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  1. Same, Blender intimated me as a kid, this was around 2006. Now I feel it’s the perfect time to do it, I think having a basic drawing and painting foundation helps a lot! I know! I’m looking for a new job ASAP in order to afford one. Thank you! I’ll check it out. I’m dying to get a laptop already!
  2. From this week: The animation presentation is on my socials, artejusino everywhere and Art Meditations on Youtube.
  3. Some older ones, I started 3D since March of this year.
  4. Haven’t been posting for a while, been working on improving my 3D art. If anyone here makes 3D art too feel welcome to share! I’ve been working with Nomad Sculpt for the Ipad. I don’t have a laptop yet so I can start working with Blender, start animating, etc.
  5. Many people from outside Puerto Rico, mostly Americans if not all of them, they have this issue of “because I own a house on this spot, I own the beach too!”, and on Puerto Rico, ALL beaches and water bodies are public, so, like we said here, “gringo go home!”. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C811zvdAPHJ/?igsh=MWh4N3B1bTQ5c2lheg==
  6. We all have our bad nights, there is time to recover. If you’re somebody conscious, with high values, the answer should be obvious that Joe better win over a big liar like Trump.
  7. As long Trump doesn’t comeback to be a president, I’m good. Also enjoy this funny video. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZPREyYjsV/
  8. And the dude swallows ANOTHER pill robot camera to find and see the first one omg!
  9. A bit freaky for me to look at but I guess interesting?
  10. It’s good to see some concrete evidence of AI affecting people’s jobs or LP. What are you guys thoughts on the manner? Not to call out @integral but what you would said to these people? I know you’ve commented in the past that artists should do more than one thing aside of their LP, what if AI takeover all their other options?