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  1. Though it is another pickup thread hehe Yeah, man, I feel like I am transcending the notion of models too lately. They can be useful for sure, but pure raw insights are superior to any knowledge you can get. Being > Knowledge. In a sense, reading way too many books and way too many models is a huge waste of time if you're not using other modes of cognition and learning. You are basically making your metaphysics rely on some symbolic work people made in the past and it has a lot of limitations What's cool is that once you learn how to get your own insights, you no longer need that many models and you can so much easily create your own and tinker with existing ones/your own. Most people who learn models won't be able to play with them very much, they will treat them as rigid rules, but you will be able to
  2. Can still be salvaged, imo, if you guys had a really really good time together, which sounds like you did Just send her a huge appreciate note about the time you've spent together, say sorry for the abrupt ending and that you would LOVE to hang out with her again somewhere outside (Getting a juice in the park, eat some food together in nature, some nature gazing or whatever, just not in your appartment) Just make sure you communicate the appreciation for her really intensely, that she made a great lasting impression on you, find good excuses for poor follow-up (you were confused? Was overwhelmed with life/bad health?) and lead your way into the next engagement. If she doesn't want to continue - that's fine Women really crave this leading/engaging mentality, she probably expected it of you but got disappointed
  3. @Leo Gura What if you get so woke and strong as a man that "10" just drops on your lap. Do you think she will still give you a ton of suffering? I agree that deliberately chasing 10's is stupid, though Even deliberately chasing 6-8 can give you a ton of suffering, let alone 9-10, lol
  4. Any skill you like, just get to some decent level quickly Copywriting, 3D modeling, video editing, graphic design, programming, voice over, ads and marketing skills of any kind, 100 more similar skills This kind of money you can make with knowing the bare basics The key is to be able so solve someone's problem and be focused and determined about who you're marketing yourself to
  5. Learn some kind of a skill quickly that provides value to other people, then just spam hundreds of people and offer solving their problems with it in exchange for money
  6. You can be friends and lovers as the same time, there can be no contradiction. One alternative way to go is just to OWN the friend's frame completely and be passionate beyond it. Like YES, I want to be friends with you, of course! Then if you do attraction stuff well enough it can escalate further Best relationships are anyway is when you're both very good friends and also passionate lovers. That's like the best possible place you can be and this is what actually escalates to a potential Marriage later
  7. F your friends, man, make your art your best friend
  8. Most scientific books I've seen on this are pretty shitty Peter's Ralstons stuff, however, is pretty good. "The book of not knowing"
  9. Who cares man, women are not some rigid religious samurai warriors. They can turn their mood on a whim and then even deny that she perceived you as "just a friend". Women and feminine people can be chaotic, don't take their words as way too determined, women are spontaneous as fuck Just go on another date with her, nail her to the wall and kiss her again (when it will be an appropriate thing to do so)
  10. Are these dissociation practices are just games then? You do them just to go full circle in the end?
  11. Why do you think so?
  12. Just get out ASAP bro
  13. Teal Swan is good
  14. All the long term stuff you're planning for yourself will always be happening in the now