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  1. @ShanmugamThe quote you used was him explaining how he himself was teaching the deceptive ideas under the guise of being authentic. He is saying without embracing the story of the wave it isn't authentic, the wave's story is just as real as the ocean's story, even more real. He suggests that the 'impersonal' story is just a personal belief, not an absence of belief as so many have been teaching and this is something that I have been saying for decades. That people don't live in the absolute, or the ultimate as he called it, we live here in life, in the relative as you and many others call it. There really is no absolute truth since 'truth' is comparative term because truth depends on relating to a standard and we cannot perceive that standard, all we have is a relative perception. What it really matters is the point of exploring any of this, it's to cease the source of suffering, it's not chasing after some unknowable ultimate absolute with no standard of comparison, that is the "trap" he is talking about. Healing and ceasing the self caused suffering is attainable in the so called "relative truth", it's attainable in real life, there is no other point to any of this without attaining that, the rest is mental masturbation of chasing abstractions. This is why I speak to the simplicity in just being and that isn't a story about a happy ending, it's a story of joyful being.
  2. @Shanmugam Hmm well, Jeff is acknowledging that both the wave and the ocean exist. He is moving away from denying the wave, denying the individual story and instead embracing it while also embracing the unity, recognizing both individual expression and the whole expression. He is suggesting it's more than just a trap of not teaching to the level of the seeker, as if it's just a mistaken teacher of an authentic teaching. He is saying it's a deceptive teaching itself because it's really just a story of claiming it's not a story while denying the seeker's story.
  3. There's all sorts of beliefs up in here while suggesting 'no beliefs'....haha. "be·lief an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something."
  4. @Shanmugam It does resonate, I have often questioned some of the 'non-dual' teaching and wondered if it was just adding to the confusion and angst in others. In fact, I am aware of some people who were disturbed by me questioning the effects of it and have taken it personally while claiming they are 'impersonal'. What are your thoughts on it? Does it resonate with you?
  5. @Hsinav There are plenty of topics started already, I did one time but now let others do the starting.
  6. @Shanmugam I'm not making fun of you and I ridicule nobody, that's your projection, I'm just laughing because I find it funny. I asked a simple question about your thoughts on the very content you posted, you refused to answer citing a conversation had quite awhile ago you still haven't gotten over.... that's funny to me. If you don't find any humor in it then that's on you, if we aren't laughing together that's your decision, I'm laughing either way. If you would like to discuss Jeff's words in that quote I'm still opening to hearing your thoughts but that's up to you.
  7. You seem to forever hold onto that conversation never wanting to let it go. You only heard what you wanted to hear, not what I really said. Let it go. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  8. @Shanmugam So an essay you post here suggesting it's something you are trying to convey to others of which I pull out the principle revelation he speaks in it and you think "nothing much" when asked about it? That's hilarious! BAHA!
  9. @Shanmugam There are many more things i find humorous that I do not post about. What do you think about the quote? .... just wondering.
  10. Yes, faith, along with love bring the presence of being to awareness.
  11. be·lief an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.
  12. be·lief an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.