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  1. @Echoes That's dope. Thank you.
  2. @Echoes Mostly from JBB. I'm not that into BattleRap anymore, but I liked the guy and looked at his Spotify. I was surprised at the deepness of the song.
  3. Yes! I think i might be too lazy for that.
  4. @Max_V I have the same issue. But lately I come more and more to the realization that I can only live a happy and productive life if I am at the same time happy. And that means not beating yourself up and going more with the flow, not pushing yourself beyond your limits, because that leads to failure. For example, I have quite a few issues I want to work on at the moment: My current new job, Reading and Learning about Self Actualization, making Music, Meditation and getting into Pickup being on the top of that priorities list. But I also realized that I simply cannot do all of that at once well without going overboard. So for now, I've got my meditation Habit, and i will heavily concentrate on my new job and music. I will start studying psychology around September, which means there will be another big change and obstacle/opportunity waiting. So when I have time and energy to read a book, I will do it. If not, i will not force myself, because that will only bring me and my work down. Also I have postponed the pickup thing to when things are more stable. And I feel okay about that, because even if I only have like 50 years left to live, I know I can accomplish lots and lots if I keep going, but I want to enjoy he process. And if, at the moment, playing an hour of video games still brings me joy and I don't do it all day, not doing any self actualization work, I will let myself do it. If I one day realize that its a massive waste of time and I have other things I want to do, I am okay and happy with that too. That is how i try to approach this issue atm.
  5. @Echoes +1 for the advice and +1 for Oldboy
  6. @Ross I recommend to study James Marshall I know the feels. though. But you have to consider: you can learn anything if you put your mind to it.
  7. @Psyche_92 You can't fix that level of crazy.
  8. @Spiral I really don't see the appeal (anymore). Control yourself until you see her for real = much better sex.
  9. @ppfeiff Hey, a quick question about the fasting for transition. Can a short water fast also work for that?
  10. @Max_V I find it quite funny that we came to the conclusion of tackling our diet in the same week. However my biggest concern here is my health and energy, not the animals. A point that makes me sceptic about veganism is the fact that you seem forced to supplement at least B12, which gives me the idea that it is no "Ideal", right? Also, Leo's video in supplements was the only video i strongly disagreed with from the beginning. How can taking a hundret different pills a day be considered good? Research on which diet you should prefer is so scattered, I am thinking about just trialing a few different ones.
  11. I was totally baffled when one of my favourite rappers started talking Actualization: (It's in German)
  12. I kinda do not believe this Story...
  13. I Think you might have been in a half dream state? Where you lying down?
  14. Thanks for all the positivity! I am waiting like a kid on Christmas for the mail