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  1. Geert Wilder's his far-right party PVV has won the Dutch national elections by far: I had not expected this to happen here. In my entire life living in the Netherlands far-right has never won this big.
  2. Long-term decisions like that are made in the long-term. Not in any one state...
  3. Is even awakening an illusion then? Is it not just a different state or dream of consciousness? Albeit one where there is greater understanding and awareness.
  4. Try other psychedelics. I know someone who had similar experiences to you and tripped balls on just a little bit of weed.
  5. He doesn't really want to go into detail about it. He talks about suffering from "nerve pain" for 18 years and after resolving it facing a "tsunami of trauma" because of how horrible the pain had been on his body-mind. He is also admits taking medication to help with his anxiety but doesn't specify what he uses. There's an hour-long talk where he talks more about it all here:
  6. I recently learned that Adyshanti is retiring. I also learned that apparently he has been struggling with chronic pain and PTSD. I think it's very humbling to admit that, as long as you are human, you are not immune to the suffering of the human realm. Here's a quote from the letter in which is talks about his retirement and his suffering: Here's the entire letter:
  7. I remember the first chapter of the power of now was something like that lol. Of course I exaggerated a bit, but it was basically that. I think this idea of awakening or enlightenment is held by many people, partly because this is how it's sold. I'd imagine if you made the external conditions bad enough for these so-called enlightened beings, or their internal conditions by changing their brain chemistry with drugs, you could make them suffer a lot and increase their fear of death. Is it possible to transcend the fear of death? Maybe, but I don't think you can be human and do that.
  8. What @Leo Gura said... But if you have sleeping problems then maybe modafinil isn't the best idea for now. I can't say it's safe for you but they indeed have opposite effects on the CNS; I imagine they could cancel eachother out somewhat. I also recommend you come up with a plan to slowly reduce the dosage of the benzodiazepines (preferably with your doctor). Then you won't have this problem anymore. If you have sleeping problems I suggest you could also look into Yoga Nidra (here's an interesting book:
  9. It would be interestingly to meet other species of human like neanderthals, heidelbergensis, homo erectus.
  10. Cyrus the Great (Persian/Achaemenid Empire). We know a lot about the Greeks in part because they wrote more but also because victors write the history books. Not many people know about the Persian empire. Here's an interesting documentary I found:
  11. I liked his perspective on the public discourse on climate change. Less fear and guilt as a motivator. Emphasizing his love for the planet. And I'm quite tired of all the doomerism myself. If it's really 5 past 12 we might as well all go outside and drink ourselves to death. Currently a lot of media (at least here in the Netherlands) takes every heavy rainfall or heatwave and shows statistics of old people dying as a consequence, and then pointing to the horrors of climate change. I don't have the feeling this is a great motivator for people to start caring about the environment (like my boomer father). Instead he does love the idea of generating his own clean energy using solar panels, which should also be an economically beneficial choice. But some of his conspiratorial positions are troubling. Either way he will have to work together and find majorities, so I don't think he would be able to do too much damage. And he's a damn better candidate than Trump, who should legally be in prison now lol
  12. A friend of mine showed me this game. It's an indie puzzle game that forces you to think in very strange and creative ways.