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  1. Prebiotic and probiotics (bacteria) which you get from fermented foods like greek yogurt or sauerkraut. I suggest you do some research on the western diet, carbohydrates and ketosis. I think you’d be surprised. Once you start eating “healthy” amounts of carbohydrates, things like fruits or dark chocolate will start tasting as sweet as the candy you’re currently eating.
  2. When we get into a negative state we tend to want to find a solution immediately right then and there: “Who’s to blame?!”, “What did I do wrong?!”, “What should I do next time?”. However when we’re in such a state, we’re not in a position to make good quality decisions. Like Leo said; learn to meditate while your angry, sad, afraid and you’ll take much of their power over you away. “Never reply when you’re angry. Never promise when you’re happy. Never decide when you’re sad”
  3. Symbols represent something they themselves aren’t. So meaning essentially amounts to symbolism and representation? Omonkan (symbol) means (represents) pencil (object) Smile (symbol) means (represents) friendliness (object) Money (symbol) means (represents) happiness (object) Crazy how we can get so caught up in symbolism, that we sometimes mistake the map for the territory.
  4. Reason/Logic is a strange thing indeed. It serve as our barrier against insanity, yet it’s so fragile and completely arbitrary. I mean what is logic anyways? Why is it logical that a spoon falls to the ground when dropped? Why is it illogical to expect my floor to turn into lava? I guess we have to set some arbitrary boundaries, because if one illogical thing goes, anything goes, and we’d quickly lose our minds. Hence why rationalists despise paradoxes. Does all it means to be sane is to have some completely arbitrary expectations? In that case there’s really nothing sane about being sane.
  5. I’d wish for a life without pain, but then I’d wish for a life with pain, but then I’d wish for a life without pain, and so on ad infinitum
  6. I want to reach my full potential to the point where I’m unrecognizable, like maxing out your character in a video game. Specifically in these areas: biology, psychology and spirituality. I’m not sure if I want to go the cyborg or mystic route, perhaps a combination? Anything else, besides for survival purposes, I don’t really care for. Although I got a lot of karma to burn through. A side goal is to create my own academy to help others do the same.
  7. What’s the difference between being asleep and awake? When does one know that one is awake and no longer asleep? Who is to say that you’re asleep and not awake? Who is to say that you’re awake and not asleep? Am I asleep or awake? How can you tell? Are you asleep or awake? How can I tell?
  8. Don’t beg for pleasure; find pleasure in pain Don’t beg for comfort; find comfort in discomfort Don’t be for ease; find ease in adversity Don’t beg for peace; find peace in chaos Don’t beg for certainty; find certainty in uncertainty Don’t beg for order; find order in disorder Don’t be for perfection; find perfection in imperfection Don’t beg for meaning; find meaning in meaninglessness Don’t beg for beauty; find beauty in ugliness Don’t beg for love; find love in hate Don’t beg for company; find company in loneliness Don’t beg for approval; find aproval in disapproval
  9. We’re all in pain. It’s inevitable. Reduce it where you can, but stop trying to get rid of it. Instead find a purpose that’s worth it. Once you do, you’ll still be in pain, but you’ll no longer suffer (as much). Jordan Peterson talks about this.
  10. It’d be weird if there was nothing, but it’d also be weird if there was something. It’d also be weird if there was something and nothing simultaneously. There’s really no way Existence could be, without being weird. Because even if it could somehow be explained, you could always ask: “why that way, and not some other way?”. Even saying “Existence” doesn’t make sense. Existence as opposed to what? Non-existence? Well that doesn’t exist by dentition, other than a concept within Existence. All we can say is that Existence just is. It’s inherently mysterious. It’s doesn’t need, and can’t have a reason to exist. And the most incomprehensible thing of all; is that we are Existence. We’re literally a miracle ❤️
  11. Some might claim that you’re just an illusory ego, and some (like me) might claim that you’re a figment of their imagination. But think about it; if you’re all that exist, how can you rely on somebody else to validate your existence? You can’t, and so you’re your own authority. If you say that you exist, then who am I, or anybody else, to tell you otherwise? In the end, you really can’t rely on others. After all, we’re just imaginary from your POV ? Like Yixuan said, if you meet the Buddha on the road…
  12. Yes, but of course it’s a lot quieter and more vague than if I “actually” sang. It seems to be coming from the “center”, i.e. in my head. I’m not sure what you mean. How can there be something behind my FOV? But I’d say that which can not be pointed to; Nothingness/Existence. Yes, it looks like Ernst Mach’s self portrait. There’s something deeply disturbing about exploring this… I feel like I’m messing with the engine of reality.
  13. I can’t understand how you can imagine the elephant without a background. There has to be something, right? Even if that something is just black. I have spatial ability, i.e a 3D representation of “the world”, of which my head is the center. The sounds seems to be “located” within this 3D “map”, according to where they’re coming from in “space”.
  14. None at all. I couldn’t imagine seeing something which isn’t actually there. I mean, when you see the elephant, where is it? What’s the background? Is it still, or does it move? When you go from imagining the pink elephant, to say a green lion, how does it change? Does it like morph into the lion, shapeshifter style?