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  1. You want Emotional Mastery. I'd encourage you to do these exercises.
  2. Do you have too much time?
  3. Hello, it's me, your shadow. Have you enjoyed that great security of not facing criticism lately? It's so refreshing, I could bath in that all day. I also like this uncertainty about my future. Maybe I will be successfull, maybe I won't. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 50 years. You know the best thing about that? I don't have to do anything! Ah so cozy and soo comfortable. You will have to face your shadow if you want to be successfull. Critique can actually be helpful. You know when you should be concerned? When no one talks about your work.
  4. It's a very common attachment and common shadow. Being a good person gives so much validation! Yummy! Same as being right. As to why you attract these kind of people maybe has to do with you yourself having attachments in a similar fashion. Don't worry - everyone does, the question is to what degree.
  5. Yes, I wrote about it here Wonderful experience 10/10 would recommend. ❤️
  6. You could also ask why did God make men and women different. The survival strategy builds on the uniqueness and strength of each gender. And the incompleteness of each gender.
  7. Yes it's a good idea. Or yes prime your brain to know where your tongue should be resting during the day. Explained in this video And lookout for lip incompetence, another area to improve on which can help with proper breathing. There is also this thread with more information.
  8. Literally everything is carcinogetic. The air you breath right now. The background radiation in your house and your city. The chemicals in your cosmetics. The chemicals in your food. The mold in your food. The acrylamide in your overcooked food maybe too. You could read your entire life about those things. I'd advice to just get some basic knowledge and try to avoid these factors as best as possible. Get your moles checked regularly, no need to remove them preemptivly. Stay away from traffic pollution as much as possible. If you drive with a car get a good air filter, that filters out some of the pollution. Decrease damage and rubbing on your body. Everytime your body has to heal some tissue there is a chance something goes cancerous. That is why asbestos increases the risk of lung cancer (basically tiny particles cutting your lungs). From what I've heard suppressed emotions can lead to health issues. Everything is linked together and infinitely complex. Can it lead to cancer? I'm not sure but I feel it could be possible. To be safe you can learn Emotional Mastery. Which I would recommend you to do anyways if you haven't already. Look it up here, on google and see my post here.
  9. Thank you! Yes the testing is hard. I may get the Westernblot and ELISA done but seems like I have to drive to the lab because the blood needs to be "fresh". As an update, I've now developed the regular bull's eye pattern but thankfully none of the other later symptoms. I decided to just bite the bullet and take the doxycycline for at least 14 days. The bacteria seems to be very hard to kill for our immune system as it can just mask & go "inactive" mode to wait for better circumstances (over years). So even with the antibiotics I'm still not sure if it will be gone forever. Taking the time to adjust and get my diet clean. For now I decided to stay off probiotics (the pills) and instead eat prebiotic food. Which I do anyways but just added some, like garlic and onions. So for now observing the possible health benefits from the doxy and trying to keep my stomach as healthy as possible.
  10. Unlikely, but I'm not sure which type of tick exactly. I took a picture but the tick is too tiny to see anything. @nuwu Thanks, so far it's not chronic and I'm relatively young. I might add some of these essential oils.
  11. Basically, I got a tick bite on my leg a month ago and developed a rash that could be a bull's-eye rash. It's not typical as it has no bull's eye but it started a week after the bite and has been growing quite big. It seems to fade a bit now. 2-3 Weeks after the bite I got my blood tested for antibodies for borreliosis. They came back negative. However, antibodies seem to form only from week 3 and after. The whole Lyme disease seems to me rather hard to grasp - with symptoms that include almost anything. As of now I'm feeling fine. It seems quite normal to get Lyme disease without the rash but can you have the rash without Lyme disease? Also if I'm going to take doxycycline I will try to reduce the side effects with probiotics. Maybe someone here has experience with this and can tell me what to look out for. Thanks
  12. What I meant was more like a coach who can teach you stuff 1on1. Can make thinks easier. What also helps is working on your Emotional Mastery.
  13. If you want to succeed with this you will need to be able to tolerate frustration several magnitudes higher than what you have encountered so far. The two are married together. In all areas of your life. Get professional consultation if you can afford it.
  14. Interesting question. When I was younger I experienced a lot of boredom. Waiting for the train, waiting for the teacher... whatever. Maybe it is a state. When you don't feel like you have anything to do your mind switches to "boredom mode". Instead of just enjoying the present moment and all that it has to offer. It's kind of like a security mechanism to escape the present moment and not having to be "there". Maybe it helps to integrate your emotions to get to another state, on the other hand it is as simple as tricking your brain that boredom has been deleted from your life.
  15. If you have the time I'd ask for a coffee right now. Get her contacts only if that doesn't work out. But that's just me, I'm tired using technology.