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  1. See where this neediness comes from. There are 3 major factors that make you needy: Craving for safety, craving for perfection and craving for validation. Really see where these come from and feel them in your body when they arise. Releasing is a technique to free yourself from these cravings. If you are interested in this, read "The Sedona Method". In this book there are serveral ways on how to do it. Neediness makes you anxious. Because you fear that you wont get what you need. When you interact with women these fears/needs will block you. Without these you will hook up with women like crazy! This is so crucial for dating! And be careful for the craving of not wanting to appear needy. It makes you needy as fuck. Doing meditation and consciousness work will naturally get you better at this. As you become mindful of the underlying mechanism that produces neediness (thoughts & emotions arising in the moment). And also by practising to let go. Watch Leos video on Love to get a better understanding of where to find love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdbcsRxDQvM
  2. Went on a date with a girl today and didnt get laid. Please show me where I can claim my fairness sex reward! What makes you think life is fair?
  3. Yes, it has a curative effect on you. With meditation there might be more feelings of sadness and more feelings of joy in your life. You will learn to let them flow through you <3 Awareness is also an emotion. Would you like to heal your emotions?
  4. What you need is an ambundance mindset. Its easier to get with more experience. But still, even people who whave a lot of approval can still have a problem - they are afraid to loose the validation. Free yourself completely from this need. Give yourself love and validation. When this feeling comes up, see what emotion triggered it and release this emotion. Start cultivating emotions like acceptance, awareness, centeredness, completeness, calmness and freedom.
  5. Very true. But you can contribute without directly helping. You can inspire other people and be peaceful. Not engaging in the constant violence people indulge in day to day. For example Leo is contributing with his work. That is one perspective. The other is, that you are God. So it can matter in some way.
  6. Haha. She seems like an expert in this field!
  7. After you reach heaven, you find it empty. So you go back to bring more people in.
  8. Thanks for posting! Love <3
  9. Do mindfulness practices. Meditation. When you can be mindful in a relaxed situation you are training to also be mindful in a stressed situation. Every stressfull situation is a new chance to become even more conscious. When they arise you have a choice. Stay conscious or get back to being unconscious.
  10. I think house ownership is an important driving factor for inequality in our society. Needs to be adressed! Especially with the rent going up because of platforms like AirBnB that diminish living space in citys. Regulation or Bubble pop incoming Id say. Buying a house in the end is not so different than buying other big assets. You need to factor in many things and spend time learning the ins and outs to make a good decision. Also luck.
  11. You are leaving a lot of information out, from what I read it didnt seem like you made a huge fuck up anywhere. But its hard to say from an outside perspective. How did you react after she texted you that she has plans after you asked her out for dinner? After that decline from her and without any suggestions for other dates I would loose interest. Id then text a follow up maybe 1-2 weeks after. But I see you want to persue this specific girl, I get it. Its ok. Have you tried to get her to a walk again? Maybe she just isnt comfortable yet to get dinner with you. Or doesnt like dinner dates. Next time you see her go and talk to her! Force it a bit. But dont act hurt. Just have a relaxed conversation with her. If she responds well and has time just stay in conversation (its your 2nd date, yay!). If she responds well to mildly ok but doesnt have time. Invite her to some activity you have planned today or next day (example: I wanted to go outside to the park/xyz later, do you want to come with me?). If she responds badly (like seems stressed and leaving asap) just say bye have a nice day or sth like that. The most important thing is that you stay chill/laid back no matter what. Positive vibes are always nice. Thats important because you are in a situation where she cant avoid seeing you (university class). And you dont want to maker her uncomfortable. Most girls will have some kind of trauma with super-needy guys becoming a problem because they dont accept a no. And while being a bit aggressive can be good, its bad if she has no easy out, or if she already thinks you are a bit creepy (Im not sure about that).
  12. That doesnt mean you cant have a life purpose. Ultimately, there is no purpose in life. So you can live your life without one. The thing is, most people are not ready for that. Finding your life purpose is not about strictly staying with one thing and getting into a frenzy. Its about finding a way to connect with your inner authentic self. Actualizing the gift within you. Ask yourself this question: "Am I actively limiting my potential out of fear or lazyness?" If your answer is yes you might be deluding yourself with not wanting a life purpose. If your answer is no, go ahead and enjoy whatever flow you are in.
  13. Thanks for posting! Very informative and entertaining
  14. @Serotoninluv The most important thing besides content & marketing is audio quality. Make sure to get a good high quality mic and learn the correct way to use compressor, eq etc. Everything else is a plus but people will be very forgiving about it. ( example: pewdiepie)