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  1. There is a middle path to everything. Stop being a sheep like most people and decide for yourself, join the 1%, bro Personally, I don't see any incongruences here
  2. You're drowning in symbols and believe in them too much as though they are real, guys. That is what Leo is basically saying to you. 1+1=2 is true in the context of mathematics and our language but if we strip away the cultural meaning of symbols and the math theory behind them it doesn't have any meaning whatsoever, but you treat them in way although they do. That's a false assumption you're getting pointed into
  3. Hell, you can even become a Meditation and Yoga teacher and charge $ for it. I imagine it is very easy to setup in the current 21st society, especially if you live in the west. You can just rent a space in the gym and do marketing inside of the gym and on social media
  4. Whatever you like. You can make money off of pretty much anything if you're very good at that thing and learn some biz and marketing skills. You can make money off of bodybuilding coaching, diet coaching, graphic design, playing music, electronics, voice overing, copywriting (this is huge), online marketing, social media management, video editing, making illustrations, making AI algorithms, selling (being good at deals), project management. There is tons of stuff, don't limit yourself to just programming because it's a trendy path right now. Following masses leads to mediocrity by definition
  5. They mostly seem very stage green. Maybe organizations of it are bit higher
  6. I'd set a high priority into deliberately developing mastering and expertise in some domain that you like, so later you can avoid wage slavery and instead focus on your growing and enjoying life.
  7. Interesting observation
  8. Why do you think Hitler is evil? Contemplate your reasoning
  9. Just buy a good laptop instead with the same price. Way less tempting to game, but at the same time, you get good ergonomics and good mobility if you buy a good machine
  10. Yes, gonna divorse my wife and order one. Wouldn't marry if I knew those exist
  11. I'm sorry, where did he say that Russia is stage red?
  12. No, I am a graphic designer , I do visual identity, web design and stuff. Everything interconnects, indeed
  13. I do graphic design for my current LP and recently decided to learn drawing because it is very beneficial here. I feel like my skill grows exponentially. Gains are very fast when you focus on fundamentals .
  14. I'm not trying to bash on you, but like many people you've probably learned drawing unconsciously through brut practice, as these things are not nearly fundamentals of drawing (not saying these are useless tho). Drawing is about mental models. It's "seeing" and interpreting real-world from certain perspectives that can be put down on a piece of paper (a piece of paper has its limits). Chances are, you learned a ton of good mental models that are applicable in drawing from your 3D and architecture studies. What we usually call "drawing" skills is basically being able to project depth on a paper and make it look "3D" or so-called, "realistic", it directly comes from 3D and architecture skills. Same with your chiropractor studies. You learned scientific models of a human body and you probably also learned yogic practices from spirituality or things like Vipassana which contributed a lot. And you also became braver with cross trying stuff and noticing new connections, as well as brave enough to try stuff on your own from spirituality and self-development material. It's all explainable. Feeling great for you tho
  15. Good technique for having a long term safe sex is to get married or be in a committed long-term relationship with a girl who wasn't playing slut character before she met you (sleeping with everyone) . This way you don't get any stds or chance is super low. Otherwise, there is always risk involved. Other than that, I'd say it's more about who you're having sex with, rather than having specific protection tools. There are a shit ton of tools in the market, you can easily google them, but the problem is they strip away joy and intimacy from the intercourse since you can't feel your partner directly and "fluid-bond" with him. It diminishes trust and you both will also have less chemical released from that kind of sex. Condoms are great, but they are somewhat limited in that area still. Let's say you wear a condom but want to lick her pussy. If she has an STD you're pretty much screwed. So what is the solution? To wear these mental dams made for kunnilingus? And then you would make her wear that dam for a blowjob so you're sure she doesn't give you herpes? How can you enjoy a pussy or a dick this way?