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  1. Personally, this is one reason why I took some time away from this forum. As a keyboard warrior myself, I admit it, I've had a couple debates here and there on this forum. If I were to say why I did it? It seems to be some kind of mental exercise/mental masturbation for us. It's fun. I love when I have a conversation with other people who have the same interests as me. I'm really deep into this inner work stuff and you will rarely ever meet anyone out there who do the same. So its so easy to come to the forums and discuss ideas, thoughts, insights, etc. Then it sometimes leads to a debate, and a whole game of "who has the most knowledge, or bigger picture understanding." But at the same time these people I argue with also seem to come from the perspective of trying to help others. From what I've seen, it seems like these people also come from the perspective of teaching what is right and wrong. For example, "The theory says chasing money is wrong, so don't do it its UNSUSTAINABLE!" Personally I identify myself as a strong orange on the Spiral Dynamics model at the moment with some green and yellow. And when I talk about my success goals, that's when the keyboard warriors start attacking me and saying success is wrong. And I'd say it seems to come from a place of neurosis when you're always thinking about what is right and wrong. Really cause in my opinion its all about pursuing what you want in life, and letting things happen naturally. If this is my paradigm, then let it be. If that's where you stand in your level of development, let it be. I honestly truly believe you can't change anyone who is stuck in a certain paradigm through a forum paragraph of "do this and that, this is right and this is wrong." I'd say it could take years to change someone else, depending on several factors. Anyways, that's why I took some time away from here. Those are my thoughts on the whole thing. I remember Leo talked about something like this in one of his videos. He said something like, "Are you a hyena or a manta ray?" Hyenas are the one arguing on the forums, manta rays are the ones on the sidelines not saying nothing. What's the point of arguing with someone else who has another perspective, forreal.
  2. Work on building your discipline. This is one thing I've been thinking of lately which seems to separate someone the most from the people around them. A lot of people are held back from doing what is important in life because of their emotions. At times it could seem like people who don't put in the work that is required for building a healthy lifestyle or a project for example, are lazy, but instead maybe its because they haven't built up any discipline in their earlier years. How do you develop your discipline? This is a question I asked myself today honestly. I don't even think you can work on it directly but I think its a combination of many things. Gym, healthy eating, getting rid of temptations, waking up on time, sleeping early, reading, meditation, to name a few. Then with discipline, you can pretty much do emotionally difficult things without resistance.
  3. @kingroboto
  4. As I think about my past, I’ve noticed that I tend to sabotage some of the things that go well in my life. Mainly around money, but in other areas as well like relationships and progress in the gym. Could it be that I am earning these things too fast and that causes me to self-sabotage? I have a feeling I have a certain “ceiling” or resistance point that I can’t break through, which causes me to resist and bring me back to my original level. With money for example, back then as a teen I worked a lot and saved up a couple thousand and spent it on bad investments. Went down to 0. And recently cryptocurrencies blew up last summer til’ Dec 2017. I made a couple thousand too fast, got greedy and held it through the decline. Now My portfolio is down 90% at this point. I can give a ton of examples of this behavior in my life, but what are some tips on how to get rid self-sabotaging behavior? I’m pretty sure a longer term mindset would help, cause I still have a bit of short-term thinking in my life that I need to weed out. And I have already been meditating, and its crazy to me how deep this self-sabotaging behavior is no matter how much inner-work I’ve been doing. Although I wouldn’t say its an extreme case that it ruins everything in my life, but I’d say its in the middle.
  5. Mastery by George Leonard and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Way of the Superior Man by David Deida is another good one as well. All pretty much related to achieving success in your relationships with people and increasing your productivity in life.
  6. Leo came a long way
  7. @White hmm, I just felt like I didn't fully understand it yet. Also just wanted to hear some thoughts on the topic
  8. The type of people I never get to meet in person
  9. @White I didn't say it was wrong, that's why I had it in quotation marks. I recently had a debate on these forums which is why I posted this topic. If you look through my profile you might find exactly what I'm talking about. So in a sense I was conditioned to think it was wrong because that recent debate got me thinking that way. That person's beliefs rubbed off onto me. Also didn't say it means that you would put up with it. I'm kind of saying that in some cases it would be smart to work on your external situation rather than prioritize your inner world.
  10. I hear this quite a bit in Self-actualization theory, but I guess don't completely understand it. My understanding of it is that, its "wrong" to just run away from an external circumstance like abusive parents for example, without doing the inner work to accept any of it. So if you just run away from any of your external circumstances, in the back of your mind it still bothers you in a sense. Or if you ever fall back into that same circumstance, you'll also fall back into the state of mind of not being able to accept it. Since a huge part of self-actualization is about accepting life the way it is, that's why it would be considered "wrong" right? But what about those who live in poverty, or cities with huge crime rates? Wouldn't it be a smart move to work on trying to get out of the city first rather than to prioritize the inner work of accepting reality? At least that's what I think. If you put your shoes into those who live in those types of cities, I would think that inner work is the last thing you would ever think of when you constantly hear gunshots outside, screaming, broken windows, yelling, etc. Not everyone has the luxury of sitting in a quiet room to go and meditate, or sit outside and enjoy nature. Thoughts?
  11. He was definitely an interesting human being. I remember watching a ton of his interviews and livestreams back in the day. He seemed to have a strong belief in good karma and bad karma. Which is the reason why he used to have his hair half black half yellow. Plus all of that seemed to really describe his character. He always seemed to have a good and evil side to him based on how he displayed himself as through social media and his music. Definitely accomplished a lot, his music was very unique. rip x
  12. @Leo Gura This is my suggestion, an in depth video on the trap of people emulating the ideal self-actualized human being, rather than being honest with where they are at in their current level of development. Or something along those lines. Even mistaking memorization of theory as actual growth, would be a part of this trap or this topic I am going to talk about here. And not just with self-actualization and theory, but pretty much anything that has to do with theory and improving your character. So for example we can apply this theory to someone's growth journey as a Pickup Artist. Or someone's journey on the way to becoming successful, etc. I think the closest videos to this suggestion are Leo's "Dropping The Roles You Play" video, and I guess I would say Leo's "Learning = Behavior Change" video. Also important to understand the "Theory vs Practice video as well." This has been one of the insights that I've been thinking about for a couple months now because I think its so fundamental to my growth in my self-actualization journey, and for anyone else who is on the journey of self-actualization as well. Because this seems to be the easiest trap to fall into! Often times we mistake our knowledge, or memorization of theory as true inner growth. When in reality, memorizing theory is only good for your high school final exam and doesn't create tangible results for you in the real world. For someone to truly embody the theory, they have to deeply understand it and apply it in their lives. Then once you have understood the concept and applied it, then your behavior and thinking process would change subconsciously in alignment with that theory. There's a good quote that goes, "Knowing is not enough, we must apply." So watching YouTube videos and reading books does not help you grow. You can use that memorization of that theory to talk to your friends about and debate with them so you can sound smart, but that is not growth. An example of this would be, a beta male listening to pickup advice then acting all tough like an alpha male to try and attract women. From the outside perspective, you can tell that he's faking it and it just comes off as insecurity. Insecurity because he's not acting authentically with himself and the girl, he's acting in accordance to what the theory told him. But if he truly did embody the theory, things would be a whole lot different. To truly embody the theory does not take an hour or a day. It could take weeks, months, or even years of letting the theory guide you in your constant trial and error process. Seeing it happen in your life, contemplating it, and seeing it happen in other people's lives. Then once he's got all that down, the growth should come naturally, and his behavior would change in accordance to the theory without him even thinking about it. I've even fell into this trap a lot in the past which is why all of this is so important to me. And a quick example is that I was on the pickup journey at one point in my life and I implemented the wrong theory into my interactions with females and it just turned into a whole mess. I did the same thing for about a year which is why I didn't get a whole lot of results. I implemented the theory of "Be an asshole and girls will like you. Don't be the nice guy." So that's what I did. I took it too literally. I was a manipulative dick to most of the girls I approached and they wouldn't set up a date with me or anything. In the end, that destroyed my character and my inner world. I turned into a narcissist and I had a TON of inner demons to deal with. Glad I've got that all handled now. I also think that its important for newbies to know that with any coaches or instructors out there that they may listen to, are usually speaking from the perspective of someone who has grown to a "higher" level. So if a coach talks about "detachment from outcome", the newbie may listen to that theory and feel the need to implement it right away. And usually when its their first time hearing that, then they think that if they detach from outcome then they will end up just sitting on the couch and not going for what they want. When if you're someone who understands that theory, its not really something that you can implement today, but instead its more of a theory that you naturally to grow into. Its a behavior change. Its a way of living. "Knowing is not enough, we must apply."
  13. @Key Elements In Canada we're only allowed to trade with online brokers that are regulated by the IIROC. I mean that's the case if you want to trade Forex, but I'm pretty sure its the same idea if you want to trade stocks as well. I tried to sign up for the US version of TD Amertrade for stock investing and it didn't work. So I might as well sign up with a Canadian based online broker that is regulated by the IIROC, and which is also partnered with my local bank so that adds more trust. Plus its so much easier to fund my account if you can do it all through online banking. Plus we still can trade the US stocks so I don't see the need to switch to a US-based broker