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  1. This is soooo huge.
  2. Oh, I did not know about that rule. Seems that way. How sad.
  3. @NoSelfSelf for example. there are countless free options.
  4. UTC+2
  5. Hey guys! Who of you guys is interested in a weekly mastermind, sharing our goals, progress and problems? I am thinking about 3-5 people, weekly group calls at around 30-60 minutes. Please only "apply" if you really think you can do this on a weekly basis without "today I don't have time for this." We can discuss details when we have a few people together. Have a great day!
  6. F*ck Yes
  7. Can you elaborate on that? Isn't mindset a really big part? Yes, of course you then only learn ti implement through experience. But isn't it better to go into this with the right mindset, REALLY connection with maybe only a few girls authentically rather than fucking a hundred "nameless plates". ?
  8. @Caterpillar Read some Red Pill stuff. It should balance things out.
  9. @K VIL thank you
  10. @Viking I regressed quite a lot too. What really helped me is to step down on the "I have to". I am NOT moralizing to myself if I do something or not but I actively love myself regardless. And at the moment Im slowly picking up good things again. But Im trying to focus much more on the emotional child inside me. Watch this.
  11. @Psyche_92 Nice. Now learn to let go of control.
  12. @NoSelfSelf Read No More Mr. Nice Guy. A really good book.
  13. @Dan Arnautu Just out of nowhere. You are one fucking handsome guy.
  14. Werent you like "not interested in Dating beause it is so easy" ?