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  1. This got weird real quick...
  2. There are infinite paths of a non-binary nature in unique divine expressions as well....
  3. Funny you tried to answer that but I guess this is an era that people just like to take digital victory laps for everything so it is with this as well. Enjoy it for what it is, story telling. Peace
  4. The train will splatterfy even if one doesn't observe fact, most of the time that's how it happens, without them even seeing it....or aware it's there.
  5. It's all just a story to get to the punchline....the cosmic joke.
  6. S-elf....could it be?????? Satan elf!
  7. The 'it's a trap' trap is one of the most insidious traps of them all since it supposes that there is someone and there is a trap and that someone can get caught in I wouldn't suggest there is anyone in that sort of trap.
  8. I am that I am.....and that's all that I am. Popeye the guru man.
  9. Awareness doesn't necessarily invoke dualism.
  10. @axiom There is awareness and awareness isn't aware without observation even if you believe there is no subject-object dualism.