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  1. Hello. Someone please explain me in detail what relationship there is between Love and Truth. Thanks
  2. I am searching for spiritual communities in Europe where there is an enlightened master. Communities in which I can live in. Do you know any ?
  3. You need a minimum on theory to begin doing the work. When you know enough , then you can begin doing the experiential work and avoid unnecessary distraction with too much intellectual knowledge. At this point of my work I feel I need almost no more theory. I still need help and guidance in practical physical exercises though , but I would not call this theory.
  4. @MarkusSweden you have to put your attention on every sensation on your body form when it arises to when it passes and tell the truth about it. This requires getting unidentified with some of your thoughts to some extent.
  5. @StephenK originally to get help, now mostly for distraction
  6. @JediArron be mindful also of the sensations in your body, not just of your thoughts. This will increase the level of your consciousness more.
  7. Happy birthday Leo and deep appreciation for the work you are doing
  8. This is me now
  9. @KenDo Pay attention to the sensations in your body and begins observing your thoughts. Tell the truth about your emotions , what you fear , what you are angry and sad about. The reason you have social anxiety is because you are lying, you are trying to be somebody else that you are not, you are trying to fulfill the expectations you imagine other people have from you. Begin doing physical practices such as yoga, bioenergetics and others to release repressed emotions. If you want to do the work fast go on a yoga or vipassana meditation retreat. I had severe social anxiety too and have overcome it. Good luck.
  10. @ajasatya I like the style of your answers ajasatya. You have an impact on me when I read what you write. I saw your blog and that your name is Arthur Paulino. I also read a bit of the algorithms you explain , that I understand quite well even if they are in Portuguese since I speak Italian and Spanish and I studied physics in University.
  11. @wakeel55 what techniques have you used to let go of negative emotions ?
  12. I have scoliosis too in the lower back because my left leg is structurally a little bit shorter than the right one. I am healing my body now and maybe i will discover a deeper energetic cause for it. As of right now , I don't know .
  13. @youngshinzen It has opened a much more closer connection to others . More than I could imagine. Entire new ranges of positive emotions are present in relationships with others. I recommend you don't explain anything prior to expressing yourself and just let your emotions come out . Maybe you can explain after. Explaining and rationalizing emotions is just an ego defense mechanism . Most of the times emotions don't have anything to do with your conscious rational perspective of events in the present moment. I also recommend attending a radical honesty workshop. For me it changed my life. And as shin said shadow work is very important. I am doing the work right now.
  14. @youngshinzen tell the truth about your anger and your judgments toward your brother. The important thing is that you stay in contact with the sensations in your body when you do so . Anger could also cover up grief or some other emotions but you can know that only if you experience it. Don't force any restraint , be as loud as you want. Be radically honest. I learnt to do this in radical honesty workshops. I have done the same thing with several people in my life and I will do it with several others.