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  1. @bejapuskas That's cool, bro, I understand the frustration some may feel when someone tells them to essentially 'get over it' when they say 'transcend it' to a very real personal experience of discrimination or oppression in this world. I would not want to be this way. Although, if I were to break it down even further if someone were to say transcend the ego pain and suffering that can come from those types of experiences because it will allow them to heal and cultivate well being this I can agree with and suggest may be beneficial. This doesn't mean someone has to ignore the injustice that others may perpetrate upon them but if one is coming from the healing of well being when these types of situations arise they will act in accordance with the well being and not from the pain and suffering. So we can simultaneously transcend the ego attachment to the experience while also acting in accordance to well being that may actually have a positive influence on others and the circumstances. We can radiate well being through the experience and not allow others to inspire misery in us. This does not excuse those that would bring harm to others but it also recognizes they themselves are acting out of their own misery which is the motivation for the harm they would attempt to bring to others. We should not fail to acknowledge the cycle of suffering this world breeds and perpetuates.
  2. @bejapuskas You completely missed my point. Although, I agree it's impossible to transcend another's perception and their treatment of others from their bias is not an easy thing to tell someone to transcend. Of course that wasn't my point....maybe you should read my post again with fresh eyes.
  3. @Enlightenment Let's me start off by saying that this isn't unusual for someone who is seeking well being through 'spirituality' to possibly have some aversion to what the world expects from us so don't let this bring too much conflict to your inner life. Secondly, I would add don't listen to people who will advise you from their own perspective of it because each one of us is so different that what they have in their circumstances of experience probably doesn't mirror yours so may not be helpful to you. That being said let me advise you from my own experience of a similar but undoubtedly not identical circumstances and I absolutely understand if you disregard the advice considering the advice I gave you about others' advice one paragraph earlier... haha. Allow me to begin by saying if your intention is to foster well being for yourself holistically as you suggest that will include everything.... your whole being. Which means the physical also is part of that and a part of physical is how we sustain our bodies' needs which in this world involves the monetary. I'm not going to suggest this means you should adopt the mindset and perspective of your parents or any other 'self improvement guru' but it would behoove you to examine your relationship to things like money, work, ambition, accomplishments and the like. Many of our concepts and ideas, self perceptions and expectations are ingrained in our psyche as a youth before we are even aware of our own self consciousness. So that when we are later looking at our own lives about what we seek we are using value sets that aren't even our own, they are the world's. So it may benefit you to clear your relationship to all of these. Severing the self identity attachment as a 'monk' would can be a powerful way to clearing the conscious experience for you. This doesn't mean it takes living like a monk in a cave but maybe just using the methods of inner work to heal your being. Allow yourself to learn the concepts and perspectives that resonate with your genuine being and you will be able to establish relationships to those things from a place of well being that are currently causing strife to you because they aren't founded in a perspective that resonates with you. It may be that right now the preloaded perspectives of unaware youth isn't conducive for you to find joy in these worldly things but with aware inner work you can bring joy from your well being to them and that which resonates with your genuine being will reflect that joy back so will foster more well being. I can't say what form that will take and which ideas, concepts and circumstances will be the ones that do resonate with you because that will be something only you will learn and know but there is a healthy path of well being in this world if you truly seek it.
  4. Maybe transcend the ethnic identity of 'earth human' for 'universal organism' and then transcend that one as well for 'transcendental being'... which also can be transcended.
  5. When someone goes around saying they have no free will, that others have no free will, that nobody does, that it does not's amusing because they have no choice.
  6. I wrote an amazing explanation of a quick and easy trick to infinite enlightenment and the answer to the meaning of life but it got deleted in the void..... I guess that's fitting since it all came from the void anyway... welp... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. You trying to stretch the meaning of it to fit every time someone has a critique about something is nonsense.
  8. "Cancel culture" is a staple of conservative religious right wing tradition for a very long time. It is even enshrined and a dictate of their religious text even going to the extent of everlasting 'cancelling' of teaching that others who don't believe as they do have eternal punishment, torment and exile in their imagined afterlife The list of 'cancelling' behaviors is long and harsh even inscribed into ancient scripture of stoning people to death for breaking arbitrary rules to the modern version of it in denying housing, employment, health care or services and commerce because others don't believe as they do. Even families will disown children and siblings in the most ruthless expression of this 'cancelling'. So forgive me if I'm not exceptionally sympathetic to the fragile ego tears of these right wing types who cry foul about people on the internet being mean to them. Or they get some backlash from them discriminating against others or mistreating people because they believe differently. They teach and preach that the others are evil degenerates that deserve to be expunged from society then whine when people don't want to associate with them. Don't let them create the narrative that 'cancel culture' is a product of the left and it's a problem when the left does it but completely ignore their own long history of it and get a pass for their continuing to do it. They ironically are calling for the cancelling of 'cancel culture' itself, they want to stop others from doing it to them for doing it to others. Call it out for what it is, they want to not be prevented from discriminating and cancelling others. Ideally we prefer to live in a tolerant society that doesn't 'cancel' each other for whatever reason. Although, the tolerance paradox is something to consider because tolerating intolerance eventually destroys freedom of expression.
  9. Maybe? There is no maybe..... this IS it.
  10. It's over. The squeeze is done, the options have expired and anyone who participated in it to generate a gain has already liquidated the bulk of their position if not already completely flat on this. Anyone who is still looking at this as an opportunity are the people who heard about it after it was too late to get prime position and will likely suffer a loss. The smart money is on to identifying the next opportunity. The way that people realize the gain is to get back to USD or some crypto by liquidating their position, they aren't Bezos or Musk and can hold it because the value is based on fundamentals, this was a meme stock based on the bubble, should be out by now. It's ova!
  11. Actually the focus does need to be on the dishonest and despicable behavior of the networks because they dont report truth, they create storylines around events that supports the narrative they want to push. Anyone with an ability to understand body language can see how often she was uncomfortable and resistant to the message of Trump ànd his minions were putting out. Maybe she should have just continued to turn down the offer to lead the white house team because it was a no win situation. So not only wasn't she able to help as much as she wanted to and the citizens deserved she now is getting disparaged by corrupt greedy self promoters using her gain credibility when nobody should listen to anything they say.
  12. So the networks that lied America into multiple wars for profit and defends corporate malfeasance for profit then they turn around to rehabilitate the reputations those war criminals and corrupt politicians allowing them to continue to misinform the public are now upset about it? The doctor was placed in a very difficult situation and really had no way to succeed considering the chaotic circumstances anyone in that position would have little chance to overcome but this network trying to admonish and belittle her is deluded hypocrisy from a despicable deceptive corporation.
  13. Centrist establishment neolib Dems are so corrupt and inept themselves they really had no chance to expose Trump's inept corruption without exposing their own.
  14. In my experience I've found things like spiritualist designation systems and complicated methods of practice often become an ego feeding distraction so this doesn't surprise me.
  15. The three other groups that hide behind the proud boys in notoriety but are also linked to right wing violence and had a presence at the capital that day are the boogaloo boys, the 3%ers and patriot's prayer. It's quite troubling with how these groups are talking and organizing online and IRL with how armed they are.