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  3. I wish you would share that here with all of us. That would be most ideal.
  4. No, I want you to tell me about it. I'm all ears. It's the elephant in the room regarding your whole belief structure.
  5. How do you know all these things about God? Did you go up to the Mountain and get tablets? Maybe you had a little pow-wow with God up there.
  6. God is something that the Ego-Mind clings to.
  7. I liked the old simple black tee. Those are my go to shirts. I have then in different colors. Very basic, cool, and classic. White looks good on me but man does it stain easily, so I don't really wear white shirts. The closest thing I wear to white is baby blue. I love baby blue in a shirt. It looks great on me too. You don't wanna over do it though. That's what I love about black, you can get away with overdoing black. Black is very versatile as a color, and it's probably my favorite color. Black is also a power color too without being a power color.
  9. THE MIND IS A MECHANISM THAT IS NOT CONNECTED TO OR INFORMED BY A WIDER REALITY This is an interesting insight I had a couple of weeks ago that I'm just now getting around to writing about. We tend to take what the Mind says and alludes to us very seriously as if the Mind is connecting to some greater reality or tapping into some deeper thing beyond it and the Ego-Mind. This is false though. The Mind is actually a very crude and limited mechanism that is often wrong when it thinks it knows a deeper truth about reality. Of course the Mind doesn't want you to know of its overhyped nature; of its limited and crude mechanism nature. There is no deeper aspect of reality that the Mind is tapping into or revealing. In fact, you'll see this in the many times that the Mind thinks something is happening or has happened and you realize ain't sh*t happened. The Mind was wrong. It's almost always wrong in that sense. The Mind is a simple agent of the Ego mostly, but it tries to sell itself as something greater than that. The Mind overhypes itself and its thoughts and conclusions. The Mind is actually a rather crude contraption or mechanism that you gotta learn to take with a grain of salt. But yeah, the Mind is not connected to the Universe, to God, or to some larger intelligence. Not at all. I see that so clearly now. The Mind is a rather (usually but not always) a limited warning mechanism for the Ego that gets triggered when the Ego gets threatened in some way. The Mind is almost always wrong when it thinks it knows something deeper about reality or starts to worry about something. Notice that most of the time when you worry, the worry or the terrifying image is almost always false and doesn't pan out. Don't think that the Mind is telling you anything about a greater reality, it doesn't have any control or any communication with the greater reality. The greater reality is what it is and has nothing to do with the Mind. And the Mind doesn't speak for the greater reality or even know the intent or the motive of the greater reality. The Mind is more like Pavlov's Dog to the Ego rather than being an oracle or seer into something beyond itself. When the Ego gets triggered, the Mind freaks, and that's the end of it. And the Mind is not tapping into any will, motive, intent, or knowledge of any greater reality when it freaks. It's just playing with possibilities, usually worst case scenarios in the form of worrying that doesn't actually mirror reality in any way directly. The worrying is done to try to get you to take action to protect the Ego in light of being exposed to the space of possible threats to the Ego. That's more how the Mind works: it's an agent for the Ego (mostly but not entirely). It’s scary for the Ego to realize the Mind is a mere limited mechanism with no higher powers or connections. I felt this fear when I had this insight. One of the ways the Ego feels safe is to think it can know something about will, motive, and intent of reality. When the Ego realizes that it doesn’t have this, it’s a very scary thing it will resist, and the Mind will rationalize accordingly to remove this Egoic anxiety. This is basically where religion comes from and a lot of need to know comes from — the Ego trying to feel safe and secure from unknowns and randomness.
  10. Well, there's only one way to find out, and no one has come back from it to tell us what's what. So, here we are.
  11. You can say whatever you want, that won't stop your death. Death is a funny thing that way, you can't take anything with you. It's the Great Wiping Away.
  12. You will indeed die, make no mistake about it. There's two certainties in life, death and taxes.
  13. You guys crack me up for all the wrong reasons lolz. Oy vey. Hehe. Oy.
  14. ON BELIEFS A belief is a linear statement (a type of thought) purported to be true or reasonable to accept by the Ego-Mind; or a linear statement that the Ego-Mind has a vested interest in assuming is true or reasonable to accept for whatever reason.