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  1. This is why I said this "Ultiamately, I suppose I have to learn the answers to these questions the hard way." This thread was so people could give their two cents on the matter and so I could observe and possibly learn from what they have to say. Maybe you are right. I am thinking too much. I have got what I have wanted from this thread. Thank you everyone who participated.
  2. I recall reading something in the "Guide to the Good life by William. B Irvine" regarding the conduct of stoics politically. It was something about how even though a stoic will not go about seeking to attain wealth or power, but will often attain it anyway. So can this some logic be applied with what you are telling me to do Nahm an Prabhaker. Seeing that you referenced Jesus it would seem so. The point is to make a change. So I need to shift my desires awat from making the change in order to make the change, and since my desire will have shiften, the change will most likely occur anyway? So if I try to manipulate the world I will fail. If I do not try to manipulate the world I might succeed in attaining the thing that I originally wanted. Then how is my life-purpose possible. Is it not in Leo's list of viable life purposes to hihgly reduce government corruption?
  3. Enlightment would be easier and more people would know about it in a highly high consciousness society. Thus, more joy is experianced by people. Focusing EXCLUSIVELY on my self and saying "fuck it, I'll get enlightened,everyone else can suffer" to the rest if the world who have no idea what enlightment is and live sad miserable lives indulging in shallow impulses and shallow lifestyles. To me this is not right. Why is my happiness the most important? If we lived a in a highly self-actualized society, perhaps then I would focus exclusively on myself. But we dont. I will not leave the world to itself. Is that not what most people are doing nowdays? Kicking the can down the road hoping that someone will pick it. If I leave the world to its own, where is the guarantee someone is going to pick up the can?
  4. I loved Leo's recent video on systems thinking and his most recent insight. They are just the kind of things I am looking for to fulfill my life purpose. Leo says that for a revolutionary to make a large positive change to the world, they need to master themselves. Turn inwards and master every faecet of there being. My school term has only just recently finished and I have a lot of time on my hands for focusing on growth. I have an advantage in pursuing this life purpose.(It is not a clear vision, but I want to create the most high-consciousness society as possible, with highly more effective, efficient and caring systems then what we have today). I recognize I have an advantage. I am young, I am 15. I realize and accept that the journey will be long and arduous. I also might fail. We shall see. I also realize there is so much to be learnt to acquire the most chance of sucess in accomplishing my life purpose. Mastering myself will be the hardest thing and manipulating society to the way that is most ideal and most caring yet practical/functional will be extremely difficult. The amount of things to be learnt and endured seems unfathomable, but accomplishable because I want to try. I want to try really hard. I am also at a large disadvantage, there is so much I dont know and there is people who know so much more then me. How? How does one start the journey of a revolutionary who wants to bring change to the world , to create a society that is free and beautiful. I sometimes wonder to myself that certain actions I take are "un-revolutionary". As in for example this thread. A real young aspiring revolutionary would not be writing a thread on how to become so. Much like one would think that some millionare or billionare would not write a thread on how to become one before he was a millionare or billionare and then become sucessful. It seems like there is some hidden force that allows large sucess only to occur by chance, not by sheer willpower of trying to manipulate the systems by using every trick in the book. A few core questions I would like help on. What are the biggest traps, especially in youth in persuing this path? How do I know if I am doing something wrong? Should I "team" up with other people with a similar life purpose or is this a trap? What kind of people should I look out for, and what kind of people should I avoid? What actions will cause the most likely hood of failure? What part of "Me" is the most important to master for the purpose of being a revolutionry or revolutionary leader. (Leo said to me in a thread before in response to my question regarding how I am supposed to know if my life purpose is authentic or not. I saw I could almost cry thinking about it, it would take a bit of effot. He said to me that my life purpose probably wasnt powerful enough. I was taken aback by this and I thought to myself this possibly could not be the case. I REALLY want to cry thinking about it. He said it is that or I need to learn to shed tears of joy/master my emotions which is something I would have to Self-Actualize on. Do I need a college degree to be a respected revolutionary leader. (I was having a discussion with a friend yesterday and he told me that if you do not have a college degree, why would people listent to you. He said I would get slagged off and ridiculed for not having a 3rd level education.) What is the best way to live the next 5 years of my life? ( I have two more years of compulsory schooling) Ultiamately, I suppose I have to learn the answers to these questions the hard way.
  5. You would have to go to a bank and open a bank account, get a bank card, deposit that 35 euro into the bank account. Then from there you can set up a paypal in which you will need banking details to set up. Which you will be able to fill in because you will have the information on your bank card or somewhere else (basically what information the bank gave you). Thats how. You could probably go down to your school bank during lunch hour or, if you bald enough you could sneak out at night and set up your account then. (If the bank is still open).
  6. If you are talking about in real life. They are hard to find. Your best chance is in looking for people right here.
  7. You can sort of figure out SOME of the books on leo's booklist. First he gives out free 9 samples of the books on his booklist. Further more if you go on amazon , and visit a page with one of Leo's 9 sample books, there is often a thing that says "This book was also commonly bought with" and it show books people bought the book with. Also, if you dig around the Thread, All personal suggestions for Leo, there are hints there to what books are in his book list. He just recently said this in his thread. On 03/06/2017 at 8:11 PM, Skenderberg said: @Leo Guraif you only had the chance to recommend one book to the entire world, wich one? and why. Oooo... good question. Ralston's books. Chances are, Ralston's books are on his book list. He also makes references/hints to books throughout many of his videos, which you will have to do a bit of digging for. An Obvious one might for example be one of Abraham Maslows book, because he is kind of the found of the self-actualization concept, and it is kind of the name of the channel. Also, in one of leos videos, he talks while leaning on pile of books he has said he has read. What I would is screenshot him doing that with the print screen button on your keyboard, go into windows paint, click paste, (which will paste the image that you most recently print screened) and zoom in on the books. Some of the books there are BOUND to be on him book list. I would wager I good chunk of them are. I am 15 and my parents think buying a LIST of books is a stupid idea too,
  8. Does suffering in the realm of self-help equal more growth? For example lets examine two meditation sessions. The Temprature is 20 degrees celsius , there is a gentle breeze and a near clear sky, the ground is dry. Wears T-shirt (short sleeves). Meditates for 60 minutes. The Temprature is 5 degrees celsius with the wind blowing, the sky is cloudy, the ground is damp. Wears a T-shirt(short sleeve) meditates for 60 minutes. I have done both. The former I would describe as quite pleaseant and the latter as a form of very mild torture. It often bother me when I go outside in the cold with a jacket, and my mind is telling me not to wear the jacket, that I should wear a t-shirt so I could be colde resistence and increase my self-discpline etc. Is suffering inherent to more growth?
  9. What makes you come to the conclusion it wont work. All I get from this comment here is your close-mindedness to the idea , and that for some reason , you think the idea wont work. It annoys me when I see people commenting on things, they have so much as given 5 minutes of thought to. Could you exsplain why it does not work? I am neutral on the matter. I honestly do not know, I have not researched enough. Here you just shit on Jaque Frescos life work without throughly exsplaining yourself.
  10. If infinity is occuring inside awareness, what is awareness occuring in. Infinity? Infinity includes everything so awareness is infinity, but since absolute infinity is so infinite, Infinity is included in awareness. And Vice-Versa, In an infinite loops. Forever. Infinitely. Loops, loops and loops and more loops.
  11. I meditated on it today, the loops that infinity creates (or rather that I create). So I considered everyday objects and I applied the "going back" process. I looked at a tree and thought, where did that tree come from, a seed, where did that seed come from, a tree, where did that seed come from, a tree. A loop. I looped that back to the first seed that must have came out many millions or billions of years ago. Where did that seed come from? A combination of atoms that made that see have the property it had. Where did those atoms come from? They say it came from an expansion of the universe called the big bang. Where did that came from. It came from space. Where did space come from. Space. Where did time come from to allow for that space. I dont know. Even if we did know, what possible awnser could their be that wouldnt form a loop. I remember leo said science is just a framework , I think in his anti-rationalism video. What is a science a framework within, just more loops? I did a similar thing with the ground, I thought what I was standing, dirt, what that was standing on, stone, what that was standing on, bedrock, what that was standing on, mantle, what that was standing on, the core, what the core was standing on, itself, what was standing on itself? The mantle, what was the mantle standing on, bedrock, what was bedrock standing on, stone, what was stone standing on, dirt. What was dirt standing on, space, what was space standing on, more space, what was more space standing on, more space, what was more and more and more space standing on? Perhaps gravity from other objects had some effect on that you could possibly say it was standing on that. But what after that? It only standing on either more space, or objects, what else it there to stand on other than space and objects? Nothing. I also consider a childs math equation such as if I have 6 apples in a basket, and at take away 6 apples, what am I left with. 0. Is 0 = to nothing. Then the questions occured to me, not the , "can something come from nothing question" but can "nothing come from more nothing" The nothing, is not nothing, it is something, its even in the equation I thought 6-6=0 Its equal to 0, there is something there, do you see it ====> Look at the shape of the number zero. 0 This would like an empty basket, which it would be, there is no apples in the basket, but, the very concept of nothing, is not nothing. Can nothing can be nothing. Everything can be Everything. Another loop when I was doing self inquiry, I asked my self who am I, then I asked myself who was the "I" asking who was I.Then I asked myself who the "I" asking the "I" asking who was "I" , and this continued in a loops, getting bigger, and bigger, until it was too much for mind to keep up with. So then I decided to turn to my awareness, I simply observed everything as it was happen without thought or a commentary the best I could for some time. My awareness had no awnswers, there was only silence. Is the silence than an awnser it self. In the lingustic form, what is the closest one can describe absolute infinity, is it this. (See inbetween the arrows below, and pretend the arrows are invisible) ========> <======== What is inbetween the arrows is therefore no loops can be created by it, it is not making a statement about infinity, it is purely blank, not even blank, not even white, pretend nothing is even there, not even the white, not even any colour, not even anything that can be seen, smelled, touched or heard, or tasted or picked up by the sense or rationalized by thought or make emotion stir. What does then awareness tell me. It tells me nothing, every time I sit down to meditate, I get nothing, no message. All there is what was now, and now is then gone, and the now is then gone, and now is then gone. Consider the present moment, its gone, it doesnt exist, gone, gone , gone, gone, everything a shadow of the past. There is nothing. Is the truth simply to stop looking for the truth, is that the truth itself? Everything is infinite, there is a loop on everything, perhaps even awareness working in loops. Consider everytime I sit down to meditate. Nothing, Nothing come after nothing coming after nothing. Nothing coming in an infinite loops. Nothing coming from Nothing, Infinitely. Its all infinite. How can the truth be experianced if its absolutely infinite???????? Loops, Loops, upon loops. Truth can only be found in what is finite. How can you find truth in what is infinite. Absolutely infinite. This is why Absolute Infinity is so fascinating. You just cant. Loops, Loops, More Loops.
  12. If it cannot be understood, in which some lingustic ability is needed to understand certain concepts and objects and actions occuring in space and time and their value and meaning. In which applying said lingustic ability cannot be applied. What can only be applied, as a human other than rationalization using languages as the utility for the rationalization. Is awareness, observation and experiancing with no thoughts, sybolism or rationalization (as that will only lead to loops). So the, truth then, is unknown to all of us? Forever. How can one know something that cannot be rationalized at all using our language abilitys. So the truth can never be known, it can only be "felt"? I would be deeply interesting a video on absolute infininty.
  13. Ah, but that very statement causes a loop. Because it is absolute infinity, you can talk about it. Because that is in the realm of the infinite. But wait. Ive just created another loop......
  14. This question is kind of a pointless question. It is like asking how blue the colour blue really blue. It is more food for thought more than anything. Absolute Infinity, absolutely boggles me, and here is why. It simply cannot be grasped, any statement made against it is infinitely true and yet false at the same time, even this very statement in itself, and that statement saying the very statement in itself. It creates infinite loops, with infinite loops within infinite loops within infinite loops and infinite amount of times. According to Absolute Infinity, everything is an example of it. The colour orange is a example of absolutely infinity, the pronunciation of the syllables in the word orange are an example of absolute infinity. I guy stabbing himself with a katana in the gut while peddling with no legs on a tricycle is equal to absolute infinity. In the realm of Absolute Infinity, the ElderScrolls universe is occuring right now. The Lord of the Rings universe is occuring right now. But hang on a second, since absolute infinity includes absolutely everything, that would also mean it includes nothing. Therefore, it would also mean that whatever is said to be true of the realm of infinity is also false. So for example, the ElderScrolls Universe is occurring but not occuring at the same time, same with the Lord of the Rings Universe. But "Ahah" you might say "you can just make a rule where in by the absolute infinity makes something absolutely true no matter how many attempts is take to overide it to make it untrue". But you see, absolute infinity doesnt play by the rules, it breaks all of them, it breaks this very statement of me trying to attempt to rationalize it. How can one possibly assign charactheristics too absolute infinity? I have seen in a post before regarding absolute infinity labelling absolute infinity as loving. When this is far from the truth. Yet it is not. Yet it is. Yet is not. Yet is. Yet is not. And the loops go on. You cannot escape the loops, but you see this very statement saying you cannot escape the loops, creates more loops, and me just saying there that is creates more loops creates even more loops because since Absolute infinity is so infinite, I am totally false with that statement, but I am totally true but totally false. There is basically no way to end this thread, without creating more loops, with this very sentence just here it is creating more loops. And so is saying that creates more loops. Do you understand what I am trying to say here with absolute infinity? Just think about what this means if Absolute Infinity is True. If indeed existence is infinite. Holy SHIT. Woah. Every single video game you have played, and every single movie you have watched, in the realm of the absolute infinite. That very movie or video games, IS actually occuring, in time and space. But wait..... that also means alot of suffering is occuring. Perhaps there is some realms where living organisms who feel pain experiance un-tolerable pain for an eternity without dying. Mr Absolutely Infinity: Well hold there a second now Lorcan, your getting ahead of yourself. What you just said is totally untrue, but totally true at the same time. What the hell is truth in the realm of absolute infinity? If the truth is absolutely everything, then what kind of truth is that? That would mean truth is also lies. What? What? Absolute Infinity is a real Mindfuck.