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  1. Communication
  2. Especially in situations when you're faced with uncertainty, have limited information and get pressured from external\internal sources
  3. I still did some kind of Hatha yoga in my Vipassana retreat to stretch my body, they were fine with it I highly suggest to sneak up a journal and a pen! You'll probably have some great insights\epiphanies you'll want to write down. Probably take a few pens, not only one. I broke my pen in my retreat so I had to sneak\steal a public pen everytime I wanted to write something. I felt like I'm on some kind of stealth mission each time . But it was fun
  4. If you mean physical touch\going for a kiss by "making a move" - of course do that instead of "asking"
  5. @aurum Good point, thank you
  6. Context ^ Very beautiful concept. But how do you do it properly? I find when I try this principle too much I become more rigid and have a feeling as though I act from moralistic perspective. As though I HAVE to act like this. And not even that, what is it really if not surpressing your emotions for some future gain? You have to let go of your desire to cum inside her and use a condom in that moment. But in the moment you really want to do it! You end up surpressing your desire. And I found when you do it too often the neurosis starts to build up. Because you're not expressing yourself enough. You suppress your desires for the sake of doing "the right thing". And it actually works, you usually gain huge benefit or avoiding trouble doing that. But it's very taxing on your psyche and I really feel it . I get this "stage orange" overburn feeling when I do this too often. Can someone advice on how to apply this technique properly without "burning out" emotionally from it? I am trying to become more relaxed\care-free in general, but this thing stands on my way as I also want to integrate good "orange" things in me to be able to generate more results in my life. I'm probably ignorant on some components on how emotions really work and not doing it 'correctly". Please, share your experience how you apply this or similar "moralistic" techniques and balance it out with emotional "saneness"
  7. There is a thing called bio availability, you'll get less than 500mg from the pill as your body can't absorb it all. How much less - depends on quality of a supplement and your body "preferences"
  8. @Aimblack I didn't see how Leo enumerated how he was wrong about anything in his blog, can you elaborate?
  9. Tbh there is nothing special about stage yellow pickup. You'd rather spend your time imagining what stage turquoise pickup is, and what stage turquoise relationship is. This is really golden and worth pursuing. You can get some ideas from David Deida and "spiritual" sex books (tantric sex, dao sex, jing-jeng, etc)
  10. Notice how you attach a negative meaning to meaninglessness and how all meaning is fictional, negative meaning included
  11. Although i'm in a relationship with a girl right now who has good chunks of yellow in her I don't think it's that necessary to neurotically try to find such girl on purpose in your age. Any green girl would suffice and be of great value
  12. Real pickup looks natural and is not recognized as pickup. I actually have a quote for ya - "Pickup is like plastic surgery, you only see it when it's bad" What worked for me is I started to escalate only with girls I really like so that I can authentically say "I like you" to them and really mean it with all my heart. They sense this authenticity off of you and it's really attractive as they want the guy who truly wants them, not the guy who is fake. I don't really consider myself a PUA, for me it is about seeing the girl you really like\want and taking a proactive action to get her