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  1. Hey guys, So as part of my Life Purpose, I am endeavoring to become a teacher of mindfulness. It's a skill I have been practicing for four years with great intensity. However I have very few entrepreneurial skills. Does anyone have any advice or resources for going about setting up my own business as a coach? Particularly those of you who are Life Coaches etc, what is your business model so to speak? Right now my plan is just to have a little poster made up with my phone number on it that I can put up around various shops and cafes in my city. Also I will have some business cards made up. I want to start taking massive action as excessive thinking and planning have burdened me before. Any advice here would be much appreciated!
  2. Well worth checking out this interview
  3. @Leo Gura What would your advice be here?
  4. @Shakazulu I find Self inquiry difficult on psychadelics. There are still parts of my psyche that sort of abuse the inquiry for their own ends. They have ideas about enlightenment they are trying to achieve. So really with psychedelics I'm trying to leave even the notion of enlightenment behind and just surrender. That's why I'm curious about the sanity part. it's tricky. because on the one hand, when the thought comes up, "I think I'm about to go insane" I can let it happen. But I also have to be conscious somehow of where I am and make sure I don't go and do something I'll regret.
  5. I just wanted to say how much I've been appreciating Leo's vlogs on his retreats. Usually I see him in a HD video talking about his deep insights or explaining the journey up a mountain that he is now standing on top of. That might be the wrong view of what's happening, but it is how I have experienced many of his videos none the less. So to see him in the trenches like that, to see his suffering, to see that he's in this game, going through the ringer just like me puts the videos more into perspective. It makes me feel more connected to him and his videos. So, yeah, right on @Leo Gura!
  6. @elias Nothing! Just enjoy it. Contemplate it
  7. I would endeavor to discover the truth of my existence. I would cultivate as much presence as possible
  8. I'm trying cultivate a vision for my life. I am meditating a lot and doing a lot of consciousness work at the moment. How do I integrate these two things. How do I have enlightenment, being enlightened, as a big part of my vision?
  9. @Elephant I have done magic truffles once, and twice I have tripped on 150 mics of LSD. Next time, I am thinking about doing 225 mics which might help push me into that surrender.
  10. @PsiloPutty But I'm not saying LSD can actually make you go insane. I'm just saying that I as a person, need to let go of my idea of sanity, in order to fully let go of control. I notcied at one point during my trip I was getting worried about forgetting where I was, so I would remind myself and try and hold things back together again. But I'm curious now, what would happen if I didn't try to pull things back together again, and just completely submitted to whatever happens.
  11. @SgtPepper I like this. It's such a huge part of life and enlightenment aswell. An internal attitude of non-resistance. I have tried t cultivate this consciously but lately it has just become a much deeper acceptance of life and reality as it is. Because of this, it seems, reality has revealed itself more fully to me. There's not so much wanting things to be other than as they are getting in the way. I noticed this on the trip, a lot of my old tendencies to want things to be a certain way came up. It was really intense and emotionally uncomfortable, but like you say, that willingness to let it happen, allows these things to arise and then pass. And then if you're lucky, you get some juicy non-dual experiences ;D
  12. The reason I ask is that I did 150 mics of LSD recently. I booked an air bnb specifically for the trip. I went into it with pretty serious intentions for personal growth and transformation. That's why I do psychedelics. And I noticed at a few points throughout the trip, this fear came up. I remember trying to rationalize why I was there. "Oh yeah, I'm John. I'm here to explore non duality and personally develop". I kept reminding myself of stuff like that. It felt like if I didn't I would get lost. I was in an air bnb on my own. There was another apartment above me. What if I got lost and started laughing too loud that they heard? Or started playing music too loud? Or you know, something like that? Also there were certain trains of thought I found myself going down that potentially led to a negative place and in turn a negative trip. Should we be willing to explore them fully? Or should we manipulate the trip a bit more to make sure it is positive?
  13. Do you have to be willing to go insane on a psychadelic? In order to drop everything, surely you would have to drop your sanity? I mean this if one is shooting for the deepest experiences of non-duality.
  14. @Leo Gura How can one have a vision for the enlightened life? What does that look like for the spiritual seeker? Isn't every image false and misleading?
  15. @Joseph Maynor "breathing". Could you explain this more? Also, have you experienced fractals in other contexts? @Serotoninluv Cool to hear. Thank you for your feedback! Could you perhaps describe some of the major differences between trips on the same substance?