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  1. @Rasheed You are already " Rasheed" man Why would you need couple of more inches anyway?? Kidding aside, It's all your judgmental mind which constantly sets standards and judges you against them. Instead of conjuring up reasons to feel flawed becuz of your height, Work on loving every inch of yourself and what you are. Then you will come to realize the REAL you is much larger and stronger than you might have imagined
  2. @Leo Gura Is chakra system sth other mysticism cultures also subscribe to or is it just a Hindu spiritual construct?
  3. @Cocolove That's one way of looking at it of course. I just happen to witness so many of these blowhard, alpha types keep changing colors till they hit that home run!! You see, what these ppl are after is bigger and bigger platforms..... bigger and bigger name recognition no matter under what flag or under what ideology. Remember Trump, did anyone even see him as a republican 10 years ago??? Of course here too you might argue he had a change of heart or evolved or whatever.....:) This is the story of the likes of Cenk. Again, you can see it either way! You just need to be a bit too charitable in your judgement. What Cenk did with taking up the progressive mantle is what an entrepreneur does when he spots a niche in the market; Exploiting what is lacking in the market. Too much inequality, racial discrimination, resentment toward the rich........ all waiting for representation and an angry one at that! The progressive cause was like an untapped well he shrewdly adopted. Sounds familiar? Yes, Trump also tapped into the white anger and the racial tension when he sniffed it! Of course to do that, you need the knack for reading people; A skill they both happen to have!
  4. He is no martyr believe me. Cenk is just another ego-maniac in politics who wants to conquer the world. Early on in his career, He played the " brown guy conservative" angle only to see that those old white supermacists won't give him much love and attention. Then made a 180 and styled himself the champion of progressive movement!! His so-called Wolf Pac Money gimmick is another push for self-promotion and his need to be seen. Basically he is the brown, sophisticated version of Trump.
  5. The illusion of free will exists for sure!! Just like a ball getting bounced off the walls. After a while it thinks it is jumping from wall to wall! Similarly, when in decision-making regions of the brain some decision is made, it gives us the illusion of the imaginary "self" doing it. But in reality, that little "decision" that you made is simply a confluence of the state of the nervous system in that moment interacting with the environment in that moment which leads to an electrochemical reaction and BAM........ YOU NOW DECIDE TO GET UP and GO TO THE GYM !!!! Now back up a little bit........... Now let's say the above person just moments before "deciding" on going to the gym hears a bad news from a friend which throws him into an absolute funk.... ALL of a sudden the mental state is not the same anymore !! He ends up " deciding" to take out a pack of cigarettes and start smoking!!! and from there on he is on a totally different life path and possibilities than the path of above scenario....... !! Granted, the above example is extremely simplified. However, a more elaborate cause and effect picture captures the point that we as humans don't have as much agency that our egos want us to believe. Even I, knowing all this, get depressed thinking about it, even though on some level it is quite liberating.
  6. I have always been curious about this guy: For the good or the bad, one of most prolific experts in the field of Cosmology and Quantum mechanics is Sean Carroll. While he is a highly-regarded person in his field, the guy's teachings stand antithetic to the whole spiritual angle of Quantum physics and the notion of god for that matter. How do you guys assess him and what he posits? In your view, what is he missing in his ideology and grasp of knowledge of "reality"?
  7. @Nivsch There is a good reason why we talk past each other on this topic and probably won't go anywhere ; You want to nail down a metaphysical concept through conceptualization and use of logic. My friend, to get a grasp of what ppl on the forum get at, you will need to do the actual inner work and experience it firsthand. It's a fool's errand to try to capture a profound metaphysical phenomenon using the imperfect common wisdom and argumentation. It will be frustrating for both sides trying to reach an understanding where you have no idea where other ppl come from. That is because language is not the RIGHT MEDIUM through which you can communicate these kinds of phenomena.
  8. @Nivsch Are you aware of your circular reasoning here? What is pointed out here is suspend your preconceived notions such as " Neurons being responsible for the experience " and so forth and live out the experiment yourself. No words, no screwing around with concepts, just be........................................
  9. @Matt8800 Question about absorption technique laid out in John Kreiter's book: When he talks about gobbling down energy and making it your own: 1. How do we even know energy coming at us so we can act on it? 2. What does he exactly mean by the "predatory stance"? What is it exactly? Could you elaborate on this whole technique? Thank you Matt.
  10. @Matt8800 A conceptual question: I hear often about Occult and practices and the notion that one of the major sources of nurturing of these abilities is going through self-inflicted hardship. Do you also subscribe to the idea that occult powers thrive on an ascetic lifestyle and self denial? As a crazy example, the rumor has it that one of the rather high-profile wizards in my country feasts on his feces......! Could you shed some light on this whole concept? Is it really something to it?
  11. @Pouya believe me, the percentage is not higher than the US. This is coming from someone who has lived in both societies!!
  12. @Leo Gura Reflecting on your recent omniscience awakening, I cannot help but keep thinking about the Fight Club movie. Am I alone in this or you also see parallels between your recent epiphanies and the core concept of the novel?
  13. @Leo Gura It's because those other babies weren't shot out of my body. There is a clear biological stake people have in their offspring. Their progeny is in effect their own fucking cell!! They love themselves................! Now, this affection is no way near as strong from the other end, meaning the offspring's love for the parent doesn't even come anywhere close. Basically the children are part of the parents' bodies but not the other way around!! However, metaphysically speaking, sperm and egg might be all part of a big false narrative and in that case ALL the above goes out the window!!!
  14. @ajasatya what @integral laid out in his post is pretty much a guideline every ME/Fibro person is supposed to adhere to. It appears that will be my playbook for the weeks and months to come!
  15. @integral Thanks man. Quite dead-on advice as I have already experienced some of them firsthand. Boy does it feel good to get support from such caring people! God bless you really!