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  1. I just came across this old video today (didn't know vsauce was a guest there) and found it interesting. They talk about infinity from 9:00 on.
  2. My first video was “What is consciousness?” like 2 years ago. It got recommended on my YT because at the time I watched a lot of videos about consciousness, the universe, etc. I loved science videos. But all those videos were, like always, just theories, ideas, and all that stuff. Just mental masturbation. But that Leo’s video was something different. I had no clue at the time what he was talking to be honest, but there was something about it. The way he spoke – the conviction and everything. I mean how could someone speak about consciousness – the greatest mystery of the universe – and be so sure about it? I had this intuition that it couldn’t be bullshit. There has to be something. This guy knows something… That led me, of course, to watching all other videos. "Life has a way of pushing us in the right direction."