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  1. The more I adopted the "materialistic” thinking model of death, the less and less scary it became to me. The more spiritual, religious I got, it became more and more scary, infathomable and dark. When you look at it like a computer shutting down and along with it goes your identity, individuality, memories and all the programming, it is much more bearable. This notion of "transportation" and "where do WE go after death" that has been embedded in the man’ psyche from the time immemorial is the cause of a lot of chicanery, scams and misled beliefs by the mankind. There is NO "you" in the first place to "go" anywhere. That "YOU"was a product of a software run by your brain function to give you an identity. Brain dead= NO "YOU" that’s it. You were ALWAYS part of this universe, a product of nature with no real agency constantly changing forms. Ironically enough, the whole notion of “afterlife" promulgated by spirituality and religions has added yet ANOTHER layer of complexity and overwhelm to the whole idea of "death and honestly hasn’t given people real solace. So we would perhaps better off seeing it this way, "we" go to sleep and the "universe" (we!!!) takes care of the rest.
  2. Just the fact that the debate over " free will" still exists baffles me to no end. Guys, You are simply watching a movie playing out from the vantage point of one of the actors IN THE MOVIE. And the movie is being replayed. You cannot ACT, THINK, FEEL anything outside the "script"............
  3. @Leo Gura Contrary to what may appear, Iran is not a monolithic government where all the consequential decisions are made from that central entity. Unfortunately for it's people, There are several power players and entities - sometimes with divergent interests- within the Iranian power structure. Some of which stand to gain politically in a context of heightened tension or even small-scale war with the US. Hence the provoking behaviour.........
  4. It's interesting, Schopenhaur had caught on to this fact that there is no "free will". Despite neuroscience not being that developed at his time. Now that is someone you would call "a man so far ahead of his time"..........
  5. Keeping up with a group of people for extended period of time has to do with not only intro/extraversion but also a robust and innate sensory processing capability. There is more to this matter than just " expanding your comfort zone". I personally have expanded my comfort zone quite a bit throughout life but the fact of the matter is you cannot overcome certain neurological defects. Having large social circles is a privilege only SOME people get to enjoy. Again you might argue who needs that and they are shallow and inauthentic friendships all that. But still, it is hard to deny it's survival advantages and joys it brings to people involved in it.......
  6. Some of us cannot handle as much stimulation as other people. Deal with it. END OF STORY. Get creative and try to get social satisfaction in many other ways where there are smaller gatherings and the pace of flow is slower and more suited to your liking and comfort.
  7. @Leo Gura Can we freebase the HCL form?
  8. @RendHeaven Thanks for your explanation. I will definitely reflect on your points.
  9. @RendHeaven which part is fantasy? You and I being the non-doer?
  10. Taking on the notion of "right vs wrong" from a different angle: There cannot ever be bad people and good people or "good deeds" and "bad deeds" per se. Rather, It just IS....... ...... Why?Because there is ZERO volition on the part of the individual. Absolutely 0.0 free will.
  11. @roopepa Are you alive? being "alive" is also imaginary..........Hope that clarified things for you a little bit.
  12. Sorry to disillusion some of you guys. But for those with autoimmune conditions there is no going back to "normal diet". It's your wayward immune system that is causing it. Think of it as someone who gets a vaccine against a pathogen. The immune system is forever alerted by that pathogen entering the body. It is wired to react no matter what. Very similarly, and quite sadly, for those with some types of AI diseases, the white blood cells in the body sees food such as bread, chocolate, eggs as foes to defend against. Hence all the brain fog, severe fatigue, joint inflammation and all that. The only real solution is re-wiring the system altogether.....
  13. Soy cappuchino...................................are you fucking kiddin me?
  14. Wish you bright years ahead...... good man!