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  1. Interesting idea, probably would be a horrible idea to actually make and release that film 😂 Film can be a great medium through which to promote yellow thinking though. Perspective shifting is huge.
  2. Just to add further support that you are not alone—I dealt with this constantly in college. Still do, actually, though to a lesser degree. What the others have said is true. Raising your consciousness can help deal with the approach fear, but ultimately experience is key. The only way out is through. Don’t be afraid to be a failure, or a loser, if it seems like girls don’t like you. Realize you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Keep learning and practicing.
  3. You don’t know the exact size of the observable universe, but maybe someone else does or might some day. You are also that person. You are everyone; you are infinity. The assumption you’re getting wrong is that you are merely the person you feel like right now. To whatever degree you are identified with the ego, God will seem separate from you. God is purely self-less. So, in an way, you’re correct that you’re not God. Your identity cannot be God because God has no identity. God is all identities. Nevertheless, you also are that thing which simultaneously includes all identities and none at all. You are God, and you can become directly conscious of this.
  4. 😂😂😂 too accurate. And Trump’s campaign had a GREAT punchline: he lost 😎
  5. The classic struggle between rightly acknowledging green’s excesses, which are problematic because of the ego backlash they incite in lower stages, VS validating that lower stage backlash and demonizing stage green. Very tricky line to straddle, in terms of communication. Or maybe not, I don’t know haha maybe it just depends on the audience’s place on the spiral. It’s clear Sam’s audience is the common orange-green split.
  6. David Pakman has a great video articulating how Trumpists truly feel they are at war with sacrilege and the overtaking of their rightful white majority in this country. They’re willing to lie, cheat, and even sacrifice themselves because they have a greater cause (aka toxic life purpose like Leo has talked about). Classic stage Red/Blue/low Orange Spiral Dynamics
  7. It really is so unfair that they’re legally counting all of the votes in PA. Really despicable how democratic this election has been 🙄😂😂
  8. Biden is now leading in Wisconsin. Hopefully doesn’t flip back to Trump
  9. I scrubbed through the video (okay no I didn’t, I just looked at the timestamps) and I’m amazed Tom had that dude on. So weird. It’s cool that Tom was open to hearing him out. But I have trouble understanding how people can map these elaborately specific religions (aka Christianity or really any religion) onto conscious phenomena that has no intrinsic intellectual content of the sort. Like, none of my mystical experiences have even slightly alluded to Jesus, or if they did, it was apparent that Jesus is just a cultural idea the mind associates with high levels of consciousness. Probably because I was raised in a secular household
  10. Biden brought some BDE tonight. It’s amazing what can happen when Trump isn’t allowed to interrupt
  11. Biden is doing much better than last time
  12. Dude I heavily relate to this and am still working on it myself. But what has helped me is just working on myself/learning about dating, increasing my consciousness, and, as Leo said, more experience. Failing enough times with a healthy mindset reduces anxiety because you become desensitized to your fear of failure. Also increasing your consciousness (meditation, yoga, psychedelics, etc.) has made me less neurotic and attached to the outcome. Realizing relativity and intrinsic perfection allows for authenticity and reduces neediness. Leo has an older video about dating that I remember with the acronym CHED (like Chad 😂) — Confidence, Humor, Edginess, Detachment from outcome.