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  1. Back in the dungeon. Hell. I want to surrender to God but there are demons in my skeleton that feel like everything is burning. I need to commit to liberation from all this pain and obsessive behavior. I need to treat my body as the temple it is. And serve others with light and love. These are the last words of this dying avatar that was never meant to be. Starting next month I will start reading the bible. Going to the gym. Eating vegetables. Quit drinking and porn and coffee and greed and hatred. This will be the most difficult thing I have ever done. But Jesus was nailed to a fucking cross and left their to rot. The cross is a symbol of unity, where two lines join and become one. Jesus is a symbol of sacrifice, of the the suffering Buddha talked about. Jesus = Buddha Same dude. This is my path. I'm very sorry to have caused you confusion and wasted your time with my angry rants. Sorry Leo. I will leave your community in peace and wish you all the best. Take care my brothers and sisters. One day we shall meet again
  2. No it's not at all. Where are the studies? In fact, most of this stuff has been put in the "bunk" category ages ago eg. subconscious mind (there's no such thing). Here read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-help#Criticism It seems most of the people including you and your guru suffer from science illiteracy. Instead of actually engaging with ideas, all kinds of nonsense is spouted and taken for granted just because some guy said so in a book, as if it is the holy grail of truth. LOL As do you my friend. I'm open to being proved wrong, are you? Just don't forget the saying: Keep an open mind but not so open that your brain falls out. You are right about me that I do get frustrated (i have a nerve injury on my neck/arm and it's a tricky one to heal and because of this i'm supposed to "take it easy" this year) but I would like to take your analogy a little further. This whole non-field of personal development (that is just a marketing con term btw) is not about lighting that joint either. It's about selling products and worthless ideas to other bums about how to light joints, figuring out one's "life purpose" to light that joint and other wishy washy concepts that actually don't help anyone light the join except dream about it. That is, assuming that you even have to light the joint! Why not just light the joint? Or even better, throw away the joint and dance to make a buck or two to start getting out of the street life. Go to the library. Swim to a warmer location and at least then you are clean. Or enjoy your freedom as a bum Never again. I tried to listen to them in podcast form from the beginning but after about 50 episodes i couldn't go on anymore. Although I do like his more recent videos about more abstract concepts which is why I think Leo should drop all the life purpose crap. 3 times? Wow. You must be really enlightened. You certainly cracked that code (i'm still curious what you mean by that) Yes, practise, mastery, process is all great. But i'm pretty sure the kung-fu guy doesn't spend time "analyzing in detail everything he did". That's the useless part and that is my point! He comes home and makes rice and fucks his wife and goes to sleep on his bamboo mat. Just do the work and skip all this mental masturbation bullshit. Joseph why are you making it seem as if I don't believe we should do anything? Where did that come from? Are you not able or willing to engage in a constructive dialogue about certain concepts that someone might not just adhere to by default or because you link to 10 videos where some madman is screaming at us? I really thought you were brighter than that. It seems your peaceful manner comes with the conditions of believing in what you say is true just because you say so. Sorry, not good enough for me. I'd rather take a more vile and aggressive Joseph if it means he will stop talking shit. Any day. Goals are worthless and will get you nowhere. Read this for a different perspective because it seems you have closed your ears to what I am talking about (which is oddly something you accuse me of): http://jamesclear.com/goals-systems Another falsity that the "personal development" field loves to say. In fact, most things are not possible for most people. No matter how many times you tell yourself it is or how many times you watch Leo's videos. I think it's a pretty dumb strategy. Focus on systems instead, and process. No goals. No purpose. You don't need to answer a 100 questions or determine your values. Those don't mean shit. That is just time spent NOT doing what you're actually supposed to be doing. Then you are free from focusing on things that are not in your control and ironically enough you are open to more opportunities that may come your way. Joseph, I've been playing guitar, piano and singing since I was 6 years old (almost 30 years and way past 10,000 hours). There have been times when those 5-6 hour practise sessions (alone, living as a recluse for 6-8 months, preparing for a recording or performance) were NOT that fun. I didn't do it for fun though because I knew how rewarding it would be to be able to impress the girls with my skills Again, this tells me that you and most of the "life purpose" guys don't really even know what mastery is. Or you forget it really quick because you are not living it. I know Leo mentions this in the course so I think he understands this quite well. And Leonard's MASTERY book is a masterpiece indeed! I'm surprised that you don't get this yet. This is not about excitement or fun. It's about something much higher. Fuck society. I don't give a shit about society. Humanity is a cancer and they've turned the earth pretty much into a wasteland or at least the places they've conquered. I've seen the world and all the beautiful places that have been ruined with resorts so humans can go there for vacation. Any time people have "good news" and say they are having children, my heart weeps for earth. I hate children. When you are ready for mastery, you won't care no longer about society. There's something much higher than that. I call it THE PROCESS. This is actually what the eastern masters were talking about. Purpose is a close-minded concept that comes from christianity and other western capitalistic idealogies. Forget about the rewards and the money and all that. Just focus on process, create a system that requires you to actually do something besides watching youtube all day and reading books that never get anybody anywhere. Live the dream and stop dreaming about a life you don't have. Right here, right now. That's the only thing there is. Let the process flow and enjoy whatever fruits may come. Do what is required. Become the person you want to be. BEING over doing or having. If the fruits don't come, the process itself is the highest reward so it will be okay anyway. That's why many great artists died and didn't become famous until much after their death eg. like Jesus, Buddha, Townes Van Zandt, Van Gogh, and very possibly, myself after the dust has settled and you guys know who is really behind these words. I think it's healthy for any community to have someone who ensures that the infrastructure is strong enough to possibly uphold future attack. I don't know if I'm that someone or if I am that future attack. Maybe a little of both. I'm still finding my place in this forsaken planet. Even if it's just as an exercise of chewing on some alternative ideas and perspectives. I'm sure it's possible to find a bridge between these two lines of thinking between process vs purpose or personal-development vs "just do it and skip all the bullshit" so that everyone is happy. We can do that when we're all tripping in Peru with our spirit animals ;D That said, we all have to be willing to have a civil conversation about our adopted views with those who don't necessarily "see the light" and don't respond well to arguing from the fallacy of default position. Not all of us want to do that, I get that. We talked about this before Joseph. About the judgement of not judging others. Or the wrongness of accusing others of just wanting to be right. Remember? But I'm a philosopher and a poet. That's what I love more than anything. I love playing with ideas and language and concepts to really see what is what. This is more valuable than just being a passive consumer of other people's thoughts because it pulls us into the process. Even if I'm wrong, I need to fully understand where and how and even why. This has nothing to do with ego or who is more advanced than whom or who figured what out in high school already. That does not invite healthy "debating" or conversation or even collective contemplation. Those are just things that arrogant, close-minded people like to say and tactics to keep people quiet. Leo does that a lot and it's quite alarming considering he has a good sized following (and how little awareness he has of what he's doing). That's probably why you can't find any material online of him having a conversation with anyone bare a few interviews with some quacks. Nobody wants to talk to someone who puts themselves up on an imaginary pedestal who doesn't want any of their ideas questioned. I've tried to engage with Leo several times on these forums during the last month since I came here and most of them usually end with "you guys don't get this stuff at all" or "i figured that out a long time ago" or some other dismissive gesture that prevents him from actually having to explore his superficial ideas in any kind of serious way. It's easy to just hit the bong and think that you understand shit that you don't. This is about seeing what is actually so and what is not so. And since we are here, it's also about communicating with other people who are somewhere along the path, looking for answers or just wants to trade some war stories with other soldiers. I fear that not many people here wants to do that which is why I probably won't be posting here much longer. I'm sure I can find some other communities in the internet jungle who actually want to talk about this shit and not just prey to false gods. Or even better, close the computer and go out into the real world. You guys can go back to worshipping your gurus and living in your bubbles. And getting nowhere. If you feel insulted by that an identify yourself as "you guys", then I think you have a problem that needs some quality time with that eternal companion in your head.
  3. Bullshit. Life purpose is a complete waste of time and no serious artist or innovator gives a shit about it. This is a concept for ordinary losers who have nothing better to do than be obsessed with themselves and read some pseudo-scientific new age wuwuu nonsense online to make their boredom with life feel more soothing. If you want to create something, then just create something and skip all the unnecessary mental masturbatory procrastination steps. Focus on: systems instead of goals. process instead of purpose. growth mindset instead of fixed mindset.
  4. Oh and here's also and blog post about this that I came across some time ago that you might find interesting: https://www.dangerandplay.com/2014/07/22/music-you-listen-to-personality/
  5. This is my favorite topic in the world. And I'm glad you asked this. I'm also a professional musician and have been obsessed with everything music since I was 5 years old. In fact there's a great book written on this: The Secret Power of Music which I highly recommend to get a more big picture view of what music really is and where it comes from and how it has evolved. There are chapters about the original "om" sound from India and then goes to describe more modern styles of classical, avant-garde, jazz, blues, pop, etc. Although I don't share the author's extreme views on this (and the book was also written in the 80s) but his thesis is interesting. According to the author, pop culture/music has been a pretty accurate reflection of the culture and where humanity is at in terms of spiritual progress. Yes and no... that's a big topic. He favors Bach and composers who write from a place of beauty/God and disdains pretty much anything from 1900 and forwards. LOL I personally love pop music (by which i mean pretty much all modern styles) and I'm fascinated with how it has evolved and integrated different styles. I also went through different phases during my life where I was into all kinds of crazy shit. **** It's important to develop an awareness in our actions and desires. Not just listen to music on a surface level or to escape or to re-affirm existing identities. I have always found questionable the practice of listening to just one style or genre of music. And denying or neglecting other forms. This is just pure ego (the bad kind). Even one genre is so broad that I find it's usually 99% garbage and 1% good. This goes for metal, classical, blues, jazz, fusion, techno, trance, mainstream pop, folk, world, etc. Music is music. Art is art. What does that mean? Rhythm. Melody. Harmony. Poetry (words). Craftsmanship. Sound. Emotion. Vibe. Groove. Expression. Transcendence. Pain. Joy. What exactly do you like about a certain piece of music? Start listening to it deeper than before. It can become a meditation. Are the band playing off each other and taking the song higher (like Stairway To Heaven)? Do you like the cold electronic atmosphere of a Brian Eno ambient piece? Maybe you love the bassline in an outro of a Coldplay song (they are masters of creating great outros)? Or maybe just the raw intensity and energy of a song (Slayer's "Disciple") that could propel a jet? Have you ever listened to Metallica's "And Justice For All" album on LSD? I have... Not a pleasant experience! lol I had to turn it off after a few minutes of "Blackened" (the first track)... lol I felt like my ego was swallowing me and the music became a blackhole of eternal ear fucking. So much anger and darkness there and you can really feel it when you get deep into it. We attract and love what we are deep inside. If you want anger and intense energy, then that will feel good. If you want beauty and peace, not so much. I think there are times for both. Perhaps we all need a little drunken Jack Daniels sex with some dirty slut, fucking to the hypnotic machine gun riffs of Metallica's "One" in a sleezy motel in the middle of a desert somewhere every now and again Or maybe not! Depends what you're into... But I love 80s Metallica. Yet they were really angry guys and fucked up. But they transcended that. You can feel that with some artists how music keeps them sane and not killing others. That is a beautiful thing and I think that process deserves recognition. Even channelling anger into something as controlled and creative as music can be a very beautiful thing. That is in essence a spiritual process. Metallica's singer is now married with kids and sober. Yeah his music kinda sucks now but in some ways he got a little bit free (with the success of his band). In other ways he's become trapped in his own creation of "the singer from Metallica" and his art has suffered for that. Same with the Rolling Stones guys who haven't created anything to the standards of their 60s-70s stuff when they were so high that they probably don't even remember it. Fuck, don't get me started on this shit. I could go on forever. But it's a great question and can be broadened out to mass entertainment in general. What does it say about our society that shows like Breaking Bad are so powerful? Sure that show is very violent and dark and dramatic. It's also a great story and a cautionary tale. I get a lot out of these kinds of shows. They are inspiring. A lot of emotional depth and heavy social criticism considering we are rooting for an anti-hero??!!? Yes it's entertainment too and perhaps overly dramatic in how such incredible events play out in such a small time frame. Unrealistic? Perhaps, I don't know. ******* All art is a form of finding/identifying beauty where there is great suffering and even sorrow. Great artists are able to take that process of transcendence from a wide variety of sources and create something new that really connects with many people. They are able to access some place that you can only get to with the experience of their creation. They become Gods. And we feel less alone in this universe that might feel alone also in a place where billions of universes exist. We are all artists if we choose to become conscious of that and live as creators instead of victims. We are Creating our lives. We are transcending OUR suffering and making sense of it. Maybe this comforts us. And if we are comforted, perhaps others will be too. Humans respond to universal values: Beauty, truth, love, community, etc. Even the metal guys who dress up in all that silly leather and makeup and darkness are secretly yearning for love and unity with God. They feel connected when they listen to their identities being accepted, even if it's for that 3-4 minutes. They meet friends into the same shit, go to shows, dress the part, etc. Community. Tribe mentality. Same as the hipsters or jazz nerds or classical snobs. Same shit, different underwear. Just be careful, this can all be a trap. You have to be able to live without music and in total silence for 1-2 months. Otherwise it's an addiction and will just feed the hungry ghost within. Use music as a form of celebration of life and all it's incredible colors and scents and sounds. Listen to ALL kinds of music. Learn to appreciate things that you don't necessarily like. Find the essence of the song you love and understand it, study it, meditate with it, masturbate to it. Take a shit on it and drink your own cum with it. Is Justin Bieber completely bullshit? Or is music his salvation and a way to give value to millions of teenagers around the world who scream and screech at the thought of him? What the fuck is going on there? Beatlemania, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, etc... Why are these Norwegians worshipping the devil and killing each other when they live in such a great place? Were they ass fucked as children or something and that creates a cult??? What the fuck is going on there. People want their Gods so they can have someone to worship and make them feel that life is not just a fucking ant factory that repeats for 100 years until you drop dread and everyone has a party for you but you can't make it so they cry. Although such lyrics might sound hollow and vain on the surface... Maybe they are not what they seem. These could also be a desperate cry to reunite with the beloved (god, truth, love, etc). They are just masquerading as teenage disneyland fairytale lovestories, that endless cycle most people go through again and again. Most people never mature from that. Kids raising kids. We fall in love with someone... why? Because everyone is looking for the same thing. Freedom. Liberation. Enlightenement = to surrender to light and let yourself shine. They try to find it through drugs and fucking and food and movies and christmas and jesus and all that bullshit. If you have been put in a microwave when you were 2, and were not loved, you will do whatever it takes to find that love. Heroin? The easiest way. Addicted for life. To love. You will sell your grandma to feel that love. Whatever it takes. ******** Do not be fooled by what you think your emotions mean and who you think you are and what you think others are. We are much much much more than that. As i said, we are all artists, creators. Gods and Goddesses. Admiring our creations and trying to outwit each other and the devils in our black iron hearts. But like monkeys who spend 4 hours in the wild foraging and hunting... you know what they do for the rest of the day when not sleeping? Annoying each other. So that's why we fiddle with our balls and scratch our vaginas all day and smelling our fingers, reading shit online and wanting more out of life and dreaming of life in paradise. ***** I see many people on these forums and in everyday life being stuck as the person they are. Yet they want things that require them to be somebody they are not. People want more freedom and happiness and joy and money and love. They want all this change but they don't want to change. So they keep listening to the same music and liking the same things they used to like. They dress the same. They hold on to their ideas and beliefs about who they think they are and what annoys them. How many times do you do that every day? It's all a bullshit world you have created in your head to feel safe and comfortable. The problem is that you created it as a default mechanism before you were conscious enough to make your own decisions. You are a product. A domisticated animal. Free range human. You're welcome to leave the herd and step out into the wilderness. You want that dont you? It excites you. It makes your pussy wet and your dick hard. But you are afraid of freedom. ******* Strip yourself of all identity and create a person who has abundance of the things you want. This transformation will be painful. But worth it. Otherwise you are just left around wondering and in this eternal state of purgatory like all the 99.99999% humans who were to scared to change and died mediocre. Leo created his Life Purpose course to help you break free. There are books and people and art who will help you also if you start using them for that and seeking out the great works of history. You have to find what you really value in life and create a meaningful life around that. That's why you are here. You are still reading this crazy post of mine that just came out of me like a hungry dinosaur uncaged. ****** Become Who You Really Are. That's the only God I serve. Hence my profile name
  6. I’m gonna bow out of this conversation for now as I feel I have nothing further to contribute at this time but look forward to seeing you elsewhere on the forums or reading the discussion on this thread if it continues. Funny how the title of Leo’s thread can be kind of interpreted in different ways now. Not sure if that was intentional or not. Then again, perhaps we are all channeling something greater than ourselves in everything we do, say or write or create. We are all striving not just to understand all THIS but to share our understanding or lack of it with each other as well. I'm sure our journeys and ideas will continue to evolve.
  7. @Leo Gura But Leo the same could be said to you and that has been my point on this thread. Yet you fail too admit this and this makes you look very arrogant and extremely unenligthened. And hence why I think you are just tripping and basking in the afterglow You seem to think you have a monopoly on "direct consciousness of the absolute nature of reality". NEWSFLASH: you don't and never will. Weak idiots will not see that because they just want some leader to tell them how to live without questioning anything (99% of people are like that). Just because you say something doesn't make it so. No matter how many times you repeat or are convinced of it yourself. You are not an authority on these topics, nobody is. Whether a monk does this for 20-30 years, doesn't mean shit. Right now we are using words to communicate with each other. Ultimately they will always be just fingers pointing at the moon (at best) and never the moon itself. And you are also not the only one to have experimented with psychedelics. I've done them quite a lot! And so have others on this thread. I've come across many people who get overly-excited when they experience all that deep shit and then eventually it wears off. They think psychedelics help them but ultimately they don't do shit. Just entertainment. Yes it can inspire but it's all a lie. Not the real thing. And when the drug wears off you are left with "sometimes i feel the high on my walks", etc. You are not enlightened, if you were, you wouldn't be communicating so defensively. Once again, you keep on separating yourself from others or "you guys" and this appears that you have got drunk on your own kool-aid. This is very unbecoming of you. Yes because your ego as Leo Gura the spiritual sage is now under enormous threat when even his followers stop taking him seriously. He starts regretting his moves and forgets that this was never about him. Fear not though friend because YOU don't matter. The true spiritual aspirants are here for much deeper reasons than following some guru. There are no gurus. "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him." We are here for truth. At least I am
  8. @Hardkill You are also a pathological liar. That's your biggest problem. However, like all problems, you can turn it into a challenge that can be overcome. Stop with the self-pity, nobody cares. You are alive and breathing. You are living a life of luxury that even kings dreamed of hundreds of years ago. This whole discussion I have been on your side all along. But the self-actualized version of you. We are actually great friends and brothers deep in that black heart of yours but you refuse to see that and acknowledge it because you have been possessed by some evil ugly force and you continue to feed that monster. I still believe in you and always will even if you don't and just think I'm attacking you for my own pleasure (although I admit, that's part of my motivation too). We can help you get liberated from this madness but not until you actually want it and are ready to do the work required. Until then, expect to feel like shit and complain and not get anywhere with anything. Depression is a choice. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like whatever other identity you CHOOSE to inhabit. The question is: who do you really want to be? Maybe you can start with that if you are really serious about self-actualization (presuming that's why you came here) like everyone else on THIS forum. I'm sure there are other forums for people who just want to bitch and moan and do nothing about it. This ain't it!!
  9. i feel better than i have in a long time One thing that is essential for people like me who can fall into those dark holes of infinity Have a daily spiritual practise! Ideal is twice per day and it has to be at the same time and consistent meaning every day! (12 hours apart works good because then you prevent those negative cycles from happening or break them if they begin) so for example 7.00am (morning) 19.00pm (evening) and you can just start with morning and then add evening later. 5 tibetans are a great beginning yoga routine and i would add meditation to that as well so you are doing as many minutes of meditation as the repetitions (so 5 reps equals 5 mins meditation after although i personally do much more because I am more experienced with meditation... that said, sometimes it's good to back off which is something i am considering doing next month and just getting humble and being patient to prevent not falling off the edge too quickly!) When you get to 21 repetitions and minutes [MORNING] Then you can start building evening practise as well. so from... 7-8am (spiritual practise, fuck you world i'm busy) and 19-20pm (spiritual practise, fuck you world i'm busy) Also it's important to read spiritual books because they give us the wisdom of the masters who came before us... so Power of Now, New Earth, Buddha, Ramakrishna, Kundalini, yoga, tantra, Osho, Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, etc, etc... or watch lectures on youtube, dharma talks, etc... but i think books are better because they can be read anywhere and you're not on the fucking internet staring at a screen So include that as well in your 1 hour (or whatever you start with): ★ 5tibetans (or other form of yoga but something physical to get the body breathing and relaxed) 3-21mins ★ meditation 3-21 mins ★ spiritual study (3-21mins) Total = 9 - 63mins LOL (the numbers are arbitrary, i doubt it will make much difference if it is 19-20-21... feel free to go further too if you want) This is an ongoing journey and it gets us nowhere when we start and then stop and always have to start from the beginning again and again (i have made this mistake many times and often given up, got depressed, back to my old addictions and negative people and habits, etc) This is as important as anything in life. It's inner wealth. It's nutrition for the mind and soul. That 1-2 hours each day (or 5 mins to start with) you switch off all the bullshit and go back to being just a perfect being of light and energy and cleanliness. No matter where you are, who you are, how fucked up things get or even how good things get. World war 3? Fuck you i'm doing my practise now. Excuse me dear guests, i have to go practice now for an hour but you're welcome to join me and if not, make yourselves at home Sorry if you think this is bullshit. But for me this is maybe the most important thing in life (even more than music, money and pussy haha). And it's free You can even start with 1rep x 5T = 1min x M = 1min x SS I think that can be a math formula for spiritual practise) And increase every week.... after 4-5 months you are up to max and in one year you have morning and evening practise sorted. Boom! That's a good fundamental level. And then you can start increasing it, going deeper, retreats, more focused practise and harder poses that challenge the breath and your edge of comfort, etc. So not only is this a good spiritual practise, it's also great for fitness, flexibility, strength, etc. They are all part of the path of liberation. Never make the mistake of thinking these things are somehow separate. Eventually your whole life is one big spiritual practise 24/7/52/365 and you will use the insights that WILL come (guaranteed if you stick with it) and they will bleed into your day. Your kundalini energy will release and light you up. But that takes time because most of us are so blocked. Our sexual energy is often stuck in the cock/balls/vagina/anus regions. We need to learn how to release that and not just shoot it out of our holes but i mean into the body. I think i will turn the ideas in this post into a book or a course or something for other fuckups like me who are addicted to "getting high". In fact this was an email i wrote to a friend earlier this morning who has been going through some dark times. If this message has reached you, we are okay. Like that song goes: lights will guide you home
  10. @Joseph Maynor Be careful you don't fall in to your own traps my friend. In your previous to last post on this thread you cautioned to be weary of judgement. But do you not see that all language and thought is a form of judgement? So you are judging the act of judgement. This is a futile exercise. Completely pointless. And now you are talking about the need to be right all the time which is of course problematic because you are also attempting to be right about letting go of the need to be right all the time. It's another one of those things that is just inherent in conversation. Everyone wants to be right. That's why they are seeking truth. But as i suggested in an earlier post, it would perhaps be beneficial to somehow come together more in the way we converse so this being right can happen together, on a more collective level. Yet it's hard to do that when we are strangers online. We don't really know each other's views enough yet to be able to do that fruitfully i'm afraid. That said, my posts on this thread have not really been about me and my need to be right and prove someone wrong. They may come across that way but that is not my intent. I have just noticed that some people claim to believe stuff yet they don't necessarily really believe what they say they believe or know what they think they know. Of course I could be wrong about that but I at least want to find out. I have a very sensitive bullshit detector and when it goes off, I have to put my inquirer helmet on and start asking some serious questions. One thing that sets it off is when people start talking about being anti-rationalist or that everything is a hallucination and we can't really know anything about reality. I just don't think this is correct. And I don't think they really do either, they just think they do because they are caught up in their own ego bullshit (and they think they aren't). I respect Leo as a thinker and I think his videos and courses are great. I've bought everything so far and will probably continue to support him because I l just like what he does and the care he puts into it. I can't think of anyone else in the personal development field who's really pushing the boundaries like he is and lets himself be questioned like this without losing it. So I hope he's cool with that. It's not about him or me or you. It's about the ideas we exchange. Do they have merit? Lets talk about it and find out. And why not challenge each other when we are not in full agreement or understanding. Just like "real eyes" challenged me earlier about the logical fallacy thing, which was interesting because I had to go back to see what I wrote and argue my case. If i would've seen the fallacy (i still don't), i would've admitted it and that's that. I'm not always perfect in the way I conduct myself and sometimes I say things that I regret. And I'm happy to admit when I'm wrong when I am or if I suddenly understand something that I may have overlooked. Joseph I generally like your posts and I really admire how peacefully you engage with everyone here. I also subscribed to your youtube channel awhile ago so keep up the good work. Some people think Leo is an authority figure and everything he says is holy. I don't. Truth is the only authority and we all serve that whether we like it or not.
  11. Leo, I've taken psychedelics and I know what it means to encounter and experience yourself as God the creator of reality. And sometimes when I walk around or meditate, I feel the same. You are completely right, once you experience this stuff, you never forget. But extrapolating from that all that nonsense about reality being a hallucination is nothing but your own subjective reasoning that you probably read somewhere and decided to be true for you. The problem is that it's difficult to verify. Your certainty makes you look very foolish and amateurish. No they are not. There actually is a standard and it's called science. Yes, it comes with an assumption that there is an objective reality we can measure and yes you can argue with that assumption but please don't think you are the first one to do so. And I insist that you just say what you say but at the end of the day you do rely on those same assumptions. The hallucination viewpoint is cute and fluffy but nobody ever practices it. Just a bunch of new age nonsense and entertainment. At the end of the day, you use your rational brain to make sense of all these experiences you have. You get sad when the trip is over and it's back to being Leo the self help guy. Sometimes you walk around and you remember again. But it never lasts. Everything is temporary. I'm really curious what you mean by that and why you have this need to put as all in a group when we are just different people on different parts of the path. Does that make your feel more enlightened? Because i think you still sound like a guy who tried dmt a few times and got a little too excited (based on the way you describe your experiences and how certain you are about your interpretation of such events). I've done the drugs Leo I know what you are talking about. I speak the language. I've been in tears at how fucking incredible everything was. And as an pro artist, I've had many moments where i've experienced it without the drugs too. They come and go. But this doesn't mean I trust my own experience as a way of understanding the world around me. No doubt it can be very helpful for understanding our own mind and I do suggest everyone experiences a good trip now or then. It can certainly point us in the right direction regarding some personal issues. Just don't expect any serious thinkers who actually use their own brain to take you seriously when your only argument is "guys, there is no reality, it was all bullshit all along, this is all just a hallucination, don't underestimate the significance of this" lol Sorry but those words are nothing new. I honestly think you trust your own experiences way too much. I think you should go back to the psychology and philosophy books and study how our own minds deceive us constantly, and there is a reason we have all these biases and blindspots in our every day perceptions and extrapolations. This is a great course on the topic for anyone interested: http://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/your-deceptive-mind-a-scientific-guide-to-critical-thinking-skills.html (definitely recommended for any newbies ready for some psychedelics) Don't go on a trip if you're not prepared. And i really suggest you stop taking drugs for awhile if you are starting to think everything is a hallucination!!! lol... i've been down that road and those trips will start turning on you eventually. If you haven't had a bad trip yet and seen the dark side of infinity, lets just say that you have some hard times ahead
  12. @Real Eyes Fair enough. But I honestly do remain skeptical of the anti-rationalist viewpoint which is really a tautology as I tried to explain earlier (ie. to comprehend anything or make sense of so-called intuitive experience requires some sort of analytical reasoning to decipher meaning from. @Little Plant I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps it's time to lay off the bong for a bit bro.
  13. Please explain to me how not being convinced of something being true is a logical fallacy. I also don't think Lord of The Rings is true besides being a cool story with some good morality lessons thrown in. Are you gonna tell me that the rational approach is to not deny LOTR as true nor false because there's no way to know? Does not the burden of proof lie on those making the extraordinary claims? In this case "permanently englightenment" being as extraordinary as it gets. So do you (or anyone) have any proof that this kind of permanent mental state or shift exists? Or do you just have some new age best selling authors like Echart Tolle saying he was really depressed and then saw some light and felt completely free, sat on a bench for 2 years and wrote The Power of Now? Or could it be that he was suicidal and financially broke and just came up with a cool idea for a business? How do you decide which is true? Maybe you saw him give a talk or met him. Maybe he radiated with such charisma that you thought there's something special there. I have never felt that from anyone besides just some people who are really kind like my dog. I think this is just some hero worship thing and why people go crazy when they see Brad Pitt or teenagers screaming at a Justin Bieber concert. But don't forget that there are people who can pretend to be other people and get awards for it, it's called professional acting. There are also people in this world who are extremely intelligent at manipulating others. Some even start religions like L Ron Hubbard and make billions in the process. That's all business too. And there are drugs you can take to make you appear as anything you want. How do we know all these spiritual gurus weren't just on some good psychedelics every time they were around people? Were they ever tested? Yes in india, they did some bullshit blood tests on some gurus but this is as valid as that guy who went to study eskimoes and decided that because their teeth were bad, our modern diet is bad... lol (Weston Price). He turned that into a successful business too. Because if all you have is some "i once knew this guy who knew this guy like hundreds of years ago" + a few thousand years of history, bad translations and some guys talking about it on the internet, sorry but you're gonna have to do better. None of that is evidence. Wouldn't be accepted in court or in any scientific peer-reviewed study. Every time I take LSD i always have this point where I say to myself "so this is what those spiritual books are talking about". And then the trip wears off and it's back to the daily grind Again, I do think one can behave in enlightened ways, acts of kindness, love, empathy, etc. But that's all. Buddha, Jesus, those have come to resemble the part within all of us that is living in a harmonious way with reality. But the men behind those avatars were just regular guys who jerked off, got angry and took drugs to feel better. Behind the scenes that is. Yet they were great business men. We all have to pay the bills right? But most of these so-called enlightened gurus don't even do that. They just hide away in their castles and release some books and courses now and then meanwhile, people on the internet squabble about who is enlightened and who is not. It would be so easy for any of them to face the media and say, study me. Take me apart. They don't. None ever do that. This is all just philosophy. All of us expressing our ideas, trying to outwit each other. Saying things like "cmon guys, this is basic shit" never takes a discussion anywhere. What are we supposed to say "oh sorry master, forgot... yeah, okay yes yes back to the advanced stuff". lol There's no ego or self in philosophy. It's just ideas being dissected and trying to make sense of the world with logic and reason. The problem is that none of us are philosophers so it's all a bit pointless. But we do have experts trained in this stuff for 10 years. And of course scientific studies that we can check on to see what we do actually know besides some guy who is good with words on the internet. Spirituality is all ego bullshit subjective wuuwuu new age nonsense meant for people who are obsessed with their own egos. It's a dangerous path. Zero productive value to society, humanity or planet earth. Taking drugs is not spirituality, it's just playing with one's brain chemistry without all the growth needed to get to those states in a more natural way that involves community, service and often times some not so pleasant activity (eg. yoga). And I know some clever people can now disprove everything anyone says and just call it hallucination or some bullshit. That's just cowardly. It's really easy to think that enlightenment is real when you take drugs. It's just a trip. Entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. ************* I have to admit, I really have a huge problem with people who claim to believe shit that they clearly don't. And then say things like it doesn't matter what I believe. Or that it's all a hallucination and that every word means the same as every other word. Then why use words at all? Just live in a cave. Stop using all this technology created by science and capitalism and artists and innovators. If anyone is enlightened, it's those guys. Stop practising morality since everything means everything and nothing and blablablaaa... What have your spiritual salesman heroes produced? Why don't you practice what you claim to believe in? Until you do, it's just words and bullshit and psychedelic trip stories and people trying outwit each other by saying my god is better than your god. This has been going on since humans left the jungle. And people die for it. It's a dangerous path. There are some great thinkers out there researching this stuff professionally. For example this book that's coming out next year. **** Would be cool if we can somehow have this kind of conversation so that we are figuring this shit out together. Everyone is just spewing their own nonsense at each other. It feels like war. Fear and greed and violence. I'm gonna go meditate now and go back to not knowing anything and seeing what happens when I do that. Spiritual Kindergarten
  14. @Leo Gura With all due respect, it sounds like you have fallen deeper into the clutches of your ego which can happen when you start tripping too much on your own kool-aid. Nothing seems real anymore except within the boundaries of some presumed hallucinatory existence. And you start thinking everything is possibly real (or not) and there is no objective reality anymore. I've also noticed you've adopted a very anti-rationalist outlook. But I don't think you really believe that. In fact I think you are projecting and it is you who cannot seem to escape the rationalist approach because however much you try and whatever you do, ultimately you comprehend with the reasoning capabilities of your brain in order to make sense of your experiences. And communicate them to others via social media. Yet you are trying so hard to grasp all this consciousness stuff and you have read somewhere these cool sounding things like there is much more to this "thing" than enlightenment. What the hell does that even mean? When you get away from your computer and all this noise and close your eyes in stillness and silence, you know that this bullshit version of reality you have concocted is all just a game in your head. Yes we are all connected and everything is vibrating and we get some intense sensual shit happening with our trips but there is an ACTUAL world out there. No this is not some dream. That's the thing that happens when we sleep at night. Yes someone people do live in this world as if it is a dream but that's not the same thing as it actually being a dream. You know that's horse shit. So why do you pretend it's not? I don't get it. Trolls? Are you fucking kidding me? Cmon man. I personally don't believe there is such a thing as a permanently enlightened person. That's total bullshit. It's all just temporary states that the brain produces. Yes we can get there more often when we learn to relax our bodies and brains more with yoga, meditation, meds, tantra, etc. This allows life to flow through us and not get stuck in this mental constipation (what most people are doing before they get on the self-actualization path) vs mental masturbation (what most people do when they start tripping too much and reading Castoneda and all this spiritual new age wuuwuu nonsense). We still have to live in a world where we gotta pay for our lifestyles and eat and piss and do the gardening. So perhaps it's more useful to think of enlightened behavior instead of becoming some king of lalaland. I think most of these so-called enlightened gurus are just good writers and charismatic salesmen who have chosen vedanta (non-dual awareness) as their niche. They are just normal people like all of us. Why aren't they scanning their brains to see if something special is going on? Because they wouldn't do it. They have shit to sell. Meanwhile children are starving. Technology is progressing. Wars are being fought. People are living their lives, trying to understand love and how they messed up so bad. Animals are in the wild looking for food and taking care of their young. Me and you are using technology as we speak that was created by real people who don't spend most of their time playing video games or playing these enlightenment games (same shit). Everything you touch and use has been created by a big company with a really wealthy dude at the top. Think about it. Right now I'm going through your Life Purpose course and starting to wonder if this guy even believes his own stuff anymore. I hope you don't sabotage what you have created my friend. Your work is too important. You have created this great place of gathering for people who want to live a new kind of life. There are a lot of people on your forums looking for answers on basic shit. Come back. Or maybe I'm the one projecting
  15. @sleeperstakes You are still a kid. Spend the next 11 years of your life travelling, observing, failing, learning, growing, reading, studying, experimenting, exploring and experiencing whatever the days bring you. Just live like you've survived an accident and you get to continue. Use whatever methods you can to keep going deeper and further and smashing the glass walls of the prison which has been built for the last 19 years of your life. Don't fall into the traditional definitions of relationships, sex, dating, etc. When you interact with people whether it's girls or guys or aliens, stop focusing on what you can get or take or "pick up". Focus on how you can improve their lives. Connect with that. Start seeing all the problems that people have as challenges and invitations and opportunities for you to give them some humor and joy and passion and inspiration and pleasure. Give them what they can't get anywhere else. Connect with who they are as a person, beyond all the makeup and handbags and tight asses and instagram duck lip photos. You really want to support all that? Don't just have sex with their vaginas or titties or mouths. But also with their minds. With their realities. Stop dating and all that teenage "i have a crush on you" horseshit. It's not you who wants that, it's the groupthink that has hijacked your brain. Those are all just cages and you will be trapped (as you described already). Marriage and traditional ownership based relationships are an out-of-date model of keeping the farmers in their place. Find people to build a community with. One that is based on love, truth, freedom and beauty. And if you don't so yet, take Leo's course on finding your life purpose because that will put everything in perspective and ease the ride