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  1. Self deception is notably at work here in this thread. Aha.
  2. In response to your question. You could become a lone wanderer/bard. This is my own personal suggestion as an example. Bring with you a rucksack and put in it what you need to survive. Aside from food. Water and staying warm, especially at night time may be a problem. Deck your bag out with survival gear. It would help if there was some way you could offer value to people. Buy a harmonica, learn how to play it. Play it for money. Go on adventure without rest. See what happens. I doubt doing it will kill you. As long as you keep warm and can access water.
  3. Indeed. Breathing exercises take very little willpower to do. You can do them anywhere. Including your bed when you do not even have the willpower to even get up. Just start breathing.
  4. A HA MY FRIEND! I have but a cure for your ailment. From looking at this post, you probably have never heard of Demontheses! His occupation was a greek statesman(politician) and orator(public speaker) As a boy Demosthenes had a speech impediment, just like you.Demosthenes used to study in an underground room he constructed himself. He also used to talk with pebbles in his mouth and recited verses while running.To strengthen his voice, he spoke on the seashore over the roar of the waves. You can do all 4 of these things. (Perhaps not the first one.) Follow in his footsteps! Find somewhere, anywhere, where you can shout as loud as you can without anyone bothering you. Expand your lung capacity do cardio and chant a miltary cadance while doing it. Also, do some calisthenics (pushups etc). Wouldnt want you a skinny wretch now would we? If your fat, starting cutting. If your skinny start clean bulking. Your self esteem is going to affect how you project yourself to others. Recite poems with a mouth full of moist cheerios, cornflakes or other cereal. We would not want you swallowing a pebble and dying now would we? Aha. Also, get that sexy jawline going for the ladies. Your jaws have muscles. USE THEM! Really exert yourself when chewing your food and before you know it, you'll have a jaw of an Ork. Just kidding. Your jaw should improve though. Standing straight Liakos! Not held straight! I see much potential in you. Your just teeming with energy that's all locked away. It is time. Starting today. You draw out your TRUE strength. May you find peace on your Journey.
  5. Arnold says something in here about how small changes add up to a big victory. The whole video is sound advice as it is.
  6. I am no guru or adept actualizer.I have had bouts of sadness and anxiety before. Not as drastic as you say you have experienced. I am 16 years old. I have back slided more than once in trying to improve myself. One of the most important things to me to remind myself of is to never fully give-up. Ever tried, ever failed? Try again. Fail again. Fail better. If your will is yet unbroken you could try cold exposure. For me, the cold is a great teacher it. It banishes feelings of anxiety and sadness and gives me more willpower once I have relaxed into the cold. I recently back-slided two months ago. I am back getting myself on track today. (By taking a cold shower, and I must do some significant resistance training this evening). Life purpose/goals are crucial. I find having some sort of doctrine to refer to helps. For me, I often refer to Marcus Aurelius when feeling lost or in doubt. My life is far from what I want it to be. I currently live a pretty mediocre existence. I am working on it. I am trying. I hope you may find some joy in the practice of this advice brother. May you find peace on your journey. If your willpower is but a sliver that you can barely get yourself to go drink some water even though your really faster. I recommend breathing exercises. Not for relaxation. But for willpower. Simply breath in as deep as you can, then exhale. (not all the way, don't empty your lungs). Do this at moderate speed. No need to hyper-ventilate. Do this 30-50 times, you should start to feel this tingly feeling, your muscles (all your muscles) will now have extra strength for a limited duration. (Unless you keep breathing deeply of course). This is what I know. Check out the Wim Hof Method for more.
  7. I want to grow food I can eat. I want a high calorie count per square meter. I live in Ireland.Cold and Damp climate. During the Irish famine (according to what our textbooks have said) they practically lived off of the stuff. I heard potatoes are high in calories. I am not looking to make a "fancy" aesthetic garden. I want land that will yield me as many calories as possible. Does anyone know a no-bullshit method to growing and harvesting. A pretty "garden" is not a priority or something I care about. Does anyone here grow crops? If yes. How do you do it? Tell me.
  8. +1 Outbass Reason: I agree, there is no need for reputation at this time. If people want to give a post plus rep. They should do it the way I have done here. It is basically the same thing as giving a thumbs up, but it takes more effort.
  9. Enduring the suffering and resitance of trying to make a change. Both physchial and mental resistance. Trying to get into a state of mind where you can just "Do it" with zero hesitation.
  10. +1 Joseph Maynor Reason: I agree with what you said. It gets rid of this "I have something wiser to say because I have more rep and likes than you". This could not be more from the case. I often saw posts of threads and comments of significant wisdom, but did not get any likes. The forum appears more humble and wise now. An academy of egos trying to learn off each other to become less of an ego rather than a "Look how sage-like I am" status game. There will be less ego running amock on this forum with rep removed as it is now. Keeping rep boosts it.
  11. +1 Outer Reason: I liked what you said Outer. I did not understand what you meant by saying Leo is playing seven dimensional chess or with the statement "as a lesson for no purpose but itself." What is "Itself" here? I am confused. I did feel that there were some reputation seekers on this forum. Those with higher ranks and likes on their posts really stood out, making it really hard for new members voices to be heard in discussion.
  12. I have a simple solution. If you agree with someones post, or believe what they have said is of significant positive value. You can simply express it by quoting them and saying you liked what they said, and why it resonates you etc. Look. I will do an example. If you liked or disliked this post and tell me why. Here is the basic template [+1 or -1.](Plus 1 represent you liked the post. Minus one you disliked the post) [Insert reason for liking and disliking.] See, it is not that hard. We can all then use this to identify what people are agreeing with and what people are disagreeing with. Simple. Not Rocketscience.
  13. An insight I just had. It does not matter what your choose to do with your life. As long as you can survive, you have the tools to be happy. The more conscious you are in your surviving, the happiness is generated. Slaving a way in a City rat-race compared to living in the wild. Really really strange, Leo like just made a blog recently without me checking it regarding survival. He can read our minds lol
  14. I have not done the life purpose. I am 16. I have noticed an odd-trend of a bias towards doing well in school in these forums. I could be wrong. Discuss with me what you think. I think that merely passing school (Getting your HighSchool Diploma) is an efficent investment as this makes getting any sort of job, be it wage or salary easier. You get a retail job getting paid 20k-30k salary a year and then pump that money from the job into investing and starting your own business. It is not rocket science at all, it is hardwork. I do not see the point of pissing away your time studying for a test to get points that you'll just piss away on a degree that will cost 5-10k and not even use it, or , if you do use it, get some job that gives you a mediocre salary, then basically, earning a lot less if you had of just worked your ass off investing and starting your own business. You do not have to be a genius to understand this. This is simple! You can make the most money working for yourself. Working for others, people will take a cut of the value you generate. Simple. As Leo Gura said, the corporate rat race is miserable avoid it as much as you can. Dont do shit for other people for shit pay off, or even worse for free! What the fuck are you doing? Dont waste your time. Unless your life purpose involves you having a career where a college degree is needed. (Such as a doctor) Get your High School diploma and get the fuck out of there. The points dont even matter, Just make sure you get enought to pass and then go. So yes. I would focus on finding your life purpose as soon as possible. The clearer you are of what your life purpose is, the more you can use it to fuel and drive you. It is hard to be driven, inspired by something if you cant envision it. Ultimately, you want to be generating money off of your life purpose. Do not put the horse before the cart however. You need a vehicle in which to get what you want from a pipe dream to reality. The most common vehicle from which you to get your dreams from ZERO to HERO is Money. With money, you can do a WHOLE lot more and a whole lot quicker than without it. Or you could build a large following (money often comes along with this), view leos video on marketing. Great information here. Leo Gura also has a video on advice for High School and College Students. The message Leo gives in this video is "Include the school curriculum and above and beyond it" Here I have to disagree with him. Practicality is what comes first. It's easy to say "include the school curriculum" when you are already financially comfrotable. If your not learning ways in which to (A) Increase your Power and Influence and (B) generate significant money (B). You effectively using your time inefficiently relative to trying to becoming financially free and wealthy as soon as possible. Tier 1 and 2 are the best. They elevate you. Tier 3 is a distraction Tier 1 = Life Purpose, Health, Business, Non-Duality/Meditation and Spirtual/Enlightment practices. Tier 2 = Fields of Knowledge that you can sift through to find practical use. You will likely find things of use to you in the field of phychology, sociology, economics, history , science etc. Have a look through it all and find what fields will help you most in attaining and actualizing your life purpose. Tier 3 = School and School Work/Curricula. Pointless pleasure activities that often leave you hollow inside, especially in excessive amount (TV, Videogames, Drinking, Partying , Gossiping, Texting friends for hours, bullshitting around on snap chat and other social media) My message to you laconically is: "Take what is needed, then go." and "Do not work hard. Work hard at working smart"