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  1. Hey, thanks for the app, I tried it out last week, think it will work well for busy days when I can't bring myself to do my longer obese-friendly Team Body Project workouts. My sedentary ass got coxarthrosis or something though, so it's just physical therapy for me this week lol
  2. @T K W A N bruh, one human's life isn't really significant at all in the grand scheme of things. So yeah, nothing to see here
  3. Oh my god, I totally would find any excuse to not exercise. Anywhere. Like the lifestyle minimalism video - it doesn't mention any sport as a focus area, so fuck it I guess. Thankfully, I recently learned that no cardio means lower intelligence, so that was motivating
  4. Turns out I didn't have to become super conscious and "cool" to read a book a week and walk 10k a day. Just needed to commute to the office every day lol
  5. I made it to the normal BMI range. Haven't been here since puberty.
  6. @jjer94 Uhm... take-off runway rumble?✈️
  7. @Naviy still on my way to becoming a functional adult
  8. I'm outta the dorm! No roaches, no roommates, can do embarrassing shit like kriyas and breathing exercises and stuff. Yeaaaah
  9. Man, this doesn't seem deeply thought out. You need more research.
  10. Holy shit, a paycheck? What's next? Puberty?
  11. youtube yoga instructor: It's okay, you can scream and cry, just keep going! me: I can WHAT
  12. @General 2 К.Довлатов. Техника "МИД"
  13. I use a variation developed by a russian psychologist, and it's really cool for fears and limiting beliefs. I get LOTS of physical reactions when releasing emotional charges though, like yawning and runny nose. Also, it's tiring, so I have to go at a small pace. Guess I gotta be patient to get tangible results.
  14. Current weightloss attempt finally reached the starting point of the previous one. Oh, we truly don't appreciate what we have until we lose it. (shoot me)
  15. @Privet grow up and let me go already, will ya?