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  1. Oh of course he did and Leo should fight him over it! Youtube death match! ARRGGG!
  2. There is no direct experience, no one to experience or look at anything directly so there is no me to take no you by no words and there is no debate, it's all an illusion! hehe
  3. That's brilliant....and you just sneezed this wisdom all over us. Haha
  4. If we are in unity with all things and nothing..... do we know who we aren't? Hmmmmmm haha
  5. Reality encompasses all potential from the absolute to the relative of all things to nothing in existence and nonexistence. I accept it.
  6. I humored by people who go around saying they don't exist, they are a noisy bunch for not existing.
  7. So who posted your thread if you don't exist? WHO! Don't bother replying, you don't exist.
  8. It appears you don't know what the word esoteric means. I have been speaking about simple things for anyone, not things designed to be understood by a select few. Yes, that is funny.
  9. Yep, that sounds about right.
  10. Is there anything but the present state of consciousness? Is there anything but the present being? It seems you cannot imagine the things I have seen and likely why you are having such trouble accepting the paradox I present I will relax, I always do if I'm not already lax. Will you? Undoubtedly when we are asleep viewing through the veil of the conditioned mind everything is done out of an existential yearning. Even after being on the path in awakening still the ego's desire to justify itself through a duality mindset of knowing "truth" might lead one to trust that a personal revelation in experience is a universal one. So when that insight is challenged it can evoke a reaction. It has been quite awhile since I have tasted that yearning which now is quenched so that it doesn't even seem like it ever was a real impetus to motivate my being. Although, the ego does continue to cling to experience for self survival because life's tasks need to be attended to but the pain of self suffering evaporated since in awareness I cease attachment to the self identity. I presently do not desire to not suffer so I don't reflexively assume others do unless they reveal in deed or word that they may be desiring not to suffer. It may be true that we at first desire to not suffer but the source of self suffering is that existential yearning that manifests in desire and the absence of that yearning is liberation. We both know we both know this so let's not pretend the other doesn't, agreed? Peace.
  11. It's accepting them for what they are, the mind trap is trying to resist what is. You reading desire into that phrase is a reflection of your experience and perception, not mine. Although, it seems I've offended you by not accepting your 'truth' as mine own, my apologies, need a hug?
  12. That's humorous you say I'm overthinking it for stating things are what they are, it would seem that's more indicative of underthinking it. Then you insert the word "desire" to criticize for that word that I didn't use. This verbal slight of hand is obvious but pardon me for pointing it out if you hadn't noticed it. Maybe the insertion of the word "desire" reflects your own experience of it. You may want to contemplate that. Absolute has the condition of being absolute....really really absolute, if it wasn't absolute it wouldn't be it. It is what it is whether our "mind perceives" it or not and whether we accept what it is or not. Freedom is free, if it was constrained or bound to something other than being free it wouldn't be freedom. For freedom to be what it is freedom is that condition of being free. Again this has nothing to do whether the "mind perceives" freedom as free or not and whether we accept it as free or not. It may appear paradoxical that absolute freedom is characterized by the condition of what it is but if it wasn't that it would be relative restriction. Haven't you yourself spoken about how the absolute isn't logical? There it is.
  13. Upon further contemplation I was illuminated to the reality that "Absolute peace and Freedom" is conditional and is dependent on circumstances...... it's absolute, it's peace and it's free, without it being those conditions and circumstances it isn't that at all. Though we may live in a relative, conditioned and disharmonious world if we are to be liberated from self suffering then cessation of self suffering is a condition and circumstance of our inner life. Without it being that... it isn't it. Things are what they are and it takes us accepting them as they are for it to be realized as such for us. Hah