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  1. Does that mean if I (or whoever) have little vision at the moment we can't ever have good vision? How does one prevent having little vision? I am confused by what you mean.
  2. Yeah. I watched it. I can't remember but I think he is asked he just sort of goes on about he does not talk about getting through the happy times because that is easy. Does that mean he thinks times of suffering have to be the majority of the time and that time when suffering is mostly unavoidable? I don't, maybe that is the price to pay for maintaining high-levels of willpower and self discipline. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. A lot people have a similar question to this. I don't know, it feels slightly taboo on this forum because it's more on the low consciousness side of things, maybe that's just me. Apologies for the unnecessary venting and fluff talk. It does look obnoxious and like mental masturbation. (I literally just read back over it now a couple of hours later and cringed. I've streamlined it now and removed the fluff. I do wish the editing feature was active for longer). I just got a bit ahead of myself because I was excited about all the new possibilities . I have edited the last post to streamline so it's just the questions. The questions I do ask are practical to me. All participants have been extraordinarily helpful. I just had a few more questions in the previous post, and that is about it for this particular thread I suspect if someone has this same question again or a similar question they will just start a new thread rather than post here.
  4. It's good for kidney stones. If you suffer from kidney stones, apple cider vinegar helps stop them forming.
  5. What should I start practicing, I want an edge over my others?. How can I develop an incredible wit. How can I be MORE attractive than my competition. In bodybuilding, you beat your opponent by having the more mass while looking as well being more conditioned than your opponent. In powerlifiting, you beat your opponent by lifting heavier weight. In attracting girls in highschool, you beat your opponent by? [Insert here] How do I beat my competition???? Stimulating more positive emotions? So being more funny and having stronger wit? By being better at conversation in generating enjoyment?
  6. Becoming more social in general is something that would help. I have been with the same friend group for many year and only made a new last year. They have no connections to girls, neither do they go to party's. During lunch is it Ok to go about to a group and join in? I do not think there is any other way to approach a group for the first time other then simply joining in. How can I get group acceptance and not be an annoyance to the group or make them? Some groups are definitely more tight knit than others, more accepting. I have approach tight knit group 9-10 rugby lads before in the park on my own, it's sort of like those scenes from a cowboy movies where the guy walks into the bar, and everyone is just sort of silent. So I sit down, I'm chill and I'm listening, in no one is talking about some event I know about. One them asks how I am, and we have some small talk, there is a moment where I used to wit to get the whole group to laugh. The group head seems to be entertained and sort of expects me to make them laugh more. He asks me to tell them the story about how I got rejected by Kayleigh. I did not want to tell it, because it would make my situation even worse with her if I went around telling everyone about it, I had already told a few.(A few to many) I was put in the position of the court-jester. The group after another 15 minutes headed off. I was not going to follow them. That would look needy.
  7. Feet can be sexy. It depends heavily.
  8. It is not like I need to win over this girl. I will survive. I just really want to have my first time already and for years I've just been spinning my wheels and putting it off somehow thinking "It'll just happen" with my hands in my pockets and just doing what I have always done It is frustrating to think that others are possibly having fun and sex with hot girls, and that person could of also be me if I started building my social foundation a lot earlier. So I feel like a missing out and I am very late to the party seeing as I only have one year in highschool left (It starts in like 20 days) I do have a life purpose, and I still need to peel back the onion layers on it to make it more clear. I have lot of time to do that. Right now my life purpose has taken the backseat. While I am still in High school, I want to have sex with at least one hot girl, then I can feel that I can move on. If I could somehow manage it with Kayleigh that would be the holy grail, but taking in what you and Emerald and others have said, along with my own thoughts on it, the chances are dismal. It would require some grand social wizardry I do not possess at the moment. Possible, but not realistic to the skills I can develop with people within just 1 more school year.So I will go after others. Thank you so much. I would most appreciate if you could go into the depth with this. I need all the help I can get. On the day I get back I want to make sure I am taking definitive, results generating action. Who should I be talking to? How can I drastically take the lesson I have received with my interactions with Kayleigh? What does me taking future actions with the lessons learned look like? I REALLY want to know what to ACTUALLY, pragmatically, do when I get back in order to be on the right path. What specific actions? I get back to school. The bell rings for lunch. Your standing in the assembly hall. Where benches are along the sides of it with people eating. There are people from years 1 and year 6. There are hallways with groups of people standing, some of these cliques are more tight-knit than others. Most of them know of your name, and know some of you antics. If you were me what would you do. What DO you do? Who do you start talking to? How do you start acting differently? What is the plan? Make as many friends as possible? What am I to do when I get back so I can get my desired result? What are the result generating social actions I must take? Do I need to make a "new" first impression? When, and when not to approach cliques? How and how not do I speak to people in order to work my way towards my desired result. What are social actions I can take to CHANGE what people previously though of me? Is there any books I should read that will help? Can you site any videos? What did you do when you were in highschool, and how can I replicate it given my context and be successful. I want to learn and apply. I am already adopting that new mindset. I am drilling it into my head. A say it as an affirmation over and over again. I do not mean to beat a dead horse , I just want to understand what actions will work against me, and what actions will work with me, and of those actions that work with me. What I do not want happening is when I go back to school again and make mistakes again. I'll apply the advice you,emerald and other have given so far. I will journal it. I feel like I still do not know enough. I want to be throughly prepared.
  9. @Leo Gura I would also like to hear what you have to say on this.
  10. I do not know. I have not seen any videos about him. I want to know what you think about his mentality, and is it a healthy one?
  11. If any of you have seen him in Podcast video, or in videos of some motivational channel. You will know more what I am talking about, If he is not lying. Which I do not think he is. This person has endured incredible suffering. He is inflicted a lot of suffering in the form of psychical pain upon himself through exercise to complete a task, for the sake of getting better. He still seems to being going at it, I am not sure how how he pushes himself, but I can only imagine day after day of beast mode. He is an inspiration sure, but inflicting as much suffering in the form of psychical pain day after day as he does. Is it worth it? Is this any way to live? In Leo's video on happiness. Leo put's exercise in the "Mid Tier" types of happiness. Goggins does not exercise to look more attractive. He exercises simply for the sake of getting better. He particularly seems to do a lot of exercise of the endurance type. In the video there you can get an idea of his mentality. An endless grind that never stops. ( Do not just believe me, have a look through some videos of him if you like) I wonder if he is actually happy, or is he constantly stressed that he must get better and better and better. If it does work, would it not be a rather inefficient method of maintaining a happy state? Sure he has his rest-days, but I cant imagine what it would like to be in beast mode 90% of the time. Is it miserable, or is it an enjoyable way to live?
  12. This sounds scary to do especially if I were to do this with a friend group that includes the girl who rejected me. Is this true in your direct experience? I mean, there was this bilingual kid from the Philippines in our school, he had weird mannerisms and body language and little social awareness. He would stretch so much in class, he would stretch in peoples faces, yawn in peoples faces and slump so horizontally across a desk that he was practically lying on it. He was trying to get into a friend group I was in, but none of them wanted him. He would follows us again and again, until one point, one of the guys in our group told him to fuck off. For him, applying what you just said there was viewed as annoying, not as an attractive quality. But...that givens the context of his low social awareness sense. For most groups in my school. It's not like people don't know me. They know me, but in a bad way at least according to my friend who acts as a spy, I was having a discussion last night about the feedback from this forum, he said that in the beginning of my thread I should of gave more context, he said people on the thread (such as you) seem to think people don't know me. He said it's not that people don't know, they do, just in a bad way. And perhaps this is true Maybe not for all groups, (which are few due to my school low population), if I were to apply what you said (in the quote box) to the group in which Kayleigh is in. (The girl who rejected me) What else can I expect but rejection? Even If I am just trying to make friends, be friendly, and add value to the group (to eventually ask out people in the group other than her) I do not have a "clean slate" Like I said, its not like people don't know me, THEY DO, just not in a positive way (According to my friend that is, I am not sure whether to agree with him or not, perhaps some people view me as unattractive due to past action, but I do not think all). We have 5 years in our Highschool system here in Ireland. I have completed my 4th year and I am on my summer holidays right now. I have one year left. Year 5. Here are notable things, a lot of people may know of that I did across the years, and thus perhaps have a negative perception of me. Operating a Confectionary(Successful) and Shoeshine(Unsuccessfull) business (Years 1 through 3) Bringing a 25kg rock into school and nothing else, and having it confiscated (4th year) Preforming the Russsian kick while playing ear-rape harmonica (4th year) Sticking dank memes up in the bathroom (4th year) Blunt humor (Always) Preforming the Micheal Rosen "Noice" meme perfectly. (4th year) Having a full head of hair in the class before lunch (4th year) The only British accent in a mostly Irish accent school. (Always) Hanging around down town like this https://www.google.ie/search?q=peaky+blinders&rlz=1C1MSIM_enIE669IE669&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjSwrDT2efcAhUNglwKHY5aAL8Q_AUICigB&biw=1680&bih=913#imgrc=evdE-43PDz-9_M: Wearing a suit jacket and cargo pants in the same outfit on St Patricks day. Me sleeping in the park on my own after having gone Mitching Snap-chat stories of me, I will describe each one: preforming Russian kick while playing Harmonica in the assembly hall and getting an applause, preforming Russian kick while drinking a beer bottle, me awkardlly side stepping to put a beer bottl down, as I go to take a piss, with a MASSIVE rip in the back of my trousers , someone filming behind me, me on the toilet at a party with an arm slumped over the sink looking waste and with vomit on the floor, me playing a game of dead-arm.(4th year) Asking for advice on how to Kayleigh to her friends and to random acquaintinces on snapchat. ( I did'nt know at the time) (4th tyear) The guy who asked out Kayleigh via text and in real life and got rejected. (4th year) Telling people how I got rejected in a satirical and animated way when asked about it and telling people (and at this moment, I knew I fucked up etc, that sort of humor) (4th year) Asking a girl if she wants to fuck in the direct presence of that girls boyfriend (4th year) (The both though it was funny, the boyfriend let on he wasn't the boyfriend of her, and let me on that she was interested in me lol.) Various Class Antic's where I am able to generate a class laugh with humor. (1st year through 4th year) My friend across the classroom complaining about his manky sandwhiches to the teach, I say to him he should eat, I pull a big bag of oats a bowl and a spoon from my bag and start eating. I throw the bag of oats across the classroom, satirical humor on both sides, the sandwhiches. Cant remember what exactly happened , it was hilarious. Now. From this list, I do not know to which the depth of the majority of people in my school remember or know about, or care about. However, I would say my social circumstances would be different, if I was a completely new kid in the school next school term. Keep in mind, I go to a school with only 500 people. Not 5000. If someone gets a video of me doing the Russian kick playing harmonica, A significant percentage of people will, know about it. I know. I would be walking downtown, and I would get random people asking me to do it. If someone gets rejected by the hot girl. People will know about it. My friend, spying for me, as he does, told me that he was in a conversation with a group of girls, and he asked them would they consider ever going out with Lorcan (Me). They all laughed. He is an effective spy more-so because we do not hang out with each at school, we only talk on steam. People do not know we are connected. So therefore , that information I can believe in more rather than if people knew we were friends. I am assuming things, BUT, it would seem, from the information I have gathered, that people generally do not take me seriously or view me as attractive because of these things I have done in the past. And think of me as this Joker persona. How can I change there perceptions of me being an Asshat joker? Through what actions can I reverse this narrative people may have of me of being this way that makes me unattractive? Look. It may look like I am worrying about this way to much but I am trying to understand precisely what I must do given my context to (a) Not fuck up again or make my situation worse (b) make actual progress towards getting what I want. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll try what you have said.
  14. Will do. Put myself out there? So, when I get to school, during lunch, I go up to a group of girls who known my name but we have'nt really talked before, and I start talking in an attempt to just make friends and get accepted into the group. Would I be doing things right? There are more girls, it would involve me lowering my attractiveness criteria and age standards. Yeah. I suppose your right. That's all well and good, but practically speaking. HOW, do I actually do this? For example if I walked up to her group at lunch time (who are actually pretty chill to be honest) and started talking with group in an attempt to make friends/be accepted into the group, and then at some point, one day, whenever the conversation flow is right, ask her, or a group of people including her, if they want to hang out? If I did this. Would I be doing things right? ( I know I seem mechanical asking these questions, but I want to be sure I am doing things right.) Yes. I see. I do have social awareness. I can pick up on ques and know when the context is right whether to do something or not where it will be socially acceptable or approved.( Most of the time that is, I know I texted Kayleigh asking her out out of the blue, the horse ran away without the cart there. I am aware of that now lol.) Just making sure , with my context included, that I don't make further blunders. "Risqué things because it was edgy at the time" Become an edge-lord in front of girls? Rodger that. Jk What do you mean by your were just "buddying it up before that". You mean just sort of "teaming" up and being friends and not tease , be edgelords etc? No! Not at all. My first and only time approaching a girl to ask her out was when I asked Kayleigh out in person, after she rejected me via text. Otherwise, I have little to no experience with "hanging" out with girls other than with Jade in class (but that's not really hanging out, we just so happen to sit close ). I have been in the company of girls before whilst wandering around my town with acquaintance-friends , but they are mainly 2 years younger than me. No one is really having conversation, everyone for the most part who wonder around town, chills, makes small talk, smokes weed and listens to music. Mainly dominated by lads. I can handle myself in group conversations, and can do quite well, but I do not have much practice in them where girls who are of potential interest( are around my age) are present, aside for on the blue moon, if we get assigned groups in class. I really have not made much effort to try hang out with girls. I'm on my summer holidays right now, for example, is it ok if I text this average looking girl(paige) who I kinda like and ask her if she wants to hang out? That's not weird is it? Or should I wait until school so I can make proper friends with her and her friend group (who are pretty chill) and THEN ask if she wants to hang out in person, given the conversation flows where it's not awkward to ask.