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  1. You're free to disagree. I myself disagree with Leo in many aspects. But you also gotta be aware of the context in which you propose debates. This is a very old movie. The story of teachers who just criticize other teachers and even embody a combative energy is nothing new. This was very common in ancient India as well. In the end, no real inner work was made. Some teachers even encouraged their students to treat the disciples of other teachers as enemies. Again, this is all children's play (in the pejorative sense). Truth seeking is an inner process. Don't be a follower, be a student of yourself. Take whatever resonates with you for as long as it resonates with you. Set yourself free of useless conflicts.
  2. Just watch your tone. It's one of the most obvious marks of delusion. If the guy ever comes talk to you, it means that your behavior made her uncomfortable enough to tell her boyfriend about it. Try to think through possibilities. Don't be so attached to your emotional states.
  3. You've trained very hard already. You've been training your entire life to defeat yourself. If you don't manage your emotions and don't apologize to her boyfriend if he comes talk to you, you'll defeat yourself again. Even if you could beat the guy in a fight, it would make you look like a monster from that day on. On your current level of maturity, any relationship would be ruined by anger, jealousy and pride. You need to step up your inner game before.
  4. @LordFall Passion is necessary in the beginning. But a LTR requires something way beyond passion.
  5. @vampiria Beware. Love is different from passion. Passion is what mainstream media promotes as love... and this leads to great confusion. Love is built in years, day after day. Passion appears on the first date and burns out like a blazing fire. Love is autonomy and passion may manifest as emotional codependency. If you're thinking about marriage, go for the long run. Ask yourself if you want to age with her. You'll need a superb friend for this. I have been married for 2 years and we didn't love each other in the beginning nearly as much as we love each other today.
  6. @LoveandPurpose You have the power to sharpen yourself. Whatever follows is extra.
  7. Several different perspectives to learn from (from all users). Some of them even worth putting into practice. I've been here for 4 years, I think. My life has been getting better and better since then. Also, even though good learners are rare, this is a good place to share knowledge.
  8. @Buba Reincarnation is real. But nobody reincarnates.
  9. @Spiritmolecule Accept it, as in "acknowledge it". Then fix it.
  10. Choosing Love is a manifestation of Wisdom. Seeking Wisdom is a manifestation of Love. Don't let words fool you. A Life of kindness is the highest Life. It's that simple.
  11. The Universe doesn't know what it is. And that's why it is.
  12. Because there's nothing but Existence.
  13. The Universe is one big conscious thing.