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  1. Retreats, vegan events, garbage disposals (recycling)
  2. Sit at this cafe and contemplate as you feel this I recently did this in Mcdonalds, good stuff, nice insights Contemplating while directly experiencing a thing can be much more juicy and powerful
  3. I feel like Leo could indeed multipost and cross platform breed himself, especially given he hires employees now to help him with that It is just a platform, it has more and less consciousness videos. There are videos of people teaching meditation, yoga and other good stuff like this I used it recently to check out how retreat yoga chicks look like and it gave me very pleasant search results Can't watch any other hashtag here despite meditation & yoga though
  4. @Preety_India I love bit fatter girls. What's the point of there is no meat and just bones?
  5. Dude, 21 is young as fuck, your life has barely just began, what on earth are you thinking?
  6. Pick up coach
  7. I wish Curt took a better thumbnail picture, Leo has a scared/stressed out look on this one
  8. Just having a better truck/car? Lol
  9. Hey man, nice post! All due respect, but I feel like this strategy is "thinking way too small". IMO, getting to $1m in 20 years is kinda peanuts, not mentioning opportunity costs of living frugal life (you'll eat worse diet, live in less eco-friendly environments, you'll wear chemically toxic poor quality clothing, will damage your feet through poor shoes, get other many chronic diseases, etc) - this is impossible to escape on a low budget It looks like a much more stable and fun strategy is to invest in yourself, not funds, train yourself/learn stuff immensely and get money through creating good shit for the world The strategy you outlined have merits too, though, just probably not for everyone (imo)
  10. Can you expand on that a little bit? In your videos you're very often demonizing the notion of manipulation, telling almost that any manipulation is bad by default and you'll get "punished" eventually by manipulating through karmic dynamics. Or at least it feels this way. Do you mean mostly "bad" kind of manipulations are bad in these talks? Cause otherwise that basically implies that to simply to live - is automatically to be "bad' (The devil) and there is no escaping it. Especially life purpose type of stuff seems very confusing because in any powerful enough life purpose, you're pretty much obligated to manipulate the hell of a damn everything around you, though you might be doing all that with good intentions and a lot of love in your heart
  11. We are ourselves the biggest sluts and whores
  12. Your high school peers are wasting their time pursuing useless college degrees which most of them probably don't even care about
  13. Dude, you don't need a useless engineering degree to make money and be useful You seem to have access to the internet and sounds like you also have a PC. You can dedicate your next 6m-1y to training yourself and learning something you're passionate about that which also other people value a lot - programming, design, etc, and then you'll easily be able to get a job/freelance at that point. It got me only 6m of learning design to get me my first job in the industry When you'll have more money, you'll also be able to afford good vegan foods, etc, so you'll stop damage to the animals while proactively partaking in evolution by giving vegan companies your money. Who knows, maybe you'll even want to work/do business helping these guys with code/marketing/design or whatever There is such a ton of shit you can do with your mind to create a positive change in the world. And you don't need an engineering degree for this, you only need a commitment. Compared to that, your orphanage money from selling an apartment is peanuts. You'll be able to give so much more by living and having a great life purpose which you yourself will also enjoy
  14. Yo, dude, don't kill yourself! It wasn't a complete waste, all these activities still taught you some abstract skills, it's just they are not directly valuable right now. Video Games, for example, train your intelligence very hard, it's almost an IQ-training machine. It depends on what games you played of course and so forth, but there is definitely such component in pretty much all games, it's not wasted. You also found Leo despite all that, I am sure You could say it might be not that optimal development. Yeah, that might be true. But it's not like everyone else around got it perfect too. And also, look around you. See how many people "waste their life" on a daily basis, they do it until their 50s-60-s-70s. Even if we'd say that you completely "wasted" your 20 years of life (which is probably not true) you'll still easily run circles around people who wasted 20 years but then also went ahead and wasted 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and so on doing dumb shit. Look how many (it feels like majority tbh) successful/outstanding people had harsch & wasteful beginnings only for them to then become who they became
  15. Yeah, fuck this! I overlooked this point a lot, despite me reading all these self-help and businesy books. I guess conventional Buddhists brainwashed my ass
  16. You're already improving, man. I am currently only 2-3 hours in This introduction of your was really good and on point. It sets the frame really well for these sciency people. Kinda showing them that you too CAN into rationality and that you understand their worldview and their objections deeply Also, this background with tons of books is a very smart move too. It is appealing as fuck for our societal image of how a top notch philosopher is supposed to look like. Much better than palm leaves in a "Charisma" channel interview (no disrespect to palms, I love them)
  17. Thank you for answering! Makes me think that intention and desire is really a key for creating anything in life, be it awakening in yourself or some artsy billion-dollar business. If you are not biased towards these things consciously/unconscioussly, you're very unlikely to achieve it. Well, maybe by some fluke luck
  18. Would you say then that this fundamental premise (About suffering) of Buddhism is BS for our practical spiritual purposes and basically it probably just exists as a sort of bait to lure normies into the Buddhism? I mean, I guess it's nice to suffer less, but less suffering won't directly help you with Truth, right?
  19. Yeah, but this dynamic is mutual. Women get ego-trips the more men are interested in them. Yes, they won't sleep with 100s of men, but they'll use seduction tactics to seduce 100s of them and then have huge self-esteem boosts off of that. Maybe they'll even make them buy gifts or whatever. Basically only to prove that they are hot and wanted. Gifts themselves are tertiary in this equation Really works both ways
  20. In my experience, they kinda want you to, yeah. But it's less about being a delusional idiot but more like being able to "have your shit together" in any situation, especially in situations when she is involved. The reason why confidence is so attractive to women is because they want their men to be a good leader. If you turn into a pussy-cat shortly after you've successfully "gamed" her, that will be a huge turn-off and she might start to lose interest in you I found to a good metric judge all this stuff. Would she trust & be confident about having kids with you? If yes - you're doing good in that regard. No? - something to think about Doesn't matter if you both want kids or not, it's about a certain level of trust in each other. What turns women on/what they truly want deep inside is to have a genuine ability to trust their man, because then they can let go and be a full-blown feminine woman
  21. Good shit, guys, good shit
  22. Sounds like you need to satisfy your inner horny dog as part of your LP path
  23. Men's minds are more logical/quantative in general, we like to count stuff, be it money, statistics in our businesses/blogs, amount of horse power in cars, battery capacity in phones, the processing power of phones/computers - never really seen a woman truly enjoying this process (with a few exceptions) Yes, but getting into women's panties is way more challenging than just buying a chocolate bar, even a more expensive one . It really feels as an accomplishment when you do it, even when you do it for all the right reasons. It usually means you won a woman's trust & affection. Which feels gratifying as fuck. Much more gratifying than chocolate or making some other lesser achievements. See, we, men, love to accomplish/achieve stuff & be competitive, that's our primal wiring. Of course we feel good when we conquer more and more women's hearts
  24. Just make a women's avatar like an audience avatar in business. Make a hypothesis of what kind of women you'd like and see where they hang out. Then it's Trial & Error refining your model Dating is the same as marketing. It's just you're on a sexual market now