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  1. @Leo Gura Can we freebase the HCL form?
  2. @RendHeaven Thanks for your explanation. I will definitely reflect on your points.
  3. @RendHeaven which part is fantasy? You and I being the non-doer?
  4. Taking on the notion of "right vs wrong" from a different angle: There cannot ever be bad people and good people or "good deeds" and "bad deeds" per se. Rather, It just IS....... ...... Why?Because there is ZERO volition on the part of the individual. Absolutely 0.0 free will.
  5. @roopepa Are you alive? being "alive" is also imaginary..........Hope that clarified things for you a little bit.
  6. Sorry to disillusion some of you guys. But for those with autoimmune conditions there is no going back to "normal diet". It's your wayward immune system that is causing it. Think of it as someone who gets a vaccine against a pathogen. The immune system is forever alerted by that pathogen entering the body. It is wired to react no matter what. Very similarly, and quite sadly, for those with some types of AI diseases, the white blood cells in the body sees food such as bread, chocolate, eggs as foes to defend against. Hence all the brain fog, severe fatigue, joint inflammation and all that. The only real solution is re-wiring the system altogether.....
  7. Soy cappuchino...................................are you fucking kiddin me?
  8. AHA!!!!! This is the narrative pushed by the Israeli side. They LOVE to make it about race, Anti-semitism and ethnic cleansing. Why? So people forget and never really question how the conflict started in THE FIRST PLACE!!!!! ? Of course, people are not to blame. The narrative is controlled and promoted by media that is owned and run not by a guy named Muhammed or Ahmed but rather Weinstein or Maskowitz.....................!!! Some issues better left untouched and not made pronouncements about. For the simple fact that people are clueless.
  9. Wish you bright years ahead...... good man!
  10. In case you wondering why the rest of the world hates us. There is your answer........
  11. @fopylo My friend! Depending on how you might view it, you are blessed/cursed with a different type of brain; Social interactions are surely a challenge along with many other areas that involve fast-paced activities. Your brain tends to be slow in processing and integrating info in general. You tend to have an analyzing mind which approaches matters more DEEPLY as opposed to QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY. Nowhere is this more in display than social occasions where fluidity is KEY to functioning well. There are such challenges. BUT the important thing is first: KNOW that you are wired differently and accept it as part of your make up. seek advice from therapists specialized in coaching people with HSP . Second: HSP traits come with many upsides. educate yourself on those in order to chart a better course for your life going forward. Third: Go into professions that are well-suited to your strengths and talents which are plenty I'm sure. Sorry if it came off as too blunt or harsh. But I think at the end, despite it being a random, unsolicited advice coming from anonymous guy, it's the right thing to do
  12. @Leo Gura There is a chance a lot of us would have to live without pizza, ice cream, sandwiches, pastry, chocolate and coffee. I would say NO to that lifestyle. Truth is, pleasure of food counts for a huge chunk of pleasure in this world. I'm not sure that life is worth living. You can make millions of dollars and have a gratifying career and all that but if you cannot so much as enjoy a cup of cappuccino and a dark chocolate bar after a long workday?? ! No thank you!!!! I can only hope either fecal transplants or Stem Cell therapy does the trick and spare people the immense suffering..................
  13. When all said and done, the answer to autoimmunity lies potentially in either Fecal transplants or an Immune system reboot altogether. The carnivore diet helps with the amelioration of the symptoms not the stoppage of autoimmune activity. Took many years for me to get it............
  14. Hilarious.........and yet 100% true. ???
  15. Quite an interesting take on Psychedelic hallucinations......... "You realize you got nothing to lose". Part of me resonates with that for sure.