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  1. I've ordered in the past a kid asked for an exchange of bitcoin, I had to go and exchanged credits for a bit coin and didn't get the substance, personally I haven't experienced 5-meo-dmt as of yet, I've experienced lsd,mushrooms ?, I feel as if 5-meo-dmt can wait for bit, taking my time to integrate what I've got from mushrooms.
  2. I'm a shy person, why?, it's the way I am, I consider my self to be an introvert, there are times when I feel open and want to express like now, you asked for a reason, I think they above comment are true shy people development they shyness as survival strategy, yet at the same time it's a terrible strategy to go about life, my told me I was this way since birth, I hope that answers your question.
  3. Music, I’m passionate about music, I love listening to music, many instruments from many different cultures, I don’t make music however I love music, to me this is life’s greatest gift to us.
  4. That’s so exciting, it reminds me of my first lsd experience, it deconstructed all of my previous ways of looking at the world, now I meditate every single day.