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  1. You can but do you actually want?
  2. Timestamped for the solution on how to escape. Maybe this helps if you didnt already watch it. One thing that is very important is becoming highly creative. Feed your creativity and nurture it.
  3. Ok. Yeah if you need help with getting deeper into your feminine energy just ask here or look on google/yt. To help with your situation it would be good to know at what stage you are currently (date, kissing, sex) and how old you both are.
  4. His action and his words broke your trust. Is there anything he can say or do to rebuild that trust? If not you will know best what to do.
  5. Very insightful post, please go on.
  6. I dont know but enlightenment by suicide or death is the norm. Dying before you die is a cool trick. Please read carefully: Death = realization that ego-mind is a fiction. So you can still live. If by "that" you mean that ego-mind is fiction, you can only become aware of it. A belief would have to happen inside ego-mind. But you can get your ego-mind to action by asking yourself the question: How can you prove that you are ego-mind, how can you prove that ego-mind even exists? Why do you think you exist? Why do you think you were born?
  7. Yeah I also have this a little bit. I think it comes from his tonality. Its a bit shrill doesnt sound harmonious Feel like its getting better tho, but thats maybe just because he had a cold...
  8. Marketing 101. Create a problem -> solve it. Ask yourself: What is Tyler selling you here? Is it deep inner work that will get you real growth or is it a "quick help pill" that will do all the work for you? The real deal or a mask to hide your problems. High consciousness or low consciousness.
  9. You actually already did the hardest part: Understanding what she needs. The next step is quite logical, you shutdown your problem solving mind and just start listening to what she says and try to feel what she feels (so called intimacy). Now, the last part can be a bit difficult depending on how connected you are to your feminine energy. Have you tried?
  10. @danton Im really happy for you David!
  11. I feel you, Im in the same boat right now. The thing is, you thought you were really content with your single life before. But you most likely werent. Otherwise this couldnt happen. Its like saying "Im ok with being poor", and then you live like a king for a week with yacht & champagner and go back to being poor. Suddenly its not so ok anymore. Be happy she is there to remind you that there is still some work for you to do. Because as long as you cant accept everything you are still a slave. Not really free. This is a great opportunity for you to get better at "letting go". Everyone has different triggers. Hit me up on skype if you like to chat about this.
  12. Counter argument: If all humans care about is being happy, why arent they?
  13. Please refer to other threads around here, really no need to make a new one every time. The simple answer is, everyone can be enlightened right now. Is everyone a vegan? No. Badum tss. Nothing is needed to become enlightened.
  14. I would also recommend what @Salvijus said. Surrender completely. Option B: Your problem also comes from needing that particular job. Search for new job opportunities and develop your skills. If you know you can get another job easliy, you can say whatever the fuck you want without worrying about if they will fire you or not. Stating boundaries is really fun, I love it when people get this confused look haha! Option C: Follow your sexual desires. If you can manage. Also start to tell her about your fetish. Could be a good match! I would also love to see her face when you tell her