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  1. I have through bufo, but I haven't gone deep enough based on what you shared
  2. Given this, what comes up for me is then in your direct experience there is only your dream and in my own direct experience there is only mine. Does the two co exist? Or there is no difference between the two
  3. It would be really generous and rich from your side to share on vlogs, YouTube more from how this transformation/embodiment work impact your daily life/relationships/ doing business etc To have a more distinguishible/precise taste of your own process, for us to be the witness of it beyond your insights.
  4. That I have experienced and yet I lack so much depth. I can even appreciate the scaryness of not even wanting to realize that with mahashamadhi, the world ends entirely
  5. In my experience seems that if you do mahashamadhi, you leave, I will seem to stay and "life" to continue. Would love if you could share some clarity into
  6. Will you share your news, such your new house and what seems to be next for you , are up to through a vlog?
  7. So it is both and... together forever and alone forever, there is no difference in your experience?
  8. in your experience, do you have the understanding and felt like the experience of you being the only thing there is or there is some space to also hold that absolutely speaking there is no difference between others existing and not being real at the same time?
  9. I have experienced God through bufo, yet very hard to live daily life with the understanding that my partner, family, others are my mind´s projection.
  10. How is this different from solipsism? hard to discern the flavour of it
  11. You mentioned on a video that you were resisting maha samadhi because you wouldn't want your brother and your mother to suffer your lost, could you connect the dots between that and when I die, the universe will die with me?
  12. @Leo Gura does it lead to non dual, how would you compare it with lsd, 5meo or dpt ?
  13. @Leo Gura What is you take of all possible possibilities both of past and future already have happened? is that true? meaning everything arises in the now and yet there is a larger design to all, including all permutations of what could be, does all this already exist and it has already happened?