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  1. @Waken thank you, helped a lot
  2. Stage green on climate change, criticising stage Orange.
  3. Thank you all🙂It has grown me.so much since... I'm in tears right now, tears of joy, so much relief, I just let go of control... pain is healing me...thank you❤
  4. I've just turned 17 and I'm in 2nd grade on high school (4 grades total). I'm male, INTP, straight A's. During last 3 months in previous year I was going home with my classmate (girl) for like 20 minutes walk, just us two and we liked each other (as friends though, she even told me she has feelings for me, but I've told her that we're just friends and she was okay with that). One month after she confessed her feelings for me, we were still going home together and I started having feelings towards her. On a school trip she rejected me (last week of a previous school year). The rest of the week I started ignoring her and she started pursuing me, she eventually started liking me. When a summer holiday began, she wrote me that she wanted to go to bookstore with me, on that I wrote her that we won't see each other during holiday, that I've no interest in being friends (I was attracted to her) and she said okay. But then she started pursuing me again, she was writing me that she wants to go outside with me, she wants to see me, she even shared some new insights with me on the stuff we've discussed earlier. We couldn't see each other for a whole month though, because we went to the sea. After 1 month (on august) we finally went outside. There was a lot of shit testing. I've passed litterally none of them. But in my mind I started a fantasy. We went out 2 more times, everything in 2 weeks. When I wasnt with her, I fell in love with her. Literally. I mean, LOVE. I could've stared her in the eyes like enlightened god with my heart bumping 130/minute.. but we didn't see each other till the beginning of the school year. I thought that feelings would disappear, but they just become stronger. I've created an identity with her. In the beginning of a school year, I saw her, I just pretended like nothing and hugged her. I couldn't hold it anymore. I wrote her how I really felt. She wrote me a long compassionate message back, that she adores me for saying that to her and that she's okay with that and she lets me to have space. I had real heartbreak and I 'suffered' like I had real breakup. It's one month since and we're still not talking and I still have feelings fore her... I see her everyday (she's my classmate) and I'm becoming disfunctional. She has a boyfriend now. My class teacher noticed there's something wrong with me and I'm seeing psychologist soon, if that doesn't help I'll see psychiatrist and I'll be on pills, I'm becoming really disfunctional. Recently I've tried to distract myself and focus on myself. I've bought a life purpose course and started doing some work, but I think that I need to fall in love with someone else... This problem may sound silly but I'm in my teenage years and I'm learning all this stuff Thanks for all opinions and advices
  5. Prešov, Slovakia
  6. He has made a similar video on this topic
  7. When you realize that failure makes you successful than you will stop complaining. It just takes a bit of work. Because of my the most devastating failure I started the whole self-actualization thing🙂
  8. INTP as well, pretty damn accurate
  9. I'm able to watch whole 6 hours about nonduality... if you can appreciate what's he talking about you can find that much more interesting... Without Leo I'd be stuck in stage Blue/Orange for my whole life... He has helped me with integration with both masculine and feminine... he has helped me with finding (no)meaning (aka being) in my life... without Leo I'd be such a different person...
  10. Hello guys (and ladies)! Recently I've been doing a personality test, I think it helps me to understand myself better (in the beggining of the journey). I'm really into abstract models and stuff around that! So, is it possible that proggressing through spiral dynamics stages changes your personality? For example I'm clearly an INTP type. And I've been all my life. I'm slowly moving towards Green (which I'm glad for, because since my teens (lots of time whooo, I'm 16 now ) I've been "stuck" in blue and orange) and I'm starting to feel emotions towards other people. Could it be possible that I'm moving towards the INFP? (F=feeling) Or I'm just an INTP moving towards Green? Those tests are built on a way that a Green guy would almost always fall into F(=feeling) category. Thanks in advance!
  11. He's posted video already about this topic, it's an older one though. It was posted 4 years ago, probably it doesn't answer your questions though.