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  1. I've also noticed there's a lot of ego games. The devil will sneak it's way into everything...
  2. Post #16: There's no place like home! The more I realize the collective level of consciousness of Earth the less I'm surprised it is the way it is today. In fact, it be surprised if it wasn't the dumpster fire that it is.
  3. The main message they give is to approach a lot, the specific number is arbitrary. Also there's a limit to how many you can approach a day without being "that guy" even within a big city, unless perhaps you live in NYC.
  4. How come you lost touch with your group? Sounds great, but it sounds less like an actual stage yellow community and more like fragments of stage yellow situated within close proximity. Is this correct? I'm currently looking to move to an stage green ecovillage, which should have most of the above.
  5. Wow, that's very interesting, it looks like something from another world. Can you elaborate on the work that needs to be done? Turns out It's designed by a guy called Roger Anger, how ironic is that I know, but I'm just wondering if it mustn't be soul crushing to rub shoulders with people who are so far apart from your own stage of development. At least that's my experience, which is why I'm seeking a community of higher development. I mean birds of a feather flock together, right? I don't, so I wouldn't know, lol, but I get it what you're saying. What's the stage of development of the community you live in, and are you satisfied with it? I just remember him talking about considering starting something in one of his videos, and since he already had an non-physical community (, I figured he must've been talking about something irl. Could just be a misunderstanding though.
  6. I know of SD stage green communities like ecovillages, but are there any SD stage yellow or above organized communities, outside of I'm mainly thinking of physical communities, but feel free to share non-physical communities too. Also, questions for @Leo Gura: How come you live in an SD stage orange community (Las Vegas) with your stage of development outside of game? Have you considered moving to a physical community with a higher stage of development? Have you've considered starting your own physical community?
  7. Post #15: Intentions for an intentional community I'm tired of living in a SD orange society of sleepwalking bots running on auto-pilot, so I will be seeking out an SD green intentional community like an ecovillage to live in, where people are at least a bit more conscious. I want to make this happen in about a year.
  8. It certainly can be at least. If there something I've realized it's that life is an inner journey not an outer one, but the "outer" journey can certainly aid in the inner journey.
  9. Not sure if this was an opening of the third eye, though. There weren't really any visual effects associated with the experience, it was more like a change in state of consciousness. What the difference between the three scenarios?
  10. @Bazooka Jesus LMFAO! That's most people on this forum, including me That was comically yet oddly beautifully put, lol.
  11. There 's no location, so you're no-where, kinda freaky when you think about it: "Wherever you 'go' there you are". Yet it's absolutely inevitable.
  12. Post #14: Awakening You don't awaken, you're awoken from. Nobody wakes up. Somebody is the dream.
  13. Thanks! I guess when I've severed my purpose and I'm no longer needed, i. e. when Truth is realized.
  14. Does your records have any effect of what you can and can't do in society? One of my worst fears is that I'll be declared clinically insane and then they'll use that as an excuse to discredit me. Yeah, they act as an agent to keep you in their consensus reality, which I guess is why mystics venture to the mountains where they can go deep into inner space and maybe never come back.
  15. Cheers bro, I appreciate it! It's better to honest even about your dishonesty. Sometimes I'll admit that I won't admit something, but notice by doing that I'm already half admitting it, as opposed to denying that you're denying something. Honesty is the first step. Yeah divine protection, it's basically like plot armor. The way I look at it is that I'm protected for as long as I'm needed to serve the Higher Purpose of the Universe (evolution of consciousness), i.e. I'm not just protected for the sake of it. Which explains why I'm still alive after all the stupid things I've done, it's a miracle really. Also I'm not gonna test my luck, there's a limit like you say. I live my life as though I'm not protected though. "Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you" - Saint Augustine