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  1. Just follow your personal bliss and you'll figure out everything rather quickly After all, you came to this life to be uniquely you, so own your uniqueness and don't let other people gaslight you/Bailey you
  2. I started to think of it like this as well. This ADHD-related stuff is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It makes you hyper curious and creative, yet then it's hard to just get stuck on one idea and get shit done in its paradygm. It makes you explore, explore, explore, never getting stuck at one perspective/idea I feel like sort of a grumpy/slightly depressed attitude towards life probably works in the same fashion. From very early childhood, I saw the bullshit literally in everything and was constantly thinking how everything is full of shit. That kinda pushed me into a direction to find out what is actually NOT full of shit? What is actually authentic/true? Having grew up in a toxic family environment with lies as a basis of every interaction propagated this desire/passion even more. Not even saying anything about school system and everything related to that
  3. @Leo Gura Meh. I resisted this idea for a long time, but the latest dives/discoveries showed me that I am probably spiritually gifted. I probably have some particular karma from past lives or whatever. It just flows so naturally and I have no problem valuing the raw pursuit of understanding. While I look at many other people who even share similar childhood trauma to mine, they just seem impenetrable on living an "unconscious" life and it looks like nothing can stop them/change it. And it even feels "wrong" and you get a huge karmic pushback when you try to "change" them or somehow influence them in that domain and I think it happens primarily because you're trying to limit their unique self-expression in this world. Unique self-expression of being this unconscious thing, either fully unconscious or until a certain specific moment when they themselves will decide to wake up. It's very painful to have long-term bonds with such people when this happens, I learned this the hard way. They just try to gaslight you into living life in a fully unconscious way, fully expressing yourself in that unconsciousness and I don't even judge here, it's just another way to be, in a sense. Which naturally repels you if you have some degree of wokeness and can hold off their gaslighting
  4. @BlurryBoi Careful with that 9-5 path. Many people here are working 9-5 and don't know what they are talking about/doing. This "just work 9-5 and just save for 5-10" years is a huge trap, you just waste your life by simply having huge opportunity cost. Consider going middle path and creating some kind of a skill-based cash flow business that can given you transfteable skills/experiences for your future LP. I am talking about things like design, 3D art, writing/copy writing, marketing, advertising, branding, any kind of expert-based consulting, programming if you're into it, even professional independent sales, et cetera. It's infinitely less soul-draining to do this stuff even if it's not your LP yet. And you also get rewarded very well for your skill and creativity. On a regular job you don't get rewarded at all, typically, unless you deliberately find some more high consciousness job with people who value these things
  5. @machiavelli I see, but did you read any books on that? Or on how to meditate properly?
  6. @machiavelli Dude, why ur so stubborn? You're clearly not doing the work Serious meditation will clearly give you those states you're seeking for, but you have to put effort into it.
  7. @machiavelli Dude, diversify your sources. It looks like gaslighted yourself with Leo's talk on psychedelics. Psychedelics is not the only tool there is and you don't have to make it your MAIN one as Leo does. There are numerous books and numerous case studies of people developing all kinds of abilities through getting really good at meditation and different meditation-esque techniques. You just gotta do some digging and read up on some non-mainstream stuff. Books like "Power of now" won't cut it in that domain
  8. It depends on how you want to experience your life intimately
  9. @EddieEddie1995 Do you do it while still in bed with the girl or like 20-30 mins after the fact?
  10. Sounds like a great enlightenment practice while being in the toilet, lol!
  11. @Leo Gura How much you think they should increase salaries for it to be much fairer and more conscious? Is it, 20% more? 50% more? 2x his current salary? 3x his current salary? Let's say we are talking about some storehouse guy from Amazon or a cashier from Walmart as a relative point. From what I saw on internet they earn about $35-40k/year right now
  12. @Leo Gura Does it make you less attached/empathetic to them or more?
  13. It might sound a bit bizarre, but can you please elaborate on the dynamics of how it all happens? I think many folks would benefit from it a lot as I see many struggle with leaving home issues/don't recognize the problem fully
  14. But some of them are really cute, though
  15. Holycrap, I googled it too