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  1. You don't have to have enlightenment experience to notice that the less ego you have - the better it feels
  2. From my experience the more you move up the spiral and the more consciousness you have - more happy your become, your ability to enjoy life literally skyrockets. it is counter intuitive as fuck tho P.S. Watch Leo's videos "What is spirituality" and "Meaning, purpose and value"
  3. We create our own reality anyways, consciously or subconsciously
  4. Why not? Such a great medium for 21st century
  5. @Shin Haha, it's funny as fuck It seems like you use your willpower instead of consciousness to do all this nofap thing tho, don't you think it's a wrong approach?
  6. A good way to integrate green is to find friends and woman (or man) you really like and love them unconditionally
  7. You need to contemplate\do some self-inquiry, it's not a nonduality nonsense, It's just questioning all your beliefs you hold about reality and Self
  8. @Mikael89This all are just stories in your head, good and bad don't exist in nature, as well as being happy, boring, lazy, "Alpha male". It's all are just made-up concepts you chose to believe in
  9. When you're contemplating with a journal because Leo told you to do so but your girlfriend...
  10. @Etagnwo Holyshit, such a golden nugget of advice here. Enjoyed reading first 4-5 pages of this thread and resonate with it A LOT. From my experience this is really how it works. And when you do the opposite it usually leads to delusion and misery. The most important thing, imo, is to go for women you really desire. With such woman you can genuinely say that you adore her, she'll sense the authenticity off of you and that will make everything so much smoother and rewarding.
  11. For me Leo is way higher than that. And Echkart Tolle too, he looks enlightened as fuck
  12. The book of not knowing