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  1. I think I've just heard the most badass thing ever!
  2. How can you get into someone else's personal subjective experience? That seems like something that science or any other method could never crack. We can only assume and at the end of the day they are...well just our assumptions
  3. @John Lula He actually promotes the notion of practice a lot. He also says that waking up has got nothing to do with effort. But it's the Follow Up or Clearing up or Embodiment whatever you call it, that's the real deal. In this post he clearly states that when it's about clarity, practice is a must. We are always keeping the glass window clean or we're blowing on it and making it muddy
  4. If you're assuming that a tree falls without anyone seeing in the first place, then following that same assumption, the tree makes sound as well without anyone hearing. I was reading some commentary on Mandukya Upanishad this morning. It explained this phenomnea/qualia problem beautifully
  5. Have you watched his youtube videos? They are really potent form of non dual guided meditation. And by being enlightened, he doesn't mean becoming buddha in 1 hour. It's waking up from the false identity even if that's for a few seconds. This is very possible with anyone if they are openminded and willing to explore honestly for like an hour leaving their beliefs and stories aside for the time being. Fred Davis is not some magician. Anyone with some solid understanding (just intellectual) on non duality can wake up from their egoic identity and have a taste of witnessing consciousness while reading a non duality book/self inquiry/guided meditation.
  6. @Solace Thanks for the link. Those meditation techniques are explained beautifully
  7. ''I've honestly gained absolutely nothing from Enlightenment'' -Buddha ''Be a light unto yourself'' -Buddha
  8. Presence: The Art of Peace and Happiness - Volume 1 by Rupert Spira.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=detail A contemplative book which does not offer new belief systems but encourages real time empirical investigation on the nature of our present moment experience. Starting from our True self to mind, body, world.
  9. It can also represent living upto 7th dimension and God being above that. Currently it is assumed that as a race, we're shifting from 3D to 4D way of life.
  10. @Viking If you think you'll be truly fulfilled by believing the story of a thought or by conjuring some sort of meaning through thinking, then good luck with that. Yeah of course you can have various thrills through living your life how your thoughts and impulses tell you. But don't confuse that with unconditional fulfillment. There is a possibility of unconditional, absolute fulfillment. Our very experience confirms this. Every desire we have, every impulse is a desperate attempt to extinguish this fire of craving within us. And we do get fooled by thinking that we'll forever rest in peace only after having this or that. But I wonder why it never works....hmm We're 'programmed' to search for true fulfillment but we've really made a huge mess of ourselves trying to look for it in wrong places, haven't we?
  11. @SpaceCowboy Excellent Thread! Thanks for posting these interesting questions. I'll be answering from all the theory I've gathered from non-duality Godfathers and my own glimpses. I'm not fully Enlightened yet. I'll be answering from pure non dual/absolute perspective (I've already broken the Truth by trying to talk about it lol) . Some things may sound very radical but I'm open to it for discovering these for myself.
  12. 1) What is it actually? How vital is it for a fully actualized life? 2) What drives discipline in different types of people? Different perspective of discipline for different Spiral Dynamics stages 3) Leo's personal observations on how his discipline drives and perspectives changed over a period of 10 years. What were the milestones/key shifts? 4) Is there any alternative to discipline? What happens to discipline when it's taken to full circle? 5) How to coordinate Discipline and newly discovered non dual Truths (like life is meaningless, there is no doer etc) especially for those who are on this path? etc. and etc. I know I should be finding these answers for myself experiencially. But I would like to look at @Leo Gura's take on it.
  13. It couldn't be put in any better way..
  14. @Gohabsgo You are that which knows/witnesses all your experiences. You are not an object however gross or subtle it might be. Cling to nothing and dwell on this understanding. That's all you can do. The rest is upon grace