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  1. @Leo Gura So is enlightenment actually having an insight into the nature of reality and recontextualising ordinary experience ? Sort of like "integrating into subjective experience and have ordinary(yet deeper) existence?" Does this mean (Since reality is said to be absolutely infinite) enlightenment work will go to infinity? How do i know im not living in a dream of an enlightened yogi capable of perceiving deeper realities?
  2. @Snick I hear ya. It seems impossible for me to be at that "spontaneous joking around with my friends" mode after being contemplative and meditative,because its too peaceful without it and to tell you the truth I am facing this problem too and don't know how to deal with it.The interests i had for music and novels seems to have gone through my consciousness . I replied cus i wanted you to know there are others who are feeling the same way you feel.
  3. When watching a movie its actually 1) light coupled with sound . 2) the subtitles agreeing with "what is being said" has no relationship.Just like how the word"cat" has nothing to do with the actual cat. when you close your eyes,there is no guarantee that there is anything there.Cause all "you" can ultimately rely on direct experience and in that moment which you close your eyes the world disappears.same goes for anything which is not in your direct experience in the now. 'Time' is actually a model which is used to process the information that arrives through the senses,and is a construct. The movement of objects and memory of the 'past' call for the need of a mental model based on an ungrounded assumption which can be used for manipulating reality for self survival and daily life needs. Just some i can think of which you probably know.hope these help
  4. The realization of what Is. Since realization has no form people say it has no quality. its just realizing the whole of existence .The hollow man realizes its own hollowness to become THAT. At least thats what i think it is.
  5. An example scenario: if pain is a projection does that mean even those who had to undergo physical torture (sorry for them) were suffering their own unconscious projections onto reality?
  6. @Siim Land maybe im just demonizing dopamine instead of doing proper self inquiry and raise my consciousness... Thanks for your comment.
  7. @nexusoflife Society does not seem to have developed itself to notice the importance of the topics (which you mentioned ) on a grand scale.Though not as deep as yours, i too have had some experiences of unity of being and it was just beautiful.You are right, Every human should be working towards living in this unity.
  8. @nexusoflife Even if its for 10 minutes, its okay.Build a daily meditation habit. It will help...As for your situation i am really sorry but i don't know what to suggest since i myself am only 17 and only going to college.
  9. People,you are looking at the text that different users are writing and deriving meaning.Now try looking at the empty space that is containing the text that is being written in this forum.Is there a judgement? No.Is there a judge-er? Is there enlightenment? No. The above empty space explains itself more than any mind's rationalizing.There cannot be anything there in the end. Quiet non-existent space which allows everything which forms the groundless ground of all existence.Logic of "since and therefore" won't get you to a place where you already are.
  10. @MiracleMan Woah dude that quote really explains itself. But really dejected that cravings will never go. i seem to fall into addictive thought patterns AGAIN and AGAIN . watching porn,social media,internet but nothing seems fulfilling. i better reconcile with the fact that i will never completely let go of cravings. @TJ Reeves Your explanation was really good and yeah what i thought was if this chasing of pleasure was the thing that's causing disappointment why cant we just forever let go of it.when you are addicted and you get a "hit" of whatever you are addicted it feels like just for a moment EVERYTHING in the universe is perfect but then i come down. i am just really afraid that feeling of "aaahhh... now i'm free,now there is nothing to worry about" is just an illusion.But as @MiracleMan said i guess u can only understand it and not give in to it.
  11. My english isn't good so please excuse weird phrasings. @Leo Gura what my contemplation seems to have arrived at was the awareness of "absence"...absence of any substance.That there was no definite "aha this is the truth! omg this is liberating! " but simply a recognition of nothing.i fantasized infinite orgasms but simply got bare existence with nothing to contrast it with .It was definitely not relative.Hell it seems weird i am still referring to "it" like it has substance. My mind now keeps trying to objectify that nothing and compare it to my human perceptions to create nihilistic thought patterns that keep me restless.I can't seem to even work at something without going existential,becoming aware of "the nothing", comparing it with the "worldly life activity that depends on giving meaning to groundless form" and create a caging of myself I know that its the ego's response to the existential truth, but i can't seem to stop this. ALL my previous worldviews,views on society,social relationships of friends and family and happiness are getting shattered.And there seems to be CONSTANT SWINGS BETWEEN BEING DOWNRIGHT LAZY TO WANTING METAPHYSICAL REALIZATIONS. I don't know what to do.BTW i have been watching westworld and thats intensifying the need for getting metaphysical. @Nahm But relative truth too is to some degree based on human perceptions right? i find it unnerving to think i will never arrive at a single place and say "AAH FINALLY I CAN REST IN INFINITE KNOWLEDGE AND NOT SUFFER"
  12. If i was doing my contemplation practices correctly..then what i have found at the very end is just emptiness,thats it. I always thought that it was going to be a OMG moment,but this feel so independent of human needs...its just the "truth of existence" ...which is nothing...meaning what is described as "truth" is nothing at all.
  13. @MiracleMan So its impossible for a person to rest into that peaceful state and not have cravings for anything till his physical death? Shouldn't then society as a whole focus only on mindfulness to get what they truly want ?
  14. @street19 Wish u all the best for your ventures man!