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  1. @flume i suggest travelling first, then settling down. experience both (because why not).
  2. zero. it's a toxic way of thinking about what it means to be a man.
  3. @sgn meditation is a paradoxical thing. true meditation is not meditation. it's no thing.
  4. @ds300 the book of your failures. how many pages does yours have.
  5. @santerton what the hell are you trying to do? jeez! mgtow, redpill and such are the kind of people who struggle against their own neediness. who are you?
  6. there is Truth. and there is your mental "ugly truth", which can be whatever. it doesn't matter. @santerton MEN and WOMEN are very similar in this aspect. it's about being a human being. human beings seek TRUE LOVE but we don't know where to find it. is it money and power? is it sex? is it about having several partners? is it about owning tons of stuff? until we find TRUE LOVE, men and women will do similar things such as hypergamy, seek social validation and status, poison themselves with all sorts of drugs etc. do this: find an example of someone who feels his/her experience of Life to be completely satisfying. go straight to the crystal clear sources. do not trust the advice of people who complain too much or who play the role of victims. remember that, among human beings living on the same planet at the same time, there are parasites and heroes. who are your heroes? would you choose to be a hero if you could? who would you want to inspire and how do you vision a prosperous mankind.
  7. @leintdav000 the brain works in a way so that new abstraction layers are built as we grow older. at early stages, the brain learn very straightforward tasks, such as understanding your senses, walking, running, understanding and speaking, recognizing facial expressions etc. then, as time passes by, we learn how to investigate things with more depth. we can reach the limits of the mind with the process of intellectualization. and then it's also possible to go beyond the mind altogether.
  8. @emind if you fear the possibility that your ex is having sex and you are not, i suggest that you try to accept it as a fact: your ex is having sex and you are not. not because it's true, but because you have to learn how to accept it. she's a completely different human being and owes you nothing. now that you're single, it's the best moment to take your time to turn inwards. face your struggles, aim for growth and become a virtuous person. go beyond the mind of a chimp (which is constantly thinking about fornication, food and/or noise).
  9. @JohnnyBravo keep in mind that everyone's perspective is unique. you, right now, for some reason that i don't know, are experiencing "bad vibes". what is the nature of "bad vibes"?. can an electrical device (your pc/smartphone) really give you bad vibes from firing up pixels on a digital screen? what's the story that you're (maybe unconsciously) telling yourself here? anyway, good luck.
  10. this is inaccurate. i've been here for around 2 years and what i see is people becoming free of their own self-sabotaging habits little by little... each on their own pace. i've seen people come out on top as completely different persons, ready to thrive. how does it happen? it's a mysterious process of self-inquiry and inner investigation. telling people to read the bible and believe in jesus as a core message has never worked in front of my eyes. not just in this forum but in my entire life. from the perspective of someone else, your ideas and points of view are just dogmas unless they experience it by themselves.
  11. nope. but i don't recommend starting random conversations out of nothing with random people. i would be a hypocrite if i did. instead i say go live new experiences and you will have what to talk about with people. not because you will have to come up with things to say, but because interaction is a straightforward consequence of people meeting to do something together.
  12. what is "soul"? what do you want to achieve?
  13. i do not consider myself a reader of the bible, but the bible does present beautiful stories of good men with peaceful souls. warning: i am presenting my own view of a beautiful life for a man. this is just food for thought for you. for me, a beautiful life for a man is quite simple if seen from the outside, but it's very deep if seen from the inside. if you focus on being a good husband, a good father, a good professional and a good friend, you're already doing better than 99.9999999% of men on this planet at the moment. what does "good" mean? i see "good" as a combination of immortal values such as justice, patience, courage, willpower, hard work, compassion, tenderness, temperance and purity of heart. being genuinely good requires a huge layer of foundations, which is severely overlooked by the average joe. don't be the average joe living an unfulfilling life... study every aspect of your language and imagination. and ask for wisdom from the bottom of your heart everyday. ask for wisdom with your entire soul.
  14. here's a good start: question your values and beliefs. set them on fire and see what survives. what is the kind of life that you want for yourself? do you care about being a good example to society? what are the main characteristics of a great human being?