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  1. "The more brutish, rough, arrogant, selfish, cruel, risk taking and self-superior a man is, the more atavistically attracted a woman is to him. And all these qualities make for a terrible husband. This is why women are bad at picking men - they are specifically drawn to the terrible. And because of this specific attraction to and near exclusive tendency to date only the terrible, we have to hear them infinitely whine about how terrible men are, despite knowing plenty who are very much good. They pick predominantly the worst of us, then besmirch all of us."
  2. The slow way is the fast way. or Patience is the fastest way.
  3. You're buying scams. There is no faster way to lose money than to be in a hurry to make money.
  4. It's not sick to watch them any more than it's "sick" to watch Chris's videos and other similar videos. People in the fitness industry are full of ego and full of misinformation, which can hurt people watching those videos. So there come the counterbalance videos, so to say, which call those people out. If you're making YT videos and your information is bad overall, don't be surprised if you get called out for it.
  5. You can make yourself look way better in a picture (good lighting, angle, picture taken after a workout). That doesn't mean he looks like that 24/7. Chris is lean and that's it. Nothing special about his muscle size. His physique is achievable naturally.
  6. You don't need to carb cycle, or do carnivore, or do HIIT, or any of that shit, to "tone your body". Be in a caloric deficit and you will lose weight. Or be in a caloric surplus and you will gain weight. And of course, lift heavy weights on top of that. I am sure he's helped and motivated a lot of people. But at the same time, he's full of misinformation, and you don't need to be very smart to notice that. The problem here is that people will believe everything you say if you have a good physique no matter how full of BS you are. You don't see through the bullshit. But this guy does though.
  7. I agree with everything you said but one thing - that he's on steroids and HGH. This guy doesn't really have that much muscle mass. He's just lean. When you're lean, you look way bigger in a sense. You can look like this if you have decent genetics and work out for like 5 years consistently. How do I know? Because I've pretty much done that. Anyways, the whole fitness industry is cancer. Everyone is just trying to sell you something. They want to make you believe that you can get everything in your life with a fit body and sell you supplements that don't really work and "special" workout programs that are complete BS. And this guy Chris is the epitome of that.
  8. How to Win Friends and Influence People In general, I think that one book can't change your life that much, or at least not enough. One should rather focus on becoming the kind of person who reads regularly. So, it's more about becoming curious as a person and developing a passion for learning. What kind of information you consume on a regular basis (books, audiobooks, YT, podcasts, etc.). Each book (and each podcast and other things) changes you in a little way, and then this adds up over time, over the years, and you become a completely different person, with a completely different worldview.
  9. @museumoftrees "Trying to get your ex back is basically trying to take out yesterday's leftovers from the trash because you were unable to buy any more food today."
  10. @Preety_India This forum can also be a big distraction. Have you considered spending less time on it and doing the actual work? You'd probably have time for both (relationships & self-development) if you did that.
  11. @AlwaysJoggin The universe is giving you exactly what you need. You're a weak man. I don't know the whole story, but the girl probably realized it as well. It might be cruel to say that, but that's how it is. I was also weak as a man when I was your age. Years from now, you'll see it as a blessing in disguise. You need to experience these things so that you can grow from them and become stronger. Things way worse than that can happen in your life - and they eventually will. So if you're not strong enough to survive this "little" thing, then you'll surely suffer a lot more in the future. The universe is telling you to level up.
  12. Look around to see where everybody is heading, and then go the other way.
  13. Work on yourself and you'll rarely have time to feel lonely. And you'll also become less needy. If you chase girls too much, you'll waste time which you could spend on "more important" things - improving yourself in other ways. Become the kind of person who can deal with loneliness - not only that but thrive in it. Girls won't fix any of your problems in life. You need to get rid of those limiting beliefs of course. Increase your value, and then girls will start chasing you. Maybe not during covid times, but still, this is the perfect time to grow yourself. "A man chasing a woman and not success will end up with neither; a man chasing success instead of a woman will end up with both." This is probably not the advice you were looking for. These are just my thoughts. You don't need to listen to me.
  14. Depends on what you mean by "enjoyable". It's "enjoyable" after the workout because your body releases endorphins etc. If the workout itself is (too) enjoyable, then you probably don't train hard enough. Meditation can be enjoyable but not in the way that most people think. "Enjoyable" is probably the wrong word to begin with. The point is that I think meditation should be taken seriously. If you want results, you have to meditate every day and eventually make it a habit. Most people can't do it. They don't have the discipline. And I'm not even talking about people who meditate like 20-30min a day. That's relatively easy. I've noticed I need at least 30 min to calm down my mind (get in a deeper state), so that's when the real meditation starts so to say. Less than 1 hour of meditation a day, after a couple of years of meditation, doesn't even make sense to me anymore.
  15. You showed your attitude through your words. You can take my advice and improve yourself, or you can take offense at what I wrote. Your choice. Don't expect meditation to be easy. If it was easy, everyone would meditate 5 hours every day. It's similar to working out. You don't really enjoy working out - because it's hard, you'll suffer a bit - but the rewards are worth it in the end. Expecting meditation to be enjoyable is just silly. It won't be enjoyable on most days, especially at the start when your mind is untrained. That's why you have to start small and build it up slowly and gradually. Start with 3 min, or maybe 5 min at max. And then take a lot of time to build it up. Don't rush anywhere. Motivation is not enough. It's about self-discipline. And there are no shortcuts.