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  1. Hi there, guys. Please, share the best material you know on marriage\long term relationship success. I think it will benefit all of us here as there is a shortage of such material (at least it appears to be from my pov) Some nuances: Please, focus on listing material on developing the existing relationship. Please, avoid listing dating advice (pickup) and books focused merely on sex. More focus on communication\interaction skills. Please, obstain from listing low quality low cognitive\moral development lines material. Such as Red Pill\pickup artists giving advice and other kinds of crap. The more conscious the book - the better. Ideally, it should incorporate the nondual insights, as, for example, David Deida's "Book of a superior man" and his other material do. The main theme to look for - developing a conscious relationship that runs smoothly (minimizing conflicts) and supports the development and self-actualization of both parties while maximizing the intimacy between one another.
  2. Own your carreer, bro, be cool with it and everything will turn out great
  3. Actually it is a chemical reaction, if we speak the science linguo. You can research the chemistry of love. The othe subject is, how these chemical reactions are triggered?
  4. Why do you have to choose between skill development and personal development? You can't really go far nor make a quality product\content without skills. And these 2 are actually incomparable. Personal development INCLUDES skill development and skill development is an essential part of it. I've been having this mistake for a long time and it costed me a lot of unresultivness. Results come when you develop your skills and are able to make valuable shit for someone, then the magic occurs. Just rehashing self-development personal material won't really get you anywhere
  5. Even if it is way harder to become billionaire being "conscious" doesn't mean it is impossible
  6. @Nickyy Interesting guy, I'll definitely will check him out. Thank you for your input
  7. For these moment I have a very useful framework on how to deal\react to this. Is this guy's level of consciousness higher or lower than, in this particular example, Leo's? If higher, I might give it a shot. If it seems lower and even more so, like a few stages below - not worth my time, this guy is highly deluded anyways
  8. The problem with being known as "the direct path" is that every mystical\religious tradition says about itself that it is the most "direct path". At least in my experience. At least it is the case with Christian Orthodox (I grew up in a household) and with Islam. In Chistianity they often say (i've been told that) that, sure, you can go study\pursue other religions and even get results with it, but Christ way and Christian's way is the most direct, you'll be just wasting time with other traditions. So from this point of view, imo, it doesn't really say anything. Although I respect Zen a lot and I think it indeed is more straightforward and more "to the point" than many other traditions
  9. Bro... Just get a real occupation. Don't get in hoops selling someone elses crap and giving them money for it. If you're really interested in Lead generation type of stuff just get to know some legit business, for example, some good software company and find clients for them for 10% of their sale amount. For example you get them a client that needs application developed. They take 5k$-10k$ from him You get 500-1000$. And you owe them nothing upfront or monthly. This is the legit business based on sales where you actually do something good for society (you bridge gaps) and you own the process, while you can scale it aswell. Why you're so tempted to do such shit that you described above? Just do some real business... not con-artistry with shitty supplements
  10. But Leo has never told you to become a hobo. He emphasizes money mastery a lot, actually
  11. I think there can be 2 possible reasons: 1) You're doing too much stuff and feel overwhelmed - in this case i'd advice to cut down on stuff and become continiously a more minimalist and less hectic person 2) You lack vision and don't know what you want\why you want it. Why do you do all this stuff? What is the reason to do that? What will happen if you don't do it? What will likely happen if you do do it? Does stuff you do closely correlates with the vision you want to achieve?
  12. @butcho Why "yellowno thank u" for you? And what's the problem with green? Where do you live, by the way?
  13. Don't Do It Go to some yoga studio and see the difference in what you can get with a green and above girls. Blue\orange is too big of a disconnect if you're yellow or above (and also think long term, you'll probably evolve beyond yellow at some point). They will drag you down and won't ever understand your high-level stuff unless you jump into the hoops for it. You will most likely only agree effortlessly on a very earthy and shallow kind of topics, the meta and big picture stuff will go in and out on their ears. Not to say you'll sound Woo-woo as fuck when you'll talk about turquoise stuff. Make a litmus test dating her for a few months or so and see for yourself how it all works, you'll get the direct experience
  14. Ask yourself a question: "Can art increase the consciousness?" Movie is just an art-form
  15. Who is this guy? Does he meditate and do psychodelics?
  16. Bro, don't do this. You will be okay for some couple of days but then you'll feel declining effects because you will lack protein and fats. As a pretty good nutritionist, I want to advise to educate yourself about nutrition and aim for a balanced diet (macro\micro nutrient-wise) cutting junk empty calories as much as possible. No need to do uneducated excesses. If you see you have to make some changes immediatly but don't know how yet, I'd advice checking a doctor or a good nutritionist.It will be worth your time and money. In long term you will thank yourself
  17. What's wrong with ego?
  18. Didn't try to convert anyone, just raising the awareness of these topics. Although, indeed, this material is quite emotional. Yep, that's why yellow and adobe's systemic thinking is needed here. IMO this shit is unacceptable and very cruel. I imagine being on avantgarde of this industry\problem can be very good life purpose
  19. What are your thoughts on this ? What percentage of the slaughterhouses do you think are like that?
  20. Usually 8-10, I try to make it more stable at 7-8 by creating various systems to increase my productivity\limit shallow work. I'm working on my design business during all these hours and I work from home
  21. How do you know life is contemporary? What is life?
  22. I'd treat it just as a relative framework to judge how woke some people "feel". I found it's pretty useful to judge someone's level of "wokeness" in daily practical situations, it gives you a good foresight for your future interactions. Especially good for leaders.