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  1. I've read the first book. And I found it interesting and it makes a lot of sense. It explains how the pyramids were built and it also explains the fermi paradox and how the whole existence was created, etc. but overall it's a hard-read, at least for me. Just curious why nobody talked about it here. Besides Conversation with God, it's the one book that talks about the things that are disscused here on the forum.
  2. Why is no one talking about these books here on this forum? Has any1 read it? What are your thoughts about it?
  3. I just came across this old video today (didn't know vsauce was a guest there) and found it interesting. They talk about infinity from 9:00 on.
  4. My first video was “What is consciousness?” like 2 years ago. It got recommended on my YT because at the time I watched a lot of videos about consciousness, the universe, etc. I loved science videos. But all those videos were, like always, just theories, ideas, and all that stuff. Just mental masturbation. But that Leo’s video was something different. I had no clue at the time what he was talking to be honest, but there was something about it. The way he spoke – the conviction and everything. I mean how could someone speak about consciousness – the greatest mystery of the universe – and be so sure about it? I had this intuition that it couldn’t be bullshit. There has to be something. This guy knows something… That led me, of course, to watching all other videos. "Life has a way of pushing us in the right direction."