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  1. What would you study in college?
  2. You've helped her so much already, from what I see with your threads here on the forum. Now, maybe it's time for you to move on.
  3. Do you have anyone in your life that is constantly expressing what they think of your choices? If not, what affects you is then, your own perception of the opinions of others. Because you never know what’s in people’s minds. You simply assume it and condition yourself accordingly. But You have the responsibility. And this is tremendously important to comprehend, because you gain control again and start to take action, cultivating bravery and courage to be authentic in every choice you make. If you do have someone who’s that toxic, remove them from your life and move on
  4. First thing that came to my mind was courage.
  5. You might have disliked the tone, the implications, the person, the post, you name it. That's not the issue, but the hateful way you approached, insulting and disrespecting Someone here. That is not allowed here. Don't make this personal.
  6. @Loba That's literally non of your business. If it annoys you so much go do something else... But know others are not the problem. No one has the power to make you angry. Take 100% responsibility for what you're feeling here. Insulting is not cool. It's against the guidelines even. Show some respect or leave.
  7. @Loba That's some over-assuming. I don't think the issue is Someone here or anybody else. What makes us angry in others most of the time is a reflection of our own bs that we feel shame for.
  8. @OBEler I wouldn’t know. Never tried mdma. Does she do contemplation on psychedelics?
  9. I would start simple. Do you have a bike? Or you can go on walks. Stay outside more. Leave your phone behind or change it for a flip phone or so. Don’t add this just because. You can function and solve your issues without these figured out for a while. Now, anxiety and depression have the same root. Not being in the present moment, but rather thinking about the future and the past. And it’s ok, you don’t have to aim to resolve this at this very moment, just bare in mind that they are solved the same way. Most of the stuff you mention next sound like consequences of your psychological situation. I wouldn’t focus on them directly. They’ll get better with time. To warp up, move a little bit, and get out of the house! Connect with nature, walk your dog or your neighbors’. Feed the birds with bread in the park. Clean your bedroom, put everything you didn’t touch for the last 6 months in a box. Cook for yourself. Brush you teeth for 3 minutes. Take a warm bath before sleeping. Clear up your mind. Avoid intense stimuli like movies. And do your university work 2 hours a day for week. What I’m saying is to implement small habits that make you feel good or make the existent more intentional. Once you do this you’ll get better. Be brave! Best of luck!
  10. @OBEler how is she? Is her arm better?
  11. @Ethan1 That’s trippy. I see you’re a visual learner and thinker
  12. @Ethan1 sounds nice another great source for mind maps might be spiral dynamics and cook-greuter’s work!
  13. @Ethan1 That's great. I have the idea that once you finish the notes, it would be easier to navigate through the map if there was an organization of some sort. But I've never done anything like this, so don't really know how it works I'm giving a look, would like to help you, but have to rewatch the video maybe, since from what I see you're focusing more on the examples that Leo gives, no?