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  1. Truth can't be thought, written, spoken, taught or read.
  2. @Voladores Being silent is very different from actually listening. One can have a shut mouth and a monkey mind.
  3. @Fortunate Son It depends on your responsibilities. Are you married? Do you have kids? If you don't have anyone else to feed except for yourself, it will be a lot easier. Sleep for 5~6 hours per night and don't waste time. You'll be able to invest at least 6~7 hours of your day on each career. Discipline will be your hard ally.
  4. @Voladores Shut your mind and listen to people. Make eye contact and relax your body. You don't even need to say anything. Just be a listener and you'll do more good to people than 99.9% of the human population. Everyone wants to be a speaker. There are thousands of courses for that. Coaching and all that s***. But who wants to be a listener? Listeners are the rare ones.
  5. @LoveandPurpose If you're too young to make solid plans for the future with your partner, there will be always another prettier girl that would be worth more regardless of how pretty your current partner is. It's an endless struggle as long as you're not mature enough. It gets even worse because society is sick and we have extremely scarce instances of happy/stable couples and families. Youngsters have virtually nobody to inspire them in this field of intimate relationships. And many times, their own parents screw up due to lack of wisdom, which adds up some unnecessary difficulties.
  6. @CreamCat Who are you?
  7. @Mondsee It will be unexciting until you free yourself from rationalism. You can have all questions and answers you want and it will be nothing compared to the state of no questions and no answers.
  8. @Truth Addict If your critique is highly biased, it's healthy to express it in your words: "in my experience, ...". Here's an example: in my experience, Zen didn't provide me a rich mindset to come back to society.
  9. @Truth Addict I wouldn't call it arguing I'm trying not to let your statements demotivate Zazen beginners. People are insecure enough. There is a Zen saying that goes like this: don't jump off the boat too early.
  10. There is no zen_practioners_history.csv... I've been very close to many Zen communities. The numbers may be greater than you think. Human perspective is cruelly biased. Yours and mine.
  11. @Truth Addict I'm not defending Zen because there's nothing to defend about it, really. What I said is that you can't say that Zen is not hardcore. Also, hardcore seeking is something that Zen transcends. It's very noticeable how the teachings of Zen kinda kick you out of Zen after you reach a certain level. Wrapping it up, Zen goes full circle and comes back to a mundane life. From suffering to domain/release to Truth and back to being a regular dude.
  12. "Not so many" people are suitable for Zen to begin with. And "not so many" people achieve full embodiment of Truth regardless of the path. It's not about the method. It's about you, alive here and now, finding what works for you. But if you want to grasp a solid view of anything, live it. Guessing won't take you very far.
  13. You cannot talk about Zen from a perspective of someone who hasn't spent at least 1 month in a Zen monastery. Zen was created to be lived and practiced hardcore. What we know today as "Zen" is a cheap immitation of what it was designed for.
  14. @Aakash Enlightenment does not kill you. Enlightenment kills your mental image about yourself. You're so identified with your mental self image that you think that you will die of you let go of it. Enlightenment is experienced by what you'd call living beings. And they continue to live with ridiculous levels of Wisdom until their bodies stop working. These assumptions that enlightenment transports you to other realms, that you get out of here, that you leave the matrix, that Nirvana is somewhere else etc are misunderstandings that arise from deeply dualistic viewpoints. And those misconceptions often become religious dogmas that are parroted for centuries. Simply put, you are the Universe thinking, reading, walking and talking. Everything is an act of the Universe. There is nowhere to go. You didn't come from anywhere else. You're always here. Stable conscious experience is the real Miracle. Behold!
  15. Truly carnivorous animals have very short intestines, varying from 3 to 5 times the length of their thorax. It is so because they need to expel meat very quickly, before it putrefies. Vegetarian animals, along with human beings, have very long intestines, varying from 8 to 12 times the length of their thorax. It is to because it takes longer for vegetarian food to be broken and absorbed by the organism. The only way a carnivorous animal could eat vegetarian food is by eating almost 24/7, just like pandas. Pandas are almost always eating bamboo.