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  1. I’m just curious, how does @Leo Gura spent his day/week at this time, when he kinda figured out most of basic survival needs and organized things like nutrition, supplements, realized God, etc.
  2. What does it mean — “you’re rolling”?
  3. But who’s “connecting the dots”? Through what mechanism that “something that I don’t understand what is” able to Conceptualize Ego and other stuff? And what is that? Intelligence? Where does it come from?
  4. @Conrad How is that possible that you don’t know what is Ego ANYMORE, you’ve lost your memory after enlightenment? Almost everybody at this forum KNOW here that ultimately everything is consciousness. So therefore should we just talk like that — giftybftujdaetiklsawtghbgrdkkrt? Why are you answering question that weren’t asked?
  5. Not so far ago I’ve realized that my notion of Ego not that accurate as I thought. Warning! A lot of obvious things, which are not so obvious when you really think about them. Before I thought that Ego — is form itself. But I’ve realized that form — is form 😁, of course, form is duality. But that’s another story. So, I’ve contemplated about the Ego and suddenly realized relationships between Language and that notion of Me. Look: Language is like a poetry — word Tree is just a pointer at the actual phenomena. If somebody will print the word “tree” on the paper and then start to watering it with expectation that it will begin to bear fruits, we’ll call him crazy. Next example: if we’ll fill a glass of water on 50%, we can call it “half-full” or “half-empty”. It won’t be a problem to recognize that both statements are true and serve to our need of accurate description of WHAT IS. The word “tree” and statement “half-full” are just pointers, which are “carving out” some aspects of reality to help us communicate them to each other and think about them when they are not in our presence. Conclusion: Ego, sense of self, “I” is an idea, concept like “Tree” or “half-full”, but the difference is that that thing, which we call “I” occurring in perception not just here and there, but everyday (except deep sleep, at the peak of psychedelic experience, while mediating, dead etc.). But at the end — “I” is a complex/web/catalogue of ideas, categories and concepts which help us to point at that thing, which Awareness feel and perceives at the day to day basis. Problems occur when we perceive our notion of ourselves not as a pointer, but as Reality itself. Am I right? Who thinks what? What is Ego? Update: @Leo Gura Pikachu, I choose you! P.s. Zen-sages and tricksters with questions/answers like “who’s asking?”, “there’s nobody to ask” can go somewhere else to assert themselves.
  6. I've got a period when I was often falling asleep while meditating in the middle of the day. Psychotherapist doesn't helped with it, but endocrinologist does. Check you Vitamin D, free T3, free T4, TTG, antibodies to thyroglobulin and thyroperoxidase. In my case there was a critically low level of Vitamin D, because of lack of sun, proper nutrition and lack of supplements. It's can be as that simple. Also double check your vision. Are your really motivated do the practice? For me it's can be hard when I'm forgetting the purpose and benefits of meditation., and even if I'll still do it mechanically, my mind will be all over the place or I'll just fall asleep. It's should be valuable for you.
  7. @Leo Gura «Whereas at Turquoise love becomes an Absolute -- finally it is totally universal. Finally the constant judgment and criticism and hatred are purified in the light of consciousness. Love is no longer something you do, it's something you ARE. Now you have a Teotlized heart which embraces the entire Kosmos.» Oh man, you’re speaking about the Universal Love so much but Im finding it’s not easy to grasp it even a little bit. It’s strange that when you speak about Formlessness, Godhead and why all forms are nothing but God I can even catch a feeling of it, grasp it in the direct experience through observing trees, light, snow and animals, experience a tiny parts of it via psychedelics or contemplation. But when you talking about Absolute Love I just can’t get it, but I wish I can. It’s like a word from very foreign language for my mind and body. It’s hard to reconnect it with the direct experience. Can you please share some clues on it? If I’m 24 y.o. orange/GREEN self help junkie, what can help me to feel even 0,0000000000000001 of Absolute Love? It seems to me that than I’ll be able to understand deeper the importance and significance of the statement “Truth = Love”. I’ve remembered that when I’m understanding something like why Ego always need to be special or that anything is just complex of differences and similarities, or that suffering - is a great tool for compassion and development etc I feel very pleasant, releasing, freeing feeling. I love when I really understand something. When it’s happens It’s a greatest feeling that I know. Can it be a clue to the Absolute Love? Already have watched video on what is Love two times.
  8. @Leo Gura @Serotoninluv Very interesting! How can I understand deeper what and how Yellow emotional operation system works? How one can examine his emotional stage of development? I mean, I thought that Green and Orange are feeling the same emotions but for different reasons. Of course, we can distinguish, for example, Green from others by presence of such emotions like empathy and love to himself, but at the same time I think Orange also can feel the same but for another reasons and through another “medium”. While Green can hug and cry with you, Orange will pitch you to his boss or take you to the bar. Is what you talking about when saying “emotional development” are differences in the ways of expression? Or you talking about emotional awareness and understanding of the most suitable ways of expressing them?
  9. Do you yourself have that type of experience? How beneficial it was for you?
  10. @Leo Gura I'm researching) May I ask some questions? Was there any time in your life when you had to devote to Health 100% time and energy? For what period? What had helped you most of all to become wealthy? What your definition of "wealth"?
  11. Hi! As many of you here I'm in my 20's (24) and building up my foundation to become a self-actualized and than even self-transcended motherfucker. I'm pretty motivated and already done my LP course last year, doing meditation about a 3 years, going at retreats, reading books, learning, using psychedelics, networking, going to psychotherapist from time to time and purifing myself from my own and social bullshit and even thinking for myself (rarely yet ) Not so far ago @Leo Gura shared his opinon on the process of growing oneself and doing foundational work: So I'm agree with him, but when trying it on myself has felt some confusion and I think it can be helpful to share it with you to look at it from different perspectives. My strategy: As I've done Life Puprose Course I've figured out that my purpose is to help people understand root causes and mechanisms of life, make them happier. So, the plan is: Learning and practicing as a coach with freinds and acquaintances --> save 10,000 euros to learn at IPEC coaching program in Amsterdam, Netherlands --> Move to Netherlands (from Russia) --> Earning Good Money/Building a Nest Egg --> Get a bachelor degree as a psychologist at Maastricht University (10,000 euro/year, but there is a grant system) --> Become a psychotherapist who has a MAPS license on using MDMA/Psilocybin at the sessions (at that time it will be legal) --> Working, Going deeper into Spirituality/Awakening But it would not be the the Hero's Journey, if the path were clear. My personal obstacles: #1 Health/Nutrition/Energy - 2018/2019 are years when I've become more aware of how shortly-minded I was in relationship with my system: junk food, sugar, gluten, lack of vegetebeles and healthy food, lack of energy and lack of understanding of the current situation. As I'm reading a great book from Leo's list about immune system, I've tested out that I have a licky gut, dysbacteriosis (confirmed by medical test), chornic stress and probably over toxified liver. Last half of a year I'm trying to behave in a more responsible way - taking jiu-jitsu class, normalized my vitamin D, using supplements and nootropics, trying to avoid unhealthy food, but last one is not easy - being healthy isn't a cheap + I defenitly have an addiction (to food or stimulation as a whole). Now I'm doing three week elimination diet (from gluten, soy, corn, dairy) to restore my gut biome. Good food, analyzes, supplements, nootropics, probiotics are pricy and that's how we went to the next obstacle... #2 Money - 2018 was not only about facing that I'm poor at my health awareness, but also about facing that I'm incompetent with money. Every month I was struggling, often feelng insecure and frustrated and yet uncapable to figure out the way to deal with it. That, btw, was a good motivation to finally buy myself a Life Purpose course and acting more. A little by little, I've overgrown my stage-green fluffiness "Oh, money will come, when they need!", "Oh, don't worry, it's just a money, keep being a nice guy" and realized - we've gotta figure it out! So I've rewatched Leo’s video about budgeting (haven’t done anything after) and than I've started to read a great book from the Booklist (nah, I won't say the name of it, go buy yourself one, it's 100% worth 35$) and than the millstones spun. I've figured out deeper the inner work, which is going behind the scenes in my relationships with money, started to do exercises from book and even asked my friend (CEO, fromer accountant) to help me to developing my financial competence. I even paticipated at the event where people playing in the board game "Cash Flow" by Robert Kiyosaki. Imagine how my stage-green guts had to feel themselves? Me, spiritual seeker, so non materialistic and sublime, who has participated at Ayahuasca retreats now is between those gross materialists?! What have I come to... So, now, after three months of budgeting I kinda know my monthly expense and it's... $843 (kinda good for Russia, especially that I'm working around 4-6 hours a day). This is the amount with which I more or less satisfy my monthly needs. But funny is that Coffe, Food, Junk Food, Cafe is taking 1/3 of all expenses. $843 is somewhere near the amount I earn per month. So to take the IPEC Coaching programm I need to do at least $2070 per month, not mansioning that I probably gotta expand costs on food/supplements/nootropics/analyzes to made my health/energy level higher, becuase I need a good amount of energy and cognitive ability's to make $2070 per month. Catch 22 Also, now I'm having a time to do reading, meditation, networking, and practicing my Life Purpose, but it can become more complicated if I'll be working 8-10 hours a day. #3 Self-efficacy Lack of energy, impulsiveness, addictions (food, coffee, porn, social-media) and procrastination are very hard-wired inside of my psyche. Partially because I'm ADHD (not diagnosed, but there's ton of clues) and upbringing, and partially because of my ENTP type of personality, which is all right-brained, abstract and lack of discipline. I even left-handed (ruled by the right hemisphere). Of course, you can say that all that is excuses but don't waste your time. I'm kinda good at self-reflecting and double-cheking myself. Im that type of guys who are naturally gifted with abstract thinking, futurism, humor and spirituality (those are all from my top-5 strengths). So, isn't it a great idea to devote a couple years to the discipline and self-efficacy? Of course! I'm even doing it by everyday meditation, affirmation, visualization and jiu-jitsu training. The problem is, that it's very hard to do all that stuff at the same time and this is where confusion is from. Which is more Important? Devote a "chapter" to the health and do nothing else about year or two with life purpose, money and self-efficasy? Or get started from money and not giving too much attention to health? Or is it better to develop my ability to be efficiant first? Maybe fuck it all and just grinding into Life Purpose at 100%? "Philosoraptor meme" The problem is - I really feel like all of them needed right now to make everything working. If I'll waste my health - it can be serious in future, plus I really want feel myself good to do the work! If I'll wont figure out money issue - there is a chain of reaction to the health and life purpose. Self-efficasy is, as I think, key skillset which needed for everything else. So, do you guys have any ideas on how to elegantly connect everything and plan it in the best order? How are you won one of these kind of battles? (Money/Health/Self-efficacy) What would you do in my place?
  12. 100% agree! 😁 It’s like at the Vipassana retreat, where you are going insane, everything is itching and aking, you can’t fucking feel anything in your body and opening your eyes to look around, to see how everybody else are able to handle it - and, of course, they are sitting still like a solid rock. Even nuclear bomb won’t disturb them. But the truth is that most of them are going through the same shit that you are.