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  1. I've found in my own experience, that whatever I think about life will become my reality. And that by thinking that "living a good life is hard" we are putting imaginary barriers between our current state and a state where life is good. Because sometimes we might catch ourselves being in the zone, being happy and living the good life. But then, our mind comes in and asks "hey, you know this is supposed to be hard? What have you actually done to get here?". And we start "backwards rationalising" to ourselves that we can't be, in fact, happy and living the good life in the moment because we haven't done anything hard recently. ❤️
  2. Start here. Come back if you have a more specific question.
  3. You are doing the emotional labor right now. Push through these old beliefs you have about how something bad will happen if you follow your passion. This is the emotional labor. Life doesn't have to be hard.
  4. @bebotalk Posting links to your YT on FB or X is not best practice, as this would limit your reach on those platforms. Of course you can promote your video everywhere and some people might stay around. But the problem is that the algorithm won't acknowledge these views. And Youtube is just far better as you are at promoting your video. If the parameters (CTR, retention, session duration) are good. It will do the job for you, every day, without stopping.
  5. Either you do it or don't. Or you could try psychedelics if time is of the essence.
  6. I'd advice against it, instead focus on creating good videos that youtube's algorithm will think kindly of.
  7. ADHD is so widespread you can mark it as normal nowadays. I'd say continue. Awareness will likely lower your symptoms, so you might want to watch the ones about this topic. If that's something you want.
  8. They pay how much they value your work. A boss is not your friend who helps you out when you are in need for help. Just as much as you wouldn’t help him if he wouldn’t pay you. Also imagine you’d be paid 100.000 per month. Would you still be working there after a few month? Or would you start going on a long vacation, building your own business etc. If you are not happy with your job guess what. It’s your responsibility to change something.
  9. Old thread is old. Closed.
  10. This test doesn't prove much. Other than that if everything else is equal, the better looking guy gets the attention. No one would argue otherwise. Looks matter in Online Dating. Because women have nothing else to go by than looks. And with that knowledge you can increase your matches drastically by getting good pictures taken from a professional.
  11. This is the way. Cleaning your room and finding your power. ❤️
  12. The person you have been in the past has materialised this life situation you are in right now. What kind of person is required now to change it? ❤️
  13. If you really set your heart on your life purpose, you can move to another country. Many people have done it. For that, a high paying job might be your first step. Good luck on your journey! ❤️
  14. Last time I checked, my parents didn't make millions of dollars but I'll check again. Thanks for sharing this life hack with us.
  15. I meant that there is a trend right now with anything training / qualification related. You can get anything Yoga Certificate, human design Certificate, Spiral Dynamics® Certificate. Just like there was / is a trend with university degrees. What I am seeing is people who have many of these certificates but not a stable business as a coach. Instead they go on and get another certificate. On the other hand, I know some coaches who have none of these certificates but they've helped hundreds of people and have a good business going. Of course, they have teachers. But more in form of books and courses that are not designed with the teaching aspect in mind. So ask yourself, what do I need to do/be in order for my clients to make the shift and "help them fix their broken arm". Do you need more knowledge in a particular field that you might get with a certificate or is this something you do for yourself to feel better? What did you do to get out of it?