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  1. I think a lot of it comes from your survival. Probably the more you transcend\ease your survival - the more stuff you'll be able to like and enjoy
  2. @Sombra Sounds cool. I am big fun of Sam, I think what he teaches is great. Just found you use his morning routine worksheet as a journal template . Glad you're having success with your ventures. I am using his model right now and already having some success with it. Especially the marketing stuff (Especially cold outreach and his coaching on selling). Yes, I am really from Russia. The currency seems to be declining right now, but I think Putin with his guys have the situation somewhat under control even if the ruble drops even lower, I don't think the economic system should collapse. Other than that, I am actually not touched that much by it or even benefitting since I position my business into US market and I make money in $$ which convert very well into russian rubles.
  3. Finished Sam Oven's course?
  4. I found that the less the perceived Level of Consciousness of a person -> more likely he is going to lie to you or to anyone else
  5. Yeah, makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to restate your point!
  6. Can you rephrase it? Sounds like a very interesting fact but I kinda didn't get what you mean, perhaps because you made a typo or something
  7. Creative visualization - is a pretty good book on vision. Principles (by Ray Dalio) - pretty good to envisioning and setting actions\systems on how to achieve this vision There are a lot of books that talk about this and expensive courses too. One good advice that can serve you quite well in your situation - try to setup some kind of a system of reminding you of your vision\goals\inspirations\values as well as your past achievements (For keeping up the self-esteem). It should work everyeday. For example, it can be an online sheet somewhere, or the moodboard\dreamboard. You can get pretty creative with that. The main point is to get you to review it everyday so it becomes ingrained in you and you don't forget.
  8. Yes. It's not even about getting girls that much but about being able to handle social interactions with other human beings and win in them. It just happens that way that if you win in a situation with women - you get her pussy, which is a peak thing you can get from a women, its the ultimate of closeness with her. Same can happen with men, you dominate man interaction - you get respect, loyalty, great friendship or partnership, comradery, everyone wants to stand by your back all of the sudden. It is about it, not just getting some sex. Also, I'd suggest to not listen to advice that looks like advice you got from the 2nd post or in general the advice in that area from girls. They typically lack perspective of what it's like to be a man, unless they are very good at system's thinking ( SD yellow and above)
  9. Can you clarify what you mean by vision?
  10. Tell him he is shit at system's thinking
  11. It's not how it works, bro. You need to show it where a substantial amount of people can see it. Probably close to noone watches your facebook page, hence, this is why you don't get any traffic\results. At least it is one of the reasons. You need to think of your target audience, how exactly your product benefits them (it should benefit them a lot) and where these people are hanging out. Then you go there and market the shit out of your product focusing on volume of your outreach. Then you collect the feedback from the market and you optimize your offering\product\messaging and other stuff. This is how it's done.
  12. I think if we can take 2 persons with roughly the same amount of consciousness and blind one of them we could say that then blind person will be less conscious as he'll be perceiving less visual phenomena. However, interesting thing is, he can compensate the lack of visual phenomena by listening more closely to his thoughts and ears (mental and sound phenomena), so he can become much more conscious about these than the first person as he'll also won't get distracted by visuals, but he'll still able to command his consciousness so to speak and use it. I think it's all very interesting. How do we measure consciousness, though?
  13. Fuck this shit, I suffer from it a lot too.
  14. He deserves it. Actually, more than that, based on value he created.
  15. Amazing analysis. Many people here don't seem to understand how systems work and think way too linearly and then make bunch of drama out of nowhere