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  1. @Leo Gura from what book are you doing pranayama, is that the specific name as they are many types
  2. How can you yourself explain anything at all if you are a subset of reality? Ultimately nothing can be known, it is literally imposible. That is why in the english language we have a distintion between knowing and being. It "explains" by mere virtue that you are it, within that isness of what you are there is the "understanding" of what everything is. 5meo dmt doesn't not explain anything but remove everything that is in the way of you remembering what you are on an ultimate "level" One can also have a transcendental experiences throught orgasms or even giving birth and those are activities, subsets of reality. The whole is present within every subset Ultimately calling something a subset of reality is itself a distintion created by the mind.
  3. @Lynnel are you willing to experience the guilt of getting what you want? are you open to receiving from life with gratitude instead of pride?
  4. when you have a strong why and what for, the rest will follow, all how to questions are a means to get more information ( for the purpose of give you security into what is next and feel ready) which on itself prevents you from taking action. If you have a compelling reason, a strong reason to climbing a tree for food, you won´t sit and ask yourself how, you will climb no matter what it takes or how many times you may fail, you would ask around, copy people who have done it etc So the question is, what do you really want? and why? What would having that do for you?
  5. @How to be wise Love is the very fabric of existence itself, a love that transcends feelings and emotions.
  6. The how to will be answered when you want it badly enough
  7. Truth shall keep you going no matter what, and if you don´t know what Truth with capital T is, that should be more than enough to keep you going anyways
  8. Training, Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice. An investment of money, time, energy and commitment that never ceases, hiring my own coaches, group coaching for own develpment as a coach, feedback purposes and... Serving Serving Serving Serving Serving Serving Among many other things
  9. methaphysical is pragmatical
  10. @Shin found nothing
  11. @Caterpillar But... I can move my ears
  12. @RichardY I meant existentially speaking, to forget as God and to dream this illusion of separation and duality with its implications... totally insane
  13. What we are afraid of, is going sane. Once one transcends the limitations of the finite mind, one realizes that the world we have constructed and live in is insanity itself. We humans are afraid of going insane, precisely because we intuitive that we are actually insane and like a house of cards, once it collapses we will find that we were already living in that world which we were scared of. You are already insane, you are not conscious enough tho
  14. The degree to which you appreciate your own ignorance is the degree to which you will appreciate other´s
  15. What is it that you really hate about your competitors? be clear about it... and once you are, you will see it is something you hate about yourself.