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  1. hatha yoga data science/machine learning/artificial intelligence parenting these are a few things i enjoy and which i consider worth mastering.
  2. @Viking source: https://www.conflictmediationcoach.com/category/anxiety
  3. you didn't understand what i said. i assumed that what you said was true and "nothing should be said at all" was the output.
  4. then nobody's choosing to blame. calling blaming delusional is delusional. but saying so is also hypocrite. thus, nothing should be said at all.
  5. good luck to your pal
  6. @2018 there will be confusion as long as there is attachment to any kind of individuality to define "you".
  7. i and my wife are very different. i am a scientist/mathematician and she's a painter/singer/composer. but we're very similar on what actually matters: honesty, dignity, affection, compassion etc. we like yoga/meditation. we eat healthily, even though it's very time consuming. we take part in ayahuasca cerimonies together and we talk a lot about spirituality. we talk about how we want to grow our future children and also about how we're going to use our money. everything must come from agreements. that's why it's important to be very similar on what matters. how to find someone like that? seriously, work really hard on yourself and be aware of all kinds of toxicities that you still need to clean up. if you're lazy, you'll be stuck on toxic cycles. keep in mind that healthy people look for healthy people. that's how we found each other.
  8. strong spiritual practices, healthy habits, amazing sex and commitment to responsibilities with wisdom. embracing your humanity and building a loving and stable family can be a deep source of awe. it's a celebration of the mystery of existence. if you want to ask specific questions, go ahead. i'll answer them from experience and not from speculation. @Serotoninluv, @Shiva, @Nahm i think this thread should be under the relationships section.
  9. pride/fear of failure. it's a matter of time. let him be.
  10. @bejapuskas dude, the fact that you're not even 18 yet blows my mind. your maturity level makes me very happy. @Aquarius plan the kind of person that you want to be with and then put your plan into practice. change yourself in order to attract a different kind of friendship. when i was where you are, i imagined myself as being one of these.
  11. @Max_V this is what i know: cancer cells feed from sugar and proliferate faster in acidic environments. this documentary shows, among other wonderful things, the story of a woman who healed herself from a rare and aggressive kind of breast cancer without chemo/radiotherapy. what did she do? a radical change in her diet.