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  1. Dude, 5k approaches is rather quick and it's only the beginning of it all Later there is much more stuff in building a relationship department, so don't get overwhelmed by some silly 5k
  2. Meh, who isn't full of shit, really?
  3. No If internet didn't exist, I would just drawn in a groupthink of a Russian society and be much much different person to the worse The combo of learning English + internet and consuming more advanced thinkers/cultures was one of the most crucial steps in my development as a human
  4. Dunno, dude, I don't see much mockery to be honest, feels like pure art!
  5. Disclaimer: I don't support the dude and his political party. Though I sometimes love to listen to his speeches as he is an incredible speaker. One guy made an art by combining his speeches into famous songs and made an almost 3m youtube channel by doing so . The results are so cool
  6. We gotta think for ourselves, guys
  7. There is an anime about it - sword masters online it's called Cool concept, but not sure about ethics of it On the other hand, people die every year in underground fight tournaments with out rules and stuff, so it's kinda and extension of it but in a cooler way cause here you'll be fighting in a fantasy settings
  8. Wow Most of you guys are such toxic scepticists
  9. Why the label Allien though?
  10. Jed mckennna is a great fucker
  11. Can you explain the rationale behind it?
  12. Do it, man, it will be very healthy for both of you Don't take experience with anyone for granted, everyone deserves a closure and goodbye note, imo
  13. Yeah, I actually liked a guy, it seems like just a language limitation/debate about wording He is clearly not talking about awakening but rather about benefits of a more mindful and woke state I guess