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  1. @PsiloPutty 39. Sadly in my experience the bad phases really only stop at around 100+ But it is worth it.
  2. @Psyche_92 going strong. and you? Feel extremely agitated though.
  3. @Psyche_92 I will pm you when i am home. 😃
  4. @Psyche_92 I feel aliiiive. It's great isn't it? Good luck. ! How is your plan of studying psychology going btw?
  5. @Psyche_92 If I had one 😂 Just normal exercises with Vegetas super saiyan theme 😂
  6. @Psyche_92 I just had such an testosterone overload that I did a epic workout at home while repeatedly screaming "I AM THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS"
  7. @Psyche_92 We will do this together!
  8. @Psyche_92 ist Incredible right ? Yes for me it completely settled around 120ish Ignore the quote hard kill I cant seem to delete it on the mobile.
  9. @Psyche_92 ahh, today is better again. Go for more than 90 @Hardkill nobody is forcing you, bud. @Moreira Well, first it pushes you into your escalation skills. and secondly afte a certain amount of days the urges just die down.