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  1. Do you? This whole story seem messy enough already. I'd recommend you to just move on.
  2. All options in the poll are pretty bad. We need to wear masks to decrease the chances of transmitting the virus to other people, since the nose and the mouth are the main doors through which the virus goes from our bodies to the world and potentially other people. If the virus is already around, the mask cannot help you that much. It can get into your system through your eyes, for instance. But it's still better than nothing, for sure. I am locking this thread because the options in this poll are biased and misleading.
  3. @Diana88 Just call the police. I have the feeling that you're hiding or lying about important points, but if you have someone breaking into your house, just call the police.
  4. Please avoid talking like this in circumstances where there are children involved. There is a family at stake, for god's sake. @Seed Is it clear for you why you're not enjoying sex?
  5. @Red-White-Light Solipsists still suffer from thinking "I am alone" when in fact there's nothing to be alone. Everything is One.
  6. "Body" is made out of consciousness. Consciousness is the substance of everything. Your question sounds like "can water partly separate from the river?"
  7. @ivankiss You can get in touch with some online marketing agency. They know better how to use social media efficiently and with proper personal distancing and detachment.
  8. I don't know you, so it's hard to say anything. Just watch how you behave and how you think. Spot the patterns that throw you into the cage you built for yourself. A good start for me was fixing my posture and learning how to walk with a straight back, wide shoulders and open chest. Facing the world as it is!
  9. @anxious_turtle Very similar to my experiences 6~7 years ago. There's certainly some gold in there. Become mindful of the following opportunity: you can become who you are drunk, but sober instead. It will require some interesting inner work.
  10. @Codrina Let go of that loan and forget about it. People who ask for loans either have the responsibility to pay those back or just don't. If they do, they will pay you back even if you say it's not necessary. If they don't, they will do anything to avoid it, even if you ask for it many times. Conclusion: it's not your responsibility anymore. You responsibility was when you decided to give him money, in the sense that you had to discern whether he was the kind of person that pays back or not. You either messed up on that or you just gave him money because you felt it was the right thing to do. If the first option is the case, too bad. If the second option is true, go on with it and forget it was a loan. I might be wrong, but I guess you don't really NEED that money anymore. Free yourself from such attachment, be at peace, and be mindful when providing loans again.
  11. Ask that person where that data is from in the first place. Also, isn't that argument just wrong? What about the minority of the top 1% most productive people of the country? What is the definition of "minority" that is being used?
  12. Zazen. Sit down facing a wall.
  13. Try facing boredom for like 2 hours.
  14. @Aquarius Condoms and awareness of the woman's fertility periods has always worked for me.
  15. A great summary with lots of practical advice for a better life: