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  1. the desire to let go of the drug and become fully responsible for yourself.
  2. truth only exists within logical systems, which are built upon convenient axioms. thus, truth is relative to its context of definitions. the Truth that spiritual seekers talk about is different, though. it does not depend on logical systems so it cannot be expressed with symbols. it can't even be thought! the Truth that spiritual seekers desire is the raw answer to the most fundamental sort of questions: what is this moment right now? how does Reality come to be? what exactly is reading these words right now?
  3. @CreamCat you're displaying the traits of a healed person. fly free, young bird!
  4. @Tom Daniel D you can't force people to be responsible for their physical/mental/emotional health. the best thing you can do is live fully healthy. then, maybe, you will be able to inspire others.
  5. being able to talk to people, regardless of their genders, is a facet of freedom itself. the thought of "i can't" and the feeling of shame are toxic.
  6. @Nadosa practice never stops. you've hit the limit of intellectualization. logic can't take you any further. there is existence and that's it. it's an unsolvable mystery. it's an unstoppable mystery. the universe screams i don't know... i simply am through each of us. embrace reality already. embrace your life. embrace it ALL. have an awesome experience. amaze yourself.
  7. there's nothing wrong with that. those who enter a poker game should be ready to lose it all. it's an agreement. you're not taking money from anyone without their consent. but i want to leave you with these questions: does playing poker give you the feeling of being a contributor to mankind? what are your mental efforts being used for other than making some money? can you reach a higher vision for your Life?
  8. @fireworld this moment right now is happening after death. ask yourself: what dies?
  9. @PsiloPutty fully enlightened people see religions as methods. some of them work and some of them don't. the religion that i'd teach would certainly be the religion that worked for me. it's not a matter of beliefs. it's a matter of practice and proficiency. the true buddhist doesn't believe the words of the buddha. the true buddhist lives the life of a buddha. same for christians, krishna devotees etc.
  10. @Pluck i'd go live in a monastery for a while. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0428283
  11. once a week. twice MAX. creative energy is expensive for the body. use it wisely.