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  1. Oh ok, I see. I read the “I do not” from Leo as “Well I’m not doing pretty well these days” responding the post he did that Connor seems to be doing pretty well these days. P.S.: Sometimes I have to traduce some stuff to spanish so maybe the phrase has a extra meaning that I don’t know, thanks tho.🙏🏻
  2. But Leo?! Jokes aside, I’m not so impress to a degree tbh. Since I was in highschool when I started to see Leo’s content (beginning of his channel) and listening to Eckart Tolle, I din’t vibe with her and still, something felt a bit off, so it happens with other creators. I can apreciate her insights tho, no doubt she has some valuable content, I remember this was when I was learning about chakras and emotions.
  3. I came a long way before taking the vaccine because of my skepticism. I had to look up for a 2nd job so one of the places I was being interviewed it was required being vaccinated and I said “fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen?”. So I went to Walgreens and took it yesterday, today is 2nd day, so far the side effects of yesterday it was a pain on my arm where they put me the shot (after some hours), maybe some tiredness during the day so I took some naps here and there. The pain gotten so bad and annoying by night that it was difficult to sleep on some poses so I was flexible with what I could do and not force force the arm, even if I move it a little it was annoying. I would compare the pain if you had some sexy time hickey in your arm, well a bit harder than that. ???? Today I woke up with less pain in the arm and have a little of headache. I would prefer way a lot to do Kambo but of course it hasn’t been studied if it works for protecting us from such virus, even tho it boosts our immune system like a fucking sky rocket. Either way, we have to move forward in life doing whatever is necessary so, don’t be afraid to take it if you have to for some important choice in your current life, I might review here my 2nd shot in a few weeks. ?? Score: I’ll give it a, nah jaja…
  4. Thanks for share your story @Loba.????? I think I’m in a similar percentage of your potencial attraction, maybe like a 60 female and 40 male, I need more experience with males tho.
  5. Interesting and great video from Jubilee: I thought I was heterosexual most of my life until I got out of a relationship on 2018 (I was 22), questioned why I felt that I was missing something in my relationships, contemplate for months if I was actually homosexual or bisexual until I got a experience with a man and it clicked for me, that I am bisexual. After that I could allowed myself to accept and love me even more.???? Share any experience if you feel identified. ??
  6. +1 Before I touched any psychedelic, my first substance was MDMA (aside of weed and alcohol but they weren’t as life changing in my consciousness as MDMA). I was on like my 2nd year on college and I felt a bit lost and confuse with my life, I know already I wanted to be a artist but still. On summary, I took it close to a beach with a trip sitting friend. The trip started after a few minutes already, visually the colors were getting brighter and brighter, feeling a lot of fear because I din’t know what to expect, it felt literally like if a rocket is about to launch. After 30 or so minutes I was just up there trying to understand what was this feeling of overwhelming pure joy and ecstasy to the point that you want to cry. For the first time in my life (or at least that I remember of), I had this experience of “being outside of my head”. I was walking veery slowly and calming seeing other people dealing with their “struggles”, I felt people’s emotions like never before, I just wanted to hug them with unconditional love and said that I love them (thankgod my friend was there to guide me if not I would hug literally everyone lol, I hugged her and gave her thanks for everything❤️?). I ended sitting on the sand (away of being inside of the beach ofc, I was aware of keeping my distance even tho I felt the water was also giving me her unconditional love) and start crying, and during my crying I felt I started to purge traumas (like visuals inside my head, sort of blurry), and asking “what should I do to improve my life? What do I have to let go?”, and when the answer came, I was so in shock that I din’t wanted to believe it and it was that I have to break up with my girlfriend at the time, my mouth dropped. I had other insights like be more in love with myself, tell myself that I love me and everyone to the point of cry. After that night and sleep like a baby hehe, I still I couldn’t believe that that is what I was supposed to do, but I din’t do it, overtime the relationship became very toxic, I should’ve told her maybe at least a few days after the trip. After that experience I started to meditate more daily, try to reconnect with that experience of be here now in the moment, I had done it only like 4-5 times in my life and I’m getting to my 30s, I prefer psychedelics nowdays. I suggest to ALWAYS have a Test Kit, measure your height or weight and do the math by some number that right now I don’t remember that is gonna be your “enough for a good trip dose”. I belive I learn it from here:
  7. @Gesundheit2 In my experience yes it was a change of perspective but at the same time a change on my baseline of consciousness. Instead of having almost 24/7 suicidal thoughts, you just not having it anymore, so by definition your baseline consciousness had changed. The thoughts of “what if” might be never gone or at least I don’t think about it but, is not as compulsive as before. This is the difference from having a “glitching” computer/mind vs not that much anymore if not none.
  8. @Gesundheit2 I belive it does, someone can change drastically from being suicidal to not being suicidal, it changes overall the baseline of his consciousness, at least on my experience it seems it does, depending also of which one I work with.
  9. @puporing Lovely????❤️¡Ahó!
  10. @Matthew85 Thanks!??
  11. @Danioover9000 Thanks alot, it was done in procreate.
  12. @puporing Thanks!??
  13. @OBEler I was dealing with suicidal thoughts and intense despersonalization symptopms a few years ago and I can confirm this, it helps brother.?? I don’t know anything about psilohuasca so this is new territory for me, gonna check it out. Best of luck for you guys if you trip together. ??❤️
  14. ¡Feliz cumpleaños @Leo Gura!????? I did these sort of quickie pieces, different versions. I know there is alot I feel I could improve with more time but, hope you like them (the spiral blush thing is just a reference for infinity/nature).