inner child is safe and loved, ask him if how he is feeling. If he processed the trauma, you're ready for the next step. Ask your inner child if he's willing to "merge" with you. If not, remain a little longer with him and the entity. When ready, you'll merge physically with your inner child, like he/she is entering your body. If everything went well, you should a enormous relief. If not, maybe you have not processed fully the trauma. If you want more details, check The Completion Process by Teal Swan (she made a video on it too i think)
  11. Read Money: Master the Game - 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins. I read it and wow! It was very powerful. It talks about how to achieve financial freedom with the right mix of investments. A must read imo
  12. @Curious IMO (I'm not enlightened), if there is only you, yeah, it is shoking, but then there would be less fear of "others". They are you, and you shift to a different mentality that makes you love everything and everyone. So I'd say it would be easier to love other people, and it is even easier if you learn how to properly love yourself. But this is just a reasoning. Hope it helps
  13. How to grow your own food? How to fight corruption? How to balance between helping others and not interfering with their path?
  14. @ActualizedDavid There are various types of therapy. Top-down therapy (the kind of therapy you do with a psycologist), bottom-up therapy (where you work on your deep emotions). There is psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, transpersonal therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, shadow work, therapy focused on CPTSD, positive psychology, hypnosis, NLP, and so on. I don't have read a lot of books on them, but I found some that have helped me greatly. These books are not "academic", they are written in a "commercial" style, but still they are very valuable: Teal Swan - The Completion Process (a mix of psychoanalysis, shadow work, CPTSD therapy) (I found it extremely powerful) Debbie Ford - The Dark Side of the Light Chasers (shadow work) (IMO, a little mild) Martin Seligman - Learned Optimism (positive psychology) I'm also planning to read more in-depth books in order to learn more, such as: Benjamin Smith, Lorna Smith - Interpersonal reconstructive therapy for anger, anxiety, and depression Jeremiah Abrams - Meeting the Shadow Jonathan Baylin, Petra Winnette - Working with Traumatic Memories to Heal Adults with Unresolved Childhood Trauma Martha B. Straus - Treating Trauma in Adolescents - Development, Attachment, and the Therapeutic Relationship Michael Orlans, Terry M. Levy - Attachment, Trauma, and Healing - Understanding and Treating Attachment Disorder in Children, Families and Adults Also, Freud, Jung, Rogers, Adler, Maslow have contributed enormously in the development of therapy.
  15. Nice!!! You can make connections with politics, spiral dynamics, collective ego, and ideas to make the world a better place.