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  1. the human race is very young. we're still learning how to use the mind. VERY SLOWLY.
  2. @St Clair you're very talented!
  3. @mitch311 awesome guitar skills. have you ever challenged yourself physically? i looked in your profile and it says that you're from new zealand. so i googled new zealand images and i found a link to this, which is something i would DEFINITELY do if i were where you are, emotionally speaking. i've been there and my healing process started with an "adventure". get out of the comfort zone. step up your game. i bet you have so much musical baggage to share. also, at your level, it's easier for you to learn from other guitar players that you eventually meet out there. this world is HUGE. and you, the "self" that you talk about, is this world experiencing itself. fundamentally speaking, it's impossible to kill yourself. you cannot escape experiencing the NOW. what you gotta do is find a way to amaze yourself while you live, which is something Creation does. IT amazes ITself.
  4. this for a while i got involved in spiritual practices and self-mastery because i wanted a girlfriend. the result was very disappointing. i noticed that i was just feeding my own misery.
  5. @Cameron let go of your neediness and your idea might actually become interesting
  6. @Eva say what you think in a very gentle way. say that you're growing up and that you find it ugly to talk about someone else's life. you can be sincere. just be humble. you don't need to be rude.
  7. if you want books about kriyas and kundalini yoga just search for books written by yogi bhajan.
  8. trying a lot of things. even during my alcoholic phase i was constantly asking myself: "is this it? do i really want to live like this?" how much? it took me 25 years, that's how much it took.
  9. +1 for the thread deletion thing. if we're talking about Truth, we have to be very careful not to turn this environment into a dogmatic context. hell, isn't this kind of immature attitude the daily practice of low consciousness institutions like medieval catholic churches etc?
  10. @Charlotte read it slowly, as if you were ingesting some kind of heavy medicine.
  11. breathe consciously.
  12. mankind is not mature enough for my ideas yet...
  13. huge ego entails huge self protective barriers and stinky self-sabotaging patterns
  14. oh, the ego... you're so awesome. what an inspiring life! such toughness! such manliness! very testosterone!
  15. @AlexB she's already moving on. stop being lazy.