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  1. Have you watched Leo's video on YouTube about this topic?
  2. Oh, sorry I assumed you where a man! In that case no. You can make yourself familiar with the hormone cycle. https://www.myhormonology.com/learn/female-hormone-cycle/ There will be times in the month where you are naturally more energetic and times where you might need more quiet time. But that all depends highly on the individual, if you are on birth control and so on.
  3. Work on your fears. Face them. See them for what they are. Love them. Here are a few video suggestions. How Fear Works - Part 1 - The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With Fear Overcoming Fear - How To Slay Your Greatest Demon Work on how you handle tension. Learn to play with it, seek it, enjoy it. Body Awareness - How To Relax Your Body Release your Emotions especially all the needs. For example via the Sedona Method. Integrating Emotions Take Psychedelics. And optimize your habits & nutrition for good testosterone and cholesterol levels. This will increase your overall confidence and in turn helps you to tone down your voice naturally. ❤️
  4. You are right. No outside source is needed. You where born with the innate ability to handle life. Tho at times it can be helpful to reach out and have someone point you in the right direction. Maybe it's comforting for you to know that there is no difference between inside and outside.
  5. You want to ground yourself in Truth. That is how you become Spider-Man.
  6. Forgiving is a good step towards letting go. Letting go is what will end the circle and ultimately leads towards Love. As long as you hold onto an abuser they are not going anywhere. @omar30 How old are you? Do you love your family? How much do you want your family to live a happy and healthy life?
  7. I'm sensing people pleaser vibes. If that is you, please look into it. People pleasing is damaging to both parties. Have you considered setting your boundaries? Be vigilant about them. Do everything you can to make her respect your boundaries (except physically hurting her). A crucial learning point is becoming comfortable with tension. See what happens. Maybe she will move out because she can't stand you, or you get kicked out. Or maybe you both can develop a wonderful and deep friendship. Where you are both authentic and learned something. Or you could just move out now, nothing wrong with that.
  8. Facebook is a reflection of society. If we would collectively spend billions of $ on facebook to promote peace, love & healthy role models it would do exactly that. The video is itself part of the problem by spreading fear to an extent.
  9. Anything that happens is exactly as you wanted it to happen, is happening and will be happening. So it's up to you. Do you want to feel regret?
  10. You are trying to understand the dating paradigm within the male perspective. Which is why it won't work. The male mind is wired to solve those "problems" you describe. So when approaching, leading, planning and making sex happen as you say. Those are all tasks the male mind is destined to do. Build for that. As men we rise to those challanges and get excited about them. Or get lost... whatever. From a womans perspective this all doesn't even come to her mind. Her brain is not wired for that, instead it is wired to be very good at other stuff. Where she can rise to a challange and get excited about. But that stuff won't make sense to you and your male brain. So don't worry about it. If you want to understand women better you can start by watching this video and do the exercise towards the end. You can also take a look inside the brain of women by reading/watching dating advise that's catered to women. Disclaimer: These are all generalised statements. Some women can be more masculine and some men can be more feminine of course. And because we mostly live in a society that favours male brain wiredness, many women can understand men better than the other way around. Because they learned it from society.
  11. It's fixed now.
  12. @ValiantSalvatore Do you mean sth like sadness, sorrow, hate, anger? Yes, you want to go with all Emotions that come up. Give her a rollercoaster of Emotions. The whole range. But I'd say focus more on the positive ones. In the end positive or negative Emotions do not exist. It is just how we label them. A good book I like about Emotions is the Sedona Method. It's not about dating but will give you some powerful tools to explore and learn from your Emotions.
  13. Do you already have clients? Do you have proof that your idea works and did some market research? If yes then I'd say go for it! Spending the 8k alone will get you hyper-motivated. And if the coach is worth his money and you work good together you can save a lot of time.
  14. @ValiantSalvatore In your example your seem to be kind of reactive and compulsive. Try to relax, take some deep breaths and feel into your body. Maybe I worded it a bit wrong. Don't just talk about emotional things. Also be emotional with her. So when she says she likes Japan try to understand what she feels about it. And why. If she feels joyful, feel into that joyfulness. With her! And then you don't have to talk about other Japanese culture. You can say like "Oh I really enjoyed staying in South Korea, it was an amazing experience!" talk about it, or see if she asks you any questions and then switch the topic again. The point is that it is not about the information being exchanged, you can save that for work. When you are on a date it's about feeling, intentions, tension and having fun. Don't be afraid to not talk for a while. She can also keep the conversation up. Then quickly change the subject again. Like I said, it is not about the subject. It should all be very non serious but also not a comedy show. A good way to get more emotional is to ask her what was the last time she was moved/really excited/frightened/grateful whatever strong emotion you can think about.