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  1. That's totally normal. Question your mindset, is it really hard to find a new partner? Cast some doubt on your beliefs. "I have low confidence and am not sure if I can still do it", is that really true? I would be very sceptical about it. Also might be a good time for these videos Also ask yourself what are the benefits for thinking like this? Maybe if you allow yourself to think this way and don't date, you wont have to deal with approaching women and getting rejected? And of course welcome your emotions. Let them run through your body. Allow them to be. ❤️
  2. Seems like you didn't do a good job staying away from instagram Sounds like you are a bit jealous. It's a non-issue if you just stop using instagram. Focus on what happens offline rather than online. What are his intentions, does he want a relationship etc.
  3. @Thought Art Well he didn't say he has a student loan. And I don't know who wrote that article but the study they are quoting puts Halifax at #17 of most expensive rents in Canada. In fact it was one the few places that saw rents go down a bit. Of course living expenses are getting high right now. But being debt free, no kids, willing to move and willing to share your appartment you are good. Just going on what information we have in this thread.
  4. I doubt that. My motive isn't to guilt, it is to empower. But I see how it could be interpreted the other way.
  5. Godspeed bro, you are rocking it with that challange! She probably felt insecure herself. You can help her relax and open up. But even if you do that some people just don't vibe. 1. Talk about what you love/hate, happy moments, vacation, dreams, the things around you. Stay away from politics, religion, stuff that will bring you/her down and anything too rational. 2. Body language, touch, kiss etc. 3. You eliminate the mindset that there is even the possibilty that you could say the wrong thing. Instead you see/evaluate if you like her. And if for some reason you still say something wrong, you laugh about it. 4. Is that really true? Did you ever had a conversation in your life that wasn't draining? 5. Then go, get up and leave. Have some self respect. Smile, listen to something funny. Watch something comedic. Work on these things 1. Embodiment. When you are talking with someone (doesn't matter if it's a date or not) explore your body. Notice. Feel your feet, legs, ass, dick, belly, chest, arms, fingers. Notice where you are feeling. Come out of your head into your body. Relax and stay with the person you are talking to. It's a bit like meditation, you can meditate on all of this as well at home for practice. When the other person talks try to be there with them. The other person will notice. You will fail and that is ok. Just come back to your body again, and again. 2. Emotional Mastery. Dating will put you on rollercoaster of emotions. You are already on it. It's better to go with it instead of fighting against it. Let your emotions run freely through you. Accept them, welcome them, maybe even learn to love them. Let them be. If you go like "Uh, this girl doesn't like/love me, that makes me so sad. I don't like being sad, go away sadness!". The feeling won't listen. Instead it will come back even stronger. Hitting you full head on like "Here! Here! I am sadness, I am here! Look!". Not good. Let it become your friend and it will come and go easily. ❤️
  6. What do you mean with struggle? You either support yourself or you don't. I expect a certain drive to work on and better yourself from people on this forum so that automatically puts you out of the group of "many others". Yes. Some people may struggle with looking for jobs, going to interviews and then later to go to their job for 8-9h/day. Then they might struggle with not spending all their money on unnecessary things. But these are all basics that are easy to learn and have a very small learning curve. Compared to being a sage.
  7. Are you happy in your relationship? If not maybe it's time to end it and just be friends. To go one step deeper. People will often treat us how we treat ourselves. So if you want to change something that is a place to look into as well.
  8. As a 29 year old you should not have any trouble supporting yourself. Either commit 100% to your LP or get a job and do it on the side, both could work. Do you really want to change is the question.
  9. No it's not. Just as much as the desire to stay in a closed relationship isn't as well. There is a difference between wanting to sleep around and needing to sleep around. Or wanting to stay together with a person and needing to stay together for that matter. Behind your desire to be single is there also fear about being in a commited relationship?
  10. What you want is Emotional Mastery. Having said that, fluctutating states are normal. Everyone can be great with an optimal state, it's how good you can stick with it even in a bad mood that's key. But don't be too hard on yourself. It's possible the girl you are talking to is just not a good match.
  11. If you want to actualize yourself get out and get your dream partner. Everything else is overanalizing. The emotional heartbreaks (if you encounter them) are not to be avoided but to be felt through. When do you think you will achieve Growth? By sitting in your room armchair philosophying about dating or by going through all the ups and downs of life. Experiencing deep connection, sadness, loss, joy and terrible heartbreak? This is a very foundational concept Leo explains in this video.
  12. I think it would be helpful to first define what you mean by love.
  13. I don't know in which world you live in. I haven't experienced what you describe happening to our society. Men don't hurt women in relationships. Women are not victims. There are collective issues that we work through together in society (like slavery, equal rights and abusive relationships) but they get passed down from our parents not from the opposite sex.
  14. You gotta learn what girls are really attracted to. It's a game. Spirituality might help you in some aspects with game but you still have to go through the motions and start playing.