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  1. @Carl-Richard It could depending what would happen, maybe people would be less egoïc and so that would increase the scope of my freedom, enjoyment and appreciation for life and people if everyone was a bit more conscious. but I didn't evaluated it enough, this is why we started this debate, we must think this through we shall establish if that's really worth it. it's a forum of philosophy, so let's think of this parameter and philosophize ( only ) they do movies about zombies, why not about a psychedelic pandemia that may turn to be a REVERSE zombie movie if you think of it. ( also just for the record, I m not a biologist, BUT my best attempt would be to sneeze some fresh variant of corona in golden caps from neitherland and hope for a sporadic hybrid mutation )
  2. @Carl-Richard what kind of society has a right to decide what is good for me ?
  3. @Carl-Richard yeh it's absolutely relative. I don't understand what you point toward. In old society it was absolutely ok to sacrifice for the gods. why it would be something wrong, we can do different type of sacrifice, with a less strong layer of violence.. no need to behead babies. 1 billions of wrong people doesn't produce a truth. Truth is truth if it was the case that society ethics is "truth", then leo would be wrong and society would be right against all his claims. a leader alone can stand for truth, against 1 billions of wrong people. Leo is one case of strong independant thinking. here is a very close view on my idea of ethics : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master–slave_morality
  4. @Carl-Richard based on the ethics of whom. ethics is a luxury. I've a thought experience your enter a room with 3 buttons you're responsible and can't avoid pushing one, if you refuse to push a button, the 3rd button will be pressed no matter what. 1 ) one button supress 3 Billions of people from humanity in fire instantly ( but then humanity is saved for 1000 years ) 2) the other one suppress no one - BUT absolutely everyone on earth die from fire in 20 years. 3) the earth explode right now. we can't makes omelet without breaking eggs. @zurew very interesting perspective @puporing yes it's from gaspar noe ( climax ) I loved a lot this movie, but it could have been made by Lars von trier .. few things different I love lars also if someone dig very high consciousness movie. ( even if he is not french / danish I think ) European love this blackpilling thing. It's pure shadow work.
  5. @puporing yes, my guess it would quickly turn into a world of infinite hell & paradise. free wisdom for everyone.. It makes me think of the french movie also with someone putting LSD into a sangria at a party (against the knowing of the people there ) that happen in the mountain with a bunch of dancers going there to do a party for some reason ( climax is the movie ) really good lot of fun but also very dark, not something that's really giving a beautiful view of psychedelics. I even watched it a bit high on 2cb at the time, which made it even more strong to watch. if we can't do an extension with my god plan idea, at least that could be a fun movie.
  6. > would be very infectious more than covid > produce the effect of 5 meo dmt to everyone who is infected with it is that biologicly engineerable to produce a pathogen that release the same chemicals as psychedelics ? just thinking outloud ( I don't attend and don't know anything about engineering pathogens ) I m just curious on the effect it would have on the planet. everyone discovering globally & quickly god & love <3
  7. @Leo Gura why we can't gather enough power to impose a game B through sheer forces. Like "coral" player, brainwashing humanity for game B. ( game C ) a disruptive tech could enhance it. ( but yeh I m way too much optimistic ) I agree with you overall, but maybe 100 years a bit much ( my best is 50 years ) .. we shall start to see something in 20 years starting to happen, like real "yellow community" can't we create art that improve consciousness faster. @TK2021 good take I appreciate your view, and optimism. you can't leverage people if you talk to them like if they are child, maybe we shall bootstrap them with a double slaps to wisdom land by stretching hardly on their pants, no matter if the pants broke on the way. Combine consciousness with power to break power game. play power game to destroy power game.
  8. @Yarco makes no sense. conspiracy mind say, big corporation can then sell through online delivery and get the whole market and destroy the "middle class". but I don't know anything about california.
  9. @Jodistrict I say tears of gods. what does that makes me ?
  10. @The0Self "chemicals" is god way of doing things. whatever how you name them, whatever the models. yes there is "brain" and yes there is "chemicals" what else could it be, it's good to say something is wrong, but you need to back up your critics with something. Only another theory deny a theory. of course it doesn't represent the whole map, but it sounds quite a good one to start with.
  11. sport & orgasm activate the opioid system. just a reminder, thanks for this, life goal is indeed true happiness. it's just a model, but it goes in the right direction
  12. I want the world to win, I want to destroy all idea of nations and bring humanity to the highest possible freedom.
  13. @PenguinPablo And coral is about me winning at all cost to makes everyone win at all costs.
  14. pouvoir et vérité 真実の能力 power & truth
  15. I would say, sleep at same hours 8h at least, don't do coffee, and don't do pills. meditation, inquiry, cultivate equinimity