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  1. @Leo Gura Any update on this? Would be nice to get either a 'possibly still going to happen' or a definite 'not happening.'
  2. Why would it need to think for itself? If AI involved human-like emotions then it would probably provide subjective answers. When I use ChatGPT I'm looking for an objective perspective on a topic.
  3. ChatGPT provided me with way better answers than these. What's the point of asking questions on a forum these days
  4. Of course you can add more value through trust, communication, etc. But would teaching your partner certain things such as making more money or creating a healthier lifestyle be a good example of adding value to the relationship? What are some other ideas on how to add more value to a romantic relationship?
  5. I found this Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ch5iQy3glIF/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  6. Should you work on yourself, work on your finances, your health, confidence, social skills, etc. before finding a significant other? I'm sort of in a place where I have so much to work on about myself and my financial situation that I believe I don't deserve a quality woman just yet. To a point where I don't even want to try pursuing women right now because I know my lifestyle and finances are shit. Lately I've been working on my masculinity, my health, mental health, physique, etc. And there's no doubt that some women find me attractive but what's the use of that initial attraction if I don't have the rest of my shit together? I'd attract a female but she'll be turned off by the fact that I don't do shit in terms of my career. Financial and emotional stability plus decent or good lifestyle, I believe is what will keep a quality woman around. Thoughts? Is it fine to casually date in this situation or just let go of the idea of females completely until you got everything together?
  7. If you're socially awkward and have no social life then you should start small. Start a 30-day challenge where you interact with 5 strangers a day then progressively make the daily challenge a bit more difficult. For example: Day 1: Ask 5 strangers for the time, easy. Day 2: Ask 5 strangers for the time and give them a high-five. Day 3: Ask 5 strangers for directions ..... Day 10: Ask 5 strangers to take a selfie with you ..... Day 25: Ask 5 girls for their number .... Day 28: Ask girls to go grab some ice cream with you until one says "yes." It's your challenge, get creative with it, this was just an example. Starting small is of course the best way to get started with cold-approach pickup, same goes with any new habit you're trying to build, by starting small. This is how I started back in the day, I took this from a Youtube channel from maybe 7 years ago called "Simple Pickup." I took their course and did a 30-day challenge that they provided.
  8. Do you think it's supposed to be complicated? If so, why would it have to be? Why does it have to be something that "works"? You're not gaming the girl, you're trying to figure out if she's single. You don't need to sweep her off her feet and feed her some impressive pickup line to figure out if she's single. "Are you single" is the exact response I expected from Leo before scrolling down and reading his comment.
  9. Even though Leo said it’s not worth my time trying to figure it out, I think I found an explanation for what happened to me in this situation with this woman. I believe she was ‘breadcrumbing’ me. That was my initial assumption when she started to show signs of inconsistency. And now it seems my assumption is true. I’m just going to leave it at that and move on. Some articles on breadcrumbing: https://www.healthline.com/health/relationships/breadcrumbing https://www.brides.com/what-is-breadcrumbing-5105353
  10. @LSD-Rumi You're so right, that's the answer I needed thank you. I'm just too nice sometimes but I definitely need to work on being more intimidating especially when guys bring this type of cockblock behavior around me.
  11. I need to be convinced with why I should get out of my comfort zone. I understand there's growth on the other side but why should I give up my comfy home where my parents cook me dinner, where I live in my comfy room, where there's a perfect gym nearby, and 2 grocery stores nearby which has everything I need in it, all in a familiar city that I've lived in for 26 years. Why should I give all of that comfort to move into a brand new city on my own where I won't have everything I have in my current city? I've definitely gone out of my comfort zone in other areas of my life but moving out and into a brand new city is absolutely terrifying to me right now.
  12. It seems almost every workplace I work at, there's at least one or two cockblockers who try to prevent me from speaking to any females I'm interested in. I'm quite introverted and quite sensitive so their cockblocking tactics usually tend to work. They make me feel like I shouldn't be talking to that girl or this girl. There's this one whiteknight cockblocker who I worked with who is friends with almost every female at the workplace and tries to protect them by jumping into every conversation that any guy has with one of those female friends. He also once physically blocked me from trying to get with a girl at a party one time. These types of guys genuinely make me want to punch them out but I can't cause I'll be charged with assault. How do you deal with these types of beta males?
  13. It doesn't affect you as much as you think it would. It sort of like masturbating, masturbation doesn't improve your game or make you more confident. I will say though, if you slept with a hooker there might be a slight boost in your confidence for about a week, especially the day of and day after, but that's about it. It helps you get some more experience in the bedroom, but it won't exactly help you improve your game, meaning it won't help with your social skills and pull women home. The only way to improve your game is to go out and practice game, not by purchasing the desired result with a hooker. And I mean if you're asking how will it affect you, it definitely affects your wallet quite a bit lol
  14. I think it depends on the context but in most cases is it just bullshit or sometimes true? There’s a woman who’s older than me who said she just got out of a 7 year relationship so she wasn’t willing to date me especially because she’s “not in the right place emotionally” to date. She also said she’s just starting to “find herself” after being someone who her ex wanted her to be. We talked a lot and got along quite well at work before I asked her out. She also showed a lot of signs of interest or attraction towards me. When I tried to initiate plans she would often say yes but we never went out. She said she thinks I’m really cool and really likes talking to me but then pretty much friend-zoned me over text. I don’t know if I did something wrong or if she just actually isn’t in a place mentally and emotionally to date. I tried one more time to make plans with her but no response so I cut it off completely and I texted her “it was nice meeting you.” Thoughts?
  15. I've been thinking about moving out of my family's place for a while now. I'm 26 years old and I've been feeling so far behind in life compared to others and one of those reasons is because everyone else left their parent's house in their early 20s while I still live with my parents at 26. I feel a bit ashamed when people ask about my life like "What do you do?" "Do you go to school" "Do you drive" "Do you live with roommates?" While these types of conversations can make me uncomfortable at times, it actually does help me get off my ass. I've been living in the same city for my whole life. It's comfortable for me to live here but it does get old and I want to experience someplace new. I decided to quit a somewhat comfortable job and look for jobs outside of my city which offer staff housing at a low cost. I found a shitty room cleaning job with decent pay and an ok but small housing accommodation with 2 other roommates. Of course this job is outside of my city and it's in a pretty nice city where a lot of tourists go to do skiing, hiking, biking, snowboarding, etc. So those are a few reasons why I chose this place, I like to be active and do things. Everything sort of sounds good to me but I'm starting to have anxiety about it. I have to move there and start the new job in about 10 days. This would be my first time moving out of my parent's place, AND live outside of my city. Hopefully I will get along with my roommates too, I've already met them. Plus I don't know how I feel about this job, I only signed up for the wage. I'm giving up my comfortable lifestyle for something else which is why it feels so wrong. I mean, people always talk about how you need to get out of your comfort zone to experience growth, which is why I'm doing it, but its such a major change all of a sudden that I don't know how to feel. Any advice?