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  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People In general, I think that one book can't change your life that much, or at least not enough. One should rather focus on becoming the kind of person who reads regularly. So, it's more about becoming curious as a person and developing a passion for learning. What kind of information you consume on a regular basis (books, audiobooks, YT, podcasts, etc.). Each book (and each podcast and other things) changes you in a little way, and then this adds up over time, over the years, and you become a completely different person, with a completely different worldview.
  2. @museumoftrees "Trying to get your ex back is basically trying to take out yesterday's leftovers from the trash because you were unable to buy any more food today."
  3. @Preety_India This forum can also be a big distraction. Have you considered spending less time on it and doing the actual work? You'd probably have time for both (relationships & self-development) if you did that.
  4. @AlwaysJoggin The universe is giving you exactly what you need. You're a weak man. I don't know the whole story, but the girl probably realized it as well. It might be cruel to say that, but that's how it is. I was also weak as a man when I was your age. Years from now, you'll see it as a blessing in disguise. You need to experience these things so that you can grow from them and become stronger. Things way worse than that can happen in your life - and they eventually will. So if you're not strong enough to survive this "little" thing, then you'll surely suffer a lot more in the future. The universe is telling you to level up.
  5. Look around to see where everybody is heading, and then go the other way.
  6. Work on yourself and you'll rarely have time to feel lonely. And you'll also become less needy. If you chase girls too much, you'll waste time which you could spend on "more important" things - improving yourself in other ways. Become the kind of person who can deal with loneliness - not only that but thrive in it. Girls won't fix any of your problems in life. You need to get rid of those limiting beliefs of course. Increase your value, and then girls will start chasing you. Maybe not during covid times, but still, this is the perfect time to grow yourself. "A man chasing a woman and not success will end up with neither; a man chasing success instead of a woman will end up with both." This is probably not the advice you were looking for. These are just my thoughts. You don't need to listen to me.
  7. I've seen topics about "how to escape wage slavery" and similar topics in the past, so I though I would post this here. You might find it useful.
  8. Definitely some truth in that. I'm far from perfect. If I were w/o flaws, I probably wouldn't be on this forum, making posts like these.
  9. So, this is a conversation between an atheist (VeganGains) and his guest, who's a Christian. I think this is a great example of why debates don't work. I wouldn't have posted this if I didn't watch Leo's video (Why debates don't work) on his blog a few days ago. Maybe some of you are thinking that the Christian guy made a poor job with his arguments, but I can guarantee you that no matter how good you were with your explanations, or arguments, or analogies, or metaphors, you wouldn't be able to convince VeganGains to change his mind in any way.
  10. On YouTube yes. I listen to podcasts a lot.
  11. @AdeptusPsychonautica There's a difference between me coming to attack you on your YT channel (or forum, if you have one), telling you "hey, I don't like you, you're not open-minded, you're not a high conscious person, etc.", and making a random post on some random forum where my point is to show people something. I had never done the former. I don't want to go out there telling people they're stupid in the face. You don't change people that way. And I don't care about other people on YT enough to do that. The thing here is that you weren't supposed to see this post. I wouldn't have told you what I wrote here in person. That's what you have to understand. But here you are, seeing what you shouldn't have seen. Anyway, the question that you have to ask yourself is why do you care so much about what random people say on some random forum? Do you expect that all of the people on this planet will like you and that no one will ever say anything bad about you or be critical of you? Will you always go out there defending yourself? What is there to defend? Why so insecure? Imagine having 1 Mio subs. Imagine how much criticism you might get. Will you spend 8 hours a day defending your ego? Some people will like you, others won't. Some will even hate you. Why? Because they have problems with themselves. That's reality. Focus on your work - on your YT channel. Stop caring what people say about you. The right kind of people will be there for you. Ignore others. Ignore me. I'm just a random dude here. We will never meet in real life. I understand that you're trying to defend your image here, but let me tell you people won't like you more for that. You're defending an illusion. I've never said anything bad about Rogan. Don't put words in my mouth. I've watched A LOT of his podcasts. He's had interesting people on his podcasts, and I've learned a lot from them, and even from Rogan himself. He's an interesting person in his own way, and more accomplished than we both together will ever be. Take nothing away from him. But I can still say, for example, that he has no clue about politics. And I can talk about this fact with my friends. But I would never tell him that in his face. Not that I could. I also listened to a lot of his trip reports on his podcasts. I remember him describing one of his DMT trips where he became aware that jesters were trying to tell him that he was taking himself too seriously in his life. Maybe that's something you should also become aware of one day. I'm sure you've done some DMT.
  12. I am making this post just to rant a little bit. And also to make you realize a few things. There are a lot of people who idolize Leo, there are people who don't like him so much, and then there are some people who even hate him. No matter in which category you belong, understand a few things here. First off, why are you focusing so much on the person? I mean some people are saying that Leo is too arrogant. I get it. But I personally don't care if he's arrogant or not. I'm watching his videos because I want to learn new things. We all know that he has quality information. I admire, for example, when someone can speak for like 3 hours in front of a camera about such complicated topics. He has some quality traits I'll never be able to have, no matter how much I practice. That's for sure. But that doesn't mean I will idolize him. And I won't care about his flaws that much either. I'll absorb what is useful and discard what is not. I'll focus on the things he's pointing to. And if I don't like the person nor their information, I just won't watch their videos. It's that simple. I don't want to be like Leo. I would never trade places with him. Or with any other person that's considered successful, especially not with those who are older than me - because time is the real currency. I know that I'm unique in my own way, just like everybody else. I have strengths and weaknesses. I work hard on myself all the time. There are things I'm better at than Leo, and there are things he's better at. Not even trying to compare myself to him or others. And I don't just watch Leo on YT. I watch many YT channels because I want to learn about different topics and things. No one is so special that would make me idolize them and only watch their YT channel. So, I've noticed that people get offended by his arrogance. For example, Leo says a lot of times in his videos something like: "Most people won't be able to do this or that" or "You just don't get it" or "It will take you decades of work to understand this". This is implying his arrogance, as in "I'm better than you". But if you get triggered by these words, there's something within you that's responsible for that. I don't get triggered by those words, because I understand that he's speaking about "most people" - or rather mediocre people. I don't consider myself mediocre. I have confidence in myself. High self-esteem. As I said I work on myself all the time. And that's why I don't identify myself with "you" when he says that. So if you get triggered by those words, what if there's some truth in that? Maybe deep down you know you're mediocre and that he's speaking to you directly? Maybe that's the reason you don't like his arrogance. When other people bother you, it's always you who's the problem. People who are truly happy, successful, etc., are not bothered by these things. The fact is that the majority of you are mediocre. Even if you think that you're not because you're here on this "high conscious" forum, and now you think that you're different than other people around you. Most of you just spend a lot too much time here, asking the same questions all over again. You can find all the answers to those questions in Leo's videos. It fascinates me how some random people here have like 2-3k posts, and they've been here for less than 2 years probably. That tells me a lot about your priorities in life and how much time you're wasting on just asking "useless" questions, debating the same things all over again. I've been on this forum for more than a year and have fewer than 100 posts. I don't come here to waste all of my free time. I come here to relax (after hard work), maybe to answer a question, give some advice (or to get some), or just to make people realize a few things (like now :). Or to learn something - not saying this forum is useless. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here. Anyway, you've got too much time on your hand. Instead of doing the work yourself, you're just participating in this mental masturbation. Why? Because that's easier. And then people like these probably get triggered by Leo's words, and you will probably also get triggered by my words because there might be some (or a lot of) truth in them. Take this post for what you will.
  13. @AdeptusPsychonautica Didn't expect you to come here. Let me make a few things clear. The goal of my post was not to attack you. I don't have anything against you. I think you have a decent YT channel. I just wanted to take you as an example here - that people who don't do any consciousness work (meditation, contemplation, etc) don't experience trips or don't understand what's shown to them in the same way. Just like, for example, people taking drugs at parties won't be able to make any sense of their trips. Not trying to compare you to them, but you get the point. Joe Rogan is another example. He's not become conscious of "certain things" even tho he's probably had 100 trips. Do you care about growing as a person, developing yourself spiritually? Is that something you care about? Or do you want to have psychedelic experiences "just because"? If the latter, then don't expect to have the same kind of experiences that some of the people can have. Or think that it's all just "subjective". Or that "we" just call things differently. Can you open your mind up to the possibility of experiencing the trips way differently with some inner work done beforehand? Hope you won't treat this as a personal attack. I don't want to make anyone feel inferior here.
  14. I told you how I see him after watching a few of his videos and after reading some of his comments. Again, I don't think he's a very conscious person, or very open-minded, and I am well aware that this is just my opinion. That's my observation. I trust in my ability to discern consious people from not so consious ones. Now, if you think that I am wrong and that he's developed spiritually and open-minded and so on, I won't try to convince you otherwise.