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  1. @bejapuskas I say give pickup a try, it could help you deepen your understanding of Orange. If you don’t like it then just simply stop and find another route. Not sure if most psychologists understand Spiral Dynamics, especially if her services are free. But of course I don’t know her. Generally speaking, what they teach in school about psychology are the basic topics like personality, body language, personality disorders, family, etc. I think would be quite rare to find a psycholgist who understands what Leo talks about. But you can definitely go ahead and talk to her about dating/relationships. That’s a topic she may know about.
  2. @bejapuskas I mean I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on this topic but some practical suggestions for you would be: Join meetup groups in your area If you’re in highschool, join clubs and meet more people Go the Orange pickup route and approach girls your age in public. Move out of your country or state Meet more people who would possibly introduce you to their friends or family. Then one thing leads to another you might meet your future girlfriend. Of course not a lot of people have the luxury of moving out of their country but I’m just throwing some suggestions out there. There’s not a lot to say on the theory side of things because it all boils down to taking the practical steps and just going out there and meeting people. One thing to add though is try not to judge people for where they stand on the spiral. It can be very limiting and if you just want to date girls Yellow and above then you will be searching for a very long time. Just look for girls who you can connect with on a romantic level. Not necessarily on an intellectual level because attraction isn’t mainly about how well you guys can connect on an intellectual level. Besides, you can always be the one that encourges them to grow along with you down the road. Just try not to lecture them.
  3. @bejapuskas They would be assumptions if I made statements claiming things about you. For example, “No you’re not yellow, I know everything about your life, you are stage red and blue.” Where have I made my assumptions? Next time use the quote feature on this forum and quote me. I would be more than happy to explain what I mean. And I’m not making assumptions about the blue/green/orange/yellow individuals. I’m sharing my insights, from personal experience, and knowledge from 2 different sources which is Leo’s videos, and spiraldynamicsintegral.nl. Plus, I use the words “Generally speaking” or “unlikely.” If you don’t understand it or don’t see it as valid ideas, then I don’t really care. Again, my own insights here and referring to Leo’s videos, if you see it as an assumption, then that’s your persepctive on it and that doesn’t matter to me. But what I’m trying to say about yellow isn’t about rejecting others, or being an asshole or an arrogant cockhead. To others it may seem that way but in reality he/she is mainly just in his/her head about complex analysis and ideas, etc. They work on the sidelines, and don’t care too much about validation or love from others. The stage yellow person doesn’t make a conscious effort to go and be cold and distant around others, its just who they are and it just happens. Sure you can try and show affection with people and socialize but that’s acting out of integrity and it doesn’t last too long. This is who I am, I’m basically describing my life, and again, if you view it as an assumption of yellow, just go to the site I shared with you or Leo’s videos to see if what I’m saying matches up. And you’re right, Yellow can find these people but they are not easy to find. This is one thing I struggle with, I only know 1 person in my life who watches Leo’s videos. Sometimes I make the effort to try to meet these people, but most of the time I don’t because I’m not in school, I just focus on my work at home. Although meetup groups may seem like a good idea but I’m mainly focused on what I do. By the way did you read my edit in my last post? Don’t know if you have, doesn’t seem like you responded to it on the last post. Oh well
  4. @bejapuskas Notice how I haven’t really made the mistake of making any assumptions about you. And I definitely didn’t tell you what color you are. In my post previous to this one, I also said “I don’t know what you life is like.” Actually, there can be Orange adults who aren’t pragmatic. Pragmatism is important for everyone and every stage on the spiral, even stage turquoise. An unhealthy stage turquoise person can be stuck in spirituality too much and not take any action. An unhealthy yellow person can analyze way too much in their head and invent impossible businesses that seem like it would solve all our problems but its not pragmatic. Imagine Leo is Turquoise, which obviously we don’t know. And imagine he wasn’t pragmatic and stopped making actualized.org videos because he was stuck meditating in a cave. Wouldn’t that be a problem for him and for all his viewers? I didn’t say yellow people lack social skills. I’m saying its “unlikely” for them to build a ton of relationships. Generally speaking, they tend to value learning over love or friendships. Personally I think that Yellow should have decent social skills after living through Orange. Orange is the phase where ‘most people’ would take action, do pickup, network with other businessmen, go to toastmasters, etc. Especially with yellow being able to view life through multiple perspectives, they have the ability to re-visit the stages below them. If it makes sense for a certain situation in their life, they will go ahead and do that. If the yellow person needs to make some money, they will look back ar stage Orange, and try and implement some of those insights they’ve learned at that stage into some business. If they understand that they’re too cold and distant around their family, then they will go back to green and try to reconnect with them a little bit. Edit: Another thing I wanted to add and ask is, if you’ve reached green and above, what happened to Orange? You mentioned “it didn’t really work.” Then now you’re green. Orange is actually a very important stage to go through. And if you’re 15, how could you have been through it all? Orange usually occurs when one develops some pragmatism, then maybe looks into entrepreneurship. And it doesn’t necessarily mean entrepreneurship but I would say it could mean taking business courses at school, finance, etc. or picking up a sales job. So I don’t know how you view it, but to try to reach the top as fast as possible isn’t the most ideal thing to do. This is my assumption but it seems like you’re proud of being 15 and reaching stage green as quick as possible. That’s another reason why its hard for someone to say that you’ve reached yellow because to reach yellow means to fully understand and experience the stages below it. Watching videos doesn’t count. If you’re curious I am mainly referring to my own knowledge, my own experiences, and this site over here: http://spiraldynamicsintegral.nl/en/
  5. @Caterpillar Only you would know. And to give this little detail doesn't help anyone here figure out what Stage you're at on the spiral. Even if you wrote your whole life story in one thread, that probably wouldn't be enough. I guess the biggest giveaway to figure out if you're Red is to see if you value instant-gratification. Which you did somewhat mention here, but that still does not completely tell us you're at Red. Some examples of instant-gratification can be committing crime in order to obtain money, doing hard drugs to get a quick high, or rape. So pretty much all the things most of us humans view as "bad".
  6. @bejapuskas Hey, you seem like a nice kid but I think you need to question why people here are saying you’re not Yellow. This is what the true Yellow person would do, look at the situation from other people’s perspectives rather than dismiss what people are saying and think “nope, I’m Yellow.” Most of us here are a lot older and have a decent amount of knowledge about how life works. So I think the reason why most people here are saying you’re not Yellow is because most people at a young age hasn’t had enough life experience yet. Most teenagers are focused on Highschool and hasn’t even stepped out into the real world yet. Also, you make it seem like Spiral Dynamics is a simple model, in which its not. And to reach the higher levels on the model means to actually go through multiple experiences rather than just watching countless videos. To say you’re reaching higher levels on the model is pretty much the same thing as saying you’re a lot more healthier and stronger in the gym just by watching gym videos on Youtube. Another good way to figure out what stage you are at on the model, is to look at the friends you hang out with. Its very unlikely for a stage Yellow person to build strong friendships with people below their level. Not necessarily in an arrogant way but it happens sub-consciously. Even though they are open-minded and accept people as they are, generally speaking, just like every other stage they will mainly surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Stage Red criminals will hang out with other criminals so they can go out and do crime. Orange businessmen will do business with other Orange businessmen, and so on. Also just understand that learning and growing does not equal stage Yellow. Growth is also a stage Orange value. Everyone in school values learning too, does that mean they’re all Yellow? Your teachers are Yellow because they value learning, went to University and studied some field for 4-8 years? Like I said, nice kid, you’re lucky to find Leo’s videos at an early age, but this stuff is way more complex than it seems. Keep at it though, you’re still ahead of a lot of teenagers out there.
  7. @bejapuskas Wait a sec, let me give you my perspective on stage yellow. Rather than trying to judge you and telling you what stage you are, just let me share some of my insights and then maybe it could help you determine where you’re at. Because only you can know where you’re at, although the ego can get in the way and blind side you. Especially being age 15, a lot of teenagers don’t fully know themselves yet. Even people in their 20s or 30s don’t know themselves yet. It takes A LOT of introspection and studying for someone to fully understand themselves. Also, to know about Spiral Dynamics still isn’t enough. One must apply it and go through the processes. Being at any one of these stages determines the way you live your life. I don’t know what your life is like but here is my perspective on stage yellow behaviors and maybe you can try and compare. Stage yellow actually lives a life of very complex analytical thinking. Because of this complex way of living, they can be a bit too preoccupied with their thoughts, so often times they have little to no friends at all. Several reasons why they tend not to have many friends is because they find more value in learning at home or some place, than to waste time socializing. Another reason can be because they tend to know the most and it can be a bit frustrating when other people don’t understand them and their complex ideas so it can definitely turn into a bit of arrogance (in the early stages of yellow) on the yellow person’s side. That’s all I’ll say about yellow for now. But to do pickup is more of an Orange value, so its hard to even say a yellow person would find much value in doing pickup. And by my definition of pickup, I mean to go out with other guys and cold approach random girls in public at the club or on the streets for example.
  8. @Sven Currently trading Forex a bit but I would like something more passive so I’m currently working on starting to sell on Amazon. Np. @Equanimitize Honestly that’s one of the points I probably wasn’t going to include but I just did anyway. Although, it is all over the internet saying that this is one of the habits that successful people have. Not sure what the science behind it is, but of course I would say its more important to get the 7-8hrs of rest. However, I do believe it makes a huge difference when you wake up early with a purpose or a mission in mind that motivates you. So I guess that’s where this idea of waking up early comes from. People who are passionate about their work will wake up excited to work on their project or business with 2x the energy levels. @aurum That is a good point that I would have added. Especially if you want to sell your own courses online like Tai Lopez you would most likely need some videography skills. The profits there are for sure up to 100% with little to no risk. So honestly selling courses could be one of the best ways to make money on this list. @brugluiz Short answer: Yes @John Lula Thanks and that’s awesome!
  9. Take action, create a product/service along with a price and payment method in any niche and market it. Some Characteristics of Successful People: Persistent Self-Disciplined Passionate Hard-working Patient Open-minded Confidence Risk-taker/Action-taker Resilience Creative Motivated Habits of Successful People: Meditation Waking up early Working out (Weights/Cardio) Healthy eating Reading books (Personal development related) Constantly learning through different sources Building onto their business day by day Building their skills Some Useful Skills to Learn and Develop: Digital Marketing (Social Media marketing, SEO, etc.) Sales Techniques Graphic Design Copy writing Finance Coding (HTML, JavaScript, Python, Java, etc.) Several Ideas on Become Rich Online: Trading Stocks/Forex/Cryptocurrencies/Options Dropshipping (Aliexpress + Shopify or eBay or Amazon for example) Youtube Amazon FBA Live Streamer (Twitch/Youtube, earn from donations) Create a personal brand and sell info courses (like Tai Lopez) Make music Freelancing Become a Social Media Influencer Create a Video Game and sell it (Read the story on how Minecraft started) Flip websites/storefronts on Flippa Affiliate Marketing (Clickbank for example) Create a Startup Create a Smartphone or Computer App Create a website or blog and run ads to it Those are my ideas for now, please feel free to add anything related that you'd like to, to this thread.
  10. @Joseph Maynor If you're talking about me and this topic, then ok if that's how you see it, then that's how you see it. There's millions of ways you can view a thing so I can't blame you. Maybe someone views this topic as me crying about it, or maybe someone thinks I'm ignorant or jealous, or insane, or immature posting this topic. Maybe I can view your forum username Joseph Maynor as offensive because maybe it was the name of some racist criminal who committed some terrible crime against blacks back in the early 1900s. Or maybe its your Dad's name, or your name, who knows. Only you know. Just like me, only I know why I created this post. I'm much more interested in the psychology of this issue and understanding the core of it rather than "whining" about why this happens. Sure maybe slightly I'm whining where I would get disinterested in people who do so, but I'm just mainly trying to understand the psychology of it. If you have read my previous posts, (which I'm sure you have) all of it is mainly for me to understand the deep psychology of an issue. For example you posted on my "Why is sales so manipulative?" Several people on that topic (including you) seemed to just read the title of the thread and post an answer, rather than understanding the content of the thread. I'm telling you, go back to that post and people who have posted on that topic think I'm literally asking why sales is manipulative. I still haven't even got the answer I was looking for in that thread. In that thread, I was interested in the deep psychology of manipulative sales, rather than it being me "whining" about sales being manipulative.
  11. @ajasatya I’m talking about the deep psychological issue of people belittling other people, and asking why. So I don’t understand how your post is relevant. Please elaborate. Of course we’re all here to help each other.
  12. I see this time and time again, where people in the comments or in the forums where people try to act like they know everything and belittle Leo’s work. From what I think, it seems to be a deep issue of a lack of self-honesty, and possibly an issue of them seeking validation on their level of knowledge or consciousness. A lack of self-honesty because they don’t want to accept that they are the ignorant ones so its so much easier to belittle other people and their ideas, theories, etc. I often see this in people struggling with narcissism, (which is something I had to deal with in the past) where they would try to make themselves superior to others. “I’m the best, I’m smarter than you, you are incompetent, you are lazy, you don’t know anything.” This is one of the main reasons I get so disinterested in people in general. I often feel that people try to belittle me and what I do as well. It just seems like they get so insecure around me that I might as well just not be around them then. I don’t want to go on too long with this post but what are your thoughts?
  13. @Wasem After watching the video, maybe let them know about the consequences of certain behaviors and actions? The officer hasn't even explained that they would possibly get kidnapped and/or killed. My personal opinion, some people just don't get it so why waste your time and energy on trying to 'change' them. I used to be the one trying to change those around me with knowledge I've learned online but a lot of them were too stubborn to even be open to understand what I'm saying. Although, if you really genuinely care about them, then I don't want to say give up on them, but the best way to help them is to help them on a sub-conscious level. Meaning that you would be planting little seeds in their mind over a long period of time. Just sharing your interests in personal development would most likely plant a seed in their mind that would help them see the value in it, if you consistently talk about it with them. Just try not to make the mistake of lecturing people. Most people don't like being told what to do, I certainly don't. So just be patient with it. At the end of the day, you can only do so much. So if they're not looking for help, then they don't need someone to try and change them. If they want help, then they will seek it for themselves.
  14. @bejapuskas Lol right? I mean I wish I was the one who came up with the idea of Sprial Dynamics. And exactly, some people are just really hard to help so I’ve personally stopped trying to “change” people. I used to be the person who shared everything I learned online, and tried to get everyone to think the way that I think. But then I discovered people can be stubborn sometimes. So now I just let people be the way that they are, if they want help then they will ask or seek for themselves. But then sometimes you can learn a lot from other stages and more about their stage, by sharing your knowledge and getting their thoughts or feedback on the information. I’ve honestly learned more about stage Orange by talking to my friend I mentioned, so I don’t regret it even though he freaked out at me lol. So I guess I kinda wish I knew more Green people and above so that I can learn more about their paradigm because its best to experience what this specific person is like, compared to just reading about it. I’ve only pretty much met a lot of mixtures of maybe some Red, Blue, Orange, and one Green person.
  15. @Davo124 Don’t forget that there’s a process that people have to go through in order to reach a certain point in their personal development. A girl who was raped as kid by her uncle and beat by her mom is going to have a lot of psychological issues growing up so she can’t just simply “bask in the beauty of how nature designed the tomato.” She would have to go through several years of reconditioning her mind in order to possibly even get to that point. Her problems seem as real to her as her hand is. So its not that simple for most people and talking about it doesn’t make anyone any more conscious than anyone else.