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  1. But from your understanding there is infinite will. Would you say is the same as no will at all? Or Ralston has yet more to grasp. I wonder if he continues hardcover contemplation of it's own
  2. @Leo Gura I remember my experiences with bufo and going through the cycle of birth and death, over and over again within the human domain. According to you and your teachings even that is still a dream, and yet there is a reality to it. I'd be open to the possibility of other forms of being with higher consciousness than humans in others planes and that still would be a dream, is this correct? So God realization is simply recognising ourselves as God as everything there is as infinity.
  3. @Leo Gura so survival still plays a part at the highest levels?, seems the highest the consciousness the less survival there would be. And I imagine whatever form you incarnate as even at the highest, that still is a dream.
  4. @Leo GuraBut why? Couldn't we choose not to come back or there is a natural cycle to be completed outside of our control?
  5. This has been true since the beginning @Leo Gura only direct experience answers everything. And you know that most of your videos by definition are not in the capacity of most people can handle and yet that hasn't stopped you from releasing them. I wonder and I'm curious if there is Another possibility here as opposed to a binary context of whether someone can handle it or not and therefore conclude whether you want to publish it. And open up a conversation that can evolve in partnership with you.
  6. The pure and genuine understanding of the mind and it's dynamics. The how and why of it and everything to do with it. It is delightful, yummy, profound, fascinating, exciting, it is fun. Even mindfucks and paradoxes leave in awe and perplexed.
  7. I use VPN on my laptop, and none on my phone. I usually tend to interact in this forum from both of them.
  8. It will, only until you choose to use it (relationships) as one more path towards awakening and even for success and productivity. It is all connected, no need to make divisions here.
  9. @Leo GuraIs in your life's vision to get into a long term intimate relationship?
  10. @Leo Gura I´m curious Leo, do you continue doing both? like youtube and web development as like you enjoy them both?
  11. Only if you make it so or you are not clear in your own purpose beyond. My girlfriend has been the absolute opposite of a distraction in terms of building my career as an ontological coach and building my practice and business. Every single challenge I have ever faced in my own business I could see it show up in my intimate relationship too. Things like a deep trauma of fear of rejection, which, would show up in getting clients and raising my fees. When you are the business, beyond logistics and technicalities, every challenge you´ll ever face arises from your own humanity, from all the places you've learned to stay safe, close, and contract from life. An intimate partner can be everything you want it to be if you create it consciously. OF COURSE, an intimate partner will drive all your shit up, all your humanity, shortcoming, fears, insecurities, and all of this can be a distraction if you relate to it this way. How I relate to it (not because if the only way or the best, but because of how I'm choosing to) THIS IS the work to open your heart to deeper layers of love. Not only I have worked through those fears and traumas among many other stuff with my coach (and I continue doing so), with and through her/us but my experience of life has been infused with even more joy, play, and better finances than ever before. To me, Leadership and intimacy (Intimicy_ into me) are two sides of the same coin. Your ability to make/cause an impact in this world is correlated to your capacity as a human being to cause intimacy with others, open your heart (which implies cleaning yourself of yourself, of all the strategies you have created to stay safe) Your ability to fuck your partner is related to your ability to fuck the world open and cause a massive impact. So I don´t agree with @Leo Gura on this one, although he is totally right that you should fully live life and don´t be a robot! And there is no right answer, you must decide for yourself if that´s what you want.
  12. isn´t it supposed that it imagines everything that could ever be at all once? or is it different?
  13. What does gumbo mean?
  14. How do you actually generate so much money through Or do you have other revenues?