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  1. Tell the truth about what you feel in your body and be honest about your fears and insecurities with others. Begin practicing mediation, yoga and do bioenergetics.
  2. I see two options : You find a holistic center or therapist where you live doing a lot of research You combine body centered psychotherapy with other physical and spiritual practices and maybe even some workshops. In this way you can take from every activity what serves you and build yourself a holistic approach. What helped me and still is helping is : Radical honesty ( they do good workshops) Mindfulness meditation Hatha yoga Holotropic breathwork Rebirthing breathwork Dynamic meditations ( Osho dynamic meditation and others ) Bioenergetics Vipassana retreat Diet Experiencially Therapy ( gestalt, transpersonal , humanistic , ... ) For me in the beginning it was really hard to get out of the rut alone. So, it might be helpful to begin creating a support system with a schedule in which you are helped by others to do the activities regularly. Good luck.
  3. @zenjen There is a similarity between psychosis and spiritual awakening symptoms. Traditional psychotherapy and psychiatry has no theoretical framework to understand and diagnose properly any condition connected with spiritual awakening. They can diagnose as psychotic a patient that is experiencing a powerful and important transformation as a consequence of awakening. The only field of Western psychology that deals with this field and can fully understand it is transpersonal psychology. Don't seek support from conventional psychiatrists ! Their view of the human psyche is very limited . The phases of powerful transformation that come after sudden opening to spiritual experiences are called spiritual emergency or spiritual crisis in transpersonal psychology. I am currently in this phase. What I did at the time was that I combined a Vipassana retreat with Holotropic breathwork and two radical honesty workshops right afterwards. My level of consciousness grew incredibly in a very short time and i had a few mystical experiences. Since then I have been releasing tons of stuck emotions and have had a lot of symptoms that by conventional psychology would have been diagnosed as psychotic. It is really a very powerful healing process that has to be supported . You can find support here . If you want to read in depth about this there is a whole chapter in the book " integral psychology" by Brant Cortright.
  4. It's a lot better if you go do it in a workshop with facilitators trained by "grof transpersonal training" I have been told that not even Grof himself used to breath alone. It is not safe to enter some altered states of consciousness alone . In workshops you have always a sitter watching you and facilitators ready to assist you. I spoke with people that have experienced full ego death , astral projections , or other powerful experiences during the technique. These experiences can be extremely scary and can potentially lead to extreme actions if you are alone. I speak also from my own personal experience. Also, if the setting is good, as in workshops , the effectiveness of the technique is incredibly better.
  5. @Growf I had very strong anxiety for years . Anxiety is a consequence of your neurosis. You are out of touch with your true self rooted in being and your thoughts are compulsive. Since your sense of self comes from your mind , automatically you connect your own worth and value to external things you may or may not accomplish. The fear of not accomplishing things is what causes the anxiety. To reduce or completely let go of anxiety you have to stop deriving your sense of self from your mind and become rooted in being, getting back in touch with the sensations in your body, unidenifying yourself from your thoughts and emotions. The greater your anxiety is , the greater the possibility there is that you are denying a lot your emotions. Practically what you can do is : starting working on yourself ( analyze your behaviours and do journaling ) Practice "radical honesty" every day mindfulness meditation every day ( you have to put your attention on the sensations in your body and accept them unconditionally ) physical activities and therapies such as yoga, bioenergetics, Holotropic breathwork, Rebirthing breathwork If you are willing to work hard go on a meditation retreat , like a Vipassana retreat or on a sesshin in a zen Sangha . Be sure that of you decide to do some of the things I listed you carefully speak about your psychological condition and the pills you are taking to the people that organize the activities. You can also read the book called " the power of now " by Eckhart Tolle to better understand theoretically the root cause of your anxiety. For me , the anxiety ended permanently after I had been to a Vipassana retreat in the end of March of this year.
  6. @SMS_Kelesis I have had strong pain and fibromyalgia and fatigue for the last 3/4 years, always increasing in intensity . Years ago I also went to a chiropractor and it was completely useless. I also saw other doctors and they were useless as well, a waste of money. Traditional medicine lacks the foundation for fully understanding these kinds of problems. I began meditating at the beginning of this year after having read the book "the power of now" by Eckhart Tolle. It turned out clearly immediately that ALL my pain was not a purely physical problem but it was due to trapped emotional energy. But I had no idea about it before. Now it is gradually decreasing while I am in the process of releasing the stuck emotions. I don't know if this is your case or not . You can know it based on how happy and fulfilled you are in your life, in your relationships, your work , family, etc. The more you feel overall out of touch from your true self, the more it is likely that a big component of your pain is psychosomatic. things you can start doing immediately are: acupuncture (very important, whatever the cause of your pain this will alleviate the symptoms from the root) mindfullness meditation every day beginning to practice yoga Begin educating yourself on the mind-body connection and on how emotions work ( you can read the book I wrote before ) diet can help a lot ( see in your experience what fits for you ) Good luck .
  7. @Hero in progress i am currently in the process of releasing tones of old stuff. Check out holotropic breathwork. It is a very powerful technique to release stuck emotions . You can go to a workshop where you live. If you are willing to work hard go on a Vipassana retreat . other things you can try are EMDR , Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) , bioenergetics and psychedelics
  8. @kieranperez Radical honesty, intense meditation, Holotropic breathwork, paying attention to the sensations in the body when speaking to others
  9. @Anirban657 Almost all behaviour is automatic. You can know it by simply noticing it: when you find yourself doing something you did not consciously think about doing, then it is mechanical. Automatic behaviours that lead you to unhappiness are usually there as a cover for a negative emotion you suppressed when you were a child. At that time they were useful behaviours for you, now not any more. You can get rid of those behaviours by developing body awareness and noticing when an unpleasant sensation arises in your body and being conscious that it is just a sensation and not you. You turn toward conscious behavior by practicing observing thoughts and emotions and distinguishing between reality and thought. Counterintuitively, control on the self comes from self observation. I recommend reading a book called "the power of now" written by Eckhart Tolle to get better understanding.
  10. @harisankartj check out holotropic breathwork . Go do a workshop close to where you live . it is a very powerful technique to release tones of stuck emotions. Stiffness and tightness in neck and shoulders are a common consequence of emotional suppression, I had it a lot too, and still have it too but it is going away.
  11. I experienced it twice and it works incredibly well to release stuck emotions and you can also have psychedelic-like experiences. I did it to release emotions and it worked great. If you repressed a lot during your life , like me , it can lead to awakening and massive releases also afterwards ( spiritual crisis / emergency ) . So beware if you know you have some serious neurosis. I think it is more effective if you go and do it and have a good meditation routine established. In my opinion, together with meditation and psychedelics , holotropic breathwork is the greatest tool for fast deep psychological change . You just need to surrender and face the emotional pain. And you also have support from facilitators if the places become too dark.
  12. @harisankartj ALL sciences are thought. All sciences create a mental model of some part of reality. Even if you fully understand intellectually the most recent and complex theory of physics you will not have understood reality directly but you will have understood your mental model of it. What is particular with maths is that in a lot ( but not all ! ) areas it does not have any kind of FOUNDATION with something that we can DIRECTLY CONNECT with our experience of reality ( as in what numbers are ). But the vector space R3 in linear algebra is as much a good model of the part of reality we percieve as space as the model of an object falling described in physics is. The question you are asking is a very deep and important question that has been the object of study by lots of people during a lot of centuries . @harisankartj Yes. Enlightenment experiences can shift your perception of reality to something that appears more like a 180 degrees sight. And this makes me think now that a lot in maths could have a lot of do with our dualistic perception of reality . Bcuz with so many advanced concepts it gets very very close to understanding deep parts of reality that can only be really understood experiencially. Also, in a non- dualistic perception of reality , would it have any sense (or would it even be possible ) to count ?? Maths could be a serious attempt of the human mind to grasp what cannot be grasped with the mind. Quite cool stuff !!
  13. @harisankartj When speaking of maths referred to just as arithmetics, then the question about defining numbers with an empirical link to reality arises. I remember that in my first year at University the professor of mathematical analysis 1 ( calculus ) was very clear at the beginning of the course stating that we wouldn't focus on defining what a number is. This field is studied in . Still nobody seems to agree on an answer to that . But other fields of mathematics ( analytical geometry, linear algebra, abstract algebra , real analysis, complex analysis ) in a lot of areas aren't less linked to experience than physics or chemistry are . These fields don't just work with numbers but with wider sets. They infact have a lot to do with parts of reality that we usually take for granted. Linear algebra with vector spaces creates a model of what we perceive as space. Mathematical analysis ( calculus ) studies all the properties that arise when making an infinite subdivision of a dense object . This includes continuous change. The mental concepts that arise from this are very connected to our perceptions of space and time . In this way ,mathematics can be a deep field that creates a model of very fundamental parts of reality. The concepts of continuity , continuos change and derivatives relate a lot to creating a model of the present moment, or rather moving "deeply" into the present moment . They are also connected with constant changing in the present. If you have studied the concepts you can look at their definitions and see for yourself . The concept of infinite in calculus can be a model for our perception of infinity ( for who has been able to experience it... ) . So, maths deals with concepts connected to our experience as deep as space, time ( even if we don't actually experience it ) , present moment, constant change !!
  14. @NickG I have been addicted to video games for 5/6 years, between 12 and 17. In the last years of gaming I also struggled with relapsing and losing will to do other practices. I think compulsive thoughts are definitely connected to some extent to gaming . I think you will not solve the problem by directly imposing yourself to meditate and quit gaming at the same time. If you feel the impulse to game and you can't control it, then it is likely that you are not really grounded in being : that you are neurotic, to some level out of touch with your true self. What you can do to really face the problem at its root is find the root cause of your neurosis. You can analyze the others areas of your life where you do not get the full results that satisfy you (ex: relationships , friends, work , etc ) and begin understanding why that is so. This will lead you to a deeper grounding in being and an ability to control yourself and your impulses. This will also reduce a lot all your compulsive mind activity . This also requires a lot of work, study and emotional labour. You really need to take your life in your own hands. BTW at the time the way I quit the addiction was by selling PS3 and gaming PC . I waited to do the hard work I told you about until I had no other choice left.
  15. @Azrael @Azrael What books do you recommend for my research ? I read "Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom" by james jesso. Do you think shrooms would be the best psychedelic to begin studying about and trying out ?