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  1. @flowboy it doesn't matter, self centered it will be forever, no matter the non sense you want to tell yourself, fact remain fact. reality is about you and you alone forever and ever. or else I invite you to get in touch with reality and stop dreaming.
  2. your relationship is an idea and your girlfriend is imaginary. you're the one asking to yourself, others are you.
  3. you the straight anti bs patch on this forum I like this
  4. no one knows, and if someone knows, means he doesn't know how much he don't know.
  5. @tuku747 you're limiting yourself by limiting yourself to the idea that otherness is more important
  6. hey if you bored check matrix 1 again, you'll find it quite amusing. at least that was my vibe today
  7. @Razard86 true but you're not alone, because you've never be with others or alone, this dichotomy is also imaginary in the pure sense of the word "imaginary". but I guess that's what you are saying, I m not trying to tell you anything or teach anything; just blowing wind
  8. @Rahra solipsistic relationship is not pilled enough. Words are useless and have no impact on life. We live so much in semantics we tend to associate words with impact on reality. And we create self reflecting meaning for them to work. 'others' are not saying anything. Buzz and noises. That includes you.
  9. @tuku747 well dream whatever, dreaming to be with others or alone, is still dream.
  10. yeh razz. It's even hard to explain, but there is truth we can find in our inner world that are still true, only problem, all truth seems unsharables. even that one can only be understood if you already "get it". a quote from a friend, I don't know if that has any meaning, but why not you know.
  11. the only scope of experience you have to refere to what happen in experience is your experience. what is your experience ? that is the good question and once you know.. you'll know.
  12. @Razard86 always hitting the nails with a masterful hit