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  1. wtf, dude, 172-173 is not even that low, 0 reasons to be suicidal about it
  2. Learn meta learning If you then apply it correctly you'll realize how learning from YouTube is so painfully slow and inefficient as well as taking random courses and even speaking / get coached by random native speakers Best way is when you get your learning completely in your hands and be able to disect the subject using your own mind
  3. Fuck, gotta start doing cardio then
  4. Dick carousel, lmao, what a term
  5. Girl, you're constantly dating incompatible men according to your zodiac. You're Pisces which is one of the most peaceful signs and based on your pictures you tried to date Aries, of course that ain't gonna workout. I recently studied a lot of astrological models and they seem to be very legitimate, I'd screen for sun/moon/ascendent astrology signs before considering commitment
  6. Do you have any tips on how to stay epistemically cautious while under the psychedelics? This state feels so true and pretty much everything you come up with makes perfect sense while ur under a substance
  7. You mean 100h in a row in a retreat like sort of fashion or just rigorously practicing your concentration for 100h+ in total?
  8. No need to be condescending. It's great to have this experience, but we don't know who you actually were approached by and their development level. Overall, it seems like you've never been approached by a guy who is genuinely high value, so it pretty much doesn't count
  9. Yet you're fine with spending your time waging a holywar against pickup on the forums while not even having a proper understanding of what it is and how it works
  10. Youre speculating way too much about pickup. You clearly haven't studied any of it yet you give all these judgements and strawmans
  11. You're kinda transferring your shadow to your students by advising so, imo
  12. What? All good PU tactics are all about tuning in into the woman's emotions
  13. Holycrap, man, you did an amazing job here! I was actually looking for one particular video in Leo's blog but my psyche couldn't handle scrolling through 10s of pages here
  14. @Emerald No, low value providers are not a fine dine meal, they are MCdonalds. It is especially so because basically any woman can afford to be in a relationship with such a guy her value-wise, but not all women can afford to eat in a fine dinery Metaphorically speaking, by fine dinery I mean everything you could ever want from a man - all around fine package, by MCdonalds I mean - well, you know what I mean by MCdonalds, people who you want way less but still settle for, even if you don't like it Not sure how you can tell that MCdonalds tastes good. For me, MCdonalds tastes like shit, it is literally the worst tasting food among all fast food chains, not even mentioning its health effects. Have you eaten in a fine dinery before? I don't know how you can compare that. I actually ate in it recently as an experiment, by far the worst burgers I've ever eaten, even though I bought the most pricey ones. It is although they don't even put vegetables in it, the meal is basically the chepiest small piece of meat put on top of a cheap pattie, covered in some cheap sauce that they have to add a ton of sugar to save it - here is basically the whole meal. At other places they at least put some veggies or use a bit more quality meats
  15. @Emerald The only prob is that sleeping with such a guy will actually generally give you a taste of high end luxury meal, while generally speaking you can only afford going to Mcdonalds on a daily basis (Be in a committed relationship with less alpha male), which is why, I think, women sleep/hangout with such guys so easily