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  1. @Leo Gura Everyone is unique, of course, but—is your current view that a combo of yoga, psychedelics, and some type of contemplation/self-inquiry is probably the best cocktail of practices for progress? In general I mean. Since you no longer consider meditation the most important you still think there is a single most important practice? Or have you bypassed blanket recommendations like that altogether? My current routine seems to be working pretty well for me, so I’m just curious.
  2. Would you say compassion is at least an important/possibly inevitable stepping stone on the path to Infinite Love? Similar to moving through Stage Green in order to arrive at SD Tier 2. Compassion for “others” seems to be the most obvious way of embodying Self-Love, at least from a normie perspective. In any case, I enjoy being as compassionate as I can at this stage of my development.
  3. JP video would be welcome
  4. Legitimately one of the saddest videos and I’ve ever seen
  5. I think this addresses a common projection people fall into. This is the vibe I get from you most of the time. It’s easy to forget how much we assume about your perspective and mindset, thinking you’re angry at us, etc. Even if that were the case, to take it so personally is something we are ultimately responsible for, not you. I’d imagine you often feel like a human trying to teach advanced calculus to monkeys. Given that dynamic, you do an admirable job of communicating in a palatable way—if you didn’t, we would have all left by now. You’re providing a service that you put a staggering amount of time and effort into, so of course you can do it on whatever terms you like. People resist the dilemma of either switching to a different teacher and missing out on the juicy info here, or growing a thicker skin. And thus, they will demonize you to avoid responsibility.
  6. Leo has fairly recent video on his blog about requisite variety, in the context of dealing with his health problems. You may have already seen it but I found it pretty valuable. Keep trying things and remember that progress isn’t linear. Expect plateaus.
  7. I pretty much agree, yeah. Definitely a lot of masculine communication. He seems to scare off some people who could benefit greatly from this stuff but, out of ignorance, ask what he considers to be obtuse questions or are just very stubborn in their worldview, etc. If they were given a little more benefit of the doubt, perhaps they would stick around longer and be able to grow with the community. I think Leo’s just not interested in tailoring his vibes to members on here, for better or for worse. And I think (hope) he sees a purpose in this prickly communication, and is not doing it reactively/unconsciously. I really can’t imagine that being the case, but maybe I drank the kool-aid, idk 😂🤷
  8. This is actually a very accurate representation of how I process Leo’s sternness with others on the forum. Like a hard zen master just doing his job. It can make me feel empathetically hurt or uncomfortable when he speaks harshly to others on here, or to his audience in the videos. I try to use that as an opportunity to check my ego attachments/neediness and see the love in his communication. I do think it can be a barrier for people (myself included, occasionally) who are sensitive and insecure and hoping to find some warm, validating, feminine(?) communication here. Which, of course, Leo does sometimes engage in. I’ve seen him be very kind and emotionally generous, and I assume he makes an intuitive judgement of how he communicates with others on a case-by-case basis. I make a point to tread carefully on here, communicate as thoughtfully as I can and, like, not waste Leo’s time haha. Even though he can be a dick, the forum itself and all his free content is a massive expression of love and real kindness. Personally, I find his teachings too important and well-formulated for my sensitivity to be a dealbreaker.
  9. Happy to have triggered this profound experience for you; make sure to gather your insights once you return to your physical body
  10. Simulation with Allen Saakyan! I actually met Allen at my first vipassana retreat back in 2016. He’s a great guy. Very sharp, kind, and generous, from the little I interacted with him. He has had some awakening experiences, though I don’t know the exact facets or degrees of consciousness he’s reached. I think he interviewed Frank Yang and Rupert Spira recently. Impact Theory w/ Tom Bilyeu, Your Mate Tom, and Psychedsubstance are all open-minded and have big audiences. Also, my dad is a big fan of Buddha at the Gas Pump; he would jizz his fucking pants if you appeared on that show 😂 EDIT: ALSO, if you could get ahold of Russell Brand, that would be incredible, don’t know how realistic that is though.
  11. Happy Belated Leo!! Thank you so much for your work. Endlessly grateful for your guidance ❤️
  12. @Leo Gura 👍👍
  13. @Leo Gura Do you still consider your Turquoise episode (which is on Spotify) worth listening to? Or would you recommend seeking other resources to introduce oneself to that stage