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  1. @Leo Gura Thank you very much for your latest two videos. They were very-very insightful. I have a gut feeling, that they moved me much closer to the Truth. My jaw and muscles getting pleasantly tense, because of the intimacy with the Truth. It’s like when you already in bed with a beautiful girl, you have been tempting each other for some time and you about to penetrate her. It will very kind of you, if will address my question: God has been talking about the origin of the False-self. The distortions in Consciousness field creating vortexes, which are, at some point, becoming the Devils/Egos. But what is the origin of distortion, which is creating vortexes? How does rut work?
  2. I have mine, she’s now doing her and we’ll do one for our couple) But I’ve read your latest post about your beautiful relationships in family and I was really inspired by that! She’s now doing her own vision board and I think we’ll do one for both of us!) Have you been in similar situation where Purpose and Women are completing which each other for your attention?
  3. Hello 👋 I have a problem in relationships with my beloved and really want to know how to solve it the Stage Yellow style, where everybody will benefit from it - She, Me and Everything Else. My girlfriend have a problems with self-esteem and often experiencing neediness in recognition and interest from others. And unfortunately, I’m hurting her because of my lack of interest in her Life Purpose. Not in the purpose itself, but in the subject. It’s really twisted, because I’m the one who has helped her to do the Life Purpose course, trying to inspire her to the work and moving forward. But that doesn’t mean for her, that I’m interested in her interests. And, to be honest, she’s quite right. At that moment I’ve dedicated myself to early stages of self-actualization work: • Working as a concierge in a 5-star hotel, practicing sales, English language and working personal with clients • Working on my Life Purpose - learning and practicing self-development, doing consulting sessions with my closest friends • Trying to eat clean, doing sports, earn enough money, budgeting Therefore I’m really busy doing all that things and it’s hard to balance it with the relationships, I have a schedule, books to read, plans to be realized and it’s hard to have a genuine interest to anything, which is not about my vision and goals. For me stakes are high and time is running. I don’t want to move my Life Purpose because of relationships, but I’m not trying to be victim and able to understand how situation seems from her perspective. I just really want to find a solution, where everybody will feel themselves satisfied — I’ll feel that I’m moving forward and not spending my time on things which are not about my values and goals and she’ll feel that her interests and subject are recognized and she’s admired. We have some other problems, which can secretly affect that topic: • Problems with intimate and authentic sex (lack of maturity and sex practice, education from my side / control, physical problem and trauma from the past on her) • Neediness (Her - lack of self-esteem/lack of appreciation/control and comfort vs. my money/sex/self-actualization) • My top flaws are: Modesty and Humility / Industry Diligence and Perseverance / Self-control and Self-regulation / Citizenship, Teamwork, Loyalty / Сaution and Providence How you think is possible in that situation to win this game for both of us? I don’t want to give away my values and goals for the sake of relationships. She doesn’t want to give up her values, because of my ego-centrism. @Nahm It’s seems like you are quite experienced in the theme of relationships, I’ll be truly thankful if you’ll share your wisdom here 👋
  4. @Leo Gura At the moment I’m working on my early stages of self-actualization: Practicing English language, sales and b2c as a concierge in the 5-star hotel and at the same time consulting my friends on the topic of the self-development and life purpose, because ultimately I want to become a Stage Turquoise development consultant who will be able to use substances in work with clients. Right now I’m often struggling on the basic stuff like relationships, work ethic, healthy sleep and constancy; trying to lock on good habits like consciousness work, budgeting, sports and zone of genius practice. My question and concern is next: My Life Chapter right now is dedicated to down to earth stuff and I’m aware that my Spirit needs quality and long-term cleaning + I don’t have time right now to dedicate myself to spirituality as much as it requires. Of course, maybe it’s my self-bias. But I really want to experience Absolute Love and I’m thinking that it will charge and inspire my Self to do the work and resist the resistance. it’ll infuse my vision. I’m anxious about taking a breakthrough dose and that itself becoming a problem during the trip. How am I able to reach that state of consciousness via psychedelics and not to overload myself or freak out too much? I’m afraid to have a Terror experience, to be honest. If psychedelics would incarnate in front of me in form of spirit, I’d asked them to be loving and gentle on my way to the first date with the Absolute Love.
  5. One of those trip reports after which I think “Damn, I wish we’ll be friends with this dude!” I’m joining to the words of @peanutspathtotruth — you’re really good at writing + the style and the flow of the text feels almost like the poetry. I think that can be your trump card) What was the set and setting of your trip? You at your summer holidays now? In which country you’re living?
  6. @Leo Gura How can I understand that a technique is working effectively? It’s hard to understand it, especially in my 24, while I have building up my foundations like escaping wage slavery, sales and marketing, life purpose, success, nutrition, relationships, health and fitness. I don’t want to snooze Spiritually till I’ll become fully independent. Plus it’s hardly wired with my Life Purpose. What are the signs of the real benefits from the practices? To which “symptoms” should I pay attention the most? How can I get some glimpses at the short-run, that I’m not wasting my time but growing and will get the results while doing some of the techniques? • Shamanic Breathing • “Do nothing” meditation • Psychedelics • Journaling • Contemplation • Self-inquiry • Yoga • Solo retreat • Strong determination sitting Thanks in advance.
  7. Sorry, I don’t got the link between what you saying and my questions. You are saying about removing lies which are defining my reality and myself. But how does it’s connected with self respect or integration of Blue virtues?
  8. This is a good point right here! But I’d prefer to change beliefs on principles. Thank you!
  9. I'm really going through intresting challenges right now - those type of challenges when you clearly realized that your current Self won't lead you to the Holy Grail - now you conscious that Old You won't make it and New You still need to be built. So you lie somewhere in beetween. Before I'll ask some questions, I think it'll be good to present you some intresting insights on Spiral Dynamics: As I've finally read the book on Spiral Dynamics, I've become aware that I've experiencing lack of the Stage Blue virtues - Self-Control, Discipline, Responsibility etc. But why it was "missed"? Here's what I found: It was missed bacause our country (Russia/most of ex-USSR) had a history of unsuccessful attempts to integrate Stage Blue and at some point rejected the value of that stage even so most of population are red/BLUE (50%) or BLUE/orange (20%). Our country is a good example of Collective Ego putting it's own part into Shadow and then projecting and judging everybody, who doing excatly what's they are themselves doing. And you can easily find it everywhere - people judjing and rejecting that Blue lifestyle, while don't really have any alternatives. You can't become a good Orange without integrated Blue. Orange successfull businessmen working his ass off like a fucking miner or lumberjack, the biggest difference is that now he is doing it for himself, not for the Greater Good/God/Country + thinking what will be the most productive way to do the work. But how can I integrate Blue? I've asked a Spiral Dynamics expert that I know and here what he's answered to me: Easy formula - Know your Core Values + Respect Yourself, isn't it? Not for me. I've become confused by that thing because has never thought through that notion of Self Respect. What does that even mean - to repect my Self? What is Self Respect on the biggest picture level? So my questions to @Leo Gura and everybody is: What is self respect from the God POV and how to respect yourself? What is the connection between Self Respect and work ethic/responsibility/discipliine? What do you think is the best way to integrate Stage Blue?
  10. @Leo Gura Finally we are talking about these substance. You’ve said about correlation between purification of oneself and quality of the trip (good vs. bad). I’m a little bit worried to be traumatized but at the same time I wish I can use it to deepen my understanding of reality + heal myself. Is there a way to grow smoothly my ability to not freak out and to take bigger doses with that exact substance? It’ll be great because of it’s legality. When will you plan to open to us it’s name? Or what May affect it?
  11. Wait wait wait wait wait, Leo! I guess you’ve made a mistake here: Perfection is Absolute, BUT... Except those situations when you want to fart, but suddenly shit in your pants. If anybody doubt about it — don’t believe me, just took 27,4 mg of 5-MeO-DMT and genuinely ask yourself about it. What you’ll know will be shocking! 😁
  12. @Leo Gura But how it’s like the MMO RPG? Have you understand how exactly awareness “Locked” on the person?
  13. As I’m thinking about God, formlessness and forms I’m getting more and more excited. Learning Spiral Dynamics + watching 2 part series about survival + contemplating and observing the nature, humans and animals are really helping me to understand deeper the structure of reality and that particular layer of it. Yesterday I’ve had an Epiphany that Survival “is not a bug, it’s a feature”: If I’d be a kid with unlimited powers who is really wants to participate in the adventure with his toys and not to know what will waiting them (because usually we, as a kids, have a need to invent, control and sustain everything what we’ve imagined) I would fill my heroes with a thirst for life. But as I’d grew and mature, I’ll want that my toy-friends will not only do everything from the need to survive, but also because of the love to game itself. How I’ll do that? Through structuring the story in a way, which will force toys to realize the limitations of prioritizing survival before selflessness. So, it’s seems pretty logical and understandable, that Nothingness, which has no limits, will try every possible way of “playing” from animal-like fully unconscious survival-centered behavior, through the process of conceptualization of Me and Others, to the situations which will show limitations of that and then to the point where we’ll come “back to the infinity” while the form (toy) still present. But @Leo Gura, have you understood the mechanism through which Awareness/Witnessing locked on the exact form (Arsen/Leo/Sadhguru/Trump etc.)?
  14. @Wekz Here’s some shelters and counselor centers of Croatia: