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  1. Sorry to dig this up, but I just want to add my appreciation for the clips channel as it was. I’ve sent a lot of clips to people I know, and it is a great, accessible window into Leo’s work. The clips themselves are really well extracted as standalone videos, and the title card + link indicating the longer video they are from is helpful. I encourage @Leo Gura to fund it in the future, when he can afford to lose more money on it. Please don’t forget about Actualized Clips Leo!
  2. I recently discovered two YouTube PUA channels, AG Hayden and Karisma King. They seem to be friends, and they seem like competent PUAs and coaches. Then, totally by coincidence, I checked to see if they have Instagram and realized they both follow @Leo Gura and he follows them back. They seem pretty influenced by RSD, and I’m pretty sure they’re based in Vegas. Leo—have you hung out with these guys? Have you gamed with them? I’m wondering mostly out of pure curiosity, but I also wonder if you have any opinions or takes on their approach to game. Anyone who’s familiar with their work is welcome to share, of course.
  3. Did Leo remove all of his blog videos?
  4. It’s not, necessarily. My understanding is that they’re basically pointing to the same thing, but emphasizing different aspects of it. Frank’s cultivation of continuous high baseline consciousness vs. Leo’s emphasis on reaching the highest states possible through whatever means available, plus integrating ego development and worldly understanding. I’m in no position to say Frank’s approach is inferior to Leo’s, but Leo’s methods and teachings resonate with me more. This is what I was struck with when reading Frank’s comment. Doesn’t seem to acknowledge his own blind spot, idk. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the intrinsically paradoxical nature of reality the way Leo does, the way the absolute and the relative are simultaneous and one. Again, though, I’m not familiar enough with his work to really be assessing it him like that. Thanks for your input.
  5. I guess this is typical of Frank’s perspective on Leo’s teachings right? It always seems to me like Frank emphasizes a “you’re already awake” mentality or like, “There’s nowhere to go, awakening is just an experience so don’t place too much meaning on it.” And dismissing psychedelics. I haven’t watched most of the interview yet, nor am I super familiar with Frank’s work, for context. Just sharing the comment.
  6. Do a meditation retreat to get a taste of higher consciousness from just meditation. The Goenka retreats are free and you by no means have to stick with the method they teach there once you come back. You will cultivate a LOT of concentration and mindfulness on an intense retreat. Or, yeah, just do psychedelics. Do a light or moderate dose of a psychedelic and listen to Leo’s God realization guided exercise, and meditate while tripping.
  7. I appreciate this distinction being addressed ?
  8. For anyone still struggling to find good RSD videos…many of the RSD paid products can be torrented for free. Most are not even hard to find. The video courses are laid out in an intentional, comprehensive way, which I find more utility and security in than having to hunt and piece together random YouTube clips.
  9. Right, right , makes sense. All the more reason for me to get serious about pickup/dating skillz! I think that process will likely cut through a lot of the neurotic wiring holding me back from fully enjoying sex. Thanks for you input Leo ?? I really appreciate it.
  10. Right True! And yes balance is key, everyone’s slightly different. Question though—I’ve had past issues with cumming/arousal during sex with girls I thought were kind of average or even above-average attractiveness. In high school there were times when I would close my eyes and pretend my girlfriend was a super hot pornstar to help my finish because I felt like I couldn’t otherwise. The NoFap movement (Gary Wilson’s book, etc.) led me to believe there was legitimacy behind the idea that porn had significantly desensitized my arousal capacity with real girls. The thing is, I did find that remaining celibate for even a week+ made it a lot easier to cum. It’s just that the nofapping was consistently difficult. I guess my question is…do you think my issue is likely rooted in something deeper than just desensitization? (Performance anxiety, psychological issues, or even the girl really isn’t attractive enough.) And that ideally a healthy guy can jerk off to porn regularly and not have issues finishing in bed? I suppose the answer is obvious, since plenty of guys do just that. I’ve never understood the stereotype of guys cumming way too fast, that almost seems like a luxury to me.
  11. Where do you draw the line between an enjoyable activity being harmless, healthy self-love vs. sneaky, long-term self-harm? For instance, I enjoy using cannabis quite a bit, and using it makes me feel good, similarly to using porn. But in the long-term, I’ve realized I’m better off keeping cannabis use to a minimum. I guess it’s just about finding the sweet spot of moderation for each activity? I know you advise against cannabis, and I would agree than frequent porn use is generally healthier than frequent cannabis use. Perhaps porn and weed are too different from each other for this comparison, idk.
  12. I like this framing of it from @Emerald. The present moment not existing is the same as the present moment being the only thing that exists.
  13. I relate to this. Yeah you’ve gotta figure out your long-term logistics financially and address sexual/relationship needs first. I’m still trying to sprinkle some spirituality into my life (regular kriya yoga and occasional psychs). But I’ve realized I’m falling into the “born into low stage green without having integrated previous stages, lazy hippy” trap. Going through the LP course way too slowly as well. Good on you for taking action ?