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  1. Genuine self-actualized are quite ready. You better be ready for a lonely walk before expecting to find a partner. Make good use of your time while you're alone and master the fundamentals.
  2. @electroBeam The best mathematicians, physicists, programmers, engineers and such are the ones with a vast experience over several different problems.
  3. Yes, I noticed. I wasn't really counter-arguing. I was just stressing something in a more obtuse manner. And yes. Awesome game!
  4. It happens because you haven't developed a clear and mature vision for your life yet. You don't know what you want to offer to the world. If you knew, you'd be hungry and tireless. The drive to constantly satisfy yourself alone is boring. The drive to satisfy yourself by serving the world is unstoppable.
  5. This is the very breach through which devilry arises. Just because something is what "God" wants doesn't mean that it's not a toxic mental pattern. GOD and you are ONE. GOD is not a separated entity that says that everything is okay and that it would be fine if we were killing each other or committing suicide.
  6. You're not questioning what I presented to this discussion. You're bringing up a messy set of unverifiable assumptions that lead to nowhere. And yes, that's theosophy. Trying to use regular logic in an intellectual game, playing with words like "infinity"/"absolute" to come up with whatever you want to "prove".
  7. This discussion is totally irrelevant and the answer is intangible. This forum is not a place for theosophy. Teachings aligned with "accept everything" and its variants have their place. Take some responsibility for what you're saying, "for God's sake". Becoming too attached to non-dual dialects so that you forget the basics of what it means to be alive as a human being is offtrack.
  8. If someone is considering suicide, that person is not really conscious of GOD. So it wouldn't make any sense to say "Your will is the will of GOD". In fact, it could do much more harm than good. Suicide due to depression or emotional trauma is only considered in extremely low states of consciousness.
  9. @Javfly33 Have you searched for eco-communities? I think that a closer contact with Nature could do a lot to you.
  10. Great question. To be honest, I'd feel bad for her because of the harm that she'd be doing to herself. Not because I think that I am awesome, but because of the disgusting regret that she'd be setting in for herself. The pain that arises from acknowledging oneself as untrustworthy is something that I don't want even for my enemies (I don't have enemies ). I've been there... It's a wound that's very hard to heal. As for my own part, I'd be confused for one week or two because of the amount of stuff that we've compromised together. Plans to interrupt, things to sell, move to a smaller place etc. But I am a person that enjoys solitude as well as company. It would be a great chance to dive deep again. Maybe I'd finally become a zen monk? Opportunities are ceaseless
  11. @Harikrishnan You'd need to gather sufficient predictions to group them by probability ranges and anticipation time length ranges so that each group had statistically significant data. You can't infer correlation from unorganized/small groups of data points, let alone causation. If lots of people are "predicting" possibilities for several events, the probability that someone gets it right at some point for some event can be quite high. Raise your bar. Be open minded and skeptical.
  12. Heart breaking experiences are impossible if you don't expect anything. Be a giver, a server, a listener. Let the neediness die and be free forever.
  13. In a distant past, astrology and astronomy were an unified field of study. Nowadays, astronomy is about observing/modeling and astrology is about guessing/believing.
  14. @kieranperez "Light on Yoga", written by Iyengar. It's a long and complete book for self-taught Hatha Yoga practitioners.