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  1. @Danioover9000 I’m not the only one pointing the stuff I’ve been saying bro, even mods has said it and Leo, hell even this guy @Raze pointed out! Again you don’t know what content I consume or if I consume it at all. There is a difference between making content for social media overall and also consume it, so you’re just assuming what I do. Not if what I said is true, if there isn’t any benefits about talking such subject, then we move on and locked it, I’m open to be wrong too.
  2. @Danioover9000 The reason I said locked is because I consider this a low quality post. What do you want us to do with it? Critize what we think about what Destiny’s said? So you can debate us? (Looking at past similar threads of yours). You’ve been also critical of him so I find it weird you keep sharing about him, like the way you talk about Lex, so maybe idk you secretly like Destiny too. You have zero clue of what social media I use or if I even use them. Talking about consuming too much I’ve been in the forum since 2017 and I have less than a 1,000 posts while you been here since 2019 and you have almost 10,000 posts, so you have WAY more posts than posting everyday since you started for 5 years (cuz 5 x 365 days = 1,825). I’m not saying you’re addicted to the forum but rather you spend more time and post more than me on here, something to contemplate.
  3. Oh so you didn’t said I was wrong! Interesting, so I am right then. Nice try deflecting.
  4. @Danioover9000 You criticize Lex so much, makes me think that you actually secretly like him.
  5. We don’t know anything about your life and how it’s running daily so I think you’re the best judge for this, study what’s stage red is all about.
  6. @Buck Edwards How dare you to miss out on Puerto Rico!
  7. Who said I made Leo’s insights important? I was just bringing an example, it could be Leo’s or anyone you follow. What’s the matter with relying on proof? That is more valuable than just take any belief. If you can make fire in X, Y and Z ways, test it then to confirm it, depending the subject it is not necessary to recreate the wheel. I recognize what I do, we also learn everyday. LOL
  8. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I think you’re relying these insights on what others said instead of experience it. I don’t even take Leo’s insights as true at first depending the topic, I have to take some time to go out there and test it like a scientist. Belief < Experience
  9. Nothing really has meaning but thinking make it so. Cuz why not? Not everything needs a explanation, we exists and that’s it, it just is.
  10. Idk if what you experienced was the same as me 4 years ago where I did DMT for the first time, I got insanely worst after that but I healed over time. My mind back then after DMT it was on a negative suicidal thinking 24/7 and I even lost hair cuz of the stress I had, I wasn’t functional and no way I could socialize with people nor to had a job. What helped me over time was to work with ayahuasca but your healing process could be different and lighter if it’s not like the level I was. I went still to therapy on those times, I know it’s tricky or sensible to talk about psychedelics to your therapist but, try your best to express yourself and connect with people. I also went a lot to nature which helped. To this day I thanked a lot to ayahuasca, it was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life so far but over time with each ceremony, I’ve got better. Do your best bro you got this!
  11. Andrew Callaghan from Channel 5 has some great interviews about the situation, it’s age restricted so you gotta watch it on the app.
  12. For me it helped being on a high-school specialized on Radio and TV. What we did there was a lot of run-downs which is like a map of how any recording production will run (with their exact dialogue or at least the most important key points). I have no doubt that Leo improvises a lot so that’s important too, I guess he once said on the TOE interview that he has like a screen to read the main points then improvise a long the way. I think it could be helpful to record yourself so then you can study yourself and make notes of what to improve, at least that’s what I do. Then when I’m talking with someone, it becomes quite natural, sometimes imperfections makes it perfect.
  13. Because of selfishness, they don’t care about the other person’s well being, just money looking at all their interviews, survival basically. The same we could said about MMA and Boxing, it’s just two people hurting each other to the point of making the other pass out. My problem specifically with slapping people is that you can easily count at least a dozen or more of people passing out, in boxing and MMA is not that frequent and it could be preventable with proper skills. More like STUPID picture! There is nothing big at all about this. Sure we can learn something from this, of what NOT to do as a specie, if aliens wouldn’t want to make contact with us, this is a good reason of why they would not lol. Of course, but this is just lack of Self Love, if you really respect yourself, you wouldn’t put yourself in danger to the point of possibly getting brain damage. Even worst the people who support it, they don’t care about these people’s health, “if it making a lot of profit, fuck it let’s keep doing it!”
  14. I had the same problem until today, I wasn’t able to see any content of the forum for around a week. I thought it was the time that Leo finally said “Ok, no more forum”.