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  1. @March Thank you! Oh cool! It looks like the philosophy of art. I’ll definitely read this, thank you.
  2. Amazing! Just checked out his work, extremely breath taking and profound. Attached some of them below. Cheers Leo
  3. Hey man, Thank you for looking and your feedback! Haha its funny you say that I am actually tattooist, well ex tattooist, having a break at the moment. You can check my tattoo work Instagram @jacob_ryan_sr. It’s a very interesting career pathway, one I found not to be extremely congruent to my needs. I loved working in the field but taking a slightly different route now.
  4. I was just pointing out that a fair sum of what we desire is socially derived, that including our impulses and emotional needs. Take for example the need for comfort and safety. This is a socially derived need not an internally derived one. Without a social context from which to frame ourselves, many of our desires would not have been erected. The problem here is that in our modern world our assumed innate drives are manipulated to unhealthy degrees. A woman may want a “strong” male, but that is completely relative and dependent on what you deem to be strong. Presently, our current modern culture has a very crude, superficial and artificial notion of “strength”, which is based on shallow characteristics. Eg. (appear physically strong, exude financial wealth, display stereotypical attractiveness, maximise competitiveness and esteem). This consequently feeds the minds of both women and men to develop extremely skewed perceptions of what it really means to be a male or female at a ubiquitous rate.
  5. @Tudo I would say that the prototypical female and male have become so grossly convoluted in modern culture to a point people have no idea what they actually want. Most women and men for that matter, are completely driven by impulses, that seems to be partly what you are explaining. Women appear as though they want a “strong” man because it rewards the integrity of a social and economical status. To admit of the underlying desire for a man of genuine emotion and vulnerability, would be to crumble the modern establishment that works so hard to feed them empty dreams and unfulfilled expectations.
  6. Classic epitomised example of confusing the map for the territory. This video just seemed like an unsatisfied reviewer speaking to themselves in an effort to convince themselves of their own review. The level of sheer callousness in his critique is disturbing.
  7. @Adodd thank you, your kind words are very much appreciated. Nice work. Also great concept you have there. Totally agree, creating is such a powerful fulfilling activity. It helps get you out of your own head in the flow of things
  8. Recent work. This is a colour pencil drawing I recently completed of an Amur leopard along with an integrated background added for luminance. You can follow more if my work on my Instagram accounts. @fine_art_abundance @jacob_ryan_sr
  9. Not sure if it’s been mentioned here but the movie “Wild” I found truly inspiring. Finished watching it today. It’s about grievance, self-discovery, letting go and acceptance. A very decent and illuminating very movie.
  10. Thank you very much appreciate! Been in the flow of recent times and experimenting with new art mediums. It’s been awesome 🙂
  11. Hey buddy, yeah I deleted my old Etsy account because I was having some issues with it. I’ve now started two new ones. One just recently for art and another for self-development. Heres the link to my art one I just opened https://etsy.me/3A2T9vS Thats awesome! What art to do you primarily create? Yeah psychedelics are extremely insightful. I haven’t used them for art yet per say but I’m definitely wanting to. Most of the time when I do psychedelics I want to use that allocated time for deep inner work haha
  12. I’ve also noticed minimal conversation in this area. This is something I’ve been looking into of recent for multiple reasons myself. However, I wouldn’t be approaching it the exact same way in which the F.I.R.E movement propagates. I still aim to be frugal, since I have found far more contentment and satisfaction in doing so over the years. Instead, I would be using a combination of part time professional work, real estate investments, freelancing/business and stocks. A mixture of these income streams are likely to help diversify chances in succeeding such an uncommon financial status. Although, as @Leo Gura stated earlier, your overarching narrative must serve more than merely your own self survival. Hence for example, I aim to use my creative skills in business and freelancing as secondary income sources. There must be a higher aim in contributing to society, for both its functional and spiritual improvement. If you are financially independent and provide no benefit to society you are effectively no more helpful than one dependent on welfare. You’d be helping society more with a typical job. The aim for financial freedom needs a contributional aspect to it, such that society is no further burden on the social structure. Making use of your abilities is one way to ensure this. Use part of your time to hone a skill and provide this alongside your work. It will both bolster your portfolio, help others and provide you a purpose from which to orient your time living.
  13. These are very cool ideas! I was thinking that too. Capitalising on water, since water is a medium I am extremely fond of in a artistic and symbolic/philosophical aspect. I love the Toa Te Ching, such great wisdom. That’s a good idea and very fitting as a means of inspiration. Alex Grey has a lot of psychedelic influenced art. It’s extremely intricate and breath taking. The piece you posted above is amazing. I think conveying deep topics in an understandable but subliminal fashion is the challenge of any artist. He does well here. I’m still learning to do this I feel haha
  14. Awesome work! Sounds like you have a some life changing clarity. Love that you’re bringing together music and psychotherapy. Both fields can be very powerful modalities for healing and prosperity. I can definitely relate with your deep immersion into playing musical instruments. I had a similar feeling when first learning guitar some years ago. It’s so purifying to just play and effortlessly melt into the creative flow state. Awesome to hear you have this natural knack. Although I can’t speak much on the field of music therapy in its specificity, I can relate from an art point of view. Ive been passionate and adept for art since being a kid and am now aiming to pursue it more seriously alongside psychology. I completed my degree in psychology last year and will be doing masters of counseling next year with hope of moving into Art therapy. I’m sure there would be correlations between music and art therapy 🙂