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  1. Yes indeed, this is the tropical here so it is summer vibes everyday lol. I dance doing my best haha, I know the basics tho of at least salsa. Do you dance? Damn gurl! Jaja, impressive. And YES! I had other psychedelics like mushrooms and LSD but ayahuasca, for some reason my life and art takes a new different route everytime. After finishing a session, I can find new pathways of working my art, mushroom and LSD still does that but aya takes it to another level. I even would dare to said that my eyesight has improved by each session so I can notice new details on everywhere, as if you can see 10x or more stuff in your environment.
  2. I had done it here on Puerto Rico which is where I’m from and Florida. Understandable, and damn that is quite of some ceremonies! Lol yeah you’ve done more than me, im at least around the dozen.
  3. I just saw this documentary. I find it insane the level of cult this was, families died with their children and stayed inside the place with their leader David Koresh. Even the top US military had to interfiere, like, the top guys when a terrorist activity happens or anything worst case scenario. Crazy, crazy stuff…
  4. I get you, and I expect to write me back that I don’t get you but, careful with lie to yourself Leo, I know that during or after a psychedelic trip, you could get this “superiority complex” attitude. I know you spoke not so long ago about value more being arrogant than humble was it?, humble yourself man. Even if you are “the most awake person on Earth”, fine ok, the fact that you share this it proves that you wanna prove something if not then there wouldn’t be a need. I love you man so please, take it easy.
  5. Can’t talk about Fungi without Paul Stamets.
  6. Everything dedicated to fungi you can share it here. I think I have a little obsession with the subject, there is SO MUCH potential utility with fungi, for heal, improve society, etc. I believe in the future of this, even more than the blockchain lol.
  7. Awesome! Saw the ones on instagram, I was gonna said it has a very ayahuasca vision type of art and you already did ceremonies, lovely! Same here ahó! Yea recording the process is fun, extra work for me hehe, but fun. Why you have to wait that long?
  8. Cool, what kind of art do you make? And no my art is either at the link and here too: