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  1. I don't want to sound rude or seem that I'm stereotyping either, but, honestly, career-oriented women are not attractive to most guys. What masculine men usually care about the most is beauty and feminity. Not if you a super-intelligent and successful in your career.
  2. @soos_mite_ah I think a big percentage of guys like shy girls. At least I and my male friends do
  3. I was in the middle of a HUGE heartbreak a few months ago. This was really really painful. I was way too needy and weak. I read The Way of The Superior man and it does really changed my perception of women and life in general. I'm trying to improve myself, going to the gym and other stuff like trying to discover a purpose. I feel myself way stronger now.
  4. I think Leo, especially with the white shirt of his videos, is pretty handsome. He just needs some boots in the case he already doesn't wear them. Boots like those shown in this video clip of Ben Howard.
  5. I've never been in Switzerland actually, but it does have a really high Human Development Index, way higher than 90% of the countries around the world. There are alot of friendly environment policies. And at least from pictures and videos it looks reeeeeally beautiful and clean.
  6. I would like to know the opinion of you guys on the stages of the population of Switzerland. And The Netherlands too, since its current PM is a conservative.