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  1. It becomes interesting when real artists start to use AI as an aid. Like this:
  2. I'm honestly mostly interested in how this conflict can end as quickly and peacefully as possible. For both the West, Ukraine, and Russia. Ultimately peace is in the best interest of everyone, especially the people of Ukraine right now. The problem I see is that Putin cannot just surrender because then Russia and its military will look extremely weak. And they would have gained nothing from this war and only lost. A better idea might be a deal where Ukraine doesn't join NATO but with safety guarantees for Ukraine and Ukrainians. And allowing for Putin to save some face on the world stage by not making it look like a surrender. Just some thoughts...
  3. Here's a leaked article that was supposed to be published in Russia after succesfully invading Ukraine: Reading this should clarify Putin's motivations even more. Of course the Ukrainian perspective matters and they are the ones suffering right now. And by how they are fighting, rather than welcoming Russia, it's obvious Ukraine cannot be "returned" to Russia as Putin might want.
  4. Most of the video is boring and shallow. It gets a bit more interesting around this point: It's interesting that Curt is talking about the many facets of God using the elephant analogy. Although both Curt and Jordan are doing nothing but mental masturbation.
  5. Oh God... I must admit I'm currently watching it and haven't finished. Just wanted to share this here
  6. Behold Truth Social: The solution to censorship on Social Media. Also Truth Social: Already censoring people Trump does not agree with. The irony...and the name of this thing too...
  7. Yeah I watched that video a while back. Great video. I recommend people to check out his work
  8. Stage Blue version of "but I have a boyfriend"
  9. Great job! Your early twenties are the time to start to seperate yourself from your parents and become your own individual.
  10. 100% Worth it. If you haven't learnt to cook yet, you will (and I highly recommend that you get into a habit of cooking healthy meals for yourself.) Less of a barrier in inviting friends Loneliness just forces you to either focus more deeply on non-social things that are important to you or to go out and socialize more. Loneliness won't exist if you have no time to think about it because so you're deeply engaged with life.
  11. I usually take either 1/4 or 1/8 of a tablet (150 mg). So that's either 37.5 mg or 18.75 mg on a given day. Mostly I use it once or twice a week. Rarely I will use it day on/day off when writing my thesis for example.
  12. I guess. However on a personal level you can become a lot more sensitive and aware by just "eating junkfood with more consciousness." This is actually a good method to learn how to quit because you become aware of all the ways in which it destroys your body and mind (and makes you less conscious). So I don't think it's an unreasonable theory that people who don't need higher levels of consciousness to function, will have minds and bodies that "accept" such bad habits more.