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  1. The following post was found as an Youtube comment by someone named David Rogers under one of Rupert Spira's video. Reading through it, it just felt right "Trying to find consciousness in the confines of the brain, is like trying to find the Radio Presenter, within the radio". Those struggling with the 'perception' that our consciousness is located in our bodies - imagine radio signals; they are everywhere. The (localized) radio "picks up" the signal and feels alive. It only 'seems' to experience the signal in it's locality, so wrongly thinks that IT creates the broadcast. But the localized radio exists within the field of radio waves. That which makes it a 'radio' is the field of radio waves. Without the radio waves, the localized radio is dead matter. But without the radio, the field of radio waves cannot express nor experience the wonders of sound. So the field needs to utilize the localized radio (or perspective) to dance it's dance of sound. Similarly, our consciousness is perceived to be localized because that is how consciousness has it's experiences in this realm. The body moves around - how can we think that formless consciousness moves around, contained conveniently in a body that is full of holes!! Our body moves in consciousness. Hope it helps with the contemplation to disidentify from the body-mind Btw this is the video if you're wondering
  2. It was a challenging book to read for sure. I read it years ago. Time to get back at it
  3. In order to talk about various 'nuances'..
  4. Having any identity, intellectual position, manipulation for survival, individual and collective ego
  5. @SoonHei That's probably the neatest insight about addiction recovery I've ever come across. Thanks for sharing! About the spiritual ego, all I have to say is that investigate and notice if this 'knowingness' is personal at all. The ego personalizes Awareness which is the main dilemma as Leo put it so nicely, '' You've taken God and you have recontextualized God as yourself''. It is the ego thought that believes that it owns this awareness. But notice that, all vestiges of personality are 'known' equally. What is it that knows my present experience? Is it located? Where is it? is it an experience itself? Contemplate and see how the 'personal' witness dissolves. And about authenticity, it's really messy to discuss it from fragmented state like love, honesty, happiness etc. These things are recognized in oneself in it's true and purest form. So it's better not to conceptualize or trying to fake these things. You can't trust your present thoughts. Notice that if you are addicted to food, eating feels authentic to you. The mind rationalizes it as natural. This is exactly why overcoming addiction is so hard. You have no friends here. Your very own mind and body is working against you. To me the true definition of authenticity or any true action is that which leaves no trace. Like a perfect fuel, it gets burned completely. But notice that almost none of our actions is like that. We always get buried under rationalization, justification, suffering, denial, reaction, guilt, shame, worrying etc after almost everything we do. We are 'conflicted' all the time. This is why you are recognizing something as addiction and trying to overcome it. If you could snort cocaine without leaving any psychological trace whatsoever, then that would be truly authentic. This level of authenticity, you can't fake it or reproduce it on command. It comes as a byproduct of self realization.
  6. There is always the witness. The question is, are you aware or not. Also the idea of all perspective at once is a thought. There is only the current perspective. Just like all there is to the mind is actually the current thought.
  7. @Outer Being a witness to all perspectives. That is something that no perspective can legitimately negate.
  8. @sarapr I think the main implication would be banishing the naive notion of materialism from all of culture and mainstream. Imagine that the real nature of Reality is being studied and discussed from 1st grade textbooks. Can you imagine the metaphysical implications and the transformation in collective worldview if everyone was aware that there is no external physical world? From our current situation, it seems like it would produce uncontrollable chaos and madness. There is nothing wrong that Science produces technologies to make life easier. But it is the noob rationality game they play and how they present their paradigms on pedestal as the only barometer of Truth. In the end, they MUST play this game for survival, just so they are revered as the torchbearers of Truth and everything Real in this life. Would you honestly give a fuck about the new iphone if you and all of your surroundings knew in their deepest heart of hearts that there is no external world and only Consciousness exists?
  9. What happens if I contemplate the 'source' of bullshit? Is that also made of bullshit haha.. Everything becomes silent when this is asked
  10. OMFG!!! This rang so many bells at the same time. I smell a trap! I just noticed how we are made to feel responsible and worried for the wrong things. We are made to feel guilty for world problems individually; keeping us tensed and busy in debates and activism, while the big fat rats who are the real culprits remain untouched and making their bank accounts heavier. Similarly, all personal, inner problems like suffering, depression, anxiety aka every problem fundamental to the ego are encouraged to solve from the outside world. Promoting all the bullshit, advertisement and fake solutions like money, family, friends, things. No wonder none of our personal or world problems ever get truly resolved conventionally as it is preached by the society. The very mechanism and location of the search is misplaced and thus bound to fail, in best case scenarios, producing a mirage of solutions. Fucking trap! Thanks @outlandish for bringing this one home!
  11. Haha watched this before from Leo's blog. How long will this circus called 'life' go on? Have you noticed that any deep insight or breakthrough promotes introversion and indifference to extroversion? I wonder why. Maybe the circus is waking up from its folly..
  12. "All identities are full of shit" "All intellectual positions are full of shit" Is there any alternative? Can anyone guess?
  13. This video was made just for you!