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  1. The Self is the only real Sadhguru there is. The rest are bunch of clowns and gimmicks compared to THAT. Hold yourself firmly.
  2. BTW thats the superficial answer. The truth of the matter is there is only one real guru; having the 100% success rate. Its the Self. Your own Self; the only Self there is. Its lineage is Self Love aka also known as Grace. Leave everything and cling to that guru. When HE is pleased, HE consumes the entirety of existence; leaving you in nirvana/extinction. "The I casts off the illusion of I and yet remains I. Such is the paradox of Realization. But the realized one finds no contradiction in it"
  3. Definitely the direct path teachers like Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Atmananda Krishnamenon; the triple gem who revitalized the original primal spirituality and separated it from the age long tyranny of dogmatic religion. There is no modern day spirituality without the foundation they left behind(+ some enlightened zen masters). What they left behind is a miracle technology like the invention of electricity or internet which rendered going back into the dark ages or reverting back to stage blue(as the pinaccle of spirituality and well being) as impossible forever. That being said, there is no such thing as an enlightened guru or students. There is either only enlightenment or a bunch of deluded gurus and students.
  4. Yes. And boredom/anxiety is the emotional result or consequence of that thought
  5. Yes eventually all problems get solved. The name of that solution is death. Wait like a patient dog.
  6. A police is made of love
  7. Hoping for goodies won't give the lasting motivation. But its okay as everyone starts somewhere more or less. What is needed is a genuine curiosity about life/metaphysics/philosophy/reality. A curiosity to penetrate ones own existence. If that is in place, no matter how many times you get lose, you'll find your way. Another supplementary tip I have is make a small play list of Leo's (or others) 5-6 videos that inspires you the most by creating an awe and existential curiosity the most. Then repeatedly watch them everyday for a set time (20-60 minutes). Similarly have 3-4 spiritual books that have the same effect on you and read them everyday for a set time. If you still haven't found those few videos and books like that, keep searching until you make your mini play list. After finding that, regularly stick with them.
  8. @Someone here The one who can't at least see the limitation of knowledge or the arbitrary/abstraction nature of thoughts; these discussions become useless very soon.
  9. Woah...we don't do that here
  10. Try to find out what truly exists; independently, without any support from external authority. If you could strictly stick with this theory instead of memorizing it as a theory, you'd discover the Truth of consciousness already. That is the all inclusiveness nature and singularity of knowledge of being. Again you are making the assumption that there is a resolution of this issue through q&a, more knowledge, discussion, study etc. I could say there are others. I could also say there are no others. But this question arises in the first place due to misconception about what consciousness or being truly aware is.
  11. What are you trying to convince yourself?
  12. Investigate what I or Consciousness is exclusively without mixing it with anything else. The end result is not more knowledge inside outside the I, but something that can't be talked about.