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  1. There are a couple of hundred of criminal cases (almost all resulted in conviction) a year for just insulting the goverment on social media. An then there are other charges like "discrediting the army. Recently an article with statistics on putin's repressions was released if you're interested (it's in Russian tho)
  2. @Karmadhi he was the last one with enough political weight to represent an alternative to putin
  3. Putin is maintaining that need and scarcity in people. If this is the winning strategy at this tier, how the fuck does any development beyond that ever happen?
  4. So, if I wish Russia well as it's citizen, but also am a snowflake with stage green values, I should fuck off to another country and not stand in the way?
  5. Guess I have to conclude this 6-year-long Journal of Inconsistent Effort and Zero Result. Still broke, still depressed, gained back all the weight. Shit is nowhere near being handled. Probably would've been happier if I didn't start all this self-development thing altogether, spiritual ego and all. Definitely not doing any more public journals, don't need extra anxiety sources. Bye!
  6. Agreed with statements like 'women are better than men' how the fuck did I get 0%/0% lol
  7. @Hello from Russia ой дратути it's complicated. It'd like a more stable nervous system thank you
  8. Got cleared by my doctor for quitting antidepressants. The withdrawal period has passed, and now it seems I have to make real steps to solve my issues. The major one right now - I cannot unsee salary poll data. The median for an analyst like me is almost double my current rate. So, with no pill, this fact makes me cry eveeryday in which I didn't study some math or updated my linkedin or something like that. It's not "act today or cry tomorrow", it's fucking "act now or literally burst in tears in front of your boss in a couple of hours". Instant job carma lol
  9. The book on personal boundaries starts with sleep schedule. And then goes to exercise regimen. And then to diet. Oh come on! Boring basic stuff I haven't handled yet again!
  10. Guess I have a therapist now. Was it a smart strategic decision or just a rationalized impulse to spend money? We'll see
  11. Soooo. End of the year blog post! Now, there are still 2 big things I need to take care of before I can end this journal. The loan thing and the weight thing. This year I paid off about 6% of the loan and now expect to cover it all by 2024. And I reached the 63kg benchmark - this was my weight right before my 3 years at boarding school started. That means I am now free of all that shitty empty carb state school food. Holy shit is it great to be an adult and be able to buy tons of meat and veggies. Sheesh. A fucking good year. I'll keep my rEsoLutioNs for 2022 to myself. Happy holidays y'all
  12. I have been doing something good and that which I didn't expect of myself. But I'm afraid to scare my luck by telling anyone and to slide back
  13. Hey, thanks for the app, I tried it out last week, think it will work well for busy days when I can't bring myself to do my longer obese-friendly Team Body Project workouts. My sedentary ass got coxarthrosis or something though, so it's just physical therapy for me this week lol