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  1. Yes do it and don't let anything tell you otherwise. Anyone around you will subconsciously talk you out of the things you are doing in your life if you tell them about it. They don't want you to do better than them because it makes them look bad so they try to pull you down to their level. It's like a bunch of crabs in a bucket. If one of the crabs tries to escape from the bucket, another crab is holding that crab down so that that crab wouldn't be able to escape. Every single crab is in that bucket holding another crab down. These crabs could be anyone, could be your family, your friends, your co-workers, your boss, etc. I'm 22 as well and I'm working towards this as well. Past couple years have been me trying different things and figuring out what I actually enjoy doing and what I'm able to consistently do. Its true what they say about doing the thing you love doing and not to just do it for the money. Because if you don't love doing it then you wouldn't enjoy yourself and it wouldn't be sustainable. My whole entire intention going into personal development was to hopefully create financial independence. And it hasn't directly helped me, but I guess I would say it has helped me develop a sense of strong independence which is important to finding time to study and put in work towards your business or anything you're working towards, rather than hanging out with friends and partying all day. But also if you're like me and tend to love the deep ideas that Leo talks about and analyzing every little thing about life and human nature and how existence works and what reality is or God, etc. etc. Then you sometimes could get off track and instead go really deep into this work. Personally I'm just working on a balance at the moment, but I do love working on both. Do what works for you
  2. Biking is a good one too, one of my personal favorites compared to any types of cardio work because its enjoyable. Its good on the quads as well. But all types of cardio is good.
  3. Lol a pretty well thought-out scam if he’s going to put hundreds of hours and a ton of effort into his videos. Especially with him putting out several videos that are almost an hour long on his Youtube channel for free? Ask yourself some of these questions: “Does my Dad have what I want in life and is he satisfied and fulfilled?” Maybe you can ask him that too. ”Do the random people on Google or Quora have exactly what I want in life and are they fulfilled? Do I even know who they are?” ”Do I myself have what I want and am I fullfilled?” If not then sure be skeptical of what’s out there, but at the same time be skeptical of your skepticism. “Are we currently living in a psychologically developed and advanced society, and should I listen to them or is everyone else dealing with their own psychological issues like depression, anxiety, neuroticism, narcissicism, insecurities, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, agoraphobia disorder, anger management, closed-mindedness, PTSD, antisocial personality disorder, ADD/ADHD, social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, etc.” Ask yourself these questions. And btw I took the last one a little bit to the extreme to give you an idea that a lot of us are dealing with a lot of deep psychological issues and you can’t afford to listen to some ‘random’ review on Google. Understand that a lot of people are closed-minded, and naturally a lot of people don’t like change so they tend to deny it. Another thing to add, understand the difference between theory and action. Watch Leo’s video on that. Just because someone buys a course online on how to start a business doesn’t mean they will automatically start a business. And just because they didn’t come up with the business, doesn’t mean the course is a scam. The course is there to guide you, but if you’re not going to take any action on it, then that’s all on you.
  4. @nour-cha93 I completely understand. In some cases its not that easy to cut people out of your life. In my case for example, I live in a very psychologically unhealthy household. I’d say we come from a lower-class background. Got me, my mom, dad, brother and sister living together. Parents are always asking me and my siblings for money. Dad is always hoping that he’ll make it some day with lottery tickets. My mom is extremely extroverted so everything she thinks you hear so she’s always complaining, especially to her friends she talks to everyday on the phone. Both brother and sister are on medications for ADHD. And a ton more that I won’t include here. I talk to them a little bit but even ignoring them is psychologically unhealthy for me to do so I’m stuck either way. But in no way are they abusive or selfish. They’re actually really caring and parents just want the best for us. I can’t really blame them for who they are because nature has made them that way. I can say that when I was 18, it was a bigger problem for me than it is now at 22. These days I love my life. I don’t think about what I don’t have as much, I always appreciate what I do have. Personal development has literally changed my whole attitude towards life. Although if you’re dealing with a narcissist, it can be difficult for almost anyone. And by the way, the fact that you say “some people are meant to be around you for so long” is a limiting belief. You literally can even take an extreme route, hop on a plane tomorrow morning and just fly to another country and never have to see them again. Of course money is an obstacle, but try to handle that first. In my case I ‘can’ move out and would love to but I’m here to help out and leave when the time is right. Still handling my money situation at the moment. And sorry for putting my life story out there, I kind of get the idea that most people don’t care to hear about other people’s stories, but I try to do it as little as possible
  5. Sometimes the problem with self-help gurus or coaches, is the fact that they give us the theory that comes from the perspective of someone who is already at a 'higher' or a different level, than their audience. So a lot of the time you hear coaches saying something like "You need to be detached from outcome." Then some of the people in that audience would ask questions like, "Why detachment? Does that mean I just sit around do nothing and not go for what I want then?" You get rid negative people in your life because in a way they tend to affect you on a subconscious level. It may not seem like it in the moment, but its like the snowball effect. It affects you little by little until it turns into something a lot bigger. Sure the more and more you develop yourself, you're able to deal with negativity more effectively, but I think at any level that you're at in your development it would affect you in either a major or a minor way depending on where you're at. To deal with it completely? That could be several years down the road for most people, and maybe some people are already there. Humans tend to affect other humans at a subconscious level more than you think. Think about how people develop accents? Why do people have British accents? Is it because they were born with it? How do most people find an interest in watching sports? It's most likely more a social thing rather than a genuine interest in watching sports. Even when you were a child you were probably picking up little things from the people you grew up with. There's a popular quote by Jim Rohn that says something like "You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With." Which is true. If you're hanging out with negative people all the time, you will become just like them. You'll start having a negative attitude towards life and the world, you'll start dressing like them, eating like them, talking like them, doing things like them, etc. Which can be a problem. And one more thing to add, just like with anything else in personal development, there’s always some traps to be aware of. And that trap is to be careful not to avoid negativity in a neurotic way. For example, constantly looking for negativity and avoiding it just because that’s what the theory said. Such as hearing a negative statement from a friend and covering your ears and cutting him out of your life completely because he said something negative. Things like that. Once you’re actually growing, getting rid negativity should come naturally rather than avoiding it because that’s what you heard from a video.
  6. @Nahm I guess we'll have to wait and see. Lol sorry for breaking your streak if it never happens @Sevi I'll probably try it one day honestly. I'll let you know. Was a bit skeptical at first but I guess it's an actual thing
  7. @Sevi That's great to know. But why put butter up your nostrils and what purpose does it serve? Is there a specific butter that you use or just any from the grocery store? I would try it, but I don't know enough about what the purpose of it is. Plus I'd prefer not to get any acne on my face @Nahm Thanks for seeing that in me I appreciate it! And never thought of that but it would be an interesting experience and pretty amazing if that happened
  8. @Sevi Challenge accepted. You gave me the inspiration to set a day sometime soon to try the Do Nothing technique. Maybe I'll even meditate for over an hour in that day for the first time. Maybe not the last part of what you said in that post. But also, maybe I shouldn't say anything about that because you might insert say something about my ego or how I'm closed-minded to doing so. Literally? Lol like come on, I won't pour butter in my nostrils until I see a video of you or someone else doing it for the sake of nothing or for growth purposes.
  9. Not sure why I took the 3rd part as sarcasm lol. But yeah forcing yourself does work as a short-term solution in most cases but its not sustainable. I’m sure a lot of people force themselves to quit a certain addiction or force themselves to go to the gym but eventually quit until the next new year’s resolution. I will never forget this but when I was in highschool I always thought I had Social Anxiety because I was always quiet. And the first ever personal development I’ve listened to 5+ years ago was “Overcoming Social Aniety Step by Step” by Dr. Thomas A. Richards. It was a pretty long audio series with tons of practical exercises. One of the most important things that I got out of it though was the quote “That what you resist, persists.” So there would be a ton of exercises on changing your negative thinking habits and replacing it with newer positive ones instead of resisting it. And I’ll say that it worked. Resisting these things will persist and just make it worse. Its counterintuitive. A lot of things in personal development are counterintuitive really.
  10. I think the most important thing for you to realize is that, being at these different spiral dynamic levels won’t necessarily help you take action. You can be at the highest level, and not take any action. It may bring you a change in your values, motivations, and way of viewing the world, but taking action is all dependant on you. Maybe look more into entrepreneurship if you can’t stand having a job. Try different things in that field and find what you like. There’s e-Commerce, dropshipping on Shopify or Amazon/eBay. Affiliate marketing, Youtube, Trading stocks/options/forex/cryptocurrencies. Just to name a few. For me personally, I consider myself around the yellow stage level as well after tons of personal growth (even if people on this forum who don’t even know me disagree) and I’m working on trading Forex and Cryptocurrencies. Trading is highly analytical, entrepreneurial, and definitely appeals to the stage orange or yellow type. Plus you’re sitting at a computer all day reading charts and not having to interact with anyone. But again, all the action is dependant on you. You can listen to as much theory as you want, go to as many forums as you want, watch as many videos as you want, but that itself won’t help you get to where you want to be without taking action. Hope I gave you a good idea of what you want to do next though good luck
  11. @Viking I mean I speak from experience and that has been how I got rid of ‘most’ of my bad behaviors. Of course it can be different for other people when you take in consideration their past, their genetics, etc. Personally I try to include every way possible I can to improve myself with fitness being one of them so that could be one of the things definitely contributes to it. So I’m not really saying enlightenment or meditation itself will cure all your problems. Also I wouldn’t know that because I’m not enlightened. But even Leo says that enlightenment won’t cure all your problems. You still need to work on your psychology. I would say enlightenment and mastering your psychology are two completely different things. Leo even says that even enlightened people can still do unconscious behaviors like go to strip clubs. Why not? Enlightenment doesn’t mean you can’t have fun but its more of a change in your thinking and your relationship towards fun. I think that’s another important thing to understand, which is that consciousness seems to just change your motivations towards certain things. And from the outside perspective you don’t really know what anyone’s motivation or intention is towards something until you ask them. The lower-consciousness person thinks the higher-consciousness person goes to the gym so he can get big and help him get laid. But what the lower-consciousness person doesn’t understand is his motivation for going to the gym. Maybe from the higher-consciousness perspective his motivation is because he enjoys it, he wants to become healthy, and all the additional results like getting bigger come as a byproduct. So let me ask you, what would you do differently as Shinzen Young to get rid of the addiction? I know nothing about him but I think I saw a post that he did eventually get over the marijuana addiction. But are you saying you would resist the temptation to smoke more marijuana? Like, “Today I’m going to throw all my marijuana and quit for good!” Sure it might work in the short-term but down the road the cravings for marijuana might come back. I think balance is the answer we are looking for. Again, I know nothing about Shinzen Young but maybe he only worked on enlightenment and not his psychology? Maybe fitness could have helped? Yoga? Nutrition? More theory? More action? One more thing to think about is that there really seems to be no end goal to enlightenment. Growth is infinite. I don’t care how many years he’s been working on his enlightenment, there’s always more room for improvement. As human beings we’re all dysfunctional in a way. We all have so much to work on. Maybe Shinzen Young had some past emotional trauma? Addictions are there to fill up an emotional void inside of you and maybe he just hasn’t gotten to working on that? There’s a lot to think about here.
  12. @B_Naz I agree, and at the same time you don’t want to resist the desire to do those unconscious behaviors and ‘get rid of’ those behaviors in a neurotic way. That has been one of my biggest insights or realizations in my journey. Which is not to align your life with the theory in a neurotic way, but to instead use it as a guideline as you continue to grow yourself internally. Those unconscious behaviors will then exit out of your life naturally depending on your level of consciousness. The theory is not there to tell you what to do in life. So for example, a psychologically dysfunctional newbie who is listening to advanced personal development theory for the first time won’t be able to apply any of it and take action right away. If the theory says that video games, drugs, sex, partying are unconscious behaviors, and that society is here to fuck us all so distance yourself from society, instead sit in a cave, do psychedelics, enlightenment work and meditate. He/she wouldn’t be able to to do it. The newbie would be so closed-minded, so he/she would have to work on open-mindedness and several other things and work their way up little by little. But as the newbie becomes a bit more comfortable with listening to the material, there’s the trap of resisting bad behaviors, “I should NOT eat this icecream” or “I need to STOP watching TV because the theory said I shouldn’t do this!” But sometimes you just gotta let these unconscious behaviors happen and be aware of it. There will be ups and downs, and its never perfect. In the end, the growth will come naturally as you begin to move up to higher levels.
  13. Hoping this would be a an interesting topic to talk about. Kind of want to get an idea of where everyone is at, and I think this is a pretty important question that we all need to ask ourselves. What are some of the things that you do in order to take action on Self Actualization? And what has changed in your life because of it? I often tend to think that success at anything is a numbers game, in terms of how many people actually achieve it generally speaking. In a certain community, it seems like only 10% of people succeed and 90% fail in some way. For example, in the pickup community, there's tons of guys who want to get better with women, but a majority of them quit. Success with women itself also is another numbers game, not every girl will like you, 10% of the time you'll get the girl's number, 90% of the time you won't. 10% of the time you'll get the date, 90% of the time you most likely won't. Business is another numbers game, I think a lot of us have heard that 90% of businesses fail. And just one more example, if you look at Leo's channel on Youtube, he has around 727K subscribers at the moment. What? There's 727K+ Self-actualizers out there? Oh wait but if you look at Leo's view count over his most recent videos, he only gets an average of about 35K-75K views per video. Maybe we can apply the same rule to the number of views as well? Could it be that only 10% of those views are people who take action on the theory? I think the biggest trap here in the Self-actualization community is the fact that people LOVE listening to the theory without doing any of the work. Thinking that listening to all the theory will make them grow and become cooler and much smarter. I have a story about a good friend of mine, he's the only one I know in person who watches Leo's videos. So I know this guy from high school, we were always pretty close. After high school and not seeing him in awhile, I bumped into him and I found out he watches Leo's videos. For over a year, we've had so many great conversations about the Actualized.org theories. We both did Leo's Life purpose course and bought his book list. But as I kept talking to him more and more, I always have been sharing my insights and my challenges, and growth progress, but he never seemed to share his. As we talked more and more, he became more distant, and we didn't hang out as often. It seemed like it was because I was growing, while he stayed where he was at. Now we all know meditation is the best thing you can do to take action on the theory, but he never meditated. I also realized that he was still partying, doing drugs, hanging out with old friends, etc. Having more and more conversations with him, I could now tell he's at a lower-consciousness level. He often tries to talk me down to his level, saying things like "oh mediation doesn't make you money." So these days its like ok he definitely doesn't take this stuff seriously. Some of the things that I do personally are: - Meditation (Still trying to build the consistency) - Deep contemplation (On the theory, on my life, on the world around us, on human nature, etc.) - Eating healthy (For the most part) - Fitness - Appreciating life, nature, what I have - Trying to understand all of life, truth, meaning, human psychology, and trying to understand my own psychology and life. Especially exploring different areas of life like business, fitness, etc. It all seems to be a part of understanding different perspectives. - Then reading and listening to theory. I know this isn't part of action taking but just wanted to include it. And as a result of it all, it has brought me a sense of inner peace, more appreciation for life, more in love with my solitude rather than hanging out with a ton of people. More understanding of life, and people. Deeper and more complex thoughts. And more to come. So, what are some of the things that you do, and how has it changed your life?