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  1. Yes, I am God, you are God and we are God. Life is a single conscious entity divided into insects, fish, birds and Mammals (including Humans). As a whole life is one. So, we are one consciousness as a whole. According to Noetic Science, thoughts control the matter around you. So if we think something, it will alter the universe around it in such a way as to bring our vision to reality. The more powerful our thought is, the less time it will take for the thoughts to change the universe. This is the reason why mass gatherings work out much better than a single person praying alone. The added benefit of all the people in a gathering results in a much faster change in the universe. So, we grant our own wishes. So, technically, if God is one who listens to our prayers and grants our wishes, it is yourself who is thinking them and altering the universe to make your wishes come true God is a Huge, Loving Jig Saw Puzzle, and we are the pieces! We are a part of the puzzle, but we ARE NOT THE ENTIRE PUZZLE! After death we return to our real home. A place, where you ar neither a woman, nor a man. Where you are neither white nor black. Where you are neither a child, nor a grown up. Where you are your true self! A part of the whole! A spirit, that has chosen for an existence on the earthly plane, to learn lessons. To grow in love and understanding. We are God, who has created a computer game, our three dimensional, material world, and who has placed parts of himself, his own alter personalities, in this three dimensional world, to learn, to grow in Love. We are his alter personalities! That is, why it does not make any difference if you are white or black. Rich or poor. A man or a women. We are all alter personalities of the One Unconditionally Loving Being Of Light! That is why we should put a halt to sexism, and racism. If someone attacks black people, he attacks God! Because God is black too! And He is white! And She is a woman! And He is a man! God is a catholic. God is a Jew. God is a Palestinian. God is a Muslim. But, strangest of all, because we are all parts of God, God is an atheist too! He loves atheists, just as much, as he loves deeply religious people, who go to church to worship Him three times every sunday. Why is God not insulted by atheists? Why does God not fight atheists? Because God has no Ego. He has no “personal interests”.He does not boast. He does not get back at a person, if the person doesn’t worship him. He Himself allowed us to learn, because He gave us a free will. GOD DOES NOT FEEL LOVE! GOD IS LOVE.
  2. @Jehovah increases I don’t know what you smoking, of course God is was in perfect state The question then becomes why does god have the desire to create? All desires stem from a perceived or real lack of a quality. For example, a musician desires to create music because they feel they lack self expression without doing it, a person desires food because they lack nutritional fulfillment without it. A person desires a car because they lack a means of transportation without it… etc etc. But a perfect being would not lack any desirable qualities, as the definition of perfect is, “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.” So then we have the problem that a perfect being should not have any desires, as they already contain all of the qualities they could possibly desire to the highest degree.
  3. @LastThursday I’m not in God state right now😒
  4. @Javfly33 Hmmm maybe🤪
  5. Exactly do you have an answer to that?
  6. @Breakingthewall You are actually my favourite person in this app
  7. @LastThursday I know that existence is eternal an all that but why create ego and duality, obviously it is created mate
  8. @Javfly33 I disagree it’s important to ask why, just admit you don’t know.
  9. @ilke When you are in perfect state it’s not right to say it needs finite things because finite things don’t exist, nothing is born or dies only transformed
  10. @ilke 🤦‍♂️
  11. If God is in perfect state why would it need to have a desire to create things? It’s illogical to me can someone clarify this.
  12. @Någon här Are you done with your theater?
  13. @OBEler i’m sorry master I have failed you