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  1. @AlphaAbundance hi. you've been hijacked. you need enough mystical experiences to give up on your intellectual vice. the mind can't take you very far... it's merely a tool, not a source of raw Truth.
  2. car crash => reasonable indicative of curse by witch
  3. @MM1988 can you even appreciate a flower? seriously, learn to make eye contact and listen. your material possessions and your looks are unbelievable shallow. your presence is the most valuable thing.
  4. @MM1988 too much assumptions and mental masturbation. what is your goal here? jeez, this is so off-track...
  5. i don't even know who jeff is. whatever.
  6. no. science is about measurements, hypothesis testing and modeling for predictions. if you can't measure, model and test, there is no scientific value. no model can ever fit Truth. models are mental abstractions and Truth can't be grasped by the mind.
  7. @Manjushri you're just starting the same kind of thread over and over and not offering enough background. tell us more about you. what is your story? how is your relationship with your parents? how did you get into such complicated situation? was it a gradual process or did something really bad happened to you all of a sudden? you can't separate your emotional struggles from your day-to-day life.
  8. @Mikael89 be more practical. what are your real (non-imaginary) impediments? what is stopping you that's not yourself?
  9. i would choose my own place. that's what i did in 2015. it worked like a charm.
  10. @Aquarius hello. i don't think you've hurt anyone but yourself. you're doing great. keep it up. nobody is born wise.
  11. there is a thin line when we say "don't depend on others to be happy". what we actually mean is that you shouldn't expect or try to manipulate people to please you because that leads to more suffering. it's fine to hang out and have conversations with friends. as i said on another thread created by you, company is a beautiful thing if you're able to appreciate people for who they truly are.
  12. this is somewhat curious because artificial intelligence is my field of professional expertise. but if you ask me if we're just advanced programs, my answer is no. enough off-topic, though.