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  1. I would learn as much as I can. Then after 3-9 month I would start looking for a new job. If there are more jobs available at your place, in your field. Repeat. You might need to move a bit further away.
  2. Do you know exactly how high your income is? Do you know exactly how high your monthly fixed spending (rent, insurance, memberships, mobile plans) is? Do you know where the rest of your money goes? Do you know exactly how much money you earn netto in one hour of work?
  3. Society, your parents. You would probably not be alive in todays society if your parents didnt teach you this concept. Its even working so good for you, that you started to not only use it here and there but you are now a full-blown believer in this concept. Its at the root of your survival strategy. Thats why for some people, when their pain and suffering becomes too much, they start to abandon it (like eckhart tolle).
  4. This video helpe me to be more relaxed around people Also I would ask myself "What do I need from these people"? You might need validation, protection or acceptance or whatever from them. If you found it, try to let go of that. See the "sedona method" for more in-depth advice on how to do that.
  5. 1. Learn to say "no" - If a project isnt worth your time you have to say no to it. 2. Improve your service - As you do that you will find that you will need more money in order to fulfill your services and do your best possible -> Your income will grow.
  6. This is not the problem. Its more of a habit. You are used to be productive at the office or at the cafe, you are not used to being productive at home. In your room you might usually want to sleep or get some entertainment. Instead, put on some music that lets you concentrate and start to dig away.
  7. You are right. Writing doesnt change the world. YOU have to be the change, the love, the consciousnes and the teaching. You have to live what you write, otherwise it wont have any impact and you will feel miserable doing it. When you are fully in your spirit, everything you do is right.
  8. This is a non-issue. When you like to text her, do it. If you dont like to, dont do it. You are trying to come up with the perfect solution because you feel like you are loosing control and you crave that control like an addict craves cocain. But control is an illusion. The same way you are in illusion about her control over your feelings. If she rejects you, ignores you or whatever, that doesnt mean that you are now unaccepted or unworthy. You decided that she can do that. But you could give yourself all the acceptance, worth and love that you ever need in your life and probably more. Its a decision You see the way you come up to her, is from a position of need. Of taking something from her. Decide to give yourself love and communicate from a position of abundance.
  9. Stop acting like a child and take some responsibility. Its your ego, it doesnt like the way reality is. Which is absurd.
  10. Do you want her to be "worried and scared that I may break up with her"? If not then yes, you are communicating something wrong. You can say for example: Ah Im feeling so frustrated about this happening but its no big deal because I love you anyway and I enjoy spending time with you. Lets have a fancy dinner and go dance in the rain. Or whatever you do to express your love to each other
  11. You gave the answer yourself! You can avoid all of this by communicating! Do it!
  12. Being autistic can make flirting a bit difficult. The thing is, dont take everything she says too literally. Its more about emotions. Dont try to use logic - instead use fun and self-amusement. Most of the flirting tipps on the internet are bullshit. I would suggest you just focus on being nice and funny. And most importantly not needy. That means, if she gives short answers and doesnt seem invested in the conversation, you leave. Try again the next time or day, or week. Until you get a serious no. Same with texting, dont send multiple text per day if she doesnt respond. Wait a day or better a week if you can. Just try to kiss her at some point, so it doesnt seem like you are gay or just want to be friends. If you feel nervous about this just go in 80% of the way and let her come the rest of the way if she wants. Well here lies your problem. You hate the cake, but you want the cake. Thats not going to happen. If you cant find a way to enjoy your time flirting its going to be very hard and rough. Instead focus on having fun while doing it. A good way to let conversation flow naturally and have fun while doing it - is not needing anything from her. If you can feel loved and accepted by yourself the conversation will be relaxed and laid back. Instead of running errands on your brain on how to manipulate her to get the most acceptance and love out of her you can bring in some creativity and fun. Let go of your needs by releasing the emotions behind them. As for asking for a relationship - a good rule of thumb is to first get to know her and have sex until you discuss anything serious.
  13. And then what? I mean everywhere else people would tell you to not allow it. You came to this place and ask this question. The thing is, you dont need her. You are already complete how you are. Whatever you do, its right. You cant do wrong! And love is not something limited happening between two people, its everywhere. My advice, go ahead and allow it. Let her try it. And maybe try for yourself. You are taken now, so that means dating will be a lot easier Be open to each other and share your feelings and insecurities (like the one I quoted). Release them and talk about them together and maybe it will be a great way to deepen your relationship. Of course be careful of things like STDs and do paternity testing if you have to.
  14. This. Is there something you are hiding from us or yourself @yellowschnee ? With gay man only trying to be friends with you because of your cuteness I think its like people who want to be friends with you because of your money, status or because you know some famous person. You will notice pretty quickly. And its quite rare. Maybe change the setting you are using for socializing.