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  1. Non-duality is like a door that takes you to the substance of doors.
  2. That's not how it works. We cannot help you. That's your job and yours only. Did you want us to carry you on our back or something? We're here to share insights and experiences. Pick whatever serves you. In order to say that this forum is pointless, you'd have to prove that it's pointless for everyone, which is obviously not the case because it is useful to me. You want an easy way out of the confusion you built for yourself. You want a shortcut. Here's the truth: there is no shortcut available. You will have to face the immense emotional pain that awaits you.
  3. @Preety_India You have more than enough material on this thread to ground your choice. It's up to you. Good luck.
  4. It's not enlightenment. It would be your own ignorance. We're always capped down by our ignorance. Spent 20 years seeking enlightenment and wasn't able to realize Truth? Oh well...
  5. @Nivsch The scientific method is a well-defined closure. If you want to debate with people that really understand Science, good luck! Such people are very rare. Most people who go to universities and get their bachelors, masters or PhDs are just repeating old cycles without going meta and realizing what they're really doing. Do you think you know enough to understand what Science is about in the first place in order to investigate its fundamental barriers? This is very tricky.
  6. @Cykaaaa The only danger is yourself. As long as you don't trap yourself in non-functional mental patterns you'll be fine. Live a good Life, build healthy relationships, be amazed by existence. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. It's not about the pain. Being hit by a Keisaku doesn't even hurt very much. It's about getting you out of your mind... for a few seconds.
  8. @Preety_India I would tell him to go find his grown up girlfriend who enjoys being called "fat" somewhere else . But I still would work towards being in shape because Life feels a lot better on a fit body. I've been exercising a lot lately and my mood has improved.
  9. @Surfingthewave I have. It's amazing. Good book btw.
  10. Yes. I'm talking from personal experience. Spend at least 8~10 months dealing solely with your own conflicts. Make good use of this time in which you don't have the right to blame anyone else. It's priceless.
  11. @Sombra It's been around 3 years I think. Do you know coding?
  12. @Sombra Yeah, but I'll build the first version in Python, which is supposed to run locally on a Python interpreter. Maybe a web version in another moment if people like it. But I'll play it a lot!
  13. @Sombra Amazing! Thank you very much for your inputs on Dual N-Back. I am going to build an expansion in which you can choose the dimensions (position, sound and/or color) as well as the number of possibilities for each dimension. You would be able to play with 2 colors, 3 positions and 4 sounds, remembering 2 steps back, for instance. Completely customizable.
  14. @Truth Some people have that condition. It's not necessarily good. I prefer to forget things that I don't need to remember. Forgetting is a blessing.