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  1. @Leo Gura Do you think it might be connected to your excessive weight in the upbringing? I used to have a huge amount of excess fat too in the past and my body reactions sound quite simillar to yours. Of course, when I was fat I used to eat a lot of sugar and shit carbs, probably it contributed a lot to such a condition
  2. Bro, we probably going to live 100 years and beyond at this century. Stop being so emotional about your age
  3. I think your motivation is pretty cool. I imagine you'll also learn some social skills on how to interact with man, which are quite useful too
  4. Pick and choose, divide and conquer?
  5. Find the market you can help and provide massive value to it - I found this is the way
  6. I am the identity designer and graphic ideas\concepts for logos\identity often come in terms of insights for me when I am in the flow. I found, other than that, mind mapping helps a lot to have the creative ideas there and some other "logical" methods that usually use your association as a vehicle. Creativity by intuition is a very powerful thing, indeed, but it is more state-like. You need to cultivate certain states to be effective in it is what I found
  7. Alex Becker is actually heavily influenced my Sam. I think Sam moved higher way sooner. His actual vision right now is to make the best entrepreneurial school in the world, not just to make money. And I actually believe his aspiration. This guy clearly doesn't do it just for the money. Imo, he is one of the best\healthiest role models to look up to when integrating orange and yellow type of stuff as it relates to business. Another good one I think is Eban Pagan
  8. His motivations are actually pretty yellow
  9. Thinking and visualization your future and making sound goals and planning off of that
  10. You confuse stage green love for stage turquoise and above love
  11. Speaking more practically, from what I've read on your post, you definetely lack the respect and love for yourself and for the world and put too much emphasize on the love for her (or for vagina). Of course, it puts her Off, because from her PoV you look like a man with no substance and who has addiction to pussy. Why would you date someone only because he is addicted to your vagina? Would you like a long-term female partner who is addicted to your genitals but she is very bleak and wants to bring nothing positive to the world? Probably not. GIrls generally look more for life-partners rather than just hookup and If they don't feel that potential off of you, they won't be attracted. Unless they have very low self-esteem which you probably don't want to deal with anyways. Love the world and yourself first, then women will come effortlessly. It is like the natural law of our universe
  12. You should look at boundaries as an extension of your absolute\non-conditional love not as a restriction. Restrictions are egoic. Extensions have the property of your God-Self. You should put your boundaries lovingly and with mutual respect towards yourself, her and the world. it is pretty advanced shit, though. But you can't really expect extraordinary results if you cognize stuff from a dualistic black&white perspective. Being rigid and black&white in a thing as fluid as human relationships leads to results of the same nature. You get what you put in.
  13. You need to set boundaries to experience boundless love. The love without boundaries includes boundaries as if it would have them it wouldn't be a true boundless love
  14. Own your carreer, bro, be cool with it and everything will turn out great