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  1. Are there any foundational books, blogs, videos out there I could learn from?
  2. Hello all, I've recently been wanting to do some inner shadow work and some contemplation on my emotional problems relating to a stuttering problem that I have, but whenever I meditate I can always feel my breathing shallow and chest tense It really bothers me. I do some mindfulness and I try to just focus on the shallowness and just let it be while concentrating on it but it takes a while and I get distracted by thoughts. I think I should incorporate a breathing technique before my meditation so any suggestions? Thanks, :D.
  3. So I'm a newbie in Personal Development and recently I've been exposed to Spirituality and Enlightenment and I had a bit of a crisis, relating to the paradoxical insight of how can self-development happen when there is no real self. I then found some groundwork and I was able to make them both compatible. But I've recently noticed at times when I am off track on my self-actualization I use my "knowledge" of spirituality as a defense mechanism and I end up feeling lost and complacent. I know that they're just beliefs assimilated erroneously and that I shouldn't take it seriously at face value, I have to experience it first. But I still cling to it like a madman, I want to let this go because I'm not progressing in my practical life, I'm deluding myself. Help would be much appreciated, Thanks!
  4. Hello All, I've been having some emotional problems(anxiety, mild anger, pessimism, victim mentality) and I have been getting some good insights and exercises such as meditation, breathing exercises, and Sedona method. But they keep prevailing. But somehow I keep resisting. I'd like to try an alternative. I want to experiment with psychedelics so I went to the book list and checked the psychedelic list but all of the books with psychedelics deal with 5meo and enlightenment and I want to experiment with them for my anxiety treatment. So does anyone have some good suggestions? Thanks! (I somehow feel like I want to use psychedelics as a magic pill that will cure all my emotional problems, but I'm not sure if it's justified.) I'm pretty sure it doesn't, some practical work also needs to be accompanied.
  5. Hello I'm 15 and I want to start a clothing brand business and I already have some capital, my research, analytics, logo, e-commerce platform(not set yet but I know which one), mission statement etc... but school starts again on Monday. and I'm worried If I start now I won't have too much time to work on it because of schoolwork (I really value academics) so basically I would just waste the little amount of money I have. I mean I could become a workaholic but then again I don't want to damage my health, life is short. I have all these teenage norms to be engaging in(nothing time wasting or crass) like sports, dating, getting my first job, learning about other money making ways, playing my music etc... I'm really passionate about business and I really want to start my first one although there will be challenges and failure will be inevitable. I'm going to turn 16 soon so should I get and save to startup or should I risk it and invest my money in starting it now?
  6. I am a 15-year-old high school student and I've been trying to start a meditation habit during school weeks. Since I have school and other teenage norms. The only time I get to meditate is in the morning. I still meditate on weekends, though. I tried variously to wake up really early and do my morning routine and then meditate. But when that alarm rings I always tend to feel extremely lazy and in a way sort of depressed(I currently have self-esteem issues). I always end up turning off the alarm which has resulted in me being tardy when I go to school. Help!