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  1. @karkaore Welcome. And by the way I forgot to mention, babypips.com is a good site for learning the basics of Forex, if you haven’t checked it out already.
  2. Things that don't require weights: squats, pushups, lunges, dips (use your couch or something), angled pushups (also use couch), jumping jacks, burpees, etc. Honestly google has more answers. Maybe try some yoga. Personally, there's not much I can do without a gym but I still can go outside and do some cardio. Sometimes I'll run around the neighborhood, or find a flight of stairs and run up and down the stairs for 2mins+ at a time. Then do some pushups, dips, and lunges. Then obviously eat good, get your proteins, carbs, nutrients.
  3. Hey, your thread caught my attention. Currently studying the FX markets as well, taking advantage of this downtime, staying at home for who knows how long, and committing to coming out as a great trader. Honestly, I've been introduced to Forex in 2016, and I've been super interested in learning the strategies, but I've been on and off with it these past few years. Some months I've been serious about it, some months I've been distracted with working a job, some months I've been taking a break from the markets. So it has really been on and off for 4 years, and there's still a lot for me to learn at this point. But I will say that a lot of it is starting to make sense to me now. At this point I've watched a lot of videos from different teachers, did a bit of live and demo trading, and learned from a couple trading courses out there. To be honest, I'm still not where I want to be with my trading career but its definitely getting there. Its a matter of time, developing a trading plan, sticking to that plan, and improving my trading psychology. Here are the some of the most important things I've learned (I'll try to simplify it as much as possible): - Your psychology is HUGE when it comes to trading. Successful trading is 60% psychology, 30% position sizing, 10% system/strategy. You don't need the most complex advanced Bat Patterns, ABCD, Flying Wedge, Upside-down crocodile bullish momentum, whatever the hell patterns are out there. There's hundreds, maybe thousands of different strategies to trade the markets, but all you need is ONE strategy that wins 60-70% of the time and master that one strategy. Don't waste your time learning all the different indicators and patterns out there. Also, its easy to get emotional when it comes to trading, especially if you want to be a scalper. Scalpers make the quickest money, but trading the lower time frames might cause you to gamble your money, so I wouldn't recommend scalping until you're a decent trader. Managing your emotions is key. - The TREND is your FRIEND. NEVER buy in a downtrend, NEVER sell in an uptrend. Its simple, only buy in an uptrend, only sell in a downtrend. If you don't follow that rule, you're just risking a losing trade. - In addition to the above point, make sure the time frame you're looking at is in alignment with the higher time frames. So for example if you see an uptrend on the 15min chart, and you're looking to place a buy order, make sure the price action is on an uptrend on the 1 hour chart as well. - Only risk 1-3% of your capital PER TRADE. Its so easy for us to want quick money so we try to flip an account from $100 to $10000 by risking 100% of your capital in one trade. Don't do it, no matter how confident you are in a certain trade. The reality of trading is that a good trader consistently makes 5-10% of his capital per month. When I heard that at first, its like what? That's slow money, so I try to make more than that, and I blow the account. Because that means, a $10K account only makes around $1000 a month, or a $1000 account only makes around $100 a month. Its easy to look at professionals and be like wow, he makes $3K profit per trade, how?? It's because their trading account is more than $100,000, and they still stick to the 1-3% rule. The more you have, the more you make. - Best ways to develop your skills is by back testing, demo trading, looking at charts, every single day. Experience beats theory any day. Watch all the Youtube videos you want but it will never beat experience. But the theory is still important, learn first, then implement. - Learn from as many teachers as you can, but like I said, its easy to waste your time trying to use all of their trading styles. Just pick one you like and stick to it. So those are some important points I've learned in my journey, hope it helps. Personally my trading style revolves around support & resistance, trend lines, a few patterns, and a few indicators. The teachers I like to follow are the ones who are young and rich, because I'm still 24. So some of those teachers would be like Quillian Black, Ryan Gilpin, Daniel Savage. But I still follow other traders like Akil Stokes, Adam Khoo, Navin of Urban FX, those in the Falcon FX community, etc. Not much to say about Shiva Krishnan, as I haven't fully watched his videos but he has a different trading style and I don't doubt anything he does. You mentioned you're developing a strategy around EMA's. Another trader who likes using moving averages is "Adam Khoo," I suggest checking his stuff out if you want. Another teacher I suggest is "Navin Prithyani" or Urban Forex. A lot of teachers are big into trading psychology, but no one I've found has gone as deep with it as Navin has. He literally has a course dedicated to helping improve your trading psychology.
  4. @Angelo D Hey thanks for your response, it was an interesting read. Counseling was something I've turned to in the past, and I loved it honestly. Therapy has been something suggested to me a few times, and something I thought of doing, but never got to it. I've just had months where I feel that I'm happy and don't need anything. But the things I struggle with makes me realize that there are more layers of the onion that I have to work through, and I'm not a perfect person. Even though I exercise, eat healthy, there's always something about myself that needs to change and there's always room for improvement. I'd definitely look more into it when we ever get to a point where we're out of this lockdown, or might look into calling some of the counseling phone lines.
  5. @Consilience I've watched a handful of his videos in the past but I'll definitely check them out some more thanks! Yeah there's a lot I have to work through. I fell of my meditation habit, but with all this extra time at home, I'm going to need to get back on it.
  6. @Roy I know these aren't questions you're asking me, but rather a suggestion of questions that I should ask myself. But just wanted to reply anyway. Now that I think about it, the pickup community and PUAs I was hanging around were so manipulative. They rely on using certain tips and tricks to get something out of a girl, whether its a number or sex, manipulation was so common that it got to me and I started thinking the same way they do and using certain tricks that we learn from each other. So the biggest thing that messed me up with these few girls was that I was trying to use some "psychological" trick to get them to like me. One of them was clearly into me already, but I was getting insecure and tried to act like a "fuckboy" to make me seem attractive. Pickup teaches you that "abundant" men with social proof are seen as more attractive to women. Another mistake I've had with a few other girls is that I was emotionally reactive to them. Sometimes they would not reply to a text or do something, then I would react to that in a way that makes me look insecure. Then of course, another mistake of taking too long or taking things too quick. I honestly admit to myself I have a lot to work through with myself.
  7. @IJB063 Hey thanks for taking the time to write your response. Yeah its pretty interesting actually, currently I find myself to crave social interactions more than I used to. Especially now with all the social isolation required from us, its driving me a bit insane sitting at home and having the social life I had stripped away from me. Even though I consider myself to be quite an independent, introverted type, I still want human connection in my life. Although, I do find Myers Briggs to be quite accurate. But after your suggestion, I'll definitely be more mindful about the identity I create for myself. So what do you mean exactly with this part? Don't try to fuck her at the beginning, and don't do it at my house? And the last part, "auspices" is a new word for me. Don't get with a female friend is what you're saying? Or don't befriend her first, then try and fuck her? 60+ days semen retention was my longest streak, I still watched porn at least once a week. Hmm interesting, maybe I might try that, no porn but with occasional masturbation, maybe even no masturbation.
  8. @Gili Trawangan Basically I treated most of them like an asshole because I had the wrong idea in my mind that being an asshole is attractive to women. You hear it all the time "Be different, girls don't like nice guys, nice guys finish last." But of course I know now that it doesn't mean you have to be a jerk. Then over time, going all out with it, treating random strangers like a jerk, turned me into a complete narcissist asswipe. I quit pickup back then because of who I was becoming, also there was some viral facebook posts of girls taking photos of PUA's in my area, I definitely did not want to be one of those guys. But I wasn't always a complete jerk to every girl on the street, sometimes I'd try to use another approach and genuinely connect with the girl, etc. But it still wouldn't work out. Although I do think it just didn't work out with most of them because its part of the numbers game, its a cold approach. I truly believe that it would only work out with 10% of the girls you meet. I only got the number 10% of the time, and barely any of them came out on dates unless it was solid. And so I would assume that only 5-10% of the phone numbers you get would come out on dates, depending on the connection. There were probably also other things like not focusing on the connection enough, maybe I wasn't attracted enough, maybe I was too needy, all these other things too. Cause when you're out there, sometimes we focus on warming up and doing multiple sets to build up the confidence that we forget that one of those warm up sets could be a potential mate.
  9. It's like I always come back here and post a similar thread, dating life is still the same. I'm 24, INTP personality type, I consider myself to be an above-average looking male, never had a girlfriend, still a virgin. Closest I got was that I made out with a few girls at parties, and fingered a girl, but that was all 6 years ago. Now I get nothing. I spent a year doing pickup in 2016, did over 500 cold approaches, got 50+ numbers but got barely anything out of it. I believe I took the wrong approach when talking to them. I've been on Tinder since 2015, matched with so many hot girls that I think could've been potential girlfriends but I messed it all up with them. There was 2 hot girls who would talk to me for months on Tinder and through text but I'd say some dumb shit and it messed everything up. They gave me several chances but I fucked up. I have a history of having crushes on girls with boyfriends, like "hmm maybe one fucking day they'll leave them for me." They were all just so receptive to my attention that it kept me chasing. Even til' this day, I like a girl with a boyfriend right now. I've done nofap, I've worked on myself, I gym, yet I get nothing. Now its 2020, I made the intention to work on my dating life this year, but now its come to a halt with this COVID bullshit. Now all I have is Tinder, and I'm writing this now because I messed it up with another fucking hot girl, she just unmatched me after 3 tries.%#@!Utgfshtrsh4654w6546w54y54w its frustrating.
  10. Are there certain things this person needs to practice to develop him/herself further into the stage? Is it the social conditioning? Is it the content that they consume? Does it come from certain needs/desires that they have in life? Is there anything that prevents them from developing further into the stage?
  11. What's a good strategy for building a Youtube following? How I currently think about it: In the beginning, put out a bunch of specific content, quantity over quality. Once you start to have a bit of a following, then that's when you start to focus more on the quality of the videos. You could also even look into promoting your channel somehow through sharing it on social media, advertising, etc. Also keywords, title, thumbnail is important as well. Good strategy? How would you do it?
  12. @Leo Gura I'll be honest I had no idea how many ug each tab was. Don't know how to figure that out. Didn't ask the dealer, and didn't get it sent to a lab or anything. I doubled the tabs, took them 3 days later and it definitely didn't seem like the same effect as the 1 tab. 2 tabs felt a lot more intense and I was way more in my head. Could the bad trips also be a cause of larger doses and not being prepared for it? 1 tab was enjoyable for me, but 2 tabs was a bit terrifying. And I definitely would say the 2nd trip on 2 tabs wasn't good because of what happened in my environment. I was completely fine, until I started to over-analyze my friend's behavior around me. I know shouldn't have felt this certain way because he was busy doing work, having phone calls with clients, plus computer work, but I felt like he was neglecting me even though he probably wasn't. So some negative thoughts took over my mind and the whole trip was entirely focused on that.
  13. So I tried LSD for the first time, at a friend's house. This is the 2nd psychedelic I've ever tried, the first one I've tried was magic mushrooms, but I took it improperly and I had a bad trip. I bought 3 tabs + some shrooms from a trusted dealer who went to my highschool. I bought a ehrlich test kit anyway just to be safe and to make sure. It turned purple so it was definitely LSD. I took a week off work so I could try this psychedelic and have this trip. It was Monday, no responsibilities at all, decided to trip with a good friend I've known for over 10 years at his place. He was my trip sitter while he was working on some things in a separate room. We agreed on him checking up on me every 15-30mins. Setting was perfect, it was a nice room with a large window and a large bed. Friend had a bluetooth speaker so I played some music on that. For this first trip, I decided to take 1 tab just to see what the effects are like on me. I held the tab under my tongue, and I started to feel the effects within' 45mins. I smoke weed quite frequently, so I was comparing it to a body high similar to what you feel on marijuana. Within' that first hour, I felt very concerned with how I needed to show my appreciation to my friend for letting me trip at his place. When he checked up on me, I let him know how much I appreciated it, then I gave him a hug. I think my emotions were heightened at this point. 2 hours in, I believe was the peak of the high. No visuals, just an intense body high. Nothing made any sense. This high felt very relaxing and I felt like doing nothing at all. I brought my laptop with me, but I didn't feel like doing anything other than sit in the bed and listen to some music. Listened to some hip-hop jazz and some electronic dance music. Had some really good conversations with my friend during this experience. Later on, the effects started to wear off, and I still felt like I haven't even experienced the peak yet. I was quite disappointed but overall it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Since the last trip was quite underwhelming, I decided to trip again in that same week on Thursday. I decided to take 2 tabs, because I was looking for some profound spiritual experiences that is often talked about in this community. Same thing, tripped at my friend's place, listened to some music, but on 2 tabs this time. Started to feel the effects 30-45mins in, starting off with the same body high that I previously experienced. At around 2 hours, was the peak of the experience. Emotions were heightened, nothing made sense, had some slight visuals where the window curtains were quite wavy along with some rainbow colors. During this 2nd hour, it got pretty bad. I started to have negative thoughts taking over my mind. I was comparing this trip to my last trip on Monday. I started to have thoughts like my friend was neglecting me, and that I was probably bothering him when he was doing work. We didn't have the same deep conversations like we did on Monday so that was probably why I felt neglected. This felt a bit upsetting to me, and it distracted me from doing the contemplation that I wanted to do during this trip. This entire trip was mainly about me and my friend, when it should have been about me thinking about my other personal relationships such as with family or co-workers. I told him I know I shouldn't be feeling this way, but I feel neglected. He made an effort to converse with me but my mind was in space and couldn't have a proper conversation. I felt very needy, my emotions were heightened and I felt like I needed him to check up on me more often than he was. I also had no sense of time, so it felt very long since he last checked on me. Effects started to wear off around the 3rd or 4th hour, and things started to make more sense. I told him that now the effects are worn off, I know I shouldn't have felt that way because it was definitely the drugs. Overall, this 2nd trip wasn't the best. It was emotionally overwhelming, had a lot of negative thoughts running through my mind. But in this trip, I learned that I need some time away from people in order to have the best conversations with them the next time I see them. I already knew that, but this experience made it a lot more clearer for me. I didn't experience "God" or "ego-death" but hopefully the time will come next time I ever try psychedelics. But for now I'm going to stay away from them for a couple months.
  14. I'm at a point in my life where I feel the need to focus on dating, relationships, and becoming an attractive male overall. With that being said, I'd like to focus more on doing masculine practices to improve my masculinity. Most spiritual practices for me are at a pause for me at the moment. I've previously done a couple years of meditation, but I don't know how much of it has directly impacted my level of masculinity and in what way. I have a feeling I might get some answers related to Leo's video on full-circle, but I prefer not to have those answers here. I'll watch the video if I want to hear about that. Is meditation a feminine practice?
  15. I often notice this about myself, and how I act this way with co-workers at work. I often only socialize with those who work the same position as me, and those who I work closely with. I rarely speak to others who have nothing to do with me, even if I want to speak to them. I only speak to them if they’re around me like in the changing room. And so, there’s this girl I’m interested in, she’s a server, I’m a cook. We were starting to have somewhat of a relationship, but now its been dying out quickly because of me. Its tough to keep it consistent when we work the same shift, but not directly together. Any suggestions on overcoming this? Best solution I can think of, is to change my position into something that works a bit closer with her. Other than that, I think maybe I could practice cold approach with strangers for the short-term confidence. Thoughts would be appreciated.