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  1. It's pretty easy to pigeon hole them into coral\teal, i'd much rather see an example of blue\orange\green enlightened people and see how they differ kinesthetically and vibrationally
  2. @kieranjaegar Glad to see you're crushing in life, my respect, man
  3. This book is amazing, very practical stage orange shit, indeed
  4. I find TJ Reeves covers more earthy topics pretty well and he does it from the same place (he follows the same religious\spiritual patterns as most of guys here and Leo)
  5. Article you linked is pure devilry
  6. I think you should create what you want first and then show it to Leo, maybe he'll consider to adding it to some episode in the future
  7. I had some time with my girlfriend when we had sex 3 times a day. It was wonderful. But in the end of this period I wanted to almost vomit from sex. Thanks we do it in a more spiritual way than most people. From now on most of the cravings are gone. Having a stable girlfriend with which you have good connection and with whom you can consistently have sex will eliminate bad side of sex cravings for most of you
  8. Your understanding of manipulation is very shallow. What you fail to see is that it is everywhere. You can't do anything without it. It is like breathing. When you stop manipulating you stop "living"and stop surviving. You can survive with very little manipulation if you decide to live a monk lifestyle. But at this point you literally stop living if living terms mean affecting the world. As a monk or full blown yogi in a cave you usually do very little to affect the world (unless you consciously do effort to manipulate more)
  9. This is a very legit guy. It's like epistemology applied to business world. Besides course, his free videos on youtube are great too, check them out
  10. Read a book "Charisma Myth"
  11. Creativity and promotion are 2 distinct things that should be learned separately, although they compliment and interconnect with each other. From information that you gave, I'd advice to educate yourself and raise your awareness on how business and marketing works. There are probably things that you're most unaware of as most people are. Especially pay attention to how successful people specifically do it in your industry and what promotion tactics do they use. Mimique the most successful, try to see the pattern. When the pattern is recognized and documented - make a commitment to go with it. In creative professions (such as yours) it is usually required to build your portfolio and then present it in a high-end way, positioning yourself as a valuable professional. Work on your creativity skills and habits to create all that. But don't half-ass marketing work and marketing research before you do that. You need to deliberately analyze your market and be very serious and dilligent about how you're going to brand yourself - What niche in your market are you targeting? How are you different from your competitors? How are you unique? What is your value proposition? Why would someone hire you\buy your coaching over someone else? Very important things. Yet many people half-ass or completely disregard this process and then wonder why they don't get any results in business and why life is so difficult. Be open to break your dogma about business and don't listen to anyone if they are not successful. Completely disregard all opinions and tactics from your family, poor friends and general society when it comes to marketing and business. They will corrupt your mind and make you stay stuck and poor. I hope that helped
  12. Formal education is bullshit in 99% of cases. Autodidact and Responsibility are the things that will give you success. Outsourcing your education to mainstream culture is almost never a good thing.
  13. Why don't you build a decent transitinal career\business that yo actually enjoy doing while building up to your purpose? You don't have to work in a factory for 10 years, of course that's soul sucking. I know money can be good in comparisson to the general population, but it is still uncomparable of how much you could make if you started your programming\design\advertisement\art\computer graphics agency\studio or simillar things like that and be serious about it
  14. Imo, invest in stuff that will give you faster return of your investments - quality food, proper education, busyness, health, fitness, travelling, being social. Potentially it can yield much higher value in much faster rate. Not in terms of money only but also in terms of enjoying your life and self-actualizing. Index funds are not the kind of investments one should pursue at such a young age, especially when being on such a low cash (100-150$ extra after monthly expenses is very low)