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  1. Together forever, Forever Friends, All for one, one for all true friends Its been a while since i posted and im glad that this topic is so nice I often wondered and i was asked : how can you be friends with him/her and for so long i asked what is a friend, what does it take? Friends are meer reflections of ourselves, manifesting in another body! Its why we call them buddies : a body to whom we find our inner selves with. Pal : Person Available for Leaning on. So thank you my friend for your friendship
  2. Quote «Always ask the question : who benefits from saying this thing? Business leaders are critically looking at the stats because they stand to lose their businesses if they don't. 10 years or so ago, after the Economic Crash, people started buying phones and use apps. Health apps, yoga apps breathing apps, so people where doing 2 things or rather not doing anymore : Stoped watching the news, stoped watching tv, stoped listening to the doctors, journalists and politicians. The Media tried to adapt but failed, and since lockdown for 3 months, journalists recovered 3 years of very low very specific audience, grandma and grandpa. Now, people watch TV again and listen to doctors and politicians once more. They need us paying attention to them in order for the message to be heard : Stay indors ,its not safe, stranger is a danger, protect yourself from human interaction. Go online, its safer.... They won ! Or so they think. Round 2 there will be Hell 2 pay
  3. Oh, God Leo, please dont tell me you as well think that there are viruses walking around killing random people... Boy, i sure do miss terrorists.... Did Corona whipped em out? . Since the technique of mind control, Leo, it has been perfected and journalists, some of them, benefit from Sat. Technology. Why do we have so many sat s? Some commercial sat s can target random people with very light rad, similar to staying to much in front of a screen and tadaaam .... Corona symptoms . Next, a doctor is dispatch to intercept you. We have the technology...
  4. What exactly happened to our Civil Rights and freedoms, since a seemly Pandemic stoped the whole world to stop turning? Is it justified to lose your entire liberty, live in fear and actually get more ill? Was it justified? NO! Because of one reason : Doctors are NOT GODS neither Saints! They are people who make mistakes, human errors, read wrong into a situation! Doctors cannot treat everyone of us and every patient must NOT be treated the same. For a good, responsible doctor, every patient of his own is a personal project with dead lines and must be done with the approval of the patient! We did not consent this! On the time of the pandemic, we indeed still had every single of our Liberty, because we have the right to say NO! WE HAVE THE RIGHT and OBLIGATION to REFUSE Treatment specially when Treatment meant isolation for months! No pandemic has the power to challenge our legal rights and liberty! Politicians may try and foolishly fail and anger us further! Know your Rights! You still have The Right to refuse Treatment !
  5. I like your answer
  6. Talking behind ones back is a social weapon used by people in societies and its an anti social action but it is also a social skill you need ! Many talk behind peoples backs because they had too much to drink ( My boss has a very small penis because we bumped into the urinals last week ) Here is when you can use Talking behind ones back : i saw a police officer cap a teenager who was not resisting arrest . If that information is true and you are a homeless person, society wont back you up, so find someone with more social credibility than yourself, say, a journalist and he will spread the news. Its called talking behind ones back and you used it to . So dont feel bad for talking behind ones back if its the right thing to do. It is the only way to do it sometimes. When freedom of speech is forbidden , talking behind ones back its the only way to speak free. My country was the first to ignite the sparks against the communists and before that happened talking behind ones back was the only way to go. When i was a child , i was bullied for many years. Teachers, schools and my own family called me a liar and i still have the urge to talk behind ones back. Talking behind ones back can have consequences ,but the alternative of silence is worst than risking friendship! So dont be ashame for talking before ones back, just be careful !
  7. The action of protesting requires approving something. Say a plague strikes ( a real one) protesters pro test for something that requires testing so we pro test as in we approve experimentation, just give us the drugs. What happens now in the US, its called contesting ,which requires to cancel something that was approved ,like police brutality : people contest the action of police brutality. In english, protesting means against, speak out against. As someone born with freedom and my freedom comes from people rioting and killed, i still cant understand one thing : I have the right to speak out against, but what gives me the right? And if protesting, speaking out against something, why the need for law enforcements ? Leo Gura, please help me understand more about the action to protest and contest
  8. You want to do it because its out there and in short order beats cutting yourself. A more positive aproach, you really are not addicted and you are in control. Two years ago i started to notice i drink beer every day almost. The quantity is irrelevant because it was every day. The answer i got is im not because while in isolation i never had the need. Each of us must do whatever must do without giving a fok. And i dont give a fok about your health and you shouldnt either. You do it because you have it, because you can. When you cant anymore ,people wont give a fok. Good riddons
  9. Of course name change wont do anything on the long run, so as for their clothing, they should only have tough white body armor and a taser gun and protective goggles . That means less guns wave in people faces unless is needed When a riot starts, civil protection units should megaphone this message : You have the right to protest, just do it peacefully! We are here only as back up for you decent people, just making sure no one gets hurt! If things dont cool it, about 5-10 cp units can move in putting out small fires, immobilize a few rioters while the protest is contained
  10. Peace keepers, yeah, i think ill stay with Civil Protection, peace would further antagonize them
  11. I dont know if Covid had anything to do with this open war on the US soil, but a blood bath may yet be avoided. I always had resentment twords police men since many did me harm . As i grew wiser i began to noticed why. While in theory the police are there to protect the citizens, the name police implies a person serving a political authority : serving the politician, political servant, police. While Civil Protection would serve the same thing, this drastic change in name and perception, would imply a step back from the political and give back the power to the citizen, ending this riot or at least containing it before things go too far ! Could this work?
  12. Red-White-Light Emanuel Kant has researched humans from medical to chemical to bio chemical and still found no reason for how and why humans are alive. We need surgeons ,because broken bones do require medical intervention ,but other than that, medical opinions should be for guidence only . Whatever lies you may heard, Doctors are not gods and they shouldnt be
  13. Further more, you should show some respect! The Don started this topic. Your contribution to it is not required mandatory . You being a jerk to him is not allowed here ! You can diss agree in a manner that doesnt make him the bad guy for feeling this