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  1. Let's face it. If we go deep into this self-actualization process at SOME POINT in time, we will eventually decide to go live in a cave.Or this might be just a broad claim I am making from interpretation of my experience. cus this is some SERIOUS shit, and i haven't even done much I honestly don't know if I want that.I don't know if that is what i ACTUALLY want .What do you guys think ?
  2. @Wouter Thanks for sharing this! It was really enlightening.
  3. @Visitor It's kinda scary though. I notice that what i call the "physical world" is conceptual projection - just like a belief. What I do now is let my self-concept work that belief cus If i fully embody the metaphysics of existence- I don't think I could be able to function for survival... Man how did Leo do all this stuff and not go crazy...
  4. @Max_V Try doing this. Once you feel integrated and lightweight in your body,take a piece of paper.Hold your pencil or pen. and let your body do the expression.(Be aware of any resistance that creates subtle heaviness in the feeling body-- (they restrict expression)--- and let them go.).Let me know if this helps.
  5. @dead man walking Right now become conscious that there is nobody reading this sentence. That's all I can give you.
  6. @Moreira wow that kinda makes sense. I too have heard such stories and never knew the logic behind such people's actions.
  7. @Joseph Maynor IKR ! The way they teach math in school is just so robotic that no wonder most kids grow up to despise the subject of math.They don't understand the essence of it! How it came to be! Will put it on my "to read" list. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. @nick96 Thanks man . Will check it out .
  9. Hell yeah it's cool !!
  10. @Michael569 Thanks for the advice. Yeah i'm kind of a noob sometimes and that gets the better of me.Now i know what to work on.
  11. @Joseph Maynor So it IS THOUGHT! That's what I wanted to hear to be honest ( yh validation of belief is frowned upon I know ) but that's what I feel.They don't have any ACTUAL foundation in reality.
  12. That's what is happening. The worst part is I can't seem to let go of it.My neck starts twisting like a sort of paralysis and i know it was caused by stress.I am 17 and live with my parents.Though there is not much worry for money,my self-expression is restricted since my parents don't consider stuff like personal development. I even particularly remember the exact event that caused this building up of stress. I was doing a household chore that lasted an hour or more.The drudgery of it triggered a lot of fear of the future,self-doubt, and "caging" of my emotions ...and i used that as negative motivation to get the work done which just made it worse. The tension is felt in the neck muscle,top of the head, face and shoulders. I cannot seem to let it go even if i feel them. My neck stiffens and remains that way unless i relax it,even then the tension remains. My body feel like shit right now. Thanks man will look into it.
  13. I have all these built up stress energy in my head neck and shoulders that are making me unable speak expressively.I am constantly stressed and my neck and shoulder muscles tighten up . I can't seem to get these energy blocks out of my head. Can anybody help me?
  14. @nick96 I have not yet studied aspects of mathematics that deep. So my reasoning here will look amateur,pardon me. See that is exactly what led me to put up this topic in the first place. I tried to "define" a number by attempting to see "where actually the number is " in empirical reality, which confused me a lot. Hmmm...now that you mention it,that is quite true. But if that is the case doesn't the entire field of science purport to model reality without tackling epistemology of how scientific modeling is done ? ( Phy, chem, math , bio ) .If so are the kids in our school studying something that doesn't ACTUALLY exist in empirical reality? '....creates a model ...' . I agree that mathematics make accurate models that other aspects of reality seems to confirm. What I am saying is "math is a human creation" and not actually what IS in direct experience. IT'S too remarkable how models seem to confirm reality but .... ahhh. I still have a nagging sense of "this is not it" . Not cus your arguments "aren't strong enough" or something but I personally have a hard time grasping of the essence of "math". Will it exist devoid of human need of modelling? It seems so constant ...TO US. If our visual field was circular instead of flat we would have different concepts of modeling space right? I guess what I was trying to figure out is the "actual foundation" for math....the epistemological grounds for math.Mathematics seem to be "catered to us" instead of the "actual structure of direct experience".... know what I'm saying..?
  15. the title says it all.