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  1. @Leo Gura does it lead to non dual, how would you compare it with lsd, 5meo or dpt ?
  2. @Leo Gura What is you take of all possible possibilities both of past and future already have happened? is that true? meaning everything arises in the now and yet there is a larger design to all, including all permutations of what could be, does all this already exist and it has already happened?
  3. @Leo Gura I would love for you to make a video on that accent! lol that would be a true gift to us!
  4. @Leo Gura at this point it goes from crazy to obvious lol
  5. well, that was the most profound and beautiful experience of my entire existence, I was crying non stop for like 30 minutes
  6. @Leo Gura interesting, on my first bufo experience not only I tapped into pure emptyness/love but also heard,felt at the moment of birth and was every child from every mother that has ever lived and ever will. It literally felt as if I was going throught every child birth of the entire human species. Not sure if that was my imagination (I hope you know in what sense I am using imagination here) or had to do with collective consciousness...
  7. @Leo Gura what the method of administration for this substance? Have you tried different ways in which can be administrated?
  8. So by now you know you would always come down?, that said possibilty doesn’t exist or that if it does it would be a conscious choice from what I have heard
  9. Including the fear of not coming back, has that fear ever come up for you. The fear of going so deep you fully dissolve with source
  10. How do you deal with the coming up and dissolving of your ego when is slow? Isn't that more painful somehow?
  11. @Leo Gura cool, still trying to get my hands on salt version lol 🤦‍♂️
  12. @Leo Gura when I smoked bufo on the first and only three ocassions I couldn't keep my eyes open, it just took over me to a breakthrough. How do you manage to keep your eyes open? Has anything to do with plugging and the coming up being slower?
  13. @Leo Gura Thanks for that. Also thank you for your last video, I was brought into tears when I was listening to you saying the part of complete selflessness and giving into its creation, itself. That was my experience with bufo last year and when I heard you, it took me right to that place once again. Also thank you for your comments about the ego making it worst that it actually is, I have been quite scared of going deep due to my identification mostly to my lungs and stopping breathing shall I choose to surrender and going deeper ( I know, weird what the ego does to keep me identify) I now feel ready to surrender
  14. @Leo Gura in your new video I didn´t hear you speak about why it exists at all. I have heard you saying it created itself and it didn´t have the need to be created as it has always been here... so ultimaly it just is, irreducible mystical... or one can actually have a direct consciousness of why it does exist at all. There is existence and no opposite, there is still "something"...why?