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  1. Why don't you build a decent transitinal career\business that yo actually enjoy doing while building up to your purpose? You don't have to work in a factory for 10 years, of course that's soul sucking. I know money can be good in comparisson to the general population, but it is still uncomparable of how much you could make if you started your programming\design\advertisement\art\computer graphics agency\studio or simillar things like that and be serious about it
  2. Imo, invest in stuff that will give you faster return of your investments - quality food, proper education, busyness, health, fitness, travelling, being social. Potentially it can yield much higher value in much faster rate. Not in terms of money only but also in terms of enjoying your life and self-actualizing. Index funds are not the kind of investments one should pursue at such a young age, especially when being on such a low cash (100-150$ extra after monthly expenses is very low)
  3. Listen to your inner sage on how many videos you should watch and how often. Consider swapping some of them for contemplation sessions\deeper inquiry into life and actually living on a deep level
  4. This forum is too green and lacks yellow. Also a lot of people here are not that much into action and they give it some spiritual rationale like "there is nothing to do", "I don't exist", " who is taking action?" which is, in my opinion, quite toxic to be around with. For some reason people here equate being spiritual to being passive while doing something in the world is considered an egoistical en devour. Excesses of green, I guess
  5. Consulting.com is super great program for entrepeneurship, however it is pretty costy, costs 2k$ per month. The guy who runs it reminds me of Leo in terms of depth and holism of a material. You can watch his youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/samovenstv
  6. I'm not Leo, but I'll tell you how I reconciled that one for myself. A lot of guys and me in the past confuse desire with neediness. The desire is about you wanting her sexually, your so called "intent", neediness is about your level of attachment. With women its okay to desire her and it is actually very benefitial for attraction levels and for your intimacy with her, especially if you do it authentically and without being a weirdo. Women WANT TO BE WANTED. Attachment, on the other hand, is your clinginess to a women or to a particular situation (like having sex). If you have a mentality that if it doesn't work out with that particular woman you're gonna get depressed and sad, having an ego backlash from all your conscious habits and good life, of course it's gonna repel women and of course it's highly unnatractive. Women subconsiously want you to be fine with or without them, if they feel that off of you, they are gonna be naturally more attracted to you. That's one of the reasons why people who meditate find intimate partners way easier.
  7. @Leo Gura What about leading? Isn't leading a sort of manipulation? Even if its a conscious leading. You make people react to the stuff that you do so you together can fulfill a benefitial agenda for everyone. What about being a successful visionary? Isn't it fundamentally manipulating the minds of individuals, changing them for whatever purposes, for good or for bad? Isn't changing others a manipulation? Isn't all communication fundemantally a manipulation? You try to manipulate the perception of other being so he "gets" your message. Isn't making your girl laugh, feel loved or have an orgasm a manipulation? What I found is to be successful at this work you're required to do it. Every action you take in life you kinda manipulate everything around you and inside you and "create" by doing it. Even if it's just killing an ant. When you're not manipulating anything, you're basically living a non-existent lifestyle, you're not doing, creating or achieving anything, just being, like a full-time yogi or a monk. Although I imagine it can be quite blissful to be in that sort of enlightened-vegetable state, you're not really participating in the game of life fully this way, you're not creating big stuff\change in the world, relativistically speaking (although when if you're not doing anything you're still affecting others and "create" by definition). Isn't manipulation a good skill to have and develop for self-actualization? I can see how it can be used for greater good and how improving your manipulation skill makes you better at creating the conscious change in the world. Which most of us are about on this forum. Just wanted to hear your take on this P.S. Of course in the context of these "I can't get a girlfriend\get laid, please help" threads manipulation has a very negative connotation and it's utter abomination how typical PUA guys approach this topic and the reasons why they do it (although, it's quite understandable).
  8. You can get ripped by eating unhealthy foods, it is pretty common and documented everywhere. The most important thing here is to account macronutrients and manage calorie deficits combined with good exercise. Don't confuse being jacked with being healthy. Also don't confuse bodybuilding diet with diet that benefits creativity and spirituality. You don't need too sophisticated of a brain chemistry to lift big weights
  9. You have plenty of life ahead of you. You can commit the next 10-20 years of your life to become a world class runner (or whoever you want) and have a blast in society socially and career wise, doing it consciously and applying consciousness work to empower all that. And then, when you achieve it, you'd focus on transitioning to sage life. See how Peter Ralston has done it. He made it as a top notch martial artist and then transitioned into becoming a sage, teaching spiritual topics and martial arts for millions of dollars through his workshops See how Leo's done it. You're suffering from perfectionism and overthinking, it stops you from actually going and doing shit, my man
  10. May I ask you, what type of job are you working on? And what online business are you planning to start, in what niche?
  11. You can learn some graphic design\web design skills and find the work here, it should be easier. It is a very relatable solution as you'll be able to practice your illustrations here. What you'll actually be doing is just packaging your illustration work into UI and polygraphy grids . You'll actually have an edge over other people in that industry with your skills\desires, as illustrations are very trendy in graphic\web design right now. Later as your skills grow, you can transition into full illustrator job\freelance, doing comics\cartoons\storyboards\paintings\artwork or whatever you want to do with your skills
  12. Finding a thing you're passionate about and doing it is a part of self-actualization process, they are not separate
  13. This youtuber also looks like a kid aswell in terms of consciousness. You can estimate the level of consciousness just by looking onto his face. HIs face is full of fear, delusion, dogma, hate and self-doubt. For me such things are a big red flag in terms of treating someone as an authoritative figure. Although, it seems that he meditates, his concentration\focusing ability is very good
  14. @Leo Gura I also found that contemplating those questions (symbolism and language) gives an enormous boost to your effectiveness in practical matters. For example having more understanding and awareness on how symbolism works helped me to improve as a graphic designer a lot as this profession is all about communicating certain messages through symbolic elements. This work indeed improves your life on very practical earthly levels too.
  15. In my current perspective it's not illusionary and I find in my direct experience that understanding this concept is very useful tool for survival. For example, I can eat a healthy meal and feel good afterwards or I can eat a unhealthy meal and feel very bad afterwards. I can exercise consistently and reap benefits from this or I can negate it and my health will suffer from it. I can meditate everyday and be more "woke" on day-to-day basis or I can negate it altogether and see how I splurge into unconsious patterns. I can go work hard on my money situation, do proper marketing and potentially get good results or I can do 0 marketing and negate business skills altogether and i'll have a good chance that nothing will happen and I'll find myself buying cheetos living in my mum's home just for the sake of symbolism and metaphorically giving credit to Leo. I've never been as conscious of these Cause and Effect dynamics as I am now. It seems that your Actions have Consequeces and it feels very real from the ego perspective. What you're doing today determines where you are and who you are in the day\week\year\5 years from now. I found contemplating it and being conscious of this very profound. But recently you said that this is an illusion without much elaboration and it got me confused. @Leo Gura