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  1. I Double it. Exactly this. Just learn to embrace the fear and act despite it and you'll grow enormously from that. That's huge
  2. Imo it's good for ordinary folks who don't do sports very much. But for those who do do sports (me inlcluded) it's pretty hard and stressful to take in all calories you need in one meal. Especially if you do it with healthy foods as they tend to be more caloric dense meaning more volume for less calories. You just feel superbloated after such 2k~ calorie meal. And it's impossible, really, to consume a lot of vegies this way. Your stomach doesn't say ty.
  3. Please, share your experience on how you found your life purpose. What did u do? How did it happen? What frameworks did you use? What book helped you the most in this journey? Secodandary, did you go to university ? how did you align your life purpose with university degree? What major did you choose because of your LP and why?
  4. Well, his main direction of channel is prank\comedy, not pickup, even though he does a lot of it in very creative ways. He does this "email" thing just for the lauphter. And sometimes he fakes his nervousness too, just for fun.
  5. One decided for himself how spiritual\antispiritual his pick-up style is. Watch "That was epic" on youtube. His approaches and style are almost non-egoic and yet he is super magnetic to opposite sex, very inspiring. Of course there is an argument to be made that if you go full out on manipulation and dirty tricks and act purely out of your ego you may attract more girls and they will have more "sexual value" (i'm talking about these 1-10 scales ) but they won't necessarily make you fulfilled and they might not be the kind of women you're looking for. We reap what we saw and attract alike.
  6. Very cool idea, Will participate for sure. We need to update the first post when new challenge\vote arises. Now it's pretty hard to follow because you have to read every page to see what's going, very inconvinitent.
  7. @Azote Action despite fear is one of the most beautiful things i've found in life. It led me to amazing experiences . Fear limits us so much you only start to understand that when you consciously break through.
  8. Yeah, very interested to know what Leo @Leo Gura has to say about this one. This book seems very esoteric
  9. Do you want to make her your gf\make it more sexual or it's all about friendship you're pissed about?
  10. Yeah, I'm kinda wondering about the same topic. Unluckily there is not that much research on what is better and nutrition schools (or just nutrition content in internet) in general look pretty dogmatic in advices on how to eat "properly". So, I guess we gotta just do our own researches for now, I do the same.
  11. Moscow, Russia, feel free to hit me up
  12. @Leo Gura Did u read the book "Transurfing of reality" by quantum physicist Vadim Zeland? If so, what do you think about it?
  13. @aurum very precise, especially parts about being "aloof" while texting and gifting