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  1. Best resources you found?
  2. In that context going for what you want without asking is what is required.
  3. @Gabith Check out my posts (signature) for info on how to heal. The key of every healing technique is feeling the sensation, being present with the feeling no matter what happens, no matter the pain and the fear and the anxiety and the hatred and the anger resulting. If the feeling is overwhelming, go at your own pace, but don't quit. I suggest you look into Parts Work, Inner Child Work and visualization in general as healing techniques.
  4. @Ulax The one on fascism. And you? What would you recommend?
  5. @Ulax They seem to me to take in account many sides in an integral way.
  6. @Ulax Have you read one of them?
  7. @Leo Gura Have you also experienced Infinite Hell in the past?
  8. @Leo Gura I think of hell as Infinite Separation (opposed as Infinite Unity) or Infinite Division, between different parts of reality you identify with and different parts of reality you don't idenitify with, or in other words, Infinite Division between different layers and parts of your Mind. Is insanity something like that? Where every part of your Mind is infinitely in chaos regarding other parts?
  9. Free stock photos: (Free Stock Photos for Entrepreneurs) (Cleanest UI & Awesome Color Picker) Unsplash Gratisography Morguefile Stockvault Picjumbo Pikwizard Rawpixel Reshot StockSnap Life of Pix Freerange Flickr Wikimedia Commons (Over 50 Million Freely Usable Media) Paid stock photos:
  10. Hi! I've been learning pickup during the last year, but dealing with groups is something I have a hard time with. I need some good RSD resources on how to deal with groups, do you know any? Thank you!
  11. @ivankiss You have to ask yourself if that trait of yours is something you are willing to diminish or not, to compromise on or not, how much fundamental is to your identity, and under which conditions you are willing to make changes, and which changes.
  12. @Leo Gura Your description of the kangaroo-mouse reminded me of this.
  13. It could also lead to frustration and incompatibility. For example, I'd rather date a Tier 2 girl than a Tier 1 girl (the first type being almost impossible to find, I know) because Tier 2 will have great difficulty living as you live.