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  1. even though i think you're like 30~35 y/o, you sound like me when i was 20~23 y/o i'm not bragging, though. i'm saying that i've been through that phase. i don't know exactly what happened to you in the past, but i feel sorry for it and i hope that someday you'll be brave enough to dig in that shell around your heart. i've been watching your participation on this forum for a while and i'm kinda astonished that your way of dealing with this subject hasn't changed much since then. you seem to think that being open about our vulnerabilities is a sign of weakness. do you have any idea of how insensitive you were to @Emerald after she shared so many jewels? you would divorce her if you were her husband... what was that, even? some kind of weird punishment? i tell you this: being able to inspect and open up to one's vulnerabilities is a sign of utter strength! it might be itching inside right now and you might be thinking about answering back to show us how tough and grown up you are. you may actually do it and that's fine. but, instead, if you let it sink in for a moment of silence, it may trigger some deep emotional pain that's screaming to be released. what's the weight of a tender heart? i don't know... it can't be measured by social market values. but it does feel very light and warm.
  2. you can be aware of the fabric of reality, but you cannot know how it happens.
  3. @Pure Imagination write down every small detail about life that makes you impatient. choose 1~2 of them every day and be ready when it happens. this kind of work takes TIME.
  4. @ValiantSalvatore what reborns? it's impossible to really know the answer to this kind of question if you haven't fully realized True Nature. whatever i say will sound like dogma.
  5. more real than this is impossible.
  6. you didn't understand. you were extremely hypocritical. next time you find a girl to have sex with, ask her how many guys she's been with before. and if it bugs you, do not touch her.
  7. who is "you"?
  8. @ds300 and now she's on 30 + 1 (you). do you think she's a worse person now because she slept with you?
  9. @Serotoninluv uploading memory to a computer is completely possible in theory. the current barrier is our engineering skills. keep in mind that uploading memory is thousands miles away from allowing a computer to behave like a person, as lay people think. in order to make a computer behave like a person, every mechanic of the brain would have to be mimicked such as learning and decoding inputs. also, the brain is not the only node of processing for decision making... the spine, the heart and the gut are also capable of making decisions on their own.
  10. no. this is the core mystery of existence. the universe did/does. it happens when you buy a new computer. i think you're just confusing what you call by "you". the closest that you can come from grasping the absolute perspective with the mind is by replacing every pronoun by "god", "universe", "reality", "existence" or something like that. consciousness is the fabric of reality. i don't have consciousness. this body and this mind are made out of consciousness.
  11. computers are made out of consciousness
  12. nah, i don't care that much about being right anymore. it doesn't feed me. realizing my own flaws feed me.
  13. i just had this insight that this is actually a good thread. struggles and triggers are powerful vehicles for growth, if faced properly. it's a chance for the actualized.org community to grow!
  14. it's alright. take your time. remember that growth is also about healing. it's impossible to teach well without a soft heart. words of wisdom feel friendly, not confronting.