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  1. @Preetom is the song you played on the video above yours? reminded me of this. i liked it!
  2. @hirax you're just waiting. waiting and doing nothing is the practice for those who want to let their egos dry out by letting go of their desires. but you, miss, you have a desire and you want it to be fulfilled. so you have to be responsible for it. first of all, change the way you look at men. you seem like a girl who either look at men with indifference or doesn't even look at them at all. and you have such a huge ego that you want them to come to you and knee before your feet. how about some extra dose of humility and sincerity? look at them in a way that's aligned with your intentions. look at them as if you desired them. because you do, so be honest.
  3. this is what my research has been pointing to: conditioning and conditioned experiences. no knowledge retention, no mission to complete, no particular purpose, nowhere to get to, no lessons to learn and no religious prophecy to come true. no spirit that comes in or out of the body for the body (matter) is the visible part of The Spirit. the life i experience is conditioned by easiness to appreciate art mathematics minimalism a large variety of spiritual practices deep existential questions body domain
  4. @ZX_man i think you've got distorted concepts about what it means for a man to be attractive and confident. such a man is admired even by other men as an example of conduct and consistence. is your life awesome enough to inspire people around you? what would you be missing?
  5. free digital drawing! poems written in brazilian portuguese.
  6. @STC this is PRECIOUS. and @Shin, just a tip. try shift+enter to start a new line without starting a new paragraph . i edited your text on the quote above to show you how the text would look like. a little cuter imho.
  7. it's worth it if in the end you get to know the experience that actually fulfills you, describing (and acknowledging) the kind of partner that you want to live with. otherwise it's just as good as a journal of random nights to go out and get drunk.
  8. @Saba this will happen until you decide to stop comparing yourself to others and craving for external approval. enjoy yourself. read carefully. enjoy yourself.
  9. you're just showing your true face here, exposing how jealous, judgmental and attached to the past you are. you're completely right. i can say this from personal experience. before meeting my fiancée, we were both learning how to please ourselves and the partners we had. no fear! mastering the physical part of sex is necessary. now that we're engaged, we're mastering the spiritual part, connecting simultaneously to the infinite source of love. we're both thankful for each other's past. we're truly happy. truly happy now!
  10. @Mondsee put yourself in his place
  11. @Whywolf i seriously would get the fuck out of the place you live to become a zen monk in some monastery. http://shastaabbey.org/becoming-a-buddhist/
  12. @LRyan this is what i did... abstractly speaking: i cut the umbilical cord by myself and threw my past in the trash can practically speaking: i got a job, left my parents house and started a rigorous zen practice. right now, i'm on my way to become a zen master, an yoga teacher and to raise my own family on the grounds of Love.
  13. @AlexB review your reasons to be with someone else. the set of reasons that works for you has to have a huge amount of elements in common with the set of reasons that someone else has to be with you. if your set of reasons doesn't go much further than sexual satisfaction and financial conformity, then i can already say that you're still in trouble and need to work REALLY HARD on your spiritual purification. you need to be brutally honest with yourself. every single lie counts to ruin your life.
  14. i only use facebook and i unfollowed all of my friends. i follow some useful pages related to meditation and local yoga events.