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  1. Strange exercise. But at least it gets you to think about the larger scale more. Basically, think bigger. If you need more work and knowledge you can hire employees and teachers. Invest in coaching and marketing. Because even if you make great content you still need to find ways to increase your audience. Remember that you are already complete and have enough right now. ❤️
  2. 1. You are anxious because you don't know what to say. You are blocking yourself with perfectionism. Perfectionism mostly comes from a need for control. Release your need for control. Refer to this post I did about integrating emotions. 2. You are not depressed because of the lockdown and isolation. You are depressed because you are telling yourself that and because you resist feeling certain emotions. If you feel and let go of these emotions your Emotional State will elevate easily. 3. Having silence in conversations is ok. Again, it is your need to control everything that takes you into your head and ultimately is preventing you from real Growth in this area. When you two are in silence, notice how your need for controlling the situation comes up. Accept it fully and ask yourself if you can let it go. Get out of your head, into your body. Feel whatever comes up, feel her.
  3. Great video! I'd argue to truly own is to Love not the other way around but then again, it's the same thing. Ownership to me implies that there is someone who is the "owner". While Love and Acceptance are more universal.
  4. See if the belief that you need to practice 10+ years to get "truly good" at the guitar is correct. The skills you learned while drumming and learning peotry already put you miles ahead of many guitar players. How good do you actually have to be for your life purpose? I mean sure, after 1 year you will not be playing like Hendrix! But depending on your ability to sell and how flexible you are you could already earn money. There is also nothing wrong with getting a side job while you work on your purpose.
  5. Ok, first let me preface this by saying that I only have rudimentary knowledge about what women want. They are still a mystery to me. And second important thing before we start is that while it's understandable to want to create your best offer for the opposite sex, it's fundamental to not fall into the imagination that you need women or that you are not complete as you already are. So while understanding the following principles and making yourself more attractive is nice and dandy. Don't expect to gain something out of it. There is nothing to get or to win, you already have everything right now. You don't need anything. From this understanding also comes the first thing women and men as well want. Authenticity. Don't bend over backwards to be liked by someone. Give them the gift of sharing your true self. As a man you already are what a straight woman wants. And while you enjoy feminine energy, women do enjoy masculine enegry. This energy is naturally inside of you. If you are not in touch with it or are repressing it, do some exercises to reconnect with it. Be present. This is the greatest gift you can give to a woman. Be with her. In the moment. Have you ever heard a woman ask you "What are you thinking right now?". It's their way of saying they don't know where you are in the moment. As men we are used to be in our head. Come into your body, feel it. Ground yourself. And then notice everything that is happening. Notice her, the way she looks, what she feels. Create space for you two. Women love to fill space, as men we create bubbles and a safe space where she can express herself freely. Confidence and tension. Step into tension and become used to it. This is where your masculine energy is found. Don't be afraid to lead and be decisive. Spark emotions and have fun. Women love to feel emotions, excited, happy, crying from laughter but also sad or angry. Everything goes. As long as it's not flatlining for too long. This brings me to another point about communication in general. Women and men's baseline communication is completely upside down. Women communicate to express emotions. While men communicate to express information. You can leave your problem solving thinking at home when meeting women. Instead, when she talks about her problems just listen and relate with her. Be in your body, not in your head. You are already complete. ❤️
  6. How do you feel during your day? How do you feel when you are on the internet? Maybe you have created a story that goes like this "My name is Gabith and I'm addicted to the internet, nothing else really interestes me. Without being on the internet I can not live" You know, like drug addicts think they are just that: Addicts. Because they had a troubled childhood, or because of their friends, or the environment. You know, they just are addicts. It must be so, of course. It's not what they want but that is just the card they have been dealt in life. And it will be like that for a while, maybe forever. They could get clean, change their lifes but it's hard you know? So they don't even try. What I mean is this. Part of changing your habits and addictions is letting go of the story surrounding them. Then you can create a new narrative for your life. With meditation and yoga and vegan lifestyle or whatever you want. If you notice any resistance to that new story or if you feel like it's too hard and you can't do it. Or you're maybe afraid of change or if it feels like the new challanges will be overwhelming. Release and integrate these emotions.
  7. Here are my favourites: Oatmeal in a bowl, put cooking water over it. Cut some banana, deets, apple whatever and put it in the bowl as well. Sprinkle cinnamon over and add dark chocolate on top. The melting chocolate is something out of this world. Same as 1. but without oatmeal and water. Just fruit salad basically. Maybe add strawberry, blueberry whatever. Bread with either peanut butter, hazelnut butter, almond butter, avocado, tomato sunflower spread, or chocolate.
  8. Come on, you are way overthinking this. I don't know where you are from but I've never felt that pressure to marry. Sounds like you are living somewhere very religious, country side maybe. Job wise you will not get extra points for being married. Maybe some respect from other married coworkers, maybe more leeway in putting in vacation time. For dating sure it matters. But it will depend highly on the woman. Some will think you are too old, some too young and for some you are exactly right. You can't control your age anyways so why bother? Instead, focus on what you have direct control over. Your insecurities around your age for example, if you have any.
  9. Have you developed your emotional mastery? If not, and you live in a first world country, I guarantee you that you have an emotional need for lack of ressources. And your subconsciousness does it's job to accomplish what you desire. Release on that need. If you are deep into the spiritual path your Emotional State might be centered around Acceptance and Peace. Now, if you really don't do anything you are living in the lower stages like Apathy, Fear, Grief. These stage are real action killers and will tie you down. Coming back to Acceptance and Peace, while you can accomplish many great things in these states, for some work it is better to actually drop down a level into Courage. Because when you are in Acceptance you might not be motivated to do anything and in Peace you can basically just bliss out the whole day accomplishing nothing and being okay with it. So to get into Courage rememeber times in your life where you really felt courageous, adventurous, certain or alive. And sit with it and meditate on them. Release on all the resentment you have on Courage.
  10. You don't need an overwhelming dose! Trip setting and what you do while your tripping are 90% of the way there. If you are mentally healthy you will be fine. Just take it at a friends place or better find a group of people who are doing psychedelic "retreats" for a day. Plan one day for tripping and the next day for integration/alone time. Your spouse probably is just uncertain because you are uncertain.
  11. @Mjolnir Oh, I thought you where asking how to feel emotions. This "not wanting" to linger or feel with these emotions is exactly what's holding you back. What you resist persists. Counter-intuitively suffering comes from not wanting to feel emotiones. By feeling them, giving them room in your body, allowing them to be there, be with them, you allow them to go on and get out of your body. While supressing and resisting them will make them to stay in your body, grow and become heavier and heavier. You will not be able to win this way. Your emotions are not your enemy. They are you friends. They want to be seen and heard. Listen what they have to say. Then they will go away on their own.
  12. I don't know, have you already mastered this?
  13. Your parents want the best for you. They are just insecure and don't know what to do. The best way to help them is to go your own way, be serious about it. And if you don't go to university pick up a job or so that you can become more independent. Define for yourself what it means to "succeed" and explain it to your parents.
  14. Expressing love freely is not needy. Expressing love in exchange for validation or love etc. is. As long as you are coming from a place of abundance and being authentic you are all gucci. That is precisely it. There is also a fine line between wanting and needing something. Neediness implies you are not accepting reality for what it is. I made a post about that here. And yes giving love freely can repell some people, maybe because they sense their own neediness through projection. Furthermore, needy behaviour can attract certain people. Mostly when there is a need in both, you can see it more often happening to teenagers for example.
  15. You choose your reality. If you don't like it, choose differently. Being at an amazing place sounds you figured it out. Enjoy your ticket ❤️