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  1. @Matt8800 Question about absorption technique laid out in John Kreiter's book: When he talks about gobbling down energy and making it your own: 1. How do we even know energy coming at us so we can act on it? 2. What does he exactly mean by the "predatory stance"? What is it exactly? Could you elaborate on this whole technique? Thank you Matt.
  2. @Matt8800 A conceptual question: I hear often about Occult and practices and the notion that one of the major sources of nurturing of these abilities is going through self-inflicted hardship. Do you also subscribe to the idea that occult powers thrive on an ascetic lifestyle and self denial? As a crazy example, the rumor has it that one of the rather high-profile wizards in my country feasts on his feces......! Could you shed some light on this whole concept? Is it really something to it?
  3. @Pouya believe me, the percentage is not higher than the US. This is coming from someone who has lived in both societies!!
  4. @Leo Gura Reflecting on your recent omniscience awakening, I cannot help but keep thinking about the Fight Club movie. Am I alone in this or you also see parallels between your recent epiphanies and the core concept of the novel?
  5. @Leo Gura It's because those other babies weren't shot out of my body. There is a clear biological stake people have in their offspring. Their progeny is in effect their own fucking cell!! They love themselves................! Now, this affection is no way near as strong from the other end, meaning the offspring's love for the parent doesn't even come anywhere close. Basically the children are part of the parents' bodies but not the other way around!! However, metaphysically speaking, sperm and egg might be all part of a big false narrative and in that case ALL the above goes out the window!!!
  6. @ajasatya what @integral laid out in his post is pretty much a guideline every ME/Fibro person is supposed to adhere to. It appears that will be my playbook for the weeks and months to come!
  7. @integral Thanks man. Quite dead-on advice as I have already experienced some of them firsthand. Boy does it feel good to get support from such caring people! God bless you really!
  8. @integral I have eliminated all sorta grains beside the dairy, legumes and most of fruits including apples!!!
  9. Denis McKenna has spoken not-so-highly of Salvia on the Joe Rogan podcast. His knock against it has to do with the traumatic nature of the experience and the fact that there are not much to remember and retain in the form of insight or perspective.
  10. @integral Regarding vit B: seeing that I have eliminated All the grains from my diet, how on earth am I supposed to receive the essential vit B group other than by taking supplements? Could you elaborate?
  11. @integral message received. Thanks brother.
  12. @Michael569 Thanks Michael. Your feedback and info gave me lots of hope and empowerment. You have no idea how many ppl are in the dark about this CFS/ME issue when mainstream specialists don't seem to have any clue about it. God bless you guys!
  13. @mitch311 Thanks man. Your reply was deeply appreciated.
  14. @PsiloPutty Look online. There are legitimate vendors operating online.
  15. @Gabriel Antonio Amazing how much energy you put in micro-analyzing other ppl's skills!! All that effort to make a case that someone does or does not have interpersonal skills. Ughhhh, how about just taking a walk outside or having some chocolate ice cream? You will feel better.