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  1. Question what experience do you have before you were born? There is no experience of time before you are born and suddenly you were there. A cosmic sea of infinity and a consciousnesses emerged and became aware. Now imagine that when you die you feel like going to sleep. Your body will slowly lose all the higher functions, complex thinking will shift to just feeling without thought/concepts. You are not your brain and all clusters of cells will experience their own individual deaths. The body will sense that oxygen is depleting and start to tingle and warm up eventually moving towards a state of non-feeling like a sleeping body part. Your body is slowly dissolving and it is peaceful because your worries only happen when the brain is still fighting to maintain it's concepts and ego that wants to survive. The moment you surrender and give in to becoming one with what always had been all worries fade away and you merge with the experience of grandness and Reunion. It feels like that mind that has always so desperately been fighting has now given in and you are coming home to the ethernal. And now knowing that everyone will be with you maybe you can accept death more easily. Now your mind and body have dissolved into infinity. You are back at the place before you were born, timeless. Here comes the part of belief, whoever you were, what you life was about, you must have faith that if you strip everything away and become one you will not be gone but one thing remains. The observer that experiences nothingness is who will always be present. This idea that you will be waiting before waking up is at the core of reincarnation. Now many religions portray their own cultural images and feelings onto this subject but I fully convinced that you should strip away any cultural ideas, these might only be relevant to your early stage in death as you still identify with these concepts and get feeling of guidance until the conceptual thinking has fully dissolved. You have been waiting all this time, timelessly waiting, and now you are here. Where did you come from, what is your intention to keep walking forward and who will you become? Remember that wherever you are you will be at home. Your mind will always give you reasons to suffer but that's because you don't believe or know in who your are unconditional. The fear of something is worse that the thing itself, so be fearless, be mindful and live with feeling and not the mind who tries to conquer and own everything. Live a mindful life, don't get lost in the abyss of fear, unnecessary stress and delusion. You know what to do.
  2. Axiom: Your current experience is the one and only true happening. You don't know anything outside of it and never will be able to. Read about solipsism. Question: Everything you observer is your biased view and experience. How are you so sure that you are not imagining what anyone else says is also imagined by you. You are the ground state of being, identifying as I, those 'others' outside of you could be be seen as facets of the self to create the feeling of an unknowable and unending stream of interactions to separate the self and give rise to identity. You could also say that the quest to understand requires one to hide oneself, because ultimately there is nothing to be understood. Does this mean we should all be crazy and talk to other selves our whole life? No, because you are in control of what you want to think, imagine or believe in. If I was the creator, so lonely at the ultimate level, the moment I become aware that I'm separate from fullness (as in I'm the only one) then this separate void of nothing would become my best friend. This nothingness which is so empty, so miraculously present which I'm not would in turn invoke a greater body and mind of what is. That was is and that what has not been become one, it's the ethernal dance of god by being whole but half nothing as he knows that whatever is unwritten is his longing and friend he seeks. God's mind is expressing this journey of love to explore through perpetual force the coming together of what is and what has not been through the present moment. You, your brother and everyone else are the pure expression of love. To know who your really are is by being still, letting go of thought and listen. If you achieve to allow oneself to accept unconditional love and being you will be at home no matter where you are.
  3. It's self-perpetuating and seems to always have been here, even when the idea that there is nothing was perceived.
  4. @Ook You want a story, you will get one. Or you decide that you ultimately are the creator, are loving, are passionate about exploring yourself, and seek to build a beautiful world based on curiosity, mystery, and acceptance of letting go whenever you push yourself too hard.
  5. The duality of inside and outside, I and other will break down by becoming aware that whatever is present is you. If you imagine talking to another person, this is the story that you have in your head by labeling what is present to give a sense of direction, locality, and relative identity. In Leo's latest video he also talks about this and I would like to 'label' this non-sensical thing as the inflection point of self. It's like going through a black hole and seeing your identity (the non-infinite version that is still trying to understand) into the moment it is able to see itself for the first time from outside of its own paradigm. Meditate on this gif, I think it's one of the best introspective images present. Turn your experience of what is, inside out!
  6. Who owns your direct experience? You. Who is control of the lens of his own perception? You. You are not bound by any happenings and can go anywhere you want and also decide how you react to things and whether you choose to see the bad or the good.
  7. People in fear will act with short-term reasons whereas people in love for the greater good. In the end, the greater good will always survive and what might appear powerful in a small timeframe has little effect on the major movement. People in fear act irrational, badly constructed, and tested assumptions, going after quick rewards, desperation. Power is built through the compounding effect of small long-lasting acts but those in fear might not see beyond their short-term gain and call this "power".
  8. @JosephKnecht Yes that looks about right. I believe perspective goes full circle, from nothing (the broadest and emptiest) to the most egoic (most clinging to 'things') then dissolving further again to see that fullness is one (or empty in nature).
  9. There is no benefit that to know that you are pursuing the truth, this can be painful or heaven. Does it need to have benefits to know the truth if that is what you will get?
  10. @Artsu Correct. @IJB063 "Do you consider a specific thought to be a specific place in the universe, the universal mind that can be fully mapped out and explored as though it is a place, and when we think a thought and act upon it we are in a sense travelling though various dimensions as a sort of ripple through dimensions" I still try to wrap my mind around it. What I think is that the mental landscape that you wander through right now in the time and place you are, can only be accessed because you are within that environment and the past that you had. It is an extension of the space around you build on top of the lower dimensions that you observe. The mind is like a magnet and gets attracted to the things you see and feel and therefore these will be the dominant initiations of your thoughts. Now remove 3d stimulation, like in sensory deprivation chamber and the body will lose all it senses. You won't feel gravity, smell, sounds, external sight and the mind returns to a ground state similar to sleep but now you are aware and you will enter mostly only mental space floating in an empty void. I would see this as x,y,z are all 0 but the i dimension is now freely moved through without altering any of the lower ones. Once again tricky subject, lots of reflection is needed. I feel we are onto something valuable, even if it's just an non practical insight into nature of how reality can be perceived.
  11. Degrees of movement in higher dimensions in my opinion would result in the dissolution of identity. First there is the personal, basically what you experience now with 3 dimension (or 4 if you consider the mind like a say as a real spatial one). Then next dimension of freedom would be the fifth. This would then mean instead of maybe only view your perspective of where you go. You can view multiple 'perspectives' where you can move into. Then 6th might be that can view all of those perspective at a given time and move through time as viewing many parallel dimensions all happening for their own specific viewpoint at the same time! Eventually you would no long feel that you are viewing any elses or identify as something as you and other. You would merge into the god perception of everything and this narrow ego perspective of one viewpoint would melt and dissolve into fullness. Like going from a 2D camera to 3D GoPro 360 view, but not just viewing one point of 360, but all 360s from any angle, thought, time.
  12. @IJB063 I will try to answer your question about Nothingness. This topic is hard at first to grasp. Nothingness is when the mind cannot think of anything. It is indistinguishable and all that is is unified, since all is one isotropic in nature, relativity doesn't exist and therefore form doesn't exist. Emptiness, nothingness, are when a conscious being cannot project anything into existence because everything is itself. Now to come to the topic of the dimensions, you should treat all dimensions here as spatial ones and as @JosephKnecht says don't treat time as a dimension. Lets say we look at mathematical dimension with f(x,y,z,i,j,k)=x+y+z+i+j+k as function. This has 6 independent variables or dimensional planes of movement. What happens if we don't add time to this equation? It will stay at the fixed point that you put values for. E.g. f(1,0,1,2,1,5)=1+0+1+2+1+5=10 As you can see if time froze or was not variable then the reality of this function would exist but only at 10. Maybe this is the 'frame' of the big bang where time didn't exist or was not considered variable and indistinguishable. Then later on these spatial dimension did indeed receive an arrow of time. But this time variable is not a dimension, rather a force that is present at every dimensions inherent Identity.
  13. Nothingness is an infinite isotropic field indistinguishable from itself. Isotropic adj. Identical in all directions; invariant with respect to direction. Having the same properties in all directions: said of a medium with respect to elasticity, conduction of heat or electricity, or radiation of heat and light. Having equal, common, or non-specific developmental capacity. Nothingness is the basis of origin of all what becomes. Unified oneness/the void/nothingness the ultimate fertile ground that holds infinite potential to create as time and space unfold mentally. When the mind is silent, empty of thought, one resides in nothingness and is truly present in what is. No imaginary projections what could be, not in motion, stationary truth that is ethernal.
  14. @Leo Gura How does your experience of one mind fit into this? Maybe if you are really able to let go of this ego perspective you can access that 5th-dimensional unified field and do things like telepathy like you were talking about?