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  1. Trump is clearly stage Red. Nothing more to say
  2. A very interesting but inspiring article I found today. I don't nessecarily agree with everything in it but it talks about self-love and intimacy. Hope you like it
  3. I was 14/15 years old and a big Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and just New Atheist fan to rebel against my Christian upbringing. So I would often watch Christian videos just to laugh at how ridiculous they were, as well are Spirit Science for the same reason. Then one day his video "Spiritual Enlightenment - The Most SHOCKING Truth You'll Ever Hear" popped up on my YT page. I went to watch it for the same reason. In the video he gave a warning that it's not for everyone and I was just laughing and curious what he was talking about. But weeks after it I couldn't stop thinking about and I looked up more on Enlightenment. I remember finding Eckhart Tolle and recognizing something was different about him (especially his eyes) and it scared me. But I was really curious so I kept watching Leo's videos on it and after I tried self-inquiry for the first time I couldn't fall asleep. I kept thinking: "There's no way I don't exist. This is bullshit. Of course I exist. I'm real!". And a few months after it I felt mildly depressed because just the idea that there might be no self scared me so much. Then skipping forward a little bit I tried to get my life on track and got into Personal Development and meditation by myself. Eventually also returning to But this time I'm more mature of course.
  4. Yeah Im pretty sure I'm INFP seeing how I can relate so well to them. However my Feeling/Thinking seems to be about 50/50 with enneagram type 4 and 5 effectively tied.
  5. @Max_V INFP here with primary type being 5 and then 4.
  6. @Leo Gura Hmmm. Makes me question my personality type I love your long videos on metaphysics/epistemology the most. Although there seem to be many people here who are INFP or aren't sure if they're INFP/INTP
  7. Hello my fellow Life Purpose seekers! I am currently taking the course and wanted to make this thread because of an insight I had. I have been journaling and constantly thinking about my values, strengths, interests, and various other things concerning my life purpose. I had come to the realization that, among other things, I am very interested in thinking about deep existential questions about life, spirituality, that I'm curious about learning about or discussing almost any topic, and that I love it when other people enjoy or find great benefit in something I created. By continuously asking myself 'why?' about my passions and also by thinking back of what inspired me in the past I realized that what I'm passionate about is "Marvelling at the beauty of Life". This actually explains what I previously realized: By asking deep existential questions about the nature of Life and by being endlessly curious it's like I am Life's lover in a way. And by the creation of beauty for others to enjoy, those people can then in turn marvel at the beauty of Life, through what I create. So whether it is by itself a passion or not, it's what inspires my passions and is also a nice poetic way to summarize them. The key thing I wanted to share though is that you should try brainstorming with various similar questions: "What am I curious about?", "What would I love to learn more about?", "What am I passionate about?", etc. and then when you find some convergence you shouldn't settle for it yet. If you're majoring in Physics and think Physics is what you're passionate about, ask 'why?', then maybe you'll realize it's because some documentary you saw as a kid inspired you. Then you can ask why it inspired you. Maybe you'll realize it's because the documentary portrayed physicists as people who disover the deepest truths about the universe. So now I know I don't want to pursue Physics academically anymore but could instead do something I love even more. A few weeks ago it wasn't obvious to me that my Life Purpose wouldn't be about Physics. So just ask the basic questions and keep thinking. note 1: I haven't yet finished the course. This isn't my Life Purpose Statement/Zone of Genius/Impact Statement. I just wanted to share where I'm at and hopefully it might be useful. note 2: With Life I basically mean reality/existence/nature/universe ==UPDATE========================================================================================================================== So I thought about what I realized yesterday a little more and worked it out further and I think this might be like a "Meta Life Purpose", in the sense that this is actually what all Life Purpose's are about on a higher level? I summarized it as follows: "To marvel at, rejoice in, and share the beauty of Life" And that our specific Life Purpose's are a specific/concrete expression of that? Correct me if I'm wrong
  8. Do you imagine yourself working in the field of Computer Science for decades? If not, then going to university for it will probably be a waste of time and money. The question is really about what you want and how bad you want it. Are you really sure you want to study fine art? Did you take the Life Purpose Course? Because that can really help you find what you want, which may very well be fine art for you (or related). Also "better safe than sorry" can turn into "safe and sorry" in a few years or decades Follow your heart but also be practical. Again the course can really help. Use your free time wisely now and good luck mate!
  9. I don't know about any specific book on OCD. But I know meditation and mindfulness in general can really help. Especially try to be more mindful of how you feel in your body whenever there's a compulsion. Also check out Leo's video on Letting Go. Good luck!
  10. Just make the commitment to do it every single day, or week. But make it consistent. And then just do it whether you feel like it or not, like going to the gym or showing up on the dojo mat. It can also help if you do the habit at a specific time or after another habit like breakfast or dinner or whatever. Or have a little ritual around it. For example I always make myself a cup of tea before I start journalling.
  11. A question that's been on my mind lately: What will Trump do if he loses? I think it might be ugly.
  12. I've been watching some videos from this youtube channel Jubilee recently. They have some interesting content. Here are some examples of topics they covered: Just wanted to share it with you all.