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  1. I've been thinking a lot lately about how people's ideas have been affecting me through my life. I notice I have/had some ideas about things which led me in completely horseshit directions in life or situations or made me do things that are suboptimal. Lately I've been doing a lot of "genealogy" of these ideas. And of course 100% of them came from other people. They came from random talks with random ordinary people or from me overhearing or somehow consuming other's people thoughts What I also noticed is how shitty and outright stupid all these ideas were, like they are pure stupidity. Even though I got some of them mostly from people who I was looking up to I couldn't help but wonder how come these people have such bad ideas about stuff And I just realized, dude, most people's ideas about anything are absolute garbage. It's like I take just any random ordinary person I know and do a mental experiment - how bad are their ideas about anything? I shuffle through many lenses and modalities, either big (like their ideas about politics, etc) or small (how to do small technical minutia in some topic) and I just see it's so bad It is so bad it makes me sick how wrong the ordinary person just about everything, it's just mind-numbing. And especially how stupid it is on me to give a lot of credence to their ideas without much consideration. It really costs you a lot in the long run and it's so hard to escape being infected by these ideas cause every day you get bombarded by them from everywhere even if you just sit at home
  2. Russia has improved quite a lot in terms of infrastructure, that's for sure But consciousness wise it is still super behind
  3. Subjectively if feels like it's been way less corruption in the past years and there are actually ton of improvements in Russian infrustructure Actually becoming very nice place to live My main complain about Russia is for sure its social politics rather than quality of life. Though western products are expensive af and it hurts. But there are a ton of Russian and Сhinese replacements nowadays that are quite good. We even have a plant milk brand that is in my opinion superior to western plant milk brands
  4. Idk about Rogan, but I listen to the first 2 guys a lot and I find immense value in their stuff
  5. To be honest this guy seems to indeed have some serious brain problems and it's very apparent Maybe with full working brain he'd be a great president but I feel like with such condition it's better be some other dude, maybe some other democrat
  6. That already narrows down candidates a ton Most people here support it, despite being educated (or more like indoctrinated) and all or at least are fine and neutral about it
  7. Lol, 95% of women here do exactly that - scroll Instagram all day Where did you meet them? At some western university? That's a different breed
  8. Intelligence is such an important factor in your partner Why do you want to give that up so easily?
  9. But it is a huge issue I just can't stand them when they start talking or when they give a reaction to various phenomena. It's just such a shitty match for me, no amount of genetic beauty will cover for that Moreоver wiser more developed women usually easily learn how to take proper care of their bodies, so physical attraction is not really an issue while the energetic "feel" is like night and day difference There are some rare gems for sure and some of my conscious friends have found amazing russian women, but it's a rarity
  10. I would never ever in my life want to date a typical Russian woman you see in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or elsewhere Why do you want them when you have such amazing developed women in the west with so many green+ communities who are actually in tune with their femininity and other important things? I just don't get it
  11. I find Russian girls to be overhyped
  12. Omg, ty Youtube on mobile drives me nuts
  13. What problem do you have with that if we talk more precisely?