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  1. Totally great advicefor the attraction phase I feel like in a long term relationship, though, it's very beneficial to butter your partner up constantly and make it actually a habit. Kinda learning to appreciate your partner more and more each day in various ways and clearly communicating him that. When I started doing that, the relationship became much more smoother and there was more love/higher vibration flowing day-to-day
  2. Decent topics. I suggest to contemplate also "What is money?", "Why people buy stuff?", "What can I do/create for people so they can give me money and be very happy about doing so?" and everything else along these lines . These are more like survival questions, but they are very valuable
  3. From my limited experience with them, psych-induced beneficial states wane too fast, while "state gains" from meditation/yoga have a much more lasting long effect. Maybe if you do psychs with a sufficient regularity it will be the same effect in these terms, but for now, it seems to me psychs are kind of a magic pill - you get amazing results lightning-fast, yet, you then tend to quickly lose a lot of it. Kinda like steroidal use in Bodybuilding and magic tinctures for weight loss But even if you lose 90% of the state, there is still a HUGE potential for breakthroughs and in this sense, this is what they give you, they help you to experience a peak and really go Vertical. And it is super useful. You can get an important insight that will recontextualize reality for you and just merely that might lead to less suffering/better state/more quality life by itself. Psychs really feel as a tool with its cons and pros. And it's useful to have many, not just 1
  4. Yeah it's very different here, ur right. Not flabby and sick, though, I guess, cause we don't have as good social support/unempleloyment as you guys, hence everyone s kinda have to get a job and can't just coast by for years on said welfare. But other than that, we are much more liberal and pro-freedom like you guys in EU. We embody western values, pretty much, at least in metropoly areas. In places like Norilsk, I guess even youngsters are still as conservative as beans
  5. We might have indeed more stress/anxiety than precious generations, despite living in a materially richer world Now is a very new time to live life, you have to adapt to many very recent technological breakthroughs and it has always been stressful Also all this new media is making us anxious as fuck. They say we have record numbers of depression, etc, I'm sure it contributes to it a great ton among many other reasons
  6. Retreats, vegan events, garbage disposals (recycling)
  7. Sit at this cafe and contemplate as you feel this I recently did this in Mcdonalds, good stuff, nice insights Contemplating while directly experiencing a thing can be much more juicy and powerful
  8. I feel like Leo could indeed multipost and cross platform breed himself, especially given he hires employees now to help him with that It is just a platform, it has more and less consciousness videos. There are videos of people teaching meditation, yoga and other good stuff like this I used it recently to check out how retreat yoga chicks look like and it gave me very pleasant search results Can't watch any other hashtag here despite meditation & yoga though
  9. @Preety_India I love bit fatter girls. What's the point of there is no meat and just bones?
  10. Dude, 21 is young as fuck, your life has barely just began, what on earth are you thinking?
  11. Pick up coach
  12. I wish Curt took a better thumbnail picture, Leo has a scared/stressed out look on this one
  13. Just having a better truck/car? Lol