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  1. these are the illusions i'm talking about
  2. @Michael569 the best thing you can do is listen. it doesn't matter what stage the other person is at.
  3. @Shin ask how he/she feels about life. and then listen and listen. listening is the best way to create empathy. then you listen some more. after listening for hours or days, you ask if he/she is willing to improve his/her life. humility is key here. don't do it to be praised. do it because you truly love the other person. also, don't be hypocrite. only say what you're capable of practicing yourself.
  4. one of the causes of poverty is because organizations make profit. i don't think you've thought all the way through this with enough depth. what's the most fundamental kind of poverty?
  5. @Caterpillar why is it a crime that the animal realm can perpetuate?
  6. @Gerhard very cute but the animation kicks in even if i click on the textbox and not on the button, even though it doesn't feel "right" and the text is not copied to clipboard. another feedback: find a way to be extremely transparent (example).
  7. i agree. what's your first practical measure? what's your real work?
  8. if you're willing to work REALLY HARD, that's a call from your heart. if you're just complaining, blaming others or being impatient, that's wishful thinking.
  9. yeah, it depends on how you choose to experience things. for some unknown reason, i've always been highly responsible for my own intellectual development. if you're playing video games to sharpen your mind, that's great! but most people play video games to become zombies or to run away from social anxiety, as with any other addiction.
  10. @Hellspeed SoonHei's insights are aligned with mine. yes, it's a HUGE BODY. zoom in is as infinite as zoom out. Reality becomes conscious of Itself.
  11. i am 29, living a dream marriage and a dream job, and i don't regret a single millisecond of the huge amount of hours that i spent playing video games. because of them, i was introduced to a foreign language (english) very early on. and hell, i enjoyed learning english while playing video games. they also increased my ability to focus and solve interesting combinatorial problems, like trying to build the optimal character when several variables were involved. video games also helped me become quite skillful with my hands. picking an instrument to learn (guitar) was very very easy. of course i didn't play brainless games like hack'n'slash or fps. instead, i played tons of rpgs and adventure games.
  12. @billiesimon do it. and always ask yourself if you're feeling trully happy.
  13. @BarkingTurtle notice how petty and poor one's life can become if there's no genuine experience of altruism.