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  1. i'm writing a book full of practical exercises that one can perform throughout regular days to achieve mental/emotional mastery. right after finishing the introductory chapter, when i was about to start writing the actual content of the book, a heavy rain of negative thoughts about the book started to fall. i waited for about 5 minutes and then the rain stopped so i could continue writing. i was able to see very clearly how those who are identified with thoughts would have probably given up at that moment.
  2. it's interesting but i don't think we're volunteers. i don't think we chose to help humanity in some other plan of existence. i think we choose it everyday as time goes on. i think we're the balancing result of complex "equations" that Life itself follows towards the expansion of consciousness. too many "i think"s and "i don't think"s. i'm babbling a lot of beliefs.
  3. that's even harder to comprehend. there's no way other than experiencing the very nature of reality.
  4. the best resource is yourself, really. nothing compares to direct experience.
  5. wonderful! you've had the chance to feel it! can you understand now? that gross layer of latent suffering must go away. otherwise it will crawl into your thoughts, words and actions 24/7.
  6. yes. thoughts are located in a spectrum of higher frequencies of Reality and your confusion is a result of your attachment to such phenomena. sit down and let go of thoughts about thoughts. you may have seen enough for today already.
  7. @nexusoflife great words of sincerity. i hope you finish your book. there's a new kind of school arising. wouldn't you like to contribute to the education of our children? i agree with you. our current educational system is breaking down.
  8. @AilinKyung any human being suffers greatly if he craves for a loving partner. i'm not saying that you shouldn't do it. if that's what you feel, then do it. let nobody else tell you what you should do. but be sincere and honest with yourself. soon or later you'll realize that it's impossible to find happiness in someone else. it's not in your money, it's not in your social status, it's not in your relationships. i did something similar to what you want to do. but i can't deny the fact that i was being needy, which is a helpless mindset.
  9. @AilinKyung warning: deep suffering incoming. get ready to experience the pain of growth.
  10. nah, staying alive is just a simple task. and since we're alive, we're free to do whatever we want. the problem is that people cannot free them from themselves. free time feels like ultimate hell because they cannot get rid of the mental harassing self-talk.
  11. @Principium Nexus it's not about doing nothing all the time. it's about living with the minimum amount of obligations and having LOTS of free time to do whatever. listening to people, drinking ayahuasca, dancing while singing the mahamantra with krishna devotees, practicing ashtanga yoga, contemplating, replying on this forum etc. my life can go on like this forever. my only obligation is to survive. and that's because i cannot choose otherwise, even though i've already tried.
  12. GREAT question. yes it's possible to be happy just working enough to eat enough, drink enough and sleep enough. this fulfillment would be based on nothing at all. it's one of the greatest wonders of life.
  13. @AilinKyung stop running away from discomfort and face it for once. sit down and try to find the discomfort within your body. get in touch with it. stay with it. feel it completely. emotions are supposed to be felt. only from that place of sincerity and depth you can remain resilient. grow out of your suffering with the embodied knowledge of ahimsa (no violence). in every situation, find your way out of rudeness.
  14. @Mike Bucur huh, this is too deep. cannot be answered by someone else. instead, i'll give you more questions. what's matter made of fundamentally? what is reading this question?
  15. try kundalini yoga. also check out the practices of krishna devotees. they're so kind!