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  1. We are never gonna figure this out through talking Do you still feel like using words or are you getting frustrated with the dryness of words?
  2. @Highest Happy for you as your heart finally found it's solace
  3. So what it is that knows the sensation in the chest? Btw Ramana Maharshi treated all objective experience as 'thought'. In his vocab, the world is nothing but thoughts and it all hinges upon the root thought aka I-thought aka the ego. So the sensation in the chest, even though it is experienced right now, it is nothing but thought. How do you explain this view?
  4. How about a direct perception that is happening right now? Like a sensation in the chest. I feel that even that is open to doubt because 'I' am aware of that sensation but that sensation is not aware of 'I'. So in other words, that sensation needs 'I' to verify it's existence. It cannot verify it's own existence. it doesn't have it's own existence-consciousness. Is this what is meant when it is said that the world doesn't exist even when you perceive it in the present moment?
  5. in other words, God is so loving that hatred is not excluded from that love. Now good luck trying to explain that to religious folks and atheists lol
  6. @Wisebaxter notice that the word 'hatred' is perspective dependent. If your enemy is harmed, it is regarded as a blessing. If your fella is harmed, it is hatred. Your very act of breathing is a violent act of killing millions of germs. The process of procreation and giving birth itself is a violent process. Where will you draw the line? Both the concepts of love and hatred are devils tool to manipulate reality to get it's own agenda met
  7. @winterknight Can you doubt everything else except for your enlightenment? Or are you open to doubt about your enlightenment as well?
  8. Leo has mentioned several times about the power of pure observation without thoughts and rationalization in his recent videos. Like how you'll actually learn about ants if you just observe them for 100 hours. You might end up learning more about ants that way than reading 5 books about ants. But our culture is so wrapped up in the conceptual, rational knowledge and anything other than that is regarded as stupidity, not worth looking into and waste of time. What is the basis of this marvelous power of observation? To find out, we have to look at new born babies. Most of what we learn after the age of 4-5 of years is verbal, conceptual knowledge. That includes school, college and all the family and societal indoctrination. But have you wondered how come a baby learns about language and other stuff before age of 5? Through pure, thoughtless observation! It could be said that a human learns the most in it's entire lifetime before it turns 5. A baby comes with zero knowledge, yet it learns in the most profound way WITHOUT any thought, belief and concept. That becomes the ground for the rest of knowledge over it's lifetime. That is the power of pure observation. It is literally the power of God/Grace. It results in non-verbal being-knowledge that transcends conceptual knowledge. Yes it may take a lot of time and due to our habitual cultural tendencies this power is greatly ignored. No one really thinks about it. I think this has potential for groundbreaking researches. And when that power of pure observation is placed on itself, it results in Enlightenment aka the pinnacle and transcendence of knowledge. Hope this line of thinking motivates you and makes you give a chance to this gold mine that is waiting to be tapped! Because in the end, this observation power is really ours while conceptual knowledge is something which is a learnt behavior and secondary to us.