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  1. You’re doing this casually? Or are you promoting something? Services etc.
  2. You got this
  3. Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear, glad you're alright! Thanks for sharing it, it's great to see that although it's been a traumatic experience you're dealing with great courage to be conscious of your own survival responses, as you put it, your red shadow. Wish you well.
  4. What the heck people. It's his money. No one should tell you how to spend your money. If he wants to save that's with him, accordingly to his life views. I personally think that's great, OP thinks it's not great, either way, it's not our money to dictate. As a woman, you should strive to be independent and not fall onto a minority status, or look for a man that will take care of you financially. That's, in my view, a bad manifestation of the surrender characteristic of the feminine principle. If you can't afford the places he can, just tell him that, instead of expecting him to pay. Freedom is foundational for self-development. And you're not free if you don't get your financial shit together, and depend on your partner.
  5. If the roles switched (you were the one earning more money, and he the student living from his parents' money), would you pay him the things you want him to pay you?
  6. Evolving steadily, that’s great! Congratulations ?
  7. You can switch chairs for the time being. You have gym balls or kneeling chairs, that have no back rest
  8. Do you work on a computer all day? Might be your sitting position and the way you are holding the mouse.
  9. Hm.. Even acceptance does not mean you'll never ever be bored about it again. It might mean you simply handle better the fact that there are things we can control and there are things we can't. And the things we can't control might be a burden but you don't let yourself get stuck in a suffering rut for too long. You might experience suffering, but in the back of your mind, you know that's transitory and it will go away. Other than that I would say to have the things you're grateful for present within you.
  10. @Something Funny Sure I feel you Life and Mind are only happening within our perception. Maybe you don't even need fixing. Maybe you just to change your perception and understand where you are a little better.
  11. Life gets easier, you know. What are you grateful for today?
  12. Just don't get stuck in gender roles. You should have the liberty to do as you feel like. I would say that knowing and having confidence in yourself is more attractive than any premeditated action you feel would make you more attractive. But still, learning about feminine and masculine energies might be helpful for your quest. And because reality is highly fractal you can have great insights just by contemplating things like Birth and the whole process of creating a new human being. I won't tell you what insights to have to not influence you. I would most definitely like to hear yours and what arises in your mind spontaneously, by thinking of the birth from the masculine and feminine energies pov.
  13. That's spot on. What matters in a union is sexual polarity. Now, who's the predominantly female, who's predominantly male energy... who cares? Just be authentic and you'll attract the opposite energy from the spectrum. And that's whats going to fulfill you. Not some act.