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  1. Thank you. This really got me into the idea that spirituality is something really tangible.
  2. @Nahm Thanks <3
  3. @Nahm What would you say is the best book on loa?
  4. So I had my first date from cold approach today and I got reminded how easily I feel deeply hurt by simple comments. Stuff like: "I only said yes because I didn't want to say no." "I didn't want to hurt your feelings so I agreed." These simple comments dropped my mood from good to bad and my confidence just broke. Its such a dumb thing. I constantly felt like she didn't like me and i got harder and harder to hold up a conversation. Escalation by touch became impossible inside my mind. I saw (or thought of seeing) every little detail that showed how she didn't like me and thought I was a looser. I don't understand why I care so much. I don't care when I approach and get rejected, but being on a date and starting to feel like she seems me as a non-prospect just friends thing just freaking breaks me. Like I know intellectually its bullshit and I hate being that vulnerable. I don't want to base my own self worth on the opinion of women but I still do it. It drives me crazy. Its like a deep seated hurt and fear. I know it comes from the bullying I received in middle school, mainly from girls, but I thought I got through that (mostly). I would gladly appreciate any advice on how I can work on that.
  5. Talking to women I feel like talking to. Being open in my sexuelles intent. Being bold and open. Not compromising my opinion or actions because of the opinions of others. Not fearing rejection. Being aware of the state and feelings of the girl I'm talking to and considering that in my actions etc.
  6. @supremeyingyang I do pickup mostly to learn the skillset of attraction, learn to be authentic around women and have some short term romances. Definetly not to find "the one". @Timothy I did not ask for your moral judgement of pickup. The fact that you think its all about lines and techniques shows that you have no understanding about pickup. Becoming natural effortless and free flowing is a process which you can pick up through pickup. Telling someone to "just be yourself" is like the worst dating advice ever.
  7. @aurum Thanks! With the girl I just said "Ah, I guess I son't convince you today, huh?" It wasnt a really good reaction, but hey it was authentic and I didnt freak out. Im actually mostly around the university or city where there are really a ton of girls. @Timothy I really suck at night game. I feel very out of place and broody in night clubs, so day game fits my energy much more. Im doing pickup to learn how to attract women authentically and to have good experiences with them. @onacloudynight I dont have a big problem with rejection anymore. Its more like being widely known as the lame ass beta pickup tryhard, which would just blandly suck long term.
  8. @SFRL Seems legit. @Hello from Russia That is quite true actually. Something I should try to recognize in my approaches.
  9. So I seriously started daygame. I talked to around 20 women the last 3 days and it has gone...okay. Got around 5 numbers, 3 of those being flakes, one date setup. From the beginning I had the fear of being "recognized" as the guy going up to girls everyday. Now I accidently reapproached a girl I already approached yesterday (different time and place). She was looking at my like I am the most vile creature on planet earth. How do you deal with this fear bzw. the real thing happening? @aurum @SFRL
  10. @Shiva Interesting, how did you come to live so far away? What are you doing for a living? Im living in Göttingen btw.
  11. I really resonate with that. That is the thing, the way I see it the "rightness" of ideas are quite distributed between different viewpoints.
  12. @Emerald I think there is quite some truth to what you say. I think both left and right fall quite too easily into victim mentality. I think who ever paints the picture of "I am a victim and they are the evil ones" should be watched very closely, may it be the alt right blaming the women and transsexuals, as well as the extreme sjw blaming men and the patriarchy. I think the balance is hard to find. I think it is also very hard to see where real injustices are and where they are not. I think some questions dont have such easy answers as people want you to believe. I think the current systems has many good qualities and many flaws. Nontheless, its not a inherently bad system that should be just thrown away, because at the moment we don't have anything better. That doesn't mean change cant be introduced and tried where it seems necessary. I think the wave of the reintroduction of feminine energy misused by a number of people, painting the whole movement in a bad light and I think much of the "shadow" you describe rallying against that finds it hard to distinguish the movement from the abusers. I think both feminine AND masculine energy are in a bad place at the moment. I think I should maybe read some feminists books with an open mind to see that side, just as Im reading a book from the manosphere to see "my own" side. This is really complicated stuff and there is no cookie cutter answer.
  13. @danton Yes, that is totally the right mindset. I fully resonate with that. Many people jump full boar into spirituality with a life in shambles.
  14. @Preetom There are shades of gray. not only one gray.
  15. @Shiva Yes, I just wanted to point people to this, because in my opinion leo sometimes is a bit lacky in warning about risks and dangers while advocating psychedelics.