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  1. was it your personal account or? What did you post before " deep stuff"?
  2. Did you initiate the breakup or you?
  3. What's wrong with potatoes?
  4. What do you mean by TMI?
  5. How do you stay in Phillipines long term if visa only allows 60 days?
  6. @ajasatya Thank you, great insights! I think with masculine&feminine energy the guy meant sexual polarity.
  7. Well, I believe you but be careful still. Also good habit to adopt as early as possible is to always have 2 condoms in the wallet with you. That's probably a bit too early but healthy sex life and sex education is really important.
  8. Also don't get baited into sex without a condom with young girls. I've seen a lot of 16-20 yo's that are too irresponsible in this regard
  9. Learn some technical skills and freelance with them from young age (for ex:Photopgraphy, graphic design, videography, web-design, programming, etc) Explore them, find the medium you like
  10. Aswell as for stealing
  11. @Sahil Pandit Can you elaborate?
  12. Also, can you comment on detachment? What is it like in your marriage and what ideal you thrive towards? I found it is somewhat tricky as with marriage you commit your life to one person
  13. Thank you! Do you ever fight with your wife over anything or you completely transcended this? How your conflicts look like? Do they trigger you emotionally? Also, what is a good "criteria" for a wife in your opinion, how do you know it is the right person? From the perspective of a Self-actualizing individual who is into pursuit of truth and embodying it
  14. @ajasatya I personally want it and would be very thankful if you go hardcore on this topic. I am in the midst of going for such a commitment myself and I suspect a lot of value in it. But I have my concerns as I lack in life experience and I'm pretty young
  15. Love and Love-being is way more important and profound than petty egoic desires