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  1. Definitely research should be encouraged. Thorium is one of many interesting possibilities to study. And maybe in the long-term nuclear will be needed. But for now I think it makes no sense to start building nuclear plants.
  2. All countries that have signed the Paris Climate Agreement have agreed to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Let's remember that's only 9 years from now. Building a single Nuclear Plant takes 7-10 years on average. Thus to reach the climate goals for 2030 we have no choice but to invest massively in solar and wind (and geothermal). And it's possible. And Thorium Reactors may sound interesting. But it's all future-talk. Nobody has any idea as to how to build such a thing yet. And time is exactly the one thing we don't have when it comes to Climate Change and the Biodiversity crisis. @Leo Gura I don't think it's profitable. I know in The Netherlands there are 3 locations where energy companies are allowed to build a Nuclear Plant. Yet in 10 years there hasn't been a single company that requested a permit because it would require massive goverment subsidies to build.
  3. Appearantly even Alex Jones is tired of Trump
  4. Here's an interesting documentary I found a few days ago. I guess it's kinda relevant
  5. Maybe try OKCupid From what I've read online there's a lot of "alternative" dating happening there nowadays
  6. Another amazing video by Melodysheep. A lot of things happen in the universe while you're blinking
  7. @Sandy6 Well at some point your mind can only go in circles and you won't get anywhere. You need to actually do lots of Small Bets and then commit to something. If that something ain't it, no problem. Move in a different direction. Keep going.
  8. Lol, I guess 69. But actually porn is illegal in China
  9. Harris also didn't seem to understand Spira when he said "there was no discontinuity of consciousness" during his operation. Harris thought there must be such a thing because the surgeons were at work. He didn't grasp that from the POV of consciousness, there are no discontinuities, ever.
  10. What's the point of rising out of poverty if you're poor? The cards are stacked against you.
  11. @BornToBoil Hey. Life is hard. It's true. No you won't go to hell if you commit suicide. I'm sorry if you feel pathetic right now. I hope you'll do better and find peace. There's so much more to life to experience, to love. There's plenty of reasons to stay alive. I hope you find those reasons.
  12. Why didn't human beings start building houses before building huts? There is a process of causation there too, like Leo said, that bootstraps itself and is basically what evolution is. Human societies evolved. So did houses.
  13. @Strangeloop It's no problem if you're gay (or bisexual or asexual). I understand it's probably difficult for you now because "being straight" has been part of your identity for so long. Try to explore your sexuality. What turns you on? What do you jerk off to? What people you see on the street turn you on? Any childhood memories that can give a hint? Either way there's no problem. Your job is to discover who you are. And then be you.