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  1. I know this isnt a song, but this speech is amazing (and the background music is really good too)
  2. Step 1: Examine the dance move(0:11-0:36) in this video throughly, learn them (there are many tutorials, its quite easy, you can learn it in half an hour) Step 2: Download the following music below. 3. Go to your local dance hall, blast this music in your ears or on max on a loud speaker and preform the Kazotsky Kick. 4. Savour your magnificace, you are untouchable, at that very moment, you have become a superior being, your dancing is so profound, leo will see it in its beauty and be compelled to spontaneously make it his next video, something like "The Kazotsky Kick - The key to living a "Kick"-Ass life. You are so Natural big foot takes a picture of you. 4. Profit. There is no need to thank me. Enjoy your glory while it lasts.
  3. Here post powerful,inspiring motivational or epic music here. Disclaimer: Please only post music under those categories.This includes anything that has an inspirational ,powerful, motivational or epic tone to it. Please keep anything that doesnt fall under these categories out. ( I wouldnt consider the Thomas the Tank Engine theme particularly inspirational ,powerful, motivational or epic neither would I consider something like "Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars" or "Taylor Swift - Shake It Off". I will post another for thread for high energy, funk type,pop, rock, Jazz, country,folk,blues,reggae, punk rock, techno , rapping ,ambient music etc, or someone else can post a thread for such music. ) There may be some exceptions in these categories in for example say rapping, where I would assume there is some rap that has a particularly inspirational ,powerful, motivational or epic tone to it. Same with all the other genres, there will be the odd song that has a inspirational ,powerful, motivational or epic tone to it. Here are some of my favourites The Skyrim Theme Attack on Titan Theme Two Steps From Hell - To Glory Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth Strength of a Thousand Men - Two Steps from Hell Two Steps From Hell - Archangel Two Steps From Hell - Victory Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage Mulan - i'll make a man out of you Night of Nights (Flowering nights remix) Matheo - This is where we fight Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - RazorSharp
  4. Thank you all for the advice you have given to me here. I know what I must do now.
  5. But what about the people who have never discovered the field of self help or engage in it? Changing my self saves myself from suffering, but there is a large amount of people who are damned.
  6. As a 15 year old student trying to self-actualize, school is proving a major barrier in the way. What is being taught is un-practical , the stuff we are doing is ludicrous and ridiculous. If you boil it down to the very core of whats being taught, Maths, English, History, Wood Work, Metal Work, Relgion, Geography, Classical Studies etc, it all very interesting stuff. The problem is its presented in the most unpractical, systematic, exam centered and boring way. Everything is focused around a fixed examination. If you study History in modern schooling, it basically means you are studying a fixed set of time periods the government has chosen you to study. Because of the pressure from parents AND the state to do well in these examinations they have set out, it highly discourages many students to study History thats not in the fixed history course set up by the government. Same with all the other subjects. How many a time have I seen a teacher tell a student off and reduce the morale of a student for not doing the homework or getting bad marks. The teachers seem to beleive it too, that these grades actually matter. If I do not study what the state has set specific things for me to study, I will get bad results, with bad results come lectures and anger from parents that discourage learning of anything outside of what the government has chosen for me to study. Same if I do not do the home work. I myself am not discouraged from learning outside of what the government has set out because I see the true value of the point in learning various topics but a HUGE amount of people dont. Here is an extract of what I wrote down in my hardback copy book I use for writing my private meditations. In Regards to modern education I said "How bland modern schooling is, so dry and systematic, un-practical and shallow. You must sit and listen to much instruction thats only concern is to pass exams.Real learning is not awarded by the state" I refuse to jump through the governments hoops like a well trained poodle, leo metioned something of the like in a reply to an earlier post from me where I ask Whether exam results matter or not. What is being taught in the school system in as wide as on ocean but has the depth of a puddle, its SO shallow. But all the adults teach you that it very important and priotise the learning of it over whatever your interested in. This is corrupt. In leo's advice for highschool and college students, I feel like it has this sort of "Since you are forced by the state to attend school, Use your time in School, dont let it use. So use your time to develop a studying habit for your future ventures" sort of feel to it, which I can admire, but ultimately am not satisfied with because the problem is not being dealt with. It seems everyone here in this field of advanced personal self-devlopment has got this approach where instead of changing the world , they change themselves to become immune to a certain problem.Don Miguel Ruiz in his book The Four Agreements describes this very well. I dont remember exactly the quote but I will paraphrase it, he says something like this If the earth is painful to walk on, it is much easier to wear sandals then cover the entirety of it in leather This I feel sums up the attitude nearly every has here. Even Leo, in his signature above all his posts he has the socrates quote "Let him that would move the world, first move himself" A lot of people seem to be "moving themselves" here, most defintely, but I dont see many people "moving the world" or even trying to, There is something selfish about this, where one works to get his sandals, and once he has achieved his sandals, continues to maintain them and improve them. In the meanwhile, everyone who does NOT have sandals (aka Everyone single person on earth he does not engage in advanced personal devlopment) will go through life enduring large amount of suffering that could of been avoided or overcome and/or die without having "smelt the roses" of their life. Is not high time we take off our sandals and take to the leatherolls to cover this earth in leather so everyone who does not know the ways to become immune to the bullshit in todays society will not have to endure the unnesccary suffering, and after the world is covered, people will have MUCH more time to really educate themselves and better themselves via advanced personal self devlopment. Am I just supposed to keep my sandals and watch everyone else suffer? This seems like what everyone else is doing. No one seems to want to take up the task of covering the world is leather. Personally, I think my life purpose is to highly reduce or end 1st world government corruption as it causing a large amount of suffering in this world, and I dont see anything being done about it unlike 3rd world corruption where at least I can see people trying and occasionally making a substaincial difference,
  7. I have written the contents of this thread based on how I felt in the current moment what I felt my life purpose was. I just blurted it out as such to get it all down. I felt uncomfortable posting this because looking through it. My question is , is my life purpose authentic???? How can I be sure Im not deceiving myself down the wrong path? This question has nagging me for 2 years. Everyday, or 2 days.Revolutionary, revolutionary, revolutionary. And my want to make the changes that makes one a revolutiony is stated in the thread.(I sort of blurted it put rather impulsively with no edits,hopefully everyone undertsood what I was saying) What should I do? Should I go all in and just decide out right "my life purpose is to reduce 1st world government corruption"? Is it ok to do that? That is the question I am asking . Ive been on the fence for a year or so now whether to go all in, in fear that I am setting myself up for a massive life blunder.
  8. I most want a functional "utopian" society (I say utopian loosely) To achieve this however......... I want an end to 1st world government corruption, both major and subtle. Forever. This is everywhere, this is in our schooling system, the banking sector, in the public sector , in the laws. In every nook and cranny and niche. The foul beast which is subtle corruption such as in the schooling system is left un-harmed and alive. The beast does not provoke us enough to take action against it, to pull out our swords and strike it dead. It is left unscathed. Not a scratch. I could be wrong about this. From my existence so far, whenever I have come across something that is "bullshit" in our society, I have always been able to link it to 1st world government corruption. My theory as such is , Whenever we label or say anything in our society as Bullshit or Corrupt, this is what it equals. Bullshit = Subtle Government corruption (The Schooling system,The Banking Sector,How Governments operate) Corruption/Corrupt = Major Government corruption (Court Injustices, Wrongful executions, Censorship, Abuse of Violence) Most people do nothing about Subtle Government corruption. Some substantial people don't even see it as corruption. Corruption here is rarely gotten rid of. Most people notice Major Government corruption and recognize it as corruption. Some substantial amount of people do something about to try make a change. Sometimes a change gets made, and the actions of people yield results. Corruption here is sometimes reduced and or gotten rid of. (In 3rd world countries such as Sryia, it is much harder to deal with the corruption, even once the corruption is recognized as the corruption is so great) Of course, this is just my theory that I have drawn from my experiences and from these experiences my theory's on how the people of the planet earth are controlled, operated and organised by the people of great influence who approve of these systems, such as modern education, the banking sector and how country governance and policy changing or adding is decided.
  9. I am not sure what your call a life purpose that one is not sure is definately ones life purpose. I filtered down, to what I think my life purpose is, to this Highly reducing or eliminating 1st world goverment corruption. 1st World Goverment corruption, no matter how subtle, is the number one thing that angers me. Why? Hardly anyone does anything about it, and those who do, their attempts are rather futile. Look at the education system, its 2017 and people are accepting such filth as an eduction system? The thing is, since it isnt a 3rd world problem, or something that is human right infringing, people dont seem to care. (The dirty water represents education in really poor parts of africa, coca-cola represents modern education in 1st world countries such as USA) Its like the healthiness of dirty-water compared to coca-cola. The coca-cola is better health wise then the dirty water. But does that make the coca-cola healthy? No! But here the thing, the coca-cola drinkers arent literally dying like the dirty water drinkers, Likewise with Education in really poor parts of africa compared to modern education. Yes modern education is better, you have a chair to sit on, accessibility to various equipment to help with lesson such as projectors, computers, metere sticks , a white board, a block borad, tables etc. But is it "healthy"? 1st world corruption is everywhere, its in the banking sectory, most if it subtle, subtle enough that people dont riot against it, but effective enough to make large profits for those are major players in the system. I hate bullshit. 1st world corruption goes WAY deeper then modern education. The banking sector, goverment simony and nepotism etc. I dont want this discussion to be a rant. I would love to create a functional "utopia" and I use the word utopia, VERY loosely. And I emphasise the functional greatly, I cannot stress it more. Is to remove the bullshit from society too much to ask? Is it to much of a fantasy to want a society with less bullshit? Am I the only one who is seeing this bullshit? How do I find the "Authentic" in authentic life purpose? Is what I have said above not authentic enough? Do I have to say more? Is not powerful enough? Can I not say that this is my life purpose, to substantialy reduce 1st world goverment corruption, such as making HUGE changes in education for the better, creating a better money system, creating a new country governance system and in-general raising the standard of quality in society and getting rid of bullshit. I am 15 years old, I cannot affor the life purpose course, neither would my parents let me buy the life purpose course, when I said I wanted to buy the booklist, they marked it off as a scam and that I was a fool. The life purpose IS NOT accessible to me. I am also willing to die for my life purpose or I hope that I will brave enough to face my death for the life purpose of highly reducing government corruption and improving society greatly with a better education system, money system, governance system etc. This is what leo said in reply to my thread: How Do Highschool "exam Results" Matter? " They matter in the sense that if you can't discipline yourself to ace a government exam, how you gonna ace the much more emotionally challenging aspects of life? How you show up in life tend to be consistent. I find that people who slack off in school tend to have the exact same attitude towards life. And their lives are shit. That said, of course there is no direct causal link. You could technically flunk school and become a rockstar human being, but I wouldn't bet money on that. And none of this is to say there aren't serious problems with our education system. There are! Which is why I recommend taking your education into your own hands. Going WAY beyond the basic curriculum, but also including it. As far as grades themselves, and even entire diplomas, the truth is they virtually don't matter in real adult life. Nobody cares about your grades, diploma, or what school you went to. They care about what results you can generate. And if they DO care, then those are the kind of people and places I would avoid, because it's just a silly status game. Focus on mastering life and business, not on jumping through somebody's hoops like a well-trained poodle."- Leo Gura My life purpose, I think, you could say is the want and willingess to grab these hoops so many generations have jumped through and snap them in in half and replace it with my own hoop of infinite size, diameter and circumference. Infinite in possibilities, Infinite in truth, infinite in love, infinite in compassion.
  10. I tried it. I did not die. The coffee did not seem to have an effect, maybe it was just because it was insta coffee. Epic music really compliments the cold showers, I played music through earbuds that arent waterproof so I had to wear a showercap. The showercap takes away from the experiances as it harder to get water on your face or head without getting water on the earbuds. It really is awesome, for the best experiance I would recomend waterproof earbuds, simpy put your phone in a plastic bag with your waterproof earbuds connected and make sure you have wrapped the bag well so water wont get in. Music coming from a speaker in the shower, or out of the shower is not nearly as good as listening through the earbuds. When you listen through the earbuds, it feel like the music is actually coming from inside of you, you become the music, rather then the music feeling like it is emitting from an exterior source. Also , I find that the music removes most of the suffering invovled after having not taken a cold shower in a while. I tried this after I had only taken previously all 4 warmshowers with only 1minute or 30 seconds of cold. I previously could endure longer, but I wasnt willing to put the days in to make cold water less cold. So I decided to try the coffee cold shower epic music combo, and it worked very well. I stood outside the shower feeling aniexty over how cold it going to be and I was already feeling cold my self, as soon as the music started playing something magical happened, suddenly I became braver, I walked into the running cold shower, and the cold water didnt even matter. I stayed in that shower for 6 minutes Epic music, Cold showers minus the coffee works really well. I recommend it to everyone who takes cold shower, and especially to people who are newbies to cold showers as it much removes the uncomfortableness.
  11. If someone else solved our corruption problems, I would be over the moon. I would then set my life purpose to something to do with probably one of my hobbies. Like I said, I think video games are cool and have had ideas for some badass videogames. So if the world wasnt corrupt out as it is and/or I was born in anywhere between the 1960s-1970s I probably would of pursued something lije that. But seeing its now the year 2017 (nearly 2020) No Hugely Major Historical events like World War 2 or anything and goverments are corrupt as fuck, fossil fuels are running out, climate change and there is probably a list of other stuff. Basically, the world is fucked, If I keep good health and am lucky enough, I will get to see the world in 2100 , Holy fuck,2100. Holy, shit. My instincts are telling me that the history books arent just going to stop at World War 2 and Cold War, oh no, not happy ever after, everyone lives in harmony, no. In between 2020-2100 some serious shit could happen, and I will live to see it. And just looking through my history book, the vast majority of chapters are about Civilizations and Wars, most of civilizations in the book, were at war. When 1st world goverment corruption is right under our noses, becoming a revolutionary in a way to eliminate or highly reduce the corruption and reform society seems alot more fufilling then creating some badass video game.(in a world that is possibly going to plunged into chaos) These questions are intriguing , the ones you have listed. I will look into these. Im getting a clearer idea on my purpose now.
  12. I would be willing to die for a noble cause,however thats just me in the here and now sitting in the comfort of my bed saying that. Getting shot, blown up, or stabbed cant be too bad, getting tortured however........ Hopefully if I choose to take that path I will have the bravery to face the possibility of a very painful death. I just did some negative visulation on that there. Hopefully I dont get tortured if I choose that path. Maybe a law degree could be something to look into.
  13. I have had this vague life purpose of mine about coming a revolutionary and taking certain actions to reduce 1st world corruption in our society. Whenever I think about goverment/goverment affiliated corruption whether it be about a Homeless housing crisis, the education system, how the economic system works and other such things annoy me thouroghly and bring up an anger within me which make me want to take action. Especially when I see a video disucssing the bullshit of the school system or and how the economy works (this video in particular pisses me off ) I am not entirely sure of how legit this video is but my gut feeling tells me that there is SOMETHING really wrong with how money works, and whether this is what the problem actually is or not, I dont really know for sure. But I defintely feel like there is something wrong. I have this notion that if I dont become a revolutionary, who else is? I have had this thought that if I dont do anything, the world could potentially be fucked, and there in it is my duty to fulfill this role as a revolutionary that will actually make changes that stick. I could possibly change the course of history for all I know. So many people just talk and they do nothing. What frustrates me even more is that people who both talk and back up their talk against corruption with actions is that their actions lead to pretty much nowhere, no major change occurs, everything is just as corrupt as it was when they started their acts against corruption. I am sure some people have one the fight against goverment corruption, the corruption I am talking about here is large scale 1st world corruption such as in the banking sector, the health sector. The corruption right under our noses, alot of people seem to ignore. What do I do? I have this feeling it is a duty to do something about reducing goverment corruption because I can, and if I dont act against it, who will? Who knows, the world could be possibly fucked if I dont do anything. Is this worth pursueing or should I let someone else deal with goverment corruption. Surely if I dont become a revolutionary and reduce major 1st world corruption problems someone else will......right? This is where I am at dillema, if our world was more sunshine and rainbows and was self-actualized with a whole new education system that isnt bullshit and whole new money system that isnt highly expolitable , perhaps I wouldnt be thinking about this help. Help me with this, please. I really dont think I have any other desire in terms of life purpose, I mean I think video games are cool, but I don think it would be as fufilling as doing something like changing society from the top down, or making a whole new no-bullshit education system, and perhaps it is my duty anyway because in the realm of possibility, it could be possible, no matter how minute the fraction is, that it could be so that if I dont take action. The world could possibly be fucked if that happens to be the case. I have a previous post about this revolutionary purpose from 1-2 years ago, I was, simpler minded back then (I was around 13), but still have that same sort of vague kind of being opposed to corruption. Ive been looking for something to really drive me anyway, Simply waking up in the morning thinking "revolutionary" is a bit to vague to really push me out of bed with power, with determenation. I think I actually I have discovered my lifepurpose a bit more deeply by writing this thread, but seeing I have wrote all this, I will post it anyway to get those of you in this community your input, Thanks.Please help me.
  14. I have a cold shower habit. I was thinking of ways to super charge this habit to make its effects even more powerful. So why not supercharge it with caffine and inspiring music. I have not attempted taking coffe yet however before a cold shower for fear of getting a heart attack or something. Is it safe to have a coffee and a cold shower in a short period of time? LIke drink the coffee and straight into the shower.