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  1. @see_on_see Thanks for bringing that post to our attention.
  2. @Mikael89 Me as well. I have JC Steven's book and have been building a practice around that, it would just be handy to hear why others have decided to grab from 2-3 books (I see JC Steven's directions and feel like this is enough to follow how can I decipher combining two teachings together?).
  3. Just curious, as I see a few books referenced throughout this thread, is working exclusively with the one JC Steven's book going to lead to any blind spots or drawbacks? I have held off getting others because I hear about how powerful these practices are and I don't feel knowledgeable enough to mix two teachings (assuming they differ). Reading through this thread has me feeling I am moving at a turtle's pace with this work. Maybe I am taking the "only move on once you've mastered the techniques" idea and running a bit too far with it.
  4. Thank you @Mart & @Leo Gura for the replies. I will look into a bench to assist with my distraction and I will remind myself that I am committed to this for a year, or better yet all the years. As with every other practice/habit things seem to work themselves out whether I am conscious of it happening during or recognize it after the fact!
  5. I’ve read through all these pages at different times but can’t recall if some of the issues I experience are brought up or not. Every morning when I wake up there is a reluctance feeing in me to proceed with my practice (I have taken the route of acknowledging that and pushing through regardless), is this common in here? Is it safe to practice these techniques when I arrive to do so in that mindset? Have you gotten use to the seating position Leo demonstrated in is blog (I think)? I still feel pain in one leg after a few months and wonder if I should be seated on a chair. It becomes a distraction by the end during the concentration portion. Is om pronounced sort of like “ong”? I think I have seen others posting a YouTube channel where it is suggested that that’s how it should be said but I am unsure. Thanks for the help everybody!
  6. @Leo Gura What was your favorite piece of work by Leonardo da Vinci? And why?
  7. @Vipassana Throw out any paraphernalia you can get high with. I would say that was probably the step that helped me the most. Get clean off of the weed and then use your mushrooms in a fresher state with personal development goals in mind.
  8. Ok cool, thanks for the advice @pluto . I’ve read about the empty stomach; on this day I had breakfast and did weight training and cardio before tripping. I wonder what effect that had on the experience as well.
  9. Brief background: I’ve never used psychedelics, quit a weed habit a few months ago and have never really enjoyed getting drunk. After listening to Leo’s AL-LAD trip report, I was using this as a warm up dose but thought it could have the potential to still be strong because of my lack of tripping history. Setting: House to myself with my cats. Most of the time was spent between my daily meditation area and living room. Intentions: Deepen my meditation and gain insight towards my life purpose. I didn’t know if a starter dose would help me much with these goals but thought it would be good to set them just in case. I was at the first visualization exercise in the life purpose section of the course and had one failed attempt under my belt. This proved to be a good warm-up dose. I was not feeling much effect until after an hour or so. I did not feel much of a body high, aside from maybe feeling lighter during the trip. I think I experienced the same head cold style sensation mentioned in Leo’s trip report. Visuals were pretty much non-existent. I felt like there was a reoccurring scent I was picking up throughout the trip. The overall mood of the trip was peaceful/happy. There were a few ways in which my afternoon differed from a regular sober afternoon. My perception of time kind of went astray; it seems I was very present in the moment. I sat to meditate during the trip and instantly felt like it was deeper too. Throughout the afternoon I listened to music, watched the rain through a window, played with my cats and watched several Rupert Spira videos on YouTube near the end. I really thought the substance would whisk me away and structure the events of my afternoon on its own; however, I feel now I didn’t have a strong enough itinerary in mind to take advantage of this time. I think this was a good way to get accustomed to the length of a psychedelic trip (probably lingered +/- 6 hours) having no prior experience. It also seems to ripple past the actual trip. The next day I sat down to do two life purpose visualizations and felt like they clicked. Meditation this week has felt calmer than normal. I could be really reaching here but since the trip I feel like I can remember so much more about the dreams I have been having at night. I am going to take some time before using 150mcg, but it will be next before any other substance.
  10. @Afonso I can relate to this perception shift. I still get lost in body image thoughts sometimes though, which was the original reason I started. Much like @ajasatya outlook, I now see training as a way to improve the daily situation. One example is: sometimes work demands a lot from my shoulders, so they get more emphasis in the gym to preserve/strengthen them. It's a good habit to keep, just modify it to suit your higher level of consciousness.
  11. Thank you @Loreena for the love on these posts! When I got back I started a new morning routine which has me journaling by hand rather than on here; I have been enjoying that route as I don't need to question myself on what content I am including and why.
  12. Stumbled upon Leo's videos a couple years ago.. tried to forget what I heard I think, but ended up coming back!
  13. Back in Canada! Overall, Bahamas was a great time. I loved all the different sights. Sights like all the birds around the resort flying out above the ocean at sunset. It seemed to have no purpose or structure, they all just flew out there and begin going in circles and other patterns. I would stay focused on one bird to see what the idea was here, and it just flew around all over the place. Also, I am happy with the times I could still read or post, keeping me somewhat grounded amongst partying travelers. As mentioned, I read about the pain body, and how it feeds off of thought. I bring this up here to keep me reminded to shed awareness on this parasite, to chip away at its strength. I probably only catch it .0001% of the time though! And apparently it is extremely tricky too. Sounds like a life-long battle. Since I am back I am feeling ready to get going. I look forward to getting back into the gym and strengthening the good & bad habit practices. Lately some of my focus has been on trying to embrace confusion. The not-knowing for sure what is good in my life and what isn't. This confusion has caused great stress in romantic relationships before. It has also been creating monkey chatter as of late (is this a version of the pain body?). Once again mainly about my romantic relationship. I do not want to act to just abolish the confusion though; that has happened before. It's okay if I don't know. Things unfold, I'll just carry on doing what I want to do. Gratitude: I am thankful for the weekend. I am thankful for seeing a sting-ray. I am thankful for safe travels.