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  1. It's visual of course, but it goes much deeper than what mainstream society means by "looks". They usually just mean superficial shallow bullshit like having doll-like physical features or having a top notch make up hiding all the crap women have on their faces from horrific diet they usually eat. Of course deepest personality and consciousness shines through body language. You "feel" this superior and cleaner energy. In a sense this is how you ultimately optimize your looks. Not by going to plastic surgery or even to the gym, though gym is nice, but working on empowering your psyche and psychic energy
  2. No, I can get attracted in a split second because personality has the ability to shine through in a split second You also see persons certain aura and state and how he "is" as being, which is basically his personality which basically means how person decides to self express himself in this world
  3. Lol, I personally don't care about looks at all unless a girl has extremely bad looks that are (!) contingent on her own choices in life (overweight, a lot of diseases from bad life habits, etc). For me personality trumps looks every time. I have a very unique wiring/early life experience that affected this, though, gotta admit. Also, if a girl is unethical and isn't attracted to me or play social games that are too silly/shallow/superficial, that's an instant turn off for me "Depth" of a girl will serve as a directly proportional metric relative to how I will be attractive to her. And this depth can be presented through wildy different means
  4. But it lasts only like 5 minutes. Or you mean basking together in the afterglow?
  5. Meh, my problem is that if people at least a little bit smarter, our conversation turn into a philosophical shitshow It's great, but I still feel unfulfilled because so much of the time is spent on correcting their epistemics vs actually trying to grasp the truth or finding some new insight. You start to feel like a therapist or coach dealing with their bullshit, lol But then I just can't help myself because usually people are so shallow and don't care about any of this stuff at all, so even if a guy has shitty epistemics but at least philosophically minded to some degree it feels good I guess just gotta find the right pack
  6. The religion of tomorrow (one of the latest books) is very very good and pretty comprehensive
  7. I tried vaping for 1 month with 0 nicotine liquids. I still experienced negative effects on my lungs and cardiovascular health off of it so I threw in in a garbage can. After 1-2 months of NOT vaping the effects went away
  8. It doesn't really work in practice. It's like saying - go shoot only 0.1g of heroin (Or what is the low dose, I don't even know) and then stop. Or take just a few bites of a hamburger in MCdonalds and then throw it away These things work like rabbitholes, lol
  9. But your decisions will still be hijacked by your epistemics and what your in-group thinks and likes/disikes It baffles me in recent time how little people think about their most important decisions and how much they give away that process to their in group and those that are high in its hierarchy Such bullshit, but seems like it worked very well historically, lol
  10. Hey, would love to be accountability partners with someone as well, girl or guy, I don't care Dm me
  11. Do you know any tecniques how to cope with this? Especially when you're inside a very shitty situation
  12. Sounds like you are lacking in leadership and she is actually waiting for you to take her
  13. I am a guy and she still taught me a lot of great psyuchological techniques/frames, not to even say she is extremely hot and pleasant to watch It's like a Victorian model girl turned spiritual teaching you about enlightenment Spirituality can be sexy too after all 😉 (hence infinity)
  14. She is sexy, who wouldn't want to live with her?