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  1. Vaas's reaction after watching Leos Video this morning. (In case you did'nt get the joke. Insanity, as Vaas describes it is the opposite of learning as described in leos video)
  2. "To create a society that maximises the happiness and minimises the suffering in one’s life as much as possible, while being as practical and functional as possible, while having a society that is as high consciousness as possible. Not a bullshit Paradise. A Strong,Healthy, High-Consciousness, and Happy Society that is fully functional and fully sustainable" To become a revolutionary/visionary and create or help create this.This sounds perfect to me. This is my grand goal in living. This is so beautiful. I can vizualize what it might be like but it has to be beautiful and almost definately the way forward for mankind.I have not drawn up any plans of how it might work. I can only imagine and vizualize very very vaguely of what it might be like. The accomplish such a feat, I need to be committed, I need to have massive amounts of will-power, I need to turn in-wards and develop myself, raise my conscioussness to a high sage/borderline sage like level to reduce the chances of not accomplishing what I set out to do, or worse, creating even more ignorance or suffering in my wake then there was when I started. Right now I am 15 years old with weakish will-power, little physhical strength and stamina, mediocre eating habits and a tiny amount of knowledge relative to individuals like Leo. However. I wish to seek truth. I want to change all of this. I want to become Unbreakable, un-faltering, un-wavering. I want to have crazy amounts of willpower. How do I do this? I have watched Leo Video on Willpower. To what extent should I resist being implusive, meditate, exercise, do breathing techniques, and take right action? If I want to build as much willpower as possible how should I meditate. Should I make meditation as difficult as possible? I tried meditating in tempratures of 7-10 degrees celsius with some windchill here only wearing a t-shirt on my upper body, and I sat for an hour. I managed to keep this up for 5 days for an hour each day until I finally backslided. Where is in comparison I had a meditation habit going for a month and a half with 20 minutes each day and sometimes 40 minutes wearing clothing that kept me comforably warm before I eventually backslided. Likewise with exercise. Should I keep intensity of the exercise sessions high or low? Does more suffering equal more growth? I know I used to say to myself when I had a decent cold shower habit that Fear of Suffering is worse then suffering itself. Also, how do I remain content/happy while exerting large amounts of willpower to avoid breaking and losing morale which leads to backsliding. Is the trick simply to "Do it"? What is the best course of action? I fear that I am falling into a trap, or will fall into trap.
  3. What do you mean they did it on stone tablets that "magically sprang to life"? And what do you mean they still do it in mueseums. I doubt mueseum administrators use stone or wax tablets to schedule their day or keep records. " And sometimes they stood in the hot sun. That gave them energy. But it was mostly drinking and partying in groups that gave a boost to work next morning. It was a way of life. Slates are more powerful than smartphones. " Wait help? Help me understand, how is this relevent to the question. What do you mean slates are more powerful than smartphones???????
  4. So what you mean by this is that, whenever Marcus Aurelius or whomever went to sit down and do some self-help work to meditate, contemplate or I think he did negative-visualization or whatever. That marcus did not go "right, I am going to sit here for 20 minutes" as he did not have a way to accurately record 20 minutes, instead he simple sat and meditated until he was content with how long he had sat? I often tried to do this when meditating, to preform meditation in a timeless way. It seems reality changes when your not wearing a watch. When I sit and meditate without a watch or alarm, much like marcus would of had to do for his meditation, negative vizualization or whatever he was doing, I get agitated on deciding when to get up from the meditation as not to halt it prematurely. However , meditating with a watch bring about a certain patience releif. Whenever I ever have my watch on me when meditating and I become un-patient, I look at my watch and see how much time is left until 20 minutes is up. I find that this helped with the impatience I experiance during the meditation but much intensified the thoughts in my mind "When is it over, what time is it, ho long is left?" Perhaps Marcus or the buddha or whoever meditated until they felt like they had mediatated enough. Such as when one goes to train in the gym without a watch or paying attention to time, simply exercise until your muscles and body tell you via sweating/constriction and aching that you have exercised "enough". However, trying to figure out if you have meditated enough without keep a watch is much more difficult, impatience comes about alot more quickly for novice meditators such as myself then one would start to sweat considerably or have ones muscles constrict or ache considerably in a gym. This is why I have prosed the initial question."How Did People Like Marcus Aurelius Schedule Their Day Without Modern Watches/smartphones?" I do not just mean meditation, I also mean any self-help habit preformed back then.
  5. I will add it to my book wishlist. Thank you for the suggestion.
  6. I do not understand the full function of mathematics. To me it is an entirely relative function trying to measure things in the universe that itself are relative. How much different would mathematics be if I simply added another number after 9? The current numbers are. 0, 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 ,9 All other numbers are made from combining these number. What if I added to more numbers? Who said there only had to be 10 numbers. 0,1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,P,X Now how much would mathematics change by simply adding more numbers? Would calculus still work? I do not know. And surely if calculus does still work then the amount of numbers available in the number alphabet is irrelavent. It then would appear that mathematics is some form of logic to do with the measurement of defining of what is relative in relative way?
  7. In the realm of self development. I have heard it is important to have a set schedule to preform activities throughout the day to get the most of the time one has. To have a set time to sit down and meditate as such. I was having thoughts that how did Marcus Aurelius schedule his day without modern timekeeping methods. I would think that the position of the sun would be an inaccurate way of trying to tell the time time just by eye, and sun dials and the sun position would not work whenever it was cloudy, and surely water-clocks seldom worked. So how did these people make do in a time before modern time keeping? Did these peole have a disadvantage? I would think that someone such as Marcus Aurelius would have been to busy running the empire to have it had mattered that he had specific schedule for his personal development.
  8. But I got out of it and plenty of others. (Although we are kind of a dime a dozen). So why have I managed to get out of the shallow-minded attitude to life and others have not? I am not saying I am super high conscious or trying to self glorify myself in anyway by saying I am not "shallow-minded". By no means am I master self-actualizer or even a mediocre one at that. I have a lot to learn. But at least I have heard, and accept that , yes in fact, there is a way of life out there that is more then just "born, school, degree, job, house, wife, kids, retirement, death and a few experiances of short term joy here and there" But why I try to push self-help concepts to my friends, they just dont get it. They dont see it with the same gleam in their eyes as I and countless others on this forum do. When I saw these videos (some of the first videos are saw from actulized.org) I was awe struck. These videos, removed the dirt from the lense, (or at least a substaincial amount of it ) and I realized "Holy shit, life can be like this? Being a human being does not have to be a shallow existence?! Woah." I showed these same video to my friend and it did not have the same effect. Sometimes I feel like that shaman magic-man in the introduction of the book "The 4 agreements" . This man discovers this beauty he has just discovered thats always been there, but no-one understand him. And no-one even cares..... So why did I go "HOLY SHIT" when I saw this video, and my friend went "Meh" This saddens me, why cant people see it???? WHY cant they see the beauty. I do not know exactly what the beauty is amaze. But for some reason deep down, I feel like there is something there I did not know was even possibe, something so impossibly beautiful way of life to be experianced.
  9. Recently a friend of mine invited me to a skype conversation with about 5-6 people in it Where I could I chipped in giving my discourse on topics that were being discussed. (Shallow discussion) And I pushed some topics regarding what is wrong with the society we live in, that life does not have to be shallow and being a human being can be so much more than the current notions of what life is for a person (a mediocre life that is). I also pushed some stoic ideals (such as to live in accordance with nature, to hate another person is not in accordance with nature and that we were born to work together and to love mankind/one another.) An indivdual was interested in why I had the views I had. So we had an hour long skype call in which we debated -Whether or not people are born"bad". In which she thought people were born bad and I did not. -Whether or not life was inherently "shit" -What is a system (definition wars) - Is "Ignorance is bliss" a truth. (I argued against this) Through the entire course of the argument. She had she geuinely beleived the following beleifs as truth. -People are born assholes/bad. -Life is inherently shit and miserable with highlights of joy here and there. -Ignorance is bliss relative to living a good life. -That life is just bad and "It's just life" mentality argument regarding the unfairness and evil in life. She also mentioned earlier in the conversation she was communist when she was joking around by randomly saying "Heil Hitler" and then "nah mate I am a comie" In which a joked back "I am stalin man myself" "Gulag or go home." After I asked whether the following statements were true "People are born assholes, Life is Inherently shit. And Ignorance is bliss" And after she said that she beleived all these to be true I said she was full of shit. (I am apologise if that was close-minded and shallow in itself to say that an opposing opinion is "full of shit" but I do not think you get 3 statements that are more anti-actualization then the ones she said.) The argument shocked me. Just wow. I thought I had seen the most shallow people already in my school , where in most people I encounter have this "I dont care about the big picture of living , my grand goal in life , or the progression of society. I only care about my own happiness, I only care about the short term and whatever I can do to squirm to achieve some of that instant gratification" But this was something else, this 15-16 year old genuinely believed "ignorance is bliss". How long is until all the shallow masses adopt this beleif? Ignorance is bliss sound like something out of George Orwell 1984. It was a good a good debate for 20 minutes, but then it degraded into abstract argument and she began bringing up pieces of history I did not know much about such as the vietnam war and saying thing such as x y z generals who were stupid for doing a b c , and began spewing out a bunch of facts I would of had to beleive to be true to make the argument work. So I then objected to her use of refering un-briefly to history in arguments against a person who does not know that piece of history well. How was I know what she was saying was true about the vietnam war? After the argument was over I posted a varation of the above in the groups conversation and added at the end "Good argument, but not cigar" as I extracted barely any value from it. Soon after she kicked me from the group. Is Humanity doomed to be shallow? Are debates even worth getting into. i starting a debate worth it? -
  10. Sex according to the Ancient Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius "And in sexual intercourse that it is no more than friction of a membrane and a spurt of mucus ejected" Although in this quote here marcus is using a technique where he strips down materialistic things to their bare bones, of what they really are, for example he says "when you have roast meat and suchlike foods before you ,to impress on your mind that this is a deady body of a [insert animal here]....." When you break things down the way marcus does. They make nuances and materials in reality seem much more simplistic and crude. If you look at things the way marcus does, in rationalistic sense( I believe someone mentioned this earlier about looking at thing rationally makes things seem disgusting, but I will bring it up again) things will begin to appear ugly at the simplicity/crudeness/unelegance of it. My theory is when you look at sex (or nearly anything) in this rational way is that the ego says to itself "THATS IT? Really? That all there is to it? NO, there must be more, there is more than that" as the ego has a hard time of embracing the void and simplicty of things. Peoples perspectives on what things disgusts them and what does not disgust them varies. One person might have sex and find it pleasurable, another might have sex and find that it digusts him. There are probably many factors involved in what makes someone find something disgusting and other things beautiful such as thier culture, beleifs, religion etc. I am not certain, I am not a neuro scientist. To give you an extreme example. Apparently this is considered attractive somewhere in africa. I believe for example the Author Harry Philips Lovecraft who wrote the horror-fiction book "Call of cthulu" did not like sex at all according to a documentary I watched on him. I would argue someone with someone with a weak sex drive has an advantage in persuing their life purpose. One less distraction so to speak. One less plesure to become a slave to. Getting engaged with someone could potentially be the ultimate trojan horse invading your life if your not careful and focused on what your ultimate life goal is. How many have abandoned the persuit of their life purpose I wonder for a life-long "lets have a family" type relationship with another all because of sex drive and other such factors which make one person cling to the other. (Financial reasons, to escape lonelyness, seeking of a intimate meaningful relationship etc). Sex is just another nuance in reality, and is not everything beautiful in reality in its own way? Is not everything ugly in its own way? For example, Marcus says that is a way, the cracks in the bakers bread, are its in own way, a failure of the bakers profession. (And I think he goes on to say that the smell of the baked bread goes on to stimulate the appetite) i suppose it depends what your perspective is. Are the cracks in the bakers bread ugly or are they beautiful? I dont know. Thats up to you. Perhaps beauty is relative, and so to what is ugly and disgusting. And also relativty itself is "relative"? ( I'll spare going into that to stop mindfucking everyone, myself included , in this thread) I dont know. This is just my point of view from a rather limited perspetive. I have not experianced sex , but I believe even though it can be a "mind blowing" experiance or euphoric experiance if done correctly with intimacy and "love", that if one is to miss out in having such an experiance or experiances in ones life, one would not be missing out much. For there are many roses to smell, and sex is only one of them. I might argue sex might be a blade of grass beneath the roses alongside things such as getting a college degree or travelling to a certain place in the world, for there is much greater experiances than all of these combined such as becoming enlightened, having an enlightment experiance, having an existential 5-meo experiance, achieiving ones life purpose, staying on the path of mastery, taking joy in the plateau. Still, it does not mean the grass is not worth smelling, it would only be a small pitty not to smell it at least once. Basically, no sex drive, no big deal. Just a small pity. (Im trying to remember a Don Juan quote to put down here where he says " In a warriors life nothing is ever a [blank] it is only a pitty" but I cannot remember it. Basically what he means by the quote is that there is so so many things to take from in life, if a warrior does not manage or does not experiance a certain thin it is only a pity. I might be wrong, I would have to look at the quote again) This is drawing from my limited perspective on the matter. I could definately be wrong. That being said, I am pretty confident on what I have said on this matter if you can call it that. Person 1 "Sex is Awesome" My awnser "Sure, why not? " Person 2"Sex is gross" My Answer :"Sure, why not? " Damned if you do have it , damned if you dont. Its all relative and absolutely infinite. All of it.
  11. Philosophy I think, will play an important role in helping to create a society thats maximises the joy/contentment one experiances in ones life as much as possible, while minimising the amount of suffering one experiances in ones life as much as possible whilst being as functional as possible. A Paradise that me and you can imagine up right now is one thing. A paradise that actually functions without backfiring is another more complex and difficult matter. Perhaps philosophy will one day become obselete because society will have reached such a high point of conscioussness that society it self is "self-actualized"
  12. Silver from an underated disney movie called treasure planet.
  13. There is nothing "wrong" or immorale about fame or being famous. It is just not worth persuing. If you end up famous despite not seeking fame, so be it. At least thats what the stoics thought, or at least some of them. I myself agree with them.
  14. I apologize for going off topic but this is EXTREMELY important. From the information I know, and I could be wrong on this. Comcast, Verizon and AT&T want to end net neutrality so they can charge extra fees & control what we see & do online. On the 10th of September the Internet Slowdown will occur, any sites that are not "included" in your paid internet package will be "slowed-down" or even break. Also, censorship by the mainstream media is going to be put in place. Such as CNN censoring reddit etc. https://www.battleforthenet.com/ *IMPORTANT* WATCH THE VIDEO!