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  1. Training, Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice. An investment of money, time, energy and commitment that never ceases, hiring my own coaches, group coaching for own develpment as a coach, feedback purposes and... Serving Serving Serving Serving Serving Serving Among many other things
  2. methaphysical is pragmatical
  3. @Shin found nothing
  4. @Caterpillar But... I can move my ears
  5. @RichardY I meant existentially speaking, to forget as God and to dream this illusion of separation and duality with its implications... totally insane
  6. What we are afraid of, is going sane. Once one transcends the limitations of the finite mind, one realizes that the world we have constructed and live in is insanity itself. We humans are afraid of going insane, precisely because we intuitive that we are actually insane and like a house of cards, once it collapses we will find that we were already living in that world which we were scared of. You are already insane, you are not conscious enough tho
  7. The degree to which you appreciate your own ignorance is the degree to which you will appreciate other´s
  8. What is it that you really hate about your competitors? be clear about it... and once you are, you will see it is something you hate about yourself.
  9. @Lynnel I have found among many things that adding playfulness in my life works great for creativity. To just play which on itself puts me very present and in a space where creativity follows.
  10. @SoonHei it is all about the process, there is no where to get to, even intellectually you can grasp this. Question, question and question... from a place of pure curiosity and wonder like a child (that puts you in a state of not knowing ) and makes the process more enjoyable to some extent. Keep it up my fellow human being! @Ar_Senses amen brother!
  11. @SoonHei sorry I misread your question. I can only speak from my experience. I meant prior to trascending your own death. That is what I meant with existential terror. Once transcending that, there is nothing to be afraid of. God/Nirvana/nothingness/absolute infinity/love is all there is. Upon remembering the true nature of what you are, silence is all that is left
  12. @SoonHei Existential terror, atleast in my experience
  13. @Hamilcar I have had certain awakenings in the past where I would just burst in laughter. In the two times I did bufo my heart opened to degrees I never thought/felt possible for a human being to experience ( pure and total LOVE). I felt a sense of gratitude beyond what I have felt (in my life all together) prior to that experience. I also became absolute infinity and it was so clear and obvious. There is nothing else that it could be but infinity. The second exprience was actually BEING GOD ( I have never used that word in my life, but it made "sense" why people have used it in the past to describe this. But again this is a just a label) After the experience I sat down in silence for about 45 minutes. All it was left was to remain silent . after a few hours went by, I could even feel how my own psyque/mind was being constructed again trying to cognise and "make sense" of the experience and of course that is just silly, the mind cannot understand this and in that moment I realized why. Awakening is beyond all the books I have read, all the videos I have watched, all that I thought I knew about enlightenment, all the hours and work I have put over the last 3 years and even all the prior awakenings I have had. it is just too radical that it makes sense why (going down this path) we don´t even open ourselves to such possibility to begin with ( Because the reality is that we don´t even know what we are opening ourselves to) The rabbit hole goes deeper than we can even imagine...
  14. I assume you haven´t actually tried 5meo nothing wil make sense, until it does. And once it does make sense, it will be a remebering. Remembering something we have forgotten
  15. I see myself when I look in the mirror