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  1. @Vision I have several posts on healing (see my signature). Check them out to learn psychotherapeutic healing modalities.
  2. Anxiety = fear-based emotions Caution = logic-based reasonings
  3. So what do you do? Give up to the monotony and learn to appreciate the boring life? I'll try to be proactive but I have to have the right expectations.
  4. Agree, but still the highest peaks of love can give you an opportunity to experience unity, even though a decent level of purity of this experience is very rare and brief. The ego grasps those low peaks of Love and twists them for its agenda in every way possible, but still there are those peaks. You may not recognize them consciously, but still you recognize it in some way otherwise you wouldn't have that strong charge of love. Maybe you recognize it subconsciously but your ego and its layers of self-deception prevent you from recognizing that consciously.
  5. So all long-term relationships are going to fester even if you are proactive about it consistently?
  6. Very enlightening, I understood now, it clicked. Falling in love is basically giving yourself permission (as in "permission slip" said frequently by Bashar) to experience metaphysical unity through another person and making your True Self radiate with less or no human bullshit to interfere.
  7. You don't need to be hyper-loving to be chosen to film stuff.
  8. So, what is what normies call love? I know love has biological, social, cultural, sexual, survival components to it, but then what's that feeling you get when you're in love? That overwhelming (and still somewhat selfless, depending on the person) feeling where you almost lose your mind for another person? I'm trying to distinguish Love from love, and understand the mechanisms and purpose of the "charge" of love.
  9. Personally speaking, I was talking about you. What I did or did not is not relevant to the issue you brought forth. I gave you some indications if you want to approach this issue more objectively. Up to you. Also, I was curious about your point of view about her. Or maybe she had faith in the wrong people? As I said, people that bring people's shadows to the light are gonna be attacked, there's nothing new about that. I assume they are emotionally unstable, as Leo said. Why the fuck would you go live with a woman whose life and career is based on therapy? Also, there may be some problems and conflicts between people living with her, it's normal, people have conflicts everyday everywhere. Obviously some people will not be ready for her.
  10. @ZenAlex Go watch Teal response on her channel. Then ponder what happened in an unbiased way. Then think if what she teaches is beneficial or not for people. As a personal note: I suspect you was thinking of her as a cult leader long before the series. Why? Only because she teaches new age stuff or because she lives with people? IMO what she teaches is legit and powerful, and obviously due to the fact that she talks about what people refuse to face, i.e. traumas, lies, manipulation, dysfunctional ways of relating, it's a guarantee that in the end some people would react against her. She exposes people's shadows, which is what people need but don't want.