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  1. A couple of days ago I realized how closed minded and contracted my motives and desires are. I've decided to pray for everyone everyday twice. Let all beings experience and live in Infinite intelligent, abundance, well being, ease, flow state-synchronicity, existence, consciousness, bliss that is ALWAYS, ALREADY lying in plain sight. After all, from whom am I hiding all the goodies? With whom am I competing? Will this petty mindedness be something enjoyable at death bed? I was in this delusion that by being the gatekeeper of this infinite abundance, I'm saving all the goodies for myself. But in reality, my own mind is only getting petty and selfish day after day; getting unable to experience real, authentic, expanded happiness. So for now, my definition of Noble is that which expands your mind like an ocean and a point it knows no limitation and lack. The way it is being expressed in my life right now is by praying wholeheartedly and slowly developing a conviction to selfless service. ''The belief in lack is the cause of suffering'' - Bentinho Massaro
  2. Why aren't dozens of people already bashing and trolling his 'enlightenment'? Is it because they pussied out after reading such hardcore details? Jokes aside, Congratulations for making it all the way. Would love to hear more about the transformations happening after the major insights. This is particularly interesting because this insight was really hard earned. Not a one time psych breakthrough (btw I'm not rebelling against psyches) @vanish
  3. @Samra Woahh!! That looks so majestic Thanks again for the good work. Please express your own vision when you're done with our requests here haha. All the best~
  4. I can testify this from my own experience. Everytime I hit some sort of absorption/resting in awareness through self inquiry, I feel sharp sensations rushing up the spine. This actually shakes my whole body and distracts me, leaving me unfocused/imbalanced/back at square one. I'm pretty sure If I could be in that absorbed surrendered state for some time without any break, a nirvikalpa samadhi would naturally occur. Its as if the body won't let the Truth to be revealed..
  5. Leo = Universe!!! Learn to improve your non duality language game, brother
  6. @Ether One way of looking at it could be as simple as we will never know Another way of looking is that there are countless relative and one absolute reality simultaneously 'being'/existing. One never touches or interrupts the other. What happens in dream stays in dream and Absolute realizes Absolute. The higher one's understanding grows, the more one accepts all the possible facets of reality. Thats the true essence of surrender. Just like ant can distinguish sugar from sand, a swan can distinguish milk from water, an enlightened being can distinguish Truth out of what seems like Chaos. The seeker reaches enlightenment through negation of the world but doesn't destroy the world after enlightenment. He let everything appear and disappear without any resistance. If you wanna talk non duality and say there is no such 'thing' as ego/universe, you are maybe right. But these sure 'appear' to be real. After all, neither is Consciousness/awareness a 'thing'. There is no 'thing' in the first place but yet everything 'appears' to be lol
  7. There have been cases when a sage reaches a point when he/she deliberately leaves the body through meditation/tantra/fasting/trance like states or whatever. A primal 'desire'/identification made this body to appear in this phenomenal plane in the first place. Just like a fully enlightened/self-realized being completely drops or becomes totally uninterested in a conceptual story of 'me', after certain realizations the supreme self MAY become totally uninterested in 'living' and be limited inside a body/mind anymore. Such 'suicide'/self sacrifice happens spontaneously just like Enlightenment occurs in a flash. @vanish If you're doing this from a true realization then kudos to you, God. If not, then you've been deluded by your own mind my friend. If you think that committing suicide will somehow make you the supreme self, then just stop please. I highly doubt you are doing this from an authentic realization though. Cause the true sages who've done it, never interrupted the fellas in the relative plane like you're doing by posting these stuff on forum or even sharing it with someone else. Anyway in the end, I guess I'll never know. Just don't degrade this holy path with cult like attitudes and give it a bad rep than it already has
  8. @Sirius Try a 10-30 days long solo meditation retreat near your home(or AT home) to see if you really resonate with an ascetic, yogic life. If so, then all the best in pursuing a monastery and becoming a full time monk. Or that retreat could align you with a different purpose even more clearly. Then you might wanna 'return' to a regular life and start things from a clean slate again
  9. ''Me-ism is a religion!'' Thank God someone finally said it out loud!
  10. For modern, western minds in this era
  11. @Samra Thanks for your good work! It looks really beautiful!! Reminds me of the theme groundless ground/formless form. I wish you all the best in your artistic endeavors. I pray your inspiration intoxicates everyone it touches
  12. Read 'who am I?' article by Ramana Maharshi. One of the primary elements of self inquiry is to see the dreamlike, insubstantial nature of what we call world. RM clearly states that as long as the world is taken as something solid and 'real', self-realization won't be triggered. He uses the classic rope and snake example. As long as the false knowledge of the illusory snake(aka world) doesn't disappear, the true knowledge of the rope(the self) won't appear. @MarkusSweden RM didn't invent any TOTALLY new concept/method. Teachers like RM, Nisargadatta etc revolutionized the ancient vedantic teachings and techniques in a very direct manner which caters/attracts secular,rational minds. Like you said, there have been enlightened people thousand years back in time. What RM did was cutting through the magnanimous religious literature and boiled everything down to its core
  13. @Ether I think it will be very hard to find a person in this world who hasn't contemplated suicide even once in his/her lifetime. In a talk, Osho says that the thought of suicide comes to almost EVERYONE at one point on their lives even if as a non serious thought experiment. If not, then that person is either too young or too 'stupid' to actually see the constant suffering coming from the default state of life and surroundings.
  14. A question: Where does that 'blue pearl' arise?/ To whom does that 'blue pearl' arise?