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  1. Hi there! Does someone here know good quality conscious porn or sex films? Not the stuff you typically see on pornhub and other places but very intimate, sensual, "spiritual" kind of sex. Art-like, not perverted and not just masturbation with each other bodies. Subtle feeling-awareness and sense of union over the gross sensations of a physical body. Sex you would want to have with your sincerely loved one. Stage Turquoise and beyond kind of sex
  2. Idk why, but breathing works for me too for some magical reason
  3. Read about Integral bodybuilding from Ken Wilber, he talks about how to introduce spirituality to weightlifting, good shit
  4. Study creativity and creativity techniques. Leo's booklist has some good things about it. I'll add one good book from me (which is not in the booklist) - ThinkerToys. This book will gve you many creativity lessons and exercises you can use to improve your creative thinking and creative output. But the juiciest is contemplate what creativity is and what does it mean to be creative. Then contemplate how you can be a creator in your life and what are some practical steps you should take to start becoming one. Then think what you actually want to create and start doing it and learn by practice. Practice Creating and iterating. Don't get stuck in perfection paralysis, just move on and keep creating, experiment. Then think about your creative process holistically and systemically, notice patterns, see where you can improve stuff, analyze what you're doing, what is the output of your input, see how different inputs interconnect, see how you can get more and better output (contemplate what output means in your scenario) for the near the same input effort-wise. Notice that sometimes it takes some time for output to occur and give you insights and feedback. Be patient about that. And never stop creating. Creation&Iteration. Feedback from your creations and actions is the best teacher. Hope I was helpful
  5. I mostly agree with everything above, especially Shin's post I'll add that doing yoga or any other practice whose point is to raise your feeling-awarness\energetic body is good for sex
  6. It's not for imagination, it's for reference Show the technique , we might try it with my wife
  7. It is less efective. Because you can eat more nutritious food instead of it and it will give a boost to your nervous system. It's not only about macronutrients, it's about micro too, especially intake of things like potassium and magnesium. You begin to appreciate it when you see how folks like Arnold trained (I Highly recommend to read his encyclopedia of bodybuilding by the way if you're serious about your pursuits), he calculated almost every calorie and tried to eat as less empty or nutrition poor foods as possible, same did Bruce Lee. Even when he was bulking up. He would eat like 4k calories of super nutritious foods which would give him a ton of energy and nervous system strength so he would train like a champion, lift big and grow much. Compare his approach to how most people in conventional society train and behave. They use "bulking up" as an excuse to shit 50% of their daily calories with sugar and wheat products. Then they wonder why they don't achieve much with their "bulking" and suffer from various health consequences
  8. Nice forgetting technique I should say
  9. Fuck this, I only finished studying Ken Wilbers Integral theory with all of his implications. And there is an another one
  10. Start the contemplation practice on your writing - the most direct method on getting good at anything
  11. It's not about niche, it's about mindset and way of living\doing things and looking at the world at a certain. Yellow is fundamentally about having a big picture understanding of life and things in life, systematic view on the world. Once the knowledge is obtained you take advantage of your knowledge and lead people to greater good (if you choose to) and high level of productivity\wellness. Area of application is irrelevant and can be anything to your liking. Before leading big it is a good idea to have a pedigree of results in leading small (which is your self and small business success).
  12. It's pretty easy to pigeon hole them into coral\teal, i'd much rather see an example of blue\orange\green enlightened people and see how they differ kinesthetically and vibrationally
  13. @kieranjaegar Glad to see you're crushing in life, my respect, man
  14. This book is amazing, very practical stage orange shit, indeed
  15. I find TJ Reeves covers more earthy topics pretty well and he does it from the same place (he follows the same religious\spiritual patterns as most of guys here and Leo)
  16. Article you linked is pure devilry
  17. I think you should create what you want first and then show it to Leo, maybe he'll consider to adding it to some episode in the future
  18. I had some time with my girlfriend when we had sex 3 times a day. It was wonderful. But in the end of this period I wanted to almost vomit from sex. Thanks we do it in a more spiritual way than most people. From now on most of the cravings are gone. Having a stable girlfriend with which you have good connection and with whom you can consistently have sex will eliminate bad side of sex cravings for most of you
  19. Your understanding of manipulation is very shallow. What you fail to see is that it is everywhere. You can't do anything without it. It is like breathing. When you stop manipulating you stop "living"and stop surviving. You can survive with very little manipulation if you decide to live a monk lifestyle. But at this point you literally stop living if living terms mean affecting the world. As a monk or full blown yogi in a cave you usually do very little to affect the world (unless you consciously do effort to manipulate more)
  20. This is a very legit guy. It's like epistemology applied to business world. Besides course, his free videos on youtube are great too, check them out
  21. Read a book "Charisma Myth"