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  1. Leo has kinda outgrown those nihilistic and negative expressions and now all about absolute positives. 1) gods permanent presence 2) fullness/wholeness 3) instantaneous imagination 4) no suffering/ absolute love 5) there is only god 😂 Anyway thanks for the video. Will check out tomorrow!
  2. O accha tai naki Shob bujhe gesi 😂
  3. yes thats it. The unadulterated experience of your own self. Notice how you described the 'downfall' part. You know the ancient story of elephant and 5 blind men? Each man touching and experiencing different parts of the elephant and calling it a different thing. Like a tree trunk(legs), snake(tail), fan(ears), wall (body) etc. Notice whats been going on. The actual real time experience of the elephant is genuine and whole. Its only when they try to explain it or map it out afterwards, that their knowledge gets heavily conditioned, fragmented and limited by the past knowledge graph(for example, in order to call it a tree one has to first have a conceptual idea about what a tree is). This is the dilemma of all the disagreements among spiritual traditions, religions etc about the absolute or god. So the reason you couldn't frame it as 'love' which many others here are doing is simply the difference in past knowledge graph. That doesn't make your actual breakthrough any less than whole. Now break that story and take it further. Now, you ARE the elephant. You have no fragmented knowledge about things like fan, wall, snake etc to contrast with yourself. You only know your whole being. You are the whole chabang! (😂) So the long story short, there is nothing wrong with maps, modeling the absolute. It can be fun and in fact helpful in cases. But at some point, taking those fragmented versions of wholeness like levels, facets etc too seriously can definitely be a trap due to inadvertance. Good god no!
  4. I dont understand you. My English is bad
  5. Absolute existence-consciousness-bliss. Through the lens/prism of ego, 1) Your own absolute existence appears as an illusion of you being a fickle entity in an absolute, independent material world 2) That absolute consciousness appears as an illusion of you being a fickle entity that possess a tiny amount of miserable consciousness which rises and falls, comes and goes 3) That absolute bliss/love appears as the illusion of the dyad of pleasure and pain experienced by that fickle entity called 'evilangel'
  6. Pls dont cry and pray to Jesus for goodies 😂
  7. Sounds great. But tell me something. When "reality awoke to itself", was there this sense of absolute okayness? Or was there still some form of slight sense of lack/seeking/repulsion/tendency to grasp?
  8. Go back to your lsd breakthrough trip. What did you discover about love then?
  9. There is a truth to love as there is to consciousness, they are identical. But unfortunately It is the same human corruption and fantasy that makes a carricature out of this 'love'. Just like the absolute nature of 'Consciousness' has been devolved into various new age and vegan propaganda by certain groups and people e.g. raising ones consciousness to 24th dimension, connecting with aliens and machine elves, traveling realms, upgrading collective consciousness so and so all that bullshit. Basically the spiritual fetishes of deluded people running rampant. In the same way the 'love' aspect has been made into another woo woo joke in mainstream market.
  10. what god? I am I Period 😎
  11. I admit that the 'love' aspect will hardly ever make sense in any dualistic language. Love is not so apparent like Consciousness. Your signature says it all. ''Consciousness/Awareness/Existence is too radically simple and obvious to the intellect'' Its undeniable. Even the very denial of existence proves existence through the back door I'll reframe the love aspect here. See if you resonate with it or not. Instead of bashing against love, start seeing absolute love as absolute protection or absolute goodness. That's the key. Suppose you are dreaming at night. One of the worst nightmares is being experienced by you. But even that worst experience is happening inside this bubble of absolute protection. Nothing can touch you. Whatever nightmare or horrible experience you are going through, you remain absolutely untouchable. This entire phenomenal experience is a complete zerosum game. It is happening inside this bubble of absolute love/protection; making everything inconsequential the moment it passes..leaving you pristine. So just like no experience, however blissful or horrible can eradicate your existence/consciousness; similarly no experience can bring you out of this absolute love/protection. You are eternally at rest in yourself, absolutely protected. That is the absolute love of God
  12. what's the difference between you and the medieval corrupt, deluded christian authorities who owned the entire society by playing as the advocates of god and thus presenting them as the absolute authority? Stop playing advocate of God. If God wanna say something, let him/her appear and tell it. You or me or anyone don't have to defend God. That only insults god and shows what a fickle thing it is.
  13. JUST MURDER HIM Or love thy neighbor more 😂