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  1. @ExodiaGearCEO google "Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex"
  2. try the diet on your own body and see how it feels. spend 21 days without it and you'll know.
  3. data science / machine learning. this is what i'm doing for living.
  4. Reality manifests itself as a tree, as a bug, as a dog, as a star, as a person, as another person etc. enlightenment is being aware of "what" says I AM.
  5. those two are not mutually exclusive
  6. this is bs. if you were actually sincere about that, you would have become a monk long time ago. you say that you want absolute independence but there you are, desiring men. stop lying to yourself. you don't want absolute independence. you want to use men to satisfy your sexual needs, just like the vast majority of men, who just want women to satisfy their sexual needs. an intimate relationship is co-existing intimately. it's about sharing feelings, feeling vulnerable and contemplating the the vast mystery about who the other person is. if you want safety and individuality, this is not for you.
  7. get yourself into a difficult situation. stop depending on your parents.
  8. nah. just pick a name that reminds you to practice NOW. that's what i did. it's a tool.
  9. i picked ajasatya, which means "unborn reality"
  10. ask the dojo mentor about people/places he/she knows. maybe he/she knows about retreats etc. also, check this out.
  11. get in touch with zen practitioners near you. are there zen centers? i live in brazil, but i only got to know about monasteries and such because i started practicing zazen in a sangha.
  12. this statement hit me very hard. i just loved the sincerity. have you ever tried hatha yoga? conqueer your inner strength. healthy people look for healthy partners. get healthy :). move your body. do something different, or change completely. shake it up girl!
  13. fruits and honey