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  1. Bashar says contact will happen around 2024.
  2. I found Vipassana meditation helped a lot with connecting to my energy body, but even gym an exercise can help move from the mind into the body.
  3. If China takes over Taiwan they will have fulfilled their one China policy and they will be able to have more assertiveness over the south China sea giving them more military strength and better fishing.
  4. There are a lot of ways to make money, The perspective of most rich people is a stage orange perspective which mostly relies on a selfish attitude that is of no service to others. To have a better understanding of "These dudes" I would suggest looking into orange and see how they make their money, on that note have a aim to go for a stage green source of income.
  5. I like them, there are a heap of Isha apps that you can do, there is a practice you didn't mention that is called upa yoga.
  6. I'm the same, I find I can project my own insecurities onto them, it's like a mutual suffering where I feel understood and loved.
  7. Do a martial art like aikido, It will help you ground yourself in your body, and teach you how to use your body in more than just combat. Nobody will fuck with you when you are grounded and ready for anything.
  8. Well when it comes to porn and ejaculation it feels like I am exploding into the porn I watch then it attaches to my sense of self, some things in porn I identify with, a lot of things I don't.
  9. So I have been working with the sexual orgasm and have found the implosive orgasm to be beneficial for giving me more energy and having a quality of integrating energy in the body, whereas the explosive orgasm has been a release of energy which has generally had a disappointing end. Having the explosive orgasm generally happens when I watch porn and I am usually most often left disgusted having a orgasm to the porn. So what is the healthiest and most direct approach to fulfilling desires? Is it better not to ejaculate and keep the energy in the body to use for more creative and productive things or is there a profound release that I'm missing from having a explosive orgasm?
  10. Most of my friendships involve alcohol or some kind of petty behaviour to dull our minds, but there are friends that I have who practice genuine spirituality, those friends come in many shapes and forms and generally don't have any specific quality that binds us together.
  11. When I was in year two I used to draw pictures of giant rockets that would fly too the moon and giant sky scrapers, Does that mean I am born gay? No, that's just me indulging in representations of power and beauty of my own creation.
  12. How can people be born gay? It doesn't make sense that someone can be born gay when their biological function is specific to one gender. Sexuality is a human creation, our biological sex is built for our survival as a species.
  13. I wouldn't waste 3k on a 5meo retreat, from what I have seen most of the people that go to the bufo events as speakers are stage orange/green. You would be better off buying 1.5 k worth of 5meo and spending 1.5k talking to a credible teacher in this field like Martin Ball or one of the admins on the forum.