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  1. A misidentification is what it is....a mirage exists, it is what it is. It may not be as it appears but it exists as it is. This is acceptance of what is. The misinterpretation of illusion as 'does not exist' is a common one and yes, it exists, yet an illusion is 'not as it appears'. We can transcend the appearance of self like seeing how the magician does the illusion, the mind is a mental magician performance for the observer, our awareness. Then you go on to say the body is still which is it? Dropped or still here? Your right about spiritual ego, though, it sneaks back in all sorts of belief about 'what is' to justify itself. "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein
  2. @VeganAwake You don't know what I experience but I am aware of yours. You have become aware of awareness at the heart, so to speak, of consciousness that is free from self, this isn't something that 'falls away', it just is. It was there when we were a baby and as we grew we became distracted from presence by the activity of the mind, that activity is generating the sense of self. Except, now we aren't distracted from presence, unattached awareness of being. Yet the sense of self still exists because the body still has the urges, impulses and sensations of it's biological nature. Our stomach still grumbles, our toe hurts when we stub it and it produces the stuff it did before to motivate the preservation of the organic entity. The change is in that we aren't distracted by it, we keep present in unattached awareness so this is that 'freedom' you speak of. It's what brings liberation because we don't attach to the mind's activity and place our trust in the identity it presents so cease self suffering. There is opportunity for us to condition the mind and body to be less 'clingy' in it's activity so it comes in harmony with awareness. This subconscious cultivation can amplify the presence we experience, our being finds unity through it and without any inner conflict it is a tangible peace. The difference is that I don't create a story around this experience, I just be it. The dogmatic no self narrative is surely popular but it is another belief system oriented around dualism of true and false. You can craft your story telling so it is flawless according to the sages through the ages but it is just a story. So don't mistake what I perceive and experience but it transcends the no self story, what is just is and I don't need to create it to be something more than what it is, I just accept what is. But yea... you keep honing your story, someone will believe it....mostly you.
  3. You just stated something you trust is true... then say there's no one there that believes anything because the self isn't real....which is what you accept as true, you believe it. It really is quite humorous the way people spend so much energy telling everyone how nobody exists....again and again in every way possible....yea, quite humorous. You can try to circle back around with their same no self talk a few more times but it doesn't obscure what is, I see it clearly as it is.
  4. So you believe that no self/no belief =, interesting. belief : something that is accepted, considered to be true.
  5. Being awareness transcends...... why limit isness through our experience's perception of it?
  6. @zeroISinfinity hmmmm ok, thanks? haha
  7. Until awakening to it one won't realize one can transcend the 'truth/false', 'reality/illusion' and 'I/god' imaginary conceptualizations. There just is.....and being awareness is just what is.
  8. @mandyjw People are lazy, many want instant soup that others have made and will measure others to it but even if we make our own the inner nazi appears to measure others according to our soup.
  9. Thanks for proving the point. You have no authority over anyone else's experience to tell them it's 'not true', 'false' or 'wrong' no matter how much you believe in your own experience and perception of that experience. Transcending our own experience as 'truth' is of the no-self path so to speak.
  10. @mandyjw It is wise to be aware of our own inner 'soup nazi' that takes our mystical experience and perception of it to create a 'truth' conceptual paradigm and measures (imaginary)others according to it.
  11. When someone is telling others that they are not awake because the experiences aren't the same it's an indication of how much awakening still is untapped in their perception. What some people are unaware of is that the experience they have is their own and not a universal experience that all have the same way so there is no such thing as a 'wrong' or 'false' experience. One can say it's not belief but trusting that one's experience is 'true' is what a belief is so if someone isn't relying on their belief in their own experience being 'true' then they would not say to another theirs is 'false'.
  12. Including 'I am god' which is just another belief concept the mind has been psychologically primed to imagine is the 'truth'. I was told I am not awake for saying the same thing so not sure how well it will be received here.
  13. Awaken to being awareness, of presence. The aspect I was waiting for him to mention is the quenching of yearning, it is tangible in our experience of being.
  14. So much hamster wheel running,...haha, being transcends it....awareness is freed from the 'vice'. Awaken to being aware.
  15. Liberation from self suffering brings clarity to perception and yes, clarity allows one to perceive liberation. Clarity transcends the story telling and the gas lighting of people who use clever words to obscure the nature of 'what is' with their explanations and descriptions in imagining obstacles and tasks of their own creating. Being present is not any advanced conceptualizations or complicated methods, it's the absence of those. Clarity in transcending the stories, explanations and descriptions, awareness of being it, just being it. It's simple. Be peace, be joy, be love, be fulfilled... be here now.