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  1. Once one's awareness abides in liberation, a cessation of self suffering, the notion of 'enlightenment' as it's portrayed is recognized as an infinite gaslight of spiritual 'teachers'.
  2. This one claims to be a nonbeliever, though they have countless beliefs, including but not limited to believing they are a nonbeliever. The brain evolved to 'believe' as a mechanism of survival. They are still in the 'why what' loop which is an important part of the awakening process and which eventually will evolve to question all the facets of belief like the 'who what', 'where what', 'when what' and 'how what' puzzle pieces. Not to be left out is the 'what what' that is really a 'which what' question. It's the believing mechanism deconstruction, so once one looks inside to see what it is, those questions about it are answered. Nobody has to explain it to you, nobody can explain it to you, it is an ineffable perception in awareness about the nature of believing in consciousness. Then one can become aware of the believing mechanism answer to the question, 'then what'.
  3. I said that it's pretty crazy looking, did your mind interpret that as 'wrong'?
  4. It's pretty crazy looking to spend so much time talking to oneself.
  5. @Carl-Richard The one thing that might derail his Muslim path is how much of his audience is western male so I could just as easily see him taking on Christian preacher tones considering that would allow him to be as much of a flashy materialist as he wants and hold onto the 'changed man' shtick while still appealing to his core audience.
  6. @Carl-Richard I'm basing it on the behavior of people in general, once someone goes through the type of tribulation like Tate is going through now they often come out the other side proclaiming to be a 'changed' person and 'finding' spirituality, god, religion or things like that. While it may be the case he goes to the more known version of it with Christianity or the like, I think he has shown he prefers to be contradictory in some respects and already has 'converted' to Islam. So this is why I suspect he becomes a more 'devout' Muslim. Not like I have any special inside knowledge, just based on his actions. He's already peppered some of his rhetoric with the word 'God' and when he can finally get himself free of the legal issues he probably will try to clean up his image with 'spirituality'. Of course, I won't claim to know for sure how he will go about it, just that people often do after circumstances like he's going through now. I don't expect that it will be a genuine introspection, as it most likely will just be the facade of 'spirituality'. His audience isn't particularly demanding of him to be anything other than the image of something, he's portraying a character. This will be just another performative demonstration for those who want to believe him.
  7. @Carl-Richard You asking me why someone chose to do one thing instead of another? Not sure why you'd think I'd have an accurate answer.
  8. I expect him to go on a 'spiritual' arc at some point but he's already shown his cards, he'll become an even more devout Muslim, changing his name to something like Salaam Ali where he can practice his misogyny fully and have it endorsed by an ancient religion.
  9. @Tyler Robinson It surely does seem like she was projecting onto you her own issues, whatever those dynamics happen to be. Again, just throw all that away, even if there was the smallest bit of it useful it may not be worth the effort to figure out what exactly it is. Just erase it all from consideration, you're better off not entertaining any of it. Know that you are cared about, people care about you and love you.
  10. @Tyler Robinson Not only was that a terrible therapist, she's a horrible human, please disregard and discard everything she said. None of it is worthwhile or an accurate assessment of you, sounds like she was projecting her own issues onto you and using you to make herself feel better. You are valued and loved.
  11. I'm not sure how this is any different from in everyday life, except here it's simply words being read on a screen though sure in great detail, but while in day to day life there may be less detail, yet it's much more messy with emotions, attitudes and personalities in bodies bumping into us everywhere we turn.