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  1. What about these Justice Democrats such as Ro Khana (who has stocks together with his wife in Defence Industry companies) cosying up and sucking up to neocon imperialists such as Bil Kristol to give an example of a so-called progressive candidate tarnishing his reputation by association with American foreign policy hegemonists. Are they really pushing the overton window by acting cordial and promoting the views of those people on some fringe agreements as basis to work together with them on some marginal issues, are they really able to push anything by citing such marginal agreements with such people. To shorten the question how do you differentiate between good and bad apples in your progressive caucus who actually actively and sincerely push for stuff and not just provide an aesthetic progressive cover by their mere presence in Congress while having stocks in Defence Industry Companies, question the imperial foreign policy and pressure and work together with their colleagues with actually getting them passed. Yes Bernard and his recent surge in popularity and progressive shift and trajectory in US domestic policy at the same time as his progressive foreign policy record is to vote for the US Army participation in the NATO bombing of then FR Yugoslavia republics Kosovo and Serbia with bombs with depleted uranium warheads, also used in the First Gulf War, that caused cancer and leukaemia related deaths of Italian NATO soldiers stationed in Kosovo, innocent Albanian and Serb workers and civilians, the international working class, and induced sterility in some couples and children with birth defects by being knowledgeable about the situation and somehow forgetting the effects that those same bombs had on US soldiers and Iraqis in the First Gulf War. I hope they actually continue pushing (as in few instances as of late that they have demonstrated) that progressive overton window in foreing policy as well and keep applying pressure to the war industry that kills and destroy workers lives and the lives of the majority percent abroad and not act progressive only on their domestic terrain and only for their own voting base.
  2. What about considering the People's Party they are a third independent party with a lot of backing of prominent intellectuals such as Cornel West and Chris Hedges. You pose a risk at an attempt to climb the Democratic Party hierarchy of succumbing to the allure of personal career advancement within the party, taking donations and finally like AOC lessening the advocacy of policy proposals you were elected for by your voter constituentcy. This duopoly framing of third parties not succeeding in the US is just the current dominant power narrative, grass roots movements might if the things in the US go in the the direction they are currently heading towards might arise out of popular discontinent due to a severee economic downturn down the line when the dollar ceases to be the world's reserve currency triggering an economic spiral downturn in the whole country. Popular movements across the country might become something to rally around people behind the party such as the People's Party in the country as the ruling political system becomes discredited. In essence if you think in short term for just wanting to pass policy proposals within the Democratic Party framework and advance a career there will not controlling or being able within a party hierarchy to pass your legislation for a long time and in the worse case scenario due to lobbying and contributions like Pelosi having campaign on Medicare for All to get elected while it then sits on your desk for 30 years and now seeing AOC lessening her advocacy for it as well and also refraining from criticizing your colleagues and calling them out on corruption is very difficult current cesspool in my opinion to keep your personal integrity intact and not cosying up to elite circles and lessening the advocacy of your stated goals and principles. In the end it is for you to make the decision in where you can accomplish more what you want and actually believed in from the start and not succumbing to just wanting to be a part of another privileged club for your own personal advancement, fame and material wealth interests which is a stage Orange dominant values and norm in your society that is now because it made apparent current limitations the root cause of the many of the problems you see in it and that inhibit its health and growth.
  3. "To be neutral is immoral." - John Foster Dulles, former US Secretary of State under the Eisenhower administration during the Cold War referring to the Member countries of the non-alligned movement source: Oliver Stone
  4. @Roy Q: How dangerous is Neo-liberal *American and International proxy institutions Capitalism Very dangerous in fact for your wellbeing and your families wellbeing if you are employed as working class in a neocolonized half-periphery banana republic or society if you can suffer an unemployment rate worse than in the time of the Great Depression in America for 7 years. From Weights of Chains 2 Doc on the Neo-liberal economic reforms implemented in the Balkans and the effects of these reforms on all aspects of life in the former Yugoslavia, from politics, economics, military, culture, education to the media. Reasons for Edit: I couldn't for some reason comment on my phone on the quoted question posed on this thread so I had to do it this way. I will delete the quoted sentence in the upper comment later on my laptop.
  5. Yeah I think saw him somewhere before, in one of the movies, but didn't know his name and couldn't recognise him right off the bat. Thank you for answering 😊 Yeah I haven't heard of that movie I watched the most talked about Ran and Yume etc. Thank you for that recommendation I will definitely give that movie I watch since I thoroughly enjoyed and loved watching all of the aforementioned Kurosawa films. All of them really invoked deep feelings and contemplative thoughts about life in me afterwards.
  6. Is there any particular group of people you harbour these feelings towards or in general towards the behaviour of humans you see acting in your social enviroment (yes, even including media)? I have these feelings as well but towards a certain group of people. You could write clearly and precisely in your journal for example exactly while you feel misanthropic towards people in general or towards a certain group and what do these feelings have to do with your own self in order for you to feel that you have to feel them. You can introspect yourself by posing these questions to yourself and writing out the answers in your journal. I have similar thought patterns and feelings about the future and heading of humanity in general but I planned to sit on them and write them out in order to see what these thought patterns and feelings have to do with my current self and projected future self perception. In other words what does my misanthropy have to do with my perceived self's relationship to the world and itself.
  7. May I ask unrelated to the topic in question in this thread since I was immediately curious when I saw it who is that Japanese guy on your profile picture? I thought at first that it was the famous Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa in old age but I looked it up and this guy doesn't look at all like him. So I am curious if the question is not personal and intruding to you and if you can possibly answer me who is the Jaoanese guy that you choose as your profile picture? 🙂
  8. What I see here in general in the responses is bunch of (mostly) stage green development people guilting themselves by arguing how irresponsible the social environment they live in is and also how they need to adjust their individual lifestyles in opposition to it in order also not feel the burden of that responsibility and guilt to put themselves in the position where they safely criticize and distance themselves from the practices and behaviours of their majority social enviroment in order for them to feel that they are more considerate, sensitive and compassionate to the wider whole and ecosystem they feel is an inseparable part from themselves. Guilting themselves and alarming their social enviroment to be more responsible, conscious and aware of the wider whole that sustains them. How cute and a nice thing to see present in people, apart from the excessive guilt and moralising towards those who are unaware themselves of this, don't acknowledge it, too obsessed about themselves and their own personal problems or are to selfish to care for the wider whole.
  9. Do you mean tax the rich? This view to eat the rich i.e. class war style Russia 1917 or 1948 China is more prevalent in the fringe authoritarian left circles online and rarely see now being held by any of the people you mentioned. As far as I know, they just want higher tax rates imposed on the wealthy as a winning start and perhaps some worker-coops stuff later down the line. But having that in mind I sincerely congratulate you on you being happy that you broke out of the circles that you perceived as unhealthy and bad for your wellbeing and life and that you are extremely aware of it all and about what specifically caused your self-harm in the past. That's a big breakthrough and move forward for you that you independently decided to leave behind these social circles, great exercise, and success in self-reliance and personal freedom. I feel for you particularly here and understand how hard this can be since I am always tempted to it myself to go along with the groupthink of the ethnic-nationalists and their dominant ideology and worldview backed by the political institutions and forces in my own country and that are backed them among the general populace in my own country. So I can resonate with and understand your struggle and how tempting it is to regress out of social norms and approval and not being singled out as not going along with the group ideology and collective mentality fostered by the forces that be in the country whose interests it suits for people holding such a worldview, belief and behaving according to it like obedient social machines.
  10. In the Nagorno-Karabakh video, the part from 21:50 till the end is really eye-opening about the psychology of ordinary people during wartime and how ordinary people actually feel about and view war and conflict with other people. In the Donetsk region in Ukraine video, there are also some valuable impromptu interviews with people that show how people struck by conflict and war that endangers their livelihood, prosperity, economic standard and survival feel about it and view it. Notice also that he is able to communicate with all these people in his Russian that he learned while traveling across Russia, which I think shows you the lasting cultural influence that the Soviet Union left on all these former Republics, at least among the older generations.
  11. I find this quote from 1907. in a Michael Parenti lecture titled Rulers of the World made by later American President and then political science professor at Princeton University Woodrow Wilson enlightening as to why that couldn't be the case since here he noted the role that the capitalist state plays on behalf of private capital : ''Since trade ignores national boundaries and the manufacturer insists on having the world as a market, the flag of his nation must follow him and the doors of nations which are closed against him must be battered down, concessions obtained by financiers must be safeguarded by ministers of state even if the sovereignty of unwilling nations be enraged in the process. Colonies must be obtained or planted in order that no useful corner of the world may be overlooked or left unused.'' or simply put like in the Manifesto 'Capitalism goes into every corner of the world to recreate it in its own image and put it to use for its capital accumulation process'. 'Capitalism not only fights the class war against its own laboring class, but capital formations will also often fight against each other and against other national capital formations'.
  12. I've also started reading Parenti's book How to Kill a Nation recently and reached chapter 2. I think it gets a lot of things right up to the point I've read it regarding some of the former living standards and atmosphere around other ethnicities within the country since it aligns with the anecdotes my father and grandfather told me when they lived under that system and in that country. Yeah, my parents immigrated and lived in Canada during that time and were exposed to that Western narrative on Canadian Cable TV and they were pretty angered by it since they've heard from different ethnic media sources in Canada and contacts they had in the country itself that it was a gross exaggeration of the atrocities and war crimes carried out only by our nationality while not mentioning the plethora of others carried out by other nationalities and ethnicities against our own or others. They knew from the start that it devolved into a chaotic bloodbath, war crimes carried out on all sides, and utter destruction of the system and country they grew up in. My passed mother decided to after I was born in Canada decided later to return to Serbia with my father later following her. My father, who is still alive later told me that the narrative came down to finding and accusing one side/ethnic group and leadership of being the only culprit and perpetrator of all the atrocities and war crimes in the civil war and demonizing and satanizing an entire ethnic group for allowing their leadership to perpetrate these crimes and being the main culprits behind the war and its continuation. The big boogeyman particularly chosen in this war were the Serbs as the largest ethnic group within the former country. There existed severe ethnic tensions and antagonisms within the country that were kept at bay through the official state policy of 'brotherhood and unity ' with state secret intelligence services at the forefront of enforcing it. This policy by the government was particularly aimed at stopping the rise of nationalist and ethnic separatist movements, organizations, and feelings from gaining any kind of significant power within the country, and it used coercive and sometimes violent means in doing so. For example, this was particularly pronounced in Kosovo where the ethnic tensions, segregation, and antagonisms between Serbs and Albanians were always present since even before the founding of the new state which culminated in either harsh government crackdowns and repressions on the Kosovar Albanians later right before the war erupted in all former republics or Kosovar Albanian separatist organizations trying to carry out terrorist attacks in military army barracks in almost all of the republics of the former Yugoslavia and in the Serbian capital with the stated goal of wanting of first a recognized Kosovo republic in the framework of all of the existing other six republics that compromised the federation of Yugoslavia but then later it turned into demands for an independent Kosovo state and eventual national unification with other Albanians in Albania. Also, it was later revealed that the state's intelligence services had an active assassination program and also used ex-criminals and ex-convicts who were pardoned for their use in this program for hunting down political emigres who emigrated from Yugoslavia after WWII and were accused of collaboration with Nazi and fascist occupiers in the country, of carrying out war crimes and atrocities against civilians and guerilla communist resistance fighters during the WWII and so-called other people's enemies operating as emigres in Western countries after the war and actively advocating secession and separatism of different Yugoslav republics depending on their nationality, even terrorist attacks and the overthrow of the Communist government in Yugoslavia abroad. So the political system and the government used a lot of repressive and violent strategies and tactics in order to ensure its stability and survival as a whole as almost anything was used to keep it as such. For example from Wiki if it's factually accurate since there is no source: YU secret services: Agencies copied NKVD methods, there were 2 million files of supervised citizens, and one was one agent per 10 inhabitants, which was more than in the USSR. Yes, the breakaway 'banana republics' did suffer terribly economically and stagnated today beyond recognition in the terms of the heights it once soared, neither of the independent former republics GDP's (of course, not the only economic criterion or measurement), even those currently in the EU, can match Yugoslavia at its height in the 1980s when it was about the 25th economy in the world in terms of GDP and even ahead of China at that time. Yes, the region and a lot of the republics have turned very right-wing indeed after the collapse of the country, even those in the EU have strong right-wing parties in the imported two-party system model in most of the former republics, except Serbia now which has turned to a single right-wing party totalitarian system increasingly. I don't know probably it would have stayed as a whole due to the overall benefits economically it had in its heyday for all of the republics that outweighed the cost of pursuing independence, guaranteed by the 1973 Constitution indeed, and violent ethnic-nationalist separatism and civil war for the ethnic borders to correspond with the political and geographical. If you are interested in the topic of the Balkans and Yugoslavia in general if would recommend to you this channel Serbia Mapping that goes into detail and has more knowledge about the topic more than me currently how the current state of the Balkans and region can be best understood and about the causes underlying the collapse of the Yugoslavia using a lot of Parenti's work as reference. Here are a couple of interesting 10-minute videos regarding the topics that we opened up in this post: Btw One more thing I remembered an anecdote I heard to share with you since you are from Denmark that allegedly one of the Yugoslavs secret services ex-criminal agents that carried out assassinations of political emigres in Denmark, and would later become one of the most notorious war criminals under the pseudonym Arkan during the Yugoslav war, once robbed a jewelry shop in Kopenhagen or somewhere to pay his expenses there and was given a green light for it by the Yugoslav secret services since he carried out the assassination job and cynically since it as a Western capitalist country. So you can see there was a lot of shit under the rug of that country and a bit of that karma returning here in this region later during the war since the people keeping the system in power were Machivelean and ruthless in keeping it together and in their methods.
  13. What about the Tom Cotton guy, who I rember advocated for calling out the National Guard on protestors last year and allegedly who's ancestors were slave owners as far as I heard (while I guess the last name reveals it) . I heard a while ago some progressives call him a fascist with brains unlike Trump. Where do you think Leo his chances lie in comparison to the electibility of DeSantis for 2024 election?
  14. Yes it as a hereditary, authoritarian one-party totalitarian state where you have no political rights, freedoms, civil liberties and free access to information but still its not this madmans 'hermit kingdom' (as I've seen outlets use that term) playground where anything can become law and or be stated or declared as the popular culture fostered by inaccurate and intentionally misinforming mainstream media reporting wants you to believe about the country and the government using its sources obtained from South Korean intelligence services or bribed defectors testimonies.