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  1. It all happens because you just blindly acquire knowledge after knowledge without digesting and organizing it properly and putting it into processes. Of course it will be useless in this way. Brainstorm at least 10-20 ways Spiral Dynamics framework can be useful to YOU and think of what PROCESSES you can put for yourself to benefit from it in ACTUALITY, not in theory. Then all that nonsensical doubt will disappear.
  2. The Spiral Dynamics model is not black and white. If you're turquoise it doesn't mean you can't be angry at people at all or can't have blindspots, same for yellow. It just means you're less prone to get fucked by these things, it doesn't give you 100% immunity. Especially considering the fact that almost no people get instantly born into yellow. That means there is a lot of potential for unintegrated shadows from being in previous stages and having traumas there
  3. Who cares. When you're successfully seduced, you will say yes anyways, even if the guy asks for it If you won't say yes, then the guy is a shit seducer, just reject him
  4. Did you guys consider learning about sexuality and intimacy and read some books about it? Seems like the guy doesn't have skills. It's all earnable.
  5. They had such populistic headlines in voting brochure (Funding for science, ecology, saving animals and supporting art, improving healthcare, etc). I'm sure even a lot of young people voted "Yes" because they didn't read anything past headlines. It's funny how headlines sounded very orange\green, while the whole document is of course skewed towards blue and if you read the whole thing you'd be sure it's blue. I was sure af it would get passed first and foremost because of their tricky copywriting and not willingness of masses to research stuff deeper
  6. Yes! Feels good!!
  7. Dude, who the fuck is conservative in their youth? If you're not a rebel when you're young there is clearly something wrong with you, unless you're super smart, which seems to not be the case with your friends. Just cut them out.
  8. @LfcCharlie4 Does the guy support eating meat?
  9. Can vouch for these guys, they are golden
  10. I think if I better articulate it, my point is that average person should focus on deconstructing societal conditioning first, before going to something much larger. I see so many people are preoccupied with what their parents will think of them or with thoughts that if they don't have children it will make them bad people, or that they have to fit in and lie (consciously) about stuff, it's just a disaster. I just don't see AT ALL how these people can climb the meditation stages or get some bits of extraordinary understanding of reality when most of them have no clue how to find the simple decent job that pays bills, let alone creating a life purpose type of job or\and staring their own business. I think spirituality is way harder than starting a business and 98-99% of people fail at this spectacularly even though a lot of people try to do it. And for spirituality, a very tiny % of people actually try it, because doing spiritually isn't something mainstream in our culture, so even less percent of success here
  11. The average person is so brainwashed, it would be much better to start by questioning very superficial beliefs, i.e. "Will this job really get me there?", "What is happiness?", "Why do I want to cum inside her vagina\Let this guy cum inside me", "Why should I listen to my parents?", "Why I should listen to professors\news\friends", "How am I getting brainwashed?", "Where I can be wrong in my beliefs?" , etc. But, of course, almost no people ask these questions, even that is too deep
  12. Don't worry about that. We know you put a pound or two because of coronavirus, we accept you as you are =) Maybe you should use this advice to stay away from academics, though. I know most of them are depressed fucks
  13. What do you do after these 2 mins? Maybe you drink coffee or something and it makes your chemicals go crazy because of it
  14. What? why do you give the authority to some shitty insitutions to judge if you are to become a good intellectual? Especially in a setting where you didn't control your schooling at all and was completely dependent on your parents/local government to provide you with everything Question all this stuff you are concerned with. This would be your first step to become a top notch intellectual
  15. These are great, i've read them all