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  1. @Dino D what worked for me for emotional release Is : holotropic breathwork rebirhting breathwork yoga Osho Dinamic meditation bioenergetics trauma release exercise (TRE) radical honesty meditation EMDR other body centered therapies / workshops i see you live in Bosnia from your profile. There are holotropic breathwork workshops in Croatia and Slovenia . The first time I did it, It was in Slovenia. You can see here : but if I went back I would probably choose a more gradual approach, breathwork is very powerful but potentially very destabilizing .
  2. Hey, thank you for asking. I am in a very hard time. I have done a lot of progress in the last months but I have still a lot of work to do. I do every day some exercises for releasing emotions and have done breathwork other several times . I also practice yoga and other things. I can’t stop feeling the subtle energy moving in the body and painful sensations arising and pushing to come out. I also can’t go back to being identified with thought, except for brief periods. I am in the middle of huge change . It is always more clear to me how much I have been suffering and how much I have been denying it. I have cried a lot and I still cry daily. I also have some anger outbursts sometimes. On the positive side, I feel better in my body : there is always less tension and I am more flexible. I attend every month workshops to integrate what is happening. For brief moments I opened up to very strong new sensations in the heart and I see where all of this process is leading me to. I am sure my entire self concept is built over this repression, over the denial of love. in fact I lived 21 years completely without knowing that love exists. A lot of memories come up almost every day . I am reprocessing my entire life. I also have had a few other mystical experiences. My mind often goes crazy and , despite all the work , I still have self-sabotaging thoughts. My core beliefs about life are shifting too. I also find it very hard to share what is happening to me with others and find comprehensive people. The hardest thing is that I have nobody near me that understands me fully. I ground myself by doing some simple jobs. I now work in a restaurant and go for a walk often. I am also planning to go do some honest conversations with people I used to know before doing this work and tell the truth about my emotions and other facts about my life , but maybe I want to reach more stability before doing that. I masturbate to porn sometimes and I think I want to stop. When I reach more stability I am also planning to go live in some spiritual community.
  3. @Ascend for me anxiety completely ended after I had been to a Vipassana retreat. i meditated for two months constantly and then went to the retreat . I was extremely anxious before . Yoga also helped .
  4. I'm going though a time of deep change and I am feeling a lot of grief. I have no people close to me that can really understand what I'm going through and how important this period is for me. I think it would be very helpful for me now to have close some conscious people with whom I can open up about some deep topics and share my emotions . Any idea how and where I can find such people ?
  5. @youngshinzen you can try also Osho dynamic meditation
  6. @youngshinzen I had back pain for years. Your pain is not caused by anxiety. Anxiety is just a consequence of a deeper problem. The pain is caused by stuck emotional energy. To get rid of the pain you need to face the suppressed emotional pain. Check out the energetic system and the body meridians . What you can do is : Acupuncture Yoga Holotropic breathwork Rebirthing breathwork Bioenergetics Diet
  7. @Leo Gura for some people , there is no other way than suffering. No kind of positive motivation is possible, all hope is put on getting to a deeper state of being, a deeper truth beyond the current existence. This is the case if you have your entire ego built over a huge childhood trauma. Such a person cannot use any kind of positive motivation. He must go on surrending to what is , having faith that there is something better on the other side, yet unknown. This person will definitely go through depression and so facing suffering will be the only way out and the way to truth.
  8. I think Eckhart Tolle said that suffering in the west is the main road that brings people into spirituality . It was for me.
  9. @Znib94 It's three hours long in workshops, the music lasts three hours. But if you have something coming out in the end , the session can even last longer. Nobody really breaths continuously all the three hours. Usually you go on breathing untill you notice that something particular happens . Either you have some sensations arising in your body, some emotion coming up or some other kind of experience. But you should never forget to breathe. When an experience passes, go back to the breath .
  10. @Eonn I experienced holotropic breathwork three times in workshops. if you do it with trained facilitators it is extremely safe. You can search for gtt ( Grof transpersonal training ) facilitators that have been taught directly by who invented the technique to be 100 % sure. It can be risky to do it alone because if you reach some particular altered states these can potentionally lead you to strong experiences ( astral projection, full ego death , various mystical experiences, ... ) that can momentarily make you totally lose control for some time and potentially lead to extreme actions. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of repressed energy (if you are very neurotic ) , the breathwork can be very destabilizing after you have done it, leading to various symptoms . This is not bad : in fact it’s part of the healing process , but it can be hard to deal with. If you are overall healthy you have nothing to worry about anyway.
  11. @Ether on vipassana retreat when I went we had big rooms. I slept with other 9 people in a large room. you meditate almost all day , in free time you can walk in nature, sit in the sun, feel the connection you have with nature, take a nap, ... You aren’t allowed to speak with anyone except the teacher or some assistant for important issues
  12. @SamEuphoria93 go live in a Buddhist monastery or go on a meditation retreat, for example Vipassana 10 day retreat.
  13. What does it mean to open your heart and live with an open heart ? I heard a few people saying this and I wonder what does it really mean deeply.
  14. Maybe you don’t want others to like you because this would make you emotionally uncomfortable. You might have some unresolved trauma in which you weren’t seen, loved or appreciated as a child and you suppressed the emotions connected to the event . Now, every time you are seen in a positive way by someone your subconscious mind does anything possible to deny it and make the opposite true. The acceptance of the fact would mean the acceptance of the emotional pain. To cancel the belief you need to face the unresolved emotion. I resonate with you. For almost all my life I could not accept that other people put their attention on me and saw me for what I was. I completely lacked of self expression . Any kind of genuine self expression made me feel uncomfortable emotionally . Now I know that it was due to a massive lack of love when I was a small child.