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  1. The nurse who injected me told me that they use a larger dose for Moderna than Pfizer, and that's why there's often reports talking about how Moderna is more effective. So maybe this explains why there's stronger side effects with Moderna. I'm glad I chose Pfizer, I'd rather take a smaller dose
  2. I'm going to look into it some more. Housing prices in my city (Vancouver, BC) though are unaffordable so it's almost impossible to get into real estate out here. I think we're somewhere at the top in the world's most expensive housing market list. Housing in Alberta though is really cheap so if I'm going to get into real estate I'm definitely going down there. I thought last time you were just asking me rhetorical questions for me to contemplate on. But it is true, money for me is the main focus. But like you said I have yet to connect the dots, although I do think I'm getting there. When it comes to the content that I make, I think it's important for me to set the intention of doing it for the benefit of others rather than my own or doing it as a way to try and get quick money. I've definitely been down this road of desperation, trying to make a quick profit but it has never worked out. And the more and more I get burned the more it's starting to become clear for me that this certainly isn't the way, so I'm definitely getting there. Slow and steady.
  3. I'd say both have their pros and cons. A credit loan could be a useful tool for someone who wants to trade but doesn't have the money today so credit gives the option for them to pay in installments. Maybe for example there's a good deal in the market where prices crashed 90% and so they wanted to buy but didn't have the cash on hand so they decide to get a loan. But of course like you pretty much said, they still run the risk of losing all that money then they'd have to pay it all back + interest. So I agree a credit card loan can be an automatic loser, but it's a slow burn of X% per year. If they could find some way to flip that money and become profitable then it could definitely work out. Maybe it won't happen in the stock market but I could see it happening if they know how to flip cars, housing, smartphones, collectibles, etc. Whereas with margin, you don't have to pay back the borrowed money or any interest so in that case it is superior to credit, but you'd need to have your own capital to even begin with. Plus you could lose your initial investment entirely within a single day or hour depending on how much leverage or margin you're using so margin really is playing with fire. And of course their level of risk also depends on whether they're using the loan or margin to make long-term or short-term bets in the market. So whichever financial instrument someone finds superior to the other depends on the person and their situation. Both can be useful tools. Personally though, I'd agree margin is superior to credit. The only situation credit would make sense is to use it as a tool to buy real estate or start a business, or item flipping if they have the skills.
  4. @SLuxy Self sabotage. I've been struggling with something similar over the years. Things go well in terms of my finances, then I lose it all. Things go well with a girl, then I behave in an idiotic needy way that turns them off. I start some sort of endeavor which shows some results, then I drop it completely because of doubts. You're right it could be related to trauma, but personally I think it mainly has more to do with our comfort zone. Wherever our comfort zone is, we're likely to return back to it mentally and/or physically. If someone were to try and permanently move to a foreign country after living in Canada their whole life for example, chances are they'll probably move back to Canada because that's just where their comfort zone is. Same thing happens with what we've got going on here. If it's some sort of business you're working on and you quit, mentally that's the return to what we know or what's "normal" for us. If we've spent several years playing video games and watching porn, then all of a sudden we try something new, self-sabotage will most likely come into play and ruin what we've got going on so that we can go back to playing video games and watching porn. If you've spent your whole life single and you try to date.. You get the point. The most practical thing to do, is to take more action and gain more experiences. If you resonate with what I'm saying here, then I can say that more experiences will help you get you out of your comfort zone, and help create a new "normal" for you. If doing nothing and getting no results is normal for you, then change it and do more. And on top of that, I understand that you're looking for practical solutions but I promise you this one is quite practical as well, be mindful of your self-sabotaging behavior. Notice when it happens, and contemplate it. Developing awareness around this type of behavior will ultimately lead to correction.
  5. Margin trading is sort of different though, that's where you "borrow" money from a broker to magnify your existing capital. I don't see it as literally borrowing money because they don't literally hand you the money. And you could never get to a point where you can lose that "borrowed" money because losses are only limited to 100% of your own capital. So with margin all you're doing is amplifying your gains & losses without literally borrowing money. And yeah it is stupid cause I've traded with margin/leverage before and I've lost a lot of money. But I'm talking about taking out a loan from the bank or using credit card debt to invest for the long-term, not to make short-term trades. I've been thinking about it though these past couple hours, and it's probably not the best idea. Maybe though if I could pay 100% of it off in a short period of time but I think I'm better off just investing my own money over the months with every single paycheck. To be honest though, if market prices get extremely low, buying with credit is a risk that I'd be willing to take. Obviously not now though, prices across all financial markets are way too high.
  6. @Leo Gura If it's going to be a video, maybe mention your age recommendation in the beginning of the video? I'm hoping my previous thread helped shed some light on the fact that there's a few teenagers who watch Leo's content who take psychedelics mainly because of the fact that Leo talks about them. On this thread Leo recommends psychedelics to those who are ages 21+, and there's a 17 year old who admit that he takes psychedelics:
  7. Lately I've been thinking of using debt to my advantage in order to grow my money, because it seems that's how most people build wealth, through leverage. Of course it's common for people to borrow money to buy real estate, and I believe that's how the majority of millionaires are made. But is it common for people to borrow money to invest in the financial markets such as stocks or crypto for example? Personally I haven't thought of this until recently. I've been using my own money to trade & invest in the markets when I could've used credit this whole time. I'm someone who hasn't ever taken out a loan in my life and I'm 25. Luckily my credit score is pretty decent, and I've been paying everything off with my own money. I try to minimize my expenses as much as possible though of course so I haven't really found a need to borrow money. Obviously there's more risk involved, and high interest rates, I understand that. Interest rates are usually 17-22%, so if I could put my money somewhere that will get me a decent ROI which is greater than the 17-22%, then it could actually work out. Any of you have any advice or personal experiences with this that you'd like to share?
  8. Pfizer After several forum threads questioning the vaccine, I finally decided to take my first dose. I wouldn't say I've done enough questioning and I haven't fully understood both pro & anti-vaxx perspectives, but I went ahead with it anyway and took it yesterday. Mainly because it's time to go back to work and vaccine passports are now required to enter certain businesses where I live. Soreness in the area that was injected. Fatigue, a 10 minute nap turned into a 5 hour sleep session. Chills. A bit of muscle & joint pain and that's about it. As I'm writing this it's been about 19 hours since I took the jab.
  9. Should psychedelics be limited to certain age groups for consumption (or purchase if they were legal)? Of course in the US they have the legal drinking age at 21, or 19 years old here in Canada. Should this type of minimum age requirement be applied to psychedelic drugs? Or would you personally recommend psychedelic drugs to anyone at any age? Basically I'm just asking if there's a consensus when it comes to what ages should or should not take these drugs. Personally I was thinking of an age limit for each individual drug based on the potency of the drug. For example: LSD, Shrooms - Ages 19+ Peyote, MDMA, Salvia, 2C-B - Ages 21+ Ayahuasca, DMT, 5-MEO DMT, - Ages 25+ I've only done LSD & Shrooms so I might've done a poor job with these age limits. Maybe 5-MEO could even be age 30+? I write this thread because I often believe that younger ages are more susceptible to delusion or other serious side-effects with these drugs compared to those who are older, generally speaking. This is all hypothetical of course, but what are your recommended ages for these drugs? Do you believe there should be these limitations or do you think these drugs are fine for anyone like teenagers to take as well? We would assume that Leo's work attracts an older audience in their 30s, 40s, or older, but it seems to me that there are some teenagers or people in their early 20s in this community. And I was one of those people (still young today though), I found out about Leo when I was 19. Once Leo started talking about psychedelics that's when I started using them, around 20-21 years old. I sort of wished that I waited a bit until I was older to take them but I took them anyway. Not that it was a huge mistake or anything but I wouldn't say I was mature enough back then. I think this is a pretty important thread and I don't think anyone is talking about this.
  10. @Leo Gura Any tips on how to find those popular and mainstream topics? Google Trends is the only tool that I know of and use.
  11. Thanks, going to take this advice into consideration
  12. For someone who is just starting out with any sort of content creation, should they be releasing their worst content first then release their best content later? I'm under the impression that it's a good idea to release low-quality content first to my small following, then as I grow with more views & followers I'll be releasing better content. Good strategy or not? It might sound like a good answer for someone to say to just release great content at all times but I think that's a bit time consuming just for that one piece of content to get 10-50 views. It makes more sense to me that we should be focusing on quantity over quality in the beginning. Although, I've seen a few channels where it seems like they've already had a bit of success from the beginning. Their first few videos aren't the best but those videos already had hundreds or thousands of views, unless subscribers just re-visited their old videos which brought the view count up. There are also channels that released above-average content at the very beginning, it doesn't seem like they've gone through a phase of releasing shitty content which got them 10 views per video, unless they've deleted them. It's like the Youtube channels that are already successful now have been great from the beginning, as if they were just made for this. Leo's channel for example. If you look at his old videos from 8 years ago with him at the playground, of course those videos aren't as great as his newer content but those videos already have thousands of views, how? The only thing that explains this to me is that subscribers just revisited his old videos + it grew in terms of views organically over those 8 years. Still though, even a couple hundred views from the beginning is great. I've never really seen a successful channel where their first few videos have under 100 views. So what is it, quantity over quality in the beginning? Or the other way around?
  13. Exactly, how about you ask others instead of assuming that they don't know? All I can tell you is what I know through an ego-death experience that I've had through LSD. Just imagine what it's like to exist, but you exist with no human senses. No thoughts, no feelings, no sense of touch, sight, sound, hearing, taste, smell. Lights off completely, and all that is left is your awareness. You exist but you don't exist as a human being, you exist as nothing. Your sense of self is completely non-existent. And since there's no human thoughts or feelings of suffering or needing anything, then what else could there be? People will say nothing, love, consciousness, infinity, or whatever else. But what I personally experienced through that recent experience of mine was just pure bliss. There was no memory or thought that physical life even existed, it all just disappeared as if it were just a dream that I had. How else can it be other than this? So, this is what I know. It's been a while since I've watched Leo's video on death, but I recommend that you watch it if you haven't. I believe he mentions in the video, the same exact thing that I just mentioned here.
  14. Okay, so your position assumes that it's impossible to know what death is unless you physically die. And how do you know that it's not possible to know through higher states of consciousness or spiritual work? How do you know it's not possible through meditation? How do you know it's not possible through self-inquiry? How do you know it's not possible to know through asking existential questions? How do you know it's not possible to know through psychedelics? How do you know it's not possible to know?
  15. How do you know that anyone here doesn't know?