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  1. How do you actually generate so much money through Or do you have other revenues?
  2. I'd be curious to know shall you want to share where does the majority of your income come from. Like YouTube, your online course or something else?
  3. Playing forever and ever changing right?
  4. But is it also somehow pre destined too? Like aiming towards creating a larger picture which is already pre set?
  5. Every one of us as humans have the capacity for deception and lying. To say as an absolute that we never lie is itself arrogant and a lie. If you can't see this in you, it is a blind spot then. No judgment or pedestal over here.
  6. I have through bufo, but I haven't gone deep enough based on what you shared
  7. Given this, what comes up for me is then in your direct experience there is only your dream and in my own direct experience there is only mine. Does the two co exist? Or there is no difference between the two
  8. It would be really generous and rich from your side to share on vlogs, YouTube more from how this transformation/embodiment work impact your daily life/relationships/ doing business etc To have a more distinguishible/precise taste of your own process, for us to be the witness of it beyond your insights.
  9. That I have experienced and yet I lack so much depth. I can even appreciate the scaryness of not even wanting to realize that with mahashamadhi, the world ends entirely
  10. In my experience seems that if you do mahashamadhi, you leave, I will seem to stay and "life" to continue. Would love if you could share some clarity into
  11. Will you share your news, such your new house and what seems to be next for you , are up to through a vlog?
  12. So it is both and... together forever and alone forever, there is no difference in your experience?