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  1. dude, this is one of the greatest things on earth. it's delicious and healthy. it's my favorite drink of all times. soon enough, i'll be able to produce my own almond milk, so i'll be drinking sugarless almond milk!
  2. that's what i did. it feels AMAZING. fuck inflammations.
  3. Truth is obvious. it's just that we, human beings, are capable of contemplating it. imagine yourself in a parallel world in which everyone is made out of gold. it would be so normal that nobody would notice. it wouldn't even matter. but then you look at yourself and you realize that you're made out of gold, just like everyone is. everyone is a gold-brother-sister. it wouldn't make gold more valuable, but the feeling of realizing this golden unity would be amazing. here it works the same way, but you're made out of Life instead. we're all Life-brothers-sisters.
  4. fly, free bird! and worry not. this forum is just another responsibility that i chose consciously. in "real life" i teach zen and yoga as well. from the heart
  5. this is an upside-down view of the practice. if you're allowing the energy quality of socio-cultural interactions throughout the day affect the quality of your practice, you're not doing it properly. the proper practice of meditation is accomplished by letting go of all avatars, social roles and cultural traits. it's dropping what you are NOT and experiencing what you ARE. so it works the other way around: the quality of the mindful state enhances the energy levels of the rest of the day.
  6. @BobbyLowell if you work really really hard (24/7 mindfulness of thoughts) you might be healed in 2~3 weeks. it takes a lot of practice to embody detachment from thoughts. be aware of the victim attitude. it's triggered by thoughts! take a deep breath and reset yourself to neutral.
  7. @BobbyLowell don't identify with the judgments. observe the volition to judge. watch it until it vanishes. do it while you feel your breath. there is no quick fix. it might take years.
  8. it can't be spoken. it can't even be thought or grasped. but its relationship to you is the most intimate thing ever. you have to do the job by yourself. sit down and dive in your ignorance about yourself. let it take care of you. surrender completely. let go of all mental concepts about Reality or about you. no belief is true. let the unknown sink in your being and perceive the silence intrinsic to every moment. it's there. it's always available. you just need to practice the silent mind. your breath is your highest ally.
  9. @tyler7415 find your way to become independent financially, emotionally and ideologically first. right now you are just fooling yourself. self-actualization is about authenticity but you're too concerned with what others may think of you.
  10. @Levity it feels like you're playing with words. what are you trying to avoid? i couldn't understand your difficulties. what are you ashamed of? be straightforward. are you this indirect with yourself throughout the day?
  11. @Brimstone become a true yogi and implement a consistent practice first. then you'll be gaining money from sharing your practice.
  12. @thehero open up with her first. trust her.
  13. this is too complex. but long story made short, marriages and families can be sources of deep happiness and health if the parents are truly aligned with Truth and human prosperity. this is an example. pay attention to the way that he treats his sons. he's also super affectionate with his wife. he plants his own healthy food to feed his family. and he's not even rich. just a regular dude. the question is: are you willing to transform yourself and become a tender/soft/loving human being? if that's not the case, your marriage will be HELL and your children will suffer IMMENSELY.
  14. @The Monk do some research on the source of milk to produce the huge amount of whey protein that we see around. it usually comes through extremely violent means. stop thinking about health as an isolated thing that occurs on your body. health is a phenomena that happens worldwide. it happens through you. it's Life expressing itself with abundance. you can't be healthy when the soil is suffering due to mono agriculture of soy to feed thousands and thousands of cows that will have milk extracted violently. they separate the calves from their mothers and kill them if they're male. get out of the mud.
  15. @rush what exactly do you do from 18:00 to 22:00?