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  1. @Roy Yeah but wouldn’t you think it’s a waste of time for a girl who’s looking to date who goes out for drinks with a guy and the guy after hanging out with her is just like, “I just wanna be friends” or “I’m secretly gay.” Lol she wouldn’t have known that. Not all guys talk to girls just to have sex with her or have the intention of pursuing a romantic relationship with her. I’ve had a couple female friends in the past who were sexually or romantically interested in me, they probably thought I felt the same way about them but all I wanted to do was hang out. I imagine they might’ve felt that they wasted their time hanging out and talking with me cause I only saw them as friends.
  2. @Roy I ask because sometimes they might think you're just trying to be friends with them if you ask them out for drinks without first showing sexual intent in conversation. And if that's the case they'll most likely deny the request because they probably aren't looking for guy best friends. The question here basically is how would they know what you want if you don't tell them it's a date. But I guess it's up to you as the guy to show intent and build attraction within' the conversation, leading up to the "We should grab drinks sometime."
  3. Do you tell her something like, "we should grab coffee/drinks sometime" or could you and should you straight up just ask her "will you go on a date with me?" Is it better to assume & tell the girl or is it okay to ask? Obviously it depends on the situation but generally speaking
  4. Thanks guys There's definitely a chance that I may be overthinking it. It might even just be my introverted nature along with some social anxiety.
  5. Just recently I've started to realize that I may have a personality disorder. I've always found myself to be this individual who is detached, withdrawn, indifferent in most social situations, but I never thought of it as a possible personality disorder. I've always thought of this sort of behavior to be part of my introverted nature, or I would maybe even justify it and believe that this behavior is common in those who are "Yellow" on the Spiral. Maybe it is or maybe it's not. I've always been a quiet loner in elementary and high school growing up. This might've been the beginning of how I developed this possible disorder. I've still had a handful of friends, and made many friends after highschool, but in several workplaces I've always found myself to be a bit cold around others. I also got into pickup, which might've contributed to my detached personality. I still could function quite normally in life and make friends but some people most likely see me as a bit standoffish. In fact I've been called "cold" just recently by another co-worker. I still express my emotions and still desire intimate relationships, which is why I'd say I only have a mild-moderate level of SPD so I definitely wouldn't say this is something completely serious, but it does affect my life in a way where I find it difficult building certain relationships that I desire, due to inconsistency. On the inside I'm dying to talk to certain people but on the outside it's like I'm indifferent and I play hot & cold. I want to be more expressive and caring but I don't know what to do. I'm currently looking into trying psychotherapy. Anyone have any advice or experiences that they want to share around this?
  6. Creepy because PUAs might often be viewed as sexual predators. Well, whether you agree or not, they pretty much are sexual predators. It's a bunch of men running around out in public, approaching women and using manipulative language to sleep with them. But of course, similar to what Leo is saying above, without experience one may be more creepier than an experienced smooth-talker PUA. This is coming from someone who used to engage in pickup. I was very inexperienced going into it. I've been labelled a creep, a predator. I've approached a girl in a mall, walked away with her and an employee at a nearby store who saw the approach pulled the girl away from me and told me to leave. I've been kicked out of malls. I quit because of all the social pressure it had on me. Other PUAs in the area were having their photo shared on social media as a warning and I didn't want to be one of them. I didn't want to be labelled as that person who is a creep or a predator. Plus the whole entire game of pickup was destroying me psychologically. Also, I would say looks aren't always what makes a guy seem creepy, it's mainly his behavior around the girl, his approach or his personality. Anyways, I quit all that years ago and spent years unlearning everything when it comes to pickup. I know you have a video that you're sharing here and I haven't watched it but this is what I have to say in response to the title of the thread.
  7. The most practical way I'd say to get rid of this fear is to take psychedelics. Psychedelics can show you what death is, or at least something potentially similar to it. This should remove your fears about death partially or even completely. LSD showed me the absence of the ego (self). It was the most profound experience I've ever had so far in my life.
  8. Just got my 2nd Pfizer dose yesterday. It's been 21 hours now as I'm writing this, zero side effects other than the usual arm soreness at the injection site. No fatigue, no fever, maybe a little joint & muscle pain but that's about it. I'll probably continue to post here as the week goes by if I notice anything else.
  9. Yes thinking of booking a therapy session very soon with a therapist who specializes in healing trauma. I might continue on my spiritual path as well. I've been taking a break from all the spiritual practices such as meditation or psychedelics because I often feel like it interferes with my material goals. Thanks for your response
  10. In terms of the future of my life yes I would say so. I actually don't know what to do with my life, I'm pretty much stuck hopping from job to job. This leads me to chase money outside of a job so I can potentially have the life that I want.
  11. @mandyjw You're right. It's supposed to be a tattoo of a girl & dollar bills in the background. But it's unfinished. Perhaps this tells me that I have a lot of issues with women and money, which is true. I haven't thought of it that way. This wasn't how I originally envisioned my tattoo to be though, a lot of it was influenced by the artist. We came up with the design on the spot which is stupid, now I regret it. I already talked to him about all this and he felt bad.
  12. @mandyjw I don’t see why that’s important, all I’m going to say is that it doesn’t fit my personality which is why it lead to an instant regret
  13. I’m quite impulsive & indecisive with my decisions in life. I don’t know if it’s linked to trauma or if it’s a personality thing but it’s affecting my life in a negative way. Stupid decisions that lead me to losing thousands of dollars. Such as losing thousands of dollars in the financial markets because I’m so impulsive with my trades. Something else I’ve been dealing with for years now is being impulsive with tattoos. I’m so quick to get a new tattoo and regretting it later. I’ve had multiple tattoos done on my left arm then I end up getting it removed. These mistakes has costed me over $13000 now. I just recently got a large tattoo on my forearm and this has lead me to write this thread. I instantly regretted it and now I feel a bit suicidal because I feel so messed up as a person to continue making these mistakes. Tattoo removal is hard to deal with because it takes years and $ to do all that. But one reason for all these tattoo mistakes is because the artist often times doesn’t give a fuck about what you want, they just care about their portfolio for their instagram page. Mentally I was in a pretty good place until I got this tattoo 2 days ago.
  14. Title says it, share your therapy experience with us I’m thinking of going to therapy myself for specific reasons and I’d like to hear other people’s stories. Was it helpful? Did you go in to seek help for a specific issue you were dealing with or did you go in just for a general issue? In what way has it improved your life?