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  1. Abuse during childhood or funky brain chemistry.
  2. Its a paradox, living the easy and comfy live really is harder than doing the emotional work and pursueing the heroes journey.
  3. Yes. search for these places. Maybe research some gurus that travel from city to city and hold retreats there. Maybe search for vispassana retreats. Im sure you will find one that is willing to cover your cost of living in exchange for helping them. In the meantime maybe learn and work in a tech field, as a gardener or as a cook? Always good to have some practical skills and you dont even need college for that!
  4. Well compared to 10000 years ago, you actually dont have to be that involved with society. So be very glad about that. Today, were I live you can be without contact to society for a looong time. And it only keeps getting better.
  5. *learned *heart
  6. Top book for dealing with customers, authorities and people you have to talk to in your daily life, How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  7. If you like to get more into the topics of this video, Leo made seperate videos about some of them Rant Against Morality How Your Mind Distorts Reality Stop Demonizing People! God Vs Evil What Is Consciousness? What Is Perception? What Is God?
  8. Surprise product placement
  9. I also struggled with feeling emotions in the past. Now I manage a much better relationship with my emotions. But I still need to work on it sometimes. You already did a huge step by acknowledging and becoming aware that you are not as much in tune with your emotions as you might want to be. The first step is having a will and a desire in yourself to feel your emotions. For me, that was when I found out that emotional work is really beneficial in personal development, business and in general. But you can not work on something that is not there. So first you need to feel it. Here is how I managed to "feel more" -Watch all videos Leo has on emotions (I think he has 3 or 4) and then maybe some from other sources such as Teal Swan. -Talk about emotions with others. How do they experience emotions and where in the body do they experience them? -This illustration helped as well: https://images.fastcompany.net/image/upload/w_596,c_limit,q_auto:best,f_auto/fc/3024327-inline-screen-shot-2014-01-02-at-51254-pm.png -Actively looking for emotions. -Put myself into situations that induce an emotional response in me. If you have a good imagination you can also just imagine scenarios. -Put myself into those situations again when Im at home by going through them in my head. -Making myself vulnerable in relationships In general you have to allow your feelings to arise. For example fear. And then, when they are there you have to allow them again to grow bigger and bigger. You constantly need to encourage your feelings to show themselves to you. Getting a girlfriend or a business might also help. Maybe quit smoking weed if you do.
  10. Why do you want to know? Do you feel like something is missing in your life right now? Also how is your relationships with your feelings in general. Do you feel anger, fear, joy, gratitude anything?
  11. Is there anything in your life, even objects, ideas or yourself that you feel like you could love? Have you watched this video?
  12. You are too hard on yourself. Meditating for 2 years is great! You need to be very inspired and motivated to fail many times. What do you even want to change?
  13. I feel like you are mostly at stage orange and this thread is in part coming about, because you are transitioning from blue. Would you say that is correct?
  14. What do you mean with the last part?