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  1. @Leo Gura could you share the name of the one you use. I assume it can be found on amazon
  2. I already show my face on my profile but here is one more
  3. I would like to reframe the question if I may and put it this way: If all your needs were met, meaning there wouldn´t be a need to do anything or get anywhere?: What would you love to create in your life? How would you love to share your gifts to the world? What kind of impact would you love to make?
  4. I would go to the same supermarket and buy 2 of the same one you stole. That way you will make sure there is an equilibrium in the universe and your karma resets
  5. The mere fact that you are asking this question already implies that you don´t really want to live in a cave nor do you want to pursue enlightenment full time, as for now at least. if that happens to be the case what was the real need for you to ask anything in the first place?, where is that need coming from? Ponder on that
  6. curious to know based on your own research etc how many masters, enlightened people you think have actually got access to the absolute?
  7. Me too! ✌ @Erica
  8. Even if you think you speak a language fluently, realize that language creates reality literally so, there is still a whole domain of mastery within just one language both written and spoken It is not about how many languages one speaks but how well one can use them to express one's self in relation to others and circumstances. I'm from Spain originally btw ✌ 😊
  9. Would you do a live throught online platform or a recording of said events for the rest of us. Live un uk so wouldn't get the chance to get to experience it.
  10. Perception is creation literally so. The feeling of holding a coin it's there cause it's created in relation to your skin. Same with all the senses. You are you as much are you are your enviroment. You do define your enviroment as much as it defines you literally so.
  11. Notice that even whatever you feel when you hold a coin is in relation to your soft skin. Even that feeling itself is relative.
  12. @Leo Gura What macbook do you use?
  13. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura Great, I have got the book list. What is the name of the book?
  14. @Leo Gura is there any playlist on youtube for kriya yoga?