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  1. @Leo Gura I'm wondering the same too! The artist is the guy named Scott Draves. Here he's talking about it:
  2. 434

    Any 434 channel viewers here? If you're not, he talks about psychedelics, machine elves, psychology, important life issues and etc. You might enjoy them.
  3. I sympathize with you. I'm sure many people are going through the same thing. I can't give any advice since i feel stuck too haha.
  4. Absolutely beautiful visuals that left me speechless. Notice how one visual transitions to the next one. It's infinite: Even better if you watch it on a laptop with the following music (or any of your favorite music) in the background since the video's mute:
  5. Hang in there, you're not alone
  6. I was actually wondering the same thing. There is a video of him on contemplation that i should watch too. I think contemplation is an act of deep thinking for YOURSELF, and not adopting beliefs, opinions, information around you blindly. Regarding the mind, a mind is a really HUMAN thing. It is not the Universe's language. Universe's language is non symbolic. Mind, rationality and symbolic stuff like words, thoughts are human creations, but not inherent to reality. You gotta transcend the mind and be aware of your intuition more in order to align with the Universe/God/Infinite intelligence. But it's just to my understanding. I'm still learning, still have ton of stuff to figure out.
  7. @abrakamowse Oh yeah, thanks for reminding!
  8. The right people will find actualized.org for themselves, i guess
  9. @Highest Thanks! Are you permanently enlightened?
  10. Ok, i had only couple of glimpses of no self and they lasted like few seconds lol. I don't think i actually fully experienced nonduality. But im curious about you guys. Here's what happened to me the other day: So i woke up one morning and i felt like.... like a.... a NO-thing. I really can not define what that really was, but it felt like i had no identity AT ALL, i couldn't even feel my body. It kinda felt like i was a piece of air with no form. Yet i was freaking out so much and was asking a question "WHERE IS ME? WHERE IS ME???". But after few seconds i was back, you know, back to my ego. I could "finally' remember my identity, my name, who i was as this ego, and i can vividly remember getting sense of my body back. My ego felt relieved again, cuz you know it was probably threatened by this feeling of no self.
  11. @Serotoninluv @SOUL @Nahm @dorg @Solace @pluto @MrDmitriiV Okay thank you guys for all of your replies, they were really helpful πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  12. I have a question. If the real me is "absolute infinity", "nothingness" or "empty consciousness", then why am i not aware of myself at all? Why does this hallucination called "life" should occur in the first place? For what really? Does this have a specific reason to it? If not, then..... for what? and why?