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  1. You dont need a gym. Just get some resistance bands and focus on time under tension (TUT). You'll need some time to figure everything out either way. Gym will give you the motivation to make a long workout when you are already there. Because there is nothing else to do than to workout. Also trainers and equipment at your disposal. Could also be beneficial to go with a friend. Workout at home will give you more motivation to start because you dont need to overcome the hassle of getting to the gym. If you dont want to become a bodybuilder you can go a long way with body weight exercises and some resistance bands. You save some minutes of your day if you workout from home. It doesnt really matter. Just find something and stick to it. I do both.
  2. What are your thoughts on adrenal function during IF? Maybe there could be problems with blood sugar levels changing too much or adrenal glands getting stressed because of constantly having balancing blood sugar.
  3. I heard great results can happen with the sedona method. Or any technique that helps to release the stucked emotions inside your body. Healing from trauma basically comes down to this Being traumatized -> unprocessed emotions -> feeling the emotions in a safe environment -> letting the emotions go -> free from trauma. Being traumatized means you can get easily triggered by stuff related to your trauma. Or could also be that your emotionally not available because you are surpressing your emotions so much. Free from trauma means emotions can pass through you. Without any resistence to them (ie. not getting triggered anymore).
  4. Dont show him Leos videos, just dont. Change doesnt happen as easily like that. Think about yourself. How long did it take you to implement these concepts discussed here. And how far are you actually with them? You are living with him so you really have a strong grip on him and the possibility to help him. Now first, him responding with suicide if you dont give him what he wants. Could be that he is suicidal, but to me it sounds much more likely that he is being abusive towards you. Just realize this. Now, how you can help him: Love. This is really important. Seems like he is missing a fuckton of it. Just be loving towards him in the next weeks and dont do anything else. If he crosses some boundaries explain how that makes you feel and that its not acceptable but overall be as loving as possible. DO NOT try to change him in any way. Like telling him what he could do (take a bath, get a job, get a haircut, going outside). Just accept and love him for what he is. Lead by example. Whatever you want him to do (habits, motivation, emotional control or whatever), instead of mentioning it to him. Just do these thing yourself. This is huge. After you've done this (1&2) for a while he might be looking for help. If he does this, you strike. Choose one way to help him/coach him and go for it. Strive for weekly/daily sessions. You can do whatever your best at. Maybe teaching self-help 101, going into metaphysics, doing psychedelics or start some sport. These are all good. But what I would really suggest is Sedona Method and some visualisation.
  5. Seems like you are doing great. What about psychedelics?
  6. Thats a very general question. Look at what it is that you want to achieve and then see how well you are doing now.
  7. Look out for people who sell you "techniques" or "tricks" to get girls. That doesnt work. Instead find channels that teach you practices and help you to turn inwards to do the juicy inner work. Here is a good start https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFearlessManTV
  8. No its no ones fault! Watch Leos video on emotions. Its about perspective. Now you think "Oh she doesnt like me, my life is ruined" (kinda) instead what would you feel like if you thought "Cool, now that I know she isnt into me I can spend my time dating other girls and will find my dream girl". Also maybe she is still into you but wasnt ready for a kiss yet. You dont need to leave if something becomes uncomfortable. Just step back, relax. Try again later and see what happens.
  9. The problem you have is not with your intellect but with your mindset. Let it go. Dont take life too seriously. I'd suggest your next research project to be about How to eliminate limiting beliefs How to release emotions. Specifically the need for control
  10. Seems needy, if he wanted to date you he shouldve told more about himself or at least bring chocolate candy haha. What can we tell you? We werent there. So what was the vibe you were getting from him?
  11. You break up for 1hour? How old are you? And how do you feel about her, do you love her? How do you see the relationship as a whole? Its very personal. Some people like drama. If you are like that, go for it. But it will be very stressfull. Basically what the constant on and off thing will do is it creates so much highs and lows that you will become addicted to it. To a point where normal "healthy" relationships will become hard to deal with. Because they dont compare emotional whise. They wont have that roller coaster like feel, with all the ups and downs. So just be mindful of this and stay cautious. This drama from her is also very feminine and if you are a man who can deal with it you could have an amazing relationship. Maybe not healthy but exciting and romantical haha. @Leo Gura I also like fit girls
  12. Basically Nr.1 Be interested in people LoA or whatever but you need to develop this skill because there are literally gadozens of interesting people right in front of you but you must train yourself to see them. Dont put them into boxes and think you already know everything about a person too quickly. Helps -Be funny. No one likes to be around someone who takes everything too seriously. -Ask them about their core values instead of boring logistical questions.
  13. How in your direct experience does past and future exist?
  14. They are there when you are ready for them. Plenty of them.
  15. Are you sure there are two seperate "I"s? I dont know what mahasamadhi is other from what Leo said in the video. But from my understanding it means getting rid of the illusion of what you call the small "I".