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  1. you haven't sunk far enough down the rabbit hole.
  2. Trump is not a politician, He is a businessman. so long as there is a deal to be made, he will be willing to risk the greater good of America in favour of short term achievements to make his image look good.
  3. would having a sitter on skype help much?
  4. great to see the church evolving, be interesting to see how stage blue adjusts to these new concepts now religion represents more green values.
  5. idk, i havent tried it yet. I found belly breathing helps ocd. Also a really really good hypnotherapist can fix it.
  6. meditation creates energy in you too, may make you more horny. Either way its a good thing, be creative with the energy otherwise do cummies if you want. dont put a strain on your cummies.
  7. we got bashar by the channel daryll anka.
  8. S.N Goenka's Vipassina is a really powerful method of meditation. I would also suggest checking out Shinzens methods of meditation.
  9. “It is better to kill an innocent by mistake than spare an enemy by mistake”- Polpot
  10. Ive always felt the heart chakra as the centre of emotion. head: clarity of thought heart: emotion belly: mountain of consciousness
  11. I dont know about her, shes a bit of a dangerous teacher imo.