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  1. @Shiva Let me add a few more points. You mentioned Amazon ‘may’ end at some point, which I can agree with, but same thing with everything else. Nothing lasts forever, and nothing is guaranteed. Same with a job, you can get fired or laid off unexpectedly. Or someone’s life can be taken tomorrow unexpectedly. I’ve seen those headlines too of “Amazon may fail in the future!!” But that doesn’t mean its expected in the short term. Maybe in the future when Amazon has a competitor who has technology that teleports products to your house through the computer, or if Amazon makes more mistakes that causes them to go bankrupt. And I think the whole point of the wage slavery video is to lead people in the direction of independence, and to earn their own money. Because that’s honestly what self-actualization/spirituality seems to be about. It’s about leaning away from society and its norms. Which can be hard for a lot of people to accept, but that’s just the reality of the path. So I don’t think I would say he was specifically talking about just repetitive robotic jobs, but all jobs. Not that I’m trying to prolong the debate here, just wanted to get it off my mind share my insight.
  2. @Shiva Okay I can see where you’re coming from now and I can appreciate that. I definitely don’t know any other job other than the mind-numbing robotic work because that’s what I do currently. Where I currently work is my first ever 9-5 full time job at 23, which doesn’t require school. Previously I’ve only worked restaurant jobs, they were fun, but they still felt grindy and somewhat robotic. My current job would be perfect if a few things changed. Its literally a 10min bike ride away from where I live, I get to listen to music/podcasts, I can leave any time, and more. But the biggest thing I don’t like is that I have a manipulative chinese boss. So you can understand why I don’t like my 9-5. And I agree, it definitely comes down to the individual, how they grew up, their capabilities, etc. In school I’ve always chose to hang out by myself, so I didn’t have the friends to talk me into going to some amazing University school. I was always independent, made my own decisions. So that’s a big reason why I don’t have a 9-5 that requires school. And that’s one reason why entrepreneurship is so appealing because in most cases it requires independence. Which most self-actualizers should have? Meditation usually leads to independence, or requires you to be. And most jobs require you to depend on a boss, and their paycheck. So even if I got a 9-5 that you’re explaining here, I don’t think I’d enjoy it. I like working by myself.
  3. @purerogue What is this guy even talking about? I’ve failed for 5 years pursuing entrpreneurship, and I still persist. I’m finally seeing little results. All you’re doing is making assumptions about me. Plus you’re not even telling me what you do, probably nothing cause all you’re doing is talking down on other people to make yourself feel better. I’m not making up any fairy tales, there are people who actually develop their trading skills and get results.
  4. @Shiva And sorry for being so blunt on this thread. I’m just an angry youth writing views. Drake reference anyone? Nvm.
  5. @Shiva I already understand everything you just said. I never said it was my life purpose, I never said I would rely on it for my entire life, I never said it wasn’t competitive. And it sounds like you’re speaking from the assumption that I don’t know anything about it. I’m currently on my second product after my first one failed. First one failed because I jumped into it without learning. Although even though it failed, its done over $650 in slow sales, 1 unit every 2-3 days for a $34.95 product. Now I’ve got the courses, plus I track how much time I actually put into it with the “Toggl” app. Currently I’m at 31 hours just with this second product. And that’s probably over a span of a month or two. At first it requires a lot of time doing product research, creating the listing, negotiating with suppliers, product package design, etc. But once its live, the main thing you have to focus on now is PPC advertising. Figuring out which keywords convert and which don’t and are costing you money. Which doesn’t take 5 hours, it can be less than 2 hours a day. Yes the US marketplace is getting more competitive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find more opportunities. You have to do hours of product research to find a product with low competition. And notice how I said US marketplace. You can expand into the UK, Canada, etc. which have less competition, and is still in its infancy. Amazon deals with customer support. I literally bought my own product recently to take pictures of it and it got lost in transit. Who gave me the refund, and who dealed with my own order? Fuckin’ Rahul J from the Amazon support team whoever that is, not me. Amazon to me is a means to an end. Which it should be for everyone pursuing it.
  6. @purerogue Tell me this, have you tried trading? That’s the only thing that matters right now. Have you tried and committed to it? If not then no one cares about your little opinion. Just like everything else, it takes time and effort to become good. Trading is a skill you can develop, that is what no one here understands. Just like marketing is a skill, just like web development, etc. it all takes TIME. It can take years to become a good trader, you don’t just jump in without not knowing what to do. My opinion is more valid than people who don’t know a THING about trading. You literally said trading depends on how the company does with their clients. That literally makes no sense. And you haven’t told me what you do in life, tell me what you do. If you have a successful business, if you’ve done years of meditation, if you’re in shape and eat really healthy then I care about your opinion. If not, then I don’t care.
  7. @purerogue See, that’s the average people mentality. All they do is limit themselves and focus on the negatives rather than the positives. Tell me what you do in life, if you don’t get results then stop talking to me with your broken english.
  8. @purerogue Sorry I don’t understand your english there.
  9. @purerogue Client in my definition is someone you provide your services to. For example you’re a life coach and you provide coaching services to someone, a client. Or if you sell wholesale, and you sell your products to other businesses, then that would also be a “client.” I don’t know if I agree with your point with the company doing well with clients, but you aren’t involved in how the company does. You just sit there and analyze charts. And Forex markets don’t move based on how well a company does, it moves mainly based on how the economy does, and you don’t control the economy. Risky is what everyone says but the 1/10 people will develop the skills necessary to do well. And almost all business is risky anyway.
  10. @purerogue Lol nope. Amazon FBA, not my “life purpose” but that is a business model that doesn’t require clients. Yes customers but that’s different. You put in the hard work in the beginning, then later on it requires less and less time once its live, and when you got your ads running. Amazon handles all the customer support, etc. Trading Forex, just requires a computer, no human interaction. And that applies to stocks, options, etc. as well.
  11. @Shiva It sort of bothers me that you’re justifying being an employee, sorry to say. I understand that, in mose cases entrepreneurs do work more than employees. Especially if they run a huge company that can probably lead to working 24/7, but that’s mainly if you don’t choose to outsource your work. Yes a lot of the time self-employment means working with clients, but believe it or not there are other ways of making money that don’t require having clients. And I say that because I’m working on a few things that don’t require that. I don’t really enjoy working with clients, so I lean towards business models that don’t.
  12. @Anton Rogachevski Who cares, its not like I’m going to die if I use negative motivation. I use a combination of both positive and negative motivation, both can be useful tools towards achieving the external results that you want. And don’t reply giving me a list of the downsides of negative motivation, I understand what it is and the downside of it because I’ve experienced it myself. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, both positive and negative motivation have their pros and cons. And I’m already taking the necessary steps because I go for what I want, I don’t complain and I actually get stuff done. Now I’m finally seeing some results and that's the only thing that matters. Funny that you’re talking about “comfort.” Working a job falls into the category of “comfort” does it not? Of course he works harder because he gained a position of power. To get in a position of power takes work. But my whole point is that its most likely just like that with whoever controlled the actual slaves in the past. They had to work to gain a position of power in order to control the slaves. And another point is that, why are we not the ones in power at our job? That makes us the slaves because we’re not the ones in power and we’re working for someone else’s business for tiny crumbs, hence the term “wage slavery.” I didn’t say they were sad? Where have I made that assumption
  13. Well, the truth hurts, and its easier to avoid it rather than to acknowledge it. As a 9-5 worker myself, I see the idea of "wage slavery" as a reminder that where I work is not what I want to be doing for my entire life. We might have different definitions of "freedom" but in reality, you're basically stuck there until 5pm. Especially if that's your only source of income and you have all these bills to pay like a mortgage, then you're literally stuck there until age 65 unless you want to drop everything or find another source of income. Plus its a perspective that most people don't have the ability to see. These wage slavery videos are showing the blind people the way. These videos can save people's lives if its their first time hearing about the topic of wage slavery. They might think "hmm, I've been following the wrong path, maybe I'll apply it and go do this." Freedom to me is working whenever I want, and going wherever I want, whenever. If I want to go to the beach on a Monday afternoon then I can do that without worrying about going to work. I mean for me personally, even though my job allows me to somewhat leave whenever, and take vacation whenever, which I'm quite grateful for, I still consider it being locked up or slavery. It's called "wage slavery" for a reason. You're a slave to an hourly wage paycheck every 2 weeks while the owner is making more money than you. All we get are crumbs. You don't fall under the "wage slave" category if you're the one making the profits. Profits are better than wages. If you saw where I work, its quite sad. 90% of the people I work with are over 50-60 years old, working in an old chocolate factory. I definitely don't want to be one of those people. The only way you'd end up like them is if you don't understand the idea of "wage slavery" and if you don't have the ability to follow through and work on your business or purpose. Obviously escaping takes time, you need to survive somehow by working a job which is fine. No one is judging you for that, but the whole point is to escape at some point and not be there until 65.
  14. If I were to be honest with myself, I’ve made quite a bit of “wrong” decisions in the past. I’ve lost money, wasted time, hung out with the wrong friends which lead to other idiotic decisions, etc. I mean I wouldn’t really say I have any deep regrets because I think of them as learning experiences. I’ve always made my decisions out of pure emotions. But these days I can say its getting a lot better though. Although still having difficulty trying to decide when to move out of my parents home and quit my job that I dislike. What are some ways to practice better decision making?
  15. Sure it bothers me sometimes too when this girl talks about being spiritual when she doesn't even meditate, but I think a lot of people go through this mistake. Probably almost everyone has and will experience this, it's a common newbie mistake. Even I've gone through it, maybe I'm still going through it to some small degree, but eventually you grow out of it after some time and realize you're further back than you expected. And it doesn't just happen in personal development, I think it happens in a lot of other areas of life like entrepreneurship. Newbie entrepreneurs watch Gary Vee, think they're the shit and think they have a sustainable business but all they do is flip thrift store clothing on Instagram and realize entrepreneurship is harder than they thought. It's a common newbie mistake, fuck it. Might as well criticize elementary school kids too for not understanding university level teachings