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  1. Teacher and in the process of becoming a professional life coach
  2. @Martin123 I love it. Seems that this piece of music was made from a no self perspective yet said music seems to reflect and also a way to express your inner emotions and feelings at that moment as you were playing it.
  3. Count on me: 19:00 pm Uk time Could you please remind me of exactly what you guys will be meditating on in terms of resting as awareness or other methods.
  4. @Leo Gura Do we create our own physical pain by allowing an identification with said pain to happen? Or how is so?
  5. @Leo Gura could you please elaborate on that?
  6. @Markus Could you please send the links to watch those clips
  7. @vizual I resonate more with what you say
  8. @Natasha I see. I will stay tuned. Thanks for your time!
  9. @Natasha Sorry may I know which video are you refering to? Thanks, I´m going to check that thread
  10. @Natasha yes indeed, I had an aha moment. I´ve had several aha moments but this time was special, I literally couldn´t stop smiling when I had that aha moment. It was amazing, very profound. It didn´t last too long as I was listening to a motivational speech as I was walking so it kind of distracted me in somehow. My mind went back to focus on the meaning of the words I was listening to. Thanks, I will check that thread.
  11. @JustinS Yes, it is freaky and awesome. This path of self-development and enlightenment work is very paradoxical. Much love to you too brother!. Take care and thank you again for your help
  12. @Khin @Cuzzo @vizual @Galyna Thanks for your time and answers
  13. @JustinS thank you very much for your reply. Even though I thought I knew all you have said, knew that there isn´t anything to find, that there is no answer, that we already are that which we are seeking... some part of me didn´t truly resonate with that, it was just an intellectual knowledge that I thought I knew and that I had to undestand it. But as I was walking on my way home and reading the part of "At the end, you have to fully give up on finding the answers, and Be it instead" . When I read it, my mind stopped, I smiled, I couldn´t stop smiling, I´m even still smiling as I´m writing this. Thank you again for your answer. I do appreciate.
  14. @JustinS yes, I have watched that video. I will watch it again, I found it very usefull. Thanks for your answer, It helps to get things in a more clear way I still wonder, at what point does that silence as a form of answer become a realization, an insight? At what point the identification with the body/mind goes? .Is it a matter of keep doing self inquiry, to keep meditating...
  15. Yes, I agree with you. It does matter