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  1. Go read that post from Daniel Schmachtenberger from the recent Leo’s bllog post, BUT… AS IF YOU HAVE WRITTEN THAT TO YOURSELF. P.S. Than print that and hang on the bath mirror or in the toilet and read everyday as if you are talking to yourself. I’ll surely do that.
  2. Hey there! Bought myself an eight-week course from Rebel Wisdom. I expect to get some useful knowledge and practice some skills on mindfulness, epistemology and shadow work. There’ll be such guys like Doshin Roshi aka “The Shadow Roshi” and Daniel Schamachtenberger aka “Stage Yellow guy, in whom Leo fell in love” 😊 Kidding, it’s me the one who fell in love with his brain and I will try my best to pick it up during the course. I’ll be glad to see somebody from that forum join me. I guess it can be a great opportunity to make some friends or networking!) P.S. Thank you, as always, @Leo Gura for sharing! I’m really inspired and motivated by Daniel and opportunity to build up my epistemology skills. BTW, I thought it’ll be interesting if you’ve made some Daniel Schmachtenberger critique like Jordan Peterson video. I mean, the bigger the model the bigger the problem, but it’s hard for me myself to notice his flaws and mistakes because I’m looking from below. Seems like it can be beneficial for you from the marketing/gathering eyeballs POV also. This guy attracting a lot of attention and even appeared on the Lex Friedman’s podcast couple days ago. I’m sure, a lot of those who are into him may be also openminded enough for your work. With conditional Love, Arsen! ❤️
  3. • Probably, Aubrey Marcus will be okay. • Also, Sadhguru seems to be reachable. Guess it can be a great conversation. • Of course, I’ll probably shit my pants if you and Daniel Schmachtenberger got together. • Bernardo Kastrup maybe too. • Ken Wilber, of course or some of his team from Integral Life. • Lex Fridman (probably too threatening for him and his audience). • Some witches. • Doshin Roshi from Integral Zen.
  4. Saw you on Charlie & Ben today! It was a good time investment. It’s cool how you can navigate and simply put such a radical things and especially the way you connect it with the day to day survival without biases and judgments: “This is an existential bind”. Also great questions and insights about Spiral Dynamics. Very helpful.
  5. Great Job! Thank you for sharing. It’s really a joy to see that your work is appreciated by other serious scholars. Very inspiring.
  6. @Leo Gura Wow, great story! I’ve got that clear once when I was at the stage-green beach party on mdma. Me and two of my friends were watching the sun rising while the guy, who also was under the influence of substance still haven’t got enough for his ego to release. You know, those poor human beings that are very pessimistic and poisoned with hatred and lack of acceptence from the very young age. He was killing our vibe by some subtle movements and phrases. At such a state I was able to even smell his deep pain and sorrow, which made him so toxic. My friends wasn’t able to set the boundaries but I’ve felt the tension in their bodies, because we were hugging each other while watching the sun. I felt that I need to use my power, courage and consciousness in order to save that moment for them and myself. With compassion to him inside, I told that guy with some boldness and deep confidence that he has two options — staying with us without killing the vibe, or get the fuck away. He’s reaction was so predictable and beautiful at the same time. His face got tension in it and he spit some phrase with the anger inside and moved away from us. Immediately I felt the realise and gratitude within my friends. Both of them hugged me even more and their body’s relaxed at the same time. I think we can call that “Leadership”. P.S. @Leo Gura Man, please, check your inbox! Your answer is very important for me and my 21 y.o. cat that I need to feed ?
  7. Thanks for your answers! When you usually feel shitty, are you still have an urge to escape that feeling or it’s easy for you to accept it? Which means that you not in a blissful state, but in neutral state, all accepting.
  8. Wow! Brilliant mechanism! Thank you for that perspective!
  9. Do you feel that in your to day to day life you’ve successfully implemented that understanding for at least 70%? I’m just curious. Because, even if that 70%, you probably in a blissful state from morning to evening. Since I’ve asked that question, I’ll be pleased also to know, how do you feel yourself in a broad sense, because of all your work? Is there any metaphors that can give me the notion of your day to day state?
  10. @Preety_India Wow, sister, I’m terribly sorry for all woman in India. Thank you for sharing that with us. You are such an inspiring human being! Keep it up! ❤️
  11. You can call that one "a day from the life of the car belonging to the stage-red teenagers": Here is great example of attempt to convince stage red to become blue on their language:
  12. I have a great example of the self-aware rapper Schoolboy Q, who was a dope dealer and expirienced lining in the hood for personally and turned it into life purpose. He got a lot of video-clips showing a day to day life and excesses of stage red. Here we have a 3 episodes of life from the hood, it's like a short-movie with music edits: