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  1. He sounded like osho drunk on cheap local vodka 😂
  2. The enlightened nonduality warlord Dang he should have born 1500 years ago in Arab 😂
  3. Thank you. Yes I agree. Actually before doing real self inquiry, a beginner needs a keen sense of discrimination between self and nonself. Then Being cognition happens more easily. But unfortunately virtually most people misunderstand the technique. They follow it for a while and then leaves it without ever knowing what was the real purpose of it.
  4. Sounds almost like what they call throwing up the red hot molten lead in Zen. Basically deep restructuring of ones system through long hours of sitting in eqanimity
  5. Yeah even internal experiences and thoughts are objects too. I can make a finer dististinction and say, stop paying attention 'exclusively' to objects and let it relax and fall back on yourself(the feeling I) more and more, consciously and intently. Those initial seeming efforts are reconciled as well when one lands on being. Yeah it seems difficult, until it doesn't. Its basically an attention game that one gets better at by sincerely trying it out more and more.
  6. You sound like you are somewhat exhausted and not so convinced about self inquiry anymore. Are you struggling with this technique? If so what sort of struggle? Not having the willingness to investigate at all or just struggling and feeling like going nowhere while doing it?
  7. @AlwaysBeNice Can't help it. Its part of the process more or less 😂 Until one cant live with ones phoniness anymore
  8. Consciousness is always self aware. I have reached the point where i began to forget this simple truth right in front the nose 😂
  9. We all have these lines of thoughts more or less. But I have good news for you! You dont have to be prey to them or whack your brain around them to figure something out. Why? Because you've already started tasting Being! So instead of entertaining contradictory thoughts of this kind, willingly tune into Being more and more, as often as you can. Tasting the innate peace and silence of Being, your thought pattens, value system and tendencies will automatically start to restructure itself without even your knowing of it. This is the main attraction of this Being path. You can keep your whole intention on the big fish and slowly relinquish the rest of your life. That slow giving up of resistance will take place by itself. Ask and ye shall receive
  10. Haha still phasing in and out of it. Thus its not ''irreversible real deal" yet. But self inquiry has been extremely clear to me and I understand exactly what is going on. Really, the 'taste' of enlightenment is not that much of a big issue. A 5 meo trip can show one what it is like to be enlightened. Its the permanent absorption and sinking of the ego that is the issue here. Same thing with self inquiry/being path. One needs to be absorbed in Being until the illusion of coming and going ceases.
  11. Well yes its automatic...until its not Notice that the long past memories which are like empty insignifant ghosts to you, are very vital elements of most others indentities. For them, seeing through the 'long' time horizon seems impossible and yet you mamaged to do it. Similarly you'll eventually see through the small time horizon like yesterdays and tomorrows as well.
  12. If you've been sinking attention into yourself(the first person subjective feeling I) instead of letting attention out to attend to other objects then yeah you're doing self inquiry. Expect the final blow soon (Kidding dont think about that 😂) One should notice a significant drop in ones tendency to think, know, grasp, visualize, fantasize about stuff if it is done rightly. But that doesn't mean one becomes dumb or blank. It is fierce alertness alert on itself 🧘‍♂️
  13. You are welcome. Part of the reason of writing it is how I too struggled to make sense of it for several years haha Now about the question of a timeframe to get enlightened. This Being path is extremely deirect and fast. It yields the final blow within 6 months-3 years depending on how consistent and deep ones absorption is. But there is a catch. The catch is one needs to remain in Being a lot. I mean A LOT. Almost all waking hours both through activities and deep meditation sessions. And that sort of alignment only comes when 1) One conceptually understands both the primal human dilemma and enlightenment and the direct path leading to it. 2) One clearly sees that nothing in the world or no state of mind or no piece of knowledge can replace Enlightenment and why it is desirable 3) A restructuring of ones value system, worldview and lifestyle to prioritize the path the most 4) One finally has had enough of so called 'life', at least to a degree. Or else one will never surrender ones tendency to grasp, formulate, become and project. So on and so forth. Now THAT takes A LOT of time depending on people's tendencies and attitudes. One may make this alignment within few years while for others it might take decades or dozens of lifetimes to finally have had enough. But after that alignment takes place and no major contradictory forces delay one, then the actual consistent Being transmission phase doesn't usually take more than a year or so.
  14. My only concern about psychedelics or any 'flashy' experience is the keen possibility of ego turning everything to its own advantage. Being is all thats necessary and it is the straightest path to Enlightenment, if there is a path. There is no need for figuring out anything and if one can really conceptually understand it and comes to terms with it, one can dodge many deceptions of the ego. There is no burden of collecting insights, going up levels, trying to be spiritual, trying to map out ones peaks and realizations in the Self inquiry/Being path.