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  1. What dosage or range of dosage do you think is suitable?
  2. Thank you so much, I needed to know that.
  3. @Striving for more You could apply the mindset that if you underline, the things you underline are your notes. You don't have to take notes because notes are already in the book and you pointed out the most useful stuff. So you'll have the most important details already marked in the places (books) where they would be logically found. Or you could find summaries online. Or you could rewrite the key insights somewhere, but not all the stuff you find relevant. Only the insights that make you have an epiphany.
  4. @Leo Gura Leo, after all you've outgrown, do you still think visualization is a powerful tool for achieving goals? Or did you find better techniques?
  5. @Michael569 The mind palace is pretty easy to understand, but it requires some mental gymnastics to make it a habit and use it instinctively. It's a wonderful skill in the long term, but requires some time in the short term.
  6. What about carbon filters? I remember you told something about them but I can't find the post anymore.
  7. @Leo Gura Leo, you could make a video on how to think critically. MBTI wise, you have a dominant Ti that could be of huge value to people.
  8. @Preety_India It means it is an affiliate link. Sponsoring basically.
  9. How come? Is this a spiritual thing or do they simply deal with the external consequences in a devilish manner? Or do you mean they are not impacted by consequences?
  10. @Etherial Cat That's from a logical standpoint. When instinctual, biological survival will make itself feel heard, you won't think about the transition to stage Green or some abstract concepts. As pretty much everyone on the planet.
  11. It's not so unlikely. There are people like that.
  12. @Hello from Russia Great advice
  13. You have to play by the game's rules. Think of this this way. Everything is manipulation. Life is manipulation, manipulation to survive (check Leo's video on Survival). So the question is: to what degree am I willing to manipulate? And given that pick up is higly manipulative, if you don't immerse yourself in the game, you will fail. If you are too honest, you will be seen as uncalibrated and fuck things up. If you are too manipulative, you will hurt people, make them angry and girls won't trust you easily, but you could be more attractive to some women. Notice that honesty is not always equal to directness. You can be honest but not direct, and direct but not honest. Every situation requires a unique mix of honesty, directness and manipulation. You have to be flexible. Don't be too principled that you forget to not be so principled when the situation requires it.
  14. @SolarPlexus Shadow work and other practices for the integration of the psyche could be useful to purify you from what prevents you from being authentic.