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  1. @Nahm Wow, man! The more I read your personal story the more I’m inspired by it! You are seem like a great humble guy, who are really know hot to enjoy life but yet grounded as a men. Wish you the best! ❤️ I remember as a kid me and my friend had a conversations for the whole night about the possibilities of unknown matters like Aliens and mystical entities. Speculating about the nature of the human beings and connecting it with dolphins was kinda funny 😄. I think that enhanced my curiosity and open-mindedness, because it was to obvious that nobody were able to proof or debunk God and aliens. Also me and my friends were often imagining what we will do if _______ So, there were questions like “if you’ll have a million dollars, what you will do?” (Quite popular one). But there also were questions like “Will you have a sex with another guy for 35 million dollars?” It was stupid, but at the same time those types of questions helped us to look at the perspectives from a different point of view. When some of us were saying “I’d probably agree to have a sex for that amount of money, cause it’s just only once and then I can do whatever I want” everybody started to thinking about it and were more “flexible” with their beliefs 😁 Also we were playing in the game which are popular on Russian TV, it’s called “Clever and fun club”. We were separated on two teams and then were inventing the challenge which both teams has needed to perform. The Team who have done it better won the round. For example, each team must create and play a funny sketch in which car accident happening between a Russian rich men and an immigrant from Caucasus. There our creativity and humor were growing)
  2. One of those trip reports after which I think “Damn, I wish we’ll be friends with this dude!” I’m joining to the words of @peanutspathtotruth — you’re really good at writing + the style and the flow of the text feels almost like the poetry. I think that can be your trump card) What was the set and setting of your trip? You at your summer holidays now? In which country you’re living?
  3. @Leo Gura How can I understand that a technique is working effectively? It’s hard to understand it, especially in my 24, while I have building up my foundations like escaping wage slavery, sales and marketing, life purpose, success, nutrition, relationships, health and fitness. I don’t want to snooze Spiritually till I’ll become fully independent. Plus it’s hardly wired with my Life Purpose. What are the signs of the real benefits from the practices? To which “symptoms” should I pay attention the most? How can I get some glimpses at the short-run, that I’m not wasting my time but growing and will get the results while doing some of the techniques? • Shamanic Breathing • “Do nothing” meditation • Psychedelics • Journaling • Contemplation • Self-inquiry • Yoga • Solo retreat • Strong determination sitting Thanks in advance.
  4. Sorry, I don’t got the link between what you saying and my questions. You are saying about removing lies which are defining my reality and myself. But how does it’s connected with self respect or integration of Blue virtues?
  5. This is a good point right here! But I’d prefer to change beliefs on principles. Thank you!
  6. I'm really going through intresting challenges right now - those type of challenges when you clearly realized that your current Self won't lead you to the Holy Grail - now you conscious that Old You won't make it and New You still need to be built. So you lie somewhere in beetween. Before I'll ask some questions, I think it'll be good to present you some intresting insights on Spiral Dynamics: As I've finally read the book on Spiral Dynamics, I've become aware that I've experiencing lack of the Stage Blue virtues - Self-Control, Discipline, Responsibility etc. But why it was "missed"? Here's what I found: It was missed bacause our country (Russia/most of ex-USSR) had a history of unsuccessful attempts to integrate Stage Blue and at some point rejected the value of that stage even so most of population are red/BLUE (50%) or BLUE/orange (20%). Our country is a good example of Collective Ego putting it's own part into Shadow and then projecting and judging everybody, who doing excatly what's they are themselves doing. And you can easily find it everywhere - people judjing and rejecting that Blue lifestyle, while don't really have any alternatives. You can't become a good Orange without integrated Blue. Orange successfull businessmen working his ass off like a fucking miner or lumberjack, the biggest difference is that now he is doing it for himself, not for the Greater Good/God/Country + thinking what will be the most productive way to do the work. But how can I integrate Blue? I've asked a Spiral Dynamics expert that I know and here what he's answered to me: Easy formula - Know your Core Values + Respect Yourself, isn't it? Not for me. I've become confused by that thing because has never thought through that notion of Self Respect. What does that even mean - to repect my Self? What is Self Respect on the biggest picture level? So my questions to @Leo Gura and everybody is: What is self respect from the God POV and how to respect yourself? What is the connection between Self Respect and work ethic/responsibility/discipliine? What do you think is the best way to integrate Stage Blue?
  7. @Leo Gura Finally we are talking about these substance. You’ve said about correlation between purification of oneself and quality of the trip (good vs. bad). I’m a little bit worried to be traumatized but at the same time I wish I can use it to deepen my understanding of reality + heal myself. Is there a way to grow smoothly my ability to not freak out and to take bigger doses with that exact substance? It’ll be great because of it’s legality. When will you plan to open to us it’s name? Or what May affect it?
  8. Wait wait wait wait wait, Leo! I guess you’ve made a mistake here: Perfection is Absolute, BUT... Except those situations when you want to fart, but suddenly shit in your pants. If anybody doubt about it — don’t believe me, just took 27,4 mg of 5-MeO-DMT and genuinely ask yourself about it. What you’ll know will be shocking! 😁
  9. That’s sounds like a challenge 😁
  10. @Leo Gura But how it’s like the MMO RPG? Have you understand how exactly awareness “Locked” on the person?
  11. As I’m thinking about God, formlessness and forms I’m getting more and more excited. Learning Spiral Dynamics + watching 2 part series about survival + contemplating and observing the nature, humans and animals are really helping me to understand deeper the structure of reality and that particular layer of it. Yesterday I’ve had an Epiphany that Survival “is not a bug, it’s a feature”: If I’d be a kid with unlimited powers who is really wants to participate in the adventure with his toys and not to know what will waiting them (because usually we, as a kids, have a need to invent, control and sustain everything what we’ve imagined) I would fill my heroes with a thirst for life. But as I’d grew and mature, I’ll want that my toy-friends will not only do everything from the need to survive, but also because of the love to game itself. How I’ll do that? Through structuring the story in a way, which will force toys to realize the limitations of prioritizing survival before selflessness. So, it’s seems pretty logical and understandable, that Nothingness, which has no limits, will try every possible way of “playing” from animal-like fully unconscious survival-centered behavior, through the process of conceptualization of Me and Others, to the situations which will show limitations of that and then to the point where we’ll come “back to the infinity” while the form (toy) still present. But @Leo Gura, have you understood the mechanism through which Awareness/Witnessing locked on the exact form (Arsen/Leo/Sadhguru/Trump etc.)?
  12. @Wekz Here’s some shelters and counselor centers of Croatia:
  13. Can you tell more about your last trip? I’ve scrolled over your posts and saw that you have a lot of sruggle with the self-doubt. I think it’s clear that you may have a problem with the self-esteem. Have you heard about Nathaniel Brandon’s book “Six pillars of the self-esteem”? Also, I know it’ll be hard, but try to vision yourself a happy future and hold it in your mind! Not the negative one, but the one which is positive and creative! There was a psychologist in the 20st century, Victor Frankl. He wrote a book “Man’s searching for meaning”. In that book he’s telling a story about the time when he was living in the concentration camp. He believes that he’s will to create a book about Meaning in Life had helped to went through all the horrors. Imagine yourself, healthy, confident, successful with girls, happy! Imagine, that you’ve figured out how to help yourself and now you’re helping others who went into same situations. You are the Hero who went into the darkest belly of the biggest whale and you will rise and become unstoppable, immortal, joyful and great! Please, don’t think “It’s too hard for me”, because it’s not. Every hero went trough the self doubt and doesn’t know, how he will kill that huge fucking dragon. But at the end, hero will rise and everything going to be okay!
  14. @Wekz Where are you from?
  15. @Wekz Shit, man. You situation is a real hardcore stuff and I truly sorry about that! I want to tell you a little story about my friend: He’s also in his 20’s. We’ve met each other at the Bufo Alvarius retreat. We’ve smoked substance from a frog, which produces 5-MeO-DMT and he was making me jealous about his results. When I smoked it I was screaming and yelling, rolling on the ground and he, vice versa, was happy, laughing, smiling, watching at the horizon and screaming “I LOVE YOU!!!”. He also was getting a master degree at philosophy and teaching it already to British students. He is Indian, and lived with his parents in Palestine till his 18th. Couple month after we’ve get to know each other he’s went an Ayahuasca retreat and told me about what happened with him while he’s tripping. But before I’ll tell you what he said I need to explain a little bit of he’s background: These guy was born from the women with a bipolar disorder. Till the last day of his life at the parents house his mother beat, verbally and emotionally abused him and his sister. Also there was a preacher, who regularly came to their house and when he was a young boy he was really in love to hear those interesting stories from the holy teachings. At the age of six the preacher sexually seduced a little curious boy. We won’t went into the deep waters but I guess you are like nobody else can understand what had to happen inside of the body and mind of the boy and than the young man. So, back to the Ayahuasca retreat. These liquid psychedelic is known for its Healing powers and I myself experienced it (substance got me through the forgotten scene from my childhood, where my mom fucked with her boyfriend at our one-room apartment). So he was telling me, that at the peak of the trip he was at the absolute peace in somewhere/nowhere where he repeatedly heard “I Am. I Am. I Am” and then he experienced (for him that was Real) his own birth — from the womb to the maternity ward. A Doctor, his mother and father were before his eyes and also there were a clear understanding that everybody is him itself. It was a fact, a reality. And than he asked (he felt that there was somebody to ask): “But why those people, if they are me, bring to me so much pain?” And something answered: “I made myself suffer to be able to experience a deeper compassion (to those who went through similar kind of pain)”. I don’t know how you are, but I’ve felt that this is so true and so obvious. Do you think he will ever experienced the deep awakening to Absolute Love through psychedelic retreat somewhere in Barcelona if he’ll never went through this hell? Do you think he’ll ever able to become so wise and deeply compassionate to others? So good at understanding existence and so creative (he’s playing at the guitar and singing very good)? Of course, there is a chance that he’ll get there without all that hell, but it’s very rare even for those who’s suffer. Chances of that for regular guy are very low. So, I’ve shared that with you because I truly believe that really dark things can make you an angel and you’ll become the happiest non-motherfucker in the world!!! Good luck, man! I really believe that you are hero and will deal with that. I’m also agree with @Leo Gura that psychedelics can help you went through that pain and Lear the lessons faster. I think, with your background, that even if you’ll got a bad trip (which isn’t necessary) it won’t be a big deal for ya 😁 Also I have an other friend, which went through similar stuff — his alcoholic mother has tried to touch his dick, while he was helping her to get out of binge at her apartment. He’s not so openminded for psychedelics, but he went to the psychotherapist and that was helping him a lot. BTW, I will ask my friend (from Ayahuasca story), maybe he will find some time to talk with you and share some real experience from his own life on how to deal with that heavy stuff. Love you, man! P.s. Check the story from the guy who has lost his legs ( timing 6:03) And also check this out - life is hard: