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  1. https://thismonth.rocks
  2. Nobody is awake. The Universe itself awakens to its own True Nature. It's Utterly Marvelous.
  3. There is no way out. You gotta learn how to enjoy Life NOW. If you can't enjoy Life NOW, create a crystal clear vision of the Life you Love and work hard for it. I've seen this approach work several times.
  4. This was infinitely beautiful.
  5. No. It means that he has a huge hole in his heart. A hole that cannot be filled by anyone/anything except for his own encounter with Love. It's his thirst for self-knowledge. He cannot understand it just yet. He needs this pain more than anything. It's the best fuel to start the search.
  6. It's not 60 years. It's ETERNITY. Brace yourself!
  7. @Nadosa There is a sense of "I". That's ok. No need to fight. "There's no I" simply means that we're the Universe itself. The planet Earth is alive and we are it. You're free to love being an individual, with plans and all that.
  8. No benefits. Ego can't get enough, eh?
  9. Nice. That makes it a lot easier. Time will heal.
  10. @FourSeasons Do you have kids?
  11. Many things of what he says worked pretty well for me. But I did implement those in my life years before listening to him. Self-responsibility is actually pretty basic stuff.
  12. Muscles can be attractive but if you want to go for a better bet, I'd recommend developing a huge passion for your Life. Enjoying Life and having a huge vision is hundreds of thousands times more effective than being a muscular dude. Extinguish the neediness inside you and you will be unstoppable.
  13. @Raptorsin7 Would you mind posting the thread link here? That might be helpful.
  14. @King Merk How does pain arise?