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  1. @Michael569 What about frozen vegetables (or even vegetables + legumes, frozen) packages that you cook on the spot?
  2. The universe gave you a challenge. Are you capable of loving even after being hurt? Is your love shaky or solid?
  3. @Leo Gura It's not that womem are confused about what they want. Simply, they recognize that feminine energy is healing, so they encourage that, also because being themselves feminine, they feel more attuned and connected to feminine energy in others. But they don't endorse getting rid of masculine energy in the process of accessing more feminine energy. They want both in a man. They want both masculine and feminine AND they want a man who has CONTROL over this balanced mix.
  4. @NeonLayf You need to address the mind at a more basic level. Doing spiritual work with OCD will lead to mild results and a lot of frustration. Be strategic in your approach to self-actualization. Address the mind first. Then, when the mind is more stable, do what you want. You may benefit from embodying the practice of letting go. OCD is the opposite of letting go. You need to learn to let go. Let go of the negative consequences: You made a mistake. So what? You did something embarassing. So what? You talked with someone and they seemed embarassed or upset or they felt awkward, and now you think they have negative emotions towards you. So what? "So what?" needs to become your default phrase every moment of your life. Seriously. But rehearsing this phrase will make your OCD worse. Why? Because your mind will always find many reasons to overwhelm your, to flood your thoughts with arguments for not letting go. Let go. OCD is pretty much mental, so the mind needs to learn to let go. BE SERIOUS. Don't squander. Learn to let go. After you learn to let go, learn to let go of needing to let go, because your mind will attach to that too. The fact that your OCD shifts from a compulsion to another has a two-fold meaning. First, it's an attempt of your mind to avoid being addressed, it's the mind playing hide and seek. Second, it's an attempt to shift your emotional avoidance so that you can't understand what there is beneath and also a way to show you from multiple perspectives what there is beneath (an attack and an ask for help at the same time). So, in addition to letting go, it is useful to learn to feel your emotions and bodily sensations relative to the compulsory acts and healing them, shining the light of your consciousness on them. For example: you make an embarassing movement. Your mind kicks in and you start to mentally panic (yeah, panic, because that's what's happening). Then you try to force the avoidance of the situation with the mind, you try to manipulate your mental energies to avoid or deal with the discomfort. But the discomfort is a bodily sensation. So, you made an embarassing movement. Now your mind is on fire. What should you do? Shift your attention to the somatic reactions to the thoughts your mind shows you. Your mind shows you the thought "Now everybody will think I'm stupid"? Good, learn to feel the sensations relative to that thought. Reveal them. Let them surface. And start to accept them unconditionally. Love them as they are. Caretake them. Support them. Listen to them. Embrace them fully as they are, with no hurry. Be careful though, your mind will start creating negative thoughts relative to the sensations: "Now everybody will think I'm stupid" --> You listen to the bodily sensations relative to that thought --> "These sensations shouldn't be there, I'm a failure", "These sensations means I'm dying", "These sensations means I'm truly stupid, if I were not stupid I would not react like this to the thought that I'm stupid" --> You listen to the bodily sensations relative to those new thoughts. It will be a war with multiple battles. Your mind will attack, you unmask the attack, then your mind will attack your response, you accept, then your mind will attack your lack of proactive action, your respond, and so on. Here on the forum I have several posts on healing. Check them out.
  5. @Focus Make a serious commitment to heal your traumas and wounds. Start with this: You can't even fathom how better you can feel if you start to heal. Be ready for an epic adventure.
  6. @Something Funny Learn about enmeshment trauma, co-dependency, narcissism and the golden child syndrome. Start healing yourself. Resolve traumas, do Inner Child Work, merge your suppressed aspects with your conscious mind. I have several stuff on healing here on the forum, check out my posts.
  7. @Michael569 What about adding vitamin K2 to the vitamin D3 supplementation? I see many supplements combining these two vitamins, and I've heard K2 helps calcification of bones and prevents arteries from clotting caused by excessive calcium depositing in them, but I found nothing comprehensive online about that.
  8. @Richard Purdy Remove the blockages preventing you from being authentic (traumas, subconscious muscular tensions, deep negative beliefs, negative thought patterns, lack of experience, negative self-image, etc.)
  9. @Leo Gura Leo, some time ago I asked you a question about the stage orange self-help stuff you did to become so successful. And I asked which changes resulted in the most powerful or best results. Could you tell me a little about it, maybe just giving me pointers? Understanding how to lay my foundations in life means a lot to me, and could be useful to other people.
  10. @mandyjw @vizual Thanks guys!
  11. @Max8 If you have a foot on the pedal and a foot on the brakes, you have to remove the latter first in order to go! How to remove the foot from the brakes? Start with this stuff: Changing your deep core beliefs Healing/psychotherapeutic practices Reprogramming your subconscious mind Visualization Learning how stuff works (money, health, career, dating, your personality, etc.) and adjusting your expectations Improving your diet Become extremely proactive and responsible for your life aka take massive action And other ways. If you have a foot on the brakes, ask yourself: "What is stopping me/preventing me from being who I want to be?" and answer that question in regards to your internal situation (emotions, wounds, traumas, beliefs, blockages, thoughts, lack of clarity, etc.) and external situation (environment, people, daily routine, job, career, family, friends, resources, tools, experiences, etc.). BE FUCKING STRATEGIC, and start thinking in principles.
  12. @cypres Do you mean the liver and gallbladder flush?
  13. Hi! Do you know if waking up in the middle of the night is bad for your health or sleep? I think I will have to wake up once every night to do a protocol, which takes just a couple of seconds and I have to get up from the bed. Does it jeopardize sleep, focus, energy or general health? Thank you!
  14. @Hello from Russia That's a very empowering story, thanks!
  15. What if I need to wake up early every day?