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  1. Lol, just build a greener career and find some yoga chick, problem's solved
  2. @mmKay Hehe, this different colored carpet with a bunch of square-like shapes actually provides a ton more anxiety in me than your monotonne red one This dark red mattish color is fine, imo, at least it would be fine for me
  3. Link us your carpet, bro About your topic - there are actually a ton of different shades of red, some can actually be very calming and soothing, while some, indeed, have a very aggressive wibe to them, it all depends, man
  4. Lol, are you sure? From what I see, science has become the new Christianity and is spread among the whole globe
  5. Damn, you nailed it so well
  6. @Frenk The first Jhana is shit, 5-7+ is where cool stuff starts to appear
  7. @Leo Gura Would you say when there is too much frame it can count as deception? I sometimes feel a bit off when I am playing some persona too rigorously
  8. Lol, it's all the other way around You don't have to have contacts to start going for customers directly. You just find out where your ideal client is, you go there, and then speak to them at volume trying to help them with your stuff (In exchange for money) It's an amazing strategy and great skill to have at all levels of play. You don't really have resources in the beginning to go for hyper-scalable strategies that you probably mean as "good"
  9. Look for customers more directly, such platforms work asymmetrically against you
  10. Ayyyyyyyyy, Leo our boy is having some fun!
  11. I'm sure Vegas is getting at least 3-5m+ unique people after its original population per year
  12. Maybe his game is not the greatest, but he still probably has game better than 99% men in the World
  13. I personally feel like the forum is too green
  14. Oh my God, this is such tryhard