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  1. So I went to this last minute event in my area which taught people about how to meet strangers, social skills, the health benefits of being social, your value in society etc. It was a 2 hour event, the instructor talked for an hour or so on the topic, then we did some social experiments with other people in the room. At the end they offered people a free 45min 1on1 session for after the event, so I signed up why not. Before my scheduled free session, I had to fill out an assessment form, which basically lets the instructor know whether or not I'm willing to pay them money for their training that they sell for $300/hr. Later on the instructor called me to go over my answers, then eventually cancelled my free session because he knows I probably won't pay him for training. Anyways, the whole point of this thread, is that it was a free event, and the people who run it have a business that sells you on how to become more social, meet more people, dating, etc. The thing that I find a bit ridiculous in my opinion is how they sell you on becoming more social. They tell you there's many health benefits to being social, and that those who isolate themselves and are lonely "have a 50% higher chance of dying in the next 7 years" according to ONE study?? I attached their e-book they sent me below, and some of the health benefits they claim are: live longer, heal faster, less pain, reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, less likely of stroke, beat cancer, etc. And I don't mean to bash them, they're running a business cool, and I definitely had points in my life where I isolated myself heavily from family or any human, and I felt a bit down because of it. But are these "health benefits" really true? Or is it for those who are less spiritually developed? I mean they have a business so of course they're going to sell you on being social, which is why I'm a bit skeptical on these "health benefits." Thoughts? The Magic Pill the health benefits of talking to strangers.pdf
  2. Day: 1. Relapsed today mainly cause nothing to do, sat at comp all day. Also relapsed 2 days ago. It always happens when you don't keep yourself busy. Not going to be hard on myself about it though. @oMarcos I'm a cook she's a server and I always wait for the perfect moment. too focused on the job. easier if I was a server and we worked together tbh. BUT, not to make all that an excuse. I'm slowly progressing. Will see her like 4 days next week, and WILL say something in one or all days.
  3. Joining this thread. Bit of a backstory, longest I've gone in the past on nofap was 7-8 days probably like 6-7 years ago when I was into this girl. Ever since, I haven't cared too much about going on a long nofap streak. Now last month is when I decided that maybe I should do this again. Main reason for starting again is because I want a girlfriend. There's also this girl I'm interested in, but haven't had a conversation with her yet so that's another reason why I'm on this challenge. Plus I did Kundalini yoga for a bit and I had a desire to clean up certain parts of my life. Started last month, got to 7 days but relapsed on Nov 2. But now its currently day 12 for me, although day 12 hasn't started for me yet because its currently 2am. Though I will say what I've noticed so far and what I noticed on Day 10 and 11. Day 10 was a night at work for me, I work in a vegan restaurant. I'm interested in one of the servers, but haven't had the guts to start a conversation with her like I mentioned above. I have a feeling this girl knows I'm interested, previously we've made lots of eye contact, and she has shown me several signs of trying to get my attention. Despite all this, I haven't done the simplest task to go and talk to her, really. On day 10, I haven't seen her in 2 weeks, I told myself I'd approach her but it didn't happen. But its weird because it seems like she's playing games by ignoring me. My assumption is that she thinks I'm playing games too because it probably seems like I'm the one also ignoring her, but in reality I just have mixed feelings. Other things I've noticed at work that night on Day 10, one of the new female servers tried to talk to me by asking questions about something. Another female server that I never even talked to before walked by me and said "Hi" for the first time. And another server who is friends with my crush giggles when I do something or walk by. Which always happens though. I don't know if she's attracted to me or if its the fact that my crush talks about me? Day 11, had a day off, forced myself to get out of the house, so I don't stay stuck on the computer, so I searched for nearby social events. Luckily I found an event about how to meet people anywhere. We did some social experiments with eye-contact, conversation skills, and learned about human interaction in general. The fact that I joined a last minute event is great. This shows me that I'm serious about obtaining a relationship and meeting new people, and I could say that its partially because of nofap. Just now, I'm on my computer with free time, and I'll be honest with myself I watched some porn. But didn't nut, gladly. Personal Tips: - STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER OR CELLPHONE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. With all the free time, browsing social media like Instagram looking at hot models, can trigger the desire to do PMO. The reason I got to day 12 is that I kept myself busy. I work full time at night, and get home at 1-2am. As soon as I get home I usually go to bed, so keep yourself busy. - Block any sites, put a password on it. There are some browser plug-ins to help you with this. - I know I said it already but saying it again, the best advice is to keep yourself busy. Get out of the house, don't spend so much time on the computer.
  4. @JayFueel Potentially, with certain limitations. Almost all business is structured like a pyramid scheme, and there are definitely many businesses out there that are Stage Green oriented. But in my opinion, when it comes to business and execution, there seems to be a back and forth between Stage Orange and Green as if they’re constantly juggling the two. A business won’t be able to sustain itself if they focus entirely on their Green values. When it comes to MLM it most likely would be the same. I don’t know what company you’re talking about, but based on this post alone it sounds like the average MLM company. They often talk about helping others, “We’re in the business of succeeding by helping others reach success!” Something along those lines. But in the backend, in my experience its all manipulation and for selfish reasons. Also, just because the CEO appears to be Green, doesn’t mean everyone else in the business is Green as well. The way he markets the business and values could attract other Green people, but rarely is it ever the case where everyone would be Green. It would usually be a mix between Orange, Blue, Green, then Orange recruits his orange friends, and they recruit there Orange friends and next thing you know its like 60% Orange people for example. No fees to start? Then where is the money coming from? Selling products? There’s a cap to how much you can make? What do you mean by that and why does that make it better?
  5. @Good-boy @pluto Glad I made this post. Didn’t know what synthetic multivitamins were and how much garbage they put in there. Now I’m stuck with enough to last me a year. Definitely going to switch to organic multivitamins. But for the time being, is it better to take these Centrum multivitamins or just not take them at all while waiting to get my hands on some organic multivitamins?
  6. @Nahm I feel that Leo has already answered this whole entire thread with his simple and straightforward answer. My questions and concerns are usually based on what he talks about in his videos and he basically confirmed my ideas on this topic. It honestly is quite pricey, definitely way more than a monthly gym membership. And no not in the trump towers lol. I just sent them an email asking for a potential discount and still waiting for a response. And since its so difficult for me to decide whether or not I want to continue my practice, the yoga studio’s response to my email will determine my decision. So basically the universe will decide if I should meet a girl there, and decide if I should continue my spiritual practice
  7. @Leo Gura Obviously can't buy a condo with $10k lol, but was thinking I'd get a mortgage and pay a 5-10% down payment. Well what are my options? What could I do with $10k
  8. @Tao-izm @dalink Could be. But for me its more of a peaceful, silent static noise coming from a blank TV. Its not irritating or annoying at all. And rather than coming from my ears it seems more like its coming from my mind. I’m in my 20s, tinnitus seems more like it comes with old age. And I haven’t had any exposure to any loud noise recently. Overall health is good. I noticed it as soon as I was done a yoga class.
  9. @Nahm You’re right, I get what you’re trying to say. My current ideas about spiritual work are based on other people’s experiences and my theoretical understanding of it. I haven’t experienced spirituality to be “negative” but based on a few cases of other people’s experiences it seems a bit terrifying. For example, I’ve read that people talk about the “DKoTS” in Kundalini, which is said to be a depression phase, which I don’t doubt. It’s said to be a “layer” that we peel like the layers of an onion. Its facing the dark side of your past in the process of purification. I understand though that spirituality is unique to the individual, so people with have their own unique experiences, and some people may or may not experience these things. But maybe I have a dark past and fear is holding me back from facing it? That could be a reason why I have these concerns. Then there’s Leo’s videos on spirituality. With years of watching his videos, I’ve experienced and found most of his content to be true. Topics as ego backlash, spiral dynamics, learning = behavior change, etc. Of course I have to take the theory and experience it for myself and not just blindly believe in everything he says, but I’m quite open-minded and I don’t doubt a lot of what he says. In my own understanding, spiritual work is about destroying the ego or stripping away your own identity as a human being. And that definitely can be threatening to us. That means we have to let go of certain things. In my direct experience I’ve already experienced that myself on a smaller level. I’ve had to let go of certain friends, thoughts, experiences, in this process of purification. So if I’ve experienced purification on a smaller level, taking it even deeper is just what I’ve already been doing but by 10x or 100x. I’m 23, I’ve still got many attachments to this material world, I still want to put myself in a good position financially first and I want a girlfriend, before anything else. I still work a job, I still live with parents. Spiritual work seems like it disregards all that throws it all away. But here is why I ask my question. I feel that I would get too deep into spiritual work that I may potentially have little to no desire for these material things. In Leo’s recent video “The Dangers of Spiritual Work,” the quote in the beginning says, “Its all fun and games until someone loses an I.” That quote is so deep and it really spoke to me. It seems like there is no turning back and will interfere with our daily lives. It’s great and all, unconditional happiness, destroy fear and other limitations, but I’ve got my life ahead of me and it feels like I’m throwing it all away at a young age. I don’t even hang out with anyone anymore and do things I used to because of how deep I took this. Another reason for this thread, my membership trial is ending very soon at the yoga studio, and to continue would be $100/month. To continue or not to? I don’t know. But the main drive for me to continue is that maybe I could meet a girl there?
  10. @ajasatya I’ll replace the word “finding” with “understanding.” @Nahm @ajasatya Main reason for this thread: I don’t know why I do the spiritual practices. Spiritual practices lead to awakening right? And the reason for holding myself back, is that I focus on the “negative” sides of spirituality. Do I focus on it too much or is it rare for those things to happen? Plus, I don’t know what I want out of this. I treat it like its just a regular hobby of mine.
  11. Part of me wants to pursue it for the sake of finding truth, part of me just does it for material purposes. “Maybe this yoga/meditation will help me control my emotions to talk to girls, or take the leap to start a business.” Maybe I need to take a step back, and continue to pursue my lower survival needs. Although at times I feel like this is not something to ignore. I’m still 23. Advice?
  12. Ever since I started a Kundalini yoga practice at a nearby yoga studio, I started noticing some slight, constant ringing in my ears. It’s been almost two-weeks now but I noticed it only a couple days after starting the practice. It sounds like what you hear when you turn on a TV from the early 2000s, and the screen is pitch black. This hasn’t stopped since. Why does this happen?
  13. @modmyth Hey, just checked your profile. Are you really in Vancouver? If so, I'd be willing to join your group. Not sure how it would work out though exactly if everyone has their own business they're working on. I've joined one for Amazon in the past and it helped me gain exposure to different perspectives and different approaches of selling on the platform. Plus it helped me stay accountable. But they haven't been consistent with the meetups lately which is a shame. If this is about accountability for staying on top of your personal development/taking consistent action in general that would be cool too.
  14. I have about $10K saved up, and I'm not exactly sure what I should do with it. I've been thinking of getting a loan to buy an existing business, or buy a 2 bedroom apt/condo/house, live in it, + rent it out. I'm also expecting to get another $10K next year from something, so that would leave me with over $20k. Should I buy an existing business? What goes into it, what's required, who should I hire or get advice from, what should I know, etc.? Could it potentially be making passive income, or would it be a full-time job doing 12+ hours a day? I live in Canada by the way.
  15. @AlphaAbundance I haven’t done consistent pickup since 2016. Haven’t really been out much since then. @Leo Gura Thanks for the straightforward answer. Being blunt is so me, which is probably why I resonate with your teachings.