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  1. Gotta flee the regime, man
  2. Just give away your girlfriend go us, lol
  3. 15% hostile, 27% benevolent The test is bullshit though
  4. Ehhh Im such a horny dog, can't relate at all D you usually have a good drive towards work/success? Could be the lack of testosterone
  5. How so? You mean metals in a substance or from the vape itself?
  6. Do you consider things like salted cucumbers in a jar as processed food?
  7. Your thread combines in a very funny way with another thread about your girlfriend's dad
  8. You think even expensive pet food?
  9. If it is a very high quality woman who cares If she isn't compatible with you why bother
  10. Holy shit, what country are you from?
  11. What if it is a hot witch girlfriend (wife) who is into psychedelics and shaman stuff?