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  1. Interesting share. But please all be careful with this substance. From what I've read so far it can potentially be very dangerous.
  2. Solution: Stop using weed. At least for a year or so
  3. I think many of you have heard of Dr. David Berceli's TRE's (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises). If you don't know about this type of body work: "TRE is a series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma through neurogenic tremors." This can be a powerful body-centered approach to heal trauma and release chronic stress and tension in the body. It's also easy to learn, unlike some other types of body work. So I recently came across the fairly new subreddit longtermTRE. They promote a method of using these TREs in a long-term, consistent practice to go beyond just healing trauma to releasing all chronic stress and anxiety. I thought it was very interesting and wanted to share. I recommend reading their beginners's section first: And then their practice guide: An interesting video on TRE:
  4. Yes, psychedelics are the most powerful tool you can use to heal yourself. Ideally you'd start working with a guide at first. You can find trip sitting services depending on where you live in the world. Or if you know someone you can really trust you can work with them too. You could also try a microdosing protocol with LSD or Psilocybin. But keep in mind that the psychedelics are not the medicine, you are. It's not like a prescription drug to relief anxiety and pain. And it will still be a a lot of work to change yourself. Also outside of tripping. I would recommend doing some serious breathwork like Shamanic breathing (see Leo's videos). The YT channel Breathwork beats also have some nice content you can start with: Another thing I would recommend trying out is TRE exercises (by David Berceli): These are just some standard exercises but you can learn what your body needs to do to release stress and emotions.
  5. @Brandon L Have you taken psychedelics before?
  6. Boredom as the yin side of creativity (energy of creation).
  7. My sensitivity and especially body and emotional awareness have permanently increased after using it only twice in my life to heal trauma.
  8. Maybe repressed/supressed emotions come up after orgasm? I noticed that after healing a lot of trauma my sexual experience is more deeply sensual and I have no problems after orgasm.
  9. I discovered this YouTube channel a few months ago. They have some great guided breathwork videos! And you can just follow the rhythm...
  10. @Demeter Nice! I like such instrumental music for healing work too. I wonder if you'd like these:
  11. What's most important is to spend years working on yourself. We don't need more "wounded healers" who only know a bunch of theory. Like so many therapists these days.
  12. @Thought Art Thanks for the share! Bon Iver has some really nice works for healing.
  13. It would be great if you guys could share the music that has been most powerful for you in your healing process. You can post em' here! I have realized trauma is something that holds me back from really seeking Truth. Last year, physical illness and suffering have forced me to realize this and made me decide to face my pain and work really hard on healing my childhood trauma's. Everyone's healing process is different but music almost always plays a big role. Any genre is okay; sometimes uplifting music works best, sometimes sad music. It's all about allowing yourself to feel everything you need to feel. Here are some of the pieces of music that have been most powerful for my personal healing: This one is truly amazing. I recommend watching the beautiful dance whilst listening. This one is also extremely powerful. "Oh hello Love, my invincible friend."