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  1. @Aakash Then there is 'nothing' to talk about....
  2. Is it illusory bliss and amazement of nothingness?
  3. You all have quite the imagination to talk a whole lot about nothing.....
  4. Transcend the notion of 'absolute infinity' because it's just another mystical sounding concept that spiritualists use to create an identity of having something deep and esoteric they know. The ultimate ramification is it's a distraction from awareness of being present in the moment by getting someone caught up in mental masturbation.
  5. Just be at can add socks to that peace but if you have no socks then you are still being at peace....with cold feet.
  6. Well, we don't really control thoughts or even try, they are spontaneously generated by the brain in the mind. In the moment as the mind creates the judgment calls in the various ways it does we can just cease to endorse them. We aren't empowering that belief system of judgment so creating a presence of nonjudgment in the here and now. Abide in that and eventually the mind only reflects the belief paradigm of nonjudgment so joins in harmony with our awareness of being nonjudgment presence in the here and now. So we aren't controlling thoughts, it's just creating the state of being in the present moment and eventually the mind comes into agreement with presence.
  7. Yes, it continues to empower the good and evil paradigm which will find it's way into every way view things internally and externally.
  8. There is no conflict between spirituality and life purpose so there is no need for a solution to it. If there is any perceived 'conflict' it is from the perception and that perceived conflict can be resolved but spirituality and life purpose not just coexist, they are complementary.
  9. Do it by removing all reference to the dualism of good and evil from the mindset. With the casual terminology one uses refrain from saying something is 'good' or 'bad' even in respect to personally as 'for me'. Remove it from the mindset as completely as one can and eventually the judging nature will fade away from one's perspective when viewing everything including others.
  10. Yes and holding limiting beliefs such as something 'must' or it can 'only' happen under specific circumstances or only in certain ways inhibits our ability to let the infinite potential blossom and manifest as it will in and through us
  11. Upon reading your post something along these lines is what I was going to say. Too often we try to label and understand with concepts to satisfy the egos desire for identity. Just celebrating what is as it is with appreciation for being present in that moment is a fulfillment that transcends all limiting beliefs. Allowing oneself to be open to the infinite possibility will always invite ourselves to be a conduit for healing in any way that it happens