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  1. Seems to me like you are a bit biased towards the feeling of "good". What about feeling sad, miserable, dreadful and so on? They also have interesting textures to explore haha. You know, some people enjoy these complex fuller tastes, kind of like whine or cheese. Or are you afraid of those? Are you running away from something?
  2. Is that really the case or is that a story you tell yourself? I didnt meant to say you shouldnt do PD or strategic planning. Definitely work on a good schedule and work on having the best infrastructure in place you can have. But those things will come naturally for you. I see your are very active on this forum and so I figured you are aready well rounded and crunched down on that PD a lot. So for someone like you doing the actual work now seems the best way to go about this for me.
  3. @The Don I think its more the case that we have to stop unconsciousness rather than teaching moral. Just knowing about morality may hold down your urges to act out but being conscious makes you not want to act out to begin with.
  4. Why do we perceive time at all?
  5. And even if you could control your thoughts and feeling 100% that still doesnt mean that you have free will. Leo just pointed out to you that you are stuck in duality based on your posts. Silly and intelligent is also a duality. Dont get stuck again
  6. Aim for a good balance. But its cool if you can go into a relationship without needing anything from the other person and just express your love to them. Now not having a self is another completely different kind of luxury only a few people enjoy
  7. Id say its not the most importan but you should like your medium, otherwise you can make your path unnecessarily hard. Of course you dont need to stick to your medium forever, you can change it later. But always pick the one that fits best for now and for the next years.
  8. Very abstract because you didnt specify what you want to create. But in general: To become a good content creator its best to create tons of content! Just start doing it. You will make mistakes and thats how you will learn and become a better content creator. Be passionate about the stuff you create. Thats how you stay motivated because it might will take 2-5 years until you can see the desired results from your work. Maybe longer. So make sure you are enjoying the process. Have a strong vision.
  9. It will depend on the company you are going to work for and sell your skills to.
  10. For me, I found that these progessive exercises didnt work. Its all about motivation, emotion and mindset for me. Whatever you "think" about starting a conversation with a girl that you dont know yet, is what defines your problem. What do you think is your problem with this? Have you done it before? And why didnt you do it at another time?
  11. Hmm funny question. Someone who is -Full of needs -Lost in form -Completely attached to his ego -Thinking in black and white (duality) -Hate- and fearful -Neurotic There might be different forms of unenlightenment tho
  12. Scientistic discoveries usually fall into the category of either trying to understand or manipulate the content of reality. That understanding can never be complete but it adds to the model we have of the world/reality. The manipulation success and endeavour is based on desired results.
  13. I like your metaphor for this! Attachment doesnt really exist. In the end, how can you be attached to yourself? A need for something is quite common but has only to do with yourself, so its highly personal. A highgly consciousness person has little to no needs. @fi1ghtclub You are asking if salsa class will make someone who is a highly professional dancer a better dancer.
  14. What you probably felt was an intense connection to her. But its an illusion. The same intense connection you had to her, actually you have to every thing existing in the universe. The illusion is pretty good so its totally normal for you to think that you now lost this connection. You can start to appreciate other things/humans and see the connection. It might take sometime, that is ok. Watch actialized.org videos on emotional mastery, that might help you as well.
  15. See what you can love about the feminine side. And then go deeper and deeper into this love until you love every aspect of them, other humans and the universe. Practice gratitude. If you have problems with that, see which emotions arise and welcome them. Let go of your ego. To stop the fear of interacting with the opposite sex accept the possibility of hurting your friends. Thats ok. If they hate you for that. That is ok as well. You will be fine.