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  1. @CuteCornDog i think things are going to get better, I really hope so . gradually surrender to what is , feel every sensation in your body from when it arises to when it passes.
  2. @h inandout I also have a lot of anger still inside of me. It is there to cover the grief. For a lot of time I never expressed anger but in the last year I let myself explode a lot of times and let out the rage even if it had no logic whatsoever with what was going on in the present moment. Often I also cried after expressing anger. What helped me to deal with it was mostly reading a book called radical honesty and attending a few radical honesty workshops. There I met conscious people that could understand that emotions don't necessarily need a reason to be there and I was able to learn how to deal with them better.
  3. @Monkey-man Neurosis is caused by repressing emotions. You can have strong traumas, that become the basis for neurosis, before birth (while still in the uterus), during birth and right after birth . But nobody is "born" neuoritc in the sense that comes to this world with stuck energy. The origin of deep traumas is impossible to understand with the mind . The only way to reach these traumas is though some spiritual practice ( intense meditation , breathworks ,yoga , psychedelics, ). If you are highly neurotic and cannot explain to yourself the root of your neurosis, the only way to figure it out is to go deep into spiritual practices and make the leap in consciousness necessary to see the truth better. Furthermore, if you are highly sensitive, there is higher probability that you developed some big trauma really early on. I am in the process of healing right now and for me the great majority of traumas occurred in an extremely young age and I don't even have visual memories of most of the events connected to the traumas. If you want to study more about this you can read transpersonal psychology literature .
  4. Do you know names of spiritual communities in Europe ?
  5. @Elisabeth if you are very emotionally unstable and decide to do it, be ready to face the consequences. You may have tons of emotions and stuck energy pushing to come out even after the workshop. If it’s the first time doing it, I recommend not doing it alone. You can take a more progressive and gradual approach and do other techniques to begin working with the basic energy of your body such as yoga, bioenergetics , yin and yang energetics, dynamic meditations, trauma release exercise, etc. I think this is way better than trying to do short sessions on your own. Once you are able to feel the more subtle energy of your body and so you can experience directly how much blocked you are, then you can go do holotropic breathwork knowing what consequences it can bring for you. In my process of healing I realized how important it is to work also on the physical body while addressing deeper energetic blockages. Potentially holotropic breathwork can even lead to kundalini awakening or full awakening if you enter some particular state of consciousness, especially if you have a good meditation routine already established. I can tell you from my own personal experience that if by any chance you awaken kundalini and you have serious emotional problems , you will go through hell in the months after awakening and you will pray that you took a more gradual approach. I wish I knew these things I am telling you now before I began my spiritual journey.
  6. Why has the path to the good life to be so counterintuitive and emotionally difficult ?
  7. @lmfao you can meditate if you want to. If the sensations in your body are too painful for you to focus on, you can choose other healthy things to do. I have been addicted to internet and porn and video games, lately only to porn.i have meditated a lot in the last year and now what is working mostly for me now to deal with this addiction are physical exercises to release repressed emotions . You have the urge to watch porn and check the internet because being in reality is too painful because there is too much stuck emotional energy in your body. meditation is only one of the ways you can start facing the repressed emotional pain. Other techniques you can try are : bioenergetics yoga Trauma release exercise (TRE) osho dynamic meditation osho kundalini meditation And more powerful ones : ( don’t do them alone) Holotropic breathwork Rebirthing breathwork But don’t stop meditating ! Meditation is a great basis, what I posted here is for give you some greater help like I was given when I posted on this forum not many months ago.
  8. @SFRL I condiser myself to be highly sensitive. I had this ability since I was a small kid and due to the highly disfunctional family I grew up in, I repressed a lot of emotions and developed serious neuroses and suffered a lot. I am 21 now and I’m in the process of healing myself . During my youth I always had a great sensibility but I used my ability to see inside others mostly against my own well being. I think that when I will be fully healed I will be able to use this ability for my own happiness and for the one of others. I also think that for highly sensitive people it is possible to find a deeper emotional connection in intimate relationships, if both people are conscious and healthy .
  9. @TJ Reeves how old are you ?
  10. @Immortal peace Check out also radical honesty workshops. They can help you find true connection with people and deal with your anger.
  11. For me reading the book was the start of a big journey. It made me rediscover the body. I think that if someone is new to spirituality and fully understands the first 50 pages of the book alone, he will grasp the essence of spirituality and the basics of psychology better than by watching a lot of Leo’ s videos. It is simple and clear and explains most that is necessary to know in order to begin deep self work . Together with radical honesty, it was the most important book I have ever read ( in terms of new knowledge acquired and change it produced in my life ) .
  12. Would you orchestrate it in some way ?
  13. if someone knows some other method or has any useful advice , please share
  14. @Dino D what worked for me for emotional release Is : holotropic breathwork rebirhting breathwork yoga Osho Dinamic meditation bioenergetics trauma release exercise (TRE) radical honesty meditation EMDR other body centered therapies / workshops i see you live in Bosnia from your profile. There are holotropic breathwork workshops in Croatia and Slovenia . The first time I did it, It was in Slovenia. You can see here : but if I went back I would probably choose a more gradual approach, breathwork is very powerful but potentially very destabilizing .