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  1. Limiting your fructose intake is a good idea too
  2. Just go and get it
  3. Don't think too much about right now or you will fuck up your exams. It's totally normal to be a nooby in that area in your age. You'll catch up in college. Your first attempts and connections have a high chance to be shallow anyways and you will regret chasing it right now just because some kids figured out "the basics" before you and you sorta envy them. Drop that shit, dude.
  4. There is a very good book on Speed reading in Leo's booklist
  5. You can "pursue" sex by just getting a nice girlfriend and commiting to long term relationship with her. It is even better for sex as you'll be able to have it consistenly this way and your sex will improve overtime as you both get better at it and bond closer to each other
  6. Don't be afraid of your own authenticity. There is nothing wrong in saying her "I like you" if you do. Especially if you already got some traction with her and had sex. Don't let manipulation techniques from pickup get too much in your head. Genuine way is the best way.
  7. Very profound topic
  8. Your plan is good. Just talk about cognitive development in different countries or in different social groups. It is basically a demographic research and demographics as a field of study is directly related to geography
  9. I have nothing against maha mudra, I was speaking mainly about kechari mudra or "tongue" mudra so to speak
  10. Yeah. This Kechari thing is what triggers me. Is it important to be successful at kriya? I like breathing stuff and pranayamas
  11. @Leo Gura Do you think it is a good idea to marry a person who is not that much into spirituality and self-actualization?
  12. How crucial is to do "tongue" exercises and mudras ? It is the thing that repels me very much
  13. Try to search "vipassana" in a forum, there are plenty of reports, including mine