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  1. @Christian Yes I agree with you! I am sorry for not making my post clear as I type in my cell phone. There are many sources of depression and I am just pointing out only one way of how the mind controls you...and that too in ORDINARY situations. In case of extreme scenarios such as the ones you mentioned, it is indeed not a good idea to tell them all this...because the mind will rationalise the good stuff too to make the world an enemy and thus further victimisation,so ur right! However those who are going through depression must understand that the minds job is to create a false self. I think it because so that there would be reason for the body mind to fight for its existence. i think it could be A self defence mechanism of the mind to put itself in a position of lack so that it would be motivated to do stuff,and this has just gone out of control of the persons awareness.
  2. I have recently had an insight relating to how the mind doesnt want happiness.This is how it goes. "The mind is CONSTANTLY on the look out for stuff that creates the non existent sense of self." I personally think it is due to this fact that people go through overthinking,anxiety and depression...but thats not it. Ever wonder how the sense of self likes drama? Its because it creates victimization and thus... a sense of self. And about accepting the present moment too...it creates fantasies of other scenarios so that the HOLLOW MAN AKA EGO AKA SELF is created,and thus creates the OH POOR ME,EXISTENCE IS UNFAIR,BLAH BLAH BLAH. Note.: I dont know about serious ones,just an insight I had onto how the mind holds us back in everyday life.
  3. @Old Soul I ca agree with you on that one,but will the mind still function properly,? for example his imagination?...would he still be able to create art such as novels and paintings if he wants...being in a room ..only drawing inspiration from his imaginationn?
  4. @ajasatya Thats good to hear. I always considered that when your very enlightened,you are happy in solitude,but your mind stops functioning smoothly.But seeing as an enlightened persons mind functions with clarity,I think I have no problem with that.
  5. How is the enlightened person affected by solitary confinement contrasting with the ordinary ones? Do loss of social skills take place in both? Does solitary confinement inhibit the enlightened persons ability to create artistic works such as novels,drawings,paintings etv during his period? Why does the ordinary person avoid it? Is it humanly possible to be happy without ANY social contact for YEARS ? Will the mind still function normally for that happy enlightened individual?
  6. @Sunil Kumar yeah I agree that the more developed a person is the less loneliness he feels when he is actually alone.But I want to know how loneliness operates on the lower conscious level...what exactly happens wen one raises consciousness..and how the feeling of seperateness dissolves. And I would like it if leo did an entire video dedicated to the subject of loneliness.
  7. I have heard that ego is sticky and gets attached to objects..which is obvious..but most importantly ...ideas..I AM NOT SAYING OPENMINDEDNESS(though there are elements of it) but ERADICATING ALL ATTACHMENT to other people ,events ,etc. I think Leo can give us practical video ,like the SELF LOVE video...on recognising each of our attachments we unconsciously got sticked to such as family ,comfort,concept of happiness etc and going META over them.
  8. @Kenhol Yeah,true that only a minute portion is something valuable from overly social people....or ordinary people in general who live ordinary lives,but you have got to consider another factor ..existential void...people including me distract themselves from this void which I personally have to admit am having a tough time accepting it. I think I phrased my question wrong,I actually wanted to know if an individual could accept this existential ,empty void without doing ANYTHING ,even the stuff that grows you.
  9. I have always wondered why I always feel so lonely in my body when I am secluded and isolated from society.Do humans really NEED social contact? Is it possible for an individual to live a contented life without ANY social contact?And that too without much distractions?
  10. @Liam Johnson Thanks for the advice brother. The thing is there are very few people who are willing to have those kinds of talks.Most people just want to talk about sports and unimportant stuff. Guess I got to find MY kind of people to connect with.
  11. After watching Leos video on lifestyle minimalism,I tried reducing social activities,and spent more time just being and contemplating.While the feeling of presence is very pleasant,I feel like I have gotten boring. When I do engage with people I dont have ANYTHING good to say. Also nothing comes in my head.I did a lot of meditation and its like I am not having thoughts and I cant think of anything except self contemplation.I cant even make a joke for crying out loud.It seems being isolated has left me uninteresting person with nothing to say except intellectual stuff. This is also because I had lessened greatly my exposure to entertainment.Now I dont have anything to say...that includes all movies and fiction books. Moreover I was planning to be a writer.But if I were to sit in a room all day and just BE.I wont have jack shit to write about. sorry this was too long,but if anyone understands my situation gimme advice. Thanks
  12. Okay I am not saying that people shouldnt self actualize and let go of their needs of stimulation,but imagine this. If all the people in the world were content and lived in peace of mind without any ENTERTAINMENT,like the ideal that actualized.org has, how will society function then?, No matter what, great movies sci fi fantasy ,all have been made and inspiring music,although not frequently are being maede Promoting an addictionless society would, I dont know,......would be people be motivated to think up of fantasies to live in? Wont it mean the complete cessation of video games,partying fashion ,movies,and anything in general? Wont we go back to the early times when humas were hunter gatherers?except with peace? Now I am all in for that.But people are unique.You dont know if anyone wants to do this path and not explore the possiblities of their creative mind,..which would surely lead them to involve in "worldly" activities. I know this kind of thinking is messed upup.Just wana get some opinions on this. Thanks
  13. @cetus56 yeah will do.I am not saying I had a perfect experience but just that I became aware of what was it that was experiencing everything but yeah I get what u say.
  14. I happened to come across a video of Rupert Spira giving one of his lectures and had an insight.I dont know if this can be called a non dual experience but wanted to share it. .In this video when he asks Harry to wake up from the dream, I somehow used his exercise as a sort of "koan" (the zen riddles u read to get an insight) and had what I think is a nondual experience.I suddenly realized who I was and felt like what was around me was happening inside me.It still feel it.I dont know if this is just a small event.I surely felt a lot happier .I urge anyone reading this to do this exercise while meditating,to imagine dreaming what u currently experience and then waking up.
  15. Leo Gura , thanks I will try out the noting method like you said. Bob84 I felt disconnected from everything that was happening,like what I thought I was doing in life,all my motivations,everything shattered and I was agitated by that,but now I kinda understand what it was about. Prabhaker ,yeah I gotta work on clearing out all my preconceived notions and focusing on my experience .Thanks for the heads up. InsidesOut ,yh will focus on seeing literally on what suffering is and understand it. Thanks everyone.