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  1. Bro, don't do this. You will be okay for some couple of days but then you'll feel declining effects because you will lack protein and fats. As a pretty good nutritionist, I want to advise to educate yourself about nutrition and aim for a balanced diet (macro\micro nutrient-wise) cutting junk empty calories as much as possible. No need to do uneducated excesses. If you see you have to make some changes immediatly but don't know how yet, I'd advice checking a doctor or a good nutritionist.It will be worth your time and money. In long term you will thank yourself
  2. What's wrong with ego?
  3. Didn't try to convert anyone, just raising the awareness of these topics. Although, indeed, this material is quite emotional. Yep, that's why yellow and adobe's systemic thinking is needed here. IMO this shit is unacceptable and very cruel. I imagine being on avantgarde of this industry\problem can be very good life purpose
  4. What are your thoughts on this ? What percentage of the slaughterhouses do you think are like that?
  5. Usually 8-10, I try to make it more stable at 7-8 by creating various systems to increase my productivity\limit shallow work. I'm working on my design business during all these hours and I work from home
  6. How do you know life is contemporary? What is life?
  7. I'd treat it just as a relative framework to judge how woke some people "feel". I found it's pretty useful to judge someone's level of "wokeness" in daily practical situations, it gives you a good foresight for your future interactions. Especially good for leaders.
  8. Do you define conceptual type of work and admin type of work as work? For example, reading a book on sales\marketing, planning the next week work, outlining a project you're going to do, answering e-mails. Do you count it as work? This notion of work vs rest is very relative and depends on how you define it. Someone could rest watching some marketing videos yet at the same he is learning something that will help him in his business, it's business and work-related yet I find it hard to just call it work either.
  9. Imo, do nothing means you have no distractions besides just doing nothing, you just face emptiness so to speak. Tbh I think it is a bad idea to teach this technique to newbie students, as this stuff is pretty advanced. I'd start from simple concentration practice like focusing on breath and then grow your consciousness "state" while meditating from there. From focused attention on the object to effortless attention on the object to efortless attention on space to efortless attention on entire cosmos to efortless attention finally on nothingness. You build up to that thing. Without good concentration abilities (which you can train) it is very hard to hold on to nothingness truly. So I suggest sticking to less advanced stuff for now (although don't let that limit you by any means)
  10. I'm not trying to be offensive here, just giving my perspective after I read it. Right now I am under impression that all that stuff you wrote went from your vagina, not from your heart or mind, especially the part about children. I'd wear off of stimulation a little bit and think about it more sober and authentically. Not saying this guy is not right for you, though. Maybe yes, maybe no, up to you and your authentic bodymind to decide
  11. Try to do specifically concentration based meditation technique instead of insight based technique (which mindfulness meditation usually a part of). Leo has a pretty good introductory video on it, however I'd encourage to read books on meditation techniques aswell. In Leo's booklist there is one good book on the very top of meditation list, it's called .... teachings of Buddha. It goes well explaining Concentration vs Insights meditation and how the go hand in hand and especially how concentration helps with other things. You can't really do deep work in this work (nor in life purpose work) without deep concentration abilities.
  12. I think there is an unhealthy sense of identity, often inauthentic one, the one you were forced to wear for survival needs and then there is an authentic one, it's about the character you really want to play in life by your own choice, the character you enjoy, yet you don't attach to it. I think having the latter is good and is worthy of pursuing, "finding yourself" so to speak
  13. Feel for you man. It is really hard to have a good focus in nowadays time because of numerous things. Can you tell us more about your concentration meditation practice? What exactly do you do? Also, did you check your diet? What about exercising? Do you have unhealthy relationship with watching too much telephone or hectically checking new messages\notifications from your mobile? There are many things that can contribute to unfocusness, I'm struggling with it too with ups and downs
  14. I already got a hot witch girlfriend without him, too much time to wait
  15. Interesting way to do it, I'd say it is pretty advanced