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  1. Consider if it is really helpful for you to see yourself as a victim here. To go into that mentality, nourishing thoughts about how all these factors (covid, your city, even your looks) are hindering you to live your life the way you want. Making you waste your life. And if it is not helpful, where do these beliefs come from and would it be a good idea to continue with em?
  2. Very good progress! One tip for the approach. You want to get her full attention! The best way is when she is moving away from you, you walk beside her, then go a little forward, turn around and THEN start talking to her. If you continue walking (you can also stop) you stay a bit ahead and lead her.
  3. I'm not sure with this function. It can be nice sometimes but also encourages you to skip forwards. My guess is he doesn't think it's beneficial to the main channel and also takes too much time to make.
  4. The second convo could have been a lame joke. Or she was just looking for an excsuse to leave. Without knowing the context and the whole conversation it is impossible for us to know. You are doing good! Just continue to get the exercise in! Check your intentions with each joke. Was it to make her laugh or could it be that you wanted to prove yourself to her?
  5. Finding your Life Purpose. Honestly, after you have done this everything else falls into place... You are now playing life on "easy". Having a Life Purpose to me is the Ultimate Shiny Object you can attain. Once you start to align yourself with your potential you will have it easier to start to fall in love with reality. Then you are on your path for Love and grounding yourself in reality. ❤️
  6. Why should it be wrong to do daily exercises? You can also do the simple technique from the "What is love" video. Meditation in general is useful. Basically, there is no one way to do it. These are some solid starts. ❤️
  7. Yeah do both. And also there is nothing to gain. Achieving material success and mastering the dating game will not give you some kind of magic feel good energy. In fact, you will be the same as you are right now. @Hardkill Define "slavery" and the warlord who is enslaving you right now. If you mean typical wage slavery - that is working a meaningless job in a 1st world country that you absolutely hate doing - no, it is relatively easy.
  8. Yes, accept that. And then transcend it. Accepting our biases for safety and control and then move on. We are not flawed, in the same way a child is not flawed for wanting a night light because it is afraid of the darkness.
  9. I don't know if the paranoia is coming from the show. The whole thread is kinda paranoid. You try to prevent going down a spiral of watching endless TV etc. The thing is you can escape the work you have to do in order for real Growth to happen by many means. People do it everywhere, of course while watching TV. But also by going to university, by watching actualized.org videos, by being on this forum, by going to retreats, by working on their business. You can not have enough eyes to see where the next distraction will come from. It's normal, don't worry. The key is to never loose sight of your vision. Your inspirations, your dreams. It is ok to get sidetracked, being fascinated by the delightful panorama... Don't fight it. Just come back to the thing that is most important to you.
  10. As you said, it is the perfect "tool". There are many perfect tools for specific outcomes. Machine guns, drugs, pencils, screwdrivers or guitars. A tool is just a means to get something done. Don't blame the tool. A computer can be used in a way for Growth or to get more and more sedated. You decide.
  11. Discussed topics: Death, Paradox, Mind, Oneness, Lucid Dreams, Searching/Chasing, Seeker, Repetitive Questions, Existential Crisis, Stories, Survival, Identity, Neediness, Solipsism, Philosophy, Infinity, God, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Law of Attraction, Future, Fear, Heaven, Wordlessness, Life, Control, Doing, Neurosis, No-Self, Fun, Energy, Thoughts, Ideas, Freedom, Tranquillity, Absolute, Free Will, Doubt, Mystery, Yoga, Breathwork, Formlessness, Ignorance, Bliss, Perfection, Home
  12. How can polygamy which can be both polygyny and polyandry be abusive to only women? Sounds shady.
  13. Do you know where this fear is coming from? It could be that you find the task to be too difficult and you might think you don't know how to do it. What helps is to break bigger tasks down into smaller ones. Instead of cleaning the room you move this pencil and then these papers. Instead of paying your bills you find one bill to pay and then pay it. Instead of building a business you make this one thing to help others and then tell them about it. Once you already start taking action it can be harder to stop than to just continue to go with it.
  14. There is no right or wrong path. And you have a good timing to be on your purpose at age 24. You could even do it later. There is plenty of time to build your skills and actualize while doing a job that pays the bills. What are you afraid of?