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  1. I am not sure what I did to be thanked. I have zero idea what your court trial was about. It appears to be relating to divorce. I suppose we are all a special kind of community here.
  2. I have noticed. And I notice this in almost every human interaction. People are indirect in conveying information. Subtle indirect messages, that leave a lot of room for interpretation. Why can not people make thing a lot simpler by being blunt, speak their mind, say what they want to say. In every interaction, especially in interactions with people that are not close friends. Each party seems to approach each other like one would approach a minefield. Or Sun Tzu might wage a war against an enemy faction. Deceptive, subtle, In-direct, appearing to the other person as x when you are actually y and appearing as y when you are actually x. I am guilty of this myself. Why do I this? Why can I not be forthright in every word. There seems to be some social barrier that exists only in my and other peoples minds that stops people from being direct, some sort of filter, make one discreet. For example, If I were to start a conversation with some random guys I have never talked to before during my lunch break with the aim of extracting value (pleasure) from the conversation. What If I simply said "I want to have a conversation with you guys". This appears to create an awkward ambience. Something about the directness of that sentence is rejected by the ego is the same way, the ego does want to say what it want, it instead wants to opt for something less direct or even a lie "Hey guys, I am bored, lets talk" or ask a question as an opener " What do you think of you x". Even though your intention with that question was to start a conversation. So why then don't you just say."I want to have a conversation with you guys". This awkwardness when being forthright with guys is not so bad and is only slight. Interacting with the opposite gender while being forthright however appears particularly odd and even taboo. Why is human interaction with the common masses so manipulative, being laconic and direct seems to be a crime to the ego?
  3. If I lived in America or England, I probably would of called BS on what my friend was telling me. But the culture here in Ireland among the youth, especially in rural areas is a lot more "Half-assed , savage, and simple" and generally slightly less "civilized". Vapes are common among various social groups of boys in the school and drugs such as hash are not unheard of to be in circulation in the local area. There is a running inside joke within the school about how the local teenage drugdealer looks like ET. People are a lot more slob and whoreish. At School discos (which a large quantity of people from the school go to)Full contact kissing (the term they use here is "shifting") sexual body touching and even non-penetrative sex is extremely common. I have been there and seen it myself at age 13 and 14 when I used to go to the discos. (Although, I have never kissed or engaged in an sexual activity with anyone myself) As you walk into the disco, the music is booming, you have to shout really loud into someones ear to be heard. Its dark, the only source of light is the constant flickering disco lights. There is no room for verbal communication/manipulation. Chairs are lined up against the walls of the hall, all of them filled with people making out on them. The girls are skankly dressed, the boys often wear a jeans/cheno and a random t-shirt. In the middle part of the hall is mixture of people half-dancing and making out. The walls of the hall are soaked with sweat. The only thing stopping people from having lude sex is two "guards" standing at the boys bathroom located in the main hall making sure no girls get in. So yeah. I believe what my friend says is true due to the information above.
  4. I do have a student counsel. They, from what I have perceived from them in my time in school, do, and have done, next to nothing. I am part of a Bookclub and there a few individuals that I perceive of having higher consciousness than the norm. And come to think of it one of them, I find somewhat attractive. I was considering setting up my own club to discuss practical philosophy or maybe even politics. I figured based on no evidence other than my perceptions of what people are interested in the school, I figured little people would be interested. Perhaps the "High Status" girls are inauthentic. I do not know. If I had to place a bet , based on my perceptions, I would wager most of them are.
  5. I live in Rural ireland. The nearest town (where my school is) is 50 minute walk or 15 minute cycle away, and even then, I do not have the liberties to go outside our property. (Although, I have not yet asked my parents if they would allow me to cycle downtown. I will ask today or tomorrow)
  6. I just recently started my 4th year of second level education interested. (If you live in america you call this highschool) During my years in middle school, I never really chased girls, I was attracted to them, but saw them as too much hastle for what they were worth. But at the start of my school term this year, I decided I would give it a try. I prepared some basic canned opener lines to use on her and follow through with improv. I had planned to this during lunch (the only opertunity I get to talk to her for a duration longer than a minute)I ended up looking for her the whole lunch break and only found her 5 minutes before the end of lunch at whicih point I wussed out. My friend gave me the lowdown how the relationships work in the school the other day.The conversation lasted 3 hours. I was surprised at what he told me. Long story , short Basically, he told me that there are types of groups, Bachelor groups (all men) , and feminine (all women) these groups meet during social events such as house partys. During these social events, the groups start talking to each other, mingling and as they night goes on, they start flirting. Eventually a male from the bachelor group hooks up with a female from the feminine group. They kiss, and perhaps have non-pentrative sex , exchange snapchats, proceed to text each other and talk to each other for 2 weeks and then both parties agree to "break up" and move on to new mates. He told me only about 20% or so of the people who go through this process actual start dating the other person. My reaction was like " What, the fuck. Two week. TWO WEEKS. And not even dating? Just a shallow one night stand and cheeky texting aftwards?!!?!!?!? " He told me that no one asks othere people out a lunch time, and that if I would try strike up a conversation with her It would of been a failure. He told me that the girl I was attracted to (and all other "high-status" and attractive girls for that matter) were like this. That they hooked up with a guy for 2 weeks. Then, the next guy, the next guy, the next guy. Etc. He told me to get the girl I want, I know to lock myself into a new social group where in I can get access to invitations to these events. What is the best course of action? I do not want to end up like a social hermit as leo warned against in his advice for highschool kids video ( I think). At the same time. I am reluctant to try get into a relationship with a girl that is almost certaintly in the deep-low conscioussness of the masses. But then again, the deeper devil inside me just wants to go for her anyway mostly because she looks good. In which to feed the almost animalistic lust/hedonism.(Like most guys in high school) (Marcus Aurelius would advice me against feeding such impulses) What I really want, is to talk connect and have a deep intimate relationship with a semi-high consciousness girl that is interested in personal development/self actualization. It saddens me, that these girls. Are not a common. So what other choice do I have then to date a low consciousness person?( disclaimer: I am not saying I am of high-consciousness, I am probably hanging around the low consciousness side of things, but I am above the common masses who do not do any self-actualization or improvement work) I suppose I could try "convert" them to a more high consciousness paradigm by getting them interested in actualized.org? I do not know.
  7. What should I do? This is irrating me. What would a stoic do? This is in my control right. It really bugs me when I see this fish in a tank with dirty water with a dead fish already inside. He does not feed it and days he is just going to let it die. The fish is clearly still very much alive and does not show signs of sickness. What should I do? His reasons for him choosing to do this is because he does not want anymore fish in the main tank which is 4 times bigger and holds 10 or so fish. I told him to either kill it or transfer the fish to the other tank. He ignored me.
  8. I do not have the authority to stop anyone posting music. People can post what they want. "inspirational ,epic, motivational" is just a vague general guideline guideline to stop people from putting songs that they themselves do not find "inspirational ,epic, motivational". Which includes pretty much every piece of music that exists because music taste is relative. Even sad/melancholy music can be found motivational by individual. For example I find this somewhat motivational. I would change the start of the post to make it more clear to people that they can post what they want but it does not let me edit it.
  9. Vaas's reaction after watching Leos Video this morning. (In case you did'nt get the joke. Insanity, as Vaas describes it is the opposite of learning as described in leos video)
  10. "To create a society that maximises the happiness and minimises the suffering in one’s life as much as possible, while being as practical and functional as possible, while having a society that is as high consciousness as possible. Not a bullshit Paradise. A Strong,Healthy, High-Consciousness, and Happy Society that is fully functional and fully sustainable" To become a revolutionary/visionary and create or help create this.This sounds perfect to me. This is my grand goal in living. This is so beautiful. I can vizualize what it might be like but it has to be beautiful and almost definately the way forward for mankind.I have not drawn up any plans of how it might work. I can only imagine and vizualize very very vaguely of what it might be like. The accomplish such a feat, I need to be committed, I need to have massive amounts of will-power, I need to turn in-wards and develop myself, raise my conscioussness to a high sage/borderline sage like level to reduce the chances of not accomplishing what I set out to do, or worse, creating even more ignorance or suffering in my wake then there was when I started. Right now I am 15 years old with weakish will-power, little physhical strength and stamina, mediocre eating habits and a tiny amount of knowledge relative to individuals like Leo. However. I wish to seek truth. I want to change all of this. I want to become Unbreakable, un-faltering, un-wavering. I want to have crazy amounts of willpower. How do I do this? I have watched Leo Video on Willpower. To what extent should I resist being implusive, meditate, exercise, do breathing techniques, and take right action? If I want to build as much willpower as possible how should I meditate. Should I make meditation as difficult as possible? I tried meditating in tempratures of 7-10 degrees celsius with some windchill here only wearing a t-shirt on my upper body, and I sat for an hour. I managed to keep this up for 5 days for an hour each day until I finally backslided. Where is in comparison I had a meditation habit going for a month and a half with 20 minutes each day and sometimes 40 minutes wearing clothing that kept me comforably warm before I eventually backslided. Likewise with exercise. Should I keep intensity of the exercise sessions high or low? Does more suffering equal more growth? I know I used to say to myself when I had a decent cold shower habit that Fear of Suffering is worse then suffering itself. Also, how do I remain content/happy while exerting large amounts of willpower to avoid breaking and losing morale which leads to backsliding. Is the trick simply to "Do it"? What is the best course of action? I fear that I am falling into a trap, or will fall into trap.
  11. What do you mean they did it on stone tablets that "magically sprang to life"? And what do you mean they still do it in mueseums. I doubt mueseum administrators use stone or wax tablets to schedule their day or keep records. " And sometimes they stood in the hot sun. That gave them energy. But it was mostly drinking and partying in groups that gave a boost to work next morning. It was a way of life. Slates are more powerful than smartphones. " Wait help? Help me understand, how is this relevent to the question. What do you mean slates are more powerful than smartphones???????
  12. So what you mean by this is that, whenever Marcus Aurelius or whomever went to sit down and do some self-help work to meditate, contemplate or I think he did negative-visualization or whatever. That marcus did not go "right, I am going to sit here for 20 minutes" as he did not have a way to accurately record 20 minutes, instead he simple sat and meditated until he was content with how long he had sat? I often tried to do this when meditating, to preform meditation in a timeless way. It seems reality changes when your not wearing a watch. When I sit and meditate without a watch or alarm, much like marcus would of had to do for his meditation, negative vizualization or whatever he was doing, I get agitated on deciding when to get up from the meditation as not to halt it prematurely. However , meditating with a watch bring about a certain patience releif. Whenever I ever have my watch on me when meditating and I become un-patient, I look at my watch and see how much time is left until 20 minutes is up. I find that this helped with the impatience I experiance during the meditation but much intensified the thoughts in my mind "When is it over, what time is it, ho long is left?" Perhaps Marcus or the buddha or whoever meditated until they felt like they had mediatated enough. Such as when one goes to train in the gym without a watch or paying attention to time, simply exercise until your muscles and body tell you via sweating/constriction and aching that you have exercised "enough". However, trying to figure out if you have meditated enough without keep a watch is much more difficult, impatience comes about alot more quickly for novice meditators such as myself then one would start to sweat considerably or have ones muscles constrict or ache considerably in a gym. This is why I have prosed the initial question."How Did People Like Marcus Aurelius Schedule Their Day Without Modern Watches/smartphones?" I do not just mean meditation, I also mean any self-help habit preformed back then.
  13. I will add it to my book wishlist. Thank you for the suggestion.
  14. I do not understand the full function of mathematics. To me it is an entirely relative function trying to measure things in the universe that itself are relative. How much different would mathematics be if I simply added another number after 9? The current numbers are. 0, 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 ,9 All other numbers are made from combining these number. What if I added to more numbers? Who said there only had to be 10 numbers. 0,1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,P,X Now how much would mathematics change by simply adding more numbers? Would calculus still work? I do not know. And surely if calculus does still work then the amount of numbers available in the number alphabet is irrelavent. It then would appear that mathematics is some form of logic to do with the measurement of defining of what is relative in relative way?
  15. In the realm of self development. I have heard it is important to have a set schedule to preform activities throughout the day to get the most of the time one has. To have a set time to sit down and meditate as such. I was having thoughts that how did Marcus Aurelius schedule his day without modern timekeeping methods. I would think that the position of the sun would be an inaccurate way of trying to tell the time time just by eye, and sun dials and the sun position would not work whenever it was cloudy, and surely water-clocks seldom worked. So how did these people make do in a time before modern time keeping? Did these peole have a disadvantage? I would think that someone such as Marcus Aurelius would have been to busy running the empire to have it had mattered that he had specific schedule for his personal development.