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  1. Who owns your direct experience? You. Who is control of the lens of his own perception? You. You are not bound by any happenings and can go anywhere you want and also decide how you react to things and whether you choose to see the bad or the good.
  2. People in fear will act with short-term reasons whereas people in love for the greater good. In the end, the greater good will always survive and what might appear powerful in a small timeframe has little effect on the major movement. People in fear act irrational, badly constructed, and tested assumptions, going after quick rewards, desperation. Power is built through the compounding effect of small long-lasting acts but those in fear might not see beyond their short-term gain and call this "power".
  3. @JosephKnecht Yes that looks about right. I believe perspective goes full circle, from nothing (the broadest and emptiest) to the most egoic (most clinging to 'things') then dissolving further again to see that fullness is one (or empty in nature).
  4. There is no benefit that to know that you are pursuing the truth, this can be painful or heaven. Does it need to have benefits to know the truth if that is what you will get?
  5. @Artsu Correct. @IJB063 "Do you consider a specific thought to be a specific place in the universe, the universal mind that can be fully mapped out and explored as though it is a place, and when we think a thought and act upon it we are in a sense travelling though various dimensions as a sort of ripple through dimensions" I still try to wrap my mind around it. What I think is that the mental landscape that you wander through right now in the time and place you are, can only be accessed because you are within that environment and the past that you had. It is an extension of the space around you build on top of the lower dimensions that you observe. The mind is like a magnet and gets attracted to the things you see and feel and therefore these will be the dominant initiations of your thoughts. Now remove 3d stimulation, like in sensory deprivation chamber and the body will lose all it senses. You won't feel gravity, smell, sounds, external sight and the mind returns to a ground state similar to sleep but now you are aware and you will enter mostly only mental space floating in an empty void. I would see this as x,y,z are all 0 but the i dimension is now freely moved through without altering any of the lower ones. Once again tricky subject, lots of reflection is needed. I feel we are onto something valuable, even if it's just an non practical insight into nature of how reality can be perceived.
  6. Degrees of movement in higher dimensions in my opinion would result in the dissolution of identity. First there is the personal, basically what you experience now with 3 dimension (or 4 if you consider the mind like a say as a real spatial one). Then next dimension of freedom would be the fifth. This would then mean instead of maybe only view your perspective of where you go. You can view multiple 'perspectives' where you can move into. Then 6th might be that can view all of those perspective at a given time and move through time as viewing many parallel dimensions all happening for their own specific viewpoint at the same time! Eventually you would no long feel that you are viewing any elses or identify as something as you and other. You would merge into the god perception of everything and this narrow ego perspective of one viewpoint would melt and dissolve into fullness. Like going from a 2D camera to 3D GoPro 360 view, but not just viewing one point of 360, but all 360s from any angle, thought, time.
  7. @IJB063 I will try to answer your question about Nothingness. This topic is hard at first to grasp. Nothingness is when the mind cannot think of anything. It is indistinguishable and all that is is unified, since all is one isotropic in nature, relativity doesn't exist and therefore form doesn't exist. Emptiness, nothingness, are when a conscious being cannot project anything into existence because everything is itself. Now to come to the topic of the dimensions, you should treat all dimensions here as spatial ones and as @JosephKnecht says don't treat time as a dimension. Lets say we look at mathematical dimension with f(x,y,z,i,j,k)=x+y+z+i+j+k as function. This has 6 independent variables or dimensional planes of movement. What happens if we don't add time to this equation? It will stay at the fixed point that you put values for. E.g. f(1,0,1,2,1,5)=1+0+1+2+1+5=10 As you can see if time froze or was not variable then the reality of this function would exist but only at 10. Maybe this is the 'frame' of the big bang where time didn't exist or was not considered variable and indistinguishable. Then later on these spatial dimension did indeed receive an arrow of time. But this time variable is not a dimension, rather a force that is present at every dimensions inherent Identity.
  8. Nothingness is an infinite isotropic field indistinguishable from itself. Isotropic adj. Identical in all directions; invariant with respect to direction. Having the same properties in all directions: said of a medium with respect to elasticity, conduction of heat or electricity, or radiation of heat and light. Having equal, common, or non-specific developmental capacity. Nothingness is the basis of origin of all what becomes. Unified oneness/the void/nothingness the ultimate fertile ground that holds infinite potential to create as time and space unfold mentally. When the mind is silent, empty of thought, one resides in nothingness and is truly present in what is. No imaginary projections what could be, not in motion, stationary truth that is ethernal.
  9. @Leo Gura How does your experience of one mind fit into this? Maybe if you are really able to let go of this ego perspective you can access that 5th-dimensional unified field and do things like telepathy like you were talking about?
  10. It took some time for me to put all the pieces together and find solid but coherent reasoning to explain and understand my findings. When you study how dimensions create space of movement you will notice that there is ever-increasing freedom of movement. Look at a line, you can move forward or backwards (1d), then a plane where you can move left/right/forward/backwards (2d), a volume where you can move in all three axes as we know from everyday life (3d). The other requirement for a dimension to be unique is that an item must be able to move through that dimension without moving in the other ones. This makes the dimension truly unique and independent of other directions. Let say you are standing in a room now what makes moving up and down unique is that you can do this without moving 0 forward/backward/left/down. This also shows that for a dimension to be unique or independent it must be 90 degrees or pi rotation on the previous dimension. It must be perpendicular to have its quality of uniqueness and being able to move into space without moving along any other of the axis. These points above are the axioms of dimensional growth. Now the 4th dimension is also spatial but would mean that we would have even more freedom in moving. At first, the idea that time is the 4th dimension makes sense because you can have a 3-dimensional object sitting still like an apple and then the moving dimension would be the time that passes without moving the apple in 3d space. This is incoherent with the axioms that we earlier found because time as we know it only moves in one direction, entropy shows this and this would invalidate the idea that we can move freely into the past, present and future! Now, what is then really the 4th dimension? It is mind, you can be anywhere in this 3d world and don't move anywhere but at the same time go to any point in time (past, present, future) or any location and this is completely coherent with the given axioms. When you sit in a room and wander through your mind, where do you really think this is happening? The substance of your mind does it have substance, quality or any dimension? The idea how we view mind gets a completely new meaning, instead of seeing it as some imaginary cloud in our head, see it as a real dimension where you can move freely and that its not just an idea but a quality of space and time that you are experiencing. So what can we do in the 4th dimension, we can reflect upon anything we already experienced and move to any imaginative point where we can resolve something that we seek and project it back into the 3rd dimension. Remember that the 3rd dimension has no access to a higher dimension and only a 4th-dimensional being can bring non-existing things into existence. These things are ideas that we project into existence and we're never present in any form in the world before it. If you were able to follow along until here, congratulations it's not easy to understand, but I will try to include some images. 4th dimension would really feel like the ultimate dimension then, right? You can move anywhere that 3D world has, any moment in time that you can imagine. How would the 5th dimension look like then? Again we would see increasing freedom of movement, this time this dimension will not be limited to personal thought but enter the space where consciousness is unified as an ocean and that some 5th-dimensional entity can move through this ocean of unified consciousness and experience any ego at any time in space. The higher you go the more freedom of movement there will be and that will ultimately result in dissolving or returning to nothing because only nothing has no boundaries and its content is infinitely uniform and balanced resulting in a world that doesn't need to be balanced anymore and thus has the highest freedom of movement. You could say that the highest dimension is god, nothing, that the highest substance of being is god. What I value the most about this myself is a completely new look upon the substance of mind that I experience every day. The quality of my own imagination becomes connected to the universe and is now a real dimensional extension of space and time itself. Letting this settle and allow oneself to contemplate on this matter will to it most justice.
  11. @Nak Khid It is the idea of heaven, being unbound from all clinging of ego, but eventually you see @Leo Gura comes around the circle. The ultimate love is the acceptance of the illusion that we so strongly cling to and CARE about, this care however how ridiculous it feels from a fully enlightened perspective is the love that bring us forward into the joy of what life has to give.
  12. Dog hides for being alone at the ultimate level through an infinite kaleidoscope.
  13. He is allright, he's exactly doing what people have been doing for thousands of years which is called shamanism.
  14. I'm very interested in the source and how it scatters into all these different facets/thoughts/dualities, how the many arise from the one is my pursuit to understand that. I've looked at many mathematics where branching process is at play but I find it difficult to comprehend how these dualities or trinities branch and then interact..