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  1. When you realize that failure makes you successful than you will stop complaining. It just takes a bit of work. Because of my the most devastating failure I started the whole self-actualization thing🙂
  2. INTP as well, pretty damn accurate
  3. I'm able to watch whole 6 hours about nonduality... if you can appreciate what's he talking about you can find that much more interesting... Without Leo I'd be stuck in stage Blue/Orange for my whole life... He has helped me with integration with both masculine and feminine... he has helped me with finding (no)meaning (aka being) in my life... without Leo I'd be such a different person...
  4. Hello guys (and ladies)! Recently I've been doing a personality test, I think it helps me to understand myself better (in the beggining of the journey). I'm really into abstract models and stuff around that! So, is it possible that proggressing through spiral dynamics stages changes your personality? For example I'm clearly an INTP type. And I've been all my life. I'm slowly moving towards Green (which I'm glad for, because since my teens (lots of time whooo, I'm 16 now ) I've been "stuck" in blue and orange) and I'm starting to feel emotions towards other people. Could it be possible that I'm moving towards the INFP? (F=feeling) Or I'm just an INTP moving towards Green? Those tests are built on a way that a Green guy would almost always fall into F(=feeling) category. Thanks in advance!
  5. He's posted video already about this topic, it's an older one though. It was posted 4 years ago, probably it doesn't answer your questions though.