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  1. Found a valuable video on Youtube about motivation and discipline. Really glad I watched the video.
  2. @Dan502 @Hello from Russia Both of you are missing the point of what I’m trying to say here.. I’ve made it so clear and no one here is answering the question. @Hello from Russia If you read my previous posts I’m talking about higher degrees of manipulation here. What you’re saying just sounds like its been taken from Leo’s recent video on survival as if it were your own insight. To everyone else, nevermind. I’ve already figured out myself. Thanks for the help.
  3. @CreamCat Its not a part in the video, that’s just my own statement.
  4. Yeah have you seen Leo's video on "Mankind Is The Bullshitting Animal"? He goes in depth with this topic. Nobody wants to admit their flaws.
  5. @Dan502 I'm not talking about myself, just asking a question. Steroids is an example of "extreme manipulation." I sort of already explained what I'm talking about in the thread. Simply put, "is over-committing yourself to acquire a result, setting yourself up for failure?" I'm sorry but I'm not sure how that's not clear. Let's say you wanted to achieve success in business, so you basically manipulate yourself or over-commit to working on this business for 80 hours a week. Over the long-run you're pretty much setting yourself up for failure. And this is one of the reasons why I'm asking this question. Is it a good idea to over-commit and work long hours to try to achieve success as fast as possible? Probably not. Or over-committing yourself to grow muscles, going to the gym for 5 hours a day, definitely will result in failure.
  6. I mean heavy/extreme, or higher degrees of manipulation in this thread. With manipulation being survival, I can definitely see that we do it on a smaller scale, but heavy manipulation is unnecessary.
  7. @Knock But that's not intentional. I'm talking about intentionally using manipulation to acquire a result.
  8. In any area of our lives, would we all agree that using heavy manipulation or overcommiting yourself to acquire an internal or external result, results in failure in some way? For example, I definitely see it with the use of steroids and building muscle. Steroids are a way to manipulate muscle growth in the short-term, but over the long-term if you stopped taking them you would go back to your original muscle size before you starting taking them. It also leads to death with consistent use. I don’t see it being sustainable to use steroids one-time, gaining that much muscle in a short period of time, and being able to maintain that muscle over the long-run. How about with your work? Overcommitment leads to burnout over the long-term? I feel that people in SD Stage Orange tend to use a lot of manipulation in order to achieve significant results. Why is that? I guess it can be a useful tool in some cases. For example using manipulation to acquire a sale from a one-time customer. In relationships, manipulation leads to failure. I probably answered my own question at this point but I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts.
  9. @Leo Gura So why is an imagination so consistent for myself and for everyone else? Why couldn’t it be different each time I look at it? The city I live in looks exactly the same as it did 15 years ago when I was a kid. And thousands of other people are experiencing the same exact city? Would you say that its like a video game that has already been created? I personally think that makes more sense rather than it being imagined in the moment. There’s no changing the files, the game has already been created with a specific design, using specific programming, and the disc is already in the console. Good way to put it?
  10. @RawJudah I don’t. I haven’t been re-visiting the life-purpose course notes or content lately but I plan to soon. Currently just working on an e-Commerce business to generate some income which will allow me to survive on my own and buils capital. Really depends on you and your situation. Me personally, I live off less than or around $500 a month living with parents. I have enough saved up to survive for under a year. Its really a good idea to stay frugal and not upgrade your car, your place, or anything else. In terms of finding your purpose, yes you can, it really depends on you. In my experience it can be easy to become lazy with a ton of free time. I found myself to be more productive while I was working at my 9-5, and working on my projects after 5 or on the weekends. Well why do you have that fear? How much would you need saved up until you feel safe enough to take time off? I recommend you watch Leo’s video called “Money Psychology.” He goes in depth with understanding your beliefs and fears about money.
  11. I watched half the video, haven’t had any spiritual awakenings myself, but I’m completely open-minded to what is being said here. Although I have some questions. Probably shouldn’t ask because the obvious answer is, “experience it yourself.” But I’m asking anyway. If everything is just an imagination, then is the insight that everything is an imagination, also an imagination? If yes it is an imagination, then what makes it “truth”? Oh ok you can be conscious of it and directly experience it, right? Ok but direct experience varifies it, why isn’t materialism truth? We’re here experiencing it right? What makes spirituality a direct way of accessing the truth? How does a tiny spec of dust on a tiny Earth access the truth? There’s infinite numbers of unknown galaxies and planets that we do not know of, and what if there were aliens who access the truth differently? Maybe they have access to an unknown substance in their planet that is greater than 5-meo? Or maybe they can experience physical death literally and revive themselves and found truth that way. Isn’t evolution, enlightenment, growth, developing your consciousness just an imagination too? So why does experiencing an imagination, allow you to find the truth? Is the answer to that question, “truth is just another imagination”?
  12. @Leo Gura I honestly just want to be financially free. Being “rich” sounds nice but financial freedom is the goal. $8K saved up right now, enough to live for a year or less, unemployed, and I really don’t feel like going back to a job at the moment. Took your life purpose course 5 years ago at 18, probably will take it again soon. I just was a complete idiot and continued to dabble into the most lucrative business ideas for 5 years now with nothing to show for today. I just didn’t know the “how-to.”
  13. @Leo Gura 100% can agree. I definitely see that people succeed without all those extra habits. Although, wouldn’t it help to implement them? Because isn’t success just habits and consistency after all? Personally I think those habits of waking early, gym, etc. would help build your discipline, in order to follow through with your consistency. Or would you say that its their vision and their passion that motivates them to do what they do? What about the people who don’t work on their life purpose, but instead works on what is the most lucrative?
  14. Life-long learners. They're constantly learning as much as they can on what they're trying to master. Although too much information without any action can set you back.
  15. @universe Yup, me personally I just keep them in a box, put it in my closet and forget about them. Pop Funko figurines also have a seperate hard plastic case that you can buy and store them away so that they don’t get squashed. Some collectibles that I hold currently and ones I’m looking at are: - Pokemon, Yugi-oh, couple baseball cards - Pop Funkos - Star wars figurines - Gamecube games, SNES games - Old 90’s toys