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  1. @dimitri Thank you. I don't do what anyone says. Never did. I see people's points of view, I know my situation. If I can apply something to it, good, if not, I keep looking. I take into consideration all aspects. Thing is it feels good either way. The only thing I really care about right now is my art project. Before he had come with this proposal to me, I had already given up on the idea of getting my money back. When he told me about this course, I paused. I thought I might not have time for it. But the thought of going up the mountain, laughing with friends, learning to fly a wing upwards, unlike the parachute which only falls. Sounds like an adventure. I will meditate on it these days, see what feelings rise up - maybe they'll be more clear. Thank you all for your insights
  2. @ajasatya @dimitri You are right. Thank you
  3. I find this to be a good description of my experience - it comes in a glimpse, none the less What is partial? Feelings arise when in the body after immersed in existence. What is awareness? I find awareness something which can't be described 'Awareness is the state of being conscious of something. More specifically, is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events.' The definition doesn't actually define awareness, but only defines how it works, how we perceive it, the weird thing, though is that we are aware of what we call 'awareness'. So, in my ignorance, let me ask again, what is awareness?
  4. @George Paul What is total enlightenment?
  5. I find this to be true for me as well. When I am totally immersed in existence, there is no sense of an I anymore, just awareness. Something I cannot name, and a sense of peace, love, joy, and wonder rises. Also, there is wisdom within all religions. I was wondering about it one night, I was finding myself focusing on being fully in the now (Eckhart Tolle's teaching), observing what is in front of me - and it hit me! There is no now because the now is Nothingness, God, Love; as a human, you can only be in the past or future. To be in the Now means to not be in the world, but outside of it, through it, to be nothing, to be the space for it. Actually, you are both at the same time, we just choose to be human, in the world, more than we choose nothingness. Creation is God's will, your will. I find it more helpful to embrace it than to look for a way out. That being said, I do go into nothingness every morning for a few minutes. It helps me guide my day with love, instead of separation.
  6. @kag101 I am. I always am. I am as kind and thoughtful with myself as with everything. It happens that I say no to people when I feel there is nothing for me to offer (I may find myself too caught up in work and rather spend my free time doing what I enjoy). Most times I overflow with love and joy, free time, and abundance. That gives me opportunities to help. I have been considering the reason I am manifesting this friend into my life. He helped me with good insights when I was getting my project going. He also appeared in my life in a dark time (moving countries again took a heavy toll on my psyche) - I guess it was the perfect company at the time - I was confronted with some unconscious behavior in those months, a behavior I am grateful to have discovered - I feel he's a reflection of my past - my faraway past - grandparents past - people highly traumatized My brain is still very much conditioned by the traumas in my history. I have cleared a lot, but there is still work to be done. I am grateful, none the less. As for the paragliding course, it only starts in September. That is enough time to see how our friendship evolves and how much time I'll have for a new course. @Blacksmith Thank you for the exercise - I heard about it as well, I used it in making a couple of big decisions. I agree people are complex. I also feel like people we come in contact with are a reflection of ourselves, in some way. That is why I would rather embrace, than reject, and look for aspects I was not aware of before. I'm not sure the urge to be appreciated is healthy. I know who I am; it shouldn't be of any concern to me if others can see it or not. The fact that sometimes it is, may reflect insecurity I have about that certain aspect. Also, it is man's nature to love women for their bodies, not their minds. A strong-willed woman is often too much to handle. It is man's nature to dominate. Of course, I wish for a man who doesn't need to dominate but collaborate. It just wasn't what I manifested so far, due to unconscious aspects. My friend forced a lot of this it into my awareness. I am grateful for it. Thank you all for the kind thoughts
  7. My dream board consists of 8 nails in the wall on which I attached a string, as so to make rectangular support. (a whiteboard was too much for my budget and I like it better this way). On it, I've hanged photos of people I highly admire (all teachers in a way - where I wish to go), a list of values I wish to live by, a list of high vibrational words, my brand logo - to keep my focus on what I wish to create, an illustration I've made of my ideal relationship, my monthly planner - which I visit every day and write on it, and my three months plan. I had a vision these days of an older me in a beautiful country house - something I wish for - I will make an illustration of that and put it on the wall. Also, I am pretty sure there is a topic here on vision/ dream boards.
  8. Also can confirm. Dreamboard in your bedroom, so it is the first thing you see when waking up, and the last when going to bed. My morning routine for the last two months - and works beautifully: I wake up and lay down on the floor. I do some leg and core strengthening exercises lying down - it eases my waking up process - I finish with a few pushups - I, then, have a cold shower, get dressed, make myself a big cup of coffee, sit at my desk and write 3 pages - whatever comes to mind
  9. @Aquarius I feel you. Romania is not an easy place to be conscious in. Freedom of spirit is often frowned upon. Less, however, nowadays. So, there is hope @ivankiss Thank you for Shortparis. I rarely come across bands I resonate with.
  10. @ivankiss I like this perspective.
  11. @VeganAwake I do love myself exactly the way I am. And the world. I also love to explore it. How do positive affirmations help me explore metaphysics? @Hardik I am not sure I understand. How does this relate to my metaphysics question? I love myself as much as I love everything I come in contact with, be it the plate that I am washing, the dog that sleeps by my side, people I call family or the security officer complaining about my dog barking outside the store. The result of the lack of love and lack of self acceptance is an uncomfortable feeling we call pain. If there is a lack of completeness, how does it occur? Every human is complete and whole. There is just an idea that you are less than that and need to be more - an idea ingrained into the psyche in childhood. (at least in my experience) @remember That is a very interesting perspective. I like it. I will reflect on it. Thank you @Aaron p I am sure they do. I have my practices. As for psychedelics, when time comes. In the meantime I will enjoy experiencing reality from different perspectives. Thank you all for the conversation. As a creator, there is no greater joy than to experience the result of creation.
  12. @LastThursday @LastThursday @LastThursday I am doing that. I just don't always have the strength to keep focused. Sometimes I sleep into unconsciousness. @kag101 I am not convinced of that. My biggest growth happened from working through my judgement of who deserves my love and attention and instead offered care, help to whomever was in front of me: be it a boyfriend, a boss, a coworker, a client, a friend. And a time to move on always came. I left people with a taste for love and acceptance beyond judgement. It was really hard sometimes. But I've started practicing 10 years ago. It is increseangly easy, but the challenges are bigger. I spent today with my friend. There is awareness growing within him. It was beautiful to see him look at himself, for the first time questioning his actions. I'll see how things evolve. My emotional investment is losing it's pull. I guess I've released a lot. @EnlightenmentBlog Thank you. Indeed, not really a decision so much, but more a resistance to overcome Thank you all for your thoughts.
  13. @LastThursday @LastThursday Thank you. I usually look to see where it's coming from. Look for the ideas, where they are born. I look to see how the triggering behaviour reflects aspects of myself I didn't know about. I know the answer to the questions above. I try to go deeper than that,as I suspect it's about trauma, not being seen, acknowledged, seeking validation. By boundaries I mean common sense behaviour. You can call it control - it's demanding and taking more of my time and attention than I am willing to offer.
  14. @Hardik you changed your post. Weed is the least addictive of all drugs. Sugar and cocoa is more addictive than weed. The source of addiction is not the substance, but the pain inside. You can use anything to numb that pain. Some people choose weed And God is everything
  15. @Hardik Last time I had weed was about 2 months ago. I am content with my life as it is. I don't wish for weed nor anything else now . In my town psychedelics are not handy. If the opportunity will present itself I won't refuse. I kept an eye out for Amanitas on my last forest trip. Didn't spot any. I am in no rush to reach ultimate Enlightenment. I wanted peace and contentment. I have found that. I am able to sit with any emotion and wonder. I am not looking to run away anymore Any thoughts on metaphysics?