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  1. @jse don't be late
  2. i wholeheartedly disagree. a marriage immersed in spiritual practices like meditation/yoga can work perfectly. i'm not speaking from a theoretical level. i'm speaking from my own lifestyle. the key is to live by the happiness that comes from inner peace. don't be carried away by egoist urges.
  3. @Echoes space/time, reality, matter, spirit, consciousness, truth, god... these are ineffable concepts. there's nothing to do about them. train your mind to live in the present moment and be free from anxiety/remorse. that's all...
  4. welcome
  5. @Sidi no. an intimate relationship, at its finest, is supposed to provide peace of mind. watch closely the feeling you have about this relationship. isn't it always that sort of anguish? are both of you desperate for egoic confirmations? do you run away from eye contact? are you running away from your insecurities? trace your own irresponsibility.
  6. in a very practical way, it means becoming free of the optional suffering entailed by your own sins. it means finding true happiness, peace of mind, contentment.
  7. @Loreena YOU are the real love in this world. there's no other way.
  8. @john5170 just come back to your breathing. it's simple but hard. if your mind is agitated, just be mindful. say to yourself "right now, my mind is agitated and i'm aware of it". and observe it being agitated.
  9. @john5170 it happens because you turn calmness into a goal. you need to practice with no goals.
  10. @Loreena no. we still need to pay for our food.
  11. @The Universe connect with people. find a zen sangha. find a group to practice yoga with. find people interested in healthy gastronomy. shake it.
  12. that's contradictory. if you want to stop drinking then abandon your toxic friends. stop bulshitting yourself in the first place.
  13. embrace the existence of ego AND the illusion of ego; duality AND non-duality; self love and compassion; or die either trying to become something else or trying to unbecome something without ever being able to appreciate life. all of it. stillness AND movement.
  14. it's ignorance when one stops being responsible. i'm not going to watch it but i can already smell egoic self deception.