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  1. @Leo Gura Do we create our own physical pain by allowing an identification with said pain to happen? Or how is so?
  2. @Leo Gura could you please elaborate on that?
  3. @Leo Gura I will check them out, thanks
  4. I did buy the book list, So far I am only reading the ones that are 5/5 rated
  5. @Leo Gura I don´t know what I am.There is no me when I ask that question, there is no answer, there is nothing, just silence, just a feeling of the presence of being. Seems there is a not enough conviction one could say that "I" am actually that, seems that there is a need to keep asking that question in order to truly know
  6. @Snick I understand what you mean, thanks
  7. I could take any person on the street and ask him/her "who/what are you in a fundamental level" and I am sure most of them would think that question itself is silly. I could ask my parents, my friends, my housemate and I am sure they would all think that that question is quite silly and that there is no point at all to even consider the possibility of asking such question
  8. @Leo Gura Could you please elaborate of what exactly one has to contemplate in order to grap what its being said, explain the process of the contemplation itself... guidelines etc
  9. @Leo Gura Can you grasp this without psychedelics ?
  10. @Markus Could you please send the links to watch those clips
  11. @vizual I resonate more with what you say
  12. @Natasha I see. I will stay tuned. Thanks for your time!
  13. @Natasha Sorry may I know which video are you refering to? Thanks, I´m going to check that thread
  14. @Natasha yes indeed, I had an aha moment. I´ve had several aha moments but this time was special, I literally couldn´t stop smiling when I had that aha moment. It was amazing, very profound. It didn´t last too long as I was listening to a motivational speech as I was walking so it kind of distracted me in somehow. My mind went back to focus on the meaning of the words I was listening to. Thanks, I will check that thread.
  15. @JustinS Yes, it is freaky and awesome. This path of self-development and enlightenment work is very paradoxical. Much love to you too brother!. Take care and thank you again for your help