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  1. That sounds a bit neurotic to me
  2. This guy has a technique you might be interested in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui7h8CTSD_8 Someone shared the video here recently, I dont know if it really works!
  3. Interesting question. To me it would be something like recognizing and feeling your feelings in your body. Because in some cases we might not even be aware of or acknowledge our emotions. Learn to feel them fully. Understand why they are there. And then learn to let them go. For example you might be home alone and hear the sound of your front door open, you get scared. You dont repress that fear, instead you feel it and understand that you feel unsafe because there might be someone in your home. Let the fear go. If you encounter someone in your home you wont be surprised now. Or you see a girl you like and you want to approach her. You get scared. You dont repress that fear, you feel into it and see that you are afraid you wont get any validation from her. You accept that and let the fear go. Now you go and talk to her. Maybe she rejects you or you spend a good time together. Some people dont understand what their emotions are telling them. Mostly because they dont listen to them. Even more people try to suppress their emotions, which makes them become stronger. When an emotion is very strong it can overwhelm you. Strong emotions that build up over time or that might be linked to previously felt emotions you havent dealt with yet need to be felt longer which requires time and focus. Emotional mastery has 2 effects. First, emotions wont build up because you are open and willing to feel them as soon as they arise. Second, emotions will flow through you quickly because you learn how to accept and understand them. You will see in the beginning it might be hard to work on your emotions. And it might take you several months to fully feel an emotion that has build up over time. When you have mastered your emotions you will notice that the speed changes and you can do it very quickly. This is true inner growth.
  4. You are right. That doesnt make any sense. These relationships are not going to be healthy. When two people meet who already feel full and complete, thats when we can talk about a real relationship. You identify a lot with your thoughts?
  5. Let go of the need to be liked and accept when they dont like you.
  6. Good question, see how you feel when you ask yourself this question. How is the experience? Sounds like there is a part in you that you dont want to accept.
  7. No its not. You just stop. Or are you addicted? You just make a vow to not watch it for lets say 30 days, for whatever reason. Its no superpower. You can fap to your imagination if you can but dont watch porn.
  8. Accept it, welcome it. How does it feel. Can you welcome the feeling of not getting any validation anymore? Really feel it. Imagine the worst case szenario. Al your tinder contacts will ghost you forever. Never answer to you anymore. Can you accept that? Just think about it. The problem is not the things you are feeling. The problem is your resistance to it. Then ask yourself, if you can give yourself love and acceptance. Then give yourself a little more and a little more and even more. See how much you can give yourself. When you reach the endpoint, when you say you cant give yourself any more love and acceptance. Be curious. Why is that? What hinders you? And accept that as well. Repeat.
  9. So you talk about thoughts and feelings and she complains you dont talk about your emotions? Its hard to tell from afar. You could try to be a bit more vulnerable but it seems like she is just insecure because of her last relationship. Did you talk about the 5 love languages? Maybe you are speaking different languages love wise and she doesnt feel loved enough.
  10. There are rich people out there who get no woman. On the other hand there are jobless guys who swim in girls. Its a factor but its not essential. The essential factor is confidence. Redpill bluepill is limiting your beliefs. The way you think about people has a huge influence on how your relationship goes with them. So think twice if you want to adopt those kind of beliefs and what that will do to your relationships.
  11. If its a good product and its a win-win situation were you actually better the persons life I would say the end justifies the means. I would focus on making the sale a great experience where you can also connect with them and you should be fine.
  12. So you cant live + pay insurance on 2k $ a month? I mean I know that california is expensive but that sounds really high.
  13. It depends on what you sell. You want to make it a win-win situation. Where the stuff you sell is actually worth more to the right people than you charge. Your job then is to qualify people to see if they are the right fit for the solution you are offering. My guess is that at your company you are selling low conscious stuff that is not worth the amount you charge. Becoming more conscious will make it harder and harder for you to keep that job if thats the case.
  14. What is the minimum wage in your country? These things you list are so basic, cant imagine you cant afford it with a full-time job.
  15. I guess you will be fine, just focus on the face, breats and ass. Plenty to enjoy. Dont worry about it.